Heidi Klum & Leni On The Beach

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, 33, and 2-year-old daughter Leni (who celebrates her third birthday on May 5th!) were snapped (along with the rest of their family) relaxing on the beach in Malibu. Too cute!



  1. oby says

    i really pity racist! they r so shallow minded and cannot see beyond their noses.
    a child is a child.a mother will love their child no matter what colour they are or how they turn out,afterall she married their father and made up her mind to get pregnant for him.she is also still with him.
    i am very sure the horrible racists writing such trash are those that have no hope of getting a man or having babies.

  2. Sandy Gee says

    i agree Alison, to me she seems genuinely happy when she is with her daughter, but when she is with the boys she has a forced look about her. maybe she really can’t accept that they are really hers. lot of psychological issues are in her future.

  3. oriana says

    The youngest child is absolutely a cutie pie, he is so sweet and has a very cute smile! I like him! I too have seen ,many pictures with her and her kids, all of them, but Henry, oh dear!

  4. Kitty says

    there are pics with heidi and the boys, i don’t see any rejection towards them, the youngest one is really cute

  5. Allison says

    Have you ever noticed how Heidi is always seen w/ Leni and never her boys? Let’s face it, models are all about appearance and yes, her middle child boy (the first one she had w/ Seal) is not easy on the eyes. I hope he doesn’t grow up feeling rejected from his mother because that kind of preferential treatment (or lack thereof) is really damaging.

  6. oriana says

    I do agree that this family is a loving bonded family and I think she will have more children. Seal is a good father and she really cares about her kids. Yes, the inner beauty should matter, but it doesn’t, too bad about that but that is how the world is.

    I know if there was a fat girl with glasses that looks like Ugly Betty, and Heidi Klum was standing side by side, who do you think a guy would pick? Look at Anna Nicole, gorgeous as they come, and as dumb acting as they come, men would flock over her, it is how it is, the world is superficial and that is too bad.

  7. Janice Milligan says

    What’s up with you heartless people?
    All babies are sweet and innocent
    therefore cute.
    I find the Seal family is very talented,
    and good looking plus they seem to love
    each other very much, isn’t this what really
    counts…the inner beauty of it all?

  8. oriana says

    kitty, white, black, red or blue, it isn’t the point, and Johan is much, much cuter than her little girl, sorry! None of Heidi’s kids look like her to me.

    I like Seal, I think he is a good person and has a great personality, but he is ugly to me, and I feel sorry about his scars on his face, he has overcome his illness and I think he is a good person, loving husband and a devoted father.

    I did think the cornroles on Leni were very cute though.

  9. nell says

    I really can’t stand this family. Actually, I can’t stand Heidi Klum. I think she is idiotic and an egotist who uses her children to continously remain in the spotlight. GET A REAL LIFE!!!!!!

  10. says

    johan is so cute I just saw the pics,

    And for zbella and kelsey, I can speak spanish too, well is my first lenguage. Que tal como estan, que les parece este sitio?

  11. oriana says

    #44, Now the little one, 5 mos. old, is very cute! Look at the recent pictures of him on Just Jared site.

    The oldest little boy, JAMES BROWN!!!!

  12. Samantha H. says

    Heidi’s 2 boys look like they belong in the zoo compared to other celeberties’ normal kids

  13. oriana says

    Okay Maggie, It’s On!!! Just kidding! Ha!

    Not so Cute, I agree, Ryder, ugh!, Julia Roberts son, the daughter is okay, Heath’s daughter, that hair sticking straight up, looks just like Heath too, Zahara, Heidi’s kids, Henry looks just like James Brown, Milo Tyler, and Mariska, not cute at all to me! I am sorry, Coco not cute at all to me and who does she look like in that family? It has to be David’s side of the family for I think Courtney is gorgeous and I just don’t see it!

    I do love Cindy Crawfords kids, very cute indeed, would like to see Diddy’s kids more, Dannielynn is one of the prettiest ever, would love to see Julio’s kids, Russel Crowe’s little boy is cute but prob a total brat!

    I do think Kate’s daughter is pretty,forgot about Barron, cute indeed, but so solemn looking to me, how can you not think Sean Preston is adorable? I do think all the Beckham boys are very cute, Ben Stiller, can’t remember or Claudia Schiffer either. Yes, Cindy Crawford’s are very beautiful kids to me.

