OMG! Britney With Sean Preston!

Hooray…Britney was snapped out with Sean (and little Jayden James in his carseat bucket) at Millennium Dance Studios on April 26th!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

It seems that Jayden must be with them as evidenced by the infant carseat, but it looks like Britney may just be using the carseat to carry stuff. Maybe Jayden is being carried by someone else in their entourage.

Hello magazine reports the following: (who could compete with such perfect copy? Note the inspired “enviably pert bottom?!”)

Hours of working out at a dance studio seem to have paid off for Britney Spears, who showed off a super-fit physique as she left a session in Los Angeles recently. Wearing a red leotard, black pants and fishnets, the mother-of-two wowed onlookers outside a Hollywood dance studio with her washboard flat stomach and enviably pert bottom.

The singer’s newly toned tum and posterior are the result of a strict routine of calorie-burning classes and a low-fat diet featuring plenty of fruit and green vegetables.

And judging by the smile on her face, Britney, who has also been spotted playing tennis, knows just how good she looks. “She’s back to her fighting weight, she’s working out and enjoying life,” said a friend.

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  1. kelly says

    lose the boot’s and put your son on a diet like you and stop the happy meal’s,he is so chunky. thank god he look’s like his dad. boy he is going to hate you when he see’s all this shit,i hope you have tutor’s for your son’s they will be eaten alive if they are in regular school’s. everything you have done will reflect on to your children,is this what you want them to see?? it is nothing for them to be proud of. please get your tube’s tied on go on the pill. the next time you get pregnant at the rate your going we will see you on springer or the maury show looking for your babies daddy…..

  2. Antoinette says

    Britney is probably a better mom than 50% of the population. As a mother of two and younger than Britney, It is okay to have a life every now and then. Most parents have their kids in daycare while they work and spend the weekend probably going out while the kids are with some babysitter. Kids Get heavy maybe she was taking a break… At least someone’s carrying the kid and he’s not running off. Believe me their are people out their that are not what they appear to be and people change for money. The world is going to hell and would help if people started loving thy neighbour than looking at their faults.
    All Britney is, is a mother, normal human being, and fans. and so am I, without the money… Money is paper. Kind, Love and faith is priceless.

  3. High & Mighty says

    I have yet to insult her baby, just as a correction. I merely stated he will be uneducated like her if she doesn’t learn how to spell before he gets into school. That isn’t an insult, well wait I guess it is an insult since she talks and acts the way she does. I am sorry I said your baby will be uneducated like you.

  4. Zbella says

    What is so wrong with a trailer park anyway? So, that’s all some people can afford – that doesn’t make them trash. That’s a horrible thing for both of you to say to each other. And don’t be so base as to insult each other’s babies!!!!!!

  5. dori says

    this website has become a bore with all the anger and hatred. I feel it’s no longer a fun website for moms to get together and discuss celebrity babies. I have noticed we have lost a lot of our good intelligent bloggers too I have sent a letter to the website and asked for the website to be monitered a little more and to block some of these very unwelcome people who are haters. We don’t need to be subjected to their tirades and insults and horrible language . Send a message go to the top of the page and hit disclaimer and file your complaints ladies!!! Take control of this ugly situation ok?

  6. dori says

    i think it’s time we reported you your language is inappropriate and your extreme anger is welcome here on a baby site i think it’s time I put an end to you.. mother looney tune…

  7. Loving Mother says

    Yeah right trailer park my A$$ you. What a stupid Bi*tch. Your funny People like to abbreviate Shit you idiot. Sorry the world doesn’t spell like YOU!! Then we’d all be PERFECT right?? Gosh i wish i was you. A real no body. Talking shit about people living in trailer parks when i’m sure my HOUSE is nicer than Yours. Your real piece of work. Something that No one should even think to waste there time on.

    Yeah You haven’t said shit about my son right.. Thats why he’s going to be just like ME. Which is GOOD enough. Atleast he won’t turn out to be a Whore like your daughter. Or your white trash son. A little spelling put a kink in your day how sad.

    So while i work and then go home to my house you call a TRAILER PARK. You can sit you fat ass on your computer and wait for my response. So go eat a twinkie and relax in your box you call home.

