Alec Baldwin Apologizes For His Hateful Voicemail To His Daughter

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin apologized Friday for his hateful voicemail message to his daughter, blaming the stress of his custody fight with Kim Basinger and insisting: “I have a normal relationship with my daughter.”

“I’m sorry, as everyone who knows me is aware, for losing my temper with my child,” Alec wrote on his Web site. “I have been driven to the edge by parental alienation for many years now. You have to go through this to understand. (Although I hope you never do.) I am sorry for what happened.”

He added: “I have endured a great deal over the last several years in my custody litigation. Everyone who knows me privately knows that certain people will go to any lengths to embarrass me and to disrupt my relationship with my daughter.”

Alec posted his comments on his site’s guest book under the heading “Alec responds to your comments” a day after the leak to of a voicemail message from Baldwin to his and Basinger’s 11-year-old daughter, Ireland.

The message had been contained in a sealed court file in the former couple’s three-year custody fight over the girl, who lives with her mother in LA.

Alec’s attorneys on Friday filed papers asking the court to investigate the source of the leak, saying Kim was “the only parent with custody, possession and control of the minor child’s telephone voicemail message.”

“This is a direct violation of a court’s order to keep items sealed,” Alec’s attorney Vicki Greene told People magazine. “It’s ultimately damaging the minor child, and the tape had to have come from Kim’s side. Neither we or the court had a copy, so where else could it have come from?”

Kim’s attorney didn’t respond to requests for comment. Her Hollywood rep says only, “The voicemail speaks for itself.”

“I am sorry for what happened,” Alec wrote on his Web site. “But I am equally sorry that a court order was violated, which had deliberately been put under seal in this case. Although I have been told by numerous people not to worry too much, as all parents lose their patience with their kids, I am most saddened that this was released to the media because of what it does to a child,” he wrote.

He said that in high-profile cases, “your opponents attempt to take a picture of you on your worst day and insist that this is who you are as a person. Outside the doors of divorce court, I have friends, I have respect from people I work with and I have a normal relationship with my daughter. All of that is threatened whenever one enters a courtroom.”

He said he would be writing about the “incredible strains created by parental alienation” in a book, but “in the meantime, I’m sorry to anyone who’s taken offense from this episode.”

(Parental alienation, a hotly debated topic in custody cases, is a situation in which one parent is said to alienate the child from the other.)

Yikes…it is amazing how long Kim and Alec have been fighting! It must be so hard for their daughter to endure.



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  4. Nicole says

    Kim is a crazy, revengeful ex. She’s pretty smart though,
    clever and devious. She really set him up and finally got
    him after years of trying. She’s a clever one that Kim.
    Of course now that all her dirty laundry is aired I don’t think
    she’s a very nice person and certainly not a great spokesmodel for any beauty company. Now if she wanted
    to endorse brooms… now that would be a perfect fit!!!

  5. oriana says

    Nicki, if you are reading this today, I hope your friend in NH is doing okay, I have thought about her so much!

  6. ileana says

    I think Alec is an abusive father, no matter how mad i’ve been with my child i won’t talk to her in that way, if he’s mad at his ex – wife call her up and release the heat on her, not on this poor child, there is no excuse for his behavior, if he’s mad at the ex, take it out on her, not on his daughter, I think many parents want to get even by hurting their own children, alot of parents do this, not realizing they hurt their own kids, he really needs therapy and he should only see his child under supervised visits, if I was the judge, I wouldn’t allow him to visit alone with his daughter, I would have a caseworker or therapist during visitations, he has a serious problem, I wouldn’t blame his daughter if she were scared of her own father, he needs to control his temper and take anger management classes he really needs this, I hope that if he gets visitation rights it’s under strict supervision, I know that if this was my child, I would want her as far away from him as possible. If you are a mother and you love your kids, you should know that what he did is extremely wrong !

  7. Gimme-a-Break says

    Doesn’t this poor girl have any loving grandparents to live with because her parents seem to be complete wackos. Her mentally unstable mom seems to be trying to keep her away from her father who himself seems to have anger management problems. She needs to be with some other family members who can give her a stable life until these two work out their problems.

