Jenny McCarthy Confirms That Her Son Has Autism

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy – already the author of two bestsellers about pregnancy and motherhood – has another book in the works, this one about having an autistic child, which she vows will “give moms hope” about raising autistic kids.

Jenny said Thursday that her son, Evan Joseph Asher, who turns 5 this month, has been diagnosed with the disorder, but that he “has come a long way.”

“I did want to acknowledge and confirm the fact that my son does, indeed, have an autism diagnosis,” Jenny, 34, said on Thursday’s edition of ABC’s The View, on which she served as guest cohost.

Evan is Jenny’s son with director John Asher. The couple divorced in 2005, after six years of marriage.
Jenny added that she has come to understand why she was given an autistic child, because, she said, “I am willing to talk about it, and go deep with the emotional feelings.”

Jenny’s book on the subject, Louder Than Words, is scheduled to published in September. (According to, where the book is available for pre-order, the complete title is Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.)

“I just want moms … who have children out there with autism … to know that I am coming back in a few months with this book, and I am planning on using my big, giant, controversial mouth to blow the lid off a lot of things related to autism to give moms hope,” she said. “It is so needed.”

The actress, a former Playboy playmate, has also been in the news recently because of her relationship with Jim Carrey. Both have said they don’t plan to get married – but are giving love another shot.



  1. Mildred Wogbash says

    Oh here we go with another Hollywood “my child is handicapped” publicity routine…yeah that Jenny, she is real humanitarian who cares about people…yeah right people, get those prozac suppositories out of your ass and smell the roses!

  2. Linda says

    I remember being pregnant at the same time that she was. I have a son who will be 5 in September who has autism. I remember how she had written the baby books and thinking how lucky that she was because her son didn’t have autism. I also used to wonder why with autism being such a big epidemic, few celebrities seemed to have the problem. My son is also gorgeous (like Jenny’s) and gets a little extra attention and therapy because of it (comes in handy). If my son was talking, he would seem perfectly normal. He has made so much progress, understands everything now, and is very social. I can’t wait to get Jenny’s new book! God bless her and her son and all the parents and kids dealing with autism.

  3. keller says

    I have seen John Travolta’s son and they have simply given up on him. He is obese, socially secluded, walks outside in bare feet and has very little skills for an autistic boy. It makes me sick that his parents have such a high regard for outside beauty but don’t give a crap about their boy. They cherish their daughter and talk about her a lot.

  4. Jessica says

    Hey monica # 19,your a rude thoughtless little PIG…i’ll just let ALEC BALDWIN say it ,he does it better.Jenny there is help out there . A must read:A SHOT IN THE DARK
    Your doing a great job your son is beautiful & a precious gift. keep going for him. STOP HURTING OUR CHILDREN…STOP VACCINATING….STOP INJECTING THEM with POISON. Jessica wife of Los Angeles Firefighter/paramedic

  5. Nicki says

    OK I should correct #20-it should say some….Not may Hollywood.
    Holly Robinson Peete(sp,sorry) and I do believe Jett Travolta is, and I know 2 or 3 more but …..OH… senior moment going on with the memory.
    The correction was- it should not have said “MANY” just “Some”.

  6. Nicki says

    Monica-Why do you say that? Many Hollywood parents have children with autisum, it is wonderful that she is speaking out for it. Her son is beautiful, I know he is a boy, but he is beautiful. Very cute child and looks happy. Best wishes to Jenny and Evan!! She looks like a happy proud parent!

  7. Andrea says

    I didn’t know that about John T either. But toxins do cause damage to organs and the brain. Take lead and mercury, for instance, which damage areas of the brain. And there is no stated cause for autism, although some speculation.

  8. Libraesque says

    unfortunately in scientology they view a handicap VERY differently than normal people. They are known as “degraded beings”
    what’s criminal is they won’t even admit he has it, which means he’s not being treated, and he’s basically been hidden away since he was born. The travoltas claim his condition is because of toxins in the environment!!!!


  9. Elm Mom says

    I totally agree – I have a son with Down syndrome & often wonder about celebrities & their children – I believe many handle it like John Travolta & Kelly Preston – keep it hidden as if this is something to feel shame about. As often as John Travolta has appeared on Oprah pushing his latest movie – would have been more effective to be on her show that aired in April about autism – he could be such a good advocate.

    Glad to hear Jenny is willing to admit the truth about her son!

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I can’t wait to read Jenny’s book. Evan is very cute. I used to do voluntary work with autistic children, and found them to be very interesting and inspirational children.

    I agree with Libraesque, its good to see a celbrity being pen about autism and special needs rather than hiding it away as if they were ashamed *cough* John Travolta *cough*

  11. DMITZ says

    Libraesque – I didn’t know that about John Travolta. How did you find out? That’s sad. I wonder how many other celebs do that.

  12. Libraesque says

    this seems like really old news
    didn’t this come out about a month agao?

    anyway, it’s too bad john travolta hides his kid away and pretends (because scientologists can’t tolerate disease) he’s not autistic…….AND they don’t treat him for it
    good for jenna

  13. Elena says

    I never particularly cared for Jenny McCarthy (always having her mouth open and tongue out just hit a raw nerve) but I admire the fact that she brought her sons autism out in the open and shows that celebrities can have the same problems everyone else has…they just have a bit more money which makes dealing with it a bit easier. It will be interesting to see what she writes in her book. Evan is a cutie.

  14. lagirl says

    I am so thankful that FINALLY there is a celebrity with enough courage and sincerity to “open their big mouth” about contraversial autism issues and about treatment and recovery instead of just appearing on fluffy shows that only address “awareness”. We need to stop this epidemic and get kids healed!! Go, Jenny!

  15. DMITZ says

    I’ve ready Jenny’s pregnancy book “Belly Laughs”. It was hilarious! I think she’s a wonderful writer. I didn’t get to read her 2nd book about raising baby during the 1st year (she may have a toddler one too), but I’m sure this book on autism will be very helpful and I pride her in doing this.

  16. amy says

    i think this is wonderful!

    hopefully by a ‘celeb’ being open about something like this it will help take the stigma a lot of mothers feel they must carry when they have an austistic child –

    and i say that as i have a very close friend who has a beautiful daughter whom is autistic and has had to face a lot of harsh treatment, mostly from other mothers, regarding her daughter and her daughters behaviour, which is very sad and unfair
    i am sure it will not only give hope to other mothers in jenny’s situation, but also comfort

  17. KellyMay says

    I am anxious to hear what Jenny has to say, I have done a bit of research on Autism and have a general idea of what she will present to the world. I have read her other books and have parellel beliefs. It’s time the wool is taken off our eyes! My utmost respect to her!

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