    Have a nice day. You white trash COW. mooooooooo

  8. High & Mighty says

    HAHAHAH your still spelling things wrong, but I don’t need to correct your low class self anymore!! Maybe you should re-read the posts, as I haven’t talked bad about your son; I made a simple comment about spelling and uneducated. But I guess you didn’t understand that since I am not using your lingo. Good Luck in the trailer park next to Brit Brit! Oh and if your wondering “PHYSCO” is really spelt PSYCHO. Ahhh at least I can use more grown up words to argue with, all you can do is speak like the trailer you come from. Good Luck my friend, you will need it.

    rebelle = rebel
    abt = about
    nutt = nut
    matture = mature

    Oh in case you were wondering my life is PLENTY good. At least I don’t live next door to you; my property value would be so low! And now I am done, I will rise higher than you as usual. Call me all the names you want, I am still laughing!

  9. Loving Mother says

    Keep laughing B*tch Your a fu*cking Joke.. When you pull it up it states that shit. And rebelle and rebellion is the same fucking thinking everyone knows what the hell i was talking abt except your Stupid ass.. And one word spelled wrong and that makes me and my son fucking stupid. Please I am sure your whole family is f*cking stupid. Your kids going to be a nutt like you. A little scandalous B*tch just like Britney. So keep loving and defending her and your daughter will be on the corner in NO time. ahahahah
    So talk shit about a baby feel real cool thank god he has plenty of time to matture only being eleven months and you’ve already screwed yourself. You just try to pick fights cause your own life isn’t good enough. To bad B*tch You’ll never be as good as me..

    And WOW Guys I Spelled REBEL wrong did any one else notice. Cause we have a spell checker in here and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Miss High and Mighty!!

  10. High & Mighty says

    LoL you know how to spell, hahaha I will laugh forever on that one hun. You seem to act, speak and spell like a real class act, too bad your baby will turn out just as bad! And just where were you going with that REBBELLE?? Because REBEL is spelt like that and REBELLION is spelt like that which wouldn’t make much sense at all in your sentences. Oh and in case you want to look in the dictionary for your new ghetto slang word here is a link, you might need it a wee bit more than you can think my dear! Maybe you could start using spell check and PROOF reading your stuff. OMG I am still laughing!!! LMAO..

  11. dori says

    And thanks for the Borat comments we need some lightening up in here.
    These 12 year olds are beginning to be a bore All those hormones and no brains to go with them. There should be a planet somewhere where you can send kids between the ages of 11-18. And it should not have any internet access.

  12. dori says

    loving mother isn’t really an appropriate name for someone using the language you are using why don’t you use something more suitable like ah…. trailer park trash mom? or skank hoe bitch or dumb ass or Iman asshole or fucked up bitch or something like that? huh????
    Any one of those would suit you just fine LOL LOL LOL LOL

  13. Loving Mother says

    Your a Fu**ing Idiot.. I said REBBELLE Not rebel You Dumbie. I know cleary how to spell. Look it up in the dictionary. Maybe you shouldn’t have kids not even knowing what a damn work is. Your Pathedic.

    And what i was saying abt the carseat is that if there was a child in there it would be sad for the fact there is a damn jersey smugged over him. Maybe you should think before you talk. And diss all you want B*TCH your loser a$$ doesn’t know Sh*t. Britney Doesn’t have to be my neighbor for me to know She’s a good for nothing mother and a skanky looking hoe.. Probably just like YOU! So go back to your corner and leave other people who are only voicing there opinion ALONE.. PHYSCO..

    Get a damn life you good for Train wreck.. hahaha
    Much love

  14. says

    I think she is rehearsing with those boots.,…so they will be well broken into when she performs….

    hoochie mama is doing what she does best…generate controversy to up her sales.

    I dont think you guy actually look to britney do you..I dont think I expect her to be a role model to anyone…she is just another young funny celeb

  15. Xenafan96 says

    Dori-Yeah that was squirm-worthy. I love when he meets up with the street dancers and they ask what kind of music he likes:
    “You know, bing bong bingla bleeenga”
    “Nah, we ain’t never heard of that one.”
    LOL-Sascha(?not sure how he spells it and I have seen it a few different ways) Cohen came to town and was on one of our local radio stations. He did a tag spot so now you can be listening to them and all of a sudden you hear Borat-“I love your city. It is fun to come hang out and maybe make sexy time with your prostitutes.”

  16. Olivia says

    There is a lot of conflicting advise for Britney on this page. Most of it childish, unrealistic, critical, and disgusting. Why in the world do any of you care what she does, when she does it, or how she does it? Do you idiots really think your little selves in your little tiny lives are so perfect and such a slick dick deal that you feel so superior to her and each other? Just so you know???? Obviously not a one of you know anything about cowboy boots, must be all that time you spend flapping your mouths. Those are some damn nice boots!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’d wear them with that outfit, but if I wanted to I certainly would regardless of what you pack of fools thought or said. Ever given any thought of living your own lives? Bet your children would appreciate a part of the time you spend living through celebrities.

