Milla Jovovich Expecting Her First Child

Milla Jovovich

Model, actress and designer Milla Jovovich, 31, and producer Paul Anderson (to whom Milla is engaged to be married), are expecting their first child this fall. The couple met when Paul directed Milla in Resident Evil in 2000 and announced their engagement in March 2003. “He got me an antique ring and he proposed four years ago but we broke up in between,” Milla said earlier this month. “I was training for a film at the time and I was unable to train with the ring he got me, so I asked him to get me a more casual, smaller ring and he bought one for me.” The child will be the first for Milla, who has previously been married to producer/director Luc Besson and actor Shawn Andrews.

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  1. Xenafan96 says

    LOL-I am watching The 5th Element right now!

    “Big-Badda Boooooom!”
    Congrats to hear, I thought she had a little girl already.

  2. Meg says

    What about madness? Is she bipolar or something? I find it too bad that there isn’t really any mention about Milla’s highly successful career as a designer, I adore her clothes and talent in creating them and also modeling them. Anyway, she is beautiful and talented and a joy to watch on screen, too. I love a model with diverse talents and ambitions, and now motherhood, to boot! Congrats!

  3. celine says

    milla is a dream!

    the boy is also too cute! i also can’t help but remember her once time beau luc besson. his wit… my god… the big blue and taxi are just gorgeous.

    there’s a cute pic of this couple on x17. and there’s brit too there. she looks HOT. though i doubt she has overcome her madness.

  4. Zbella says

    She’s gorgeous, that’s for sure. Milla looks very 1920’s in this picture. And her fiancee is handsome. I really enjoyed her in that movie… what was it called… the 5th circle?

    Congrats to them both, and I think they will have a beautiful baby!

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