TomKat In NYC

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom and Katie were snapped in New York City Thursday night to “support the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.” Katie looks beautiful!

Tom was there to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Scientology. He’s doing it under the guise of a detox program for members of the New York Fire Department who participated in the 9/11 clean-up.

There’s only problem: No one from the hierarchy of the FDNY endorses this program. The people I’ve talked to are furious with Tom Cruise, and want the rank and file of firemen in New York to stay away from it.

Reportedly the firemen who accepted free treatment, were swallowed into Scientology. And while last night’s event was billed as a “fundraiser,” reportedly the firemen and their families didn’t paying for their own tickets.

“The idea is just to get them in,” says a source.

The detox program is nothing new, either, say critics of Scientology. It’s just the group’s program called Purification Rundown. The course has been around a long time and has no scientific or medicinal value that can be proven by any physicians other than Scientologists.
Interestingly, New York City Councilman Hiram Monserrate of Queens, has suddenly become Scientology’s new cheerleader. Hiram Monserrate drafted an official proclamation to have Thursday recognized by the city council as L. Ron Hubbard Day in honor of the late science-fiction writer who invented Scientology.

That all sounds very strange!



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  11. oriana says

    Lib and Mia, glad I could put a smile on your faces in this dreary world we live in. Sometimes a little humor goes a long ways. I totally agree that Victoria Beck will never fall into a trap (unless it is bankruptcy for shopping too much) for she definately enjoys her sprees, I can only imagine the “handlers” for Katie cringing when she was over in Europe with her shopping!

    As for the courageous firefighters, I think when a method or treatment is offered for free, it should be for free! And I don’t think anyone should be pressured like that especially when they are already under stress as it is! These firefighters don’t have the thousands of dollars to go thru the program and they are very vulnerable, their spirit is weakened and they are physically ill on top of it! God knows they have been thru enough to last them a lifetime with what they witnessed 9/11! My hearts still go out to them and their families.

  12. Libraesque says


    shit mia, I think they heard me on the second floor laughing

  13. Miapocca says

    So this weekend I stayed extra long in the sauna at the pool..I took some naicin and olive oil of course and a book to read ..Dianetics, what else .I started sweating blood and later on I realized it was stained glass.. a replica from the basilica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL


  14. Libraesque says

    what’s amazing is that they make comments like the firefighters were sweating shards of glass, and rainbow colored “sludge” which I’m pretty sure is physically impossible

  15. Shadow Girl says

    Orianna, I do agree with you. THose firefighters have been through hell and back. Dealing with the aftereffects has to be like going through hell all over again. All in the line of duty for our country and I pray for them.

    My sensible side says that they must be incredibly desperate to try something that real docs don’t condone and a gay FUGLY midget promotes. I mean, psychiatry and psychology would help those poor souls more than shit detox would.

    B, U R a $cientologist? Good luck! I really don’t have a problem with them except for Tommy boy. I don’t mind Travolta because he didn’t shoot off his mouth in public and become world’s biggest jackass.

    Victoria Beckham won’t do $cien ever. More respect for her, she’s the classic British lady who believes in God. I want to see her and Tom in celeb smackdown!

    PS-Helen’s a big crock of donkey shit

  16. Miapocca says

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…now just do whatever it is you came to do and I am sure we will be all happy in the end…if you need your naicin dose doubled and you think it will help …Please try that also..anything to bring peace on here

    If you dont want comments from me, simply dont mention me or say how hateful or stupid I am…and I wont say how ridiculously foolish and obviously antagostic you appear

    ..When one responds to intelligence with accusations and rants of stupidity its just so telling of thier limited critical inquiry skills….

    LIB, Bellisima Mia, save your energy for more important things than addressing the N’s and B’s and S’s/…
    I believe one B already told us he is a $scieno I conclude they are all drinking the koolaid

    So why are you here again??

  17. Miapocca says

    Orianna, that was hilarious!!

    “I couldn’t join even if I wanted too, couldn’t afford it! Don’t wan to sell my car, need it to go to the doctor and the grocery, would not sell my home, don’t want to live in an apt. all my life, need my TV, have to watch Dancing With the Stars and Sopranos, luv my Tony! So guess I am stuck, wo’t never be able to fly around and move objects just by thinking about it, so will have to stick with my Advil and Tylenol if I get a headache! ”

    I totally agree with the sopranos part..I think those are similars reasons why posh spice declined the invitation, she wanted the money for her shopping sprees..I sincerely hope none of their boys are influenced by Cruise and his chidlren to take pseudo lets study together play dates……..

  18. Libraesque says

    Ori, you crack me up, I love your posts!!!

    N, you need anger management, you’re getting all jacked up over NOTHING, and sounding all ghetto in the process. You have nothing to add to this thread except that you think I’m a “little touched”, which makes NO sense, and all amy said was why are commenting on Lib when she hasn’t posted for over 100 posts…….which btw makes you really bizarre

    Why don’t you do everyone a favor and leave, go kick puppies or whatever it is you do when you’re not here spewing a bunch of ghetto nonsense

  19. oriana says

    Well I know one thing, Post #445 was very eye opening to me, even more so than was already. Thank you Miapocca!

    And this info came from CBS, not from anyone posting on here, and it is downright scarey, ridulous and sad all at the same time. I don’t understand why they have to charge so much money for everything if their goal is to help people? They are not doctors, and I know definately anyone with paranoia, should not be taken off their meds! They will go crazy, potentially harm others as well as themselves, a vitamin won’t do the trick. What is wrong with all these intelligent people? They are good smart people, I just don’t understand how they could fall into this trap with this Organization.

    I couldn’t join even if I wanted too, couldn’t afford it! Don’t wan to sell my car, need it to go to the doctor and the grocery, would not sell my home, don’t want to live in an apt. all my life, need my TV, have to watch Dancing With the Stars and Sopranos, luv my Tony! So guess I am stuck, wo’t never be able to fly around and move objects just by thinking about it, so will have to stick with my Advil and Tylenol if I get a headache!

  20. N says

    Because i can post anywhere i want to… I can post about anything I want to. You dont have to like it. What is so hard for you to understand. Miapocca wrote 100 posts about scientology and her hate of it. I didnt care to read her posts so i skipped them. I agreed with another blogger recognizing how much of an ass you were…. and your little buddy had words to say. Thats why I told her to mind her business and shut the “F” up. She cant seem to understand that…..

  21. N says

    The point is dont talk shit to me and I wont talk shit to you. If you dont like my comments or posts….So be it. But once you cross that line and disrespect me…. its on.

  22. N says

    She didnt need to come to your defense… were not in school. She doesnt need to take up for you. if she didnt like what I said she could heave just kept skipping my posts. She chose to comment. I commented back. I think that most people on this site think your a monster…
    That was the point of my 1st post that got this whole thing started.

  23. Libraesque says

    she’s “talking” to amy. amy came to my defense on something and this MONSTER started going three kinds of crazy

  24. oriana says

    Libra, who is she even referring too or talking to in post #448? I think I have missed out on something?

  25. Libraesque says

    So if you DON’T CARE about his religion why are you posting on a thread about…..HIS RELIGION

    I think it’s pretty clear who the dumbass is

  26. N says

    Read the post dumbass…. I dont care about Tom’s religion Scientology. Also, I will post back to someone that is posting directly to me. You should shut up though… you are in no place to talk about anyones language. I will talk to her and you as I see fit.

  27. Libraesque says

    N, if you don’t care then why are you even participating in this conversation with your foul language?

    get lost you piece of trash

  28. N says

    Bitch, If you dont want me to post to you then shut the fuck up. I guess your dumbass dont realize that your also coming back to talk shit to me. Everything you have said has no point. I havent said anything about Tom except for the fact that I dont care about him or scientology and you consider that worshipping him?….. Dumbass we wouldnt even be having this conversation if you werent trying to take up for Libra….

  29. oriana says

    Dori, click on the link on #445, you will find some very interesting read, I know I still am stunned over some of the ifo! They don’t have to pay any taxes since they are a “Church”. I saw a picture of inside, the platform looks like something from the Roman days that the Emperor would speak from!

    Brian, if you read this, have you bought an e-meter yet? I read that the U.S. government said they cost only $12.50 to make, and the Scientology organization sells them for over $126.00, how much did you pay for yours?

    Brian, I really am concerned about you, I think you are a nice person, I don’t want to see you taken advantage of and sucked into a messy situation. I am deeply sorry about your tragedy that you said you had suffered thru.

    Please, pray about this, God answers prayers, sometimes in his own way we don’t understand but if you have faith, then you will be okay, and you don’t have to pay all this money! I don’t want to upset you or make you mad, but this is not a Church, it is a Business Organization!!!! Do you really believe the Alien Xenu is locked up here somewhere here on this earth? Please, think about what you are doing every time you write a check for these books and sessions.

  30. Libraesque says

    Ori, everyone here wants those firefighters to be well, everyone.
    The point is, it shouldn’t be an all or nothing thing!!!
    why can’t they do moderate detox and continue with medication as well?
    Why? because that’s NOT how cults operate
    NOTHING is free in $cientology. TC had $cientology tents put up on the set of WOTW, offering “free” massages to stressed out cast and crew members. These people were horrified at how aggressive the $cientologists were for them to join after their “free” massage and it ended up creating a hostile work environment.

    There was a writer in LA who wanted to do a short story on the COS and went for his “free” personality test. They of course told him he was badly in need of their course and he said he was a student and didn’t have any money. They pressured him and he left. They called him repeatedly asking if he knew anyone he could borrow the money from…what about his parents, etc. was there any material possesions that were un-necessary (!!!!) that he could sell topay for the courses. I have to add that the writer was SO outraged by these constant phone calls, had he not been writing a piece he never would have accepted the calls.
    The final straw was them suggesting that he quit school and use that money for courses

    THAT is Scientology
    NOTHING is “free”
    and my concern is that the same aggressive tactics will be used on these poor men in their weakened mental states. THAT is my problem with the whole thing

  31. oriana says

    Oh Shadowgirl, that story is so sad! It makes me so sad when I hear something like that!

    I have been thinking about the Firefighters who took the Detox program in NY City, to me, what those poor men, heroes, and I am very sincere about this, they are heroes, if the Detox program helps them, then so be it! Whatever it takes, after what some of them have endured and suffered, if it helps them then I say how could it be a bad thing? I am glad they have felt better and they certainly deserve all anyone can offer to help them in mind, body and spirit!

  32. oriana says

    Hi Jen, I read where the final total would be $380,000 so that is why I said a person could buy a house. Now not here in the Bay area, but in some parts of Ca. and many states, that will buy a nice home.

  33. Shadow Girl says

    Even worse, have any of you heard about a mom and son who were newly converted to $cientology? The son went off his schizophrenia meds and became so psychotic, he killed his mom and himself.

    I have a chronic disease and if I tried this detox shit, I would definetly be in the hospital for a week at least. No doctor worth his medical license would condone this shit.

  34. Libraesque says

    mia!!!!! poor helen???????
    POOR ME!!!!!!!
    It’s NOT very flattering to have an intellectually challenged teenager who has a bad case of gay midget hero worship have a crush on ME
    I’m HORRIFIED!!!!

    I hope she isn’t doing naughty things while looking at my profile pic!!!!

  35. Miapocca says

    Where is helen is she being desciplined for her crush on LIB hahahah…..they found out the Niacin could not control her sexual urges towards the same sex ahahahahahha….poor helen ..poor tommy ahahha?

