Eddie Murphy Refuses To Take A Paternity Test!

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who gave birth to her daughter Angel Iris one month ago today, claims that not only does Eddie Murphy know that he’s the father of her baby, but the pregnancy was planned!

Last December, Eddie publicly denied that he fathered the child, telling a Dutch television station, “We don’t know whose child it is until it comes out and has a blood test.”

Now, Melanie says that Eddie, 46, is refusing to take a paternity test.

“The crazy thing is, this baby was planned, and he knows it’s his,” Melanie said. “This is what is mind-boggling.”

Melanie, 31, has a message for Eddie: “Be responsible. It’s as simple as that.”

Despite all the madness, Melanie said that there are no hard feelings, even saying, “He’ll always be a part of my heart, Eddie.”

In fact, the baby was even born on the comedian’s birthday. Melanie joked, “I think my child has a cosmic sense of humor.”

I didn’t know that men could refuse to take a paternity test! Well, he is obviously the father…he should own up to that!


  1. tanya says

    her and the baby looks great little angel looks just like eddie i wish he would be a man and take care of her he missing some geat moments he can never get back

  2. bodyBYfisher says

    Comment to #43-Since you are sentimental to his plight, I hope that you are never in this situation, but let’s face facts, Eddie Murphy CHOSE to lay down with her and it is obvious that something happened in the birth control department! That baby did not have the choice to be here, but now that she is, the jerk needs to take financial responsibility for her if she is his child! What is truly unfair is a so-called man turning his back on a helpless little individual when the whole world knows that he can afford to take care of her financially! Eddie should MAN-UP and take the simple little test-sad thing is ladies, there are too many men out there just like him… If I was Tracy, I would not give him the time of day! His track record is not very good-because even his wife had to overlook some foul things when she was married to him. He is no prize!

  3. oriana says

    Yes, I am sure she tricked him! Eddie is too shy and innocent to get someone pregnant. I am positive she forced him to have sex with her, unprotected sex, I can just see poor Eddie now begging her to Please not force herself on him!!!! This woman should have a Scarlet letter tattooed on her forehead and thrown in jail! Poor pitiful Eddie! Shame on her taking advantage of him!!!

  4. Willa Moore says

    She needs an attorney, who will make Eddie take a paternity test. He needs to be made to face his responsibility as a father. Of course, he doesn’t have to be with the mother; that is his choice. This kid looks just like him, though, and if he knows it’s not his, why won’t he just take the test and be done with it?

  5. oriana says

    A big wet kiss and a giant bear hug to the Judge that had some sense about Ms. Trashy Paris Hilton!!!!! Thank you Judge!!!!!

    As for Eddie, I really can’t take any more of him denying this child, for whatever reason! Where are you Clint Eastwood!

    Hang Em High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jamie67 says

    What a beautiful baby!!
    Who wouldn’t want her!!!
    Eddie you’re a real d*rk!!
    Shame on you!!
    Mel,get over him
    God bless you and your precious little girl!

  7. oriana says

    Mia, totally agree!! Eddie thinks he has a prize in Traci and I hope she sees his true colors too. Even if he didn’t want to be with Mel that is one thing, but he knows he didn’t use protection, he shot his mouth off about waiting for a DNA test now he should step up to the plate!

  8. EveLina says

    Who needs Eddie now…. That baby is very beautiful, and could do just fine without him….. How could he reject that bundle of joy!?> Just So sad……

  9. says


    I think men who walk out on thier fathering responsibilities dont deserve to have a penis neither their balls…they should hang from their skinned organs ….

    Its just a really horrible thing to do and I odnt know who is raising such irresponsible f”cktards.

    Sorry for the language but I hope I am never in this situation ….its infuriating

  10. oriana says

    Mia, I remember Eddie’s ex-wife making the statement that if it is Eddie’s it will be beautiful. Now I would say she is saying that from her point of view as the mother of her beautiful children by him, but she must think there is a possibility of him siring a child, so if he had a vasect then she didn’t sound like she was aware of it. I do think he has been a good father and I don’t think he wanted any more children, I do think Mel was really counting on being Mrs. Eddie Murphy! Eddie the Ugmo!!!!!

