Britney Keeps Dancing!

Britney Spears
Britney was snapped heading to North Hollywood’s Millennium Dance Studio Saturday to continue dance rehearsals. On Friday Britney was pulled over for speeding in Beverly Hills, but she did not receive a ticket. I don’t particularly like her outfit…and I am not a prude! I guess though, that since she is a performer she can get away with it! The outfit does showcase her fabulous figure!



  1. oriana says

    I have to agree with DMITZ in an earlier post, who in the hell walks down a street looking like this? Especially when she has cried about the photos won’t leave her alone! Please! Just asking for attention, that she craves and likes! I am sick of her!

  2. Tia :) says

    Oriana, wow. that made me laugh. The guy actually had the nerve to say that the elevator was?!? well..isn’t that special! hahaha! There are some pretty stupid people out there. Ahhh! Thanks for the warning about the Expedia thing!! My hubby and I were going to book a vacation we’re going to go to an agent for sure!

  3. oriana says

    Tia, I thought for sure close to Disneyland I wouldn’t have any difficulty but you would be amazed in the U.S. as many hotels that they have, they may only have one or two handicapped rooms in the whole hotel! And there are tons of hotels around Disneyland, but the problem is, when you call and make reservations, especially on some of these sites, like Expedia, they will tell you and guarantee the rooms, and when you check in, then a different story and you are stuck, It should be against the law! Just sticking up a rail and calling it handicapped accessible is two different things.

    I know once I called and asked the desk clerk if they had they were wheelchair accessible, his reply was, well, our elevator is, how stupid! I would have laughed but he was deadly serious, I told him that was nice, but I wouldn’t be showering or sleeping in the elevator! How stupid can you get? Best Western! So that is what I get for trying to get economy, in my case I just wanted closer to the attractions!

    Although once in San Francisco at The Raddison, before I lost my leg, I was at Fisherman’s Wharf, if you opened the bathroom door it would knock you off the toilet! HA! The bathroom was shaped like a triangle, so small! So guess you never know any more! Stayed at The Radisson in L.A. at the airport, very nice, and clean too!

    You have a nice evening!

  4. Tia :) says

    oriana, that it terrible! I can’t even imagine what a pain that must be. I don’t understand why these big places wouldnt have proper wheelchair accessible rooms!!! Disney especially!! unbelievable!!

  5. Kim says

    where are her kids while she makes a fool of herself with her childish rants all over town? must be nice to have two children and never have to take care of them, mannys, ex husband, friends, grandma….. i feel bad for the kids, she doesnt seem like a good mother to me at all lately.

  6. oriana says

    Tia, I went to Disneyland two years ago, made it clear when I made reservations I was in a wheelchair, when I got to the room, it was a roll in shower, they had the rails, but no seat, I couldn’t sit in my chair and get it wet, so my husband bought one of those heavy long coolers, and lifted me out and I sat on top of it, cost us about $70.00 for the cooler, so was disappointed about that! Comfort Inn!

    Once went to Vegas, Imperial Palace, the bathroom had a rail by the toilet, but the shower was also a tub, now someone in a wheelchair can’t get into a tub! So again, disappointment.

    The Comfort Inn was the worst! My friend went to Hollywood last year, she wanted a place close to the Wax Museum, Walk of Fame, made the reservations four months in advance,when she got there, drove down from Sacramento, long drive, the room was not available, the desk clerk had rented it out that morning to someone else, she was told to come back the next morning or she could have another room that wasnt’ handicapped accessible, she threw a fit, they called up to the room, the lady that was in there said she wasn’t even disabled, and she was willing to switch to another room, my friend had to have her husband pick up the dirty wet towels out of the bathroom floor, the lady had taken a shower, it was 4:30pm, the front desk said the maid service was gone for the day, they did give her some more clean towels, and there was a bathtub in that bathroom also, she had to wash up in the sink.

    The next day she checked out (she had reservations for three days) and went to The Roosevelt, Comfort Inn didn’t seem to be concerned at all about it. The Roosevelt was very nice, she said the room was great and great location.

    I would never reccomend a Comfort Inn to anyone!

    I feel sorry for people that are by themselves and can’t afford to switch hotels and especially in the summer time when other places are booked up!

  7. Tia :) says

    Im pretty sure when my hubby and I were in the Falls for the weekend, they ask you if you have any “special needs” for your hotel room. Im pretty sure since Niagara Falls IS such a big tourist site, you wont have problems getting a room.

  8. oriana says

    That is great news. Maybe if I am ever lucky enough to come up there I won’t have problem finding a hotel with wheelchair accessible restrooms, I have had some horrible problems with that here in the States!

  9. Tia :) says

    yes, we are. Actually, where im from (i live in hamilton…right near niagara falls) they just re-did a lot of the staris., and made ramps Also, any of the main parks ( like Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland, The Hockey and Football hall of Fame, The ontario Science center, The CNE and The Skylon towers) are totally, wheelchair accessible. I really do hope you get a chance to come here one day! Just like I would looovvveeee to go to the Country store!!

  10. oriana says

    Tia I wish you could have the chance to go in the Country store and look around, the restaurant is off to the side, it smells so good, candles and lots of candies, cookbooks, beautiful lamps, you would enjoy it. They have beautiful dishes and kitchen items also. In the Autumn, Sept,Oct. Nov, they have homemade pumpkin fudge, vanilla choc fudge and orange cream fudge, I love that! But I still love my Mars bars! Ha!

    Is Canada pretty much wheelchair accessible?

