Brangelina In Prague

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was snapped at a park in Prague yesterday playing with Pax Thien and Maddox.
And that evening Brad and Angelina enjoyed a romantic dinner! They look very happy!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Nicki says

    bugs, you make no sense, but thats understanable.
    They look happy and in love. I’m glad they got to enjoy themselves for a bit.

    bugs, did you see the great pics from the Cannes film festival from the Oceans 13 red carpet event? They both looked gorgeous. Brad in a tux and Angie in a beautiful yellow gown. Just stunning!! Just Stunning!! Perfection!!!

  2. bugs says

    because Angilina jolshit is a bicth, liar, homewrecker. she doesnt care about other woman’s feeling. she’s a devil, queen of lust! and Brad was trapped. she deserved to be burn alive! just like autum said Angilina Jolie is SLUT! I just wish Angilina Jolie will suffer alone all the pain she cause when she stole Brad from Aniston. She has a gross hygiene! too many man had sex to her! ewww! Brad stand to her just because of shy, if not to her goodbye bitch liar!

  3. aepelbaum says

    Yeah, it is so good to be them. The couple of all tabloids. They have everything, and, surprisingly, it is the real joy to watch them and their photos. Angelina had had always more than Aniston. It is Aniston’s misfortune that Angelina picked up her man. Aniston didn’t have resources to fight her to begin with. There is, though, difficult, actually impossible, to find someone, having more than Angelina, So, this partnership is secure unless she -herself would decide to stop it, which is very, very unprobable. Aniston should find someone and become happily married or whichever it is called now. She was disgracing herself and spoiling her career with the fight she had started, and it should have been stopped long ago on her own behalf mostly.

  4. autum says


  5. bugs says

    I dont mind what you’re saying nicki & tj (it’s all lie anyway), she’s still a bitch liar, a homewrecker woman! All her life was a lie. She denied everything before bet. her & Brad but look at now? she’s the only one saying they’re still okay with Brad anyway. Is she still clean? she make love with several man before Brad, ewww! Bitch woman! Homewrecker! I hate her! Past is a good thing to remember when Brad & Jen are still together. Today is hell to see that bitch santa santita Angilina Jolie with Brad! and tommorow is a sweet reality to know that Brad and Jen back to each other arm again!

  6. tj says

    114. i totally agree with you. i dont believe that angelina borke brad and jen up either. brad obvisouly found someone new and way BETTER they both wanted a bigger better HAPPIER family and they got that with eachother. and they are NOT splitting up!!! im tired of everyone telling me that becauses angelina jolie is my idol i ador everything she does as well as brad too! the parents are gorgeous and so are their childern, all of them!! they are one stunning family!!! =) so all you people hateing on angelina its only cause you guys are jelous and you wish you had beautifuil kids like her and a gorgeous bf. and the money. so back the hell off!!!

  7. Nicki says

    113. bugs – I know you will probably not be back to see this……………But here goes. If you read any interview from Jen and Brad from late 2003, and not ragmags, actual full interviews you would know they were having problems. Way before the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad was seeing a therapist.
    Jen in her two speeches for winning her two awards for friends, she forgot to thank Brad. How is that a good relationship?
    Jen was asked in an interview around that time, was Brad the love of her life? Her answer was clear–“Um, the love of my life, I don’t know, but he is A love in my life.” Wow sounds like a good couple.
    Angelina won’t suffer from what you wish for her, because she didn’t “break the relationship” as you put it. Move on, been way too long to dwell on the past.

  8. bugs says

    That bitch! liar! santa santita! homewrecker angilina jolie! she deserve to suffer all pains and heartaches when she break the relationship of supposedly a good couple Jen & Brad! i hate her!

  9. Nicki says

    Well #110, you might love her…..But it very clear that Brad loves Angie and his beautiful family. And thats the truth.

  10. I love Jennifer Aniston says

    I think that Brad needs to go back to Jennifer I think he was much better off with her cause she Is alot better then Angelina! and thats the truth!

  11. oriana says

    Absolutely Brad should be commended for what he is doing in New Orleans!!!!! And I think he is sincere, not for publicity either! Yes, they have done a lot of good deeds and they have been very blessed with their lives, I have to give them hurrahs when they deserve it and I think they are caring and generous people, I have never said they didn’t have their good points and they do have many of them!

  12. says

    Does’t matter what is said regarding the Jolie/Pitt family,the bottom line is that they do a lot for HUMANITY and this is without the “hey look at what we are doing!”…the public,especially the jealous ones make their own conclusions. My hat off to Mr. Pitt he is making a difference in the rebuilding of New Orleans, not talking about it! As for the adoptions, U.S.? Forget it! We have toooooo many rules and regulations.

  13. oriana says

    Gina, I do agree that Brad looks like he didn’t have a good family background but he did. He came from a nice family oriented Mid Western family that was very close knit and I am sure his mother is astonished sometimes at the way he dresses and acts. To me, he is always looking like he needs a bath and some clean clothes on. I know lots of families that the kids turn out to look like hobos half the time. In Angie’s case, don’t really know how she was raised at home or what manners she was taught, but who knows? I doubt if there is a lot of discipline or setting limits in their household or even manners being taught, I think they have kind of a laid back attitude with their family, and to each his own once again.

    I did read when he was with Juliette Lewis, he would go for a week at a time sometimes without shaving or taking a bath and he wasn’t big on hygiene, if he is still like that don’t know how Angie can stand it for she looks very clean to me, and Juliette Lewis stated the facts about him herself.

