Britney Back On Stage In Pussycat Dolls-Esque Performance!

Britney Spears

You can see some video of her saucy performance here!

Britney Spears performed live late Tuesday night for the first time in nearly three years with a 14-minute set for screaming fans in San Diego!

Britney, in a black wig and white pleated miniskirt, took to the stage at the San Diego House of Blues at about 10:15 p.m.

Security guards rushed to the edge of the stage to hold back the fans. Britney then began her set, lip-syncing her hits “… Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” “Breathe on Me” and “Toxic.”

The show featured rapid-fire costume changes, back-up dancers and light and smoke effects. Britney’s Pussycat Dolls-style choreography included plenty of quick, sexy hip-hop moves, head spins, twirls and rump-shaking.

Rumors that Britney had been planning a comeback performance had been swirling for days. Last week, she was reportedly scheduled to perform three songs at the Hollywood club Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce, but plans fell through at the last minute.

The owner of the Millennium Dance Complex, where Britney has been training regularly for the last few weeks, says the singer has been working on material which resembles her earlier hits.

“They’ll be in the style we are all used to, the pop thing,” Robert Baker told People magazine. “But she’s got bigger plans brewing, with music and dancing that’s a break from her old stuff. She’s really excited about that.”

As for Tuesday’s show, a source says it was just the beginning: “It’s kind of warming up. That’s probably the best way to describe it.”

Britney is also planning several other performances this week, including shows at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif., on Wednesday, the Los Angeles House of Blues on Thursday and the House of Blues Las Vegas inside Mandalay Bay on Sunday.

Reportedly, she isn’t planning to perform any new songs during the mini-tour.

Good for her!



  1. oriana says

    I like Bald Britt! I thought she looked okay, not creepy like some people would! And with her lip snych, I wouldn’t pay $125.00 for a two hour concert much less for 15 min., can’t believe how silly some people are! Well, that way she doesn’t have to pay a band! Ha!

  2. kim--original kim says

    Embarassing, I think… those poor boys… she’s been away from them, doing all those workouts, or whatever she does… and THIS was the best she could come up with??? Ewwwww… her career is OVER without some massive hit… even then, it could still be over.
    Maybe she should embrace her new career of being a MOM!!!!

  3. Melissa says

    She’s never going to get the fame she once had. She’s just a washed up trailer park HO who’ll end up on the surreal life.

  4. oriana says

    She has always been a good dancer and she was a good child performer, but good voice, can’t compare to Jessica Simpson or Christina, mainly young girls and teenagers bought her records and are her fans, that is about it as for her cd sales go and her concerts, she will prob do better in Europe and Japan than in the U.S.

  5. dori says

    Brit happens to be a great dancer….. that was always her talent since she was a musketeer for Disney with Christina Aguilerra and Justin Timberlake in the old days.
    She laso has a very good voice..and thats why she sells so many cd’s. For a person with no talent she sure does make a lot of money performing for filled stadiums and many adoring fans.

  6. Bethany says

    I just read that topless photos of Britney have surfaced online….they think they were taken on April Fools Day. She is wearing a wig and a hat, kneeling down on a rock with flower petals covering her nipples. IF this is true, I can guarantee that it’s planned that way……what a way to grab some attention and make a comeback! Yea, Britney! Way to pull a Paris Hilton! Gross!

  7. dori says

    denise …you’re probably right……. as i was driving back from my job this morning I started thinking about it and said to myself that Wardeh is probably a believer of the Qur An and their bible preaches hatred of all people except their own. They are twisted sick people. Not wasting my time let that toxic anger creep into my life. I have a brand new grandchild and much joy in my life right now and can’t allow others hatred affect me.
    Thanks for the comment.

  8. Denise says

    Maybe Wardeh is from Iraq or Iran. You know not all of those people over there are happy the Americans are there. Just ignore her. Whoever she is she has issues that us lowely people on this site will never be able to help or understand. Just don’t let her upset you. Just ignore her. I like this site and we do get into heated discussions but talking politics like that just takes it too far. They have other sites for that and this is supposed to be a baby site.

  9. dori says

    As for Brit …good job !! I’m glad she’s back to being a pop star. Not everyone is a stay at home mom. I’m sure she makes time for kids without the paps viewing and I’m glad to see she’s back to work doing what she does so well . It’s like I said before …she’s preparing to go on tour with her new album this was just a sneak preview. She’s back and I’m glad for her.
    Those who choose to bash her are jealous because they lead boring mundain lives. She’s a star who took some time off to have kids Then her life fell apart PPD divorce lots of stress but she pulled herself together and now she’s back Give credit where credit is due.

  10. dori says

    I edit copied and edit pasted Wardeh ranting to the website and asked them to block her from posting here. Ladies go to the top of the page hit thw disclaimer button and send a message to the webmistress and voice your opinion of the people in here insulting you. You don’t have to put up with these angry bloggers. Send a message let the webmistress know how you feel about being bullied by some angry person.
    This person is not a woman is not a mother and not pregnant it’s a teenager spewing grabge at you….. take control of your blog and send a message voice your opinion.

  11. dori says

    if you don’t like us americans why do you come to our celebrity blog? and you still haven’t mentioned your country…. why?.because you’re probably too embrarssed to mention it. Wardeh. There are many countries more than 1000 years old. Middle east is one of them France Italy could be any number of countries. Frankly I think you are a 12 year old american kid and I’m reporting you to the webmistress for your use of filthy language. None of us want to hear your rants and tirades.. you miserable person. Where are you from go ahead name your coun I dare you and yopu won’t because you don’t want to answer real questions about it because you are an american kid lying about all of it. You are pitiful …get a life
    Don’t go away mad … just go away

  12. fifi trooper says

    how, can she be sick? it’s a million people getting plastic surgery everyday! If she had to get it because she had two kids, and she’s a performer….then good for her! What it is, is that I think that you nut wipers are jealous because you can’t go to the plastic surgeon that quickly, you probably have to scratch, and save….when it is so simple for her! BITCHES!!!!!

