Angelina Jolie Files Papers To Change The Last Name Of Her New Son

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie has filed legal papers to change the name of her newly adopted son to Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt.

A legal petition filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court states that Angelina wants to change the 3-year-old boy’s name so that it will include “the last name of her partner,” Brad Pitt, and be the same as that of the couple’s other children.

The petition was first reported by the syndicated television program “The Insider.”

Angelina traveled to Vietnam last month to adopt Pax from a Ho Chi Minh City orphanage. She filed adoption papers as a single parent since she and Brad are not married.

The pair’s other three children are 5-year-old Maddox, who was adopted from Cambodia; 2-year-old Zahara, who was adopted from Ethiopia; and daughter, Shiloh, who was born to the couple last May.



  1. blurb says

    I wonder why Brad & Angelina & Tom & Katie & Jen Aniston don’t contact all of you and ask how to run their lives. You all seem to know them so well and know exactly what they should do and how they should do it!!! Odd that they missed this website – they could all have perfect lives by now!

  2. jennifer says

    Why don’t they give more their own children births.Jolie really love Children? she really take care children? or just by Nanny? Pitt is silly, hopy someday he will wake up.

  3. jennifer says

    Why don’t they give more their own children births.Jolie really love Children? she really take care children? or just by Nanny? Pitt is silly, hopy someday he will wake up.

  4. oriana says

    Being from NC it does not surprise me at all that these children have a mother that is an inspiration to follow and have faith in. There are God fearing people there and with leaps of faith to boot! It is heartbreaking, a parent never thinks they will out live a child for it upsets the natural order of things, but we just have to hold on and think that God has a bigger plan than we can visualize, I can’t, I see on TV kids here in this area going hungry and read about child abuse, and I can’t help but ask, why, WHY? You have been blessed with some courageous people in your life, how lucky are YOU!!!!

    Just got back on, now back to reality!!!! Ha!

    You have a good evening my Dear!

  5. Nicki says

    80. oriana ~Thank you so much for any all prayers for her and her family. Any and all prayers from CA, KY, and Ohio, and me in NC, would be all I could ask, because YES prayers do work. I helped bury an 8 year old cousin, my cousins daughter, and it was the very painful, and just heartbreaking. My cousin, who had 3 others kids, walked around telling people, We feel it’s Ok, she is with GOD, and GOD needed a young angel to help him (this was for her other children to help them get through her death). She also told everyone who was giving thier condolences who were beyond words, she just kept saying, she is with GOD and I’m greatful for that. I’m greatful she is not with some pervert child molester. “I know where she is and GOD needed “her” to help him (she was a loving, happy child) spread her happiness and joy

  6. oriana says

    you have a good evening enjoying your music, my group are developmentally disabled, some are Down Syndrome, some have Sexual and Behavioral problems, borderline M.R., some high functioning, some are moderate, one has CP and she is so sweet. It is hard for the borderline mentally retarded, they want to drive a car, they want to type, and they get easily frustrated when they can’t do these things, I admire you for the ties that have lasted with your kids, and they are like your own flesh and blood.

    I do have a fairly good outlook on life for I have many blessings to be grateful for. Thank you.

    You have a good evening, getting ready to watch later my fave, Boston Legal!!!! Love my Denny Crane! Ha!

  7. Nicki says

    oriana~ I wanted to add to my #76 comment, before time got away from me, sorry.
    I worked with handicapped children, and they were the greatest, the best job I ever had, they were the most honest and “perfect kids” have ever come across. They were years ahesd of themselves in “outside people”, don’t know how else to say it. We use to go to the local mall to do Christmas shopping with the kids….people stared and grabbed thier kids to get the away from the kids, and said ridiculous things to thier kids. I used to love the comments from my kids when they saw thier reastion….”Don’t worry, I’m not contagious”(sorrry sp). Or “I won’t bite you!” etc….. I loved all those kids, and it was the best time of my life…I used to go for a week or two with 3 or 4 of the kids at summer to take care of them on thier camp trips after I left the job. I got paid nothing personally, just whatever it cost the parent to get me in. The 4 years I worked there was the greatest job, I never looked at it as a job. It was the best thing I have ever had the pleasure to do. The whole thing I will never forget, I can tell you each and every child, and teen, names that I cared for. I still after 28 years(I think almost 28yrs) I still have contact with 2 regularly. (But I do check up on the ones who were special to me, some didn’t actually talk, but always mention me in the yearly newsletter they do,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats special to me.)

    OK sorry for going on and on, I was just finishing my interrepted post from earlier. I do understand what you are are talking about with the airlines, now, is probably a bit better, but I do understand because I have heard it from my “kids” who had to travel, and that was in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’m glad you have a great outloook on your life, and you seem happy. Ok I know you don’t like Angelina, etc… but we agree to disagree without getting nasty. I like that.
    Sorry for any and all typos, I am listening to my Ipod…..Stevie Ray Vaughan..and I not good at doing both typing and “rocking out with Stevie Ray.” (alothough he is mostly Blues, but he still rocks.

    Ok Thanks for your answer eariler, (a few days ago) I apprieciate it, and it was what she heard from everyone in the Sheppard Cente, she thought thier friends wouldn’t be like that. Now she knows they were right.Thanks oriana. Take care. Talk to you soon, I hope.

  8. oriana says

    Nicki, I think those true friends were and still are true friends, but they prob feel that they did their part in helping as much as they could and was needed before he came home. Now that he is home, then life moves forward for them, and yes, they could come by for 30 min. once a month, but they don’t realize how he feels, they feel bad for him, they probably think about him quite often, but they just don’t know what to say in a conversation! And they would not know how to go about asking to help bathe him, feed him, or even read to him or pray with him, it is too much of a violation of his privacy and dignity in their minds.

    If she is friends with the wives, have her talk to them and suggest they encourage the husbands to come by from time to time, even if for a mere 15 min. visit. And believe me, it can be a long uncomfortable 15 min. if no one is talking!

    As for your girlfriend, she has to realize she can’t do it all, and she may try for a while, but it won’t last, her health won’t hold up, physical and mental, stamina and depression, so she has to step backwards and accept whatever help is offered and not be afraid to ask family members to give her a breather! The government and ins. help is a joke! They don’t give a shit, that is why she has to really push for that.

    I feel so sorry for her and wish I lived close enough to talk to her, believe me, I am not some psycho and a fool like some on here have made me out to be. Your friend needs a break, please tell her she MUST consider her child also, if she breaks down then it can all come crashing down! I will ask my pastor of my church to hold a prayer vigil for this family. My Aunt is a Missionary and has been for over 40 years, she adopted a little girl 30 years ago from Ethiopia, Carla is now married with children living in Ohio and they are a close loving family.

    Please call your friend and tell her that people are lifting her up in prayer in CA, Ohio, and Ky, and God does hear all prayers.

    I know I am been an ASS many times in my life, but I still believe in the power of prayer and miracles that happen on a daily basis.

  9. Nicki says

    oriana~ so sorry, time got away from me, and plans already made were here before I knew it, (people pulling in the driveway….sorry time to go).

    Your exactly right about making people try to feel comfortable. And she knows this, she is just exhausted, and trying to explain to good friends, she just has so much to do she is tired. And because they were such good friends she figured a visit once or twice, even for 2 minutes from the people who cared for thier dog for the many months they were gone, would have at least stopped over once, even for 2 minutes. Even from the people, (good friends) who packed up thier belongings while they were away. Those friends did everything possible they could do, and she absoultly apprieciates it. But a 2 minute visit would make his day.
    She doesn’t hold it against them, she has said “I thought they were true friends.” But she understands, but it hurts all the same. She just wants something for him, to feel like “normal”……….But YES, she does need some (what I tell her) “daytime help, and drop your daughter off at school, go out to breakfast, then visit people, then go to the afternoon movie and just relax. then go home.” She loves to read (and so does my hubby) so I do send her many books. But I just wish she had 8 hours to herself, even if that included getting her 8 year old ready for school, and gettting her there. still 7 hours for her. But she is the strongest person I have ever known, and I’m just afraid she is wearing herself out. I love this girl, and I wish I could be half the person she is.

  10. oriana says

    Nicki, once I was shopping at Macys, the rows were kind of short, and I was wheeling down one in my chair, my head was even with the rows of clothes, when I came out on the end of the aisle, I startled some man, he jumped and turned red in the face, I could tell he was embarrassed and I laughed, made a joke, told him, it’s a whole new world from this level, and I can see him visibly relaxing, so with your friends’ husband’s acquaintances, he just needs to talk to them, some may be put at ease, some may not be able to handle it either way, it depends on the closeness of their relationship, and some may still be hurting inside and resentment also, because of what has happened to their friend!

