Suri Cruise Celebrates Her First Birthday!


Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes organized a birthday lunch for Suri on April 18th at the Cruise compound in Los Angeles, where the entire clan dined on pizza and cupcakes from Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills.

“Suri is walking and talking,” says a source close to the family, who adds that dragonfly and butterfly piñatas were part of the entertainment.

Katie told People magazine recently that Suri, “loves just being outside right now,” and accordingly received a gym set for the backyard, according to the source, along with a stack of books, balls and dolls.

“Tom and Suri kicked the ball around the lawn during the party,” adds the source.
Katie’s mom Kathy, 60, flew to California for the occasion, as did a sister and nephew of Tom, according to the source. On April 17th, both grandmothers – Kathy Holmes and Mary Lee Mapother South, 70 – were treated to dinner at an Italian restaurant.

Just days earlier Katie, 28, was in Shreveport, La., where she is filming Mad Money with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton – and the day after the birthday bash, she and Tom, 44, flew to New York City for Cruise’s 9/11 Detox Fund-Raiser.

By the end of Wednesday’s party, “Tom, Katie and Suri were wearing chocolate.”

Sounds like fun!

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  1. says

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  2. oriana says

    Lib, I am looking, I really don’t see any birthmark on her face. I have looked at several pictures, I just don’t see it.

  3. oriana says

    Amy, I thought that was a tattoo on Katie’s lower back? Whaat?

    Lib, I am going to have to look at those wedding pictures again!

  4. says

    suri looks very different from all the other celebrity babies. she’s gorgeous. i ceant say who she looks like however… sweet pic. i hope they have more kids, hopefully a boy

  5. amy says

    don’t forget lib…katie is soiled goods too…you ever seen that big shitty coloured BLOB she had hanging above her ass???
    that birthmark was the size of a small country – or toms ego…same size

  6. Libraesque says



    you’re killing me

  7. amy says

    actually lib…
    any NORMAL mother would whisk that stained kid into a sauna ASAP after dosing it up with oil in the attempt to get it to steam out of its pores..
    um, is that right tom?

  8. Libraesque says

    amy, it’s totally visible in the wedding photos. It’s the reason the keep her hair all sloppy like that. Any normal mother (Jennifer/Violet) would put a cute little barrette in her hair and get it out of her eyes.

  9. amy says

    well oriana, there were RUMOURS and they are unproven, merely rumours which could possibly even be malicous ones, but nonetheless, there were rumours that suri was born with a big birthmark between her brow and onto her forehead, like many babies are born with, and apparently it is now fading as they do..but they didn’t want it to be seen…
    AGAIN before i get jumped at, this is a rumour and hasn’t been proven at all….

  10. oriana says

    It does sound very weird to me that a BABY would have to be airbrushed, why? Why not just a normal natural look?

  11. Libraesque says

    and what about the elvis wig. why would they do that to a baby
    why the hell would a baby need to be airbrushed, it’s just so weird, shame on them

    this picture actually makes my eyes bleed, she is very puffy here, not at all what she looked like at the wedding

  12. Xenafan96 says

    Oh no I totally agree that it was airbrushed! Even my husband, who is pretty unimpressed with celebrities in general remarked, Why the heck did they airbrush that kid so much? We probably spent an hour just looking at the pics trying to figure it out. But as the hubby says-whoever did airbrush it did a helluva job 🙂

  13. amy says

    i don’t think this is a very flattering picture of this child…her eyes are all puffy and swollen like she has been sobbing and sobbing earlier…

    i personally don’t see any of tom in her, i think she gets those oriental shaped eyes from her mother…

    whether we all agree or not the paternity of this girl, one thing is for sure, she will be spoilt beyond belief!!

    shame the scientology home schooling will take over…

    have no doubts, this is TOMS daughter and if the two parents were to ever divorce..(err..or have a contract expire)…thats where she will stay…just like before…

    don’t forget xenafan..that vanity fair spread was HEAVILY airbrushed….and NO not being bitchy….its A FACT…

  14. Xenafan96 says

    Suri is a very exotic looking child IMO. I really see Tom coming out in her, which is kinda odd and endearing. In the Vanity Fair spread, she looked much more like her mom.

  15. Reeny says

    I don’t think that Suri is cute at all – kinda goofy looking if you ask me and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  16. oriana says

    Mia, if his followers really think he is coming back, have built a 9.4 million dollar mansion sitting there empty waiting for him to live in it, then yes, he did cash in on people’s inability to think period, not just critically but logically! And David and the top leaders are in the same boat! Oops, well, he does have a Ship Waiting for him too!

  17. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    when people call you evil because you dare to think can only be flattery…also shows how stupid the world is becoming..amy and lib give me hope that there are few brain cells active in our universe..

    I now understand L RON even more..he cashed in on people’s stupidity, ignorance and their inability to think critically!!!!!!!!!!!11

  18. amy says

    i think lib…since they got your ’email addy’…hahahaha..does ANYONE use a real one on these sites???hahhaa…
    they have an ‘address..’
    next get a town..
    or age..
    star sign..
    something personal..
    you know they are clams..

  19. Libraesque says

    thanks amy

    and Kelly, what the f^ckity f^ck does my age have to do with ANYTHING, why do you and these other WEIRDOS on here want to know personal info on me, and others??? It doesn’t make sense. I’m concise and articulate, it’s not like I’m on here writing OMG r u 4 real LOL! SO why the hell do you need to know my age

  20. amy says

    kelly, i know you will no doubt dismiss me as pro-libra – which i am..BUT..
    look seem – kerry packer funeral february 2006 australia…and you will see pics of a HUGELY preggers katie with tom there..they were there for a week..don’t blame lib for this came from ME..i was THERE in oz when it happened..very strange..
    i can tell you from experiance that libra is a very smart woman who ensures ANYthing she brings to here (just like miapocca) is a proven FACT, i suppose that is because she knows she will be ripped apart by rapid fans..
    the sad thing is, when she is right – always… they bring up her personal life..which is wrong..stupid and laughable..i guarantee ALL of you..she doesn’t sit alone on a friday evening and sob into her glass about her sexuality..UNLIKE – in MY opinion – tom probably does..
    the fact is kelly, that libraesque comes across as she does because she STUDIES everything she gives us here…i know cause i have checked up…
    keep your mind open like it is now kelly….i am sorry if you feel you are blamed for the 8 month pregnant story, i brought that up again…but like i say.. check it out guys…JUST GOOGLE…kerry packer + australia + memorial service + february 2006…
    you get picks and all….and by the ‘fans here, who say she was two weeks late..she would of been at least 33 weeks gestation…NO doctor would allow that kind of fliight…correct me if i am wrong clams..ok..

  21. oriana says

    I do see a resemblance to Katie’s nose in her old picture before she got a nose job, for the two pictures are definately not the same of her. To me Suri does look like she has Katie’s nose.

