Travis Barker & Alabama Luella

Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler

Travis Barker was snapped with daughter Alabama Luella, 1, grabbing a coffee at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in LA. Alabama Luella’s mother is Shanna Moakler. Shanna and Travis also have a three-year-old son named Landon. And Shanna has an 8-year-old daughter with Oscar De La Hoya named Atiana.



  1. phillis says

    I feel bad for travis Shauna is a terrible mother, did you see her on the show? She acts like a two-year old, did you see the show where she just threw the kids to the nanny and Left to go see travis, right there says she is a horrible Mom. I don’t care if you are rich and have money and can throw the kids to the nanny anytime you feel like it, the kids need their parents at that young of an age. She pays no attention to the kids at all. Maybe that is why travis left her.

  2. toya says

    I love Travis sooooooo much and yes from looking at his show Meet the Barkers, he loves his kids and wife. Come on if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all and from the looks of it the diaper looks like that cause he’s holding her . Try getting a life. His tattooes are AWESOME!

  3. ASHLEY says


  4. Paige says

    Omg Alabama Is Sooo Fricking Cute And Travis Is Soooo Hot.

    What’s Wrong With You All Yew Are All Like Ewwww He Has Tattoo’s So Fricking What I Have Tattoo’s. My Dad Is A Tattooist And Has Tattoo’s All Over Him And All My Famiy Have At Least 5 Tattoos.

  5. Shauna says

    also kelly is retarded she apparently knows nothing about life or parenting. why wouldnt she have a chance she has two parents that love her and yea they have their problems but so does every couple theirs just happen to be public because they are famous. and your just reading into what society thinks good parents should be and should look like. now really would we all really love travis as much as we do if he didnt express himself with all of his tats and his fun crazy attitude i think that we love him just a tad bit more for being the way he is.

  6. Shauna says

    Ok number one the kid is cute and she’s fine the way she is whether her hair is combed or not. Maybe it got messed up when they were getting coffee or maybe not who cares. And for the chick who said that he’s got too many tattoos he’s hot and have you ever gotten a tattoo if you have then you would know that it is addicting.

  7. Zbella says

    Thanks for the info. I noticed the tatoos right away, of course. I like tatoos on a guy – but my husband doesn’t want to get any, and never will. I will never get one either because I like to look as natural as possible.

    This adorable child has a bright future. Her parents are both successful, right? And loving parents is really all that matters anyway.

  8. Kellymay says

    Hey Travis and Shanna are no longer estranged, they kissed and made up!

    Kelly I have to say your out of line too! I really hope you don’t pass those judgements on to your own children or future children, tattoos often are a personal expression! Certainly not yours to judge!

  9. DMITZ says

    Zbella, not sure if anyone answered this but Travis Barker is from the band Blink 182 and Shanna Moakler (his estranged wife) is a former Miss USA.

  10. Loving Mother says

    Kelly Your wack she is a baby and your already judging her and Her family. Are you Kidding. You sit there and say she is going to become not much of anything your quick to judge you make me laugh.. People like you are jokes who Will go NO where. She’s one not 15 you have no idea what her life holds. So keep your lamn comments to yourself.. What are your children going to become? Maybe we should all start judging YOU

  11. Miranda says

    And Kelly, who are you to decide whether “people like that” should have kids or not? Doctor or vet? What if she gets really good grades, but she really doesn’t want to become a doctor or a vet? You say she doesn’t even have a chance to have a future? Come on, she’s one year old!

  12. Jamie67 says

    My remarks about his tattoos has nothing to do with his parenting skills!!
    I just don’t like men so coverd up with paint!!
    The ring through his upper lip..
    Now,imagine to kiss this guy……ewww!!.
    I am a very open minded person,i think everyone should do what ever they like,but it doesn’t mean THAT i have to like it too !!
    I ‘ve never seen him on tv,so i can not judge him or his wife/girlfriend,after the Osbournes i so had enough of reality soaps!! Ugh!!!
    His babygirl is still a doll!!!

  13. marla says

    I just melt when I see this pic, a tough looking Travis holding his cute baby girl close to him..

  14. amberlee says

    A lot of you guys sure are quick to judge at first appearences! I’m gathering that the ones making the judgmental comments are old fashioned, possibily? News flash, the world is changing and so are the people in it. From what I can tell by watching their reality show, he is a very good father. Just because someone is covered in tattoos doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have kids. I think, by the remarks a lot of you are making, maybe you shouldn’t have kids. Stop being so closed minded!

  15. says

    the second baby of prince felipe and letizia from spain has just born , is alittle girl and her name will be sofia just like her grandmother, congratulations

  16. Kelly says

    I can see this little girl as Kim Kardashian of her generation or even worse. I have no illussions that sh eis going to be a doctor or a vet. People like that shouldn’t have kids. She is cute though and her name is pretty but she has not got a chance of having a half way decent future unless there is a miracle.

  17. Andrea says

    No one said he may not be a nice guy. We just said we don’t like the *excess* of the tatoos. Let’s not be so quick to accuse.

  18. Sacha says

    I don’t see what you having a little tattoo has got to do with it. He’s got lots of them, maybe for the same reasons as you have. Although you can see them, they probably mean a lot to him to. Sure, if he’s a decent guy I would have breakfast with him. Hell, I’d have breakfast with the Elephant man if I could have a normal conversation with him. People can be so judgemental!

  19. Jamie67 says

    Would you share your breakfast with him ???
    I don’t think so!!
    I have a tatoo,a nice little one,nobody has to see it,but it means a lot to me and that’s what counts!!
    Oh… and its not healthy either,i’m just saying!!

  20. fifi trooper says

    I think that travis, is a sweet guy! I hate the baby name, although it’s totally different!! I think that they make a noce couple, I just hope that when the next rough patch comes along in their marriage, that can get pass the hurdle!

  21. Sacha says

    You’re all so shortsighted! So what if the guy has tattoos? That doesn’t mean he can’t have children or be a loving father. Tattoos are probably his way of expressing himself and I don’t really see the problem here. You know it’s often the most common looking people who are the real freaks!

  22. Jamie67 says

    Those tatoos,does he has a piece of skin that isn’t tatooed!!
    The baby is a cutie!!

  23. Bethany says

    He is not what I would go after, but on the show he seemed like a really good dad. And I like her name. Maybe she wanted to go out with Daddy real quick…looks like a pajama top she’s wearing. He probably just grabbed her up and took her along.

  24. says

    I think he loves his kids very much, maybe he just go out to buy coffee and then go back home and he wanted to take his daughter.
    I really dont see anything wrong with the baby

  25. Alyssa says

    She is such a cutie. Who cares what shes dressed like when shes out. She’s happy and content. geesh society these days are becomming crued. Grow up.

  26. oriana says

    I can’t help myself, I luv her name!!!! My best friend is from Winfield,LA. and has that name! She does need her hair combed and he is pathetic to me, why anyone would fight over him is beyond me!

  27. Loving Mother says

    She’s huge i remeber watching their show and it seemed like Shanna was just pregnant.. Lol tho obviously not.. She is way cute!! They’ll be great parents not only for their son but all there loving daughter!

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