    The bottom line, she needs some more help, she has to stay on the phone and make calls to any agencies she can think of and drive them crazy, too much red tape, to many cases, her husband is just a case number, it takes time, and she doesn’t have a lot of it, but just pray, and encourage her to be uplifted in her spirit and continue on, it is a rough road for her to travel, but he is still alive, she has her child and as difficult as it is, she is luckier than a lot out there. I do think she needs some help coming in a few days a week just to give her a break. Even to take a nap! Does he have any family, brothers, cousins, etc?

    And Comment, if you don’t like my posts to Nicki, too damn bad for you! Deal with it, or ignore them, don’t read them!

    Why don’t you and Jill get together and go out for tea or whatever!!!

  11. oriana says

    Nicki, your friend’s husband can handle it better than his friends can. He lives with it on a daily basis and knows his limitations. His friends don’t want to hurt him or his feelings, they feel insecure. If they are just neighbors then it can’t be helped, but if close friends, that he associated with for a long time, ask her to encourage him to just talk to them and explain to them he is aware of their awkwardness and he understands. Maybe if they feel less self conscience about it they will be more at ease and may start coming around more. It is very sad indeed, for everyone.

  12. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m glad you still have one wonderful friend you can count on. My best friend told me that a few people told they were afraid they would say the wrong thing. With him being in a wheelchair and limited movement with his arms, and none with his legs, they also couldn’t imagine what he is feeling. (If someone does say this to him his reply is “Not very much.” and he laughs). A lot of people feel awkward, they don’t think he could or should be joking about anything.

    I used to work with handicapped children many years ago. Most were born that way, but some due to accidents became that way. They had a harder time with it but did adjust. Oh no got to go now. Be back later to finish.

  13. oriana says

    Comment, as for my number of posts to yours, who cares and No, I haven’t kept count, I am sure I outweigh yours for I like the different posts and responses, no problem for me. Plus I am getting senile so wouldn’t be able to keep up anyway! You seem to enjoy insulting me so hope you are getting fulfillment from it. Go for it!!!

    Very happy to say I am not bored with my life, thank you, have enjoyed talking to some very nice people on here, sorry, you are not in that category but you win some, you lose some!

    Comically revolting, now that is how I would describe Joan Rivers!!!!!! Wow!

    When was Katie Holmes/Cruise the butt of hatred for anyone? Must have missed that!

    Are you sure you haven’t been studying Condy Rice on how to speak and give a speech, very impressed my Dear, VERY impressed by your dialogue and expressions! You are definately much wiser than I am, sorry you are so bored with your life. Ever thought of doing some volunteer work?

  14. comment says


    I like to say first that there isn’t a need to apologize for anything. You perceived my statements according to your values and beliefs; this is perfectly normal. I do the same.

    As I said I used the other actresses to make a point, not because I think them worse than Angelina or any one else. It was just a tactic. If you think about your reaction to my comments, you’d realize that my tactic worked. It roused you into reacting, didn’t it? On Katie’s behalf. Well, Oriana roused me, on behalf of all the women who had erred in their younger days, who spoke impulsively in moments of excitement/nervousness/whatever and unwitting put themselves in unflattering light, who are the butt of hatred of other women for not fitting in with these women in some ways.

    You are right in saying it is not our place to judge others. I am with you there through and through. We don’t share their bed, don’t live with them for years therefore we do not know them. We don’t break our backs to provide for them thence should not demand them to fit our values or live by our rules. We should, as you said, leave them to their own devices. Here, here!


    You are comically revolting. I just want to argue and keep something going? And you don’t want to keep something going? Why live? I am bored with my life indeed, as much as you are happy with yours. Wonder why we both end up at the same place? By the way, what is the number of your posts comparing to mine? Surely you, nearing sixty and college educated, could count.

  15. oriana says

    Nicki, my closest friends still come by, we go to lunch and talk on the phone, but there were a lot that didn’t because they said they simply didn’t know what to say. I do for myself around the house, even started driving after 3 months, but need help getting to and from the car. My surgery was above the knee which makes it much more difficult, but I am so very lucky to have one good leg and foot. It was also my left foot so that helped with the driving. It is difficult to fly for I can’t get in the restroom on the plane, so can’t do any long flights, unless I want to wear Pampers! Ha! I also have to use the Aisle chairs the planes provide and they don’t go past row 6. I only had one bad experience on a plane so far, it was on American coming from Nasville to Dallas, the seat they had me in was Row 15, I couldn’t get back there so I asked them could I switch with somone up closer, now there were 7 empty rows of seats in front of me, they said they were Business Class so wasn’t allowed in any of them, no one wanted to switch, so an Agent came onto the plane, told me if I couldn’t get back to Row 15 I would have to leave the plane. I had to hold onto the tops of the seats, swivel on one foot and inch my way back to the 15th row. I would have gotten off but my husband held on to me and helped guide me, plus I had two Down Syndrome girls with me that I had taken home with us for a vacation for them, they don’t have families so I try to take them sometimes with us.

    I wasn’t asking for any upgrade in the seats, just to switch with one where my wheelchair would fit in the aisle between the seats. It was very upsetting to me but I have learned to deal with it and accept it.

    I can only imagine if some elderly person was in that shape and didn’t have anyone to help her! If my hand had slipped off the top of the seats on the plane I would have fallen in the aisle. You would be amazed at the lack of respect for the disabled!

    One other time I was coming from Vegas and SW forgot to put my chair on the plane, so when I got to San Jose, they let me borrow one of their chairs and mine was delivered later that night on the next flight, about four hours later! Very nice to me and I guess they just got busy and forgot to load it, but it was tagged and everything! Good thing I lived close by and wasn’t having a ride that had to wait on me from a nearby town!

    As for your friend, people get on with their lives, and unless very best friends, like yu are to her, they just don’t know how to accept it, deal with and are embarrassed by it. Very sad!

  16. Nicki says

    oriana~yes the insuranance issues are a major headache. She was certified at the Sheppard Center in Atlanta to be a care provider, but they are still witholding payments to her. She has got less than a third of the payments she should get, and she does it all. She says, “He is my husband, I am certified and I know him best, why pay someone else?” And they will get 2X as much as she would, and she is willing to give up 2 or 3 days care for some time, but the insurance is saying it has to be full time.
    Completely insane, when she will do it for basically minium wage, and has been doing it all this time, and she is certified(sp?). But Insurance are being butt heads about the whole thing.

    Personal note: Not one friend stopped over after he got home…………Some called………..but Noone who stopped over once a week, every Tuesday, etc. like they always did??? I know your personnal experience is a bit different, but my question is———–Did you have the same thing with people and “friends” you thought would always be there, and not always “busy” and not able to stop by who always did before?
    No One has been by to see them as friends, they have been home for almost 8 months. I am so sad about that. But she is doing better, thank you for asking oriana.

  17. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear, Thank you! My best wishes also to your friend. Ask her to check into Hospice, and she prob already has, if her husband is on SSI or Disability, surely they can provide some kind of help but it is a headache for those that really need it sometimes.

  18. Nicki says

    oriana~I haven’t seen the one Jill mentioned. I just thought she mixed up the People one (the pink bathing suit) with the beach one (her running in her diaper). The People one with Pax was the only one I saw of her in a pink bathing suit.
    Thanks I’m about to start my weekend and looking forward to it. Maybe talk to you around Monday ot Tuesday. Have a good one yourself!

  19. oriana says

    Nicki, the baby picture was the first picture of her I saw of her smiling, since then, the ones of her on the beach in her diaper, was the others ones, those are the ONLY ones I have seen since she was first adopted. Are there any more anywhere? I would like to see them. I did Google Zahara Jolie Pitt walking and standing, nothing came up? Now Jill said she saw a picture of her in her pink bathing suit running down the beach, I can’t find that anywhere? Have you seen it? Thanks to you! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  20. oriana says

    I happen to think Iman is gorgeous, she is very elegant and graceful to me, and I also think Naomi Campbell is beautiful too, when she isn’t scowling and fierce looking, so No, whatever country doesn’t have anything to do with it, for Heidi is one of the most beautiful of all to me, Giselle, not so much, it isn’t the color, you don’t see to get it, or maybe you do and are I suspect you do, Zahara is not pretty to me, look at her features, when I say she looks like a monkey, it has nothing to do with color, it is what she actually looks like to me.

  21. oriana says

    Jill, of course I don’t have a life outside of this site! And if yu have been monitoring my posts then you must not have one either, Miss Clinc Psych! So webmistress, please don’t ever shut this site down or I will slit my wrists and dive head first into the ocean knowing I can’t swim!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it will be interesting to see her as she gets older, and the most beautiful of women don’t look so good when snotty and sour looking!