  22. kelly says

    first of all, that was a compliment i am definetly not intimadated buy you. the only thing i did wrong was to say all the shit you take.alot of other people would have never wrote another comment. so i guess i was right. leave a comment and it turn’s into a bithchfest. and i am not an einstein, there was definetly a crazy pregnancy. i think she was alot further along. and no i don’t know everything. but, why is it the only person that get’s upset like you do, libraesque. and can i ask how old you are. this suppose to be a place for everyone to say there comment and move on. but, you can’t do that. you have to give everyone a hard time. and i will leave it at that, i have a life, i just went on other comment’s thru this site, you have a comment about everyone and there children,i can’t beleive one person has all that time. oh my god, i have to go i am starting to sound like you. i also think suri is older then 1,and she look’s just like katie, if katie is the real mom. go to the scientology sight and see what they say about why get celeb’s involved in this so called releigion, and now her asshole husband want’s her to take mommy classes, if i were her. i would get the biggest heel’s i can find. he is a blow hard with littleman syndrome. but, you probably already know that,libraesque???? just for fun. i would write my 5 paragraph comment,and no sooner i finished you were right behind me writting your comment. maybe you should write your own damn tabloid mag, you seem to know it all. i feel sorry for the next person that say’s way to go. you are defensive with everyone that has posted there comment’s in other babarrazi article. well all of you that were here before me, don’t listen you have a right to say what you want to say,it is not the gospel written byLIBRAESQUE……. leave these people alone. say what you need to say and go on, you did this on most of the other stories.and by the way, i never said anything about katie flying when she was 8 month’s pregnant. and if you know everything,she was like i said alittle while ago, it was all a big lie, but, we all see her now and yes, she does look like she is older then one. but, she look’s just like tom,beedie little eye’s like him and his mom,she is not cute by along shot,and she has his poor nose….i love kid’s and i am ashamed saying she is not cute at all. shilou pitt rule’s, and grier, .

  23. amy says

    yeah, ok faci…you have ‘disappeared’…
    can’t answer???
    no of course you can’t…
    i did NOTHING WRONG here….and yo know it…
    don’t drown in your cool aid darling…

  24. amy says

    ok – your argument makes NO sense..
    WHY did you chose to take ME to task over the comments..i DIDN’T say them…i just said I AGREED…
    PLEASE….give me an explanation…its not as if i have ever spoken/commented/debated/abused you before..
    this is OUT OF THE BLUE….
    so why ME and not the people that SAID the ‘evil’ things…

  25. bebet says

    amy #183, what embarrassed of what? you are not the type of person to make me embarrassed. look who is talking? your mentality and outlook in life is so funny and evil.

  26. bebet says

    173 tricia you are so creepy and unfair to this very cute baby in hollywood. Suri looks like her parents. Are you blind ?

  27. bebet says

    Miapocca#161, you are so creepy and unfair to this #one couple in hollywood. Katie is very very beautiful woman out and inside. Tom is also handsome an fortunately suri is also very cute and pretty.

  28. faci says

    76 scarlet, I think you are not using your eyes, only your heart, are you jealous? This baby is so beautiful though this is not her best picture.

  29. amy says

    point proven…
    thank you!!
    no apology necessay…i understand how embarrassed you must be feeling…

  30. amy says

    you are obviously mentally retarded as you just don’t appear to grasp my comments..

    ok i shall explain, please ask someone to help you read my reply if you like, i will try not to use big words ok…

    in my initial comment #15 – i merely AGREED with comments posted by OTHER people in this very thread, before i posted mine

    i also predicted in that comment that I would get abuse, even though i merely AGREED with what was said BEFORE i posted, i didn’t post ANYTHING NEW on this thread..merely said – ‘yes, i agree’ as do all the PRO tom/katie/suri bloggers

    for some UNKNOWN reason you called ME an ‘evil creature’ EVEN THOUGH it wasn’t me who said the comments in the first place

    again WHY did you single ME out…???????

    aren’t the people above me who said these things in the first place the ‘evil creatures’ and myself merely a mindless follower…

    you obviously have some hidden agenda for targetting me and i am curious as to what that is…

  31. Libraesque says

    #174, I would like to encourage you to please leave and go join a chat room that discusses war, death, etc..

  32. Libraesque says

    mia, thanks for that link to katies old nose, it’s great ammo for when these foolish fans say “she has toms nose!!!”

    it’s completely obvious she has katies (old) nose exactly

  33. minkysmom says

    she’s cute because she looks just like a mini-tom, but she is also homely, she’s not going to be an attractive young lady.

  34. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says


    YOu gave ppl rights to comment when you put pics of your children on line…I hate to tell you but yoy also gave acess to a whole lot of pedophiles, and I hope you will not have to come to a point where you will be cherishing those mean comments as opposed to something more evil…

    Do not place you life on the internet!!!especailly you rmost priced possesions!!!

  35. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    Carliegh..this is sstress releif..besides wars and bad things have been going on for ages,but movie people spend gazillions in production costs..I should think we can all contribute to world peace and still have fun…free stress ease courtesy of hollywierd is way cheaper than getting high on that riducoulously priced starbucks brew

  36. carleigh says

    I can’t believe there are people sleeping in the street, people killing each other at colleges, a war going on around us in this world and all you people are arguing about a pretty little girl and WHO her Daddy is?????? WTF is wrong with this whole scenario? I am scratching my head…I am done with this blog…Bye bye babyrazzi, see ya again sometime.

  37. tricia says


  38. oriana says

    Well he definately hasn’t aged much at all over the years and Katie’s nose is different in the pictures! I was surprised to see them!

  39. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    O MY..They just showed tom cruise on american idol..its was a 2 sec flip..and Kirstie alley mocking the cathlic church in full cassock in a music video on american idol..can download it at itunes…oh,,my and skeletor , JHo s hubby …these folks will use nay media outlet..I am so amused they fliped over tom cruise so fast…hahah

  40. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    LIB I quit the controversial thinking long ago..The thing is they are certianly different….can you imagine midget and dumbie in a pair of old washed jeans playing with a baby in the park…hahahha

    do they own any jeans…hmmm this kind of think makes me sweat the melted stained glass in the basilica…of course with minute doses of niacin and oil as catalyst…

    WTF …where are my meds, got a headache after all that heat???

  41. Libraesque says

    yea, and isn’t it interesting that Leah Rimini said she had a full head of CURLY black hair, and yet in vanity fair she had stick straight hair.
    theres NOTHING but controversary surrounding this couple

  42. oriana says

    Miapocca, I did not know that Katie or Tom had any kind of plastic surgery done, his certainly didn’t help him any and she is beautiful to me, I also didn’t know Tom had blonde hair as a baby, I would love to see an actual baby picture of him, not as a young teenager but as a child.

  43. Libraesque says

    hahahahahahahahaha, shut the fuck up, does he really believe that??? I have to read up on that somemore

    I heard the Holmes’ weren’t “allowed” to visit til May 2nd when the GMD got back from promo tour

  44. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    LIB..I have theory and this is not to spare you einstien friends reponse

    1: But TOM is supposed ot have superpowers at $scn OT7 so he could control the birth with his mind, therefore he couLD have stalled the birth till they were in a safe place

    2: Hubbard advises keeping grandparents away , especially when they are suppressive till they have decided to join the cruise cult…Even after the birth the grandparents did not hurry to LA (or were nto allowded till the messiah deemed it fit for them to come)……I bet Martin Holmes wished it was legal to shot a man and get away with it …ahhaha

  45. Libraesque says

    #155, nothing is wrong with me, unless of course you consider seeing something and making an observation as something “wrong”

    kelly 1, you have now fallen into the “you’re intimidated by me” category, which all people who say I’m stupid fall into, because I’m SO clearly not stupid

  46. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    hahhahaLOL…if you dont say ooooh and aaaaaaaaaah about the baby then you are STUPID??