  8. Lauren says

    What a jerk. There’s no excuse for leaving a message like that. Kim and Alec both need to grow up and realize that all this fighting and court dates are not helping Ireland.

  9. UR Kidding ME says

    You have all lost your minds! Loo at you defending theis abusive, clearly hate-filled man with rationalizations about his teen parenting techniques and making suspect inferences about his ex-wife’s dating behavior int eh 80s! Are you all NUTS!! There is no excuse to talk to ANYONE, let alone your only daughter in sucha a hateful and demeaning way. Not ALL parents to teens talk so disresoectfully and if this is the case, then a aserious examination of your issues as a parent need to be attended to… Kim may or may not have her issues and probably does, to have been married so long to such an ANIMAL but SHAME-SHAME on those of you far making excuses for him. Listen to what he said to this little girl….and then ask yourself 2 questions….#1Do you think this kind of talk will get him what he wants??-love and respect from his daughter?? #2How would you treat someone who spoke to YOU in that manner…. Gross…totally gross

  10. StarDust says

    Yes, Kim comes across as a total loon.

    Alec should not be calling his child a rude pig. I can understand being mad and frustrated and so forth. But she is not a rude pig. She’s a child caught between two miseralbe parents.

  11. oriana says

    I remember when Kim dated Prince, they used to go to graveyards late at night and check them out, that was weird to me way back then. I do like Prince though, read where he doesn’t drink, smoke and is strictly against drugs of any kind.

  12. maples says

    I think Kim may be more of the “lunatic” using the previous poster’s language and not Alec. She’s publicly admitted to numerous strange phobias and paranoas and whenever I’ve seen her interviewed she comes across quite strange. As for Alec, I think any parent of a pre-teen/teen – there are many times when lose it with them and give them the “I’m going to straighten you out” lecture. Kids need parents to parent them, not be there friends. I think Kim needs to grow up and stop playing her games. We only know this one side and one small snippet of this particular situation. Otherwise, yes we will have another bratty, Paris or Nicole in a few more years.

  13. name not important says

    okay okay so he said sorry how quick he did that after learning that it went out in public i’m sure problems with his ex are hard to bear but that does not mean that he should take it out on their daughter.

  14. oriana says

    #42, if you think that was the first time Alec has ever gone “OFF” on his daughter then you are really stupid! I have seen pictures of him walking down a street in broad daylight having one of his screaming tirades at Kim, now if he loses like that in public and throws a fit, what do you think has gone on behind closed doors! She may be a spoiled kid, Kim does have emotional problems, but that is no excuse to call a child the names he did. There is not a parent alive who has not yelled at their kids, they may not admit it but it is true, but to be so furious to lose control and leave that kind of message on an answering machine, that was plain ignorant to begin with going thru a custody battle, Alec needs Anger Mgt. classes, Kim is probably afraid of him and why wouldn’t she be? He is a lunatic and has admitted publicly that his temper is uncontrollable at times.

    And if the best you can come up with is Ass Wipes, please just SHUT UP! Even I could think of some better terms than that!

  15. Nicki says

    42. fifi trooper -Ok ass wipe. Alec Baldwin is as big an ass wipe as you. He is a bully and loser. I’m sure that wasn’t the first time he lost it with his young daughter. He is a vile man and a sad excuse for a father.

  16. oriana says

    Melissa, can you imagine if they had a son, Alec would be fighting tooth and nail to have him with him full time! Oh Stephen, step in and talk to your big brother, go visit Kim and tell her to think about her daughter’s state of mind, she will be a teenager soon and a young lady, she may do whatever to overcome her heartache that her parent’s nonsense is causing! These people are millionaires, they can afford nurses, nannies, whatever, and look at the mess!

  17. oriana says

    I know from experience being in a wheelchair, it is a whole new world, and one thing I have noticed the most, adults won’t look at you with eye contact, they look away, wheras kids, they ask, what happened to your leg, or look mommy, that lady only has one leg, the mothers get embarassed, I just smile and tell the children, my leg got sick, the doctors could’t make it well, and eating too much candy helped make it sick.