  17. High & Mighty says

    You were the one that said if the child was in a car seat that is plain sad, remember? So what point were you trying to make with that? You never said how old the kids were going to be to rebel, yes its REBEL not rebelle. Hopefully you will work on your spelling before your child gets in school; lord knows we don’t need another uneducated one in this world. Oh yes, I was wondering how you felt when I ran my damn mouth about you, since I don’t know you. Then maybe you shouldn’t be running your mouth about others that you don’t know either, unless your neighbors with Ms. Britney Spears.

  18. Loving Mother says

    So high and Mighty My A$$..

    Did i say at 2 they were going to rebelle?? Your a damn NUTT. If you read that correctly it stated a child will rebelle for instance ealier comments stating she won’t take them to the part. So maybe you should shut the HELL up. I spend all the time in the world with my son when i am not working to make a living. So maybe you should get a CLUE. And i take my kid to the park, zoo, beach, everywhere a child should be. So maybe you shouldn’t run your damn mouth abt people you don’t know.

    And many years to work on being a parent your a BIG joke now.. You don’t have a child to NOT become a mother right away you can’t just screw around until You want t be a parent what kind of life are you living. Tell me you DON’T have kids?? And Yeah i do carry my son in his carseat all the time and yeah its hard. What does that have to do with Anything? What mother doesn’t. Your an Idiot get a life and stop trying to fight people about there own opions. Alright. xoxo

  19. dori says

    That was a crazy movie. Some ways offensive but funny none the less. How did you like the nude fight scenen in the hotel. EWWWWW

  20. dori says

    why do you argue with a 12 year old? Can’t you tell by the use of swears and limited language skills that you are dealing with children in here?

  21. oriana says

    #90, Denise, absolutely, Don’t they have lockers in those dance studios? Don’t they have mirrors? She knows exactly what she is doing and I for one don’t want to listen to her crying the blues, smacking her chewing gum as she is blubbering, enough is enough!

    Stay home with your children, enjoy some Mommy time with them, Sean Preston is adorable, looks just like Kevin, she threw a sceaming tirade because Kevin wouldn’t open the door and let her have the kids, now, she is Dancing and flaunting herself daily, so stay home with the children you cried and screamed about so much! Her own father is concerned about her still, to me just more proof she is far from being okay, she needs to seek treatment and stop being in denial.

  22. oriana says

    Wardeh, you are just plain pitiful! You need to buy a dictionary and then a bar of soap to wash your filthy mouth out with! You act like a real lowlife! A BORAT wannabe, you ignorant ass!!!!

  23. sweetie says

    what the fuck is this ass every gonna show her kids face? not that we want to see him. sorry but he is probably ugly like sean just plain boreing to look at.

  24. Xenafan96 says

    Oh Wardeh! LMAO

    You’re funnier than Borat! Of course, since you are such an authority on American girls and what we put into our mouth’s, it is truly an honor to have you post here. I mean, I know it must be sad that no one is putting anything of yours into anything in their bodies, and you still maintain the hope that somehow, somewhere, someone will just fall in love with your charming anecdotes. And on a site devoted to motherhood at that! If I didn’t know better, I would guess you are some withdrawn, immensly sad sort of person just desperate for a bit of attention. Hence the caps lock. I feel just terrible now, since maybe you don’t know any better. Please, feel free to post whatever you want, however you want. The caps lock actually helps me to know that I just need to scroll down from now on. Have a great day dollface!

  25. dori says

    cheap american girls??? what the hell kind of comment is that? If you don’t like americans get the hell off of our cheap american websites and go blog somewhere in your own country.
    Did it ever occur to you guys that she’s out practicing and preparing to go on tour with her new album????
    Have you got anything better to do than sit around on your fat asses at this website passing judgements on photographs under the presumption that actually know anything about these people. You’re pitiful .

  26. dori says

    You know you guys are impossible to please when Briy was in trouble you criticized her, when she went to rehab you criticised her, when she gets well you criticize her you ask where are the babies? When she appears with the babies you criticise her What the hell is wrong with you gals? Get a god damn life if you can’t find the good ina person you sincerely need help. And it seems when it comes to Brit you can’t anything good to say no matter what she does It;s you thats messed up not her. Hows that for a reality check?