    Give me a break..

    The child i snto extraordinary looking..both parents have invested in surgery to look the way they dont expect a baby to look lik ethe altered parents do you??

    Orianna: Tom was a very blond child..the pictures were on behind the actors studio, where he arrived with his sister leAnn..he is quite fair skinned and apparently he tints his eyebrows and lashes to make them darker
    . I understand hair color changes form blond to dark with age, ..

    The thing is caucasians are nto used to describing someon ebased on features due to the the array of eye colors and hair…however in china, aka SOURI’s homeland you have to distinguish and describe ppl based on features, and very accurately too….

    I never insulted a child, but all the oohhs and aaaaaaaah about this baby is mkaing me wonder if I need glasses….she is defintely wierd looking….especially in the wedding pic with gorgio armani picture

    Stupidity begets stupidity

  47. Libraesque says

    kelly if you’re so smart answer my question posed at #101, because none of the other FANS here have an answer. why don’t you take a crack at it EINSTEIN

    I would like ONE of the fans here to explain to me how a woman who is 8 months pregnant with her first child would take a 13 hour plane trip to Australia for a funeral of someone she had never met

    And why would her husband insist on it if it was his first biological child?

    Also explain why Katies parents IF SHE WAS INDEED TWO WEEKS LATE DELIVERING ON 4/18 would go to Florida on vacation during the week of the 18, and NOT cut their vacation short to be there for the birth?

  48. KELLY 1 says

    Hi looks like there is another Kelly. Personally I would never be in the Libraesque camp because I would then be stupid by association. LOL

    Could we get on with life please and stop repeating our selves thread after thread?

  49. Helen says

    I am Helen

    I like to imagine i’m the one licking Tom’s sweaty balls 23 hours a day

    I will still like him, even when he buys a man bra because he’ll develop jelly jugs before he’s 50

    I know he’s a short son of a fuck who can’t get it up for KH, but what do I care? I love hearing about him and his man fucks

    I ignore common sense and pay millions of $$ for some shit I know I will not get

    I support him though $cientology detox is dangerous

    I like him because I think psychiatry is a big crock of skunk shit just like him

    I am one of his robots designed to pro Tom everyone on the Internet until they all start gagging and wondering if I have a life besides all this

  50. Shadow Girl says

    True, but I do think that Jaden was a little taken aback at all the glamour. It was his first time amongst the giants of showbiz like that.

    WHOA! Did I just read an accusation of someone taking a pic of Suri and claiming that it’s her own kid? STOP IT!

    You have no right to do accuse a person of that. Lay off and don’t broach that subject again. Kids are not a part of this forum and I can’t believe someone would accuse someone of that.

    #104 must be blind as a bat.

  51. Libraesque says

    eve, that is some whacked shit! someone accused you of posting a pic of suri as your own kid?
    I’ve come to the conclusion that some of these people are truly NUTS

    shadow, did you see will smiths kid at the oscars? that dumbass kid couldn’t even form a sentence!!! I worked with a girl once who was home schooled, she graduated college when she was……19 or 20 I think…but her sister was a drug addict and a criminal….so it just depends I guess

  52. EveLina says

    Oh one more thing number 104.

    Thank God I came across you, or else you would of got away easy this time…. But no-one get’s across me when my child is involved…. Just for the record!

  53. Shadow Girl says

    Uh huh. Calm down everyone, the so called voice of reason is here!

    People took this scientific computer program to identify whether Suri looks more like Tom or Katie. She looks like Katie. I do agree with that.

    Simmer down.

    I in turn do feel a bit sorry about kids who are homeschooled nowadays. They miss out on drama club and intramural sports. Building up good relationships with friends and teachers are especially important.

    Suri is cute, as cute as a Tom spawn(supposedly) can get. I feel sorry for her, going into $cientology and never having the benefit for a real religion.

    Pro Tom people in my opinion are as batshit crazy as he is!

  54. Libraesque says

    it was reported that she screamed her bloody head off and was given an epiodural (sp?)

    thanks kelly…..are you the only “kelly” here???

  55. EveLina says

    There are such ignorant people on here!

    #104-EXCUSE me dear! But what right’s do you have going to hellorazzi barging in like that and say such things about my child… That she’s not mine, but Suri… What in the hell is wrong with people like you.. I just don’t get it? You must be blind on thinking that I’m that stupid to steal and use another child’s picture… Please just leave my baby out of this.. At least I use my handle, I have nothing to hide. And people that know me will tell you the same.. On the other hand why aren’t you using your handle? Miss!!!!!!!!??? What’s the matter dear can’t use your real indentity??? I have nothing else better to say to you other than get a life! Thank you!

  56. kelly says

    nisa, i just wanted to correct your name. i misspelled it. i do apologize for that. do you have children?? it does not sound like it. i have 4 they all talked between 9-14 month’s. libraesque, you are a nut, i am in your court… and once again . and you know who i am talking about. if you go on to the sceintology web site’s and in there litature you will know that they beleive in silence when the mother is deliverink the baby, i am amazed if she did not scream i did. i am not implying that i know everything. because i don’t. if i thought i knew everything i would have posted comment’s along time ago. and if you don’t like my comment’s i am sorry. i think like you do as well, one person could say something,the next person add’s on to thet story and on and on. by the time it get’s back to the person said it, it is not the same comment. i am sure you know that. i think everyone of us had that happen to us. sorry, once again if you found my comment trash. everyone has an opion. and no, suri is not cute. trust me the picture’s do her justice. and by the way libraesque, you go girl, you don’t take any crap. i like that.

  57. Libraesque says

    kelly, can you share with us, via your friends experience, something Suri said or did at the party.
    Just a little story about her or katie or tom, or….just anything. PLEASE…amuse us

  58. kelly says

    hi niza, i am glad you read what i posted. if you seem to know so much about the cruise family, and i don’t mean this as being mean. i get my resources, i am not stressed over suri, but, when i was told by a reliable source and family member.(on katie’s side as well as tom’s) i was blown away. i personally thought the hair every week was a joke. but, i promise you it is very true. i do not read tabloid’s. and you are right, alot of it is just that trash. this child does talk, and is hardle ever outdoor’s. friend’s of mine were at suri’s party, they did a luncheon,how many kid’s ate there first birthday do a luncheon??? this is tom cruise we are talking. and yes it is true that katie is registering her in kiddie religion glasses. she will start on or about 3. and i hope katie is away from him by then. because he will not have it. he say’s that suri will take on in a big title in sceientology. he also think’s hubbard is part of suri. or the way around. this will defitely effect her in the future. thank’s again for responding to my comment. i did not mean any of this in a harsh way. have a great day.

  59. Kitanna rocks! says

    Suri is the most gorgeous celebrity baby in my book! I love her hair, eyes, nose, lips, and everything about her! I want to hear her voice and see how cute she sounds and looks when she talks! I can’t wait for her to have a little brother or sister! I can just imagine how cute they are going to be! Tomkat needs to shell out babies like hotcakes cause they make the most beautiful babies in hollywood, unlike some other celebrity couples with mediocre looking babies! They are all cute but they aren’t all stunningly beautiful like Suri! She was born with the supermodel looks!

