1. psychlori says

    you people are nuts! Is she supposed to be walking around a parking lot smiling so you won’t think she is lonely. I challenge any one of you big mouths to produce a photo of you when you were pregnant looking half as good as she does. She is gorgeous.

  2. rebecca says

    Kinda sad she has to do daily chores alone. This should be an exciting time for her and the father doing things together.

  3. Zbella says

    People said she LOOKS unwashed. Doesn’t mean she IS unwashed. It’s a bad picture. Would you post this picture of yourself if you were as gorgeous as she is? Doubt it.

  4. Syd says

    aww her belly button is cute! LOL. I had an outtie when I was pregnant too. No one has to look done up in every picture. Wha’s all the hype about?

  5. Karri says

    I am betting that all the people on here that says she looks like crap didn’t look that great either when they were pregnant!!!!! I seem to remember this saying very well and others should remember it as well- If you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut your mouth!!!!!

  6. says

    Ok, do she have to look great on every picture? NO…. she doesn’t, and I bet you, you don’t look great on every picture….Probably not any picture….jackass

  7. Lauren says

    Wow, Bridget looks amazing. Best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby. Bridget is going to make an amazing mother with or without Tom’s help or support.

  8. jan says

    I think she just looks thoughtful, and maybe a little tired – but amazingly slim (and still sexy) for 6 months! And after all, she can’t smile 24 hours a day…I know I couldn’t if it was me in this situation. In fact, I think her outward display of being so postive (during obviously difficult times) deserves only praise and admiration.

    Best wishes, Bridget!

  9. Zbella says

    Come on, it’s not a flattering picture. She usually looks adorable. Get us a better picture, where we can actually see her bump!!!

  10. PBC says

    Best wishes for a healthy baby and safe delivery.

    Awh, she looks so lonely. I wonder if Tom is giving her any emotional support. Wonder if he’ll be there once his child is born.

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