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh she’s so tiny! My little sister is a year old, you forget so quickly that they were once that small. We all were!

    Eddie Murphy is a horrible, horrible person to refuse to acknowledge his daughter or even take a paternity test. Even if he doesn’t think he is the father, the fact that he was sleeping with Melanie means there is a chance that he is and therefore he should grow up, get a grip and take the test.

    I don’t understand how anybody can refuse to be involved with their child in such a way. Imagine how little Angel Iris will feel when she grows up and finds out that her daddy denied she was even his flesh and blood and took no interest in her.

  12. says

    The baby was definetly not planned..or else this whole thing would not have become the media circus…its nice that they want to involve us in thier personal life..only makes then a laughing stock with all the media exposes.. and of course we all get something to comment on

  13. ellie says

    I believe that‘s unfair to ask a man to care about kid he didn‘t wanted. Melanie doesn‘t seem stupid enaught to believe that her daughter was planned, but if she is, she should just leave Eddie alone

  14. says


    That one hell of a story wow, are there really people like that…I like the attitude…and frankly I like your decision.It his loss….

    I just saw a short clip on Adam Grenier, who had very little contact with his father as a child, similar circumstances where he got the woman pregnant and went on his way….Adam tried to have a sort of relationship with the dad but the new wife would hang up on him…he finally has a documentary coming up about his journey on HBO.

    I somehow understand Mels point of view, but I also realize and hope Murphy may have some credible explanation for his behavior. I dont think Mel is an ANGEL…we are not privy to all the information..so till then ..although my instinct is to support Mel…we can only wait and see..how ever the child is the most important and it will really be sad if they cannot end this nonsense and refrain from hurting that baby girl with the animosity between them.

    IF she has been wronged, her fighting instinct is to hit him hard where it hurts, however the top priority is always the CHILD involved. ..Hopefully they can come to a private arrangement away from prying eyes., Something tells me since Murphy started the media war everything will play out in the media and when that child starts reading wow!! I wonder how she will feel about her “Daddy”

  15. Sandra says

    Oh and she is obviously sure he is the father as I am sure no one wants to bring this all public for him not to be the father. She is just trying to clear her name and make Eddie look like the low class man, I mean boy he is.

  16. Sandra says

    It isn’t about the money; she shouldn’t have to get over it. It is about the principle if he is going to lie down on top of her and even if by accident create another human being than he needs to pony up and be a freaking MAN! Just because he didn’t want another kid to add to his brute, doesn’t mean he can be a major arse and deny this child! Nail him in court Mel B!!!!!

  17. minkysmom says

    Melanie does NOT need to get over it. There is no getting over it. My daughter’s father wanted to have a baby, so we got engaged and I got pregnant right away, I found out he never told any of his family I was pregnant or even claimed my daughter as his child. He refused to sign paternity papers and I would have gone as far as to have a dna test just to get him to claim her. He never did and I never heard from him again (he lived in another state by then) He saw my child only twice in her life, he never held her… nothing. I didn’t need him them and I certainly don’t need him now, but I know where Mel is coming from.

  18. says

    This picture is breathtakingly beautiful. Congrats to Mel B and baby Angel and happy early Mother’s Day. They deserve better than E.M. Piss on him, let him pay up in court . I’ve always loved Eddie and this story is upsetting and changes my view of him.

  19. says

    Orianna, at this point I dont think Eddie is denying he kid…I have a suspicion like you mentioned ..that she got pregnant without his blessing…it may have happened by accident…but there is a reason why Murphy dropped her liek hot coal and she needs to mention that before her story will be credible…pretending not to know is just wierd……If she doesnt know then Murphy is a truer arse than I already think he is

    However note that she is repeating her life over….She met and got pregnant by her first husband in a matter of 7 weeks. Then they were at the ALtar when she was 3 month pregnant…..maybe she started felling insecure in the relationship and thought a baby will seal the deal…for most men, sure it does..they rush to the altar….I guess it does in england..its not so traditoinal across the atlantic…in america there are a lot of baby mama’s and daddys…welcome to the US of A….AHHAHAHA

    The only thing that will save Murphys arse is if he does a convincing tell all….there was a mag reporting that he had a vasectomey and thats why he is not oncerned about being the father…ahhah
    there are several ways he can spin this, but he seems to be might quiet….