  60. bebet says

    110 Libraesque, why not boycott this site too, all your comments about this family is so envious and hidious, are you being paid to spy in tomkat site? please go a way!

  61. bebet says

    Jody #28 what an ugly comment? I’m sure you’re baby is much uglier than suri, if your standard is as low as you are

  62. faci says

    94. amy! Who is silly? who is that ?? comment before you, don’t you think I do recognize that? commenting such ugly and evil remarks to a beautiful and very adorable baby comes from a crazy and evil creature.

  63. Libraesque says

    btw, feel free to go over to tomkatcrazy, all they’re doing over there is talk about me and I haven’t been there in over a week

  64. Libraesque says

    I’ve got a suggestion for you Kelly, come on the threads, say how cute Suri is and how pretty Katie is AND LEAVE

    try to ignore my posts….I dare you

    you’re obviously threatened by me because I’m intelligent, articulate, and I get people on these threads THINKING and TALKING, more than just “ooohh, ahhh cute baby”

    And I have news for you when Mia, Amy and I get these threads bumped up to 400 comments per thread the webmistress is licking our boots, so YOU can kiss my ass

  65. Emma says

    All children develop at different times i think people need to remember that. My child amazed us with his speech at 1 year he was so advanced and still is, but he didnt walk till he was 14 months. Thats life.

  66. MJ says

    Jen Garner said Violet was talking back in December when she had just turned one and I did not hear any one calling her 5 years old. Kids at that age can say some words albeit unclearly. Suri has never looked like those babies who do not know or understand what is going on around them. Look at the way she is looking at Katie n that picture as if to say ‘did you want something?’ Lol

    I did not expect a spawn of Cruise to be like any ordinary kid. Lets start with the hair….

  67. DMITZ says

    Is it possible that the “walking and talking” means that Suri is walking and baby babbling? When my almost 1 yr old daughter utters sounds (since she can only say mama, dada, and papa) we say she is “talking”. I figure people know what we mean since they know she isn’t even 1 yet.

  68. Diana says

    I haven’t been on this site for a while, but it is interesting to hear everybody’s views on the subject!! It is funny how we all get so het up about little things!! 😉 All I know is that Tom and Katie look like they love little Suri and look after her so well and as I am soon to be a parent and from speaking to my parents, this is the first and foremost most important thing in a baby’s life to have parents that love them and take care of them. I don’t think any of us will determine if Suri is Tom’s baby or not. She is a beautiful baby girl and a miracle as is every child.

  69. raqchel says

    That kid peaked so early. She looks alright. But shes not the most beautiful baby in the land. She looks a little strange looking

  70. celine says

    i’m a graduate student and as such you develop close rels with profs. one of my friends at my school knows from his rich, upper west-side gay couple profs that the gay community in ny knows it for a fact that tc is gay. i mean he can be bi so it wouldn’t make it disgusting or anything that he is with women too, if the women that he’s with are fine with it. this is supposedly a well-established piece of info in that community.

    in that case, the sad thing is that he has to run away like a mice from his own being, if this is the case. it’s sad and maybe it’s because of the scientology shit. do they not allow it?

    why can’t he just let himself be?

    we have so many beloved artists that are so, what’s the big deal? meshell ndegeocello is one favorite of mine for example. and she’s a muslim, and constantly talks about her faith too. and she’s just fine.

    must be the scientology shit.

    then what’s the deal that nicole kidman was pregnant and had an unwanted abortion when tom dumped her? not true?

    all the money and all, it makes one want to laugh while saying so, but i feel bad for tc! it must hurt man to feel helpless and be what he is.

  71. Jen says

    Yes we ‘re deluded and there are what 3 names here that are not deluded compared with the rest of the people.
    Jodie its a free world you can think what you want and we’ll think what we want. And Tomkat can do whatever they want!!

  72. Jodie says

    she’s walking and talking is she?? How can they try and get away with their lies? One day it will all come out. The child is older than 12 months.

    She could well be Josh Hartnett’s. The similiarity is striking.

    I do not believe for one moment that biologically that child is TC’s. If he can produce children why did he not produce them before? Why now, as soon as he meets this young girl? SHE WAS ALREADY PREGNANT.

    Nothing will convince me that she is his.

    He is celibate. gay and sterile.

    You people are deluded. It’s really sad.

  73. S says

    Is it Tom’s? Perhaps it’s Chris’? What about Josh’s? Oh, and wait, could it possibly be Santa’s? There was that one pic of Katie sitting on his lap. Hmmm. Com’on folks. That’s how ridiculous this seems. Suri was smitten by the Tom bug. There’s no denying it. Maybe, just maybe, if Tom consented to Suri having hair-follicle DNA tests done, some of you might be relieved to know she is in fact a lil’ Cruiser. She is a very sweet baby and I know her parents (Tom & Katie) are soooooo proud of her.

  74. oriana says

    Left out the word Not, Bruce he would not allow his daughters to be raised in it so Demi stopped going.

  75. oriana says

    No, I don’t think that is true about Will and Jada, I heard Will talking about it on TV and he said he loved Tom, he respected his religion but it wasn’t for him.

    Also, Demi Moore was checking it out and Bruce Willis put the stops to that, said he would allow his daughters to be raised in Scientology beliefs so Demi only went a few sessions and stopped going. Big Bruce said No Way!

  76. kt says

    i don’t know why so many women on this site continue to be so critical. how would you like those kinds of comments about YOUR children? and in public domain, no less? that is so rude.
    it is totally obvious that suri is the spitting image of tom and katie, and i am certain she is tom’s b/c of the story he told about finding out about katie’s pregnancy when they were dating only a few months….i believe it was in vanity fair’s issue with them on the cover, but i can’t recall exactly. it was a story that sounded very natural and true. they do love eachother imo and the baby suri is theirs.
    in addition, as far as i know, will smith and jada pinkett smith are scientologists as well.

  77. To number #104 says

    Chill out! Why are you so deffensive?yes looks alot like suri, but it’s not. or else we would of seen that picture all over that sites especially this one. prove me wrong.

  78. oriana says

    I didn’t know Suri had a birthmark anywhere, especially on her face or forehead, don’t remember ever seeing a picture with that showing?

  79. says

    there is something so odd about Suri Cruise… i know i know, all babies are cute…. but there is something so strange looking about her, i can’t put my finger on it

  80. Kelly says

    I am tempted to go to that site which Libraesque is ‘boycotting’. It is not so much the hatred of Tom Cruise that irks me but the stupidity she exudes. Am sure I am not the first person to tell her how stupid, harebrained and shallow her posts are. At least if she posted once or twice, but she fills the whole thread with her repetitive no sense. We have heard your theories before so get on. This site is good and fun but She is killing it. Like many I rarely read her senseless rants anymore but when I do, I feel like Bitch slapping her. I am not even a staunch Cruise fan so I think the staunch fans must really get so pissed.

    Webmistress are you sure you can’t do anything about restricting her posts to two per thread? She is ruining your site which is otherwise superb.

  81. CTBmom says

    Okay, I just read your “apology” and now I have to apologize for my comment about you “spouting off”…because that was kind of rude of me. It’s obvious that you are intelligent, but I still say you just enjoy causing trouble. Darn, and I wasn’t going to respond to you anymore. Oh well.

