Kate Hudson & Ryder

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, 28, was snapped with 3-year-old son Ryder in downtown New York on Monday.



  1. Tia :) says

    Why must you always bring up people being “american” What difference does it make where you’re from?

  2. WARDEH says


  3. kim says

    wardeh- somebody like you could never upset me- you could entertain me and make me happy and thankful that I’m not like you, but you could never upset me. It takes a lot for me to get upset. I was just pointing out the truth about you… You have no class.

  4. WARDEH>>>SANDRA>>KIM says


  5. WARDEH>>>SANDRA says


  6. Sandra says

    Ohhh if you only knew what it was like to have sex, the street corner isn’t workin out for ya huh?

  7. NIKKI says

    OH… Thanks for fixin my word but this is how I talk and types so you can do what you want but Im gonna keep doin this.

  8. kim says

    ashleigh- and you have no life if you write blogs that are a mile long. So why don’t you make like a turd, and hit the trail?

  9. says

    um judgemental much people? I love that kate huson is almost always smiling and snuggling her son in the pics I have seen….I think they are beautifull

  10. ashleigh says

    Dear certain fellow commenters

    kate has already said that ryder likes his hair long cause he wants to look like his dad and she said she doesn’t see a problem with it as long as he is happy. She has already cut it before and it is not that long its only shoulder length its not exactly dragging on the floor behind him. I think the long hair suits him and their family.

    It’s obvious that the people on here that need to cause trouble and be negative have no lives or severe personality disorders in real life. No sane person would hyperventilate and freak out over the fact that someone they don’t know should decide to let their OWN son have shoulder length hair. p.s i seriously doubt that anyone will be calling him a girl the only people who do that are ridiculous losers on websites like this who want to cause trouble cause their own lives are so meaningless and boring

    p.s the way everyone insults the mums and children on this website a large amount of you must be supermodels with supermodel children as in your mind everyone else is so ugly so you just must all be very blessed and lucky.

    have a lovely day

  11. WARDEH>>>ALL HATERS says


  12. Dr Grammar says

    sons > son’s
    dont > don’t
    your-self > yourself
    yall > y’all
    “Kate can let her son’s hair get as long as she wants it to and y’all don’t kill yourselves over it!”

  13. Zbella says

    NIKKI – I agree. Sandra – I agree. And Oriana – I agree! Ryer is not adorable, but he is a well loved child and it’s nice to see him out with his mom.

    LOTS of moms of little boys with nice hair (curly especially) let their hair grow. It can be very cute. In Ryder’s case, it is too long for my taste. Plus I know from experience that long hair on kids is a lot of work.

  14. celine says

    and this figure of speech is used to denote what exactly? what your comment no 35 celebrates?

    i know, the world is full of half-wits, or foreigners, and man isn’t it fun, cause i hate the sordid stance of already knowing everything and spending no effort.

    i’m a foreigner in 5 countries at once and i reckon it got to be feeling better than being home at just one

  15. Libraesque says

    dori, like I said before, since his father is a musician, and she’s a bit of a hippy, I think that’s why it’s long. But like someone said above, she has actually cut it. But if you google her husband, you’ll see his hair is exactly the same length.
    I personally wouldn’t have my boys hair this long for the simple fact of not having to correct EVERY single person who says “she’s cute what’s her name”

    I would however let my boy have long hair if he wanted to have long hair….but this kid has had long hair since he was very small

  16. dori says

    i really dislike the long hair on Ryder… he looks like a girl. He’s a very plain looking kid to begin with and then the long hair …ewwww ugly just ugly. Why does she do this to the boy? He might actually look cute if he had a boy haircut.

  17. Libraesque says

    celine you missed the WHOLE point, and your post doesn’t make a damn bit of sense
    you do know that “half a brain” is a figure of speech.

    I just can’t tell anymore if this site is full of half-wits, or foriegners, and there is language problem here

    And let me get this straight , theres a kim, a kimmy and an original kim?????????????