    Friends in the beginning, will do whatever they can to help, then when the shock wears over and as time goes by, they have their own lives, and when they can’t help, it makes them uncomfortable and they go their own way, it is sad but true, and they probably think when they see your friend’s husband, it could have happened to them, it is a way of life and a ripple affect from a tragedy like this. It just makes me so mad when I think of what a family like this has to suffer and sacrafice through!

    In my case, a church group came and built me a ramp, and put in bars for me to hold onto in the shower, I am renting, so thank God my landlord was kind enough to agree to it, I was also lucky in having a shower instead of a tub, so I can pull up and swing over into a shower chair. Thank God for that!

    My son is extremely handsome, once when he was 17 we went to Olan Mills to get his picture taken, they blew it up poster size and used it in the office to show people, even as a small child I would be in different restaurants and people would stop and comment on what a beautiful child. His girlfriend felt that she wanted to go in a different direction, Real Estate brokers, professional people, he is a very down to earth person, didn’t feel comfy at the office parties, etc. She came to me and told me she was breaking up with him for she wasn’t happy and didn’t think they had strong enough of a relationship to overcome their differences, he smoked pot with his friends, she was totally against any type of drugs, not that he was a pot head by any means, but he would kick back on weekends and indulge, I had to admire her for her morals and convictions, she has always been respectful to me, and when I lost my leg, she was right there at the hospital, sleeping all night after working all day, two jobs, waitress and real estate, trying to get a future going.

    I recently went to her wedding last year, with my oldest son, and she had me sitting where her mother would have been. I wish her all the luck in the world and am glad she found happiness. Life is what it is. Now to him, all women are bitches, he won’t even date, and it has been five years, so he definately needs some counseling!

    Yes, on Brad and Angie, I understand! Ha! I really hope they are a happy family and my thoughts are wrong, it isn’t like I haven’t been wrong many times before! And I have most definately enjoyed you so much tonight. Now I can’t stop thinking about your friend, it just breaks my heart!

  18. Nicki says

    35. oriana ~Thank you for your kind words. Yes she is doing it, and basically by herself. Friends(construstion workers, electricians, etc) all helped to make thier new home HC acessabile. But the surprise is, they were all friends and in the 6 months they have been home, not one of those “friends” have stopped by. It makes me cry. Yes they did help so much when he wasn’t there, but he needs friends now. I think some people don’t know how to react to people in wheelchairs? It’s not hard.

    If your youngest looks like JFK jr, his girlfriend was nuts to let him go. OK maybe not, if you are still close to her, you must know and accept the reason for it. But JFK, jr was my dream catch. I was born and raised in MA, and vacationed down at the cape, close to the Kennedy compound., But alas, I never “bumped” into John John. He was always tops on my “kid” list, although Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson and Keith Partridge ha ha.
    Your son will be included in my prayers, thank you for the nice wishes for S I willask if I can use her name) She will be thankful for your nice thoughts and wishes, I will pass them on.

    Thank you for the nice thoughts and wishes, I am sending them back to you and wish you the best and your youngest son (X10). Hope ytour evening goes well and maybe talk to you soon? It was nice to talk to you, I enjoyed it. Maybe we should just avoid each othe on the Brad and Angie threads?:lol:

  19. oriana says

    Nicki, I think your nephew is hurt, he is in pain inside and that is what the bitterness is stemming from. Sometimes 30 in age is not 30 in thoughts and maturity, it is too bad, another young child suffering a loss that he can’t overcome, and now a young man that is still hurting.

  20. oriana says

    Daniel is the one in and out of Rehab and he has a terrible temper also. William (Billy) is married and appears to be a family man, Alec said they always called him St. Billy for he actually wanted to become a Priest when he was younger, Alec said he was always mellow and tried to keep the peace, he said Stephen had a lot to repent about and it was 180 degree turn for him, that he was something else. I think Billy is nice looking, Stephen to me is the least good looking of all of them and who knows, he may be the one to lead them all to want a better life? Billy and his wife seem to live a low key life with their kids and they have been together for a long time. Yes, Chyna is her name and she is very sweet looking to me.

