Busy Britney!

Britney Spears

Britney had a very busy Wednesday!
Accompanied by a bodyguard and her cousin Allie, Britney looked cute in a festive minidress as she headed over to Millennium Dance Studios for another dance class.

Britney also squeezed in shopping at Scrapbook and recording at studio 59.

And OBVIOUSLY she tanned at Beverly Glen tanning salon in Beverly Hills!

That’s a busy…but also very fun day!

I have to wonder…does Britney really tan in a tanning booth that much? I think she must be using the spray-on method, because that much tanning would be sooo bad for her skin! Admittedly, I have enjoyed tanning at the tanning salon before proms and vacations, but always feared the damage that I could be doing to my skin.



  1. JJ says

    what the hell is she wearing?? For someone that has oodles of money she looks drab and awful. That frock looks like something a grandma would wear…and those boots must smell like cheese if she’s wearing them with bare feet.

  2. Libraesque says

    So Sophie, I take it your post is full of crap since you haven’t answered me
    that’s just really SICK to make something like that up about her child

  3. myrna says

    no one knows what goes ON in her private life…NO ONE…just what the paparazzi wants for the public to see..and is always negative….!!

  4. kelly says

    yeah, i agree. when will she have her kid’s back? i think she is enjoying her freedom. she still look’s awful. and i think it is to soon to tell whether she will go back to the drug’s and alcohol. the kid’s are better off with a stable invoirment and with one of the better parent’s. when is the last time anyone saw or heard that she has visited her son’s. she is staying away from them to long, it will be harder for them to go back and stay with her. she hardly saw her yougest son. they were both being raised by 4 nannie’s while she was hitting the town. i hate to say this. but, kevin got right in there and got his boy’s out of that inviorment. she is a sleaze and a loser. she will lose alot of her fan’s. and i sure would not want my daughter’s to idolize her…

  5. Irene says

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that Britney shows up on babyrazzi all the time with no babies at all? She’s a train wreck.

  6. Julie says

    I’m thinking that it’s time to ditch the wig. Enough time has gone by that her hair must be coming back in, and she should wear it really short.

  7. crayola says

    Sick BITCH!!!!!!!! she needs to tie those nasty ass bags she so calls tits. How the hell is anyone gonna let her out of the house wearing that shit. And not wearing a bra for those saggy ass tits. And those boots are’nt doing justice for her stinky ass, i bet if you stan a foot away from the bitch they stink like shit.

  8. Sandra says

    I am not a negative person unlike just about everyone else on here. Has anyone thought that we actually don’t see much pictures of her as we did in her meltdown days? Just because we don’t see pictures of her with her kids doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend time with them. In fact we barely see a picture a week/ week and a half of her. And now when we do see pictures of her, she is always going to the dance studio. Why probably because her album is soon to come out and she is getting ready to go on tour to make money to care for her boys. And just because you may think she didn’t breastfeed, because in reality you truly don’t know, doesn’t make her selfish at all. She had depression in that time where your mind doesn’t always think clearly doesn’t make you selfish. Also doesn’t make her selfish for checking into rehab and getting help to better raise her children! If you guys truly hate her, then why not bypass her picture and comment section and go hate on something else that isn’t going perfectly in your small minded worlds.

  9. Libraesque says

    hey it’s o.k. girl, I’m pmsing so sorry I snapped.

    Anyhoo SOFIE where do you get your information, inside scoop? I haven’t read or heard that ever, not even in the raggiest of rags

  10. dori says

    I’m really sorry to hear that. It sure. can explain her meltdown.I believe that she will rally back ….She is trying to pull herself together . Just because she’s not out on photo ops with the kids doesn’t mean she’s not spending time with her boys.
    She’s showing an independent single, Brit because she’s about to release an album and go on tour. There is a bigger picture here other than her day to day activities. She’s dancing and getting in shape because she’s preparing to tour.

  11. sofie says

    there are no pictures of brit’s new baby because he has special needs. i read that her baby was born with a cleft of the soft palate and also there are some down syndrome features. apparently the divorce plus baby’s needs caused or instigated her meltdown ppd. some moms can’t handle it. she is one of those moms. other moms with special needs kids are AMAZING. and i agree this site is about babies not there narcissistic moms.

  12. AM says

    I think it’s ironic that this photo of Britney appears right next to a photo of Julia Roberts. Because Brit’s outfit reminds me of a poor version of the hooker outfit Julia wore in the beginning of “Pretty Woman” before she had a makeover. Wig, hat, glasses, mini, boots… Too bad Brit can’t hold a candle to our happy hollywood hooker…

  13. Jaz says

    Selfish? I think you mean “envious”. Selfish really doesn’t apply here.

    I think Brit will make an amazing comeback and continue to be a superstar. It’s just very sad that it *seems to be* at the expense of her being a good mother.

  14. says

    cant you stop talking shit about britney?????
    she is amazing still…..
    she is coming back……
    give her some time, your are selfish

  15. says

    what i meant to say is that I’m tired of Britney spears looking like that! yeas, I know that I can turn off my tv, or computer, but in the end she will still dress like that!! I love her music, I think that she has mad appeal, but I want to be her stylist!! PLEASE CALL FIFI….. FOR HELP!!!