  27. Emma says

    Why do people use this site if all they want to do is slag people off ( i dont mean celebs, the people that comment). Im sure there is an anger management course somewhere for those people. Lighten up . Looking over some peoples comments i find it hard to believe why people just want to came on here and upset people. I thought this was a friendly site chatting about baby stuff. Maybe not????

  28. Delilah says

    what is she thinking? she should be more responsibe! she almost dropped one of her babies!!! whats up with that. by the way britney instead of dressing like a HOOKER dress stylish but more mommy like!! and get a pair of socks from target if u dont wanna spend money on it they are like 99 cents

    They should take her kids away from.

  29. duh says

    The man BEHIND Britney is holding the car seat people! Look CLOSELY at the photo!!! Her arm is flat against her body, you can clearly see it…There is someone directly behind her…again, look carefully. She is probably all hot and sweaty from working out so hard! I wouldn’t want to be holding my kids after working out that hard…

  30. WARDEH>>>#94 says


  31. :) says

    FUNNY how SOME people CAN redicule OTHERS for BEING on THE pc BUT they ARE doing THE same THING. Must NOT have MUCH of A life EITHER if THEY can SIT and MAKE comments OVER stupid BRITNEY Spears AND her STUPID boots. JUST goes TO show THAT that PERSON has AN empty HEAD to EVEN read OR make COMMENTS. What? GOT nothing BETTER to DO with YOUR time? WHAT a HYPROCITE!! If THAT’S the WAY you FEEL about THIS why EVEN read IT. Go PLAY in THE street OR do SOMETHING good! OR just SHUT UP!!

  32. fifi trooper says

    Who gives a damn, about her carrying the car seat!! I swear, If she didn’t have her baby, then it would be another thing with you jackasses!! At least she has her son, and I must say that he is adorable! He, looks like he’s been taking care of! So, Miserable B%#$#es find someone else to take your frustration out on!!!

    P.S. those boots have to go!!



  34. Denise says

    And don’t they have locker rooms for changing clothes in those dance studios? Why does she have to come out looking like that? Seems one of those people following her around all day could have a change of clothes she could slip into that look decent. Oh….that’s right….she doesn’t want to look decent. My bad!

  35. Xenafan96 says

    Go Oriana! Britney parades around looking ridiculous most of the time and then whines that people are always wanting her picture. I can guarantee, if the world stopped caring and her picture was worth nothing, she would complain that no one loves her anymore. It just ain’t fair y’all!! What’s Brit to do?? OH YEAH-be a mom to the two little babies you brought into this world!

  36. N says

    My son weighed around 18 pounds at 8 months….he didnt hit the 20 pound mark until his 1st bday. We dont know how much her child weighs. So if she has him in a car seat assume he should be. With all her money she can get a booster seat when needed.

  37. oriana says

    #83, Yes, she does look like any cheap American girl seeking attention and walking the streets. So why is that? She isn’t any cheap American girl, she has millions! So that is your answer right there to your own statement. Why does feel the need to seek attention dressed like that, after she has complained about too much paps around?

  38. Xenafan96 says

    Wardeh-Your post was meant to be inflammatory, but sorry, it wasn’t. I got a lovely giggle out of it. People who wail about kids going hungry every where yet post to a board stating that obvious common knowledge should step back and ask themselves ‘What am I doing to help those kids?” Pretty obvious that you are not from the US based on your cheap American girl theory, so please, focus on what YOU can do to make a change where you are. And-take off the caps lock. No one takes anyone seriously when they don’t even know to type without the caps lock on.

  39. WARDEH says


  40. oriana says

    Kevin has the boys and she is only allowed to have them 3 days a week. I would think those three days she would be with them 24/7, not flashing herself at a dance studio, knowing the photos are waiting for her, so she obviously wants her picture taken in her prostitute looking outfits!

    Those hats need to go, I think Sean is so sweet and very pretty baby! She is pitiful to me and she is nowhere near being “cured” of any problems she had, she should go back into Rehab and stay there for a long time.

    I do think we will see pictures (sold for a huge amount) of the little one when she does release her new album, which will prob flop! Now that they are divorced, Kevin won’t be entitled to any of the money from the sale of the pictures either, she may have planned it this way!

  41. So High & Mighty says

    Loving Mother get a clue, like 2 kids under the age of 2 are going to rebel. I think she has PLENTY of years to work on being a parent. Maybe you should spend more time with your kid since he will rebel when he gets older, because you cling onto him and won’t let him have a mind of his own. Please also tell me you never carried your kid in his carseat? Really? I mean come on if they are going to the car, one would think you would be happy one kid is already buckled up, since she pulled that stunt before.