    I saw Alec with his shirt off, he is sooo hairy, but he is handsome and a good actor, he just really has some issues he has to deal with and overcome, and Kim pushes all the wrong buttons with him. One day about two years ago, I saw a picture of them walking down the street, in broad daylight, he was waving his arms around like a madman, pointing his finger at her, she was in tears, had her hands in her hair like she had reached her limit, I can just imagine their fights are behind closed doors! I think he could be scarey when he loses control of his temper. Their daughter looks just like Kim too.

  21. oriana says

    I feel so bad for your friend and her husband. The whole family is affected and their lives will never be the same. It sounds like she is really doing the best she can with this burden, and eventhough she is bound to get discouraged at times, and worn out, physically and mentally, she hasn’t let bitterness consume her. And 50 is still young, now she can’t travel, she is going to be a Care Provider for him till he dies unless he is placed in a facility if she can’t do it any longer. A 10 year old, no grandparents, it is just unfair! And heartbreaking. She has to have some help and some relief sometimes, I bet she doesn’t even get to go to the movies or out to dinner, her mind is always on him and her child.

    My son is very handsome, he looks like JFK Jr., many people have commented on it, I hope he can get it together before too long and hopefully he will.

    Thank you for all your kindness and definately thanks to you for your prayers, I believe in miracles as well as tragedies in this world, just look at the poor college students and their families, such a senseless loss!

    You have a good evening. Hopefully you can take a weekend before too long and go visit your friend, if nothing else to take her child out for a few hours and share some laughter.

  22. Nicki says

    31. oriana ~ So he said Stephen drove him crazy? Isn’t Billy the one married to????Chyna Phillips?? I thought he was semi-ok, not to much of this crap you heard about him since he hooked up with her, don’t know how long ago, but thinking 7 or so???
    I can’t think of the drug addict ones names—–the bloated one. Alec sometimes is a little chunky, but this one is a mess, I think maybe Daniel??? Thats my wonderful nephews name, so it was hard to associate it with him.:lol:

  23. Nicki says

    oriana~ thank you! You keep praying for him, and I will keep him in my prayers also. He sounds like a good kid, just not happy with the cards that have been thrown his way. His ex-girlfriend sounds like she was all wrong for him. He is better off, I know it is hard starting over, but most times it is for the best.
    I’m glad you are close to her, I mean after 9 years it is hard not to be. I’m sure you don’t rub it in his face. He will understand in time. Maybe, one of my nephews is almost 30 and very bitter about his Dad’s passing. It was because he wished he spent more time with him. But his Dad did drugs for all his life, and basically couldn’t be bothered with a kid, until he got sick and knew he was dying, Hepaticis(sp) and my nephew was 17 at that time. He only saw his dad 3 or 4 time a year and they lived 2 towns away from each other and my sis-in-law NEVER said he couldn’t see him, and NEVER got a dime of support from him. If he wanted to see him he could have. Maybe that is what my nephew is bitter about, actually knowing his dad didn’t care?
    I do love my best friend from NH (I have two best friends-one from NH and one from AZ-and they both have met and like each other, I’m happy about that too) and do call her often, but many times she is putting her husband to bed, bathing him, or his PT excersing. It is hard to say over the phone, I am here call me. I know she needs more, but she never complains. I wish like her! I totally admire her and understand when once in a year or two she does have a few complaints. I do wish I was there physically for her though.

  24. oriana says

    I saw Alec not long ago on David Letterman, and he said he was very nervous and could not sleep well thru the night, he said he blamed all of his problems on his brothers, that Billy was the best one, and the others, gave him Hell, he said Stephen was one of the worst, drove him crazy, so if Stephen can be reformed and live his life wanting to help others, there is hope for any mother’s son, including mine.

