An Expectant Jaime Pressly Enjoys The Nightlife

Jaime Pressly

An expectant Jaime Pressly is still making time for fun! She was snapped outside Hollywood hotspot Parc looking glowy and happy.

TMZ has the video here!


  1. Ekaterina says

    She went out to see her fiance and the baby’s father at work! He’s a dj! It’s funny that people think she’s partying! She’s just supporting her man!

  2. Zbella says

    OK… The bars recently became non-smoking here in Denver too. It’s so nice not to stink when I get home.

    Yes, Jamie is amazing to go out still – what energy she has!

  3. megan says

    hey well i am back well and i haft to go sense i just got cought bye i will see yall laterZ and i peace

  4. megan says

    i like her daughter becasue she is so cook and my friends call me her name and the babbies name well gots to go bye megan

  5. Aleisha says

    I just checked IMDB and she did play a mermaid turned human on Charmed.

    She looks great! I remember being that pregnant and not wanting to bother getting dressed properly or leaving the house!

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