  14. Gina says

    The second picture where they are having a dinner tells a lot about their background. Both of them a former slum duellers who now have money but no table etiquette. Brad looks like he has just stopped for a quik sip, the way he is sitting is so disrespectiful of her. Well I guess like all of us he knows respect and Jolie and like oil and water.

    Megan, nice article.

  15. Kiki says

    Angelinahas never had a hit box office movie, most of them perfom dismally of midiocre. I don’t expect her luck to change. Cannot see movies of such a vile woman.

  16. Libraesque says

    “nell” just put a cork in it.
    If you wanna beat that dead horse go to another thread

  17. oriana says

    yes, you are right, , so yes, indeed, she does have on a white top and that is clearly seen in the restaurant, my mistake! Hope all is well, I did see your movie, it was a fun one, of course, I love Vince Vaugh also!!!! Ha!

  18. Nicki says

    oriana` Angie is wearing a WHITE dress, or skirt/top combo, all whaite. She has on a black jacket. How, pray tell is she dressed in all black? Yes I do agree about his shoes. But I guess he is comfy,:lol: and really doesn’t care. In the next few weeks they will turn it on with smiles galore and great clothes, because they have movies to promote. In the meantime, they are just enjoying life.
    Just wante to point out she is wearing WHITE.
    I just got back from my long weekend, will talk to you in the Pax namechange thread sometime tomorrow, apprieciate your response, but I don’t have time to give the answer, but I will. Plus Mr and Mrs Smith is on HBO and I and going to catch a few scenes I like. (Yes I have it on DVD) but still love to catch it here and there. I will talk to you on the Pax thread sometime tomorrow, again Thank you for your answer, and I’m glad you do have that one GREAT friend you mentioned. Talk to you soon. Take care.

  19. oriana says

    Brad looks like he needs to get some rest, take a nap and take a bath! He looks slopply most of the time, and I would think he could afford some new shoes!

  20. oriana says

    This is a famous restaurant they went too, I wish I could go there, I bet the food is good. It is a shame they can’t have a simple meal without paps constantly in their face! I think that is sooo wrong. I am glad they got to enjoy some time away from the kids. I have to say, Brad looks tired and aggravated, Angie, in her usual wardrobe of all Black, looks very beautiful.

  21. nell says

    What a joke! Angelina is such a phony. if she really wants to do good why doesn’t she adopt a needy child from the US? she’s all about herself.

  22. freeze says

    I like Shy and Brad and the other Kids but not Angie! i wish she will feel the same pain as JA felt when she stole Brad to her.

  23. kitty says

    no she isn’t adopted oriana, but i’m sure they both love. I guess it may be a case of trying not to let the others feel left out . maybe that’s it. It’s true you see the others more than Shiloh though

  24. Nicki says

    oriana~ just check out her, Megan’s link.
    It actually says it is is fake, imaginary moments of politics, business, sports, entertainment and celebrity.
    Then says………Today is Friday May 04, 2007-Don’t believe anything else. Then the atricle of imaginary convo is listed…….Boy Megan you are gulliable, very silly. Learn to read everything that is printed, you wouldn’t look so silly.

  25. oriana says

    I myself will go see this movie, not for Angie, and I have to say she has prob done a fantastic job for have never doubted her talents as an actress, but out of respect for the story that I think should be told.

  26. oriana says

    Megan, something doesn’t sound quite right to me about the article you posted, I can’t see Maryiane saying all that.

  27. oriana says

    #84, Kitty, I would if I could!!!! I am sure Angelina wouldn’t mind but would have some problems with Brad on that issue! Yes, it does bother me that Shiloh doesn’t get as much attention from her mother as she should, since Angelina has only been photographed holding Shiloh four times since she has been born it is obvious who Angie really cares about, too bad all of her children aren’t treated equally, but then Shiloh isn’t adopted is she!

  28. Kitty says

    Oriana seems to care so much for Shiloh, why not adopt her then? does it bother you that Zahara gets a lot of attention? i’m sure they all do

  29. Megan says

    Angelina Jolie Convinces Mariane Pearl To Drop Jennifer Aniston
    Tuesday July 18th 2006, 9:28 am
    Filed under: Entertainment, Celebrity, Culture, Business
    Mariane Pearl sat in the back of the candle-lit restaurant in West Los Angeles. She had walked in and was immediately ushered to a hidden table for six around a tiled partition, clearly set up for private meals and meetings. She though was sitting at the table for fifteen minutes, all alone, sipping a green tea and wondering if this was going to be one of those typical Hollywood meetings where the movie stars are late and everyone waits, sitting on their hands, having small talk simply to fill the dead space until the stars arrive. Mariane, though, had no one to try out small talk with. Alone, is what she was, very much alone since her husband, Daniel Pearl, was brutally kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan. She had written her book, A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl to keep herself busy, to diminish the feeling of loneliness, an attempt to bring back Danny if just in her mind as she reconstructed her husband’s life.

    Mariane was surprised when the book was immediately picked up and it sold well. She immediately became a minor celebrity, calls from agents about appearances, speeches, fund-raising events and of course movie deals. It was the call from Jennifer Aniston, a direct call, a personal call, with Jennifer on the other line, calling Mariane on Mariane’s cell phone, that was the biggest surprise. Jennifer read the book and wanted to buy the movie rights. They met on several occasions, Jennifer Aniston and Mariane Pearl, at restaurants, at Jennifer’s house, at Mariane’s house, at business offices, and all along Jennifer was very upfront about why she was interested. Jennifer Aniston wanted to play the role of Mariane Pearl in the movie based on her book.