  13. Xenafan96 says

    Because it is Brit-Brit. It’s the only threads I see Wardeh in, I think. Maybe a couple more, but then again, who knows? I don’t bother to read them anymore. Whatever thread that was where we learned that Wardeh is a mother with one son and expecting another and yet still seeing the hateful comments, I quit bothering. Hate Americans all you want, it’s your choice. We’re used to it from other countries by now.

  14. Hopa says

    It’s nice to see that Britney is back doing porn. Really, this can’t be called talent. She should try not selling sex so much.

  15. fifi trooper says

    I think that it’s good that she is performing again! I do think that she does need new songs, but this probably was on the spare of the moment, and she probably wanted to make more money! I think that everybody that is hating on Britney….PLEASE, TRY TO SELL OVER A MILLION COPIES!! i THINK YOU JACKASSES ARE LAME, AND WASHED UP!

  16. oriana says

    Minnie, I raised two kids by myself, worked two jobs sometimes, so if you call her in her clubs and out nightly to different restaurants with her pals, and shopping sprees, working, then please buy a dictionary and see what the word “work” really means!

  17. Minnie says

    And you all spend all your time with your children? None of you work? Explains a lot…
    Or you’re hypocrites…

    I wonder which? Any of you care to share?

  18. Gina says

    ruby jackson thanx now i will know. LMAO to your comment. Now that was really funny and so true about
    “what does this BS have to do with BABIES???? LMAO- thanx, smiley face

  19. Ruby Jackson says

    LMAOROTF = Laughing my a$$ off, rolling on the floor.

    What does this BS have to do with BABIES????

  20. Denise says

    Laugh my ass off. LMAO.

    Sorry, just don’t like her and never will, never did. And as far as her being a model for young teens, I didn’t want my teens watching her even when she was a teen.

  21. Gina says

    can some one please help me? what does

    LMAO MEANS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. oriana says

    I think she will make a successful comeback, she still has lots of young fans. I think it will not make her as happy though as she is striving for, she still needs recovery time and definately needs to spend more time with those boys.

    They should come first and her focus has not been on them, it has been on getting her body back in shape for her concerts, she needs the excitement more than she wants peace and tranquility with her children.

  23. Jaz says

    *Sigh*…. No, no, no… not “Good for her.” Take a year or two or three off and spend them with your children for crying out loud. Then go back to the self-indulgent lifestyle of super pop star.

    Poor little guys. At least they’ll grow up having each other.

  24. says

    I think she heard the complaints about the fishnets…this one has no holes, unless of course she glued or darned the holes ahahhahahah

  25. shifting sands says

    #6 ……….. really ? Did you know she is a dancer not a singer, always has been ! She has always lip-synced(sp), from back in 99 or 98. She is a has been that just needs to stop and go back to her kids !!!!

  26. Lauren says

    Wow, Britney sure got her abs back. I wonder if she just is eating right and is exercising or if she got surgery. It’s great to see her back into the swing of things but she needs to make time for her sons. They need her too.

  27. Miranda says

    I kinda hate myself for this, but I must admire her belly. But don’t get me wrong people, when I look again and see her wig, fake smile and dressed in only a bra, it makes me kinda worried. Poor little boys. But again, maybe she’s with her boys all her free time, but she really doesn’t want them to be anywhere near the paparazzis. We have no idea.

  28. Loving Mother says

    She does look really gross. Her color is the nicest thing about her and it’s FAKE. And what clothes all i see is a damn Bra. Can we say trash. People need to realize she is no longer a model for young teens she is a model for a hooker..

    I hope she does get better and grow up! Cause what she used to be is what we liked and now this. What has she done to herself. Best wishes! But she is going to need a lot more than just mine.

  29. princess says

    You are being so mean! Yes Britney has been doing some wild and crazy things,but she is doing better. We don’t know that she isn’t with her kids. We only see pictures of her. she could be out for an and then going back home to be with her kids. With all this negative press why would she want to bring her kids out in the public to be hounded by the photogs. She should leave them at home and a keep them safe. She is still young and maybe she is doing the best she can. She made a mistake! Can we ever get over it and give her a break. It’s hard enough being in the public eye. She just needs time and love and she will bounce right back.

  30. says

    oh my lord…Britney is wearing clothes again?? when is she going to just take it all off….come on Brit take if off

    Well I for one am glad that she is doign somthign other than drugs and running around with parasite….

    I actually think that Britney is very hardworking and had worked pretty hard to amass a lot of wealth at a very young age…I think as humans we all break under pressure and the last few years all that we saw,was a mixed up young woman searching for love anyway she can and we all saw the disastrous outcome

    Hope she can keep on the straight and narrow and eventually learn to be the best mother she can be to her boy.,,…after all she is the sole bread winner in the household.

  31. Bethany says

    Yes, if she spent as much effort with her kids as she does at everything else, it’d be great. She just looks gross.

  32. DMITZ says

    This is good for her, but I just want to see her spend more time w/her kids. It’s not like she’s hard up for money. I wish she would spend as much time as she did partying, working out, or shopping. It seems that she was only playing into the roll of mommy when she was w/K-Fed.

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