  11. Tia :) says

    I went on line and looked at it. It looks like a lovely place!! I love old country things like that! Im sure my mom would love it too!

  12. oriana says

    I said walker but I meant rocking chairs, look at the picture of them Tia online, I read the last time Britt went home to her mom’s house they all went to Cracker Barrel, the one in Ky. stopped selling the Bourbon candy, I used to get boxes of that for gifts and those Jack Daniels cakes also.

    Haven’t been home for three years and want to go and Cracker Barrel my main priority. Of course Nashville has some great places too.

  13. oriana says

    Denise, Cracker Barrel also makes those nice oak walkers, I got one for my sister and they are very good quality. The quilts at the gift shop are nice too and especially after the holiday sales, they are beautiful too.

    I love the beans n cornbread, and the meatloaf, good chicken n dumplings also. Oh, I miss it!!!!!

    Mars bars are choc with like a creamy nougat in the center.

    I was raised on peanut butter sandwiches practically, I like the crunchy best, and Reese’s peanut is great, my friend from Alabama sends me a box of them every six months, we have peanut butter here in San Jose but not the Reese brand.

    Big Red, of course is Red in color, they now have Diet Big Red sugar free and is good too, that is what I drink. They have better food in the South, and of course I wish I had some of the great crab cakes from the East Coast!

  14. Denise says

    I’m in Louisiana and we have Cracker Barrells all over the place, and as I’ve traveled toward VA we’d stop at every one of them to eat. Great food. The biscuits and cornbread is like their signature bread. Not to mention sour dough bread. Yum. I’ve just recently started eating the salads. They are very good. And I do Weight Watchers a lot and that’s a good place to eat if your dieting and eating a lot of veggies. Your right. Can’t get grits up north and red beans and rice. And all the cajun food in VA isn’t good at all. My son is stationed there when he’s not in Iraq and he’s always looking for something to remind him of home. But of course he says I make the best beans and rice. LOL

    We have BIG RED down here. I just haven’t drank it since I was little. And I’m trying to remember the Mars bars. Seems we had those here when I was little. What’s it made out of?

  15. Tia :) says

    First off, i just wanted to say I can’t even understand whatever that Wardeh person typed…what the hell?

    I wish we had a place like Cracker Barrell in Canada. It sounds like something I would like.

    Xenafan96- Your poor baby! Peanut free is a biig thing here. Even in the elementry schools, they do not allow children to bring peanut butter sandwichs or peanut products. One of my friends was deathly allergic…i remember going shoping with her and her buying ice cream with a no peanut sign on it.

  16. DMITZ says

    I feel sorry for Wardeh’s kids. They have a crazy mom. Woah! She makes Britney look like look good!!

  17. Xenafan96 says

    Peanut free businesses are AWESOME! My youngest is severely allergic to peanuts, we carry an EpiPen EVERYWHERE we go because her reaction rate to peanut products is very very high. She has had reactions to people walking by her in a mall here eating a peanut butter cookie and her smelling it as they pass us. It’s something she will never outgrow, and we are hyper-vigilant about her playdates even. We will remind the parents of her allergy and ask that they not expose their child to any peanut products for a least a day before she comes over since the contact reaction she has is deadly. She has a superb school that is peanut free as well. I know that most people enjoy peanut products, I grew up on them, but it is a relief for any parent that has to protect their child from ever reacting to be able to go into a restaurant and just know that we can give her the menu and say, Pick what you like instead of having to speak to the manager to make sure that whoever does prepare her meal has not handled any peanut products that day. We have left restaurants that cannot guarantee that, but for my baby girl, it is worth it all.

  18. Sandra says

    Cracker Barrell is also in Minnesota, so not just the south. It is very yummy ;o) I miss the gift shop, it was so much fun to see how the stuff there! ;o)

  19. Sandra says

    Jeez thank god Wardeh isn’t commenting anymore. It hurts my eyes more than anything to try and figure out what the heck she is saying. Where ever she comes from, they don’t seem to teach spelling and grammar very well.

  20. oriana says

    Tia, it is a restaurant in the southern region and even up in Virginia, Ohio, Ind. also that caters to home cooking, it has a wonderful gift shop with beautiful reproductions, etc., candies, country ham, jellies, jams, relishes. Please click on Cracker Barrel country store and look at the menus for breakfast/lunch/dinner. They have pictures of some of the foods they serve, and they have good fruit cobblers, peach, blackberry (my fave) and apple, also, chocolate cobbler, for $1.99, choc coca cola cake, you would enjoy it!

    My son noticed that the Mars bars he found didn’t have nuts in them, I wondered about that.



  22. Tia :) says

    awww..I should send you some! lol They’re a big thing here now because they are peanut free. It’s funny isn’t it? we’re right across the boarder, yet we have different sayings for things. Like Soda…we call it pop. I have never heard of anything called a big red…the only thing i ever remember being red was Tahiti treat pop…mmmm…and i can’t find THAT anywhere..i used to love that stuff

  23. oriana says

    Granny and Denise, I lived in K.C. KS for five years. Loved it, worked at K.U. Medical Center. I hear now they have a Cracker Barrell but not for sure. Cracker Barrell has some of the best sales on gift merchandise like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff, even Easter, 50% off, I have tons of it shipped here to me in San Jose, Ca. Beautiful and good quality. I love looking at the online store and the menus make my mouth water. It is my fave place to eat when I go home. I miss it sooooo much!