  42. Loving Mother says

    If there is a baby in that carseat that Plain SAD. Overall tho i think she is not only a horrible MOM but a bad person. Yeah when i am walking my 11 month old son i do occasionally hand him off. Its hard to lug around a 26lb kid. But i also have my son 24/7 when i am not working to support him. Tho I do believe she might be trying. Its definetly not hard enough. Shes out and about all the time and never with her children and tho she might be trying to hide them.. I dought the three days she does have them she NEVER leaves her house? That there is one bad joke.

    I just think she needs to change her clothes, class up a little and head to chuckie chees for christ sake. So she might have a playset and all the toys in the world a child can’t be shelter always or there going to rebelle

  43. Denise says

    Some of you people like her and that’s ok with me. IMO she’s a scank looser and a horrible mother who should have never had kids. She uses people for publicity (her kids) and she’s not coming back as big as she was. Sorry folkes but it’s true and you need to get over it.

  44. Xenafan96 says

    Just coming out of rehab, and having such limited time with her children-due to her behavior-I think she could take a day without ‘dancing’ and focus every minute, every hour on those two little innocent boys. My heart just breaks for Sean, he was ALWAYS in him mommy’s arms and now he has been passed off to a ‘handler’. Never in a million years would I have guessed I would say this but-sigh-here goes:
    I’m glad the boys have a Dad who is taking care and appears to be doing great with both. The first time I thought, This chick has no business with kids’ was when she went to fall and her BODYGUARD had to catch Sean. Britney had a cup in her hand that she held onto for dear life, but she certainly seemed far from worried about her KID hitting concrete. I know Starbucks can be a pretty penny but as a Mom, that drink would went flying to grab my baby. After that, I see her using those babies are photo ops and nothing more. I feel such enormous pity for two innocent little boys Kevin has been ‘rumored’ to be back with Shar Jackson, and if it is true, that is awesome, she seems very well put together and capable of boundless love for any child.

  45. WARDEH says


  46. Jaz says

    I agree about the boots…. so she’s got a favorite pair. So what? I have a favorite coat and only three pairs of shoes at one time – tops. Let the girl love her boots even if they’re ugly.

  47. kelsie says

    OMG!!!!Would you people forget about the effin boots!!!!!I swear if you went to a regular high school, everyday for a week, you would see those girls wear the same shoes,jackets,earing,and so on everyday, Y does Britney half to be any different?????????B/c shes famous?GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!

  48. name not important says

    PEOPLE GET A LIFE do something else except critize others. Maybe she was carrying him before and then her friend wanted to carry him and then the paparazzi took the picture to make it seem like she doesn’t hold her kids I mean all of you have some sort of problem you have absolutey nothing nice to say. By the way she could be worried about her health not just the way her body looks. You people need to think on different levels and think of the possobilities I’m sure she was carrying him before I mean do all of you always carry your child a friend or relative never carried them at all before. I mean I would always wanted to carry my little cousin around does that mean my aunt would be a bad mother for letting me carry her like come on people. USE YOUR FREAKIN BRAIN!!!

  49. sally says

    I am beginning to wonder if her ‘rehab’ included some lipo? There is NO way she got in shape so quickly…healthy diet? All we see is her eating fries. Maybe the papparazzi should just leave this girl alone..she can’t go anywhere or do anything.. She is trash and the papparazzi are the people making her so popular…I admit I enjoy a good photo or two (why else am i on this site?) but if I never saw her (or those fug boots) again I wouldn’t really care.

  50. says

    the warning labels. Once a child hits 26 inches OR 20 lbs. they cannot be in an infant carrier anymore. At 7 1/2 months old, I would assume that Jayden would have outgrown that carrier. You can always tell which parents do not bother reading the warning labels when you see them carting around a 10-12 month old in one!

  51. Jaz says

    Little Sean is looking so very adorable these days… alot like his Daddy.

    (Passes commenting on Britney.)

  52. Tess says

    We haven’t seen Jayden becasue of a clause in the divorce proceedings regarding the release and publication of photos. It was worded to pertain specifically to JJ, not SP! SP is CUTE!!!!!