  36. Miapocca says

    LIB you cant change a new converts mind..they are in the initial stages and all is lovey dovey…thats how a cult operates so anything you say to such a person comes across a pure garbage, because not everything is divulged upfront…

    As the B says he will cross the bridge when he gets there. By which time you have become dependent on their amateur psychology. and thebond have tightened

    Anyway if your organization doesnt tell you upfront the estimated cost of getting to a certian its a little dodgy, even univesertties give an estimate….for the poor , they have the option of dedicating their life and working to get up the ladder

    I read a testimony of a girl who was so dedicated..from her readings ..she seemed like an amazing person..she was jsut so passionate about scn..that by the time she snapped out of it she found having dropped out of college, funnelling money from her parentd to scn and tavelling from place to place to audit and take courses. her snap came when she found herself questioning the authotity on the sea org….lit ead to punishments and people reporting each other ,. She said that it was against all that she thought scn was intially she had no way of knowing that the journey will get to the point where the started to veer away from the window dressing….
    As Miscaviage has stated potential is important, potential for what exactly? from my readings its seems to mean potential for future earnings or ability to work for wog defined minimum wage

    The stolen personality test they use tells them what kind of personality you how best they can indoctrinate that person…subservient passionate ppl who dont question authority are best!!

    I also find it interesting when ppl are attracted to it because I did read the website first and it cracked me up for days on end…..I thought it was hilarious,…didnt realize ppl took it seriously…and oj just for the record…Hubbard was kicked out of any institution he tried to study , train or work at …funny huh

  37. Jen says

    Sorry Lib, too many comments so I still can’t find your post with that link. Can you please re post it for me? Thank you in advance.

  38. Jen says

    Sorry, I didn’t read your post first. I just pick and choose whose comments to read because I stopped reading yours and Mia post after a while.

  39. Libraesque says

    Yo, Mz O, I think if he’s done auditing it’s too late for that. It’s interesting how in traditional therapy, your rights are PROTECTED by doctor/patient confidentiality, but in $cientology your vulnerability when discussing the very reasons that brought you there (tragedy, etc..) are used AGAINST you if you try to leave the “church”

  40. Jen says

    oriana said

    A person could buy a home for the price of the full studies. And I know some colleges aren’t that expensive.

    I tried to google the price of the program per session and I didn’t find it. I don’t know how Lib found out about the cost…Can you post a link? B. is that the really cost??
    And since when is it $1,200 multiply by 30 sessions which comes to $36,000 buys you a house? But I’m guessing for for people who are addicted to drugs they will be saving money since they’ll be spending more money on drugs.

  41. amy says

    get a grip on your different names here..

    you DIRECTLY referred to me on many occasions..

    i would rather be a scientologist than have ‘friends’ like you…you are clearly demented and full of anger..very you take it out on your children or pets?
    you should seek help..

    i would rather be a follower of people who are clearly intelligent, openminded and dare i say it, appear to have morals and strong values, than be someone like you – a worshipper of the hype sold to you by an ‘actor’..

    now, back to your ‘baby pictures’ and your clam shift..

    i think you are beginning to obsess over me..i mean, you have only come back to post to me..its not as if any new pics have magically appeared on this thread..

    i am not interested – sorry..-

  42. oriana says

    I do think it is necessary for a Detox program for druggies and alcoholics when they are very severe. And yes, I did have the impression that all Scientologist had to do it.

    To me, the cost I read above, and Libra didn’t write the article with the cost statment, she is just posting it, to me it is outrageous! A person could buy a home for the price of the full studies. And I know some colleges aren’t that expensive.

    I got the idea that you are a young man, so this has to be expensive for you, have you bought an e-meter? Do you really understand what they are for and how they work? I don’t. I don’t need a machine to tell me I am depressed or feel bad about something, and I saw where they had left hand, right hand? What is that all about? I have to say it is just all too weird for me, but that is personal for me.

    Again, good luck to you and I hope you stay safe and healthy.

    If you have any deep dark secrets that you don’t want held over your head, don’t divulge them to anyone, unless of course you turn Catholic and talk to your Priest, or you get arrested and need an attorney. Better to be safe than sorry.

  43. B or Brian says

    Well, I know about that site thank you and I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now I’m happy with the teaching and it has helped me over come a family tragedy.
    Anyway all the best people.
    Bye for now

  44. N says

    Amy, what the hell are you talking about…. for one dumbass I didnt even give an opinion on the topic. My post was about Libra…. not you. Unless you are her using a different handle. You dont need to know what type of person I am… were not friends. I dont want to know you or anything about you. What I do know from your posts are that you are a follower.

    I think YOU are a brainless loser… I come to this site to look at the baby pictures like most of the other ladies on this site. Not argue about meaningless things like Toms beliefs. Once and a while i recognize things and I comment on them. Thats why I commented about LIBRA…… SO once again….shut the fuck up if you dont want me to say anything to you. Since I wasnt talking to you or about you in the first place!

  45. B or Brian says

    I don’t know about Katie Holmes personally life so its not for me to say what is going on in her life but as a non celebrity Scientology beginner I’ve no one following me around :)) and I didn’t have to drop my family and friends who are not Scientologist.

    But I don’t think Katie is doing any thing she didn’t want to and after watching the Letterman show I think they probably thought she needed help with her interviews just like other stars who go with their PR people to talkshows and ask the questions to be given to them so they can get ready with their answers before hands. But at that time Katie and Tom’s PR were all Scientologist

  46. B or Brian says

    oriana , from you post it sounds like you think all Scientologist are required to do the program? That is NOT the case ONLY those who needs it. So far that program has been done by more than 150,000 people internationally over the past two decades even though the number of Scientologist are more than that number.

  47. B or Brian says

    “Method of Detoxification, is used in the Church of Scientology for religious purposes, and it is used in Narconon to help prevent post-withdrawal cravings.”

    At the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Program it has, by the very public testimony of the hundreds of Rescue Workers who have done it, improved their quality of life.”

  48. B or Brian says

    420. oriana, thank you. Right now in my life I don’t need to take the detox program. The program is suited for people who were druggies, alcholic and people like the NY fire-fighters and others who choose to use the program for any other reasons.

    And about dosages and durations, well, then you leave that up to the person’s doctor to adjudicate whether the person is medically fit to do the program. It is after all a pre-requisite for doing the sauna detox regimin in the first place.

  49. oriana says

    Jen, Thank you very much!

    Brian, I hope whatever you choose to believe in makes you happy, and surely sitting in hot saunas for long hours at a time and drinking tons of oil won’t make you or anyone happy, if you have to endure that, please give it some consideration. Did you have to pay $1,200.00 for your sessions? How can people afford that for all Scientologists can’t be rich and movie stars?

    I do have to say that if it is true, Katie fired all her staff and broke ties with her friends, something doesn’t sound normal and right about that to me. As for Jessica following her around and answering questions for her, well, that wouldn’t happen to me, my mouth is too big for that, so obviously Katie doesn’t have a backbone about her to be so easily overruled. I don’t think it is normal for anyone to have to endure that or be subject to something like that.

    Again, Brian, I wish you good luck and good health.

  50. B or Brian says

    Miapocca, I don’t if you’re waiting for reply from me but I’ve stop answering your posts when you asked me not to address you directly.

  51. B or Brian says

    Libraesque , if that is truly your email address then I’ve sent an email check it. It might not be what you’re looking for but its my answer to your question.

  52. Libraesque says

    Brian, that ISN’T a fake e-mail addy, I set it up just so you could send me that shit, so please do.
    And can I say sincerely, from the heart, I wish you only the best on your journey, and hope that none of the negative, from something as “small” as money issues, to something huge like alienation of suppressive people i.e., your family members who don’t agree with your practice EVER befall you from here on out

    good luck and may peace be with you

  53. Miapocca says

    Scientology communication 101: (refer to interview withmiscaviage for the same tatics)

    B says:

    “If you read my comment again….I said there are several mainstream doctors and scientists that have written in support of the sauna detox program.”

    Miapocca responds: okay they always use vague terms like:
    “several: who where which one
    ” many.” : wow gives the impression of tons…but who are they??
    ” scientists”: what kind, which ones, what is their track record , have they been published or are you refferring to the quack hubbard you was rejected several times by reputable journals like the peer reviewed psychology journals for the crapola he wrote

    Again vague as ever

    B says”
    “With regard to Tom Cruise support of the Hubbard detox program, he has politicians behind him, science behind him and solid results behind him.”

    I ask:

    Which politicians are behind him and why arent they in the media bakcing him up for his looniness…politicains are master tactitians, they wont touch a controversial horsehit unles they are being blackmailed, just like y’all did the IRS..Results like shards of glass coming out o pores ,..its that scientifically possible…ahhaha…I can jsut herar dolly parton chanting..I beleive in santa claus!!!!!!!!!!!

    B say:
    “With regard to his professional life, he probably has more industry power than ever before being the latest to be given the title of “media mogul” as the new co-chair of United Artists.”

    I say:
    Hmm really we are still waiting for his far as I am concerned he is suddenly claiming to be friends with comedians (hardy boys project)who have made fun of him for the longest time…desperate to pair up with current box office sucess to dig himself out of the hole….I know that scietnologists buy thier own publication in bulk just as they do cruise tickets to move them up the best seller list ahahhahahhahah…why not wait to see what us non wogs say before rushing to buy and hoard…you know we wont touch your bullshit!!1

    B says:
    “And as far as his personal life, he appears happy, active and enjoying his new family life.”

    I say:
    Active ? active men dont have boobs and double chin…(simon’s twin eh )
    First of all these people claim we dont know tom so we shouldnt come to conclusion about his life..yet they seem to think they have the right to pratice otherwise ahahahhah
    Okay so we all see a picture and we both come to different conclusion, who are you to judge my conlusion or opinion……..the same picture can tell different stories to 2 differnt people…

    And if he is happy how come he is slobbering all over the media to show us..seems like there are a lot a stars married for a looooooooooooooong time ,,ever hear of Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze who dont put up PR events to impress us with their happiness…

    jajajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj lauging in German……………..go tell the Germans your shit and see what they have to say B for bozo

    I know a deprogrammer, wanna try him, let me know hahahahhahha

  54. B or Brian says

    Very Funny!

    well its been interesting reading the comments and disturbing at the same time but I’ve to go…I’ll try to visit this site once in a while when I can but till then all the best to everyone.

  55. B or Brian says

    Libraesque to your question # 401. My name is Brain but I use B and this is my first day on this website after hearing about it from a friend. She forwarded me a link to this thread informing me there was discussion about the detox program.

    If you read my comment again….I said there are several mainstream doctors and scientists that have written in support of the sauna detox program.

    What is it with this site? for some reason I wasn’t able to post the title of the books…is there somewhere else I can post it for you?

  56. oriana says

    #390, it does seem to me that Tom does indeed whatever he sets his mind on, he achieves. I think he is a very smart person and is serious minded when it comes to his Business and very dedicated to his family, as screwed up as the world is today, you have to admire that in a person, and I do.

    As far as his movies, I love him as an actor and will not boycott them at all, he will make millions without losing my little ticket anyway!

    $1,200.00 for a session! Baloney! Well, that leaves me out, I can buy a ticket to go to Hawaii for that and have some spending money for a week! And I can go to my church for free, I have to pay my tithes but my pastor doesn’t give me a receipt for my 10%, my conscience keeps tabs on that!

    I do think Katie is gorgeous, I thought Suri was the most beautiful baby, but as she gets older to me she is not as cute, and again, that is what makes me think she is Tom’s more and more, never doubted it, for he isn’t the most handsome of movie stars, so the older she gets and the more she looks like him I think eventually more people will come to the same conclusions I have, she is his biological child.