    And she does look like a monkey to me also!

  22. Jill says

    Oriana, you seem to be totally wrapped up in this web site and everybody posting in it. Do you have a life on the side, by any chance? Just wondering.

    Anyway, about Zahara — the only pictures you’ve seen of her were taken when some papparazzi shoved a camera up in her face. Have you ever seen any candids? She may be a totally different child when people aren’t bothering her.

    It will be interesting to see Zahara 15 years from now. Ethiopian women and Somali women are some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. They have a grace no other nationality can match.

    And Sasl (if that’s what your name is) who refers to a two-year-old child as an “ugly little bowlegged monkey” — I don’t know what you look like, but if your outside is as ugly as your inside, I’d take one look at you and run screaming into the night.

  23. Sasl says

    Zahara is the ugliest little thing I have seen in a long time. Really, how can Jolie prefer this ugly little bow-legged monkey who always seems to be mad to her own beautiful daughter??? Brad will finally come to his senses and leave this funky situation. He has not adopted her children officially yet. He will get custody of Shiloh and his interests in the other children will vane after a while.

  24. oriana says

    Jill, are you the same one that has been a Clinical Psych for over 20 years? If so, haven’t you worked with all different races of children? Why would you be so ignorant as to try to play the Race Card with me suggesting that the reason I don’t like Zahara is because she is Black? What is wrong with you? Where did you get your education and training from to have that attitude? Is it because you are a Bigot yourself that you would try to start some shit with me like that?

    Once again, are Maddox, Pax, David (Madonna’s son) white with blue eyes? Get your facts straight about my comments before you try to start something with me!

  25. oriana says

    #47, Jackie, this is the post I liked so much.

    Jill, I do agree with everything you said about Jennifer Anniston, all true. And lo and behold, she is WHITE!!!!!!

  26. oriana says

    Jackie, I like what you wrote in an earlier post, very well spoken. I have made no secret that I don’t care for Zahara, there is just something about her demeanor that turns me off, she seems very self centered when it comes to getting her way as Angie admitted, I don’t get why they cater to her so much? Have you yourself not wondered why she is carried so much more than the litte baby? And it has nothing to do with “color” as stupid Jill tried to infer, which I resent but isn’t nothing new, people like her always play the race card.

    I do not think Heidi’s kids are cute at all either, except the newest baby, he is very cute to me, and her little girl has blonde hair, don’t know about the color of her eyes, but I really like and admire Seal, he is a devoted husband and father and to the little girl as well.

    I don’t like Brad Pitt, I liked him in Meet Joe Black but to me he is weak, and thinks too much of himself, he is unkempt and an Atheist, so NO, don’t see a wonderful person there at all.

    I have stated many, many times that I would like to see Shiloh treated in the same loving manner that Zahara is all the time, not any more not any less. And the pictures and Angie’s statments have brought me to the conclusions I have.

    Jackie, I have also said in the past that I like you, and I do, so hope you can see where I am coming from.

  27. Jackie says

    Oriana, I know Zahara is a sour puss but she is just a child and is not conscious that she is a sour puss. Let her be. May be later she will become jollier and happier. Kids are such innocent things and I know Angelina fans can drive one crazy to the point of railing against a child but ease up on her. Please. Just a little.

  28. oriana says

    Jill, I think I have written many times I think Maddox is adorable and Pax is very cute. Do they have blue eyes and blonde hair? Does Madonna’s little boy have blonde hair? And I have said from day ONE he is as cute as any kid I have ever seen. So don’t try to go there with me, please, come up with something better than that!

    Zahara is ugly, she has an ugly personality to boot. No, she never smiles, she not only doesn’t smile, she constantly has a frown on her face, scowling, with a hateful look. My opinion of her is this, when she wakes Shiloh up or even the other boys, screaming in their face every morning, as Angie stated, that tells me she is a spoiled brat! Angie said she had the strongest personality in the family which is obvious Angie lets her get her way.

    I saw her picture when she was first brought over, Angie cooing to her, kissing her, talking to her, and carrying her, she looked like an Alien baby with those big bug eyes and I have never seen a picture that wasn’t posed for, with Angie doing all that with Shiloh.

    Yes, it is obvious they both adore her and both love to carry her around all the time, no I don’t see beauty in her, I do see the boys as two of the cutest ever and will grow to be very handsome young men.

    I feel sorry for people like you who always try to bring “race” and “color” into everything, don’t try to put your words and your thoughts into my point of view.

    I have seen pictures of Zahara on a playground with no cameras close up, still being carried, not smiling, Maddox the only one down walking and playing, I have seen pictures of them in Africa, posed for, no cameras up close that wasn’t allowed, she still wasn’t smiling as she was playing, also in the first pictures of Shiloh sold to the public, Brad was holding her, and it was a very sweet picture, but she still wasn’t smiling, and they were in their home with an authorized photographer there, no flashing or paps in her face, so what is your excuse for that?

    Oh, she is a solemn child, she is a serious child, so what, I have seen other children smiling that were serious children also.

    So NO, she isn’t too black for me, stop your predjud, insults, try to come up with something more tangible!

    My sister has a black grandchild that is twice as dark skin as Z and she has a beautiful face, laughs and smile all the time, Airelle is her name, she will be spending the summer with me next year and I have bought her school clothes, toys, etc. every year since she was born and she is 10, so my Dear, try another tactic!

  29. Jill says

    Oriana, what is “pretty” to you? Blond hair and blue eyes? Is Zahara too black for you, is that why you call her ugly? You claim you never see her smiling. If your little girl was two years old and some papparazzi was sticking a camera in her face every time she ventured outside, she probably wouldn’t be smiling either.

    Jolie and Pitt evidently adore that child. They see a beauty in her that you’re either too willfully blind or too bigoted to see. I feel sorry for you.

  30. Jill says

    There are plenty of families where the woman is in the lead role — at least, at home — and it works out fine because the man consents to this. That doesn’t make him a wimp. Brad has his own interests that don’t necessarily conflict with Angie’s or the family’s. They can compliment each other without competing with each other. God, I am sick and tired of hearing “Poor Brad, Angie took advantage of him, he didn’t know what he was getting into, he should get out quick, take Shiloh and run back to Jen”. Give me a break! Brad is no kid any more; he’s a middle-aged guy who knows where he’s been in life, where he’s going in life and what he wants from life. He wanted a family and Aniston was too selfish to give him one. He had seven year’s of Aniston’s self-centered existence which couldn’t make room for a child of their own and he got sick and tired of it. Who could blame him? Aniston’s life was all about parties and movie premieres and her tired career which was going nowhere. She’s still into that whole fake Hollywood scene and he’s moved on from that. Angelina has fulfilled him in ways Aniston never could. I wish them all the best.

  31. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear, I hope your friend is doing okay and had some much needed rest this week.

    I guess one I the reasons I give Angie more Hell than I do Brad, is because I think she is so much smarter than he is, I have said many times before I think she is the better actor and I also think he will NEVER be as schooled streetwise as she was as even a teenager.

    Likewise, I have also said that Hillary should have kicked Bills ass and poor “little” Monicas too.

    I do think that Brad wanted the All American dream of a wife and kids, whereas if a husband or partner came along with the kids with Angie, then that would have been a prize, she had her lovers and she could take or leave a Male in the picture with her and kids. Nevertheless, I do hope this family makes things work, but to me, Angie is clearly in the Lead role.

  32. Nicki says

    This is a great statement
    “The one thing that irks me more than anything is women being critical of other women while giving the men much leeway. Yes that has always been the way of life and will probably remains so (thank to women). Still it irks me, so I spoke up against my better judgment. ”
    It’s called plain and simple “envy” and it seems like it will never stop, sad, but true.

    Oriana~hey! don’t want to “get into it” with you, but I did want to say “Hi, how are you doing?” Very well, I hope. Take care…

  33. oriana says

    Comment, if I ever said I admired Brad or looked up to Tom Cruise I might apply for a job with them, but since i never have then and have never claimed to be a big fan of either, only of Tom’s films, not of brad any any capacity so don’t know where yu are trying to lead with that statement.

    #50, where did you read where I said Brad only liked Maddox or vice versa? I was referring to Pax, and I did say he doesn’t know him that well yet, please go back and the post correctly. #44, to be exact! Where was Maddox’s name even mentioned?