  53. says

    by the way if you found the skimpy dance clothes offensive you obvoiusly missed the red drapping on one of the female dancers on dancing with the stars….I saw the ad..and I was like what the heck was that and is it going to fall off..we were treated to half a naked by dance standard britney is wayyyyyyyyyyyy covered up

  54. says

    I have no idea what britney does other than that there are Paps , about 7 to 10 following her every single time..its on TMZ..
    I think some of the comments are hilarious

    I for one gave britney a break because I really dont have the heart to judge any mother too harshly…I leave that to the seasoned mothers who know what to look for

    I am under the impression that she had a tough last few years and didnt quite handle it well…as long as she is keeping herself busy and off of the drugs, then it better than being idle and starting the drugs again

    Hoochie mama is a Bayou girl, …. they are down to earth down there…so who cares if she wears the same clothes day in day out……mosst people do…the fact that you have money doesnt mena you have to squander it …she is the only working person in her family ..she gotta feed that ex-leech and now 2 boys…

    Who know maybe mama spears has her on a budget ahahha…..

    Glad she got rid of the leech, glad she is no longer roaming around with that Paris hooch and glad she left madonna with her siniter kabbalah ways…

    Britney always comes throug somehow..dont know how she messes up so much and bounces back,…but I bet the new release will be full of very very provocative steamy sex …so close your eyes people..she will generate so much controversy..the album will sell for no other reason that …of course accompanied with the first ever pic of JJ…

  55. Sandra says

    So I am still asleep that was suppose to be “interpreted” not interrupted, because that is how my sleep was last night. LOL

  56. Sandra says

    My bad Dmitz, I guess I read your article incorrectly and interrupted that she should be taking her kids to the park etc. as I was explaining why she probably doesn’t take her kids to the park because of the camera stalkers.

    If she is out every single day then where are the pictures? If she was out every single day gallivanting around we would see pictures. Then again I don’t live with her so I don’t really know what she is doing. Take into consideration if the kids are staying with K-Fed since her rehab thing, then how come we don’t see pictures of them him as we see him in the public just as much as we see Brit. Maybe because they are realizing how important it is to protect them from the public eye or for the custody dispute? I don’t really know. I can’t explain all, but I cannot come to jumping conclusions that she is a horrible mom based off of gossip that the tabloids create. I can only go by the facts that we don’t see her in public nearly as often as we did pre-rehab, as they had plenty of pictures then, not so much now. I am not a huge fan, I just can’t trash people that I don’t know, I wouldn’t want people doing that to me so I treat others as I would want to be treated.

  57. oriana says

    I am inclined to agree with Dmitz, when does she EVER stay at home? Seems like she is out every single day! Having a big back yard with playground equip would be great but I think Brittany needs to spend more time at home, as rich as she is, I am sure she could afford a dance instructor or anything else she would want to do or need.

  58. DMITZ says

    Plus if Britney cared so much about pics being taken, she should have thought about that before flashing her who-ha to the world! Britney loves the attention.

  59. DMITZ says

    Sandra – I never said anywhere that she needed to put a show on for the public or paparrazi or anyone else for that matter. I don’t take my children to the park all the time but I don’t waste my free time bull$h!##!ng around either. If Britney gave half a damn about her children there wouldn’t be all these pics of her only or her and her cousin having lunch/going shopping. I’m not sure why you can’t see that as easily as other celebs are photogged w/their children it would be easy to catch Britney w/her own. Just b/c you are a Britney fan, doesn’t mean that you should misinterpret what I’m saying.

  60. Sandra says

    Dmitz- Why does she need to prove to the public that she plays with her kids? Just because you don’t see pictures of her with her kids at the park does not mean she doesn’t play with them at home. Perhaps she has her own playground equipment at home. I don’t take my son to the park, why because I have a big back yard with play equipment. I wouldn’t want to take my kids out in public the way she is so closely watched with a magnifying glass. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her kids any less. Besides staying home with them and bonding with them more one on one in my eyes is more important than any park with 50 camera stalkers following you. That is something that is VERY frightful to little children.

  61. amy says

    N- can’t believe i am saying this…but i actually agree with your comment #47!!

    those wigs are just plain silly looking on her..i actually think she would look ‘fresh’ with her hair short whilst it grows longer..

  62. N says

    I wish she would take off the wigs too…. I think she should get a short hairstyle and just wear that until her hair grows out enough to get her extensions back…..

  63. N says

    Her attire looks like Dance class attire…..most dancers would be wearing the exact same thing in a dance studio. Her stockings look battered she needs a new pair! All of the celebs have been wearing fishnets…..if you follow fashion mags….they are making a comeback.

  64. oriana says

    Okay, now I see in the new picture, she is smiling and her dress is pretty, I wish she would take those hats off and not be ashamed of her bald head, I thought she looked good!