  82. CTBmom says

    LOL, okay…that’s good that you like to do a little research when you’re not familiar with a subject. So next time, try researching the subject before you spout off about it. And yes as a matter a fact, my son did turn about to be gifted, but early speech is not necessarily an indication of intelligence, nor is a delay in speech an indication that there is a lack of intelligence. Anyway, I won’t respond to you further, except to let you know that I didn’t mean to offend you by saying that I found you “entertaining” but yes, it is obvious that you intentionally make controversial statements just to get a reaction from people. If that brings you some amusement…more power to you.

  83. Libraesque says

    okay that was bitchy!! I just got my period so sorry…..AND you should feel honored, after I left the ladies room I logged back in just to tell you that!!
    you actually got an apology from the resident biiiotch

  84. Libraesque says

    f^ck off!!!
    I researched it online little miss entertainment, like I do most things I try to make a point about if I’m not familiar with the subject.

    Babies start to make sounds other than, crying, at around two months. At around 6 months, they start making two syllable sounds, and start to mimic sounds at 7 months. By the twelth month, babies begin to say “mama” and “dada” and mimic words. By 15-18 months, they should say several single words, and by their second birthday will begin using simple phrases.

    so listen sweetheart, if you have a baby einstein that’s fab

  85. CTBmom says

    I just wanted to respond to your comment about kids not talking until they are closer to 2 years of age. Most kids can say a few words by their 1st birthday…so I what is the big deal that Suri is talking? She should be. My son, was repeating any word you said to him by his first birthday and would say a dozen words on his own. By the time he was 15 months old, he was already putting 2 and 3 words together. I don’t think you believe half the stuff you just want to get a rise out of people. I find you quite entertaining.

  86. Xerxez says

    That child is FUGLY..she makes the wrapping paper look BEAUTIFUL

    Rile em up……… they are coming after me!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Libraesque says

    and jen where did I say she read MY blogs crackhead???? I read that she actually goes to the sites like Perez

  88. me says

    omg i can’t believe that she is already a year old- i guess it’s cuz we didn’t see her until she waz 4 months.

  89. me says

    omg i can’t believe that she is already a year old- i guess it’s cuz we didn’t see her until she waz 4 months.

  90. Libraesque says

    jen, I said I don’t THINK I’ve ever seen her in shoes since then, and I’m boycotting that site so I don’t go there

  91. celine says

    but, Katie dear, they are going to say that about you, they are going to say stuff about your baby, you know why because you chose to be who you are, erm hollywood, the land of money and shit. so bear with it honey! money from shitty movies & celebrity nonsense comes with a price: we will just guess crazy stories and tell them in our iddle time!

  92. Jen says

    And Katie never confessed about reading your stupid blogs! She was talking about the tabloids like Star, life & style and Us weekly about their report when they didn’t show SURI.
    Here is what she said.

    The 27-year-old tells Vanity that the gossip surrounding her family, “eats away at me because it’s just not okay… Some of the crap that’s out there–the stuff that’s said about my parents and my siblings (implying that they didn’t approve of her relationship with Cruise)–it’s really frustrating the amount of s**t that’s out there.

    “And the stuff they say about Suri? You shouldn’t say that about us, and you can’t say that about my child.”

    Holmes stated that the reason she even reads tabloids is because, “This is my future. This is my family, and I care so much about them.

  93. Libraesque says

    I think it’s really sad that they can’t pull that mop out of her eyes with a cute little barrette, just because they’re trying to hide some little raspberry defect!!!! Just because she’s a celeb baby she has to look sloppy and unkempt? And the no shoes thing….WTF!!! Ever since every blog site was having a cow when she was photographed at 7 mos w/hard soled shoes, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen her photgraphed with shoes!!!! And KH confessed she reads the blogs…..

  94. oriana says

    Now she has little round cheeks, when she gets older, and her face gets thinner, I think she will look more and more like Tom, I love her head of hair, and she and Tom have the same hairdo, and the same color, I definately think she is his baby.

  95. ??????? says

    there is a picture of a baby under the name eve on hellorazzi that looks exactly like suri. I don’t think thats someones baby. take a look for yourselves, its SURI. LIARS- does that person think that we are stupid.hello?!

  96. says

    i dont think she is a cutie. she is just a normal baby cuse her mom is a normal one. Tom must choose another one for his kid……

  97. oriana says

    And that would be 13 hours each way, to me, it would not be a good judgement call to make, Tom should have gone if he wanted to pay respects to his friend and Katie stay at home near her doctor, first baby can come two weeks early easily and I just think she went along with Tom to make please him.

  98. Libraesque says

    I would like ONE of the fans here to explain to me how a woman who is 8 months pregnant with her first child would take a 13 hour plane trip to Australia for a funeral of someone she had never met

    And why would her husband insist on it if it was his first biological child?

    Also explain why Katies parents IF SHE WAS INDEED TWO WEEKS LATE DELIVERING ON 4/18 would go to Florida on vacation during the week of the 18, and NOT cut their vacation short to be there for the birth?

  99. oriana says

    #85, Kelly, she can’t be talked to on certain days and only so many times a day? WHAT!!!! I never read that! Surely that is just a wild rumor, I can’t even see that with anybody, especially a baby or small child! Where did you get that info? Oh Lord!!!

  100. Libraesque says

    HEY, I just realized……….she’s “walking and talking”


    Uuuhmm call me silly but kids don’t start “talking” til they’re closer to two

  101. Libraesque says

    Nisa, please. It’s not my intention to make anyone do anything here!!!
    You don’t need to tell me how to write to gain supporters, that’s not what it’s about.

    Do you think it matters to me if you believe I worked in Entertainment Law for almost 10 years?
    It doesn’t
    I did
    I have stories that would curl your hair about A LOT of celebs
    I’ve even seen pics of Brad Pitt naked!!! I worked for one of Gwenyths attorneys, and they were suing a French rag because they scaled the side of a mountain to get pictures of them sun bathing nude on a balcony where they thought they were safe from the paps.

    So yea, I know…..a lot. And it doesn’t mean a flying fig to me if you believe what I write or not

  102. oriana says

    If Suri was taken to a Beauty Shop someone working there would be driving a new Mercedes for we would all know about it from some greedy reporters.

  103. amy says

    FACI – #89

    just as predicted you silly woman!!

    Read my comment again –
    Read the comments above mine –

    you will see – that on THIS thread, i did not instigate a single comment…
    i merely agreed with comments other posters prior to me had posted…

    FACI – why did you single me out ?

  104. celine says

    and she’s leading him out of the dining place!!!! check x17. no more katie hung on tommy’s finger and looking for guidance. kt must be reading the comments in this site. hahahahaha. way to go, with a lil more effort on your part, soon she’ll give scientology its due!

  105. Nisa says

    Kelly I think that you take tabloid rumours/ Stories seriously. Why would Katie take Suri for Kiddie catholicism? She is only one year old and cannot even talk let alone understand religion. Is Gwen taking Kingston for Kiddie Catholism? I mean she is a catholic and her baby was baptised recently.

    These magazines come up with all sort of stories. I can’t believe you can believe the story about the child being taken for hair styling, she even too young for that and believe me the trash about not talking to her is made up crap, I write so I know this. Most of the articles in magazines are made up from pictures and discussions at work, probably someone cracked a joke about doing Suri’s hair since she is the only celeb baby with such long hair and another built on it that, if they took her to a salon probably no one would be allowed to talk to her. It is how these stories are made up.