    COMMENT is just wanting to argue and keep something going, perhaps she is very bored with her life so let her ramble. She has heard the stories, seen the pictures, read the statements Angie has made, she knows the past history and the present lies she has told recently, with someone like her, she doesn’t care if it is the truth or not, you simply can’t use logic and proof with someone like her, ignore her and go to the movie, or the park, something she herself should do.

  34. N says

    I understood the posts by comment. I didnt take it like the comment was saying Katie is worse than Angie. I took it more like Katie knows how to play the pr game better than Angie. These women cant be compared to each other. Two totally different surrondings and influences.

  35. Xenafan96 says

    I think the only way the world will ever know what the family itself really is like is when the kids are grown and they decide to speak out about it. I’ve been through adding new kids to the family when I married my husband and we had our daughter. My other three kids(from husbands first marriage) were at times resentful that Dad had a new baby, and were told by their bio mom that he didn’t really love them anymore. Totally horrible, but not true at all. If anything, my husband found a renewed sense of pride and love as a father. I saw what my kids went through trying to figure out how they fit into this world period. But we made it work, as a good strong family that really loves one another and values each other. So maybe the Jolie-Pitts do know what they are doing. I still believe that Angie deep down has a rescue need, as any child who has a parent abandon you can attest too(speaking from total experience here!). I hope that this family makes it, so many precious lives are now at stake.

  36. Jackie says

    Comment, am sorry but if you read your comment again, it sounds like you are saying that Katie Holmes is like Angelina if not worse. I am sure am not the only one who got this impression as other posters thought so too and their comments indicate thus.

    I agree with you when you say that we should not blame one party and forget that it was Brad who was married not Angelina. I blame both of them but what is done is done and there is no going back.

    What I took objection to is the comparison between Angelina and Katie Holmes which like many, I found unfair if not innappropriate. Again am sorry if I got your meaning wrong. Even if you say we should judge other people too, I think I understand a person inclined to judge Angelina though personally I hesitate to do so because I don’t think it is my place. May be you do not follow show business alot but take a day off and google Angelina Jolie, then watch her interviews on youtube and you will see why many people judge her harshly even worse than other stars who have made mistakes.

    Lifeis hard, I don’t believe in making it harder for any one, so I will leave her and Brad to their own devices.

  37. cb says

    Brad has been Maddox’s dad for over two years – how the flip can you say he only “likes” him, Orianaz? GMB!

    They hypocrisy of some of the posters here – “don’t want to be negative, BUT…Aniston was shat upon…Brad is Jen’s true love, Angie stole him…the children are neglected because we (the people) see no pictures showing (a) Z not smiling, (b) Shiloh not being held by Angie, (c) Z being held and not walking, (d) Z in diapers, (e) Shiloh not walking on water yet..”

    Just stop it already. Take care of your own children and stop enforcing your morality on everyone else. Just enjoy the vicarious thrill of celebrity watching and stop judging everyone who doesn’t conform to your bigoted ideas of normality.

  38. comment says


    By the logic presented in your telling me to get a nanny job with Angelina, may I ask: are you going to get a nanny job with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

    Truth hurts me? Yeah!

    If I continue on debating with you, I fear my psychological issue will billow thus requiring the service of a therapist for real.


    Doesn’t every girl dream of having a lover who is so whipped by her that he loses his mind? ?


    Where did I actually say that Katie is worst than Angelina? Great critical thinking skill you have!

  39. comment says


    First off, I am not a fan of any one. I wasn’t raise to idolize any one, particularly the entertainers. Since they are actors, I never take what they say, especially good things about themselves, as whole truth. Whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter to me

    Next, I believe every one is a hypocrite. That may sound unpleasant or whatever adjective you want to label it. We are always less critical of unacceptable thoughts/deeds of those we like than of those we dislike. These gossip boards prove that over and over.

    We also make judgment every day, on things or matters or people we cross path, here or on the street. That’s how we arrive at right or wrong, like or dislike, love or hate.

    That said; I did not judge Katie on losing her virginity and the things you listed. I used her and Julia and whoever else just to make a point. If that did not come out clear to you then it’s unfortunate. This is normal though since we almost always come into a discussion with set perception of to-be discussed subject/matter, although most, if not all of us, would deny it (myself included). I don’t know much about any of the celebrities. I know you will dispute this statement citing that the fact that I am here posting. No matter. I stumbled on these sites on an idle day and just as I would skimp through the tabloid magazines while waiting to pay my grocery, I read the posts. And like a person slows down when seeing accident on the other side of the freeway to satisfy her curiosity, I was drawn to Angelina’s posts because of the large number of comments. And like a person who butts into others’ business when she sees these people engage in things/matters that irk her, I butted in Oriana’s.

    The one thing that irks me more than anything is women being critical of other women while giving the men much leeway. Yes that has always been the way of life and will probably remains so (thank to women). Still it irks me, so I spoke up against my better judgment.

    And that is what I have against Oriana and her comrades: their notion of Brad being a nice man who got tangled with the witch.

    I am sure Oriana will say that she was making points of other things too, that I was making points of other things, therefore the debate did not stem from what I stated above. And hence I was lying, a hypocrite, or whatever I may be deemed. Again, no matter. I know what irked me.

    If it were not Angelina but someone else that she wages the same campaign against, I probably would butt into her business the same way I did here. I really don’t mind the posts that said “Angelina is a whore” or anything in that nature. They are short and posted once therefore clearly are opinions. People are entitled to their opinions. But Oriana, while accusing this girl 28 years her junior of having a psychological issue, is clearly having psychological issue of her own too for campaigning against a stranger whose life details, sordid or unsavory, she only learned from prints. Indeed this girl provided the details and so on. Still, what she said represented only part of her life, not all. But just because other girls did not provide any unsavory details of their lives, it does not mean that they have none or will not have any. This is my point, nothing else.

    Saying that one girl is better at PR is not accusing her of lying. If you think so then you think every tactful person on earth is a pathological liar. Well, you are entitled to make your own definition and choose your own logic.

    Another point I was trying to make was that as long as the person is bettering herself, her sordid past can be forgiven. After all, Jesus sacrificed his life for Mary Magdalena who was a prostitute. Bible readers should learn from him, don’t you agree?

    Lastly, one coming to the defense of someone does not mean that one is that person’s fan. If that’s the logic, I would be a fan of every one for whom my impulse to defense rises.

  40. Jackie says

    Thanks alot for the compliment Oriana, right back at you if I may.

    Like I said, I try not to think about these two and as you have noticed I usually do not comment on them. The truth is tha every thing around them overwhelms me. What caught my eye on this particular topic was the fact that she had changed Pax’s name to Pitt with no mention of adoption by Brad and the reason on the documents is uniformity with her other children, I found that weird and disturbing.

    I don’t think Brad knows the woman he is with, If he does, I don’t think he fully appreciates who she is. Like you said, he is caught up in this fantasy where he has a biological child he wears like an ornament like other celebs and adopted children who he genuinely wants to help. These days it i the in thing to have kids and show them off. Though I believe he wanted to do some charity and change the world, don’t we all?.

    May be Aniston saw a side to him that we do not see and that is why she was reluctant to have children with him. Because it takes a certain selfishness and cruelty to do what these two did to Aniston. Brad even said in an interview that his life before the divorce was meaningless! Why would you say that about a woman you wanted to be the mother of your children and you were with for 7 years and married for five years?

    I have never been an Aniston fan but I respect her more now for getting through what she did with her head still held high. I see her walking and smiling and I think to myself, if it were me, I would never leave the house unless I had a shroud and only to go to work and return in a car with heavily tinted windows.

    I never approved of the way Angelina used to lead her life and staunchly defend all her strange sick behaviour so it wasn’t surprising that after she turned her life around and adopted Mad, I became one of her admirers and was rooting for her, I wouldn’t say fan since am particularly fond of her screen work, not my type. But I cannot stand people who defend notoriety and sick behaviour convincing every one that they are happy and it is o.k to live like that. Many young people adopt this behaviour thinking it is the way to go only to discover it is a sad lonely life. Years later when people like Jolie and Sharon Stone realise the error of their ways, many followers are even dead, so no, I do not condone ‘wild is the new black’.

    If she had started dating a single man and adopted again, I would have no problem with that, if she had waited for Brad to divorce given it a year and got with him, I would have not problem with that. But there is a way that she sits and talks about the whole saga in interviews like she actually enjoys the fact that she is hurting another human being.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping this thing with Brad works out because to me two wrongs don’t make a right and lets think of the innocent children. I may be mistaken but when I see her in interviews, I find her a very cruel, selfish and self seeking person. If makes me wonder about her charity and the reasons behind it. Many stars have been UN goodwill amabassadors and have adopted kids, lets not forget that Tom Cruise has a black child but has never made an issue of it or tried to adopt another black child ‘to achieve a balance’. On the other hand, Angelina’s charity is all about me me me me, look at me, am kind, I give a third of my income to charity, I went to chad and Panama, I was their christmas present. May eb she is raising awareness for these places but what has changed in Chad since she was last there. Adopting Pax became a media circus, the birth of Shiloh became a media circus. I thik she is genuinely wants to help but I also believe she has a selfish motive behind her charity. I think it is elf promotion, I think she wants a legacy.