    Mariane was of course flattered. Jennifer Aniston playing her. The thought was both amusing and at times difficult to wrap her arms around. Not that Jennifer Ansiton couldn’t do it. It was just that anyone playing Mariane, particularly someone so beautiful and charismatic and famous as Jennifer Aniston, was difficult to fathom. Someone other than you playing you was like looking in a mirror and seeing someone else. Or was it like watching yourself, an act of narcissim that Mariane did not wish to grapple with. Afterall, this happened all the time. So she had decided to let it happen. Jennifer Aniston would be Mariane Pearl. At least in a movie.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked around the partition, both dressed very casually, hidden by sunglasses and scarves. Mariane was surprised to see Angelina Jolie. Mariane thought that she was simply meeting Brad Pitt.

    “Sorry we’re late,” said Brad.

    “It’s OK,” said Mariane.

    A waiter arrived.

    “Just a cappucinno for me in a paper cup,” said Brad.

    The waiter looked at Angelina, who shook her head in silence.

    “This is Angelina. Angelina this is Mariane Pearl,” said Brad.

    “Hi,” said Angelina.

    “Hi,” said Mariane.

    “I have some very exciting news, Mariane,” said Brad.

    “Yes?” said Mariane.

    “We are proceeding with the movie. Michael Winterbottom is directing. I’m producing. We are starting right away with development,” said Brad.

    “Great,” said Mariane.

    “A minor change. Well, actually a big change, one that helps the film enormously. Angelina is going to play you,” said Brad.

    “Angelina? But I thought…” said Mariane.

    “Jennifer is no longer involved. But that is OK. It is all good,” said Brad.

    “But I was just talking to Jennifer, I don’t know, maybe three weeks ago. She was doing some research,” said Mariane.

    “Brad, I said it would be better if…” said Angelina.

    “No. It is important that you are here. Mariane, this is a crazy business. Things never proceed as originally planned. Usually things fall apart. But you are lucky. You are very lucky. Rather than fall apart, your book, Danny’s life and your life will all come together in a movie starring an actor with even better credentials. It is all good, and I promise you this will move forward and be a major motion picture,” said Brad.

    “I don’t know. I feel funny about this. I feel bad,” said Mariane.

    “Yes, but frankly, Mariane, you really don’t have a say in casting,” said Brad.

    “Oh shut up Brad, of course she has a say,” said Angelina with a slight smile on her face. “Mariane, I have read your book several times, and it has become very important to me to become a part of this project. As you no doubt know, I have dedicated much of my life to traveling the world and to purposely involving myself in causes for the underprivileged, the poor, the sick. I have used my celebrity as best I can to help others, rather than squander it on a Hollywood lifestyle. And to me, the fact that you and Danny did not have the resources at your disposal as I do, you nevertheless still dedicated your lives to others. That astounds me, that you and Danny would give so much of yourselves when you did not have much in the way of money or wealth or command of the media. I sit here in awe of you and of your late husband, and I would consider it a privilege, indeed an honor, to play the role of your life. In fact, I hunger to do so because it is a story that must be told,” said Angelina.

    Mariane was not stupid. She felt she was being played, and Angelina was playing her like a deck of cards. But quite frankly, Angelina seemed sincere. Now of course she might be simply acting. Afterall, she is an actress. But the energy between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt disturbed the air around the table with a narcotic that almost made Mariane giddy. Maybe Mariane was being played, but she felt high from it all.

    “I am very flattered that you would say all that. But I still feel uncomfortable about the Jennifer thing,” said Mariane.

    “Of course you do. Anyone would. But you know the things that have happened. Jennifer no longer has any interest in the production company, Brad’s Plan B production company, that purchased the rights to your book, and to put it bluntly, and I think you know this all too well, shit happens,” said Angelina.

    Mariane looked at Angelina who was returning the look. Brad had long since sat back in his chair sipping his cappuccino that was served almost immediately after he ordered it. Brad was out of the equation, at least for this meeting. Angelina’s “shit happens” remark was her way of communicating that this is the way it is, and there is nothing Mariane can do about it. Nevertheless, it almost added to the narcotic effect of the moment to watch Angelina Jolie say “shit happens.”

    “Well, OK. I guess,” said Mariane.

    “I knew you would understand. And you know we are going to be spending a lot of time together. I have to get to know you. I’ve got to know you to play you,” said Angelina.

    Mariane could not help but think that this little meeting had already started to instruct Angelina about Mariane.

    “One thing, though, Mariane, and this is very important. You must drop the Jennifer Aniston thing when asked by the media, and you must enthusiastically support the decision of casting me in the movie. If the media starts to give us bad press, then this project will fall apart. That is not a threat, it is just Hollywood for you. It sucks, but money comes and goes so fast, and everyone is skittish about everything. You understand,” said Angelina.

    “Yes,” said Mariane.

    “I’ve got to go. Brad,” said Angelina as she stood. “You guys talk, fill Mariane in on the timing and everything,” said Angelina to Brad. “It was great meeting you,” said Angelina as she turned and walked out into the hot Los Angeles late afternoon sun.

    “You want a drink?” asked Brad Pitt.

    Alone with Brad Pitt in the back of a fancy Los Angeles restaurant. This was all set up to seal the deal. The girls came to terms, and now the guy is going to make certain it all proceeds in accordance with the plan. Plan B, that is.