  25. oriana says

    Thank you Nicki, I know when his girlfriend dumped him, they had just come back from a trip to Australia, which she talked him into going, ran up his credit card over $5,000, she graduated from college, he helped buy books, etc. for her, after she graduated she felt she was on a higher level than him, she wanted more out of life. I still like her, she still comes to visit me, of course this is another sore spot with him. We were from the South, close to Nashville, moved to CA. when he was 16 and his dad died of a heart attack (42) so he really has not adjusted well to the twists and turns life has handed him, but I tell him, look at the young men in Iraq and in the Service, how lucky are you compared to them? Maybe he will one day seek help and I pray daily for him.

    As for your friend, I wish you did live closer to her, she is a strong person and needs lots of encouragement, praise and any helping hand she can get, even if a phone call away to lift her up. So sad, I hate to hear things like this happening to good undeserving people. I know we aren’t to question but I do, when I read and hear about these druggies and these child molesters, I have to wonder, why, why do honorable people have to suffer? I am in Ca. now and believe me, things are a lot different here than back home, it is like a different planet sometimes! My heart goes out to your friend, and I have to say I am so grateful and thankful she has a friend like you.

    I know I have been called bitches and ignorant on this site, and with good reason for some things, but I do feel compassion and it is just heartbreaking to me when I hear stories like this.

  26. Nicki says

    oriana~ I have to agree with the words you said in post # 27 I don’t think they should be allowed anywhere. They should be automaticlly ***** out or @@@@@ out or $$$$$ out or anything but they are to me unacceptable, I don’t care who are sayong it to who!!!

  27. Nicki says

    oriana-Maybe he is just going through his ‘earlier 20’s” now. He does sound bitter though. My best friend from NH has to deal with a 10 year old and a husband who just last April got into an accident and is now paralized from the chest down. It is very hard on her, she is 50 and does all the work herself, taking care of him and the 10 year old. She is a very strong woman and I have no doubt she can do it, but she needs a day or two off here and there (plus she has a few health isssues, nothing major, but I’m sure she is negeleting for her hubby and child.). Here Mom died two years ago, her Dad 4, so she really doesn’t have anyone to talk to. I live 2 days drive away from her, so it’s not easy to help with day to day stuff. I wish I was closer to her. I’m sure your son will be fine, it is easy to be bitter when “bad” stuff is consuming ones life and loved ones lives. He will see the good, doesn’t help that a girlfriend of 9 years isn’t around anymore, but it might be for the best. I can understand his bitterness, but he does have it better than some people. He will see that in time.

  28. oriana says

    The oldest is 38, the youngest is 33, he is very bitter now towards the whole world. His girlfriend of 9 years broke up with him, shortly after that I had my left leg amputated due to a blood clot, last year he had a blood clot under his arm, was off on doctor’s orders for two months, he lost his job of almost ten years due to that so he has a lot to deal with, refuses to go to counseling eventhough I pay for his ins., and I tell him all the time, you are young, you are in good health, be thankful, and how many millions of people don’t have ins. and he won’t use it! Just makes me crazy sometimes.

    I don’t like the word, fag, dyke, nigger, gook, all of which I have read spoken on this site, it isn’t nice, it is downright ugly, and when those words have been spoken out of one child’s mouth towards a brother, I would not tolerate it so he is not too happy with me right now. I always spoiled the youngest, he was sickly as a child and I gave him more attention, now I think I made a mistake but he is grown, out of the house and refuses to listen to even his friends. Very frustrating indeed!