    I decided to let her and Brad be. I promised to try and wish them well. I sincerely hope it works out for them and that magazines will give them a chance to live and raise their family. After what they did, it would be a shame if they split and it came to naught.

    The reason I liked Katie Holmes is that in Hollywood, you will never get a better person, she is as good as they get. She is very polite and in her interviews she did not strike me as a girl full of herself like Sienner Miller, Britney, Durnst, Scarlett, Lohan, Paris et al. She seems unspoiled by hollywood and show biz. She is always humble and polite and was never about me me me, ‘look at me, I have a drug problem, I am a slut, am a star, I need help….. ‘ she just went about her business and has a genuineness about her that is rare in hollywood. I admit she is too naive for her own good and people like Jolie would chew her and spit her.LOL. I think tabloids are treating her unfairly but you have to realise that for them all that matters is sales. Katie Holmes is a stranger and they have families to feed.

    The other thing is that to me, she seems genuinely happy, there are times she is putting on a show for the cameras, after all this is show business but on the whole, I think she is happy adn in love. I like happy people. True Happiness is rare and if someone finds it am 100% behind them, she is a nice girl, she deserves it.

    Of course if Tom Cruise was younger and not a twice divorced father of two, all the better but life is never perfect, he has his advantages though. He does not drink, smoke or womanise. He is the only actor I can vouch for that will not run away with Angelina Jolie if she co-starred in a movie with him. All the others would have been seduced like Brad. And he is a good husband and father. He seems to genuinely love and care for her. Although am not sure how she manages to live with all his family. I know the house is big and they may not even run into each other like us normal folks but there are times I just want to be alone with my husband and even my kids are an intrusion, well I guess they go to their many houses. But still I wouldn’twant my in-laws near even if we had an Island to ourselves. May be she doesn’t mind, who knows, she says she doesn’t.

    I am rooting for her. I hope her marriage works out. I hope she does not let the tabloids get to her.

    Ha! I have written for you a novel!!! LOL.

  41. oriana says

    Jackie, once again, your posts just reinforce why I like you so much! We may always not see eye to eye but you have some logic and common sense about you.

    Angie has said herself she has a habit of getting involved with her leading man, yes indeed, it could have been anyone. Brad looks like a slob, and I have seen those SHOES! This man has millions, he can do better than that!

    As for Katie being used in the same sentence as being as bad as Angie is downright stupid! This is an innocent, naive gullible young girl, Jolie would roll over her like a steamroller. She didn’t give a second thought to Laura Dern and she wasn’t a gilded lily, she knew BBT’s involvement with her! I am not saying Katie was Snow White but she is still young and I think can be very easily swayed and there is no doubt in mind, she was and is very much in love with Tom.

    Brad got caught up in Angie’s do gooder ways about adopting and her work with the U.N. and really was turned upside down by her beauty and seductive ways. Her boyfriends, girlfriends, all attest to her alluring ways, and poor Jennifer, she didn’t stand a chance, once he met Angie, started his fascination over her, and he and Jennifer had been drifting apart, it was just a matter of time. And boy , did it blast off, they separated, she blinked, he was with Angie and started his playing Daddy with Maddox.

    It had to be devastating for Jennifer, I can imagine what a normal person would suffer and feel like, but to have to hear it blasting from your TV, every magazine at the gro. store, unbelievable!!!!!

    I like it will last a while longer, she will adopt another playmate for Zahara and then I think the stormclouds will hit!

    Now you have a nice evening! And you too Mia!!!!!!! And Granny, I am having a glass of Iced Tea and thinking of days gone by!!!!

  42. Jackie says

    I don’t know enough about these two people to judge them but I would never do to even my worst enemy what they did to Aniston. I liked both Brad and Jen and that is the best that Brad has ever looked, I never thought they were a great love match but I cannot shake the image of Aniston saying in an interview when she was asked about the rumours of her husband and Jolie on the mr and Mrs Smith set and she answered that she trusted and loved Brad implicitly and the next thing I knew Brad was escorting Angelina to Africa adn pregnant with in weeks of divorce.

    Brad does not look like he is having a time of his life like he did in the beginning. I felt so bad for him when I saw his last picture. He looked unkempt and like he had not bathed in days. His court looked like it was straight our of the sheep’s mouth, the vest looked torn and I won’t even mention his shoes. It made me wonder what goes on in that house.

    I wish them well but I am sceptical about whether they will survive all the pressures from within and without. Sadly the children will have to suffer. I agree Angelina doesn’t look like she feels much for Shiloh and though that sometimes happens to some parents, she should work on it as it will affect her as she grows. Poor baby has a lot to contend with as it is.

    As for ‘Comments’ post that Katie Holmes is worse than Jolie, I think that was unthought out and it physically made me sick. Thank you Oriana for that flash back, people like ‘comment’ like to delude themselves that Angelina is a saint. She is not, she may do some nice charitable things but saints do not treat another human being the way she treated Aniston. Just ask yoursef, if your husband was an actor, who would you let act with him, Angelina or Holmes.

    I sincerely believe that Brad could have been Ben Affleck or any other married man. Let me not get myself worked up over this couple and refrain from thinking about them as I usually do. Negativity is not my thing.

  43. oriana says

    Laurie, I really do hope they make it work, I think the kids love both of them and need them in their lives. Pax, it is too soon, he doesn’t love Brad yet, he may really like him and feel close to him, but he doesn’t really know him yet. Angie will be the main one he will always bond with and lean towards. He is very cute and I am glad he was saved from a life uncertain to a life of luxury among other things.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Angie was draped like a snake over BBT and laughing about how they had sex 24/7 everywhere, elevators. in limos on the way to the Red Carpet, and tell the world about it bragging, had a room built in their home with padded walls and they have suits built to velcro themselves to them, now to me, that is not normal behavior! I have a diningroom room, a laundryroom, etc. but not a velcro room where I can hang on the walls and scream my head off.

    I didn’t make these things up, they broadcast them! Just like she said, Zahara is the funniest person she has ever met, now in another breath, she said how Shiloh woke up every morning with Z screaming in her face! Now would a loving mother, who loves her kids equally, allow that with a small baby and laugh about it?

    I have seen the pictures of her holding Maddox when she first adopted him, when he was Shiloh’s age, when he was 2, 3, and now 5. I have seen the pictures of her holding Zahara when she was 7 months old up until now, and let me tell you, the expression and look on her face, has not been the same. A blind person could see it!!!

    I am basing my opinions on looking at the pictures, or should I say, the lack of some, and the statements that came out of her own mouth, COMMENT!!! Too bad if the truth hurts you!

    Brad, he is probably overwhelmed and is lost as a goat! I know his parents and friends have noticed the change in him and had their own doubts about their relationship. Brad looks tired, he seems like he is in a daze half the time to me. No, I don’t see a big lovematch there. And for Jennifer Anniston, never liked her, never thought she was pretty, a big nose, I do think she didn’t value children over her career, but she was in pain, she was grieving, and Angie just helped rub salt in the wound! She is for herself and for what pleases her and gives her some self-satisfaction, not the children, and certainly not Brad.

  44. Laurie says

    Oriana, some pretty strong sentiments there. I agree with you about Angelina. There is more to her than what meets the eye.

    I agree too with Kelly that comparing Katie Holmes to Angelina Jolie is rather absurd!! It is actually the most absurd comment that I have ever read. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so gregorius. Katie is this sweet naive thing whereas Angelina is a scheming sex siren with the dirtiest past in holly wood to date, hookers look like saints next to her. Kelly said most of what I would have said so I will not add much.

    Brad seems like a lost puppy to me and Angelina lost her ‘cat has cream look’. I think she has realised that he was not a prize catch after all. In two years they have been together, he has not even let it slip that he loved her or felt for her a thing in that region. Lately, I think he is also tired of hanging onto her skirts. I wonder what will happen to those kids.

    Lets not pretend, has any one ever seen the pictures of Angelina and Mad? Have you ever seen her like that with Shiloh? If she loves her, the she has a way of showing it. She threw away all the good she had done when she run around with Mr Pitt before his divorce was through yet rumours were rife they were getting it on long before that. They humiliated Aniston who though I don’t love much, I empathised with.