  30. Jesse says

    I’m sorry,my english is very very bad,yes you’re right,I think I’ve seen only one photo from Angelina with Shiloh,but that’s ok for me. She is not a hero for me,but I like her and I think it’s not fair to damn her.I’ve heard that she has a personality disorder (me too 🙁 ) and with this desease it’s not easy to build a relationship. Oh,I think nobody can understand me,I’m from germany and my english is shit,sorry. Do you all come from the USA?

  31. oriana says

    #68, Most children do want to get down and play when they are at a Park, it is their nature to want to run and play. Even if a child is “shy”, when they are with their siblings, they still want to play and have fun with them.

    #77, Jesse, Angelina Hater? I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her and don’t see her as a Saint, I have seen the pictures and heard her comments so I haven’t put words in her mouth! How many pictures have we seen of Brad with his baby looking at her with loving looks and smiling and proud, how many have their been of Angie with Shiloh (that she didn’t pose for and get paid for)? Where are they? Anyway, those that idolize this woman will always make excuses for her.

  32. Jesse says

    Wonderful pictures,I love the Jolie-Pitts, Maddox and Pax are so cute,they look so simular,like “real” brothers.Z and especially Shiloh are beautiful little girls.But I don’t like the Angelina-Hater,this woman is wonderful.
    Greetings from sunny Germany.

  33. oriana says

    #70, princess, your concern for me is touching! Thank You. Since I am semi-retired I do have free tme, what is your excuse? How do you know how much I am on this site if you aren’t on here too checking me out? If you don’t like my comments about Brad and Angie, and if the truth hurts you about the way she shows a big difference between Shiloh and Zahara, then go over to Just Jared and join those fanatics!

  34. Libraesque says

    aaaaawww I love the second pic where shi is looking right into daddies eyes
    SO CUTE!!!!!
    he is SO fucking HOT!!! anj aint to hard on the eyes either

  35. Libraesque says


    brad could be hotter, I just don’t know how

    there is NOTHING sexier than a man with his kids

    poor jennifer aniston!!! they would have had gorgeous kids, but he’s got it ALL now with anj

  36. says

    I agree with Essie. This is the first time I went to that and I was floored with all the pictures they have of everyone that I’ve never seen. And sorry about the “what language does she speak” comment. I’d forgotten she was very small when she was adopted so ofcourse she speaks English. Duh to me. I meant absolutely no harm, I think Z, Maddox, Pax & Shiloh are all beautiful children and they seem to have loving parents.

  37. princess says

    Oriana go watch your kids and get a life. You spend so much time on her talking about other people and making comments how do you have time to do anything else. You are all over this sit.

  38. Essie says


    She’s been with Angie and Brad since she was a baby. What language would she speak besides english???

    That Celebrity Baby site always has great pictures. Way better than this site and they seem to get the pics much sooner than here. But, it’s fun to come to this site to read all the really stupid comments made by people who have never and will never meet these people but talk as if they have known them for years!!

    Angie is carrying Shiloh off the plane but that was “staged” or Brad is playing in the park with Shiloh, but “why isn’t Angie playing with her.” It’s comical!! This pic was probably taken today (it’s early evening now in Prague) and perhaps Angie is off somewhere with the other children . . . playing.

  39. says

    My baby is almost 2 and she wants to be carried constantly, everywhere we go. However if we wind up at a park she is squirming to get down asap. Maybe Z is shy? What language does Z speak? I’m sure they are able to communicate with her and she is just timid. My best guess about Shiloh for this particular outing is that she is probably napping, but as for seeing all the other children more than her, I don’t get that. They are all their children and people will pay for pictures of any of them but maybe more for Shiloh?

  40. Dewey says

    Shiloh was at the park with them i saw pictures of Brad holding her. it was so cute she was trying to steel his sunglasses. I think Brad and Giselle Bunchen would make a cute couple. any1 agree with me?

  41. Diane says

    Webmistress there is a story about them in LIFE and STYLE. Maybe you miss it , since you like to look for those stuff. Maybe the negative posters are only for one couple.

  42. Grandma of 4 says

    Lovely pictures! It is fairly clear that they both wanted to have children and participate in their idea of “family”. It may seem a little unusual, to say the very least, but the dynamics of the expected family has changed so much that they appear to be quite normal! The only part I still have some empathy for is the people who were hurt when Brad and Angie formed their “couplehood”. To say they BOTH were missing a “sensitivity chip” would be an understatement!

  43. says

    Its funny how much negativity comes out when there are pictures of this family. Some people are never and I mean never satisfied. They will always find something to complain about or find some conspiracy in pictures of this family- no matter who’s in the pictures. It’s almost as if some of you refuse to even consider this family may be normal and happy. Gasp! What I see is a lovely family on an outing. The same way I viewed all those pictures of Brad, Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh but no Maddox walking through NOLA. Or Brad’s mom with Zahara and Shiloh without Maddox. The girls without Maddox is ok but Maddox, Pax and Zahara without Shiloh is not???

  44. oriana says

    Lauren, totally cute picture and Brad looks like he is having the best time of them all!

    Off for tonight everyone, got to watch Shark, love James Woods!

  45. Lauren says

    Aww, that picture with Brad and his sons are adorable. Pax is a cutie. I wonder how he’s adjusting to life in America. I’m sorry but I lost all respect for Angelina. Ew!