    They do have great breakfast items there and I love grits, people in Ca. don’t know how to cook grits and only Denny’s serves them here so they are way too watery. And forget homemade bis n gravy, can’t find it here!

    Granny, is there a certain hamburger place there that serves the onion burgers? My sister would drool over that, she loves onions with everything!

    Tia, I haven’t seen Mars bars in about five years, can’t find them, my family has looked in Tenn., Ky, and my friends in Ala.,and Ind., so don’t know what happened? I love them and Jeff only brought me back three from Canada! I could have put some more in the freezer!

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of the sodas also called “Big Reds”, love them too and they don’t have them here in Ca. either!

    I love Cracker Barrell, first place we go when my brother picks me up in Nashville!

  24. Tia :) says

    Montreal and Quebec are one of my most favourite places in the world!! They don’t sell Mars bars in the US?? Werid! I grew up on those! ha ha! When my parents would shop in the US when i was little, they would bring back these Fries and Gravy potato chips…they were the best things ever. My mom also always stocks up on mentadent tooth paste, and “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray because they don’t sell those things here..hahahaha!

  25. Denise says

    Cracker Barrell..yum! I know what you mean Granny about the gift shop. I love it all. We eat there on Sundays for breakfast and once in a while for dinner. Great place. Those onion burgers sound wonderful. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them.
    Thanks for the prayers Tia!!

  26. Granny says

    Oriana We got Cracker Barrell! I have trouble eating there though. I just cannot seem to get through the gift shop without spending more there than I spend for dinner.

    I live in the Oklahoma City area. But most tourists coming through this area are looking for “fried onion burgers” which is where the onions are placed into the patty, and then super quickly fried turning the onions both savory and sweet. Your cholesteral takes about 3 weeks to get over the stress caused by eating one.

  27. oriana says

    Well if I am in the Bay area then Quebec and Niag Falls opposite end of Canada from me. I know I used to love those Mars candy bars, haven’t seen them around for a long time, my son found some in Canada, he said they have kinds of different stuff up there. He loved it!

  28. dori says

    I’ve been to Canada and Niagra Falls several times. and it is beautiful country. Some of my family lives in Quebec Canada.

  29. oriana says

    My Rehab Therapist is from Canada, lovely man. I want to go to Canada one day before I leave this earth, lucky you!

  30. Tia :) says

    Denise,-i wil say a prayer for your brave son. You must be so proud!!

    Oriana- Yes, vancover is pretty. I live near Niagara Falls…if you do ever come over, i would suggest going there. Im happy we border the US 🙂

  31. dori says

    Denise…. We all pray for your son . Although some of us did not vote for Bush and do not like the way things are going in Iraq. We are very proud of our young men over there who are fighting so we can all enjoy the freedoms we have here and those in England and other European countries. They fight for all of us and we are grateful. I belive I speak for the many here who share my thoughts on this subject.
    They fight so we don’t have terrorism in our home land and you others from whatever your country you come from should praise them as well because even though your country didn’t choose to fight you will still benefit from our sacrafices of our children . Instead of bashing Americans your should thank your lucky stars you live in peace because of them !!! Your arrogance is nausiating to us … do you realize that?

  32. oriana says

    Granny, do they have a Cracker Barrell where you live? Love that place! They don’t have them here in CA. Darn It! Damn it!

  33. oriana says

    Denise, your son will be in all our prayers hopefully and for a young man of 24, PROUD, PROUD,PROUD of him is what we all should say!

    Olivia, I think you are a highly educated person and you have been 100% right about some of the things you said, America needs to look to our families, our values and make some good positive changes. Our hands are tied for the people in government lie to the American public and without info that they dont’ want us to know. Money is the root of it all, I wish some of the sons and daughters of the poloticians were in Iraq and Afgan and they would be crying a different tune.

    We as Americans, are proud of the Red/White/Blue, regardless of the wrongs that have been done, by us and against us.

    My father was a Colonel in the Army, worked for the U.N. for two years and then died of stomach cancer in Nashville, Tn. Veterans Hospital, we were not close, he was an alcoholic when he came out of the service.

    My first husband was killed in a car crash shortly after he returned from Vietnam and never recovered from what he saw over there.

    So I am touchy, very touchy when it comes to bashing the U.S. and I was against Vietnam as I am Iraq, now Afgan, was all for it.

    And Tia, Thank You Canada! I wish I could afford to move and live there, my son took a cruise in Jan. to Vancouver and Victoria, loved it, saw the pictures, a wonderful country, friendly people, very clean and I am so glad it borders the U.S.

  34. Denise says

    Thank you Granny. Baptist prayers are fine with me as I’m Baptist too. But anyone else that would like to say a prayer for my son would be appreciated. I do worry about him but he’s doing what he wants to do. I pray for all our troops to come home safe and sound.

  35. Granny says

    Denise Hope you son is home soon. My two nephews got back this past year so I know it is tough on you.. And as his mother I know you must worry about him. So I will say a Baptist prayer (Oriana will probably join me in that : ) with a couple extra amens) for your peace of mind too.

  36. N says

    Olivia, Im not angry with you…. I didnt appreciate your stereotype of Americans. I did not vote for Bush. Have a nice day.

  37. Tia :) says

    53. oriana- i wasn’t refering to you..i was refering to Wardeh…what i was trying to get at, is that we are all the same…i don’t know how she thinks she’s so powerful and great and that where ever she comes from is the best yet. Im from Canada…proud to be it, just like you are proud to be american!! Im sorry if you thought this was a direct attack at you! I just think this wardeh person needs to back off…There is nothing wrong with the US, or the people…it just pisses me off that this person keeps saying these things!