  65. DMITZ says

    Pathetic (Britney).
    I don’t know how people can say that it’s just a few pics and we can’t see her all the time so how can we judge her based on that, but c’mon. We see other celebs w/their kids. Pre-rehab, Britney was all about going out every night. During rehab, Britney was said to have been difficult and was also said to have met someone in rehab, and post rehab she is working on her comeback. I don’t understand how people can defend this girl. I must be a really corny, mushy, clingy mom b/c I don’t for the life of me understand how anyone would not want to value more time w/their children. I know Britney has to work, but on the days she has visitation, she should be at the park or somewhere else more beneficial to her children. One day Britney, when your kids are older and can look at what you are doing, you will regret it!! (well maybe. Knowing her, she won’t). I can’t understand how someone couldn’t be in love w/their children. I don’t think she loves them the way a mother should love their children.

  66. N says

    There are alot of pictures from this day…. There are a couple of her holding him and looking happy. The yellow thing over Jayden is a shirt

  67. Carole Danielle says

    Yes this picture was added a while ago,
    but it is the first picture of her with her child, since her
    re-hab. I’m not kidding.

  68. Caridee says

    god she is sooo annyoing. she really gets on me. Britney is really a few cans short of a sixpack, nevertheless ppl keep adoring her and telling how great she ist. She just sucks

  69. Carole Danielle says

    Maybe, it’s true this is only a picture and a moment
    in the day, but since her rehab we never see a picture
    of Britney with the kids, in a park, or in the stroller,
    so I still think that she is not really mommy oriented.

  70. Bethany says

    I looked on TMZ at the “Jayden hand” that is supposedly circled… me it looks like another fold in the blanket that’s stuffed into the carrier. Jayden’s hand would be bigger than that at 7 months, and if he were in the carrier, why would there be a huge yellow blanket or sweatshirt stuffed on top of him like there is. I don’t think anything is in that carrier.

  71. Stephanie says

    I bet Jayden James has severe fetal alcohol syndrome and that’s why she hasn’t show his face yet.

  72. Sandra says

    Eyes and I bet you look so hot coming out of a dance studio too. Now y’all have pictures of Sean P and she is with her babies! OMG Sean is adorable btw. She is lookin good! Can’t wait to hear her new album!

  73. eyesofpearls says

    I’m sorry, but do I see holes in her tights? And who wears fish-nets these days? Sorry for sounding harsh, but Britney looks like a poorly paid hooker from a derelict saloon .Period!!

  74. Miapocca says

    I believe she is coming from a dance studio otherwise she will be in one of her mini dresses…dancers wear skimpy clothes..even on dancing with the stars some are barely covered..its what sells…she made a 100million with provacative poses…so maybe she thinks it might work again!!

  75. Miapocca says

    Try carrying a baby when you just had a workout..sweating and smelling with tired muscles..ahahhah

    She is getting better, least in from..hope there are no relaspses in the future

  76. Just me says

    That is a baby in the car seat. On TMZ, they have a little hand circled. My son is 8 mos. and my arm would be breaking if I carried him around in that kind of car seat!

  77. oriana says

    What smile on her face? I don’t see it!

    The baby is so cute to me, one of the cutest in Hollywood but she looks trashy as a come, she looks like a Hooker!

  78. Zbella says

    Karrie – Brit had those holes the LAST time she was snapped outside the studio. I noticed them right away. There are probably some new ones though. It’s the fact that she is wearing undergarments outside with boots and a cowboy hat that has people commenting – together with the fishnets, she looks like a hooker. It’s true.

  79. Lurker says

    And judging by the smile on her face, Britney, who has also been spotted playing tennis, knows just how good she looks. “She’s back to her fighting weight, she’s working out and enjoying life,” said a friend.


    I must have really missed something here, because, IMO, she doesn’t really “look good”, and she CERTAINLY doesn’t look pleased!
    I looked though at the link provided, and though there is actually a picture of HER holding Sean, she STILL doesn’t look happy to me.

  80. Denise says

    Oh and if that baby is in the carrier they must have a bag over him cause it looks like a shopping bag.

  81. Karrie says

    Ummmmmmm……yeah. You people are way to critical of someone you do not know. She just got done dancing. Maybe she got the hole in your stocking while she as dancing. Idiots…………take a look at you own sorry life before you rip somebody else’s apart whom you DO NOT EVEN KNOW.

  82. Denise says

    Her body is store bought and what’s with the holes in her stocking? With all that money you’d think she’d dress better. She looks like she can’t stand to be around her kids and of course the nanny or whoever is holding them. I think she thinks she’s too good to be a mother. INO not too good, too bad to be one. I agree, some people shouldn’t become mothers. She used the first one for publicity but that got old to her. Now she had to find something else. Scank, no talent looser!!!!