  18. celine says

    since when is the right use of quotation marks a reflection of one’s size of brain? i never thought it was a sign of something quintessential in anyone’s existence? a lot, and i mean, a lot of ppl have never heard of quotation marks and they’re just fine. sometimes can make good points, and sometimes not.

    anyone, any thoughts?

    libra your enthusiasm kills, but starting to feel like policing this whole deal of hearing your comments on ppl’s ticks, tricks, lacks, adds, sexiness, silliness, foolishness, simles, ants, flies and i don’t know what. but if it works cause it gets threads with 400’s and what not, cool. keep up the good work!

  19. kim says

    Well, that’s just good because I don’t converse with “preople” like you either, but you answered my blog first. : ) : ) : )

  20. Libraesque says

    kimmy, you make absolutely no sense to me, and making a comment like god would have made you black or mexican if he wanted your skin to be dark…..I…just don’t converse with people like you, or preople who use smiley faces

  21. kimmy says

    Libraesque- I only mentioned it once-in one blog, and it’s only because society makes a big deal out of it, not me. That was my point- oh, and because I can. : )

  22. Libraesque says

    not likely. His moms a hippy and his dads a musician. my guess is his hair is like this because he wants to be just like his dad

  23. Emma says

    It was a joke meaning when he looks back at pictures will he say ” Mum why didnt you cut my hair” . lighten up.

  24. Libraesque says

    thank his folks later in life for it????/

    WTF are you talking about??????

    thank his parents for his long hair????????

    I don’t get it

  25. Emma says

    Like #28 said everyone is entitled to there own opinion some just choose to take some comments more personally. I just think calling a child ugly isnt very nice ,all children are lovely in there own way. Yes he looks alittle different to some of the well groomed babies we see pictured on here but hes a kid there all different. I quite like the long hair. Not sure if he will thank his folks later in life for it.

  26. oriana says

    He looks just like his homely father, sorry, but the facts are the facts, look at pictures of both of them. And when he gets older, he isn’t “suddenly” start looking like his mom, too bad, but it won’t happen. He is much loved and cared for so he is a lucky little boy and this is a happy family with him so that is what counts. Both parents love him and show him attention.

  27. Libraesque says

    Emma, usually when anyone with half a brain posts something with quotation marks, that means they are quoting something. What and who are you quoting exactly?
    This site never fails with it’s idiotic comments. I mention the kid looks pasty and needs A LITTLE sunshine and 34 comments later people are going on and on about tans and skin cancer
    hilarious, you’re like a bunch of airheaded cackling hens

  28. Tia :) says

    #32, i was the same way!! when i was in High school, my friends would laugh at my white legs when i wore my kilt…lol I kinda wish my daugher had my hubbys colouring too!!

  29. Libraesque says

    kimmy, WHY are you going on and on about TANS, I never mentioned a TAN and you freaks start going crazy


  30. kim--original kim says

    He’s cute to me… my son is VERY pale, just like me! My daughter is not quite as pale, so maybe she’ll have a bit more coloring, like my husband? Either way, I’ll always know where they are on the beach, ha ha!
    When I was a kid, I was absolutely traumatized by others for being so “white.” Now, I look younger than all my “tan” friends…the sun ages you, big time… I want my kids to be self-confident enough to not worry what others think…

  31. Eliza says

    not an attractive child at all…too bad he looks like his father. Then again…maybe he will outgrow it and eventually look like his mom…lets hope.

  32. kimmy says

    Diva- You’re not a diva and everyone is entitled to their opinion on this blog-that’s the whole point. If you don’t like it-leave.

  33. diva says

    Every time a picture of ryder is posted on this site you can guarantee that most of the comments will be about his long hair.

    I feel very sorry for all you small minded, pea brained morons who think boys should have short hair. And as for people who say a child is ugly, well all i can say is they must have alot of ugliness in their pathetic lives to make a comment like that.

    Ryder is a great looking kid. His long hair suits him and why the hell does he have to have a tan. Kate is doing the right thing by protecting him from the sun.

  34. Emma says

    How can people say children are ugly thats so wrong. He’s a little boy he cant defend himself leave him alone. If she wants his hair long let her. Im sure he’s a sweet little thing and she looks great. I wouldnt want my son to “get a tan” do you know what the sun does to your skin. I want to give my son the best start in life and slap factor 50 on him to prevent cancer not encourage it.