    He appears to be very happy with his home life and I don’t think it is an act, he could care less about us, he is secure and set for life, and I wish more men would be as protective of their families like he is.

    #388, the fact that it protects the rights of every religion in Europe makes me feel good, for that is definately an important matter.

  57. Miapocca says

    amy following anyone is ridiculous.I have read most of her posts and they are hilarious and orginal as they come.
    You are right amy, when someone accuses you of something chances are they pratice what they accuse….\

    Double posting
    change of names

    Thats what the fools do and they think we are like their weak minded arses

    Now can one of the fools explain whey cruise was holding auditions for MI 3 in the CO$ “church” with a bunch of “elders”…and what happened to Holmes after the first meeting…she dissapeared for days and reappeared madly in love to fire all her staff and get rid of her friends………………………now is this normal????

    Even Micheal Caine was Disgusted, for he said I filmed with her and she never mentioned cruise, all of a sudden it was cruise nonstop like some freak took over her mind!!!!!! She was followed everywhere by Jessica “scientology freak” who interrupted all questions directed at Holmes that even had a possibiliy of eliciting some kind of normal response other than superlatives…freak jessica was her $scn handler to make sure the early brainwashing didnt wear off….

    Holmes looking tired over the last year had nothing to do with staying up at night to feed suri..its all the practice of staying up endless nights , chanting, meditiation to confuse your mind…have you ever stayed up all night , try it and see what happens the next day……after the birth I bet she was holed up doing what you freaks prescribed while Tommy boy bonded with the child he CLAIMS he fathered…..
    Look at the pictures and see who SOURI bonds better with ………………….

    I hope her parents have a deprogrammed lined up in Louisiana…however I bet she is being watched by miscaviage and his tokes………….


    Read the 411 on Fox and you will find some good writings on Holmes roger friedman

  58. Miapocca says

    amy dont bother responding to them about where and what you post…leave then to go digg up for themselves….

    Chances they are trying to spread more clams around.ahhaha

    why do you think I never responded to the Katie holmes letterman episode..ahhahahhahah I want it to be thre fro a long time..already the south park episode is dissapearing ahahahhha

  59. Miapocca says

    B:,,Refrain from addressing me directly..go peddle your empty headed shit elsewhere……Let me know when you get smart enough to get deprogrammed

  60. amy says

    thank you for letting me mindlessly follow you miapocca!!

    jesus!! do these fools all think we are as incapable of running our own thoughts and lives just like them??

    when you know what to look for its now so painfully obvious when the clams are on their fair game agenda that its laughable…


  61. amy says

    B – haha…your’e accusations to me are just hilarious..
    YES i have and do comment on other celeb baby threads here, have done for a while – you stalking me or something little clam???

    and N –

    i have to wait for libra to give me my opinion of you…oh here it is…you are so ignorant that your opinion is irrelevent

    my ‘interest’ in your comments, or rather, lack of comments on such important moral issues was merely for me to gauge what kind of ‘person’ you are..i now know..thank you for clearing it up for me

    why do you keep coming back if you think we are such losers/haters/brainless people

  62. Miapocca says

    OH MY gawd…they just changed clams on us..what happened is JACKIE being penalized for failing!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The first time I heard of scientology it was connected to lisa marie pressley and some others…it came to prominence in the media with the 1991 newsweek cover then recently cruise ‘s pyscho breakdown

    SO I ALREADY READ THE SCIENTOLOGY WEBSITE..I THOUGHT IT WAS SHEER COMEDY …till I realised that there were needy people out there being duped

    Scn always respond to people like me by accuisng us of ignorance of their literature..YOU dumbasses think because you are so dumb and narrow minded the rest of us are sitting around not thinking like you have been brainwashed to do..

    Please review B posts then JACKIE and then compare to wahat miscaviage had to say in his interview..word for word..what assholes….go spend time reconnecting with your family and stop defending the paraniod sick arse of miscavaige…what an ARSE

    LIB , amy, Whatever, Orainna.,.thanks to sticking to your guns…………………..


  63. Libraesque says

    “B” and you know what I NOTICE, that you and “!!!”, and ???” and other similar posters DON’T HAVE A SCREEN NAME THAT CAN BE IDENTIFIED ON OTHER SITES, so quit making your assinine observations

  64. Libraesque says

    Well, if people are sweating “shards of glass” as reported by these quack $cienos, then I’m the queen of England. And “B” you’re WRONG, it has NEVER been scientifically or medically proven by a PROFESSIONAL to produce the effects that they claim (higher IQ, etc, and sweating shards of glass…PLEASE!!)

    One session is 1,200.00

    From the article Science Please Not Scientology
    (written by Dr. Safferstein)
    This detoxification process that Cruise is hawking consists of high doses of niacin, moderate aerobic exercise, intermittent dry saunas to “force sweating”, and of course, vitamin supplementation. As medically sound as it seems (can you hear the sarcasm?), the detox regimen has never been reported to yield any positive health effects. It is not cited in PubMed, you will not read about it in any medical journal, and it has never been reported in a case series, let alone a randomized control trial, demonstrating any therapeutic or clinical benefit.

  65. N says

    Amy is crazy… she is Libras follower….. Just ignore her. She does not know how to think on her own.

    Sorry Libra, i dont care about his religions. i dont concern myself with that. If I cared about everything “PEOPLE” do in their own homes…. I would not have time for my family and my self. SO…. If you want to worry about Johnnys habits or Toms religions then you do that. Sorry I wont.

    Now back to Amy…. I dont have to comment about anything i dont want to comment about. Are you so dumb that you cant understand that.

    i find it funny that you want me to leave you alone…when you commented to me about LIBRA….. worry about yourself then i wouldnt have said anything to you.

  66. B says

    Yes I’m!!! I came here after hearing about this website on another thread. To be honest I’m a guy so I don’t gushabout babies.

  67. amy says

    B –

    I notice you haven’t posted on the newest suri pic…
    is that because there haven’t been any anti scientology comments YET??

    you are very transparent you poor little clam

  68. B says

    come on people – don’t take it all on face value –
    let yourselves make an INFORMED opinion on
    ANYTHING in life you don’t understand or have first hand knowledge of – this is just plain basic common sense

    This is so true and applies to everyone here!!!!!

  69. B says

    Well, amy or whatever. It doesn’t matter how many hits the anti site gets because the actual sites get hits as well because people wants to see both side of the coin.

  70. whatever says


    come on people – don’t take it all on face value –
    let yourselves make an INFORMED opinion on
    ANYTHING in life you don’t understand or have first hand knowledge of – this is just plain basic common sense

  71. whatever says

    B = CLAM




    if miapocca saves just ONE person from joining then she has done enough

    as for the number of hits on the scientology web page….please educate yourself B on the number of hits on the ANTI scientology web pages (of which there are OVER ONE MILLION ALL DEDICATED TO BRINGING THE TRUTH OF THIS CULT TO THE MASSES)

  72. B says

    With regard to Tom Cruise support of the Hubbard detox program, he has politicians behind him, science behind him and solid results behind him.

    With regard to his professional life, he probably has more industry power than ever before being the latest to be given the title of “media mogul” as the new co-chair of United Artists.

    And as far as his personal life, he appears happy, active and enjoying his new family life.

    Once upon a time there was an actor named Tom Cruise. And in a few short years, he seems to have re-shaped his life in exactly the way he wished.

    I admire the guy. It seems that no matter what he sets his mind to, he achieves.

  73. B says

    Well Miapocca, you leave out some fairly important facts in your “spin” article like “T” pointed out to you. Let’s review:

    1. The NY Post ALSO stated that Monserrate “blasted” Bloomberg (and the critics) right back, stating “This is the same type of thing they said about chiropractors twenty years ago. The same arguments that they’re using here.”

    2. You left out that the NY Post ALSO reported that: Fellow NYC Councilman Abbaddo also attended the Detox benefit in Cruise’s support, and had this “blast” to give to the critics:

    “I cannot stand idly by and see something that is working be ignored,” said Addabbo. “The project seems to work. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

    3. The NY Post ALSO reported: Patrick Bahnken, president of the New York Fire Department’s union of emergency workers and paramedics, said, from first hand experience, that the program is secular and the results have been positive.

    “The majority of our members have reported an improvement in their quality of life,” Bahnken said.

    4. And of course this whole thing boils down to the scientific evidence, of which Bloomberg and Quinn seem to have been given very poor guidance.

    In particular, Bloomberg doesn’t seem to be aware that several mainstream doctors and scientists (not related to Scientology) have written several books in support of the Sauna Detox program, first introduced by Hubbard 30+ years ago.

  74. B says


    Scientology? The European Court of Human Affairs just proclaimed that it is a religion and that affects the 46 countries that form the EU. See: 2…ry_21560_1.html

    What makes this decision particularly important is that it protects the rights of every religion in Europe. This is a huge protection of human rights and religious beliefs in Europe!

    And the a average guy anywhere in the world with internet access? Hey, the visits to are skyrocketing as more and more access the “how-to” methods developed by L Ron Hubbard to better understand and resolve problems faced in life.

    And you? Well, it must be somewhat disconcerting to realize just how little your words affect anything. Alas.

  75. amy says

    ok so i have NO brain, no opinion of my own and am a follower….RIGHTTTTT……and err, YOU on the other hand are too gutless to even post under a continual name…

    ‘jackie’ is a scientologist CLAM…

    i would like to know where and how you base your claim that i am merely a follower and have no brain of my own…

    this should be interesting….

  76. Lets just agree to disagree!!! says

    And Libraesque I find it very hard that Tom Cruise bothers you that much BUT if he does, that is fine like you said you’re boycotting his movies but you should also stop being obsessed with his personal life and visiting his websites and blog giving him website hits which is needed for Forbes to see how popular he is…. I find it hard to believe that if you dislike someone this much because of their personal choices you will go around talking about him whenever you get a chance and why upset yourself by looking at pictures of him and his families like a fan. For me if I dislike a celebrity because of their personal life I’ll not waste a second of my time on it why would I? Doesn’t make sense.

  77. Lets just agree to disagree!!! says

    I’m confessed is Lib claiming she is NOT GAY???? After openly coming out both at babyrazzi and TKC? But who cares if she is or not!!

    What Helen said was very RUDE and nasty!!!
    Amy get your own brain like Mia and stop following people.
    One thing I’ll give Mia is I haven’t heard her claim Suri was not Tom’s or she is older than they claim based on what shoes she was wearing (to my knowledge) and maybe that is why people like having a discussion with her because she doesn’t sound as crazy or stupid as amy and Lib. I can see her obsession is with the CULT!
    Oriana and Jackie are the only two people here who made sense and sounded like they have their own brain and are very patient with people.
    Scientology is NOT a religion…you can call it a cult or ideology.
    Finally I agree with this statement about the people who keep going on about Tom Cruise’s sexuality when he himself is happy being what he is and carrying on with his life happily with a beautiful wife and children……
    “I have always thought it betrays a certain homophobic personality type in those that believe or continue to spread it despite lack of any evidence except third hand gossip from highly questionable sources.”

  78. amy says

    sorry, i made a mistake above…
    the reason you didn’t comment on helens foul rants is obviously because you agree with them…just read your closing sentence in your last comment above..
    i really REALLY hope that you are NOT a mother…
    you are a disgrace….
    an ignorant, narrowminded, arrogant, DISGRACE!!

  79. amy says


    hahaha – your lack of intelligence really entertains me…

    your last posts showed you for what you really are – a ‘nothing’, a brainless, mindless FOLLOWER… and to boast that you have no opinion on valid and relevent topics such as homophobia and mass murder, though you will go on and ON AND ON defending a faded film star and his third wife….err…priorities???!!!

