1. amy s says

    The kid is NOT skinny at all as Fifi posted (perhaps you or your kids are obese). Those clothes aren’t too big either (that’s a skirt) but her sandals look too small- note the toes. I don’t like her MULLET though. Grace looks EXACTLY like her dad.

  2. oriana says

    Hi Zbella, her daughter if I am not mistaken, will be four in Oct. of this year, so yes, indeedy, she is way too old and big to be carried, love her little outfit and glasses, she sure dresses her stylish and so cute, I think she looks like her father and he is super handsome to me!

  3. says

    I don’t appreciate her big clothes!! Why? she is skinny as hell, and all she wants to do is hide her body under bag lady gear….by the way the baby is adorable!!!

  4. Zbella says

    Yes, I agree. And oriana, don’t you think she’s kinda BIG to be carried? OK – I’m just messing with you 🙂 Christy seems like a good mom, and I like her pants.

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