An Expectant Julia Roberts Running Errands In NYC

Julia Roberts

An expectant Julia Roberts was snapped in New York on Tuesday. Julia and husband, Danny Moder are expecting their third child this summer.



  1. Carla says

    Julia is lovely! She really has her prioritities straight.

    “““`Just a note to the lady who posted her daughters phone number——–DON’T DO THAT!!!!—-WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

  2. Joan says

    Hey Julia, I just love you are as natural as it gets. Always gleaming. My daughter Stephanie loves you her father came from Syrna, GA alot of people say she looks a little like you. Her Dad was killed in a a auto accident when I was 8 mos. pregnant I would not wish that on anyone. Anyway Stephanie is a very hard worker works two jobs and also puts herself through RN school. She thinks you are so beatiful. Age 24.(hers) She would love to hear from you maybe one of these days. 504-939-2554 Take care of those babies. We love you in anything you do.

  3. Syd says

    Yeah, Julia!! Embrace the beauty and show it off! Even though I didn’t. LOL. She looks awesome!! I wonder what their baby will look like.

  4. Lauren says

    Julia looks beautiful. She has that expectant mommy glow. Show off your belly, Julia! It’s cute.

  5. essie says

    there were several photos on several sites yesterday where Julia showed her belly very well. This is only one photo with that same FedEx package. She looked wonderful.

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