  29. Nicki says

    Thanks for the recap, I did remember one of your children was gay, but forgot if it was your oldest or youngest son. Can you say how old they are? I know you say they are grown, but your youngest, with that attitude sounds young, maybe under 20, could be 22 or so. Everyone is different, but it sounds like sort of a rebellion type thing, to get a reaction, like the younger kids do. I wish you the best with him, and your oldest son seems to have learned a good way of life. We all have a gay member in our family, if we choose to acknowledge it or not, maybe they haven’t yet. My cousin who is adopted and one of my favorite lil cousins, is 12 years younger than me. (and I am old right now) The sweetest and most thougthful kid you would ever meet. He just mentioned being gay about 10 years ago, to his parents, aunts and uncles and such. It doesn’t change the person he is and always was, and everyonr said well he is a great kid, so who cares. (personally I think the older ones said, he is a great kid, lets not think about that…….but everyone even the 89 yr olds love him)

  30. oriana says

    My youngest son is not a happy camper, my oldest son is Gay and they are as different as day and night. There is five years difference between them, my oldest one moved to Pa, and is very quiet, college degree, loves the Arts and is kind hearted, they youngest, is into sports, has tons of friends, but seems to be bitter towards the world, he has always been very outgoing, a hard worker also, but I have seen a change in his personality in the past couple of years. The oldest believes in God and is a very generous person, the youngest one says he doesn’t believe there is a Heaven and the Bible was written by old men that put their own spin on it. I definately wish he would be like Stephen Baldwin, and I know Stephen is cringing at this tirade Alec has done against his daughter. I know the older brother has had a drug problem for years and in and out of rehab, one thing I think they all have in common is a dedication to cancer research and maybe their celebrity can help with that if nothing else.

  31. Nicki says

    oriana- I have heard he is serious about it and has been for a few years. Best of luck to him. Hopefully he can help a brother (the one one drugs and stealing cars) or too (one with some anger problems towards his own child).
    I have seen him and do believe he is sincere about what he is saying. I wish him and his family the best.
    Are you talking about your older ? son who has not tolerated your younger ? son, who is different than him?
    I put the ?? in there because not sure who is older, sorry.

  32. oriana says

    I can vouch for Stephen’s dedication to living for the Lord. I saw him last month at a Bible Bookstore where he was a Guest speaker and so down to earth, friendly, and very humble, he really wants the young people to sit up and take notice and realize drugs, the partying, drinking, is not the answer to any happiness, I don’t know about the rest, but he was very inspiring and regrets his past party boy ways, he said he was the worst and he has turned his life around 200% and is not someone that wants to be in the service of the Lord. God Bless You Stephen! Wish my son would follow yor example!

  33. Nicki says

    KIm and Alec are both being childish in thier dealing with the custody of Ireland. Who knows who leaked what, the court had heard this last week, and then suspended his rights until a May 4th hearing. So it could have been someone from the courthouse. Who knows how many other triades he has unleashed on his 11 year old daughter. Sad, unexcusable man. ANYONE who says the crap he said to his young daughter is an out and out idiot and needs major help. An almost 3 minute triade makes me think he has called his daughter “pig” and other things more than once.
    This sad “excuse” he has is even more insulting. He blames everyone but himself for his dispicable words his has for his own child. Like the other Baldwin boys, maybe except for Stephen, who is a born again Christian, (and who truly knows) they have ALL been in trouble with the law, temper, drugs, etc., etc. Time to grow up Baldwin Boys and start being Men.

  34. Elaine says

    Um…isn’t this the man who accused Kim B of trying to turn Ireland against him by putting a sweet little message in a chocolate bar for Ireland to find? – it was something like her mum loved her, certainly was a positive message and not something negative about Alec. IF Kim B leaked this, she may have been at the end of her teather dealing with Alec, and the effect it is having on her daughter…but my guess would be someone else sold it for profit, as if Kim got found out for leaking it would she not be in contempt of a court order, and risking her custody of Ireland?

  35. Xenafan96 says

    Wow, Alec sure sounds contrite in his response. Too bad that abusers usually are sorry after the fact and everytime after that. I agree, if Kim did release the tape, it violated not only her daughters’ privacy and stability but Alec’s also. Still no excuse for his foulness, period. Yes,l have gotten angry with my kids, but never would I degrade them and call them ‘pigs’ no matter what. My children will face enough verbal abuse from complete strangers when they are out on their own, but never from Mom or Dad.

