Dannielynn Hope Birkhead Comes Home With Her Father

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
What sweetness!
Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Hope quietly left the Bahamas aboard a chartered plane on Tuesday, according to Access Hollywood, which had a film crew aboard.

Larry, 34, and the 7-month-old baby girl landed briefly in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., before continuing on to Louisville, Ky., where Larry’s family lives, in what Access Hollywood describes as “an emotional, tear-filled ride.”

Father and daughter arrived in Kentucky at 1:20 p.m., with Larry carrying Dannielynn Hope in a blanket to shield her from paparazzi that surrounded them at the airport and followed them to a home in eastern Louisville.

Larry plans to say there for a few weeks. Dannielynn Hope was able to meet some family members Tuesday afternoon and will meet more over the next few days, the source says.

What wonderful news! Best wishes to the family!



  1. oriana says

    Larry was the Kentucky Derby, I always tear up when they play My Olde Ky Home, since that is my home State. Very happy for the family and glad Larry got to go back, Congrats to the Jockey also that brought the winning horse to victory!

    Don’t know if there are any horse riders or horse lovers out there but I am one, can’t ride any more but they are some of God’s most beautiful creatures!

  2. Zbella says


    The eyes, smile & hair are exact in this picture. Thank you for the compliments, and I understand that not everyone would find him (them) handsome.

    Both Larry & my husband make beautiful babies though – so they have good genes for sure!

    And, my husband has been approached by many gay men over the years. Can’t say I appreciate the attention and neither does he!

  3. oriana says

    Well I think Larry is very good looking and is a nice person!

    Zbella, if your husband looks anything like Larry, Congrats to You!!!!!

  4. Tia :) says

    ugly?!? What planet are you from? This guy is very good looking…don’t be ignorant to other people…what did Zbella do to you?

  5. sarah says

    the baby is just beautiful as can be, but larry is f****** ugly. i can’t even stand to look at him. so i guess zbella your husband is gross looking too.

  6. fifi trooper says

    I think that he’s pimping his baby out already! I think that he’s metro sexual, as hell! I just pray that, that little girl receive the love that she really needs!

  7. oriana says

    I really hope Howard gets to stay a part in this child’s life, it is as it should be. I have no doubts Larry loves her and his whole family will help with this beautiful precious child.

    Virgie, shut up, go away, and be quiet!!!!!!!

  8. Denise says

    And Elaine, Howard was a contant in Anna’s life too. If Larry lets him he could be a person that Dannielyn can have a relationship with that new her mother so well. I hope he lets him see her. She is a doll.

  9. EveLina says

    OMG! Danni look’s exactly like Larry.. Can someone say TWINS! I am soooo happy for them! Good Luck! : – )

  10. Tia :) says

    She looks just like him! What a beautiful baby! I know some people feel that he’s all excited about the money, but for some reason, i just don’t feel this way about him. He just looks like a proud dad to me. I think he knew all along, and wanted his baby! I see no fault in that.

  11. Elaine says

    Hi Denise, I feel sorry for Howard too and I hope Larry keeps to his statement he would let Howard stay in touch with Dannielynn. Also I think that would be good for Dannielynn as Howard has been the only constant presence in her life since she was born. Good luck to them all.

  12. withintemptation says

    YAY! we’ve been waiting for this day for a long time now!

    Dannielynn is such a beautiful little baby! she’s so laid back too! just like her daddy 🙂

    what an adorable family! good luck to daddy Larry with the teething! lol

  13. Lisa says

    So what if he makes some money, I think he’s letting everyone see whats going on so the Papp will go away sooner. As far as having her covered up did you ever stop to think he was protecting her from being afraid of all the cameras / reporters / helicopters….This guy is the real deal!

  14. Eliza says

    what a precious little girl. I hope Larry and her are very happy and wish them the best of luck. Now if only the paparazzi would leave them alone for awhile…..

  15. CHANELLE says

    Isn’;t it funny how most guys would love to run out and say he’s not the father, but in this case he and everyone in the world was claiming to be the daddy……..Lets be real, I’m sure he does care for the baby but I also am willing to bet he saw the $$$$

  16. Brandi says

    He is using that poor kid. Covering her with a blanket to block paparazzi, but having a film crew on board the plane? No wonder he is so happy.

  17. Alicia says

    wow im sooo glad that shes reunited with her biological father Larry! Im sure in my heart Anna Nicole is smiling down on them. Including her brother Daniel smiling down too. Shes big, and beautiful!!!!!


  18. Essie says

    So far Larry has earned somewhere around $3 million on Dannielynn!!! I’m sure he loves her LOADS!!!

    Nonetheless, I hope she grows up happy, healthy and loved. She deserves it.

  19. thelionsleepstonight says

    awww shes beautiful!

    more pics of dannielyn and less pics of plain Violet Garner-Affleck please…

  20. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is adorable. She’s the perfect mix of Anna and Larry. I hope she can finally live her life happily with her father.

  21. Zbella says

    I love her little chunkiness! Awww… And I did a double take, Larry looks SO much like my husband in that picture. Don’t worry, I look nothing like Anna Nicole 😉

  22. kimmy says

    Now that’s a pretty baby! I bet she has the cutest little rolls on her legs and arms too- I just want to eat her up!

  23. Denise says

    She is so cute. I hope he has her for the right reasons. And I too feel sorry for Howard. I know he’s having a hard time and it probably feels like he’s loosing Anna all over again.

  24. dori says

    joy… I totally agree with you I wish her and her daddy a lifetime of happiness. She is where she belongs.

  25. oriana says

    She is beautiful!!!! Looks like Larry to me. I feel sorry for Howard, I know he is heartbroken tonight!

  26. joy carvin says

    I think it is about time that she gets to go home with her Daddy. I could just cry I am so happy for him. She is one loved little girl. Good luck Larry.

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