  16. kim says

    celebrities can’t win either way- if they show their baby, people say it’s for attention, if they don’t they’re not spending enough time with their kids. If Britney was out with her boys almost all of you on here would find something else to insult her about. None of us really know how much time she spends with the kiddos and maybe she chooses not to disclose that.

  17. Libraesque says

    I just find it SO SO strange that there hasn’t been one single picture of her “new” baby…..has there?
    maybe no one cares ???????

  18. Janie says

    #17 Princess – are you okay? Britney does not look amazing. She looks terrible – the worst she has ever looked!!!

  19. L.S. says

    I have never seen a picture of her new baby…..and she is never with her children. I also HATE her blue contacts…..they are as fake as she is!

  20. kim says

    I don’t think Kevin is allowing her to see her kids until she has proven that she has straightened out. Wasn’t that the agreement? Until then, I think he still has full custody-that’s why the kids aren’t with her. 2mths would not be proof for me-it would take a lot longer. As for the boots, who cares? She likes them! I do have to admit that dress is ugly though. It looks like a sheet.

  21. Libraesque says

    dori, why are you SUCH a bitch?/???
    how is it an untrue rumor when I posted EXACTLY what you cut and pasted, minus the “he must return” part

    jesus christ, go take your ridiculous, childish anger out on someone else you cow

  22. dori says

    With that aside … why are there postings of Brit here anyway? This is suppose to be a baby site and none of these articles include her babies.

  23. dori says

    what are you talking about Libraesque here’s the article:
    Don’t spread your untrue rumors here ok?
    NASSAU, Bahamas — Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead can leave the Bahamas and head back to the United States with their daughter Dannielynn, a judge ruled Wednesday, according to TMZ.

    Birkhead, however, must return with 7-month-old Dannielynn for the full custody hearing in June, TMZ reported.

  24. Lauren says

    Britney, give it up already! She looks like she’s trying to recapture her youth with her wardrobe choices. Britney needs to spend less time tanning and shopping and more time re-connecting with her sons.

  25. Libraesque says

    why the HELL is this site posting crap about Britney when it was announced yesterday that Larry Birkhead was awarded custody and is now allowed to take dannilynn home with him????

  26. Alexis says

    The only reason her body looks good after two kids is because she was too selfish to breastfeed her second son after giving up on her first; she’s had lipo and god knows what else to ‘fix’ her body; and she doesn’t even spend time with her kids because she’s too busy focusing on herself! My body looks the same as hers after 2 kids and I breastfeed and didn’t work out or have cosmetic surgery to ‘fix’ it!

  27. princess says

    SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. celine says

    keeping kids out of sight must be her comeback strategy. she wants to be the good old, whorish but innocent child who is the idol of teens and the object of desire of some young men i guess.

    the nightie isn’t working even for that though! and the boots must have to do something with brit’s supersticious beliefs for the “light”…

  29. Zbella says

    The boots are the least of her problems. CHOO-CHOO, here comes the train wreck!!! Too funny, if you can get over how sad she is.

    Her ‘dresses’ are not terrible, if they were worn as shirts. What is wrong with her?

    That look of wig/hat/sunglasses – all she’s missing is the nose. 🙂

    I second the motion – show us some pictures of her with her kids or keep her off this site.

  30. essie says

    And why are her straps ALWAYS falling off her shoulder? Can’t she find clothes that actually FIT??

    Amy, an old hooker is exactly what she looks like. God, that dress is ugly!!! And that hat???

  31. Twy says

    Isn’t she a MOM? When the heck does she spend time with her kids? Isn’t this a baby site ABOUT mom’s and their kids? If she isn’t with her kids, I DO NOT want to see her.

  32. Loving Mother says

    The dress in rediculous, her hair is nasty and she’s a train wreck thats for sure. Why do they keep taking pics of celebs that are going NO where? She pushed herself down and will never rise above.. Hopefully she’s getting in that car to drive home to her boys.

    You know the funny part is they discribed her day but nothing in it is about her boys. What a life make children and don’t take care of them…
    I am going to laugh when they call someone else Mommy hahahaha

  33. essie says

    Britney, Britney . . . surely there must be something that child can wear that doesn’t make her look like trailer trash!!! Looks like she stole that dress from a 5 year old!! And those boots!! Good Lord!! Where in the world does anybody get the word “cute” to describe this disaster???

  34. DMITZ says

    What is it w/those boots? Britney, give it up! Seems like she’s trying to bring a fashion statement but it’s not happening. If no one has shaved their head yet, they certainly aren’t going to buy those boots!

  35. Bethany says

    I’m sorry….but how do you say she looks “cute”? She looks like crap! Those boots, that hat, that bag with that outfit…..Please! Did she get rid of her stylist too?

  36. shifting sands says

    I bet the boots stink !!!! I hate the wig-hat-glass-boot combo she can’t get rid of !!!! WE ALL KNOW YOU WENT BALD !!!!!!!!!

  37. Alexis says

    She looks terrible! I don’t understand why she insists on looking like a trainwreck when she’s out and about!

  38. Emily says

    I thing she looks awfull here like she has just got up from bed and I wonder….Does she ever takes
    of these boots????

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