  14. says

    As oriana Im going to make my list of cute and not so cute babies in MY OPINION

    dannielynn, Ruby, suri, coco, mason, Ramona, maddox, brooks girls, julio iglesias kids (I know they arent very popular in here but they are super cute)cindy crawfords kids are really good looking..

    CUTE kingston, shiloh, toris baby, milo tyler, the beckhams, bluebelle, catherine Z jones kids, madonnas kids, the dempsey twins, marcias cross twins, gweneth kids, joe winslet, leonor, sharon boys, beatrice, barron, mariska hargitay baby (augustus I think), P diddy twins, liv, daisy.

    NORMAL KIDS Claudia shiffer kids, mira sorvinos kids, ben stiller kids, Sean preston, heidis kids, reese witherspoon kids, kate moss daugther, lola and sam, brooke burke girls, russell crowe boys, damien, julia robert daughter, pamela andersons boys.

    NOT SO CUTE Kev federline kids (the first ones), ryder, kate winslet daughter, julia robert son, heath and michelle daughter, zahara, kate beckinsale daughter.

    And thats my list, maybe I didnt put some kids, but I dont remember who else

  15. Zbella says

    Kimmy – I don’t write nasty things in any language – not my style.

    Kelsey – Yo aprendí español en Chile. Viví allí cuando era “lola” (teenager) y asistí secundaria allí también. ¡Me encanta Chile! Después, cuando regresé a los EEUU, asistí la universidad y estudiaba español. Luego enseñé español en una escuela bilingüe en Nuevo México. Ahora enseño español a niñitos de edades 2-6 de mi casa. Como tengo 3 niñitos yo mismo, puedo enseñar a ellos y a sus amigitos al mismo tiempo. Yo vivo ya en Denver. Es una ciudad bien educada, y mucha gente realmente quiere que sus hijos aprendan otros idiomas. ¿Dónde aprendiste el español? ¿Tienes la oportunidada de usarlo mucho ahora? Mucho gusto 🙂

  16. oriana says

    Maggie, I was skeptical at first but then read where several other people had read the same thing.

  17. says

    Agreed with you oriana in some of the babies in your list and about suri I think they are crazy to airbrush a baby´s hair, she not like a model or something, shes a baby for god sake and babies have natural beauty and suri´s hair is gorgeous the way it is, I really havent read that

  18. oriana says

    Maggie, I did read where they airbrushed Suri as a baby when her pictures were first published, now why in the world would a BABY need to be airbrushed, no wrinkles, what was up with that?

  19. oriana says

    Maggie, both of Brooke’s girls are gorgeous, I have always said so, Reese little girl is beautiful, Suri is very pretty to me, Shiloh is pretty, Madonna Bluebelle is a gorgeous baby, I think Madonna’s daughter is very pretty and little David is a cute, cute little boy too. Princess Leonor is beautiful to me so there are plenty of celebrity children I think are beautiful and sweet looking.

    Julia Roberts kids, NO!
    Heidi Klum’s kids, the little baby is the cutest to me.
    Zahara Jolie, Lord No!
    I don’t see Violet as all that cute, she looks nice when she smiles with her dimples but she is not pretty at all to me.
    Britt’s little boy, Sean, totally a cute kid!
    Apple, I don’t see any beauty there, she is rather plain looking to me.
    Denise Richards, the little one, Lola, gorgeous, the older one, not cute at all, sullen looking most of the time.
    Heath Ledger’s baby, NOPE!
    Catherine Zeta Jones kids, very pretty kids, both of them.

    And Suri looked much cuter as a baby than she does now older.

    Leni looks like her father and he was no Greek God by a ong shot! Sorry!

    I do think that Gwen’s little boy too, looks just like Gavin to me.

  20. Kelsey says

    Kimmy, I’m sorry, I should have put my Spanish comment to Mayra in a different post. I promise it didn’t say anything mean about you! 🙂 I will try not to write in Spanish too often because I totally understand where you are coming from. It really bothers me when I feel helpless against another language as well. Thank you for being so gracious.

  21. kimmy says

    Kelsey- yeah very different views on Heidi Klum. What has the world come to? Oh, dear! Anyways, thanks for the apology but it wasn’t necessary. You didn’t offend me, I just think it’s really childish and rude to be typing spanish on here when most people on here are typing english. I don’t care if you do that, just not to someone like me that can’t defend themselves. I realize that you put Mayra but it was under my name.