    I think Alec and Kim are incredibly selfish in this whole ordeal. My message to them is: Your child is not a pawn to play in a sick divorce battle. She deserves better than that. Ireland is old enough now that she can have a say in regards to when she spends time with each parent. She needs them both, and they need to start focusing all the energy they are wasting in this ongoing battle towards bringing up a mentally healthy child. You brought her into this world, now raise her with love. She is not a tool of revenge, but a girl who needs and deserves a set of good, strong, loving parents that keep their mutual hatred between them alone.

  36. dori says

    Anyone who has adolescent teens would know how obnoxious they can be. She probably set him off as a kid that age can and maybe he went too far, that I do believe ,but also, Kim has been giving this guy a miserable time. Anyone who has any knowledge of this ongoing battle between them would know Kim is a lot to blame as well. And using the media and leaking the tape was a low blow.It’s all part of her game to “win” Teenager or pre teens as you all well know, can be mean and nasty at 11-15. Thats junior high hormonal and obnoxious. He was a bit overboard but I think it really comes from years of anger building up. No one is the poor victim here. It’s not a good situation and the media did not have to be used to blow this out of proportion. Kim has been using her daughter as a pawn in this divorce. The daughter unfortunately is caught in the middle.

  37. oriana says

    No doubt it was Kim that leaked the tape. He can be a big bully and that has been said about him for years. Also it has been said for years that Kim has severe emotional problems, he probably added to some of them!

    I think if he hadn’t called her names, it would not have sounded so bad, he was angry and hurt, she knew he was calling at the designated time, she is not three years old, she knew her father was supposed to call and she should have answered the phone, not excusing his behavior but she knew he would be hurt and highly upset. Kim is using the child for her own benefit and it will come back to haunt her one day. Neither of them are blameless and I don’t feel sorry for either parent.

    And there is not a parent ALIVE that hasn’t gotten angry and raised their voice to their children at least once!

  38. says

    I dont condone what he said, nor do I think he should have said it… But he lost his temper… and chances are, he probably rang back and apologised but we will never hear that… Im sure were all guilty of syaying somehting we shouldnt have said at some point, even if it was to a child… BUT i also think that kim should be ashamed of herself… Her daughter will be going to school now hearing that all the time, her friends will be hearing that etc! Its a disgrace allround!!! x

  39. Andrea says

    Kim is just as much at fault for using her little girl as a pawn. Shame on her for humiliating her daughter that way and for having her hear over and over again through the media that message.
    Children need the security of the relationship with both parents and although she may be at odds with her husband, she should keep it as amicable as possible FOR THE SAKE OF HER DAUGHTER.
    Shame on Kim for not helping her daughter’s relationship with her father, but rather keeping her from knowing him or reconciling with him. Shame, shame on you, Kim.

  40. maggie says

    no lou irleand is not adopted, shes exactly like her mom.
    Alec and kim were married and they just have irleand

  41. noone in particular says

    Wow, this site never fails me. I believe that Ireland is a spoiled little girl and probably needs some discipline. Maybe if Paris Hilton’s father set her straight once in a while she wouldn’t have grown to the the mega slut that she is. Alec and Kim… your little girl needs to become #1 and not used as some publicity stunt, positive discipline is the answer here.

  42. carleigh says

    I do NOT feel sorry for Alec or Kim because their immaturity and bickering is costing the only one who matters in all of this and that’s their daughter Ireland. I feel so awful that this little girl has parents who cannot be civil, learn to share their child and respectful of one another. They would do well to seriously remember that they did love each other enough at one point in time and they TOGETHER created this little girl, it’s not her fault that they fell out of love, it’s not her fault that her parents are so immature and self-serving that they are unable to put aside their differences and do what’s best for her. In my opinoin they BOTH need to back themselves up and be FORCED to attend JOINT (together) parenting classes. They need to get it together because if they don’t they are going to hurt the one person they both love most in the world..their daughter. He is no better than she is, they both need HELP and someone needs to intervene otherwise this little girl is going to keep on being put in the middle. Ireland should be allowed to group up and have her time to be a child, and she shouldnt’ have to be forced in the middle of her parents ongoing incessant bickering.

