Meg Ryan Explains That Daisy Is "The Daughter That I Should Have"

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan believes it was fate that brought her together with her 2-year-old adopted daughter, Daisy.

“I am convinced, completely convinced that there was nothing random about the adoption,” Meg, 45, tells Redbook in its May issue. “She is the daughter I should have.”

Months after applying to adopt a child in China, Meg flew there to bring her baby daughter home to Los Angeles. Meg initially named the girl Charlotte, but quickly realized that name didn’t fit her and changed it.

“I thought she was Charlotte, and she’s just not,” Meg said on The Oprah Winfrey Show in March of last year. “She’s a Daisy. She’s got the most open, beautiful, honest face you’ll just ever see.”

Of the adoption, Meg tells Redbook, “I never felt like I was on a rescue mission or anything like that. I just really wanted a baby; I was on a mission to connect with somebody, and Daisy and I got to meet each other in this way at this time. We are so compatible.”

Meg also has a son who turns 15 this month, Jack Henry. Jack’s father is her ex-husband, Dennis Quaid.

“This is the best time in my whole life,” says Meg, who is back on the screen in In the Land of Women after an absence of a few years. “I’m happy in my skin, I’m happy in my home, I’m happy in my career. I’m just very satisfied all around. I don’t feel like I’m living anybody else’s life, or anybody else’s idea of what I should be doing, and it just feels very good.”

She adds: “I know I’m very lucky. I feel that I’ve positioned myself in this way, to have a full life, and I’m doing it.”

Things were not so easy when she began her career. “When I first because famous, it was kind of traumatizing, actually. You just constantly feel like you’re getting hit, you know?” she says. “I would say there’s no real upside to fame. No really measurable one. There’s money, but that doesn’t necessarily come along with fame.

“People always say that they can get dinner reservations, but c’mon. You could always figure out some other way to dinner reservations.”

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  1. Xenafan96 says

    Thanks for understanding sweetie! I really like your posts and I think you’ll make a great Mommy someday(if you want kids, my sister does not so I hope I am not presuming). I’m so glad you did not take offense to my post,! 🙂

  2. says

    yeah I guess your right xenafan96, Im not a mother yet but I can understand that your kids are the most important and nobody likes that makes fun of them.

  3. Lisa says

    Daisy is so cute. I was wondering when is Daisys birthday? She is two already? If anyone knows when she was born if you could email me that would be great.
    Thank you

  4. Xenafan96 says

    Maggie-In light of all the racists jumping on the boards and attempting to completely flame anyone that even responds to them, I have to decline so that my daughter is protected. I’m sure you as a Mommy can understand that anyone who mucks with your kid is choke worthy and not one of the idiots who does it gets that chance with mine. I can tell you her nickname is Fudge based on the big brown eyes she has and that it is definately one of the above names but not Olivia or Ariel. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings since I have seen you here lots and I know you ask out of total sicncerity, but I just don’t feel comfortable posting it with all the junk posted lately.

  5. Zbella says

    We went in the hospital with a short list of names (both boy and girl) for our 3 kids.

    We named our girls right away, but my son didn’t have a name for about an hour. I even said “Karl” for our son, then changed my mind and chose his name. I’m so glad I did. It suits him 100%.

    I thought about changing our youngest baby’s name, but my husband wouldn’t let me – since he picked it out! She is so Irish looking – red hair, milky-pink skin and blue eyes – but she has a Scandanavian name.

  6. Zbella says

    Is that from plastic surgery? I heard Dennis Quaid was addicted to drugs during their marriage, so I can’t blame her for leaving him. However, he is one of my all time biggest crushes from his first movie “Breaking Away”. Ahhh.

    Daisy is cute, and I like her name.
    I see Meg shops at Whole Foods. We can’t afford it though.

  7. Xenafan96 says

    As a mom, I understand the name fitting the child. My husband and I were tossing around so many different names when I was pregnant-Olivia, Ariel, Fiona, Elisabeth, Samantha that when our daughter was born, we just knew-yep we settled on the right name for her. She snoozed through the list until we got to her name and her little eyes popped open and she puckered her lips up. It was like” Finally you guys know my name! Geez!”

  8. maggie says

    daisy is so cute and meg is a great mom, she lover her both kids so much, she dosnt love more daisy than her biological son.

  9. celine says

    they’re so sweet! too cute. she’ll grow up to become pretty like her mom and like one of these actresses in wong kar-wai movies…

  10. Libraesque says

    I met Meg when I worked at an entertainment law office way back in the 90’s. She was already a huge star and when she introduced herself she couldn’t even look up and said “it’s…..meg…..meg ryan” and of course being the loud mouth fool that I am I blurted out “OH PLEASE! you don’t have to tell me who YOU are!”
    she’s very sweet and unassuming

  11. Mel says

    I simply adore this woman. She is amazing! IShe doesn’t do things to spread them out for attention *Although I do love those women too lol) and she a beautiful mom.

  12. Jenna says

    Daisy is so beautiful! I’m not too keen on the name Daisy, I personally prefer Charlotte (I actually really love the name Charlotte) but I agree that Daisy suits her better.

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