1. geri says

    his mother in this pic looks amazingly like leo in a wig… i wouldn’t have ever guessed based on the baby but by looking at her she’s either his mother or him in drag. very cute baby pic.

  2. Essie says

    I believe his mom is/was German and his dad is Italian. Perhaps that’s why she’s in front of the flag. Leo was an adorable baby, a cute kid and is now a handsome man.

  3. kim--original kim says

    Are you SURE that’s him??? I don’t think it looks at all like him, though he sure is a cute baby!….

  4. dori says

    Leo definately has his moms smile. As a baby there was no resemblance but as an adult he looks a lot like his mom doesn’t he?

  5. Alexandra says

    Can’t see how that baby could grow up to look like the most beautiful person in the world.

    *scratches head*

  6. maggie says

    ohhh he was so cute, I mean he still is. I would never guess who was, he dosnt look like him now

  7. njangel says

    she got this from the website…they have a few others on there and let you guess too. his was the hardest to figure out, although i did get another one wrong too. they look like such normal, average kids and then they grow up to be millionaires…

  8. onatear says

    Awww, that is too cute! He looks amazingly like his mother. The fact that he changed in looks should be a great lesson for those who find (other) babies unattractive…all babies are beautiful and full of new life.

  9. Amy says

    was she an immigrant or something? why is she posing in front of a flag? he is adorable.. although i never would have guessed that was him

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