    I, too, have been coming to this site for a long time, on and off, feel free to go through the archives if you are that petty..

    ALTHOUGH i don’t see where it states ANYWHERE that if you have been visiting longer, your opinions are more valid than a newcomers…how, just like you, STUPID..
    you obviously have some serious issues, there is more to life than this….perhaps you should seek leave me alone

  80. oriana says

    I think anyone that takes a glitch in the system to broadcast someone’s personal email is just spiteful and mean spirited, no need for that. Say what you feel or want to say on a subject or to a person you don’t like or disagree with.

    God knows Libra has cussed me out more than anybody but I do find her knowledgable about most of the subjects she posts, I don’t know if she is Gay or not, have never asked her, and don’t care, just like I don’t care if Tom is.

    I do believe what I have read about the Scientology beliefs, not from what she has said, but from their own site! I think Tom is a good person as I have stated before, there may be Aliens, I have never seen one, unless you can count my first husband that I married when I was 17! I do not believe that Hubbard left his body and went to Mars and Venus and back so when I read stories about that, that is what makes me skeptical of this Organization. Now if Tom is OT7, he can leave his body at any time too, and I have to say, from a scientific and medical point of view, I have read that there are parts of the human brain that no one can account for what use, who knows, maybe one day, 50 years from now, a lot more people than Scientologists will be making that claim. That is, if Al Gore isn’t wrong, there might not be an Earth 50 years from now!

    I do think Suri looks like Tom, that is why I think she is his biological child, and if he is Gay, how many married men have children that are Gay and no one knows about it? So it is possible definately to me for him to father a child, unless he is sterile, and I don’t know of anyone that has proof of that and access to his medical records.

    Years ago, I am sure that the inner circle of Hollywood knew about Rock Hudson being Gay, I didn’t, and half of the women in America didn’t, and who was more handsome than him? And in Giant, loved him! So how can be judge if we don’t know the facts, the rumors can be circulated from liars, jealous people and just vindictive individuals, and of course, they could be true.

    I think this is a happy family, Katie is not that good of an actress to pull it off, he is, Suri is a baby, she isn’t acting, and she seems very loved by her daddy and mommy to me. I say, Good luck to them.

    And Tom, if you can leave your body and float thru the air, please come by my house tonight, forget going to Venus and Mars like Hubbard did, come up San Francisco way, you will think you are on Mars anyway if you come here!

  81. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    Just wanted point something out that Jackie’s argument follows word for word that of miscaviage in his tv interview

    first: direct question back to the percieved threat
    second: bring up catholism and how its got worse issues than scientology
    third: every single person who has a genuine question or opinion is a “hater” or is lying or ignorant./.whew…in short a large majority of peopel incuding ex member are all lairs.,.wow???

    JACKIE really has been well tutored in her craft

    Read Richard Behars article that made the cover story of time..of course to Miscaviage claimed they were lying as well and yet he spent $3 million in adds to reverse point out waht a liar behar is ahahhahha

    pathetic jackie…free your mind jackie, free your imprisoned mind…

  82. Libraesque says

    “N”….gross, still sounds as if I’m being mistaken for a fag. I’ll say it again, I find it REALLY interesting that TC’s fans claim they don’t care what “religion” he is, but when he is considered by that “religion” to be it’s “christ”, and his downward spiral in 2005 was a direct result of his beliefs….WOW.
    I think it was Mia that said you “fans” never come to the defense of his acting abilities, or simply say “I only see him as an actor, not as an actual “person”, like you would someone you actually know. No, no , no, you use the lame defense that you don’t care about his religion.
    I’ll tell you something, my hard earned money would never go to aide in the box office numbers or salaries of any celeb that I had a problem with their personal life. When I found out Gerard Depardieu was involved in a gang rape when he was a teenager, I would no longer see his films, ever.
    If it all of a sudden came out that Gene Hackman was the head honcho (or in the #2 position as TC is) of a satanic cult, I would be crushed (because I LOVE his movies) then I would have to never go to another one, and would not be able to stomach watching one even if it came on tv
    I boycotted Johnny Depp movies way back in the day when I found out he was a raging herion addict

    That’s just me.

    As one of the head honchos of the cos, TC has to know what continues to go on with the Lisa McPhersons of that cult, therefore TC the man, TC the business man, and TC the actor are one in the same to me

  83. N says

    One last thing amy, You dont know me! Ive been posting at this site longer than you and I could care less If Libra responded. This isnt the first time we have disagreed or went at it. Im sure it wont be the last. So she doesnt need you to be her little defender girl. Get off of her dick!…Oh my fault…she is a girl. Get out of her ass. : )

  84. N says

    Amy, What the hell are you talking about. I dont care when she post last. Unlike you I dont sit on the computer and blog all day about bullshit. I come here when Im extremely bored. SO…. I am just now reading this crap…and I can comment when I please. I also didnt comment about the homo shit and the VT tragedy because I didnt have one. I made a comment about the misuse of the word because I felt the need to clarify the mistake.

    Furthermore, I can comment about what the hell I please. When the hell I please. Now you go get a life and stop being a follower.

    About Tom… I like some of his movies… I think Katie and Suri are pretty. I dont care about Scientology and if thats the religion he chooses to follow……Good for him. There are so many religions out there I could care less if this one was added to the bunch.

  85. ???? says

    I have Hartnett and Klein’s number for any one who wants it. He he he.

    Suri looks good enough to eat!

  86. Libraesque says

    thanks amy, but I think my sense of humor is wasted here!
    #373, oh believe me, he’s already suspicious, he doesn’t need me to let him know

  87. Gaelle says

    L there should a way to contact hartnett. Give yourself a favor and do that. Ask him why he does not claim his daughter. S A

  88. Libraesque says

    Katie is beautiful, she is always beautiful. I guess that is why Tom went crazy . I would too. Suri is also a very beautiful baby, but I guess she would be since her father , Josh Hartnett, is handsome and her mum is beautiful. Wish the real father knew


  89. K.K says

    Katie is beautiful, she is always beautiful. I guess that is why Tom went crazy over her. I would too. Suri is also a very beautiful baby, but I guess she would be since her father is handsome and her mum is beautiful. Wish them the best.


  90. cherisse says

    I think Tom looks kind of crazy, but Katie looks beautiful to me because she is smiling. So if i had to choose who looks better than the other i choose KATIE!!!!!!

  91. Libraesque says

    Mia, ever since “????” obtained my work e-mail address, I have been getting (and NOT opening) virus e-mails, 10-12 a day

    THAT is the personality and mental state of a TCfan/$cientologist

  92. Miapocca says


    Why do you lie so much

    “Guys, I think it means a lot to Miapocca that we hate Tom Cruise. She has put so much energy into this hate obsession of hers ”

    Only about 2 weeks ago you were on tkc crazy trying to be my friend and asking me all kinds of personal wyou on here trying a nother tatic..GROW UP

    Where does it say in any of my posting “??? HATE TOM CRUISE” . An intelligent person can read anlayze descern and come to their own conclusion..If yourself and jackie are going to comce here and pot pro scientologist arguments, its only fair for me to give the others the opportunity to read alternative literature and make an informed choice.

    you can also skip over it is distresses you to read alternate opinions..FOOL


  93. Miapocca says

    HELEN, ANNE, JACKIE, ????.. follow us everywhere to spout their defence of sceintology.NOTE THAT THEY ARE NOT DEFENDING TOM CRIUSE, JUST PUSHING THEIR OWN AGENDA

    amen to that
    “Also, given the fact that IT WAS YOU who took advantage of a glitch in the system over at TKC and took my personal e-mail and others and have posted FOUL comments on other websites listing our private e-mail addresses as a source of revenge for people having different opinions than yours proves you are the SICKEST most vile of “Fans” and need intense psycological help
    I was able to obtain your e-mail address, but even after your sick act of revenge, I have not used it to exact revenge on you, so CHECK YOURSELF “

  94. Libraesque says

    for THE LAST TIME here is Leoras e-mail to me

    If you still feel a need to leave my site, I’ll be sorry to see you go, but I am not banning anyone or their messages. If you see a comment that is inappropriate please send it my way and I’ll delete it if I see fit. That’s all I can do.

    Please continue to comment about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    “????”, Oriana and I are friends, and e-mail eachother regularly, so you’re not winning over anyone with her

    Also, given the fact that IT WAS YOU who took advantage of a glitch in the system over at TKC and took my personal e-mail and others and have posted FOUL comments on other websites listing our private e-mail addresses as a source of revenge for people having different opinions than yours proves you are the SICKEST most vile of “Fans” and need intense psycological help
    I was able to obtain your e-mail address, but even after your sick act of revenge, I have not used it to exact revenge on you, so CHECK YOURSELF

  95. Miapocca says

    Overview Of Scientology

    by L. J. West, M.D.

    Originally printed in “The Southern California Psychiatrist,” October 1991, pp. 13-15. Dr. West has granted permission to upload this article to computer networks and bulletin boards

    In previous articles in this newspaper (July, 1990 and May, 991), I described how the Church of Scientology strives constantly to gain the appearance of respectability and to attract new members, as well as to discredit its critics. What follows is a continuation of that account, with special emphasis on Scientology’s front groups, the purposes of which are to mprove its credibility with the public, and to create new venues for recruitment of members and generation of income.


    ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Miapocca says

    LIB they dont care about bieng correct…they jus want to detract other readers and water down our comments…havent you heard we are percieved as if we all decide to go to tck TODAY..those clams will follow us there as well…they go where we go and make foolish comments ..unsubstantiated comments based on shallow mindedness or from reading scientology brochures

    Frankly why argue with someoen who is branwashed and indoctrinated to believes some of the crap above….get of the fucking koolaid and think

  97. Libraesque says

    o.k. I was gone all weekend, so I had to scan briefly through all the posts. But one that stuck out was #28

    NOTE, if you’re going to proclaim something to make a point YOU MAY WANT TO AT LEAST BE CORRECT!!!

    Tom Cruise 5’7
    Robert R. 5’10
    Mark W. 5’8
    Paul N. 5’9
    Charlie S. 5’9
    Steven S. 5’7

  98. Miapocca says

    Orianna. I had respsonded to your comment yesterday but once again it was taken off because i put in more than 2 links

    Anyway: The gay rumor is not substantiated. Only those who CLIAM they have had affairs with Cruise have come forward with a stories that based on the source in not high in credibility…its actually a very hilarious story to which cruises lawyer sent out one his many letters . IF i were the lawyer I wouldnt other with big red…he probably was looking for clientele

    Anyways, there are also rumors whispered because of cruise wierd mimi rogers priesthood aspirations..of course the South Park tom cruise wont come out of the closet episode was nominated for an emmy…does the entertainment community know something they wont tell??? Also Mr Cuise has been sending enough letter Andrew Mortons way in an effort to stop the unauthorized biography…lots of smokes and mirrors where crusie is concerned.

    Cruise has very tight legal confidential clauses in everything he does, he is very very careful , so for anyone to come forward with such a stroy htey are willing to commit financial suicide,..for hubbard had a theory of simply harrasing percieved threats in court till they face financial ruin..HUbabrd didnt want to win just to harrass the opponent , and this has been praticed against a lot of members and the woman who invented the personality test that you can take online at the scn website. SHE WAS NEVER PAID..they simply took her work and started using it, he next of kin was also left with the headache of dealing with scientology of the rights, finally i think an europena business also a scientologist acquired the rights and tried to negotiate with Miscaviage, but that when his blinder fell off when he realised what kind of organization he was involved wiht..will find that link for you later

    Anyway Nicole pretty much lost ground when Keith checked into rehab to scientology its a no no …and I will not be suprised if there were some clauses in their final agreement about child endangerment via substances or actions not favoured in scn..her hands are tied probably till she gets rid of keith…..she has to choose between her husband and chidlren and so far she is not managing too well. Keith wants to move to australia, nicole doesnt want to go because she is afraid of moving further away from her chidlren….