    Look at all the recent Brangelina break up stories, yes there may even be tension in that relationship but 95% of these stories are cooked. The only truth in them are the names of the parties and the speculation from reading the body language of these starts in pictures or videos. Do not stress your self over them.

  106. faci says

    amy you’re such an evil creature, making bad comments to this very cute baby. don’t be jealous

  107. maggie says

    suri is getting so big and shes just gorgeous, in this pic I think she look like katie. I cant believe shes one already.

    I think shes precious but something girly is missing in her hair, she has a lot of hair so they should put something cute on it

  108. Nisa says

    Libraesque, the way you reason, one can never think you worked anywhere for ten years let alone the showbusiness. Let me tell you a secret. If you want your arguments about Tom to be believed or even taken seriously, do not layer them with prejuce. People believe you more if you at least once in a while admit something nice about someone you don’t like. I don’t even think people read you posts any more, you and Miapocca. I certainly don’t apart from once in a blue moon. But girl you do not convince any one with your arguments. They are so lame is hurts.

    Notice that the only person who agrees with you is Miapocca and Amy ( who are the same person any way) and in the same prejudiced hate filled boat. Before you came to the site, no one stood up for Tom’s scientology but now you have driven them to the extreme that scientology looks better than the hatred you habour for Tom Cruise.

    I don’t know what you did in showbiz but my dear in this business celebs are strangers and your feelings towards them should be as impersonal as can be. Your personal dislike for Cruise seems too personal for anything you say to be believed. Do you know of any fan who you have influenced with your rants? Since you visited the site, do you see any new Tom Cruise haters? May be you do not mind wasting your efforts but I guess it is your life.

  109. kelly says

    i don’t like to say anything negative about anyone especially a child.(i know why am i, then right?) well i think a child need’s to be loved and experience so many different people,place’s. i am just alittle upset to know this child is getting her hair done once a week, and she cannot be talked to on different day’s and certain time’s during a day. so, why are they doing that to her? it is really going to hurt her with trying to be normal and having healthy relationship’s. it is already going to be hard for her growing up with a miroscope following her and her parent’s every move. and katie of course is in the middle. she want’s her daughter to know both religion’s. and i think that is wonderful. that why she can decide for herself. because we all know when you force a child,teen they will do the oposite. i trully hope that this is just another rumor about the cruises and baby suri. come on she is only 1. and she can’t be talked to and played with or held, because she is into sceintology like her sibling’s and dad.. hang out and make shilou pitt your best friend’s. her daddy love’s children, and shilou will take flight lesson’s at 5, and you can bust out of your parent’s prison and see the great blue yonder. i am sorry suri, this is so harsh, it is aimed at her dad, katie is a great mom. and i hope when she is away filming, she will see what freedom is. or did i hear right? tom is going to????? sorry, katie and suri.

  110. Libraesque says

    “Mary” Katie got her full head of hair from Tom????

    Tia, no one can get away with WHAT in L.A????

    Lies, deception, pay offs PLEASE sister, are you from the mid-west, or a cave on some island?

    Listen, I worked in the business for nearly ten years. Think of the most outrageous scenario you can think of that has to do with lies and deceit, now add power, money, million dollar images, and legal teams that make great white sharks look like kittens, and times it by 100%.
    Unless you’ve worked in the entertainment business, you need to NOT make your naive comments

  111. Mary says

    #79 and #80. Thank you for those pictures. Now I know where Katie got her head full of hair and those slated eyes.

  112. KK says

    I think Suri looks more like Tia’s image than Libraesque’s image. I am trying to have an open mind her but to me Suri looks like a Mini Tom and unless any one brings conclusive evidence, I will go with my gut instinct that she is Tom’s.

    If those detractors for one moments got their heads out of the sand and learn to accept when they are beaten, they would see clearly that there is no way Suri can be any one’s but Tom. She evn looks more like him than like Katie.

  113. ????? says

    I have seen a picture of Tom as a baby but Suri looks more like Katie as a baby of course Katie did not have that much hair. I know it was inevitable to dispute paternity of any Tomkitten since we all thought that Tom could not have kids. I mean am his fan but I thought so too. I actually think this picture was distorted because it was brought close up artificially but Tom’s and Katie’s fansites have it better and Suri is a real doll.

  114. oriana says

    Thank you for the info Nisa!

    I wonder, has anyone ever seen a picture of Tom as a baby? I still think Suri looks like Tom and she is cute but she was much cuter as a baby.

  115. scarlet says

    She is cute only because she is a baby…There is nothing special about the looks of that kid. Frankly she is below average..

  116. Libraesque says

    and that picture of W.M the eyes are NOT the same
    the top of the eye is slanted, but straight across. The bottom of the eye is very rounded toward the middle, EXACTLY opposite of Suris eye shape.

  117. Libraesque says

    You have GOT to be kidding. That child has a SMALL pug nose, EXACTLY like KH’s, not a huge tucan sam nose like her “father.”
    I DEFY one of you rabid fans to post a BABY picture of TC as actual evidence that he and this child resemble eachother AT ALL, because as an adult there is NO resemblence
    And then compare her picture to the last REAL man KH was with , weeks before she hooked up with TC

    the eyes exactly, the nose, exactly, the lips, EXACTLY.

  118. Sassy says

    Suri is just too gorgous, her dark hair with the blue eyes is just such a beautiful combination…Tom and Kate made a beautiful child, can’t wait to see the next TomKat….

  119. K.K says

    Wow she does look like Tom’s side. I can see a striking resemblance between her and Bill Mapother, especially the lips. The eyes though are Tom’s.

    Sorry C, I think she looks more like Clare’s link than your link. Infact she looks nothing like the guy in your link now that I see the images again may be the eyes a little but that is beacuse they both hace slanty eyes, which Tom has as well.

  120. Clare says

    No ‘C #66’ I know you would like Suri to look like that man but the mouth area betrays her partenanity. She has both Tom and Bill Mapother’s lips. Check this out:

    Even the tilt of the eyes and the expression there in. Sometimes she also resembles Tom’s mother. But all round her beauty is Katie’s.

  121. Tia says

    Sorry…I didn’t know there was another Tia here I used to post here a while back but I haven’t done that for a while. Just got a new laptop recently.

  122. Clare says

    I am not surprised Suri is already running and talking, she seems very intelligent. She has Tom’s expressions, even in those pictures. She favours Tom more than Katie but I hope the nose sticks with Katie.

    How can she be Kleins with a head full of hair like that when Klein is balding at 27. Do the biology people.

    But truthfully she is a beauty. Even my grandmother knows about Suri Cruise, I was shocked!

  123. Tia says

    Sorry…I didn’t know there was another Tia here I used to post her a while back but I’ve done that for a while. Just got a new laptop recently.

  124. KK says

    I have seen Johny Mira Sorvinos son and many times I think he looks two years old yet he is about 10 months. That does not make him 2 years. I think Suri looks one but for those who think she looks older here is a pic of Mira’s son. I think you are going to call him 4. Then again, I don’t think you believe that she is older. You just hate Tom and will say anything to that end. I feel sorry for you.