  38. Denise says

    Sandra, thank you, I’ll tell my son. I’ve talked to my son extensively about the war before he left and he knows it’s the right thing to do. And I asked him what he does when someone bashes Americans. He told me he ignores them and goes on about his business. He said you can’t win arguments over politics and religion so might as well not even try. Just do what you think is right. Pretty sound advice from a 24 year old.

    Now, back to Britney. She is a terrilbe example of what a career mother is. There are dozens of career parents that balance home and family with career. For example, Gwen, Jennifer, even Angelina. So many others too numerous to name. Britney hasn’t figured it out or maybe just doesn’t want to. She’s clearly not ready to be a mother.

  39. DMITZ says

    Olivia – when people are responding to your comments, they are merely backing up America and clearing your misconstrued ideas of this country. Then you come back and keep bashing America. Just let it go. Not once have you mentioned your country and I have to wonder why?

    Everyone else – she must have been dumped by an Amercian to have this much hostility. Or maybe denied a green card to be here.

  40. dori says

    and at least we aren’t standing in line to get food and mooching off other countries for help because their own governmant can’t manage their money.
    Do you realize how many other countries our United States supports when they need help? Tsunami’s and world disasters use our money for help Thats where our tax dollars go !!!!!

  41. dori says

    stereo typing an entire country is pure idiocy. And you Olivia are obviously not too educated and probably from from Eastern European country with very little knowledge of government here in our country So educate yourself before you speak. Go read and learn

  42. dori says

    where are you from Olivia? You obviously have limited resources for your news. You don’t understand our government or our voting laws. do you? You talk in a way that makes me believe you don’t have much of an education or knowledge of the United States.
    Many of us did not vote for Bush but he had a lot of influence in the southern states which carry a lot of electoral votes and those electoral votes is what wins the election. Bush is a very unpopular president and we americans did not want him in the second term it was the southern states who elected him because they are the religeous fanatics and feared a change during war time. Bush does not represent all of the unioted states many of us are democrats especially rthe northern United Staed and Western United states.
    To classify all the saying all Europeans don’t shower or shave and they are all pigs.

  43. Olivia says

    One more thought before I go….., I try to believe world leaders do not necessarly portray the thoughts and wishes of all individuals with in any certain nation as a whole. Do Americians actually think before they vote for their leaders what that individual’s personality and actions will say to the world about each and everyone of them?????? I do believe this is a fair question I ask of those of you who have answered my thoughts and questions with such anger.

  44. Olivia says

    Well at lest you got off your attack on your fellow American celebrities and switched to me. Bravo!!!!!. Free????? Oh Yes, you are free, free to continue to place your hard earned tax $$$ in your vice president’s pocket which should be going to your boys and girls fighting a no win situation in a war that is fought to put money in corporate pockets. Free to pay taxes??? You please feel free to do as such. Does the rest of the world admire you when you send your children to be killed to put money in your politicians pockets? Well, think about that. You defend America in it’s values? Please feel free, as you are “free” to screw each other and other nations of the world and admire your little drunk, disgusting, good Ole boy leader. People immigrating to your country????? Why not, you pay so many taxes and they reap the benefits of your welfare system and get a free ride. What happens to you if you get sick????? Your jobs are sent to other countries what happens to you and your families in the name of progress and technology? You loose everything! That’s the American way. We leave for Monoco tomorrow morning, so think about it and rip me to shreds while my back is turned, that should be easy for those of you who feel the need.

  45. Zbella says

    America is the land of the free – a wonderful country with many opportunities and I’m VERY proud and very FORTUNATE to born and raised AMERICAN!!! 🙂

    Go ahead, be proud of your country, but don’t bash us because you’re jelous. That’s plain petty.

    Oh, and I have to respond to that comment that we’re telling Britney she should ONLY be a mom, not have a career. Not the case. She can be a mom AND have a career. Dance 4 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day, eat, shower… That still leaves 10 hours to devote to her family. Young children, especially those who are suffering from a divorce and mom gone in rehab and moving to a new house… need stability. They need their mom. To hug them, hold them, play with them, feed them, talk to them, sing to them. It’s called being a parent. Brit in not the smartest gal around, but I thought she was at least TRYING when Sean was a baby. She actually seemed like a LOVING mother. You can get these times back. Jayden will never be a baby again. She’s really missing out and so are they.

  46. N says

    Thank you Granny and Denise…. Olivia… read their posts and you will see Why I called you shallow. You sit on this blog site and comment so articulately about how bad americans are. How we judge. Arent your comments judgemental? So… I’m calling a spade a spade…your shallow. You actually believed from media and magazine interpretations that there arent any americans that hold morals and values as dear as you seem too. I am an american… but I am also a human being. America happens to be the country I live in. I would HOPE that any human being would have the decency to posess the morals and values you think us americans dont have. I unlike you live in the real world….. I realize that HUMANS have a violent nature…. that some HUMANS are judgemental. That HUMANS sometimes lose their way, rather it be mental physical financial. Some of us in this WORLD are decent….some are not. SO….. in other words to say that “americans” are so vile, (which is what I got from your posts), Is JUDGEMENTAL towards us americans that dont posess those qualities you dislike so much.

  47. Sandra says

    Granny & Denise Thank You and well said! Denise tell your son Thank you for protecting our homeland & and I hope he has a safe return home soon!!!