    Now read the big red story on his afair with cruise,….its hilarious..just for laughs, since this cannot be substantiated,

  99. amy says

    your comments bore me
    you are so petty about nigger/nigga, yet condone homophibia and disgusting comments about the university shootings? hope you don’t have children…shame on you..

  100. amy says

    N – #353

    why the nasty comment about libra when she hasn’t posted on this thread for the last 200 or so posts??

    oh i see….thats precisely WHY you chose to be nasty…cause you think she won’t respond..grow up…

  101. N says

    Also…. Blacks dont use “NIGGER” to refer to each other….. the word you are looking for is “NIGGA”…. Some blacks believe that changing the spelling of the word changes its meaning or makes it less of a deragatory word. FYI

  102. amy says

    jackie is a clam then!! hahahaha…i DID read that on tmz earlier…just shows what kind of organization it is…control freaks…very scary…

    i have to say jackie, i think you should go back to the ‘church’ and get retrained…your attempts here are laughable….i am embarrassed for you….hahahaha…
    gee, YOU only ever seem to comment on any threads regarding tom… that all you are assigned to? who got travolta?

  103. Miapocca says

    Does the above remind you of JACKIE..whwo suddenly happened to walk int o a scientology center ahahhaah

  104. Miapocca says

    So this is what I found out on TMZ:

    BIATCH are you a clam???

    27. Oh yeah Miapocca, Scientology assigns certain people to different forums to “chase” detractors around. Usually the have someone come to the board pretending to be anti-CoS who will suddenly TAH DAH!! see the light and Scientology will solve all their problems. They’re called clams. Or, they tell story after story about how a man just released from a psych ward killed and mutilated their little old granny. Those evil psychs!!! Or how after taking Prozac for a day were just on the verge of tying the old noose when someone told them about L Ron’s “breakthroughs”. You know L. Ron, the same guy who lied about his military record, academic record, and everything else. These people are freaks who will suck you in and then when you have no more cash to give spit you out. Evil doesn’t even come close to describing these people.

    Posted at 8:02PM on Apr 22nd 2007 by the anti-clam

  105. Miapocca says

    Those who think you can seperate a person life from his cult are yet to learn about what a cult really is.. I am sorry but all you show is ignorance about the topic you have chosen to debate

    See attached

    You will learn a lot , dont forget to supplement it with readings from the scientology website, it smake sit even more interesting…..

  106. Miapocca says

    JACKIE your information on the Hubbard text being altered are WRONG

    His texts are not altered if anythingthey are scared..its the organization that has become more sophisticated and adept at their mission since MIscaviage took over

    MIscaviage like most ppl who seek power and money,, was very adept at manipulation his way up the ranks, not to mention he joined so early that he was well indoctrinated by hubbard

    He was best man and also accompanied tomkat on otheir honeymoon. …..

  107. Miapocca says

    Thanks Gaele..ahhaha LOL

    I think the scientologist here have gladly skipped over all the academic material and want to beleive that there a few people in world who they claim to be all me, spreading lies about tom cruise…these are not lies..they may be documented subjective opinions but not made up lies ..those people that wrote the documents needed to write it to provide a blance to the sceintology brochures.I have read both sides, I chose the side that was more in line with my are free to do the same , however neither the love of a celebrity nor some close minded sceintologist on line who read a few sceintology brochures or another who is a full blown scientologist engaging in fair game tatics is foundation to make a well informed decision.
    You are also nto being forced to dislike cruise..I do nto think I have held a gun to anybody head on this forum asking them to dislike cruise..I simply wrote an opinion.

    Orianna, I think the members of the groupthink brigade are trying to get you to join thier side of the boat…this is how they start…they are desperate to get more ppl to join in with heir narrow minded gravy train that its so amusing to watch them come out and play…this is how Anne tried to reruit Linda who smacked her down flat…

    LIB , amy, Shadow, (oops I forgot we are one and same so I should put / in between the names..)scare the living daylights out of you all because we force you to question yoiur narrow mined beliefs……put on your thinking cap …enjoy your idol worship..

    In this world thre are truly few thinkers who run the world(Hubbard knew that) countinoulsy this site proves some basic human behaviours…afraid to look beyond what they think they know , anger at someone no becuase of their opinion, because those opinions scare you….how on earth do you peopel get along with your friends and familes who will all have a multitude of opinions …………………….geeeeeeeez…………………
    his full name is THOMAS CRUISE MATOPHER..or whatever the heck you spell that last name..when did his name become a bone of contention.

  108. !! says

    Those pictures of Suri were taken when they were going to Brooke Shield’s daughter Grier Henchy’s birthday party on Saturday and she looks so adorable.

  109. Gaelle says

    New pics of Suri, new pics of Suri, new pics of Suri, new pics of Suri. Youpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  110. amy says


    tom PROUDLY encourages the public to associate himself with scientology, therefore the two are intertwined.

    i don’t believe that neither myself or others here spread ‘filth and rumours’ about him, i don’t tell lies, and i don’t blindly swallow PR releases from his staff, i educate myself on the facts given to me before i come to any conclusion.

    it is not just me, libraesque, miapocca or shadowgirl who have commented negatively about either him, katie or scientology on this thread, though we are the only ones who receive personal, nasty and threatening comments in return.

    we ARE however people who will respond to these comments, hence the many entries above.

    to have people like Helen, who post extremely homophobic and childish ‘songs’ and then also accuse other bloggers of about to become mass murders at a university is what I personally find horrific, yet you have chosen to overlook items like Helen’s as she is Pro-Tom, very muddle set of values in my opinion

  111. Kelly says

    First Tom’s name is not Thomas Cruise but simply Tom Cruise and has been that for years. I don’t think to Like Tom you have to like scientology and I don’t understand why those who hate scientology think it is their duty to hate Tom as well. And if you don’t like him, you are under no obligation to spread filth and rumours about him. He doesn’t know you and will never know you.

  112. Jen says

    oriana, Thank you!!!!!!
    At last we have someone who is neutral on Tom Cruise she DOESN’T like his cult and she not a fan of his but she can tell what is gossip and what is not. It only takes common sense if you’re not bias like Miapocca to see through some of the rubbish people write about Tom Cruise.

    And I’m still waiting for the David Letterman link!!!

  113. oriana says

    Dori, please, go online, click on David Miscavige, his right hand man that took over as Head of the Scientology organization, read the interview he gave Ted Koppel in 1992, very interesting. He was also Best Man at Tom’s first wedding.

    Now I was reading again, the Smoking Gun divorce papers from Nicole and Tom, if a spouse is not receptive to the Scientolgist beliefs, they use the word, disconnect, you don’t hear them use the word “divorce”, I still don’t understand why when Tom disconnected himself from Nicole, if she had proof of him in long term homosexual affair, why not fight for her children? I find it very hard also to accept that in Hollywood, as money grubbing as they are, his “partner” of ten years, would be selling his story to the highest bidder, not just his mouth but in ten years, you can gather some kind of proof? It is just confusing to me.

  114. oriana says

    I definately believe that website about Charlie Sheen, I have read about him before and even on Heidi Fleiss, one of her girls said he liked for them to dress up like schoolgirls, the part about young school girls, freakish, and I don’t doubt for a minute his dad has not been aware of it also for years. Don’t really care for Denise, I do think she is a good mother but she seems cold and calculating to me, and definately stabbled her friend in the back with Richie!

    As for Nicole, wouldn’t she have that to use as leverage against Tom to have custody of kids instead of him? I know if I caught my husband or found out he had been in a long term homosexual affair, he would be looking and wishing for a spaceship heading out of here for whatever planet he could land on!

  115. maggie says


  116. Jackie says

    Dori, am no expert on scientology but I took the task to find out more about it so that I can argue from an informed point of view (hint hint to some people LOL). Any way many of the teachings have been developed and updated but his teachings form the basis for most of the texts. Their site is pretty informative.

    I wouldn’t recommend scientology or religion for that matter for any one unless of course you are Britney or ANS. But I understand why someone in hollywood would want to join it. It keeps you grounded in a world where extravagancies are the norm.

    They have good texts on raising children though, depression and drug addiction.

    I see I did not get the link I specifically requested for. Whats new??!!!

  117. dori says

    Thanks for clearing that up. If he’s dead why are the scientologists still following his practices? Doesn’t it seem that things have changed since 1986? How is it people still follow his teachings> did someone take his place to keep it going? I don’t understand the scientology thing and don’t really want to read all about it but if someone could give me the brief version enough for a 3 year old I’d be grateful. I have a short attention span.

  118. Miapocca(Suppresive person) says

    fair game theory agian jackie…descredit those you percieve as a threat…hahahah

    too funny..why on earth would I go to the extent of concocting a script…Back to writing..thanks for the diversion during a very long coding block


  119. Jackie says

    Could you please post the video of this Letterman interview or atleast its script? Use a link please. I wouldn’t put it past you to concoct a script. You seem a little desperate……why, I wonder!

  120. Miapocca says


    We are talking of two different letterman episodes…she used to go to letterman when she was on dawson creek..she didnt just start going to letterman after tom…you are talking about batman press junket..I am talking about the dawson creek letterman episode, where he asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no..she was to busy working…

    Please dont assume people are utomatically lying because htey have information you ahve nto heard of …

    Sorry to dissapoint you that I am not a lair..I doubt anyone is intentionally lying on this site..just their opinion./.if they are ..that just too bad.

  121. WHAT? says

    Pre tom Katie Holmes was on letterman laughing with him over midgets height..its was quiet the moment…Hilarious


    People are trying to make Tom look bad they are making up things as they go along. Watch that show again. Latterman asked Katie if she doesn’t mind the height different AFTER she got together with Tom Cruise NOT pre Tom and here is what she said
    “That’s never crossed my mind,” she told Letterman tersely when he asked about the age difference. Cruise is 42 and Holmes is 26.

    The height question…she said she didn’t know what he was talking about.

  122. Jackie says

    Jen, I do post here from time to time. I hate passing judgement over another human being unless I know and fully appreciate the facts and their situation and not because I read something in the tabloids or another blogger said it. I had a long free weeked so I posted a lot. But I do visit the site on a regular basis even if most times I read comments but I do not post.

    Thanks for the link too. Suri has surely grown and isn’t she the prettiest ever! She will be a beautiful woman like her mum.

  123. Gina says

    Boy I failed to read the post either. It was too long and frankly since she made little sense in her earlier posts, I too did not give it a try. What happened to admiring or dissenting and going away. These articles/ worst seller novels are rather annoying.

  124. ????? says

    Guys, I think it means a lot to Miapocca that we hate Tom Cruise. She has put so much energy into this hate obsession of hers .

    If we promise to do our best (even if it is may not be good enough) to like Tom Cruise the Actor not the scientologistn will you stop posting all that no sense that we do not read any way? What happened to your threat to go away? JUST GO….

  125. Jen says

    OMG Mia, what is it with the long post? Does anyone else read it? I just stopped after 3 lines. I think people will pay attention to what you are saying if you keep it short and to the point. I’ll never know if you answered my question now.