  46. oriana says

    Jil, Jill, Jill, do you really think I along with the rest of the world, hasn’t seen these “posed” for pictures? With the exception of maybe one, these are all old news! Where are some in the last few months, not just born or on the front page of OK magazine? Where are there some of her holding Shiloh that she didn’t sell? The ones in New Orleans in the stroller with Zahara, do you consider those? Where was Angie holding her at?

    Perhaps you own swamp land in FL if this is the best you can produce!

  47. Jill says

    I won’t tax your intelligence with more than this: google “Angelina Jolie with Shiloh”, click on “Images”, and see what comes up.

    You don’t know how much Angelina cares about any of her children; all you know is what the tabloids tell you. And if you believe what you read in the tabloids (remember the National Enquirer’s famous headline “It’s NOT Brad’s baby!”), there’s some swampland in Florida I’ll sell to you cheap.

  48. oriana says

    My problem with her I have stated more than once, if you have read my posts you would know that so stop playing dumb!

    My problem is this, she doesn’t appear to care as much about her biological small child as she does for the older adopted ones, THAT is my problem with her and the fact that she is a liar to boot! And no, she doesn’t hold Shiloh as much as she needs holding for her skinny boney arms would get too tired from wagging one on each hip at the same time!

  49. oriana says

    Jill, why are you being so secretive? We all look at the pictures on other sites, Just Jared, Perez Hilton, you don’t have to be CIA to know that! And I did see pictures of BRAD with Shiloh, but where are the pictures of Angie with her? Where?

  50. Jill says

    Oh for heaven’s sake! If she was seen holding Shiloh all the time, everybody would be complaining that she loves her natural child better than her adopted children. I’m sure she holds Shiloh as much as Shiloh needs to be held.

    Tell me something, what exactly is your problem with this woman?

  51. oriana says

    Jill, it is amazing that you are the only one that has mentioned seeing this picture? It is just wonderful Brad and Angie finally put her down! Maybe now they will pick Shiloh up from time to time.

  52. Jill says

    Zahara walks fine. I saw a photo of her in her pink swim suit running down the beach. And guess what — she had a smile on her face!

    I think Brad and Angie are very hands-on parents who just love to carry the kids around, but there’s nothing wrong with them physically.

    As for Shiloh, I read on another web site that she’s taking her first steps now. She’s almost a year old.

    (P.S. Love the photo of Brad and Angie having a quiet night out, but somebody PLEASE unglue that godawful hat from Brad’s head!)

  53. Brandi says

    Funny, on another site, I saw a pictureof Brad playing with Shiloh in the same clothes and they were in a very similar park, playing with a cardboard box. Please – they are just people. So much judgement from your very narrow points of view. They are a family – get over it.

  54. oriana says

    I do have to say the picture of them at the restaurant is one of bliss and joy to me. I think they do love each other and I think Brad is in for the long haul, unless she does something that really goes against the grain with him he will last. He loves those kids, and he was with Jennifer for a long time with no kids in the picture.

    Nicki, I wish Jen and Ben would have another child soon, hope it is a boy, and looks like Ben! Love Him!

    I have thought about your friend so much, I hope you can go see her soon. Can she get any kind of hospice to come and help with her husband? I hope so.

    Maddox is getting very tall and I think he is cute, I actually think Pax is even cuter! And Brad looks like he is having even more fun than the boys!

    Mia, I don’t think Brad and Angie were sleeping together before he left Jen but I am sure plenty of lusting in his heart and drooling over her, she is a sexpot if nothing else, and I think much smarter than Brad will ever be.

    I wish Jen could find someone but I never did see her and Vince as a match, but love Vince Vaugh, always have.

  55. Nicki says

    49. MIAPOCCA- Well thats good, and your opinion, but the only person he is trying to look like is Gwyneth. His dark hair, when he is with Angie, is for a movie role. And the picture with his X looks like nothing to compare. JMO.

  56. says

    On this relationship time will tell..but as I often say they dug their own grave with their dishonest. Annistion is better off and Brad has someone who shares his selfish personality….gee ever wonder hwy he doesnt have a whole lot fo friends …he was always datind th eit girl to climb up the hollywierd ladder

    I think this is yet one of their publcity stunts..see the pics of brads lookalike ventures..once again she will seel the pics to PPL and the other mag will start foaming at the mouth ahahhahaha

  57. Nicki says

    oriana~I do agree with this 100%.
    I do find Violet very cute when she is smiling and those dimples are showing, but I just don’t find her pretty, I don’t her mom is pretty either but I think a wonderful mother and love that family.

    I think that is the best way to say it. She, little Violet has the absoultely the cutestest smile. But she (sorry, your words sourpuss), just looks plain if she doesn’t smile.
    Very adorable with the cute smile and dimples though.

  58. Nicki says

    Maddox is getting so tall. Pax looks like he is doing fine with his new family. Brad and A ngie look like they are totally in lovewith each other. I love seeing these picture
    puts a “cloud” on the outright lies the tabs try to spin!

    I wish this family the best…..and they will get it because karma always rewards good. (oh yeah it always gives back to the negative people who wish bad on other people….look out you evil people who wish the things (bad..evil,etc) that you wish on this family) Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitt family, always.

    Hi Oriana, my best friend(in NH) Had a peaceful week. Thanks so much for asking about her. She is hanging n there and doing the so much better than I could ever dream of doing. She is truly my role model!!! If I could half the person she has always been, I would be proud. She is a person, and always has been, ANYONE would be proud to call her their best friend. Thanks for asking. Take care.