    Here is Johny:

  125. Tia-the first says

    There is apparetly another Tia now…lol

    I think she looks exactly like Tom…Im still deciding if thats a good thing or not. She DOES however look like a happy baby!

  126. N says

    She looks like Tom in this picture… and she looks one. If Katie and Tom say she’s one…..then she’s one. Who cares about how big she looks…..thats irrelevant.

  127. Just me says

    I’m sorry …. I’m sorry …. I’m sorry … I’m sorry. I just don’t think Suri is the most attractive baby. But the fact that she’s always smiling is what makes her cute.

  128. cherisse says

    I think she is so cute and adorable. She looks like Tom and Katie. She has Katie nose, cheeks, and mouth. And right around the eyes it especially Tom and the hair too!!!! I still can not believe that she is already 1 year old.

  129. Tia says

    Suri Cruise Celebrates Her First Birthday

    Little Suri Cruise may not realize the effort involved, but her family made sure she celebrated her first birthday in style.

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes organized a birthday lunch on April 18 at the Cruise compound in Los Angeles, where the entire clan dined on pizza and cupcakes from Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills.

    “Suri is walking and talking,” says a source close to the family, who adds that dragonfly and butterfly piñatas were part of the entertainment.

    The guest of honor – who, Holmes told PEOPLE recently, “loves just being outside right now,” received a gym set for the backyard, according to the source, along with a stack of books, balls and dolls.

    “Tom and Suri kicked the ball around the lawn during the party,” adds the source.

    Holmes’s mom Kathy, 60, flew to California for the occasion, as did a sister and nephew of Cruise, according to the source. On April 17, both grandmothers – Kathy Holmes and Mary Lee Mapother South, 70 – were treated to dinner at an Italian restaurant.

    Just days earlier Holmes, 28, was in Shreveport, La., where she is filming Mad Money with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton – and the day after the birthday bash, she and Cruise, 44, jetted to New York City for Cruise’s 9/11 Detox Fund-Raiser.

    But Wednesday’s luncheon was a fun break from all the jet-setting – albeit a messy one. By the end of the party, says the source, “Tom, Katie and Suri were wearing chocolate.”,,20036536,00.html

  130. lagirl says

    She is cute but how bout a barrette or bow for that shaggy hair. I think Katie tries to keep Suri’s birthmark on her forehead covered but it her hair makes her look scraggily.

  131. Mary says

    In the pictures of Suri I’ve seen she is very happy baby and she has so much facial expressions, love that about her she doesn’t have a vacant face like some babies.

  132. ShiftingSands says

    She is not cute !!!!!!!! Am sorry but all this hype for a below average looking child ! Who cares who the dad (or mom) is she is still FUGLY !!!!!!!

  133. Megan says

    I disagree Lisa #54, the recent pictures of Danielynn were air brushed but candid pictures in OK magazine show her pretty but not as pretty as Suri. Dannie even had a nappy and baby rush that was photshopped off. Even Suri’s VF mag pictures were photoshopped but I love her candids more. Look at her…..

    Suri is the absolute best.

  134. Megan says

    I am definitely going with whoever said that we should ignore the conspiracy theorist.

    Suri is cuteeeeeeeeeeee and if it was not ammoral, I would eat her (joking). She is my favourite and she is a little star. She makes me happy and I thank Tom and Katie for bringing her into our lives.

    I cannot decide who she resembles most. Sometimes I think it is Katie and then I see a younger picture of Tom and I think, wow, so like Suri. Above all, I like the fact that whenever I see her picture, my mood improves miraculously. Love that child.

  135. Lisa says

    Come on people, that kid is a Tom Mini Me big time. And as for looks, she is a cutie but Dannielynn has her beat big time.

  136. Ruby Jackson says

    In regards to the conspiracy theory… has anyone ever considered that TC is celibate as part of his commitment to COS? Most religeons, when you ascend to the higher levels, require a vow of celibacy. Maybe that’s where the rumors started, and why he needed to enter into a ‘contract’ because he wanted/needed a child, but wasn’t going to have sex to get one.

    Think about it….

  137. Mary says

    Oh gosh she is so cute. I’ve seen these pictures at a fan site but this one looks like a closeup so thank you.
    Jodie everyone is different some find Suri cute and adorable and some don’t and the same with Tomkat so to each her own.

  138. DMITZ says

    # 45 & 45 – you are completely right. Jodie/Jodi/Jody – if Tomkitten isn’t so interesting, why do you keep commenting? Just leave it be. Let who enjoy this baby keep good conversation going.

  139. DMITZ says

    # 35 – Katie has droopy eyelids. Have you ever seen them? That’s probably where Suri gets it from.

  140. Jodie says

    why is it ignorant and stupid? because you don’t agree with it or don’t want to hear it, that makes it ignorant and stupid, does it?

    What’s more ignorant and stupid is to harp on about how beautiful this child is (no, she’s average) how wonderful TC & KH are (errm, no, they are crazy. He is completely. She sold her soul and her child)

  141. Jen says

    Gaelle, I agree with you, no one should respond to their post. I think all they want is attention and to divert the comments. From now on I’ll not answer an ignorant and stupid comments.

    I agree Suri has Tom’s slanted eyes.

  142. Gaelle says

    People why you keep answering to those idiots. They know that , you can not pull something like that in LA , but still continue with their rants. This is the way it is going to be everytime we see a picture of this child. They are not only insulting T C and K H but also Klein and Hartnett. One day it is Klein the next it is Hartnett. K H was never a slut ,so to think she would do something like is just plain crazy. only self proclaim people with multiple partners just like you know who can do that, but strangely she is royalty now.

  143. Jodie says

    sorry but why do you people get so carried away? she is just an average looking kid. Nothing special.

  144. babyrazziROCK says

    O M G !!!! she is so so so CUTE lil gurl…She is definitely a TOMKAT !!!! I cannot believe that she’s already a year old 🙂

  145. CTBMOM says

    I haven’t posted in several weeks, but to COMMENT….look at Tom Cruise’s eyes in this pick, they slant down just like Suri’s and she most defninitely has his nose. This whole “she’s not really Tom’s baby” rumor is ridiculous. She is most definitely his and Katie’s little girl.

  146. Natalie says

    She is cute! I think she looks just like Tom in that picture and her eyes slant down at the outer corner just like Toms evident from that picture. hope she gets her mommy’s nose though.

  147. Jodie says

    I’m quite new, yeah, been here a couple of weeks.

    I’m sure it will come out eventually. When KH has come to her senses and stopped being brain washed by mad Tom, she might just reveal what the hell’s been going on. That child deserves to know who her real father is. It’s really sad.

  148. comment says

    Agree with Jodie & Jody. Suri is not Tom’s child. Her eyes is evident. Aging eyelids droop to be that way but for a baby to have such eyelids it has to be heredity. And notice how her eyes slant down at the outer corner, but Tom’s are not.

  149. Jen says

    Hi Jodie, are you new to this site? Because this is the first time I’ve seen your comments unless you used to post under a different name.

    Anyways People should drop this Suri conspiracy already! its getting tiresome. No one in their right mind think someone can get aways with something like that.

  150. Jodie says

    she is so obviously not TC biological child! Come on people, wake up and smell the coffee!

    This child has not just turned 1 year old.

    All is not as it seems here, seriously.