    People there is a new picture of Tom, Katie and Suri going to Brooke Shields daughter birthday party at

  126. Miapocca says

    ” I know but ONE FREEDOM and that is the freedom of the MIND”

    Visit Steve Hassan’s(
    Mind Control – The BITE Model
    From chapter two of Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves*

    *© 2000 by Steven Hassan; published by Freedom of Mind Press, Somerville MA

    Destructive mind control can be understood in terms of four basic components, which form the acronym BITE:

    Behavior Control

    Information Control

    Thought Control

    Emotional Control

    It is important to understand that destructive mind control can be determined when the overall effect of these four components promotes dependency and obedience to some leader or cause. It is not necessary for every single item on the list to be present. Mind controlled cult members can live in their own apartments, have nine-to-five jobs, be married with children, and still be unable to think for themselves and act independently.

    I. Behavior Control
    1. Regulation of individual’s physical reality

    a. Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates with
    b. What clothes, colors, hairstyles the person wears
    c. What food the person eats, drinks, adopts, and rejects
    d. How much sleep the person is able to have
    e. Financial dependence
    f. Little or no time spent on leisure, entertainment, vacations

    2. Major time commitment required for indoctrination sessions and group rituals

    3. Need to ask permission for major decisions

    4. Need to report thoughts, feelings and activities to superiors

    5. Rewards and punishments (behavior modification techniques- positive and negative).

    6. Individualism discouraged; group think prevails

    7. Rigid rules and regulations

    8. Need for obedience and dependency

    II. Information Control
    1. Use of deception

    a. Deliberately holding back information
    b. Distorting information to make it acceptable
    c. Outright lying

    2. Access to non-cult sources of information minimized or discouraged

    a. Books, articles, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio
    b. Critical information
    c. Former members
    d. Keep members so busy they don’t have time to think

    3. Compartmentalization of information; Outsider vs. Insider doctrines

    a. Information is not freely accessible
    b. Information varies at different levels and missions within pyramid
    c. Leadership decides who “needs to know” what

    4. Spying on other members is encouraged

    a. Pairing up with “buddy” system to monitor and control
    b. Reporting deviant thoughts, feelings, and actions to leadership

    5. Extensive use of cult generated information and propaganda

    a. Newsletters, magazines, journals, audio tapes, videotapes, etc.
    b. Misquotations, statements taken out of context from non-cult sources

    6. Unethical use of confession

    a. Information about “sins” used to abolish identity boundaries
    b. Past “sins” used to manipulate and control; no forgiveness or absolution

    III. Thought Control
    1. Need to internalize the group’s doctrine as “Truth”

    a. Map = Reality
    b. Black and White thinking
    c. Good vs. evil
    d. Us vs. them (inside vs. outside)

    2. Adopt “loaded” language (characterized by “thought-terminating clichés”). Words are the tools we use to think with. These “special” words constrict rather than expand understanding. They function to reduce complexities of experience into trite, platitudinous “buzz words”.

    3. Only “good” and “proper” thoughts are encouraged.

    4. Thought-stopping techniques (to shut down “reality testing” by stopping “negative” thoughts and allowing only “good” thoughts); rejection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism.

    a. Denial, rationalization, justification, wishful thinking
    b. Chanting
    c. Meditating
    d. Praying
    e. Speaking in “tongues”
    f. Singing or humming

    5. No critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy seen as legitimate

    6. No alternative belief systems viewed as legitimate, good, or useful

    IV. Emotional Control
    1. Manipulate and narrow the range of a person’s feelings.

    2. Make the person feel like if there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader’s or the group’s.

    3. Excessive use of guilt

    a. Identity guilt

    1. Who you are (not living up to your potential)
    2. Your family
    3. Your past
    4. Your affiliations
    5. Your thoughts, feelings, actions

    b. Social guilt
    c. Historical guilt

    4. Excessive use of fear

    a. Fear of thinking independently
    b. Fear of the “outside” world
    c. Fear of enemies
    d. Fear of losing one’s “salvation”
    e. Fear of leaving the group or being shunned by group
    f. Fear of disapproval

    5. Extremes of emotional highs and lows.

    6. Ritual and often public confession of “sins”.

    7. Phobia indoctrination : programming of irrational fears of ever leaving the group or even questioning the leader’s authority. The person under mind control cannot visualize a positive, fulfilled future without being in the group.

    a. No happiness or fulfillment “outside”of the group
    b. Terrible consequences will take place if you leave: “hell”; “demon possession”; “incurable diseases”; “accidents”; “suicide”; “insanity”; “10,000 reincarnations”; etc.
    c. Shunning of leave takers. Fear of being rejected by friends, peers, and family.
    d. Never a legitimate reason to leave. From the group’s perspective, people who leave are: “weak”; “undisciplined”; “unspiritual”; “worldly”; “brainwashed by family, counselors”; seduced by money, sex, rock and roll.


    The Three Stages of Gaining Control of the Mind
    [Adapted from Kurt Lewin’s three-stage model as described in Coercive Persuasion (Norton, 1961) by Edgar Schein]

    1. Unfreezing

    a. Disorientation / confusion
    b. Sensory deprivation and/or sensory overload
    c. Physiological manipulation

    1. Sleep deprivation
    2. Privacy deprivation
    3. Change of diet

    d. Hypnosis

    1. Age regression
    2. Visualizations
    3. Story-telling and metaphors
    4. Linguistic double binds, use of suggestion
    5. Meditation, chanting, praying, singing

    e. Get person to question self identity
    f. Redefine individual’s past (implant false memories, forget positive memories of the past)

    2. Changing

    a. Creation and imposition of new “identity” done step by step

    1. Formally within indoctrination sessions
    2. Informally by members, tapes, books, etc.

    b. Use of Behavior Modification techniques

    1. Rewards and punishments
    2. Use of thought-stopping techniques
    3. Control of environment

    c. Mystical manipulation
    d. Use of hypnosis and other mind-altering techniques

    1. Repetition, monotony, rhythm
    2. Excessive chanting, praying, decreeing, visualizations

    e. Use of confession and testimonials

    3. Refreezing

    a. New identity reinforced, old identity surrendered

    1. Separate from the past; decrease contact or cut off friends and family
    2. Give up meaningful possessions and donate assets
    3. Start doing cult activities: recruit, fundraise, move in with members

    b. New name, new clothing, new hairstyle, new language, new “family”
    c. Pairing up with new role models, buddy system
    d. Indoctrination continues: Workshops, retreats, seminars, individual studies, group activities

    Remember,cult mind control does not erase the person’s old identity, but rather creates a new one to suppress the old identity (John-John and John-cult).


  127. Miapocca says

    I used this with some students on cmapus:

    Is it a Cult?
    With so many different organizations on campus, how can a student tell whether a group is a cult? According to Loomis, they possess common characteristics:

    Deception: Potential devotees are enticed with lies and trickery. “Cults are great at zeroing in on what a specific person needs and then offering it,” explains Loomis. Cults also rarely reveal their identity. They often use front names when registering on campus. Therefore, students who are considering joining a group should ask whether a parent organization is involved. Reluctance to divulge that information should be considered a warning sign.

    Mind control: Brainwashing techniques are used to persuade recruits to adopt the group’s beliefs and practices. One such method, referred to as “love bombing” by cult experts, involves making the person feel unconditionally accepted.
    Fear is also instilled to make members believe that they are hopeless without the cult.

    Isolation: Potential recruits are commonly whisked away to a remote retreat. Once the circle is tightened, communication with the outside, including friends and family, is discouraged.

    Deprivation: Cults often deprive members of food and sleep while also subjecting them to marathon study sessions. This diminishes the member’s critical thinking capabilities. Questioning and doubt are discouraged and even punished until finally the member isn’t able to think for his or herself, says Loomis. Instead, they blindly accept decisions made by their leader.
    How to Help a Friend
    If someone close to you is involved in a cult, here’s how you can help.

    Re-affirm that you will always be there for them, if they need someone to talk to, or come home to.
    If they have already heard criticism of the group and their involvement in it from you or others close to them, do not keep repeating that message. Constant repetition will only drive them away from you and perhaps cause them to terminate all communication.
    Educate yourself about cults in general and their cult in particular.
    Feed them general information about destructive groups, in small doses and ask them questions about it and how it may relate to their group.
    Put them in touch with one or more former members of their group, so they can hear the truth from someone who has been there.
    Encourage their family to retain an “exit counselor” who is knowledgeable about that group. They will work with the family and friends and educate them about what to say and what not to say. Eventually, they will identify a strategy for getting the person out of the group.
    Once they have left the organization, urge them to join a support group for former cult members.

  128. Miapocca says

    “Cerainly not strange enough to warrant hate and dislike for its members.”

    Please do not extrapolate..I have said several times that people who join usually have a moment of weakness or are going through difficulties which pushes them to seek, seek , seek., there are those who just seek. adn those who just wan tto be accepted by a large group…I have an uncle who joined 15 different churches incuding occults , he never joined a cult though… Scn more than just a little strange

    After reading extensively from both the scn website and the others, I am pretty confident in my final conclusions..Your comments have nothing enlightening about them, since I have read them over and over again especially from ex members describing how they used to defend thier new found GROUPTHINK fascination…typical early stage defense.

    Brainwashing in ver blatant starts quite nice and gentle till you get in far enough…why do you think Midget had a break down at OT111;…find out form testimonie what is revealed at OT3 to make one flip..its online

    Scn borrow general psychological well being methods in their processes…a conman will not sell you the spoiled goods upfront, rather it takes time..with a good conman you never figure it out till its all gone…

    Enjoy your cult lessons, nothing is thiS world will make me entertian a cult..and i hope the variuos goverments stand their ground

  129. Gaelle says

    # 280 well said bravo. And those kaballah people they do witchcraft, is it better? do not think so.

  130. Jackie says

    Scientology is controversial no question about that. Katie may not be an heiress but she does not strike as a girl whose dream is to jet around the world beach hoping and living in the lap of luxury that she is desperate enough to resort to a sahm marriage for that. She certainly did not want for anything while growing up. As for her nameless and faceless uncles who ‘gave’ tabloids info about their family dislike for Tom, am sceptical about their authenticity. Didn’t these insiders say Katie’s family was not attending the wedding? Adn when they arrived in Rome, that her father wil attend but will not give her away? I will stick to her father’s speech at the wedding where he said he could not have asked for a better son in-law. They have also live at the Cruise mansion for long periods and have been seen at Bella and Connor’s games. They didn’t have to do any of this. Why would I believe tabloids over her father. Why disregard his words, wait, he too is brain washed by the Cruise Millions. Right?

  131. Jackie says

    Oriana, from your posts I can sense that you are a very kind person and you sound very sensible. I love Travolta too and I have loved him since I watched him in grease. I watched that movie over 1000 times. I don’t think many people even scientologists believe those Hubbard teachings about aliens apart from those who claim to have seen them. But scientology does have a number of teachings and guidelines that could help so many people in their lives. I agree it is not a religion, it does not even have a god. There are certain aspects I find a little odd but on the whole it does not seem as strange or as bad as people make it out to be. Cerainly not strange enough to warrant hate and dislike for its members. Their books are expensive I will grant you that and I only bought their introductory text and looked at their on line texts. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone apart from troubled people who every thing has failed, but that is because I am not particulary religious and I learned more about it out of curiosity and to see what the fuss was about.

    Iam scared shitless of Vodoo and suspicious of Mormoms but to each their own. I respect whatever any one decides to believe in. Their choice, their life.

  132. Miapocca says

    Orianna you are hilarious

    “None of us are perfect, that is, except John Travolta! Ha! ”

    You consistently put a smile on my face..wish there were more people like you here ratehr than thos ewanting to attack other simpy because they have thier own opinion…

    Jen/…from reading your posts I understand that you have missed a lot of the media on the tomkat spectacle….