  43. Miapocca says

    Nope…I never spoke to any children nro di dmy parents speak to me in that manner…respect goes both ways..if you find that speech normal , then you should probably start questioning yours commuication patterns and seek help

    The man is abusive, its been bandied around for ages, thats why his wife left and she walked out on him during dinner when he went off on one of his tirades; A lady he worked with on play in NY quit her job because he was verbaly abusive..there have been humms of physical abuse. Maybe its the pratice from bullying his younger brothers all these years….that speech should not be public, however its besides the point

    There is no excuse to talk to a child in that manner and from his apology all that can be gleaned in the calssic abuser passing off his issues to someone else…if he was angry at his ex wife, why not call her and chew her out….

    When you relate to your children in that manner , you lose a lot of ground and the healing process can nbe tough…he alienated himself due to his actions…the judge making the decision has a lot more information than the media does and he would have had to think hard before giving the mother custody and suspending visitation for the father

    Both parents are messed up..if they wanted the best for thier child , they should have settled a long time ago..something tells me Ireland will be spoiled in the process and play them agianst each other..and even when she becomes independent these two will be slugging it out…codependence is hard to break…

    On the other hand , if you are a mother who perceived the father to be abusive, you would fight tooth and nail to keep your child away from that abuser and Alec is providing all the neccesary proof wihtout a gun to his head….bravo to Alec, .he doesnt need a judge nor kim to aleniate him from ireland…

    There is a rumor that Ireland released the tapes to the media! in which case she must really hate his guts!!!

  44. fifi trooper says

    ok, let it go! Like I said earlier, His probably just lost his temper. True, he shouldn’t of have went to the extint that he did, but Like I said” he probably was upset, and hurt!! I know that some of you writers have lost it with your kids, so don’t act like it doesn’t happen! Maybe, this little girl is way more mature for her age than you jackasses give credit for….that don’t change her age, but maybe she talk mature to him, so he probably didn’t see nothing wrong with talking to her like she was a teenager!! AGAIN…… LOOK AT KIM. B SHE IS LAUGHING AT THIS WHOLE SITUATION….. NOW THAT’S A CRAZY B*$#@$

  45. onatear says

    There is no excuse. Public, private, no child or person, should be talked to this way. No child should be talked to this way by anyone, let alone a parent. It becomes clearer and clearer why her mother left him, and probably is afraid of him. He was a bully to her. This isn’t the first time he has been found out , either. He thinks that it is another person’s fault when he becomes abusive….just so typical of abusers. His movies, etc. should be boycotted.

  46. Jenna says

    What an ass, there is no excuse. He is an adult, he should be able to control himself. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks that he is still a good father or even a decent human being after making that sickening call to his young daughter. No proper father would emotionally and verbally abuse their 11year old child, never mind physically threatening them.

  47. joleah says

    Sorry, please tell me he did not just try and make excuses!!!

    He might be going through crap and have been for years but it’s not his daughters fault. It’s no excuse!!

    What a twat!

  48. Miapocca says

    LOSER…..nothing in this world, not even a crazy ex wife should make you speak that way to a little girl

    the whole fmaily needs to quite already and go to counselling..or send Ireland to bordging school and give both parents specific visitation schedules…

    I think its already too late for that little girl

  49. Amy says

    I feel so bad for this poor girl.. she is gonna be scarred for the rest of her life over her parents acting like immature assholes. Dont they know that kids already tend to blame themselves when parents split up and they are probably not making her feel any less guilty. I just dont get it.. no matter how much you hate your ex, that doesnt change the fact that they are your childs parent and you shouldnt treat them like crap (applies to both Alec and Kim) or make your kid take sides

  50. fifi trooper says

    Ok, he is forgiven! It’s a shame that your’e personal life have to be made public, so the whole world can judge you for making a mistake!! I know that he was hurt when he said all of those things!! Yes, Kim. B, and Alec B. might be going some things, EVERYBODY DON”T KNOW THE OTHER HALF OF THE STORY!! why? would she make this tape public?

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