  59. oriana says

    baby, you mentioned Brad’s gold highlights with Jennifer, have you not noticed that he has something in common with every woman he is with when it comes to his hair? Check out Gwyn, they looked like twins sometimes with their hair, and when first with Angie, dyed jet black for a while, so don’t blame Jenn for his copycat ways, and she has never been pretty to me with her big snout! I have always said that I think Angelina is one of the most beautiful women I have even seen, am not a big fan but she is gorgeous, but too skinny and boney, no butt, Jennifer has a totally cute figure and there is no denying that, so no, Not Team Jolie or Team Anniston! Sorry!

  60. oriana says

    Brad went with her to pick Z up and there were even pictures of him carrying her around on the movie set with her bottle in his back pocket. It has been a lovefest since Day One with her.

  61. Zbella says

    Well, thank you. I’ll have to remind my neighbors of your comment 😉 Hmm. was Angie with Brad when she adopted Z? I can’t remember. Maybe she took Z everywhere because she was a single mother? Shiloh has had 2 parents from the start, plus 2 mega-star biological parents, maybe that is why they keep her out of the public eye? Just a theory.

  62. oriana says

    Zbella, how sweet and kind can a person be! Must be nice to be your next door neighbor! I do find Violet very cute when she is smiling and those dimples are showing, but I just don’t find her pretty, I don’t her mom is pretty either but I think a wonderful mother and love that family.

    I just love Brooke Shields two daughters, to me they are adorable and Princess Leonor too!

    I remember when Zahara was carried in a sling sleeping a lot by Angie, constantly she had her with her! On the movie set, shopping, traveling, constantly! From the time she brought her home it has not changed, I just think that we should have seen more of Shiloh than we have.

  63. Lacy says

    okay, this totally puts a break-up rumor to rest! they look happy, and brad is such a darling playing with his boys:)

  64. Zbella says

    It’s true, what oriana wrote, although we both interpret the pictures differently… I would love to see more of Shiloh, but hey, I’m not family or a friend of the family, so I have to depend on the razzi! Shiloh is just adorable! But how, oriana, can you not find Violet absolutely precious is beyond me. Sigh. So cute.

  65. oriana says

    baby, obviously you haven’t read many of my previous posts! I have never been a big fan of Jennifer Anniston and have been quite verbal about it. I have stated many times, that she misled Brad about wanting kids and that her career was more important to her than starting a family. I have also stated that I thought they were having problems before he met Angelina Jolie. So please, get your facts straight before you start speculating about me!

    I do think she won an award for Friends, at least I think that was her giving a speech and accepting it, I don’t think it was her twin sister! And I loved Friends, loved the characters, except Ross, he was too goofy for me. I wish it was still on the air! And I don’t think anyone held a shotgun to Brad’s head forcing him to be with her for all those years either.

    Zbella, good for you and your children being blingual, that is wonderful, as for Shiloh, I know she is a baby, but she can’t be taking a nap all of the time, Zahara was with Angie much more when she was Shiloh’s age and constantly being wagged around by her everywhere.

    There is a major difference when she was Shiloh’s age and the way things are now with the younger baby. From 7 mos. old she has literally been attached at the hip, by one of them, either Angie or Brad, can’t say the say for Shiloh, the pictures speak for themselves.

    baby, I didn’t say the other kids never smile, but it does appear that Maddox isn’t smiling as much as he used too and we haven’t seen that many pictures of Pax to judge, as for sourpuss, well, only two pictures since she has been born that I have seen of her smiling so again, the pictures don’t lie!

  66. Zbella says

    PPS I didn’t like FRIENDS either, so maybe that’s why I’m not on Team Aniston. She seems like a nice person, nothing against her. Can’t say I approve of how Brad handled things… but heck, he and Angelina as so cute together 😉

  67. Zbella says

    PS I must add that Shiloh is probably taking a nap. That’s what most kids do twice a day at her age. So instead of everyone sitting around waiting for her to wake up, or disrupting the child, they went to the park. Can’t win for loosing with some of you!

    My baby is lucky to get one nap a day in her crib what with running here and there with the older two, who don’t nap anymore… But if I had 4 nannies (or 1 nanny, praise the Lord) it would be another story.

  68. Zbella says

    Love this family. I admit Angelina is one of my favorite celebrities. It’s fun to see her jet-setting with the kids.

    My siblings and I were allowed to travel (by my parents, not so much by the school system) and it served us well. We are all multi-lingual and have a thirst for learning about different cultures.

    I won’t pretend to know these kids’ school schedules, but my 5 year old is in preschool a 7 hours a week and my 3 year old and 8 month old are home with me. I wouldn’t worry about the Jolie-Pitt kids’ education at all – if anything, travel is a wonderful way to learn. Although I have a degree in Education and taught in the public schools, I think unconventional learning is the best – to experience life rather than read about it…

    I think Brad’s hat looks silly, but I always enjoy seeing pictures of this family. Oh, and Prague is beautiful! Must be nice to be there for spring…

  69. baby says

    I know-I can’t believe it was on for 10 years! probably one of the worst shows ever! AND wasn’t she nominated for an academy award for those movies she made during and after friends? Oh, no that wasn’t her was it. Maybe her movies were nominated for best pictures? OOPS not those either. It all must be because her husband fell in love with a woman who he had something in common with other than gold highlights.

  70. Sandra says

    Um yah Aniston can’t act, that’s why she was on a show called “Friends” for 10 years. And I think she has made a few movies since her breakup from the cheating couple. Maybe she wants to lay low for awhile. It is pretty humiliating to be a celebrity and having a cheating husband.