    Am very sure there will not happy ending to this Brangelina debacle. Time will prove me right.

  45. oriana says

    comment, since you are so in love with Angelina Jolie and such a huge fan, why don’t you go and be a Nanny for her children and be her Assistant? I am sure she would be appreciative of you!

    To answer some of your questions and reply to some of your comments would be a pleasure for me.

    1. Zahara is ugly to me, not just her usual hateful looking demeanor but her face is not pretty at all. Brooke Shields has some pretty daughters, Maddox is very cute to me, Shiloh is very pretty and Suri Cruise is very pretty, those are my opinions, you don’t have to agree or like them.

    2. She does constantly carry Zahara, even on a playground where cameras have not been in her face up close to upset her. I am not speculating, I have seen the pictures.

    3. I have never said I like Julia Roberts, I don’t think she is beautiful as many people have commented that she is, she broke up a marriage and the world knows it, that is why Danny’s father was not so receptive to her in the beginning, if he even is right now.

    4. As far as nitpicking every picture of her, I have commented mostly that she ALWAYS wears black, and I think she is still into her goth stage as she was as a teenager, I have also said many times I think she is beautiful, in the face.

    5. Why would I be alarmed about anything? I do have a degree in Psych. I never said I was Freud. AS for my comments on her past, and thinking she still has psychological problems, perhaps you haven’t read about your Idol and her attitude towards her father, seen her on TV making the comments, COMMENT, that she made about her getting knocked up, feeling more compassion for her adopted kids than her own child that she carried for 9 months, and Please, the adopted kids were babies, 7 months, it wasn’t like they suffered and struggled for years as little children, a 7 month doesn’t have that long of a memory to care with them for a lifetime!

    #6. Angie is a shark as I have stated, she knows exactly what she is doing, Brad is weak, he doesn’t stand a chance against her, she is very cunning and devious, she does say whatever she wants too, she doesn’t give a shit what people think and never did, the other younger starlets are overwhelmed by the fame, their families are either living off of them or are too busy being their girlfriend instead of a parent. Angie had a mother, a mother she adored, she can’t use that excuse.

    Katie came from a family with grass roots values, look it up if you don’t know what that means, she was naive and swept off her feet, big difference between her and Angelina Jolie. Who by the way, probably wouldn’t give you a second look even if you were her next door neighbor.

    You seem to have a problem with the word American, why is that? You have popped off to me and about me before, why is that? If you disagree with me, so what, stand in line, if you don’t me, get in an even longer line, but I DON’T CARE what you think of me! My opinions and thoughts are just that, no more no less.

    Now if she might one day actually PICK UP her little baby and smile at her like she does and has the other children, then I might change my thoughts about her, that is if it is a picture she isn’t getting paid for!

    So don’t worry about me and my degree, I was able to fool my instructors and I am not even an Oscar winning actress!

  46. Kelly says

    For the record, I think Angie loves Shiloh, not the same as she did Maddox but in her own way nonetheless. I also think that she should try and make her relationship with Brad work if for any thing, for the children. I am glad she is trying to raise awareness for orphans but I don’t think she is a saint that some of you are trying to make out of her. Her past is her past and she strongly stood up for those things she did while she was doing them. She has told some inconsistent stories like never having children and being a stay home mum, but that is no reason to burn her at the stake.

  47. Kelly says

    Firstly I don’t know whether you can compare Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. Katie has always been an intelligent girl to me though not street wise smart. Even if you call her a liar, I don’t think you can cite more than one instance where you say she has lied.

    You say she lied about her virginity, if she indeed said that she was, I don’t think any of you has got any proof to dispute that. Remember this was in tabloid magazines.

    How can you compare a woman who moved in with her first boyfried at 14, had sex with knives and burns, said she would never have biological children, carried on illicit relationships with two married men, I don’t care that she claimed not to have had sex with one of them, was insensitive enough to frolic on a beach in Kenya with a man whose wife was crying in the US, had a vile of blood around her neck, and carried on adult affairs with both married and unmarried men and women in hollywood, made out with her brother in public and till 2005 confessed to belonging to a sex den with Katie Holmes whose only crime is to allegedly ‘lie’ that she was a virgin?

    Comment please, you are a Brangelina fan and this comes out in all your posts. You don’t have to deny this, I am too but I do not think she is a saint and definitely cannot be compared to Katie Holmes.

    I have no respect for Julia Roberts for what she did and she is no worse or better than Angelina but to say that Katie Holmes is like them is grossly unfair. She has never wanted for anything and so she is a street wise pathological liar ad cheat like Angelina (yes I like her but she is always lying and that is her business not mine).

    I also find it hypocritcal that some one like you ‘comment ‘ would like every one to give Angelina a chance and yet you judge people with less gross pasts more harshly than you do her. I may like her charity work but please she is responsible for her past as her present. I know in recent intrviews Katie Holmes just said ‘amazing’ all the time but she was under ernomous pressure and whatever she said is used against her and she must have many people around her telling her to say as little as possible. Now Angie at that age was telling us how she has just had sex with BBT in the car to the Oscars and how she played sex games in kindergarten, would you say she sounded intelligent?

    Whatever she said about her virginity, Katie did not become a poster girl for Virgins like Britney and owed no one any thing when she became pregnant with her fiance’s baby. How can you even compare that to Angelina’s sordid past? I even like Angelina more than both of you, but I do not lie for her to make her look like a saint she is not.

    If you read Katie’s past interviews before she got with Tom, she always came off as a very intelligent young, albeit priviledged woman who has had an easy life. She has never been an air head like Paris Hilton and if my son was choosing someone to marry, I would go with her before Jolie or Julia Roberts. I don’t know about you.

  48. comment says


    I can tell from other posts by different posters that they are not this girl’s fans, but I don’t sense the hate from their posts as I did yours and a couple others’.

    “Yes, I have made many mistakes, that part you got right and remember me writing. Interesting you didn’t read or remember the rest?”

    No more interesting than your choosing to remember Angie’s past.

    You are not a fan of Robert you said. I do recall reading your comment on the shirt but I also recall you did not go to every post about her to pound on her or her children. You seem to devote most of your energy on this girl Angie, nitpicking every picture of her, especially with Zahara. You have labeled this little girl with many ugly names just because the camera of paparazzi failed to capture her smile. Why does it matter to you that the child smile to the camera? If Angie carries Shiloh more than the other children, you’d still find things to criticize her.

    On Angie not carrying Shiloh so much, I don’t care to speculate. I grew up among people who never kissed their children yet gave their lives to protect and/or provide for the children so outward affection carries little weight to me.

    As I said you are over speculating. You think the past still affect Angie. Well, the past always affects every one. Any one who says it doesn’t and that she can leave it behind for good is one with serious psychological issue for lacking conscience. You have psychological issue just like Angie too, don’t you realize, psychology degreed one? But don’t be alarm. All human beings have psychological issue(s). The only difference between two people is what other(s) perceive(s) as the extent of the issue(s). Perhaps age is another difference. An older woman still being so critical and judgmental does have some issues she needs to work out. One with a psychology degree and one who likes to judge others and teach others how to live, to be a mother, etc…really, really needs to get her issues worked out.

    On Katie being a less artful liar than Angie, I disagree with you. My opinion is that Angie is the less artful one which is why people like you can say that her story has many holes and pick it apart. Angie is the more truthful one, shooting her mouth off impulsively as her heart stirs her. If she weren’t you would not ‘know’ so much about her to speculate, criticize and analyze. Katie and the more well-liked girls are better at the PR games.

    You obviously did not read well too. I clearly indicated that I was born and raised else where in my previous post. If by saying ‘perhaps you are not American’, you mean to tell me that only people born and raised here can call themselves Americans, then you can say that I am not American. And I was making a point which appeared to escape you.

    So you didn’t answer my questions. You simply defended your actions which is typical of people who subconsciously know they did something unbecoming.



  50. oriana says

    comment, NO, to answer your question, I don’t have any daughter-in-laws, obviously you haven’t read my posts where I stated my oldest son is Gay.

    As for Julia Roberts, I have also posted earlier about her going after a married man and what Danny’s parents thought about it. I also posted that I thought it was very low class of her to wear a t-shirt calling his ex-wife low down, so No, not a big fan of hers and never have claimed to be, and I have said more than once, I think her kids are homely, especially the little boy, not cute at all!

    I have also said that I didn’t think Angie and Brad were haviing a sexual affair before he left Jennifer, I think they were having problems before Angie, due to her lying about wanting to start a family, and have said that before also. Where have you been? Apparently you have missed a lot! However I have said there are many ways to entice and seduce a man, and Angie is well aware of them, Brad is weak, he didn’t have a chance against a shark like her, and have said that before also. Something else you missed!