  22. Jamie67 says

    I really don’t think her kids are cute,the girl is ok,but the boys no!!
    Henry has a huge head of hair and Johan well,we haven’t seen much of him,so i cant judge.
    As for miss Klum her self,she is a very arrogant person in real life!!
    So to all you heidi lovers,wait till you meet her!!!

  23. Kelsey says

    Zbella, dónde aprendiste español? En la casa con tu familia, en la escuela, en otro país hispanohablante? Me gusta cuando yo puedo hablar con otras personas que hablan español! 🙂

  24. Kelsey says

    I too am an American, but I also speak Spanish because I have a great respect and passion for the language. Kimmy, we apparently have very different views on things, but that’s ok. I really am not a person who enjoys conflict, so I apologize if anything I said offended you personally. I am a fan of Heidi and I do think both she and her kids are beautiful, but I respect that you do not.

  25. oriana says

    I think Heidi is beautiful, Leni is not ugly but she is not a pretty child to me at all. Nothing like Reese or Brooke’s children, and some will get mad at me for this, but Henry looks like James Brown to me! I do think the little baby boy is cute and very sweet though.

  26. Zbella says

    I love seeing pix of Heidi and her kids. They’re just so sweet.

    I’m American and I DO speak Spanish. Es verdad, la belleza de los niños es preciosa. Me encanta ver fotos de Heidi, también de Angelina y su familia 🙂

  27. kimmy says

    OK- first of all I’m American and I don’t speak spanish, nor do I have to, thank you. Second of all is Heidi your idol or something? Take a pill already. You are obsessed with her and she’s really not that great! I just expressed my opinion-if you agree with it fine, if not, even better.

  28. fifi trooper says


  29. Kelsey says

    Mayra, estoy de acuerdo. Espero que las otras personas en este sitio puedan ver la verdad.

    Kimmy, first of all, I wasn’t just refering to Heidi’s outward beauty (although I will say that I do believe she is gorgeous.) I am 5’9 and very small, so I truly am not saying that out of jealousy. From what I a have seen of her, she seems to be a great mom with inward beauty that just radiates. Secondly, the last picture of Heidi from the Target trip was posted on April 19th. If you really don’t believe me, you can click on the Heidi Klum link on the right and see for yourself.

  30. mayra sanchez says

    debe ser una persona muy cruel para decir que un nino es feo,no hay ser humano mas hermoso que un ninno,no solamente por su belleza,sino tambien por la humildad y sinceridad de ellos,la verdad es que eres una ignorante de la belleza

  31. Diva says

    That target trip post wasn’t three days ago, kimmy… I’ve been on vacation since April 20 and it was up before I left. There was a time a couple months back when we were inundated with the Seal/Klums, but it hasn’t been that frequent lately.

    I also think it’s not one of Leni’s best pictures here, she’s usually adorable and looks soooo much like her mom. I don’t think she does here, but it’s just because of the scrunchy look on her face, as kids will often do!

  32. kimmy says

    Kelsey- she’s cross-eyed. And any woman can have that body if they just work at it. She’s nothing special.

  33. Kelsey says

    Kimmy, the last post about Heidi was on April 19th (almost 2 weeks ago) — clearly she isn’t on here everyday! Heidi is a beautiful woman with beautiful children!

  34. Kitty says

    what’s wrong with Heidi on everyday?
    i would also like to see more pics of Seal’s sons. Her daughter is really cute

  35. Just me says

    Of course, there’s a picture of Heidi Klum and someone has to make a comment about her “ugly” kid, who isn’t even in picture!

  36. Jackie says

    Now there is someone I call a strong woman. Three kids in three years ans with a smile on her face. I like this family, one of my favourites.

  37. Lauren says

    Leni is adorable. She looks more like her father than Heidi. I want to see more pix of Henry and Johan.

  38. Zbella says

    After Jen & Violet, Heidi & kids are some of my favorites, along with Reese, Brooke Shields and (hate me later) Angelina.

  39. Sandra says

    I know she is only 2, but she looks as if she is running in her underwear. To me that is just something I wouldn’t do since there are so many sickos out there. But none the less cute!

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