  71. baby says

    Oriana-I take it you are on Team Aniston-have you noticed that nothing is going on in her career? Maybe because she can’t act and her only claim was that she was Brad Pitts wife? No wonder she freaked when he left her-she knew there was no where to go but DOWN.. You see one picture of a family and you know what is going on in thier lives? That Angie NEVER holds Shiloh, the other kids NEVER smile..we are a bunch of freaks to pretend to know these people. I hope they prove everyone wrong and are together forever.

  72. oriana says

    The more I look at this very small picture of them debarking the plane, it could be Angie, it looks like her skinny boney arm holding Shiloh. Too dark to really make out but is possible it is her. I would think she would have to make a showing sometimes of holding her just to keep Brad happy if nothing else. Wimpy Brad! You have millions, go to a doctor and order yourself a new “spine” for you obviously don’t have one!!!

  73. oriana says

    #30, you and your buddy Essie are right 100%, they are not my kids, for if they were, I would be holding my little baby more, staying home more and none of them would be waking the others up screaming in their face every morning.

    And their grandfather would be allowed to see them!

  74. Dewey says

    I so agree with you Sandra, when my son Wyatt or daughter Patience is sick I stay with them, I would never leave a nanny with one of them and go and tour the world. I think Angie is just adopting children to get attention from the public. I think she wants to be the center and have everyone talk about her. I hear she is thinking about adopting another child! But who knows with Angie!

  75. oriana says

    Sandra, I read where she petitioned for his last name to be changed to Jolie-Pitt also, and I am sure it is right around the corner for Brad to legally adopt as he did the other two, he will do whatever to make Angie happy, I do think he really loves Maddox and Zahara and I think in time he will come to love Pax the same as well.

    Now I have seen one picture of them coming off the plane and it was not a close up so may be wrong, but it doesn’t look like Angie carrying Shiloh to me, it looks like Holly but I may be wrong, the hair doesn’t look as dark as Angie’s hair is.

  76. Sandra says

    And I kind of agree where is Shiloh? If she has an ear ache or is jet lagged, why would you leave your child with the nanny? For the same reason your not suppose to bring your sick kids to daycare. I would be home with her no matter what. At least I always am with my son when he is sick; it’s called being a Mom!

  77. Sandra says

    Oriana I thought I read that Brad is adopting Pax or maybe I just read she was changing his last name to include Pitt. I would assume that would be right around the corner either way.

  78. oriana says

    dori, I read where he was enrolled in school in New Orleans and then in L.A. Don’t know what kind of school it was but maybe it was pre-school classes. Surely when he is old enough to start regular school they will make arrangements for him to get an education, that is why I said earlier that they will prob hire tutors since Angie doesn’t like to stay in one place for very long, Essie apparently took offense at that but Angie is the one that said she wanted to spend six months out of the year in Europe and have them in multiple countries for an education, not me!

    I guess now kids don’t have to legally go to school, they can be home schooled and have tutors and the parents do whatever they want too.

  79. Joey says

    By the way, I am I the only one who thinks that that last picture is staged for the release of their up coming movies? They look together but disconnected. But they deserve each other. They are two selfish goats and should stick together so that they do not hurt other people.

  80. baby says

    I think this is a great family-I’m glad they travel together and the kids aren’t back in the states with a nanny-of course if they were wouldn’t that give people something else to complain about. Let’s face it-these are not your normal parents with 9-5 jobs who have to plan summer vacations-they have to travel for their job and we pay to see the end results of their travels by going to their movies-give them a break!! Babies/kids are around for such a short period of time and the more time parents can spend with them the better.

  81. dori says

    They all look very happy and Brad and Angelina don’t show any signs of break-up by looking at these pics. But isn’t Maddox enrolled in school? How is it he can come and go from school? Does he have special privledges as a celebrity kid? How do you take kids in and out of school and expect them to have an education? Thats the part I don’t understand.

  82. oriana says

    No Essie, I don’t think Shiloh should be left behind in L.A. I think it might be a good idea if Angie would actually stay with her at home instead of dragging her and the other kids all over the place all the time, like she SAID, she was going to be a stay at home Mom!

    Where are the pictures you saw? I would like to see them.

    It is your opinion that I seem to care so much about the welfare of these kids and you are entitled to that, but I don’t think I have ever voiced any concern about them being fed or clothed properly, I have stated merely times about the favortism that has been shown in pictures and Angie’s demeanor towards Zahara, so No, I don’t see them as being beaten, abused, starved, or properly cared for. When did you read I ever said that?

    Yes, Zahara is obviously loved, especially by Angie, no doubt about that.

    The reason I asked you when did Brad adopt Pax was in reference to you saying,the boys are playing soccer with their father, Brad is not Pax’s father, his sperm did not impregnate the mother, and Angie adopted him, Brad did not even go with her to pick him up, so anybody could beover there playing soccer with them, that would not make them his father.

    And yes, Pax does seem to be adjusting nicely to his newly adopted family.

    As for Zahara not walking, on a playground, since the excuse usually has been she doesn’t want to walk in a crowded airport or with paps in her face, since that isn’t the case here, and as usual she is being carried, I just wondered why she isn’t down walking and playing like most kids would want to be.