    Katie family is not RICH…TOM IS RICH/….they are well to do with good jobs from a small town in the middle of nowhere Ohio…She probably made more money than her Dad in her acting career..No her father cannot come out and say he is not happy with her choice of groom..her uncle spoke out about it…
    That said I have no idea why she married tom..she must have been on too much koolaid or the sauna treatments made her brain shoot down her spine…in any case I think her brain is climibing back up…and make no mistake when she has a lot more time on her won ..her parents wil lintervene and viola…right down she is under guard 24/7 ….Micheal Caine actually got disgusted with her during thier press junket for batman and I think they basically cut down her press time so she could go spend mor time with midget…

    When you read some more about the lives of former members and their family relationships you will getter a better understanding of the scenario…your thoughts lead me to believe that you havent really looked up sceintology in any takes a while but the stories are mind blowing…

    I am sure most of the European goverments are in agreement with me and that is why they have no intention of giving it the status of a religion anytime soon.

    Pre tom Katie Holmes was on letterman laughing with him over midgets height..its was quiet the moment…Hilarious

  133. oriana says

    #273, Thank you!

    #280, Very nicely written indeed! Enjoyed it very much.

    I tried sending this earlier but for some reason didn’t go thru so will try again.

    I do not believe that Katie is in for the money, I think she fell in love, she is very young and I think she has a loving family that won’t sit back and allow her to be controlled and miserable with her life. Suri is a joy and I can see on both their faces how much she is loved and cherished, and I think she looks like Tom.

    I don’t think Tom is a bad person, I think he has a good heart and enjoys helping people. If he is OT7, then he is on a high level and he is full of confidence about anything he does. I have read about the different OT levels and what they supposedly represent.

    I have also read about some of the past Popes, and some of them were evil, I was amazed to read about the female Pope. I am not Catholic, my husband’s mother went to the Vatican in 2000 and met Pope John Paul, we have a picture of her with him handing her a Rosary and holding her hand, tears come to my eyes even now when I think about him! My husband laughed at me when I cried so much over his funeral.

    I do respect the people that are in the Scientology organization, sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it a Church, to me a Church is a Holy place and I can’t find anything holy about the Scientology Center.

    I do believe we are not the only planet in the Universe that has intelligent life, I do believe in Voodoo and that scares me. I do believe in healings and in miracles. I don’t believe in praying to a statue, I don’t believe we are Gods, sorry to the Mormons for they are some of the most loving and kindest people I have ever met, have many friends that are and love them! I personally believe in Jesus Christ and that he came and died for our sins and salvation, I have to believe there is a better place than here on this earth and I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell.

    That being said I don’t want to offend anyone, but my mind can’t comprehend that our bodies are shells for aliens that came here on space ships, I am sorry, but that is the teaching of Hubbard!

    I also found it odd that none of his sons took control when he died, and so many members of his family tried to kill themselves, and his son Did!!

    As for calling Tom a midget, those words never came out of my mouth, I don’t think he is that short compared to some people, look at Ryan Seacrest, he is cute as can be and he is very short, good for him! Danny Devito, I love him, I want to kiss and hug him!

    I would not have any issues with Tom or about him if he came out and said he was Gay, fine with me, I would still think he is one of the best actors around and I think a good parent that loves his kids. Yes, he treated Nicole shabbily at the end, but he could stand in line with a lot of men that have done much worse, celebs and regular people alike! I am sorry if I have offended anyone for that has not been my intention.

    None of us are perfect, that is, except John Travolta! Ha!

  134. oriana says

    I wonder why there has never been a movie made about Hubbard? They did one about Elvis! I would certainly go see it!

  135. ???? says

    Oriana, Leora is the web mistress at who apparently banned a couple of posters there for insulting Tom and Katie and running every one off the site.

  136. Gina says

    You have a poit Jen. I have always looked at Katie as a genuine person, what you see is what you get. I don’t believe she has ever been poor in her life. Her father is wealthy in his own right an all her life she has never seen a day of suffering.

    She does not come across as desperate for money of fame. Remember she had turned down the role of Joey in Dawson’s creek to act in a play at her school. Her career was going places and there were talks of her being a bond girl. I think she does love Tom. I don’t see any reason for her to put the best years of her life to be ‘a beard’ so to speak.

  137. Beth says

    My only quarrel with Mr Cruise is that he has a fat ego and it is true he comes off as homophobic but knowinng his unfailing politeness, he will never show that. Other than that, I think he is rather cool and has a good head on his shoulders. His heart is in the right place and even if only one person feels better because of the detox, then good for him. The videos show that the people who got treatment appreciate his efforts and I guess that is what matters. His sexuality like any other person’s sexuality is his business and his alone. Why should he come out to be miserable while pleasing people who seem to hate him any way. No one ever tells talented musician who do not sing as a career to come out or people with special powers who are not professional seers to come out. Actually, sometimes I even like Tom Cruise, but these days am just fascinated iwth his private life like every body else. Suri is an angel. Katie looks beautiful in the picture.

  138. Jen says

    Miapocca , Are you telling me that Katie is in it for the money?

    Lets see Batman Begins she was paid around $1m so I don’t think she’s hurting for cash.

    Its funny how people take celebrities and apply everyday explanations to behaviour they don’t understand. Like “shes in it for the money.” “He’s secretly gay” etc. Its very eye-opening on how media culture consumers think.

    What I find strange is how Miapocca and others considers all his women’s beards. Why would these women who already have money, fame, etc. agree to be a part of this? And in Katie Holmes position, to actually marry him and have a baby with the guy? I mean doesn’t Katie come from a very strong family background? Isn’t Katie’s father a lawyer, mother Homemaker and her brother Martin Holmes Jr. an attorney? So are you telling us that they’re letting her live unhappy life when they can do something about it? Her father willingly gave his daughter away despite thinking she is unhappy or only in it for the money? even though they can do something about it…they have people like you and the cynical media to help them. What kind of family does that make them? OR what kind of person does that make Katie?

    I just don’t buy it. If he did need a beard, I would think he would go hire a non-celebrity who needed the money or Cos will set him up with a ready made Scientology wife.

  139. ????? says

    Most male stars in hollywood have gay rumours dogging them. I believe the origin of Tom’s gay rumours started from the fact that his voice was rather high in the eighties, he was clean and attentive to style and most gay people found him attractive, he is a serial monogamist and despite starting out in hollywood at a young age, he never went wild with women or got himself a reputation of a womaniser despite his fame and wealth.

    Of course there is his very sexy back side that for years drove bith men and women crazy. LoL

  140. ????? says

    Too true Jen, I think gay people are really moody unhappy people, of course not all of them, I knoe those who are content and do not make acceptance of their sexuality contingent on stars. But who tells them that they can hand pick people to join their sex orientation? The last I heard, there was no gay gene and most people choose to be gay. In fact, there is evidence that many people are attracted to people of the same sex at one point in their life but to decide to be gay is a choice one makes. Tom did not make that choice and I do not believe a homophobic hater should make it for him. I have nothing against gay people but they cling on Tom Cruise because he is the biggest star. They say that Brad Pitt, George clooney, Ricky Martin are all gay. They may be but so what? Who does it hurt if they choose not to shag their fellow men? It is a choice people not part of ones genetic make up.

    Jackie #280, I could not have made my point better, thanks

  141. vronsky says

    OMG. What is going on in here? My friend told me about this. You people have too much time in your hands.

    If the program works great but I too think the time they spend in the sauna might be dangerous.

    I have always wondered about the gay rumors about Tom Cruise but I am not disturbed by it at all, just really curious as to why this rumor started. Did I miss something or am I just naive? Personally I think it is probably untrue. It isn’t something I give a lot of thought to, but like the Richard Gere rumor, it just seems unfair and stupid to me, and speaks volumes imo about the people who continue to keep the rumor alive.

    Cary Grant was dogged by homosexual rumors too, but he shared a bachelor pad with Douglas Fairbanks for a while and the two seemed inseperable, so I can understand how that rumor would start. Cruise, on the other hand has married/dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I have always thought it betrays a certain homophobic personality type in those that believe or continue to spread it despite lack of any evidence except third hand gossip from highly questionable sources.

  142. Mary says

    It’s interesting that it’s always people like Tom Cruise that have the gay rumours. It’s very telling.

    It’s never, “Did you hear that Vic Tayback is gay?” or “Wilford Brimley is totally gay.”

    People wish that Tom Cruise is gay. They want so badly for him to be gay. Why?
    Who knows if he is. Who cares.

  143. Gina says

    If Tom Is gay and does not want to live as a gay person, I believe it is his personal choice to make and his life to lead. I do not know why people act threatened by scientology. If it is a wacko cult, then do not join it. Some people come here and write the same things thread after thread about Tom and as far as I see his fans still adore him to bits. Why tear out your hair over a person who does not even know you?

    Jackie #280, that was a great post. I my self are suspicious about scientology but I have to admit that its followers are some of the most stable people in hollywood and I do not fear that Suri and her siblings will be corupted by hollywood.

  144. Jen says

    I read this and its too funny…
    Kathy Griffin on ‘Larry King Live’:

    “The gays are almost willing to dump Gyllenhaal for the new Superman. Gyllenhaal’s not gay either and the gays all want him. They’re done with Cruise, they’ve had it, he’s too crazy. They’ve moved on to Gyllenhaal and the new Superman. You know the gays are moody. You gotta keep up…”

  145. Jen says

    Miapocca, better yet why do you care so much about his sexuality ? There are gay rumours about almost all the Hollywood actors but no one ever have been caught so does that means they are gay too or do you care if they come out?

  146. Jen says

    Miapocca, tell me this and please in short because most of you comments are very long and hard to follow…Why do you think Tom is gay?

  147. Miapocca says

    A BIGOT….speaking a against a CULT is not known as BIGOTRY…go tell it to the midget who refuses to come out of the closet, if he wasnt afraid of his own biggoted ideas , he would have stepped out of the CLOSET a LONG TIME AGO and saved himself the all the money Homes squanders on her shopping sprees……

    And is he hasnt heard gay people can adopt too, so he certainly doesnt need a BEARD
    I LOVE SOUTHPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

  148. Jen says

    Thank you Miapocca. I do visit Tom’s and Katie’s fan site as well as babyrazzi but not hate sites. I have a user name for the fan sites and only use Jen at babyrazzi.

  149. Jen says

    #286, Thank you. I can assure you I’m not the same Jen from TKC. I don’t comment on that site. And I live in Manchester, UK not Australia.

  150. Miapocca says

    You may want to distinguish yourself from this person if you are on any tomkat thread…she is not what I call a model citizen , she has violated the privacy of a few people and I will not be suprised if any wish her harm since she took her vindictiveness beyond the realm of the internet or rather opinion blog…therefore you might want to make your name a little more distinctive so as not to be confuised with that CRAB

  151. Miapocca says


    If you are a different JEN then my apologies. There is a JENNIFER, JEN, JEN FORM AUSTRAILIA who uses other people names and email address to post. If you are not the one then I am mistaken. I concluded based on her behavior that this JEN was the same jennifer mitchell from australia


  152. Jen says

    277. amy WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT? I’ve never commented on TCK. I’ve been a visitor at babyrazzi for the last 2 years and this and other FAN site that i visit. Why would I go to a non-fan site? Get your facts first before you accuse me of all sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Jen says

    #271. Miapocca, WHAT are you on? I don’t even post at TKC??? Did you ever think it might be a different Jen?