  35. Lauren says

    Wow, Ryder looks like his daddy. Seriously, Kate needs to cut his hair. He’s a boy so stop making him like a girl.

  36. Tia :) says

    Hell, Im just trying to say that if the kids white its because he’s white. Im white like that. My daughter is white like me..my mom said that she was even asked once if i was sick..and i lived outside! it’s just our colouring. I didnt mean to talk about tanning, i just said as an example that It just is not happening! lol

  37. kimmy says

    what is the fascination with a tan? If you’re white you’re white. What, white people can’t be pretty? If God wanted me to be brown he would’ve made me mexican or black. I’ve seen a lot of tan girls who have fugly faces and I’ve seen pasty white girls who are drop dead gorgeous. Get over it morons!

  38. Sandra says

    Um 10 mins of sun will still keep him looking white if he has that type of skin, which he does when you look at his parents!! My son plays outside a lot he is whiter than white. He doesn’t tan either. Yes I use 50 spf in the summer to prevent all the bad uv rays, duh! Vitamin D has nothing to do with his skin color at all, so why bring that up?

  39. celine says

    hahahahahahaha Libraesque you kill me!

    no, serious, i live in goddamn england, so little sun so little fun, for real!

    my brother had hair like that until he was three. he turned out a manly man. not that i would have a problem with a different man. it’s just that some people like it. my parents loved his hair, dark, thick and curly so they let him be like that. he has cute pics.

  40. Libraesque says

    have you heard of vitamin D

    Vitamin D is best known for its role in the development and maintenance of healthy teeth, bones, and cartilage in children . Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, because sunlight exposure does not cause vitamin D toxicity, and 10 minutes of sun on your hands and face provides enough vitamin D to reach the daily value.

    sometimes the mothers on this site scare me
    NO ONE said anything about a TAN or trying to impress people. It’s about not appearing to have been locked in a basement for a month !!!!!

  41. Granny says

    The hair doesn’t bother me especially since my husband and I are from the Hippie era. But after raising a boy it certainly is easier to take care of and tend to the shorter hair. Especially when in this case it is long in the front where hair can get in the way when eating or playing.

  42. Nicki says

    That hair must get really hot and sweaty. Kate please, please cut your son’s hair. He would be much cuter (although he is far from cute) if he had shorter hair.

  43. phnxgirl says

    My two year old son is so pale he glows in the dark. I slather him with spf 50. Tans may look good, but if your coloring is not meant to be that, it is not meant to be. No point in getting skin cancer trying to achieve it! Plus the kid is little, who is he trying to impress!

  44. Tia :) says

    lol im “with it” im only 23…and id be damned it my son had hair like that. To each his own i guess..and as for his skin colour, im white like that. I don’t tan. Never have, never will…i can sit in the sun for hours upon end..nothing works…it’s probably just the way he is.

  45. Libraesque says

    His father is a MUSICIAN people, his hair is JUST like that. They aren’t some frumpy mid-western couple. Get with it!!!
    that being said she needs to get that kid into the daylight a little, he’s so pasty

  46. Tia :) says

    i think he’s cute..but he does look like a girl in this picture..he need a haircut reallly bad.

  47. celine says

    so what if he looks like a girl! gee, strange the whole big deal. let girls look like boys and boys look like girls, let everybody look whatever. what’s so scary about it???

    his combed hair is cute!

  48. Addison says

    He really doesn’t look like a girl Well maby thats cuz i’m used to seeing him but still… and he used to have way longer hair before

  49. Jordyn says

    Umm Ladies…his hair IS cut…this is the shortest Ive ever seen it and its also the first pix Ive seen of him without a bottle or pacifier, thank god!

  50. kimmy says

    Yeah- Carole Danielle- why don’t we just let his hair grow out to his rear and then while we’re at it we can put some curlers in it? He’s a boy!!

  51. Carole Danielle says

    I love his long hair, he looks so cute.
    Why cut his hair, he’s just a little boy.
    I hate short haircut on little kids.
    They have time to cut their hair and wear a suit and tie.
    Let your children play…

  52. oriana says

    His little face looks so pale next to Katie, you can tell she has been in the sun. She is a very hands on devoted mom.

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