  48. Denise says

    Uh, excuse me, I’m from the same town as Britney is and I don’t dress like that, and I find it unfair that you would compare the way people dress in the south to how Britney dresses. Sure, there are people who dress scantly but I really haven’t seen anyone in an outfit like hers at all around here or in the neighboring state for that matter. Please don’t gudge the south by the way Britney Spears is. Majority of us are disappointed in her or just don’t care.

    As far as being an American, I’m proud to be one and wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world, troubles or not. My son is in Iraq now and just wrote about the progress we are making over there and he is very proud to be a part of it. But of course ya’ll have something negative to say about that. I don’t care tho. I know what’s in my heart. As far as violence, debt and other things the poster remarked on. Every country has it’s troubles with drugs, murders, crime and debt whether they want to admit or not. Some families who are well off might not be touched by it at all. Others might see it everyday. There isn’t one country in this world that isn’t touched by something or other. So, ya’ll just need to get on with looking at babies and leave the politics out of it. And, anyone that dresses like Britney does is opening herself up for criticism, praise or whatever. It’s all part of being a celebrity and is expected. Other countries that have celebrities do the same thing with theirs. You pay to see movies Americans make and must like them or you wouldn’t watch them are even know who the heck they are. Nobody seems to like americans but they’ll come over here on the net to comment on everything from celebrities to politics, to childrearing, gardening. So, it just doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

  49. Granny says

    Brittany Spears and Hollywood or Disneyland is no more an example of average America than Kate Moss is an example of the average Brit.

    And as Americans we can and often do vote out those in power who don’t do well.

    In my neck of the woods, the American plains, our children go to school successfully, we haven’t had any shootouts, the people for the most part have jobs and pay their bills, keep health insurance and those who cannot afford it are covered with Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the families I know eat most of their meals at home and not fast food.

    I don’t see the third world conditions that “most of our people are supposed to be living in? And I have traveled and lived around this country a lot since I was an Army brat. And why does the US have the largest legal immigrant population? They could go elsewhere. And we wouldn’t be having concerns with the illegal immigrants from Mexico if we were such a terrible place.

    Politically, I believe some of the other nations haven’t always done well either. Look at the conflicts of the last decade, WWI, WWII, Somalia, Darfur, Iran and Iraq (try being a woman there) and so forth. And look at all that the UK was involved in the last century – India, Republic of Ireland, Granada.

    I believe there could me a lot of less than ideal things to remember for all of us.

  50. dori says

    #31 you have no class and no culture… all you are is an angry stupid woman who needs to yell at people to vent her frustrations ….I pity you.

  51. Jaime says

    Well, i just don’t understand all the fighting on this website. I think it’s pretty funny, I’m from Canada and i think the U.S of A is a great place, but really that’s not what this site is about. As for comments, let people leave there comments and get on with our lives. As for Britney, she looks like a slut, she doesn’t deserve a comeback. She should get her ass home to her kids, because if she is worried about getting back into shape, all she has to do is not sit on her ass, but play and chase her kids around for a couple of days, because that might help her about a bit.

  52. Sandra says

    My only question if our country (America) is so horrible, than why not let us know what country your from, since it seems superior to everywhere else.

  53. oriana says

    Tia, obviously there are some people that do care, and I was merely responding to some of the comments about Americans. That is all! I think it is wonderful that different people from different countries are on this site.

    Some are intelligent, some are morons, and if you have been reading you will know what I am referring too.

    As for her with those hats, I wish she would be proud and just go bald, to me, she looked fine, I think she has a very beautiful face, never did think she had that much of a singing voice, certainly no Celine Dion (my pick of best singer around) or even Christina who wipes Brit away!

  54. Tia :) says

    I totally don’t understand why people have to keep bringing up the fact that people are americains..who the hell cares where you are?

  55. oriana says

    I don’t think she is from America but you never know! We have more than our share of low bred people here passing themselves off as someone else.

    And yes, it is obvious from your speech, your demeanor, that you are in a different class, on a different level from her.

  56. Olivia says

    I do not align myself with wardeh. Personally, I find her offensive. She and her lack of tact and manners are an example of what I am speaking of. I am afraid she has been included in my opinions of Americans due to her language and obvious. Is it your opinion she is not American?

  57. oriana says

    Olivia, as I stated before, we have brought a lot of crap down on ourselves, and sad but true, a lot of what you wrote is the truth. We are an arrogant nation but a proud one. I think the phrase, the American Dream is shared by a lot of nations, despite all our faults. Crooked unscruplous men in high places, not just politics but the various companies with billions of dollars backing them also has led to our downfall in many areas, I really think what has saved us is we are a Nation Under God, regardless of the Atheists and others that try to tear us down, I think God is in control, and has blessed us.

    I have a lot of admiration and respect for the Japanese and the Pacific Islander countries that take care of the elderly and share in the upbringing of the children, I specifically refer to New Zealand, Samoa, and the Phillipines. I have seen this first hand.

    Britt came from the Southern part of the U.S., the Bible Belt, and yes, they can act and dress sleazy down there too, but she has to know whenever she sticks a big toe out the door she is going to be photographed, walking down a public street, looking like that, is just on purposely asking for it, believe me, I have seen some sights walking down my street!

    I am glad you find some good qualities about us and enjoyed your trip here, come back again and maybe you can have a better opinion of us.