  151. DMITZ says

    Suri looks adorable. Lots of babies have pug noses, but to say it’s just like Tom’s sounds like animosity towards him. Plus, the reason she looks older is because of all her hair. My daughter is about to be 1 and she looks a little older b/c of all the hair she has. She was born w/lots of hair and has always looked older than her age. For the one that mentioned they are probably waiting for money to release some pics (birthday), I doubt that’s true. When Suri was born, they welcomed the photog in their home and gave permission for the pics to be taken/printed for free. Suri is definetely on my list for my beautiful Hollywood baby. I may not always agree w/Tom’s new lifestyle, but that has nothing to do w/Suri. It sounds like Katie is a wonderful mom. I don’t blame them for keeping Suri out of the limelight for so long. People keep suggesting that she was deformed, older than 1 year which would make her someone else’s child, etc. Would you want to release information or share anything w/voulcher’s like that?

  152. Julie says

    She’s just beautiful! I can’t get enough of Suri! I don’t understand why people still think she’s older than 1 year! I guess it must be the hair. Why would they lie about her age? I don’t think Tomkat is conspiring to fool the world! The baby looks just like Tom, and she looks like she’s a year old. I love to see pics of her, she’s my favorite!!!!!

  153. says

    This kid is not cute. I have seen one cute picture of her. Just because her dad is Tom Cruise; that doesn’t make her adorable.

  154. celine says

    her face expressions is way too funny. i can’t find her pretty. the brown hair blue eye combination is a rare one in hollywood. she comes with the package of beautiful ppl so the whole buzz of pretty baby will always be there.

    weird haircut.

    makes her crooked looking. face expression is million dollar one each time suri is in public though. hahahhahha

  155. KK says

    On one news channel, ShowBiz named Suri as the most cutest baby in Hollywood and most famous baby in the world.
    They showed off some of her pics which we already saw and retold her journey again that even while she’s in her mom’s womb she’s already a star and the most anticipated baby to be born. Showbiz said Katie and Tom really want privacy and normalcy for their family. Katie is also having a hard time being out because she’s protective of her child. Expect to see less of this baby but the fascination by the media and public will not go away. They added this baby’s life will be followed by the media and the world. They photoshopped Suri with her driver’s license,going to school and in a graduation cap.


    I copied this from a poster on another site. I thought I should share it. That is because I share their feeling that we are yet to see the last of this baby. There is a fascination about her. Even Shiloh who was born with a lot of controversy cannot measure up with the global Suri fascination. The whole world knew it was her birthday!!! and it actually made news.

    Just for the record, I do not mind home schooling since these actors have to move from set to set. It is better to move with a teacher than leave the children with a nanny for long periods. Shooting can take as long as 9 months or even a year.

  156. Jodie says

    she’s growing out of her looks, poor thing.

    This is the only photo I’ve ever seen of her where she could just about pass as TC’s biological child. Must be the nose!!


  157. Tia says

    Suri is soooooooooo adorable and you can tell they’re one happy family. I’m glad they don’t care what the tabloids write and they just get on with their life’s. Nisa thanks for the info I didn’t know Will Smith’s kids were homeschooled.

  158. Nisa says

    Suri is all grown into a little woman. She looks more and more like Tom. Actually, in this picture, I don’t see a lot of Katie in her apart from the cheeks. She is a cute thing and I can see a beauty when she grows.

    Oriana, Tom’s kids and his sister’s kids are homeschooled. Even non scientologists like Will Smith and Jada homeschool their kids. It is a way of protecting them from unsavoury behaviour in school these days but Will said he would rather home school his children because he wanted to write his own syllabus.Also because they are always touring with Jada’s band, she would rather be with them and take a teacher along than leave them behind with a nanny.

    If you want to take them to college, then you let them sit for college entry exams like SAT or LSAT or other college enrty exams and if they pass them then they are eligible to join college. I think Angelina Jolie should do this for her kids. It is better they go with a tutors whe they are country hoping than uprooting them from school all the time she is travelling. Although Tom’s kids do go for sports at Beverly Hills high school.

    I must say both Tom and Will’s kids seem well adjusted kids. And remember that they are always on set with other co-workers kids in on-set daycare centres when filming so they have plenty of interactions with their age mates.

  159. Kelly says

    Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy webmistress, you got that picture, Suri is cute like a button. She is so gorgeous and I smile whenever I look at her. She just makes my day.

    They eyes and the lips are definitely Tom Cruise through and through and even the smuggness lol. But the prettiness is Katie, though Tom used to be cute too as a kid. Again thanks web mistress. I owe you one!!!!!

  160. Jen says

    Suri is so adorable and you can tell she is a happy baby. I think she looks more like Tom with Katie’s lips and nose.

  161. Lauren says

    Suri is soo cute!! IMO, she is the spitting image of Tom. Wow! Love that full head of hair she has. Soo adorable..

  162. amy says

    i don’t need to add anything here as its already been added by others above me:
    Yes – she does look older than one
    Yes – tom does look like he is in desperate need for haemmie cream
    Yes – the poor thing will more than likely be locked away and home schooled
    Yes – it does look like she has lucked out with the nose
    Yes – not cute, gettting uglier, crooked eyes
    NOW – watch ME get slammed for these comments…
    haha how predictable…

  163. Minnie says

    Now you’ve said it i can’t get away from the eye thing!

    I don’t know – I think she looks a bit like a 4 year old boy. A cute year old boy but still…

  164. ?????????? says

    i don’t know i think she already had a birthday way before the 18th. because she does look older than her age. that is probably why we have’nt seen pictures. or are they waiting until someone buys the pictures to have them published in their mag. she is not cute, the older the uglier. her eyes look crooked. one is higher than the other.

  165. oriana says

    I can see the kids getting homeschooled, don’t have to be Scientologists to do that, but what happens when the kids get college age? Don’t they go away to different universities across the nation or is there a Scientologist college they all attend? Just wondering?

  166. Andrea says

    She looks like both to me, but with Katie’s eyes. Poor kid–she’ll be homeschooled by scientologists like Cruise’s other adopted children.

  167. Kalista Brat says

    Wow she looks so freaking cute and beautiful! She is so pretty in that pink dress! I wonder if Grier and Suri took pictures together because they are both birthday girls? I love it!

  168. oriana says

    I think she looks just like Tom, but was cuter when she was younger, love that head of hair, she is an adorable child, no doubt about it!

  169. S says

    Suri is as pretty as ever! Wow, her looks are really changing alot. IMO, she’s looking more like her mommy. Don’t know if anybody else noticed but Tom has an expression of “Daaang, can’t believe I left that hemorrhoidal cream at home. I’ve gotta get to the bathroom ASAP!” Ha!! 🙂

  170. Zbella says

    Both, but more like Tom. I agree she is a cute kid, but this picture is not a very good one imo. Tom kind of looks like Luke Wilson in the picture too…

  171. Think About It says

    She looks a lot like both of her parents. There is def. no denying that she is Tom Cruise AND Katie Holmes daugther!

  172. Bethany says

    She is too cute!!! She looks older than she really is, I think. I can’t tell who she looks like either!

  173. stacey says

    OMG!!!!!! SHE IS JUST THE CUTEST LIITLE GIRL!!!!!!! but who does she look like? i cant really decide whether she looks like tom or katie!

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