  83. Essie says

    The “paps” were not up close. It’s obvious the pictures were taken with a long lens, through the glass door of the restaurant. Look closely at the pictures (not just the one on this site). Also, there are several pics of the family at the airport in Prague getting off the plane. Brad is carrying Pax, Angie is carrying Shiloh, Mad is walking and a nanny is carrying Z.

    Oriana, I have no problem with people saying things negatively or positively about this family, it’s just that you seem to actually care so much about the welfare of these children. I don’t think they need strangers to care about them because they seem to be, as I said before, happy and healthy; well fed and clothed and very much loved by their parents. I don’t think anybody needs to feel sorry for them.

    Why worry so much about whether or not Shiloh is with the family in the park? She could have an ear ache, I don’t know or she could still be suffering from jet lag, I don’t know. She’s less than one year old and may not travel all that well. But, should she have been left back in Los Angeles, away from her family? I don’t think so. She’ll adjust and be just fine.

    Why care about whether or not Zahara walks? I don’t understand. She’s two years old and maybe her parents prefer to carry her rather than put her on the ground to play with the boys. I don’t know and I don’t really care. She’s obviously loved and that’s all that matters.

    I have no idea if Pax was officially adopted by Brad and, again, I don’t care. I would imagine that he has applied to adopt the boy just as he has adopted the other two children, but I don’t know. It’s really not that important because Pax appears to be adjusting rather well to his new family.

  84. oriana says

    honey, they can afford a nanny for each kid, Shiloh was probably sleeping and back at the hotel and I have no doubt that Angie has her hands full with Zahara. I really think she either can’t walk very well or she just wants to be carried all the time, it isn’t like she is a small baby! The nannies must not have families either in order to travel as much as they do all over the place.

    It is a very nice picture of them at the restaurant and the paps must be up close, it is a wonder Brad isn’t pissed about that, I would be.

  85. says

    I’m shocked that a photographer was able to be inside and so close to them to get this intimate photo…at least it looks like the photo was taken inside.
    I also think it’s totally weird that ALL of their kids don’t go together, bring a stroller!! And i don’t think they’re trying to deliberately leave Shiloh out, I think they just can’t handle all their kids alone! We are all used to having to stay home and not take the kids to the park if the baby’s sleeping, but they go anyway because they have nannies. Their nannies must be working 24/7, though!!

  86. oriana says

    Essie, I am not concerned about these kids at all, they have a life that most people will never have. My thought, not concern, is why Shiloh isn’t around that much. You seem to be very sensitive to anything regarding Angie that isn’t praise, why is that? And where is the picture of her carrying the baby off the plane, I would love to see that!

    Yes, most definately Shiloh could have an ear ache from a long plane ride, do you wonder if Angie has ever considered that when she takes her on these long trips?

    What is very strange to me, is Zahara is never down playing or walking with the other kids, always being carried, why is that? It is not a concern, it is an observation and yes, I do wonder about it.

  87. Essie says

    Or maybe Shiloh was still sleeping because her jet lag was worse than the other kids!! Or perhaps her ears still hurt a little from the long plane ride. There is a photo of her mother carrying her off the plane so she’s with the family.

    The kids do not necessarily have to be “home schooled” since Maddox is only 5 and not in school full time anyway, school is not a problem at the moment.

    Oriana, you seem to be unnaturally concerned about these children. Why is that? The boys are playing soccer with their father while Z is with her mother. They all appear healthy and happy. What is your problem with these people? It’s very strange.

  88. Alicia says

    aww Pax Thien is happy to be with his new adopted family. Brad Id say hes the best parent than Angelina, I do admired Angelina but I dont approved her behaviors, she needs to change to be a mother again. Best wishes to the family, and God bless them all

  89. oriana says

    In this same group of pictures Angie is holding Zahara (gee, what a shock) and the nanny is also photographed at the park. I still don’t understand why Zahara is never down walking and playing with the other kids, she is always being held and carried by either Brad or Angie. Guess they didn’t see the need for Shiloh to get any fresh air at the park, and maybe it was too cold to bring her out.

  90. oriana says

    Guess they will home school the kids and rely on tutors, don’t see them ever be settled in a stable home enviroment, Angie likes going all over the world and actualy said she preferred to live in Europe, Brad, of course will go along with whatever she wants. The children will be able to explore and experience the world and hopefully will learn different languages. I would enjoy seeing more pictures of Shiloh, especially when she starts walking. Maddox and Pax look alike a little bit to me but I think Pax is very cute little boy.

  91. Sandra says

    The one family I really don’t like. I guess I am still not over the backstabbing cheating ways of some.

  92. oriana says

    Good to see the boys playing and having fun with Brad, Angie and Brad do look happy and they will continue too as long as he continues to go along with her plans. I do think they love one another and this is a happy family.

  93. Essie says

    There are some other pics of Brad carrying Pax off the plane taken with a VERY long-lens camera.

    Everybody looks happy. Nice to see.

  94. keni says

    Dude! Its been 2 years, get over it.

    They look happy, the kids are healthy, regardless of how they got together there are happy children involved and when the “blob” is older, Im sure she’ll be at the park too.

  95. says

    Why wouldn’t she be happy….the bitch always gets her own way,
    while Brad is looking after HIS daughter that Angelina doesn’t like she can go and take her precious rainbow children out to have fun and when she get tired of them her nannies pick up the slack……
    ARGH this woman! 🙁

  96. Kitty says

    this is nice to see, they still have time for one another , and i wish them the best with their family.

  97. Emily says

    The Brangelina family in Prague…
    How romantic!!!!And they all look
    soooo happy…good for them!!!

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