  83. Zbella says

    Well, at least one of her children is with her for a few hours a week, even if cousin Allie is doing the caring part.

    Yes, I let my sister hold one of my babies, while I hold the other TWO – and I’m with them 24/7 – which is not the case with Britney – but nice try Lauralin.

    I am beginning to wonder if the Downs or cleft-lip rumors are true. If so, I feel for little Jayden. His mom has no idea how to love a special needs baby.

    And HOW can they call those PANTS? LMAO!!!!!

  84. Lauralin says

    Wow — we sure like to judge someone based on 2 pictures and 2 seconds out of their day). There are other pictures of her carrying Sean Preston. I’m an extremely loving Aunt and never let my sister carry the kids b/c I always want them with me — hopefully people don’t accuse her of not loving her children because of it. She may be exhausted or all sweaty and the people are just helping her get to the car, having help while you take care of your children is not a bad thing.

  85. N says

    At 7 months he can still be in a carseat….. There were pictures of Jayden at this same dance studio before she went to rehab. It was a grainy picture but you could see him and he looked fine. By fine I mean no obvious deformities or ugly birthmarks. I think she looks great. The boots have to be extremely comfortable….. she does need a new pair of stockings though.

  86. Ruby Jackson says

    Her arms are EMPTY, just like her brain and her heart.

    Britney- why aren’t you carrying your own child? He’s not a sack of groceries!

  87. Eliza says

    If she is trying to be the new Pam Anderson, she failed terribly on many accounts. And if Jayden is in that carseat…there is something terribly wrong since the child should be WAY too big and heavy at 7 months to be in such a small carseat. Shes just plain trashy. And whats up with the boots? Is that the new sexy…hmmmm….I think not.

  88. amy says

    you know, no matter how messed up britney got/is, she is still the only mummy those little boys have and she really should get her priorites straight…

    i think watching her ‘with’ her children is similar to watching a car crash happen…such a shame

  89. Karri says

    JUST A THOUGHT??? I wonder if she has washed any of these outfits that she wears every day. The short booty shorts??? The torn netting????? And we know them boots have to be smelling mighty funky by now!!!

  90. Twy says

    Is she incapable of carrying her OWN children!!
    What is her problem? Working on her “so called” career right now is the least of her worries. She needs to start focusing on her children!! I am SO SO SO SO SO over her!

  91. Karri says

    Some women should not be aloud to have children!!!! I was beginning to think the children were put back on the shelf when she realized there was more to being a mother than just dressing them up in cute little outfits!!! Let’s pray she now uses protection and doesn’t do this to any more children!!!!!

  92. peige says

    There is something definately going on as to why we havent seen little jayden, we have seen sean preston numerous times from when he was born so it cant be that britney wants to protect her kids privacy. Maybe the rumours of him having a disability are true but then if this is the case why be ashamed and keep it a secret. Or could it be that britney plans to have a sceduled photo shoot with a celebrity magazine for his debut when the time comes that she could use extra publicity e.g. when she releases her comeback single!!!!!!!!!

  93. Carole Danielle says

    peige, so true,
    She can’t even carry her own son or the car seat,
    she needs all of her entourage to get her through the
    day, poor girl.

  94. Megan says

    Why do her socks have holes, she can afford new ones. She is a mother and should stop dressing like that. Does she think Jayden whatever is Suri that we would demand to see him? Though I wouldn’t mind seeing him, bet he looks like Sean P.

  95. peige says

    You can see the man in the first picture carrying the carseat (with the grey/brown trousers) then the second picture you can see his leg

  96. peige says

    If you look carefully britney isnt even carrying the car seat its someone behind her (look at the grey trouser leg). Therefore she isnt even carrying something so theres no excuse why she cant carry poor little sean preston!!!!

  97. DMITZ says

    Better yet, let my rephrase my question. If you only had 3 days out of 7 per week to spend w/your children, would you rather carry the carseat or your child?

  98. Bethany says

    Oh, I must have missed the smile on her face….She doesn’t look too thrilled to me! Yes, her body is looking like it’s in better shape. But she looks totally uninvolved with her kids (he/they are being carried by everyone else, she is looking down/not interacting with them, she looks pisses….). Oh well. Poor kids is all I can say.

  99. DMITZ says

    Britney – work harder at being a good mother instead of worrying so much about how you look. Hey, all you other babyrazzi commentors out there… what would you rather carry? The carseat or your own child?

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