    I sincerely believe Mel B needs to shut up and get on with life, she has more than enough money to support herself and if the baby grows up and wants to go searching, great, otherwise she and Murphy are both creating a lot of dung for this little girl to deal with…

  20. eminencegrise says

    Why should she just ‘let it go’? I live in the UK, as an expat, and the whole ‘just let it go’ phenomenon prevalent there usually means the mothers wind up on the dole with the taxpayer footing the bill because they just let the father off the hook.

    A father is a parent, too. And if he’s not willing to provide emotional support, then he should contribute financial support at a minimum.

    ‘Let it go’, my arse.

    He has an obligation to this child, even if it’s only financial.

    Get a court ordered paternity test after you sue him for child support, Melanie.

    You don’t live in the UK anymore, you don’t have to take things lying down anymore.

  21. Lauren says

    Angel is a cute baby. She’s got the cutest name. Melanie, get over it. You have enough $ to support your daughters. You don’t need his money.

  22. Granny says

    That old advice about never sleeping with anyone you don’t want to have a longterm connection with is proved here. When a child arrives you are connected, like it or not.

    Just as in the Howard Stern case, if a man refuses to test, I feel pretty certain that the results are not going to make him happy. But children if possible should know their genetic background.

    Pretty little baby though.

  23. oriana says

    Mia, she can sure pick them, but I do think in Eddie’s case she was misled, I think she should sue his ass OFF and learn a good lesson from all of this mess, and a major mess in the public eye. Does she still have money? She is still young, was prob lonely and I can see where she could have a good time with him when he turns on his charm, but he has always been ugly to me!

  24. oriana says

    I think she wanted a baby but she also wanted Eddie, in a big way! She had to be devastated when she got dumped!

    But again, she was no virgin and just goes to show, a man cannot be trusted always to keep his word and especially a hot dog like Eddie Murphy!

  25. Zbella says

    My mom would say, that’s why you don’t have sex before marriage. I can’t speak to that, but I will say, I would not PLAN to have children out of wedlock. A bit old fashioned, but it would avoid this kind of mess.

    I am behind Mel 100% here, but I wonder if she didn’t kind of want a baby more than she wanted a husband? I’m not saying that’s wrong – but at least she got what she wanted most. Precious baby.

  26. oriana says

    I did not know the whole story, I just thought he broke up with her, didn’t know they were discussing marriage.

    I have always said I hope she hangs him out to dry and Miss Traci needs to keep her mouth out of it.

    What a slap in the face to Melanie and it is a wonder she didn’t lose the baby from the shock and stress. I think she is pretty and I am sure she can handle herself, seems like a tough cookie to me, but that Ugmo Eddie needs to be brought down a knotch or two.

    I heard he was pissed when he didnt win the Oscar, I was pulling for him and still think he did an excellent job but prob because the character was true to himself in some ways, anyway, the baby is going to be taken care of and it is another prime example to me of the same situation Elizabeth Hurley went thru, and her little boy looks just like the creep that denied him too!

  27. MIAPOCCA says

    Orianna..no birth control is a 100%..anytime you make the descion to have sex, you do so knowing that there is a possiblity of getting pregnant or contracting some disease

    In this case…they were planning on getting married. Eddie introduced his kids to her kids and they went on a family vactation together…I was shocke dwhen I read the story. then only a few weeks later…Murphy is in the headlines saying he will need a DNA test and they are no longer together…Unfortunately she was on her way from London to LA and missed the news, so when she got to LAX she was greeted by her friends who told her what ha gone down and I am sure the paps were waiting as well