    No doubt in my mind that Katie wasn’t a virgin when she hooked up with Tom, I definately think she lied about that but that is Hollywood for you, she can’t hold a candle to Angie when it comes to being untruthful. Angie knew exactly what she was doing with Brad from Day One, I think she is very bright wheras Katie doesn’t appear to be very smart to me.

    My take is Shiloh shouldn’t get higher priority than the adopted kids, she should get the SAME! And she hasn’t from my point of view. I have said many times why I feel this way, and if you had read previous posts from me you would know why. Are you trying to argue for the sake of arguing?

    Yes, I have made many mistakes, that part you got right and remember me writing. Interesting you didn’t read or remember the rest?

    I see Angie smiling, kissing, cooing to her adopted kids, haven’t seen that with her own biological baby but twice, and both posed for photos for sale. Why is that? When is the last time you even saw her carrying her? When? She seems to adore Zahara, who is the biggest sourpuss looking kid I have ever seen in my life! And she will carried Pax and Maddox even now, but why not Shiloh? Why is that?

    I don’t think you have ever read anywhere of me upholding the trashy girls here in America as you frequently refer too, so I take it, You aren’t an American?

    Paris Hilton, trash with money
    Brittany Spears, trash with money and drug and mental problems on top of it
    Lindsay Lohan, I just think she has some emotional problems due to her unstable upbringing and she is an Alcoholic, she needs help that her mother isn’t giving her.

    So No, I don’t like Angie, never have, she is a good enough actress, and I think she has psychological problems she hasn’t gotten over that stems back to her teenager years.

    Hope this answers your questions.

  51. comment says


    I wonder why you are so lenient on the boys–Pitt and Cruise for example (both divorced their wives for a new woman if we were to judge from what the media reported), and yet so harsh on a girl, namely Angie.

    I am not a fan of Angie, not anyone’s fan really.

    But I’ve read your posts on various celebrities and am quite puzzled. You don’t seem to think Julia Robert who, in my opinion, was quite low in the manner she courted her current husband. You don’t find Katie Holmes guilty of any fault when she got knocked up before marriage, devout Catholic that she claimed to be, a staunch virgin that she advertised herself to have been. You might say that Katie wanted to have Tom’s child then isn’t that wrong too? You don’t seem to have much animosity toward the throng of female celebrities who are pregnant without wedlock, who slept and are sleeping around, whose dirty details of life may have yet been exposed or revealed. But you are quite critical on this girl Angie who is apparently trying to improve herself. Why Oriana? Do you have a daughter in law whose disposition or spirit resembles Angie’s you dislike so much? You said you have two grown sons so I just wonder.

    You wrote on one post that you had made mistakes in your life, why then would you refuse another a chance to redeem? You should have been the more understanding one. It’s rather peculiar that you haven’t been.

    I came from a culture in which girls are expected to stay virgin until marriage. With this upbringing, it is I who should have deemed these celebrities as well as most of the girls in sexually freed culture such as American bad. Yet I don’t. But you, along with many of the girls or women born and bred in this culture, do. I find that utterly strange and comical too.

    Can a loose woman call another loose (some have used much uglier word to call this Angie, word I don’t want to use on those who don’t work in the oldest profession)? Can one leading a ‘normal’ life in this culture criticize another? By Christian teaching, I don’t believe any one here have that right, unless she truly leads a life of a virgin saint.

    You have repeatedly hinted that Shiloh is getting short-changed by her mother. How do you know?

    And should a birth child get higher priority from her parents than her/his adopted siblings? If that’s the way it ought to be, no one should have adopted or be allowed to adopt. You are over-speculating, and on matters do not concern you. Someone posted here that all mothers raise their children differently and she was wise beyond her age. All mothers also think they rear their children properly, by their own preferences of how these children should be reared, whether as a result of their learning from their own mothers/grandmother (their mistakes and all) or from the books or other women. No other woman should give herself the right to teach another mother how to raise or love her child. Surely you did not appreciate someone, even your own mother or mother in law, telling you how to raise your child and what they deem a proper way for you to express love to your child. I hope you don’t do what you do here to your daughter in law if you have any. You might lose your son(s).

  52. oriana says

    I think Angie has a good heart and good intentions. I don’t care for her, am not a fan. I think she has a need inside of her to help these kids and save them, she will love and nuture her Adopted kids, I think she loves her biological child also but not to the same degree as the adopted ones.

    I don’t think she can help herself and surely Brad is aware of it. He loves her and the kids, he is sincere and wants a stable home environment, she is not happy with that and is not fulfilled staying in one place.

    We will see more pictures of her carrying the older kids than the little baby. It is sad that her heart is not with Shiloh, that has been obvious ever since she was born, not only her hardly ever carrying her, but look at her facial expressions in the pictures, with Maddox it is pure bliss and love, with Zahara, joy and love, with Shiloh, posed for pictures to sell, how many since then has she been seen smiling at her with a loving look? How many? Where are they? I want to see them!

    She said herself, out of her own mouth, she got knocked up. Shiloh was not planned by her but by giving Brad his own biological child, that will keep him happy for awhile and she is smart enough to know that fact.

    Good luck to this family, and they are a family, but as for Angie with Shiloh, forget it, she is not her priority and she won’t be as she gets older either.

  53. lauren common says

    she is amazing and people say that they are going to be spiold but they are not angie is amazing and a good and respectful mother

  54. Malayka says

    Interesting analysis xenafan 96. This family, I cannot draw, conclusions, I just watch. I just wish tabloids could give them a break. True every one deserves a second change. I am not sure Angelina will ever shke off the husband snatcher image. The kids too look a little unhappy but am glad she got them out of suffering and gave them a chance. I wish she could see a therapist because she seems like a troubled person and mental issues don’t just go away like that. She also seems less happy lately but I hope Brad helps her conquer the demons she is fighting.

  55. Xenafan96 says

    I am a fan of Angelina and Brad, but I must speak out on this. Having children is the biggest, most thrilling and rewarding experience anyone can have. I just LOVE the pics of Brad and Shiloh on his set. Both seemed so bonded and in tune with one another. In the flip siide, I have seen one pic(other than newborm shots on People) of Angie carrying Shiloh and both seemed uncomfortable. I feel for Maddox too. He was Mommy’s boy and then was blessed with a Daddy that he adores. Then, Zahara came along and bit by bit, the bond Mother and Son shared seemed to weaken. Then, Mommy and Daddy had a baby, and Mad and Zee saw their time and attention falter. Finally, Mommy and Daddy get yet another little boy. All within just over 2 years. Now, there may be a new little girl that is racially equivalent to Zee. IMO-Angie adopts with love, but I honestly believe not speaking to her dad John Voight drives her to “rescue” children so that they have a chance at loving parents. Thank goodness the children have Brad. I thnk he is the only one that can get through to Angie and point out that she slowing pushing away every child she had. Sadly, his courage seems no where to be found.

  56. Jill says

    ROFLMAO Oh my God, Essie, that National Enquirer report is hilarious! They’re recycling two month old news like it just happened yesterday. That “deadly disease” has a name and I believe it’s called “weight loss” due to lack of appetite. The tabs reported two months ago that Angelina was devastated over mother’s death and wasn’t eating right. She’s working through her grief and with her family’s support she should be fine. It can take anywhere from six months to a year to go through the grieving process; give her time to heal.

  57. N says

    I agree with Zbella…Everyone has a past…It is just that….the past. If she feels that she has changed and become a better person who are we to say she hasnt. I wish this site would start showing more pictures of actual babies.

  58. N says

    I agree with Zbella…Everyone has a past…It is just that….the past. If she feels that she has changed and become a better person who are we to say she hasnt. I wish this site would start showing more pictures of actual babies though.

  59. Malayka says

    I am not sure but from this story, and I believe it is a bit authentic since it was even carried by people magazine, she seems to be only changing the name. Is Brad adopting Pax? Why is she changing the name alone when she is giving the child Brad’s name? She says she wants the children to have the same last name, what happened to changing the name because Brad is adopting him? So many questions. Wish them the best.

  60. Zbella says

    Again, people judge because they have more than 2 kids. They ARE taking care of the kids they have. They have every right to adopt or have a dozen kids if they want. My grandparents had 12 kids, and they also got lots of crap about ‘birth control’ and ‘get a TV’ because people are rude about large families.

    Angelina is NOT racist. She is also not blind. Z has dark skin, Maddox & Pax are Asian. So she thinks it’s nice for each child to have a ‘buddy’ of sorts.

