Angel Iris Makes Her Debut

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

What a lovely picture!

Angel Iris made her public debut in a spread in the UK’s OK! magazine. “I look at the baby and she has his big smile and dimples,” Melanie told the magazine. “She’s gorgeous. She has taken the best bits of both of us. He will always be a part of my life. I will always love him. I couldn’t hate Eddie. We had a dream life.”


  1. Zbella says

    Hmm, perhaps it has to do with the fact that names are an expression of ourselves, and some people are close to God. My children have saint’s names because I am Catholic.

  2. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    The babys father is someone darker than scary spice..right now she is the same color as Mel but in the months to come will brown out more …..chances of eddie being the father are really really strong..she just challenged him to take a test and thats at the risk of her being embarrased…

    Mel get on with your life and forget the AHole..Karma can be a bitch and what on earth in tracy edmonds doing with such a man…cant she do better???

  3. says

    what i meant to said was what up with cele. naming thire kids something that have to do with god beside i am not a chirstan so i dont read the bible

  4. Zbella says

    Biblical names are classic. Some are much more common than others though. Moses is not so common, neither is Jesus (in English) but everyone knows a Sarah and a Michael. It’s NOT a celebrity thing.

    I love following name trends – not just with celebrities.

  5. name not important says

    k elizabeth bible names aren’t necessarily angel, heaven goddess, Shepherd. Moses is a bible name but Apple isn’t, bible names are Joshua, Matthew, John, Sarah, Isaac, Noah, Ruth, Mark, Luke, Micah, Dinah, do i need to go on.

  6. Syd says

    aww that’s so cute. Mel looks very pretty. The baby is so smal!! I like that name….Iris. Stands out.

  7. Rachel says

    That baby is ADORABLE! I think they need to just have a parternity test and be done with it! So we wont have to wait and have a long drawn out battle as with Dannielynn!

  8. Zbella says

    I saw all the pictures, and the article on another site. Melanie seems very sweet and totally in love with her new baby. Congratulations to her. She is so adorable, tiny and precious. Eddie – get a clue.

  9. crayola says

    ooh child that baby is beautiful. and my advice is take mr. murphey for a long ride. he wanted to f you now he needs to own up to what was maybe a 10 min. romp.

  10. brit says

    The baby is cute, but come on – any time you see a man who has just separated from his wife and is going through a divorce is not necessarily going to fall in love with you and have a child, especially as he is now free to do whatever he wants!!

    He doesn’t need any more kids, but she obviously wanted one – he does not want anything to do with her, if it is his child he should step up, but otherwise Scary Spice, get over him!!

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