  58. DMITZ says

    Olivia, alot of the way you judge Americans is because America is a free country. I have had my trouble w/debt, but I worked hard to clear up what I had to. Does your country not have credit cards? Are you omish? Is there no one in your country that has access to credit or has ever had issues w/money? What about the Amercians that charge debt b/c of job loss and need means to provide for their familes? Is your country as big as America b/c that may be another reason American (in your mind) is portrayed so badly. You are only seeing what magazines and television show you. I woudn’t even rate half of the people I know in the way you described Americans. I personally cook dinner every night in my home. Did it ever occur to you that lots of people work nights or extra hours b/c they are single parents and maybe it’s hard to home cook every night? Britney or other celebs like her choose their own lifestyle. No one tells them to start their own clothing lines or launch their own fragrances or make a reality show of your life. Where are you from that you have such a close mind about America? Every country has it’s violence. I think your mistaking America’s freedom for lack of common sense. I don’t think it’s fair of you to say the things you do. I think this site is about making comments about these celebs and for you and Wardeh to start bashing America is childish. And for the filth that you say Ameicans use, it is evident poor Wardeh has no home training as every one of her entries sounds trashy and ignorant.

  59. Olivia says

    I have often gone to America. It is an astounding place. I do read your magazines, they are very funny in their sense of values. I watch Oprah occasionally. I admire her most of the time. I do know it is a sad fact you all don’t all live in Disneyland, but do pretend each of you is better than any other. You use credit irresponsibly to impress each other give your children everything but a part of yourselves and values. Then crack up when debt overwhelms you As in other countries you are extremely violent, but only point fingers at the rest of the world pretending the same problems do not happen with you, but jump up and condemn other nations to take the focus and guilt from yourselves?????. Your children bully each other in your schools to the point they shoot each other, commit suicide, I do know it is popular for your young men to parade their underwear while wearing pants they have to hold up. I guess they plan to grow into them with your diets of fast food because few of you eat home cooked meals as a family? It is not your celebrities I find offensive, but your apparent need to attack anyone and everyone for anything and everything with such viciousness. Other countries in the world do not flaunt their stupidity and arrogance as is the case with yours. I have come to this site to see baby photo’s for a very long time. I seldom comment. However, some of the pompous vicious statements I read here are are so trashy and disgusting there are occasions I will. You build your child celebrities into little monsters and then rip them apart because they are the product of their upbringing. Your an odd culture, fascinating, but odd. I wish I understood you because I do believe the majority of Americans have good hearts, are good people, but it seems the worst of you are the ones who seem to speak for you or speak the loudest. I did like your response to me oriana. Your words indicate you have spunk and an honest intelligent air about you. You would be an American I would like to sit down and speak with. I am high and mighty, I will admit that, but I am taking that as a compliment from you.

  60. oriana says

    DMITZ, I absolutely agree with you 200%! Thank You.

    And I noticed she didn’t say the name of the country she lives in, I am sure they would be ashamed of her.

  61. DMITZ says

    Oriana – I’m thinking we should ignore Wardeh. She talks like she’s a child w/no sense. Plus, it’s hard to understand what she is saying. I agree w/what you are saying. I try not to respond to people that are predjudice or ignorant on here, but for some reason that comment of hers got to me. She probably has nothing better to do. Again, such a shame for her to bring that ignorance around her innocent children. I would NEVER teach my children predjudice like that. So we should feel sorry for her that in her country it is okay to do that.

  62. WARDEH>>Oriana the bitch says


  63. oriana says

    Olivia, have you and your pal Wardeh ever been to America? Have you ever paid to see an American movie? It may come as a shock that we all don’t live in Snow White’s castle in Disneyland! We are aware of the problems, the politics and the troubles our country is going thru, and some of it we have brought on ourselves.

    Have you ever looked at the American magazines? It is obvious you have educated yourselves with our President as well as the movie stars and celebrites. Do you not have any celebs in your own country? And what country is that may I ask? I know you aren’t ashamed to divulge that since you seem to be so high and mighty above us stupid Americans!

    And Wardeh, you are one of the most low class gutter rat talking person I have ever seen! Does it make you feel good to appear so trashy, you talk like Brit dresses.

    I do agree I think she loves her kids, but is still too messed up to take care of them properly. She is simply put, white trash with money and needs some therapy and lessons in common decency. Qualities which you appear to be lacking also to me.

  64. DMITZ says

    Wardeh – it’s very sad that a mother of soon to be 2 would let such ignorance come out of her mouth. Plus – you need to learn how to talk.

    Olivia – you are living thru celebs too by posting your comments. Do you not have better things to do?

    Don’t judge Americans by one of their worst specimens (Bush). American is the land of the free! So rather than bashing your country or other countries, I’m going to back mine up.

    Such ignorance.

  65. Olivia says

    Previous comment as to my being shallow??? If calling a spade a spade is shallow, then, gosh I guess I would have to be shallow. You MUST be American. Typical example though of my observations of your MO’s. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Your way or the highway? Get down and dirty pointing fingers but pretend the superior role??? Calling others names while you ignore your own faults? Offer advise when your own lives have run amuck? Take a completely beautiful baby site and turn it into a nasty attack on those you wanna be? Everyone makes stupid mistakes, some learn from them and others just repeat them, not your problem, unless your the one repeating them over and over. Americans seem to live in a land where they can come up with a justification for anything and everything in their little corporately manipulated minds. You are your tv commercials. However, you appear to not be mentally capable in your selfishness to realize when you take someone to the ground for something you don’t agree with, your worse than they are.