    I always thought it would be great to have 2 boys and 2 girls – 2 of each. So am I sexist?

    But, it’s fine for each to have their opinion. It doesn’t bother me. I do like Angelina, and I don’t care that she has a past. We all have a past, we are not simply MOMMY. We’re allowed to have a personality, job/career, friends, etc. Yes, she has some odd stuff, but she seems like a great mom and if anything she’ll be more understanding as a mother rather than expecting her kids to be a certain way.

  61. Granny says

    Kelly. I get ina hurry and commit typos, but honey, you just need to start your rambling over. I couldn’t get into what you might have been trying to say for trying to read what you wrote.

    Brad walked out on his own feet and apparently is where he wants to be or those same feet would take him somewhere else.

  62. Jill says

    Um, Kelly: why do you call Angelina a bad mother? Because she works? She worked 35 days last year and she’s contracted to work 40 days this year. That’s less than six weeks out of the whole year. I wish I had a job that allowed me to work only six weeks a year.

    You also claim she doesn’t show Shiloh (not Shilou) any love — what makes you think she doesn’t? Are you a fly on the wall in their home?

    It’s nice you wish Brad could be with his “true love”. Guess what, hon — you got your wish. Brad is with his true love and his true love is named Angelina, not Jennifer.

    One more thing, luv — next time you post here, use a damn spell-checker, would you? “Opion” and “Alphabit” — maybe you should have gone to Angelina’s school. You might have learned to spell.

  63. Nicki says

    OK kelly, so that is your “opion “? Good for you, frankly all I read of your “opion” was to the second time you wrote “opion.” So quite frankly I have no idea what you you wrote in your 2 part essay………………..But this would be my “OPINION”……..They are a beautiful family and I wish them the best in life.

  64. kelly says

    oh, i forgot she does have a representative in with other lawyer’s that represent a orhanidge in the outskirt’s of chad. she want’s her by mid summer, and no matter what anyone say’s this little girl in african american like little z, she did not want to alienate her,because she was the only one with a black face, she act’s like she need’s 2 of each. well, i don’t know about anyone else but that is an excuse to get another child. i don’t go by the colour of someone’s skin. and that statement will come back and bite her in the ass. just like what she say’s about shilou. little shilou is going to kick some butt. she is in a movie. she will out shine all the other children and she will say something about that. and next think they will all have a starring role. but, all that aside love the children you have and concentrate on them. you cannott keep doing this. these 4 children will bei seeing shrink’s by the time there 12. poor little z she does not care what her skin colour is. and personnally she is teaching the kid’s to be racist’s. she want’s to balance out the racist’s……we already have enough of that going on.

  65. kelly says

    well, i honestly think shilou need’s some love from her mommy. but, what do i know. she is adorable. and whatever comment’s there are out there. they people need to voice there opion and not dish everyone els’e . everytime i read the comment’s. everyone is upset with everyone’s opion’s. well, i think angelina is a bad mom. and i feel she need’s to stay at home and teach her new child english. she is on another movie set. brad is flying with 4 kid’s to prague to visit her. she has it easy. brad put’s everything on hold while she run’s around the country. she said she was going to be a stay at home mom so pax would have her there to help him adjust. now she want’s the kid’s to be jet setter’s once again and the poor child is not speaking english. instead in an interview she is teaching the other kid’s his language. well it is alway’s good to learn a second language. these children are going to have alot of problem’s in the future. they need stability,love a sense of home. she is just substituting kid’s with all her other addiction’s. she want’s to take on the world and do all these great thing’s so we don’t think about her sleazy past. kissing her brother, kissing and being sexual in kindergarten. i was learning the alphabit. what school did she go to? a cutting habit, and the list goes on. i am so shocked that they even let her be a goodwill ambasador with her past. well i am for helping and giving kid’s a loving home. but, she is not in to this with her heart. i think of poor shilou,pax and maddox is acting out. in 2 year’s he has had 3 sibling’s. and now he is acting out. what do you think shilou will do? and poor pax what furure is he going to have. he will go along with everone else and won’t know how to speak out for himself. could any of you put yourself in his shoe’s? he was in a home with the only family and freind’s he knew. she swoop’s in snatches him up and leave’s. then she say’s she felt bad putting him in that situation with the paparrazzi. and then the 3rd day they are doing a photo shoot. everyone can praise her all you want. i have never liked her. and she is a homewrecker, why else would she invite jen to a sit -down. jennifer is better then that. and i am shocked brad in in a relationship with her. i know is mother is beside herself if he make’s her his wife and she will have her as a daughter in-law. but, i think brad is in over his head, and i really feel in my heart that if shilou would not have been a mistake and a blob,and privaleged when she was born. i can’t help but think shilou will read that somewhere one day, you know mom i was the blob and an accident and you have a hard time with my need’s because your other children were 6 month’s old and came with personalitie’s and i was just born a privilaged blob. i hope brad leave’s her ass, and get’s back with his true love and kick’s her ass to the curb. sorry all the angelina fan’s. it is not directed at any of you personnally. it is just my comment.

  66. Essie says

    Jill, I think most stars try to ignore the tabloids until something really untrue that is really damaging is printed (i.e., drugs, sex). Then they sue (remember Carol Burnet, years ago?) There have been several successful suits over the years. That’s why you see “blind items” in gossip columns. It means they definitely cannot prove the star has done what they’ve been accused of doing.

    But, most of the stores are pretty harmless . . . annoying, I’m sure, but basically harmless, so nobody bothers to actually sue.

  67. Essie says

    Oh, no Libraesque. It’s so much more satisfying to these anti-Angie/Brad people to think that (1) the breakup is imminent; (2) Shiloh is unloved; (3) Zahara is a miserable spoiled brat; and (4) Maddox is unhappy because he’s no longer an only child. So, leave these people alone and let them make up their own scenerios for this family. They can’t take the truth!!!

  68. Libraesque says

    all these grandious assumptions re: the family are so assinine.
    how about a positive spin for a change, like I bet Mad feels like a big brother

  69. Lauren says

    Pax is a cute kid. They need to slow up on the adoptions and focus on their 4 kids. Poor Maddox, 3 siblings in under 2 years. He’s probably feeling displaced.

  70. essie says

    Folks, wait till you see next week’s National Enquirer!!! Poor Angelina now has a “deadly disease.” But, not to worry, Brad is coming to her rescue. Last week he was leaving but this week he’s going to “rescue her” from this deadly disease that evidently has no name!!!

    These tabloids are a hoot!!!

  71. essie says

    Actually, the stupid rumors make me laugh. I love to glance at the tabloids in the supermarkets because they are better than a comic book. The have the same stories, the same people and the same headlines every week. No wonder sales are going down for all of them!!!

    The Jolie-Pitt family have been bonding with Pax, in private, since the boy was brought home. They haven’t been out in public much, nor have they responded to the silly rumors. They’ve just been going about their lives like any other family with a new member.

  72. Zbella says

    Having another child is not an insult to your first child. I think it’s a gift. My kids are lucky to have each other and when/if we adopt, they will be blessed to have another sibling.

    I hate to see people saying negative things about large(r) families. Angelina & Brad take great care of their kids. Some of us are simply meant to have large families with lots of noise, fun and love in our homes. Shiloh is one lucky little girl. I wish them all well.

  73. Nicki says

    Tabloids are sooo stupid. Did any nay sayers think that in the 30 days Pax has been home, we have seen only a few pics, Angelina doing her St. Johns photo shoot, Brad riding his Indian “chopper” type bike! They have been together and bonding. Oh Wow big break up. As if……..they are a family united together and will be together for the long haul. Best wishes to the whole family!

  74. Lacy says

    i hate the stupid rumors people come up with to sell. i think it’s true, all the other magazines are pissed that she sold the pics to PEOPLE magazine. i guess this puts to rest all those rumors about a split. thank goodness, believe it or not, i actually want this couple to be together.

  75. Jill says

    Rachel — contrary to whatever the tabloids have been printing, Angelina’s representative has said she has not filed to adopt another child in Chad or anywhere else, and has no plans for doing so any time soon.

    I believe that for now, she and Brad are just enjoying the four they already have.

  76. Libraesque says

    you people act like this kid doesn’t have a mother AND A FATHER.
    I’m pretty sure Shiloh is Pitts favorite, so don’t you worry about her

  77. rachel says

    i love brangelina but they need to slow down on the adoption here!!! what will shiloh think of herself, ” AM I A MISTAKE I’M ONLY A FEW MONTHS BUT BEING REPLACED AGAIN ANOTHER LEVEL DOWN HURTS.”

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