    In short she was in a secure relationship headed for marriage and the next minut without any explanation to this date she dropped her like hot coal….SOmething happened and you may or may not be aware of it, But embarrasing someone you had claimed ot be in love in just nasty adn if I were tracy edmonds I will shack up with another man than this thing…

    Mel is lookign to hit him hard and in this case he has no way out..if he takes the test and he is the father …ouch…if he doesnt take it..ouch

    I dont feel bad for him in the least…he just proved what an arse he is and I am surpised his first wife stuck around for so long…

  28. oriana says

    Neither of them were teenagers, they knew how to use condoms and didn’t use any birth control, Eddie is an arrogant bastard and I hope he pays thru the nose, but she is no lily white angel and knew what she was doing when she hopped in the sack with him, the child should have his name and is entitled to support, but hopefully she has learned something from this experience too. She is no Angel herself.

  29. fifi trooper says

    WTF: He knows he is the father of her baby! he needs to stop playing, and grow up!!! I think that he should made to take that test! if he refuse….TIE HIS ASS DOWN, and take it! He’s a bastard for that bullshit!!

  30. says

    I think that if Eddie dosnt want to take the DNA test is because he knows the baby is his, but he dosnt want to be her father, Its so sad beacause a kid is the most wonderful thing, I really dont understand him

  31. brit says

    Girlfriend needs to give it up – next time she lays down with someone, make sure he will support her if she gets pregnant. Men will say anything to get yer into bed – I am sure she is not that gullible!

    From one brit to another – cheer up chuck and give it a rest!!

    Women are quick to blame men for stuff, but it takes two to lay down and make a baby !!

    What did she expect – one big happy family?

  32. Libraesque says

    what a douchebag

    wasn’t he the one screaming and yelling for a test way back, trying to make it look like she was some whore

    that being said she looks gorgeous
    I LOVE babies!!!

  33. MIAPOCCA says

    Eddie Murphy is single handly fluching his career down the drain..to think he just hit a career high only to have his naked arse exposed to the hole world

    What a piece of shit

    I think Mel wants to embarass if like he did her on public tv…I dont buy the whole I still love him crap.///she is a woman scorned and I dont see Eddie gettign away scot free..

    This is a reply..let see: Hiedi Klum adn Leni father, Halliwell adn BlubelL Madonna, Hurley and Damian, now this…Seems like its a popular european spots league or something…..

  34. Jacquie says

    I would agree that the only reason he won’t take the test is because he KNOWS he’s Daddy and will really look like and ASS.

  35. DMITZ says

    He should take the paternity. The only reason (in my opinion) that someone would refuse the test is because they have something to hide. Melanie would have to be a damn fool to publicly announce Eddie as the father knowing that a simple test could prove her wrong. Get him for child support!! If it was planned, he should own up.

  36. Andrea says

    I never respected Eddie Murphy. Too foul-mouthed.
    He should take the paternity test, and if he is the father, take the responsibility.

  37. donna says

    love the picture,
    and I think eddie should take that test.
    to stop the rumors and to give the baby a dad maybe.

  38. irene says

    the youngest of the Royal Family of the Netherlands, the van Oranje Family, princess Ariane (who was born about 3 weeks ago) was admitted to a hospital the other day!!!

  39. oriana says

    Melanie, for God’s sakes, He’ll always be in my heart, Eddie!, Forget the rotten bastard, sue his ass for child support and don’t give him a second thought! He is ugly as hell, you don’t need him! I do think Eddie is super talented and wanted him to win the Oscar, but on a personal level, Super Freak did him justice! He had a beautiful wife and I am glad she is rid of him, and his new girlfriend needs to keep her pie hole shut when spouting off, none of her business!!!!

  40. says

    This girl needs to just let it go..get on with her life and the chidl will groW up to judge for herself

    Murphy is a loser anyway and we just havent heard of his skant because he was married to a LADY who kept it all under wrap

    Melanie..GET OVER IT

  41. Shae says

    Melanie looks lovely and Angel is precious….

    Hey Melanie…..sue that nasty bastard for child support….and then forget about him for 18 years. He is not worth your heartache or tears and you do not need an ass like that in your childs life- you are way better off without him.

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