  66. WARDEH>>OLIVIA says

    Olivia thanks for pointing to what i was trying to make those stupid understand since few days…God bless you ,you are a great person who knows what’s going on in this world,,unlike many empty headed on this site,,too sad,,,

  67. fifi trooper says

    For all the forceably stay at home mom’s, Britney is doing what she know’s how to do best, and that’s dance, and sing!! I don’t think anyone has the right to call her a dirty bitch! If so, then they have to be dirty also! i THINK THAT SHE CARES FOR HER KIDS! She’s a new mom, she’s young, and apparently she thought that she was going to have a strong man by her side, but as we all know….he was like a kid in a candy store, anyway give her some slack!! she’s single, and she’s what she can do!! Have anyone of you ASSWIPES had the pap, outside your house 24/7? ready to take any type of pictures

  68. N says

    My thoughts on the subject at hand…… BRITNEY ….. I dont think Britney cares what anyone has to say about her. She seems like the type of person that will do what she wants regardless of anything. Knowing that….. these outfits that she wears does not surprise me. I have seen worse things than this. To be honest… She does not look like a hooker…… I doubt that a lot of you have even seen a real hooker…… and Please dont say thats what hookers look like on tv.

  69. N says

    Olivia, its very shallow of you to think that all americans fit that mold of yours. Your opinions are very prejudice.

  70. Olivia says

    Thanks for backing up my point. with a fine example. Your bush went so far as to get your Anna Niclole case for her old husbands $$$$$ heard in your highest court last year. Must be sweet to have that delima as one of your countries greatest concerns while your children go with out medical care. Americans live in their own pretend little world only because they can’t bare to look at the reality of their own personal situations. Prime example children starve, go with out medical but you pay someone Millions to kick a ball and what do they do with the millions???? Shove it up their noses or veins. Big heros you Americans have. No wonder you feel the need to be wanna be’s. Life in America is too bazar to look at the reality of their own situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Americans got the “”””CLUE”””””

  71. Sandra says

    Wow not the Britney comments are linked to the governement, war, third world conditions. Jeez get a clue!

  72. Olivia says

    I think I have to agree with the American thought concept here. They seem to need to live through celebrities because their lives are so sad. Chase after celebrities like a pack of wolves and they think they are somebody. They have a track record for making up stories to suit their version of any given situation. IE weapons of mass destruction. They blindly follow their leader who doesn’t appear to have all his paddles in the water and appears to have a disdain for the truth. They set their standards by fairy tails and put each other down in their little wanna be dream world, disrespect each other, kick each other when they are down, think they know everything, live trashy lives while pointing out flaws in others, are bullies, spend billions of $$ on wars, but lack to care for their injured military, spend billions while their babies go with out medical care, homes, food. A large majority of Americans live in third world conditions and the rest of them are too busy being celebrity wanna be’s or critics but if they just stopped thinking of their selves as individuals, together they could clean up their own country. Oh no, they go on a bully mission in a no win situation while they close their eyes to their own flaws with in their own country. Have dirty mouthed violent children who they lie for and look the other way when they take lives on a dare. Too bad all those beautiful American babies will grown up with such a horrible example as is set by their government and their irresponsible culturally neglectful parents .

  73. Denise says

    #31 if Americans have no culture and have nothing better to do but dicuss celebrities, how come you’re on here? Shouldn’t you be in a museum or at a theater or something? And Dori, next time you add a negative comment I’ll remember what you said about not saying anything bad about someone, because you need to practice what you preach. I’ve seen some pretty negative comments from you all over this site.

  74. Sandra says

    Actually what I was thinking was how everyone calls her all of these names like trailer trash, but really you are only comparing yourself to her. It is so sad that you must be of the same since that is how your language is. Just sad.

  75. Minnie says

    The implication of many of these comments is that, since she now has children, she has no right to have any interest her career. “Stay home with the babies women”, after all, it’s all you’re good for.

    How enlightened of you all.

  76. oriana says

    #21, Aimee, she may be picking up the pieces, but where do see “quite gracefully”? That part escapes me.

    I do think she is trying, I think she is still grieving over Kevin, one day she will be celebrating and be thankful. She is from the South, as she said herself, I’m Country, y’all, well, being from the South, she would have those kids in church, like Reese did, who is from Nashville, she would have more manners about her self, walking around barefooted in a nasty gas station restroom, showing her “privates” off, more than once, this girl can afford to have her hair dyed where the roots never showed, she can afford to shop wherever, designer or Target, so there is no excuse for her wearing those dirty boots, clothes with holes in them, going out half naked, it is her choice and she likes the noteriety, it is time to show some class and not so much flash!

  77. Sandra says

    I am thinking the same holes on the stockings are part of the shorts she has on, she wore them in the last pic and again in this pic so I am guessing they are attached to one another. Besides people wear less on the beach, coming from the dance studio most likely going home to shower, as I never shower at the gym, who knows what others have smeared all over the floors, benches, showers etc. ewwww

  78. dori says

    #25 the only one with any sense here at all. The girl is working out at a dance studio and doesn’t buy to clothes to go work out. Why do you all criticize her so much Have you ever been a dancer? Have you ever been a pop star?
    Who are you ladies to pass judgement?
    As bambi’s mother said and my mother taught me

    “If you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”
    Brit looks great and shortly she will be touring and releasing her new album and it’s she who will be laughing all the way to the bank ..not you.

  79. Aimee says

    I understand that either you want to see the kids with their mama or you just crave boots.
    I’d love to know why we don’t see K-fed with the kids.

    I’m sorry, but if I was one of the first Muskateers and danced and sang my way to the top and had two kids with one of my back – up dancers, …. hmmmm. Maybe I would want a little break? Hmmm. Do ya thunk, y’all?

