Jennifer Garner Loves Herself More Because Of Her Daughter

Jennifer is one of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People! She deserves it!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner, 35, says that her 16-month-old daughter Violet, has changed the way her and Ben look at themselves. “Ben and I like more things in ourselves that we now see reflected in Violet. To see my dimples in her makes me like my dimples because I share them with her.”

Awww! That is so sweet!



  1. nat says

    jen is just natural beauty and a great mom…other celebrities are “better looking” bc of the pounds and pounds of make up they wear…

  2. says

    i totally agree with #7. even though she doesnt have that classy,sophisticated look, she still has that pretty girl next door look. i like her alot and i think her baby is super cute!!!!!!!! and jen certainly looks alot more down to earth that any other celebrity on here… she’s a great mum who is always with her daughter.i hope her and ben have more kids

  3. says

    Whether jenn is pretty or not really doesnt she is as a mother and what she does for her family is what counts,,,please ladies I have three kids of my own and there are days that make-up and hairdo’s are NOT a priority but all we can do is try our best. Violet is a pretty little girl and all she needs to know is that her mom and dad love her. God bless them

  4. amy says

    i don’t care what she looks like, i just love seeing the pics of her many outtings with her daughter,

    she appears to be a ‘natural’ mother – and also, and this is only my opinion based on the pics i see, she really seems to not just love, but also enjoy and cherish this precious stage in her daughters life…

  5. Andrea says

    I guess having been an “Alias” fan, I would have liked Jenn to have stayed together with Michael Vaughn. I really felt sorry for him when she broke it off with him to be with Ben.

  6. Zbella says

    Jennifer is great looking. I think she is sensual and a natural beauty (girl next door, yes, in that she’s real). I love the way she looks day to day, rather than all dressed up. She is simply in great shape, nice figure, great strong features, dimples, healthy hair – nothing fake about her. And Violet is too cute for WORDS!

    Niahm, good point. When someone says my kids look like me I take it as the greatest compliment because I think my kids are beautiful!

    And for the record, I do not think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, although she’s not ugly either!

  7. Niamh says

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and for the record, I am one that does think Jennifer Garner is pretty. Even if she wasn’t, I love what she said about liking herself more now that she sees herself in Violet.

    That is so true…if people tell a daughter she looks just like her mom, and the mom gripes about being ugly, fat or whatever…your daughter will think that about herself too! Which is so sad…I think it’s great that Jennifer has that attitude because hopefully Violet will have good self-esteem in that area even if she doesn’t grow up to be stunningly beautiful. She is cute and I think her dimples are adorable. 🙂

  8. Tia :) says

    I agree. Sometimes I don’t even want to comment, because i know that someone will be bitching in the next post thats made.

  9. oriana says

    I have just read too much innocent comments that weren’t even mean at all, just comments, and all Hell breaks loose, so it is just a lack of common sense and wrong to me for people to react that way.

  10. oriana says

    I agree with Tia, Jennifer Anniston does have a big nose, wish I had her figure though but she is far from pretty too, attractive, and there is a difference. And yes, someone should be able to make a comment without people jumping down your throat, that isn’t necessary.

  11. Tia :) says

    jennifer aniston? where the hell did that come from? Actually, i really can’t stand her..i never have..she has a big nose! LOL

    but really, why can’t you say anything on this site without someone jumping down your throat?

  12. dori says

    Jennifer is a sweet and simple girl this is almost too much make up for her. She looks pretty but I’d call her a more natural beauty. All the make up is over powering her fresh and clean look.

  13. Eliza says

    I do not think Jennifer is beautiful, but she is attractive..there is a difference. I don’t think Violet is a pretty baby either…but shes cute in a way. And they both have nice smiles.

  14. kim says

    tia- let me guess-you are one of those people that probably thinks jennifer aniston is drop dead gorgeous right?

  15. Think About It says

    Okay, so I am loving all these comments. On any typical pics of Jen out with her daughter people say that she needs to “make herself up a bit” because she doesn’t look that great yet on a picture like this, someone says she is not attractive and it’s a federal offense! If this article had a pic of Jen with her daughter would you still feel the same way?

  16. says

    I think that she’s a good mother, and I’m glad about how she doesn’t prep for the camera….like…. Denise Richardson!!

  17. Lauren says

    Jennifer is gorgeous! She doesn’t care about the glitz and glam of Hollywood. She’s just focuesed on her little adorable family.

  18. says

    She is amazingly beautiful in this picture. Are y’all blind?? I agree girl-nextdoor beautiful not sensual beautiful and she has got to be the best celeb mom ever!! O.K. It’s a tie with her and Gwen Steffani.

  19. Lucia says

    oh I really think Jen is so beautiful and even more so after she had Violet. She is such an inspriration to me and seeing her with her litlte girl makes me want to be a great mom. I love my boys who are 4 yrs old and 16 months old and seeing her playing with Violet…it just reminds me of how precious these early years are…



    ANGELINA JOLIE IS UGLY . . . . . .



  21. Amy says

    Whoa – I’d like to see what these people who say JG is not pretty look like. She is outta control gorgeous. Didn’t you ever watch Alias? Who is pretty if not her? I’m floored.

  22. oriana says

    Wonderful mother, good actress, fabulous body, but is not pretty, she can be attractive and look sexy when she is made up but far from pretty! I do like her and I think Ben is lucky to have her. I didn’t think Jennifer Lopez was pretty either, wide face, wide nose, nope, not pretty at all!

  23. Tinkerbell says

    I am a fan of JG. I think she has become an icon of motherhood in hollywood. She is pretty but choses not to overdo herself on a day to day basis, she choses to portray the real her when out with violet and is not afraid of being caught with a ponytail and no make up. Kudos for teaching your daughter what a real woman looks like. I hope to see more babies in the future from them.

  24. Libraesque says

    violet has become my fav kid to see pictures of, and the look on JG’s face when she’s with her is such a welcome change from all the nasty crazy stuff that goes on in LA. Their home must be full of so much love and joy

  25. whatever says

    just cuz Jen doesn’t look like Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones doesn’t mean she isn’t pretty. I think she has that girl next door charm, which is easier to relate to than incredibly beautiful people.

    ANd Jen is such a hands on mom, kudos to her for that.

  26. Bee says

    Omg, how can you say that Jen isn´t attractive? I think she looks wonderful… and Violet is adorable.

  27. Whitney says

    I agree with #2, Jen is a great mom….but she is in no way pretty. At least to me. She looks kind of funny for some reason. Like Jennifer Aniston, they both have oddly shaped faces. But hey, Ben and Jennifer are great parents so I thats all that matters.

  28. Think About It says

    I think Jennifer is a great mom but personally I don’t think she is attractive at all, even when she dresses nice and “puts on a little make-up”

  29. DMITZ says

    How precious! I wasn’t a fan of Jennifer until Violet came into the picture. Looking at her w/her little one makes me want to be the best mom that I can to my little girl. I think mommyhood has done Jennifer Garner real good.

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