  80. fifi trooper says

    Ok, Britney haters, this is some information for all of you, I think that she knows that she has to get career off the ground, and probably she’s thinking about making more money! So stop, hating on my girl!!!!, And have it ever occured to all of you that, Britney, is probably in a dance studio, some where with those tights, and as soon as she walked out the door the pap probably was already there….ready to take her pictures, and so what she have holey tights, I bet you, that some of you jackasses have holes in your underwear!! LOL

  81. Zbella says

    Maybe because K-fed is not a media-monger the way Britney has been. But really, I don’t know. I can’t say he’s the ideal father (considering he has four kids in as many years and isn’t with their mothers!) But he seems like the better parent. Not saying much…

  82. Zbella says

    Clowns are entertainers, right? She needs to go join the circus!!! Those hats, that get-up… I could certainly do better if I was in her ‘boots’. Put some clothes on and take the kids to the park.

  83. Aimee says

    I just need to say one thing, as a single mother who went through a 5 year long custody battle back in 1995. It seems Britney is doing a great job picking up the pieces after everyone over-reacted to her Finally going through a long over-due teenage rebellion and finally letting her hair down (ok, ok. parties and no panties). So, now that she’s picking up the pieces quite gracefully, while her ex-management and ex-husband still doubt her, why are y’all doubting her? I doubt I could do a better job than she. And since when is Kevin F … whatever, a great role model behavior?

  84. says

    pasties..oh my god..she never quits…hilarious…

    I think the parents should really use their 50 bucks for something else…buy the abulm and avoid the concerts…ahhah she is defintely R rated..unfortutnately thats how she made her money..the majority who bought her stuff wanted more more more…I think the only thing left is the sheer nakedness…britney cant shock me though..

  85. Xenafan96 says

    I hear you Mia, my sister in law took my(at the time) 9 yr old old niece to see Britney in concert. She was FURIOUS that she paid almost $50 for each ticket and had to leave due to Britney coming out on stage in a bikini bottom and pasties. THAT was the source of alot of questions from the wee one. The worst thing was, the majority of the audience was pre-teen girls. It wasn’t in the best of taste, esp. since she had the image of pop princess at the time.

  86. Jenna says

    Oh my god! She looks like she has forgotten to change out of her nightie. And that is the second day she has worn fishnets with rips in them, surely she can afford more?

    I’m not a prude but Britney really looks like a cheap prostitute here.

  87. Jackie says

    I wish someone could take her by the hand and help her. Hell I thinnk she is dead beat on self destruction. I see tragedy ahead unless her family do soemthing urgently.

  88. says

    i find it funny that people are just realising that Britney always pushed the envelope with her dressing…

    Get a grip she always pushed the envelope futher with her dressing ever since she first appeared on the scence…it makes no sense to suddenly make all these prude comments simply becuase she hoochied it up to go to a dance rehearsal..From all the dance shows I have seen some of the clothes are just undergarments

    I think she would have just gone with what was underneath but putting that black nothing on was probably her idea of sparing your sensitivities

    Britney has always been snot new and will only get more provacative…I bet she wears nothing at home…anyway so far as she is not on drugs and this is how she is getting her high

    Now I can just imagine her side by side with aguilera in her chaps ahahahhahahh

  89. Lauren says

    Britney needs to get some modesty. She’s a mother of 2 kids and she’s dressing like a dime street hooker. Her kids are going to look back @ this pictures and be mortified.

  90. Xenafan96 says

    LOL Oriana-great minds think alike! 🙂
    All I can say now with this pic, ok. Listen Brit, I have a ton of clothes that I am more than willing to let you have if you are at your fashion end of the rope. Seriously. I will give you the shirt off of my back (nicely cleaned and pressed) to get you dressed.

    Ok, now everyone make room for Wardeh-school’s over for the day and we are attacking the beloved Brit………….

  91. Nicki says

    I bet at least one person aksed her “How much for an hour?” Hookers where more than what she has on. Most beach cover ups are less see thru than whatever she has on.

  92. says

    What is with this chick?? Yes she has every right to be working on a “comeback” but she is a mother of two now. Times have changed for you Brittney. She is entitled to her career and even a love life but I won’t respect her or feel sorry for her until I see her at least try with her kids.

  93. oriana says

    I wonder if she smells? I see so many girls with jeans and tt-shirts on, surely she has some of those in her closet?

  94. Twy says

    Again, We care because???
    This is a baby site, and if she isn’t with her kids, I don’t care what you THINK she looks like. She is still a dirty girl. Proud of her, are you serious?? I’ll be “proud” of her when she takes a couple years off to RAISE her children and concentrate on her own mental health. I think the least of her worries right now is a frickin so-called career.

  95. Denise says

    Still got them holes in her stockings? What’s up with that? Go to the dollar store and get some new ones!!

  96. DMITZ says

    Okay, I know all you Britney fans are going to say something, but c’mon now! Who walks around the streets like this? Britney got called a hooker in her last few pics (I didn’t call her that), and this pic is even more provocative. I know she’s Britney/entertainer – but what kind of example does this set for young girls? Britney knows that that is most of her fan base (what she has left of it anyways). For someone who is trying to clean up her act and make a come back she should not draw so much attention to herself. We all know she’s lean and fit and has her figure back after having 2 kids and going thru rehab.

  97. Whitney says

    She is doing great. I am very proud of her for at least attempting to get back on track. She is going to make a hard comeback. I love her. But like always, let the hating began…..

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