  154. Miapocca says

    Why do SCCN think that they can THINK for themselves…the journey begins with lies and is fraught with lies..I dont know any cahtolics that have needed to be deprogrammed when they quit being catholic, otherwise both kate and toms mother will too much of an emotional wreck to ever consider another “religion”


    now if you can find me a cahtolic diocese (and not a self proclaimed cult mixed with catholism??)…where the people who stray expereince the above..then we can have something to talk about…otherwise i still SAY SCIENTOLOGY IS A CULT AND SCIENTOLOGISTS HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO SHEER NONSENSE..

    Not all scientologists are bad people, some simply are weak and vulnerbale and go seeking for that something..what they find is a brainwashing monster with a huge bag waiting to strip them off thier MONEY first then their thinking ability and dignity…”””


    As someon who has lived in Louisiana I can tell you that vodoo does not pretend to be anything else most satanic cults you may entice you by offering you your hearts desire but you will pay and pay a lot for accepting that instant gratificationwith now you walk the dark path not the light…

    Most celebreties are not as educated as you may want to 12 yrd ols probaly has a more balanced personality…the FBI has records on Hubbard,..its online all you have to do is look for it..the woman who unearthed these records has been harrased by this cult and lost thousands of dollars in taking auditting classes before waking up and questioning the cult….

    Hubbards wife was in JAIL ..put here by the federal government because hubbard sacrified her for his crimes..he was hiding out in that ship of his for all kinds of tax reasons….read the testimoneies…

    David Koresh had several peopel die with him..those people arent necessarily stupid just following a charismatic leader who used his gift of persuasion to cause harm to people rather help mankind

    Go read the internet…if at a certain age you cannot read and analyse the readings, then frankly you will not understand some of the conversations on the opinion blogs either…try going to other sites not just TKC or Babbyrazzi and you will find more polished opinions on the subject..

    Frankjly your arguments are shallow , frivolous and just plain stupid…..

  155. Nina says

    Jackie, am also starting to believe that some people here are bigots. If Scientology helps Tom, then good for him, it is better than finding him drug overdosed.

    Why would any one call Tom a Midget when he is taller than Spielberg, Robert Redford, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Newman, Charlie Sheen? Many many actors. He was even taller than most of those men in the video posted at the Dinner. Heck if he was a midget then what is Danny Devito, and I have not even heard any one call Devito that. Half of the Men in the US are shorter than Cruise.

    I come from a latin background and our men are not particularly tall so I see height not such a big deal and I think if Tom were a midget then most of our men are Midgets. Ha!

  156. Jackie says

    According to Rollingstone Magazine of March 2005, Tom’s mum said she had just started reading scientology texts but she was still a devout catholic.

    I personally have read legitmate scientology texts and according to them, you do not have to believe in any aliens, you believe in that ‘that you believe to be true’. You do not even have to believe scientology texts and teachings but if you believe something to be true according to your experience, then you live by it.

    Do you think so many stars would be believing in aliens and stuff? How stupid do you think people are? Only those who believe that they have seen aliens in their life times and believe them to exist are encouraged not to deny their existance. Apparently, many people in the US claim to have seen Aliens. Personally I have never seen any so I do not believe in them.

    Tom says scientology helped him over come dyslexia and attributes his success to it. It is his choice and his faith. To me he is one of the best actors out there and he leads an exemplary life free of drug or acahol abuse and he is respectiful and friendly towards every one all the time which most people in Hollywood are not.

    I think if haters did not want Tom’s fans to leave him, then they should not attack fans calling them names for liking Tom? If they would answer genuinely, they would like Tom to have no fans and they are sadly deluded.

    I do not believe that Tom is imprisoned by scientology. That is a fallacy by his admirers who hate scientology. I am sorry to bust their bubble but he would not be fundraising and founding scientology detox programs if he were. He lives by it and sincerely believes it has made him survive Hollywood for all these years. That place is a hell hole and not many people can live there intact for almost thrity years especially if they went there at the age he did.

    If as they say he is hiding a secret, there is nothing that bad in hollywood to make you give away your life, even closet homosexuality unless he sacrificed and ate babies. LOL.

    Oriana, if you went to all Anti Catholic web sites, you would fear for every catholic or even Islam or Kabbalah. I remember reading the book ‘In God’s name’ about the Vatican’ and could not believe what goes on there. But if you do not want to have a biased view, please visit their site and then the hate sites. See both sides of the coin and make up your mind. Even if after that you still think that scientology is a sick cult, please respect those people who chose it, because it is their choice and mistake to make.

    Angelina Jolie is a believer in black magic and voodoo but I do not see any one tearing her throat and yet I think it is dangerous for her kids since Brad is Atheist. I have nothing against her and her personal life is hers to lead just like Tom’s life is his to lead.

    But just think about this, why would Jenna Elfman, Remini, Kirstie, Isaac Hayes and all those guys take up scientology, are they just stupid or they have never heard of Hubbard’s so called secret life? I think it is because it has helped them in their lives a great deal.

    Hollywood is a hard place to live and if you notice, those people who are scientologists have some of the most sane lives and their children seem to be the most well adjusted without drug and alcahol abuse.

    I am not trying to get any one into anything but please try and respect other people’s beliefs and personal choices as they owe you nothing and do not live for you. Also just because someone does not have a mainstream faith does not mean you should treat them in a derogatory way or condenm them. I think that is childish and I laud Tom for not giving up his faith which has helped him for over twenty years just to please tabloids and the press adn his detractors who have never done anything to help him. Haters are part of life and we all have them, that does not mean we should give in to what they demand of our private lives.

    I do not feel sorry for Suri, Bella and Connor. If scientology means that they will not be caught up in drugs, alcahol and orgies, then I think they are much better off than Shiloh, Diddy’s children or even Ireland Baldwin whose lives will most certainly take the path of ANS.

    To me if someone as lost as Anna Nicole Smith takes up a cult like scientology which is going to help her straighten her life and avert suicide or an overdose, then I think I would support her to take up such a cult.

    Remember too, that bigotry is as bad as racism or homophobia because it is a prejudice that can cause harm and some people here are plain old Bigots.

  157. Shadow Girl says

    Uh, yeah. Just because I speak my mind I’m instantly proclaimed into being someone else? I’d be offended if it was anyone else, hehe. Go to hell, BIATCH and tell Satan Tom’s on his way there.

  158. Nina says

    Oriana, Tom’s mum is still devout catholic. She is Catholic scientologist she says, whatever that is. But she is a devout catholic. She did not separate from her husband because she became scientologist, she became scientologist in 2005 after she had separate from Mr South and moved in with Cass. Like Someone said, she says she went through somethings that made her change.

    For me, faith is a personal journey and I do not judge people by what they believe. I think Tom has done well for himself and I do not see his children flashing their privates in public or doing drugs and if scientology is the reason they are well adjusted kids, then I think that is a good thing.

  159. amy says

    Helen! – you don’t need to ‘warn’ that webmistress anything…she has access to all the IP address which comment on her blog, as does this webmistress, and that PROVES we are all different commenters…your stupidity is beyond belief!!

    the webmistress knows exactly WHO did WHAT and you, jen and !!! came out looking pretty bad don’t you think!!

    and Jen – after your disgusting stunt of posting mine and libra’s private email address on various threads, along with our names, – well, that just showed me what a dangerous, nasty, vile and unintelligent person you are..haven’t you got a husband and children somewhere??

    go and spend some time with them instead of chasing us all over the internet you stalker!

  160. Miapocca says

    Okay..evidence 2:

    the BAITCH is a scientologist

    You posted this on TKC
    Apr 21, 2007 at 11:47 am

    Just to notify you Leora, Shadow girl and Amy is Miapocca so be on the look out

    Helen why do you feel its neccesarry to warn Leora.You cannto debabte efectively, so once again you go around wanring peope , so what they can shoot us on sight..PLEASE BIATCH the site has been dead since we left, I am not interested in coming to TCK..They had compromised security and its better not post on that site since you took advantge of the security glitch to use other peoples email addresses

    God you are pathetic, soon you wil be adding more peopel to one personality bag…
    Its umimaginable to your narrow minded vendetta arse that thre are more than 4 ppl in this world who have similar NOT SAME opinions opposed to your FOOLISH must be more uneducated than I thought you you cannto tell the differences in writing…What a dumb VINDICTIVE SCN BIATCH

  161. Miapocca says

    OOPS ignore above..wasnt done

    • Jen:
    WHy question Nicki…she may make herself believe that she practices catholism and Cultism. the two are not mutually exclusive, since its a cult.. Whereas scn beliefs can make them think they can practice Christianity as well..the tenets of Christianity will not allow the two to cohabit…
    Let me remember some notes from decades ago ” Jesus said you cannot serve tow masters” and ” God said he is a jealous God”
    So Christianity will not allow scn to worship both GOD and MONEY…
    and your MIDGET said that in his family “they are just scientologist and nothing else”
    Please read some more about scientology and when you have think for yourself on how that cult practice can cohabit with Christianity ..they have a polarizing effect on each other….scientology as you progress holds some basic occult and satanic beliefs, so how is that in line with catholism, unless the good priest have started indulging in their darker side
    Limited intellectual capabilities are not impressive, the more shit you write the mo e it comes across that you are dumb. To prevent that, maybe you should refrain from picking on other people…I don t believe Nicki mentioned your name nor does she care what you think..she was having a nice back and forth with orianna…your addition will only ruin their enjoyable tete a tete. .so buzz off

  162. Miapocca says


    WHy question Nicki…she may make herself believe that she practices catholism and Cultism.the two are not mutually exclusive, since its a cult.. Wheareas scn beleives can make them think they can practice christianity as well..the enets of christianity will not alllow the two to cohabit…
    Let me rememebr some notes from decades agos ” Jesus said you cannto serve tow masters” and ” God said he is a jealous God”

    So christianity will not lalow scn to worship both GOD and MONEY…

    and you MIDGET said that inhis family “they are just scientologist and nothing else”

    Please read some more about scientology and when you have think for yourself on how that cult practice can cohabity with christiantity ..they have a polarizing effect on each other….scientology as you progress holds come basic occult and satanic practices, so how is that in line with catholism, unles sthe good priest have started induging in their darker side

    Limited intellectual capabailites are nto impressive, the more shit you write the mor eit comes across that you are dumb. To prevent form coming across as dumb, maybe you should refrain from picking on other people…I don t believe Nicki mentioned your name nor does she care what you think..she was having a nice back and forth with orianna…your addition will only ruin thier enjoyable tete a buzz off

  163. Miapocca says


    ORIANNA thanks for the laughs..

    I don’t know how anyone could sit in a hot sauna for hours at a time and forget about drinking tons of oil, no way in H would that ever happen with me! If you want to detox, drink some prune juice, that’ll do it every time!

    Give me 20 min. in a nice clean hot tub and a tall glass of iced tea, or better yet, a choc milkshake! HA!

    I tried prune juice and I barely made it to work before having to rush into the bathroom..ahhahahhahahhaha

  164. Miapocca says

    “And about amy, Lib, and Mia what they want to do is turn Tom Cruise fans against him!!! ”
    I am not interested in turNing you against cruise, I am sure there are others who dont like him as well, however why should an opinion stated online have anything to do with turning you against someone..The opinion doesnt tell you what to think…its just someone’s point of view.,..if you feel threatened by a simple opinion, chances are it struck a chord and you know there is logic to it..feel free to love dont see me attacking you for liking him do you, rather its the reverse, the proclaimed tomkat fans have to attack any and everyone who says something about tomkat or scientology..I realise that there are some mothers here who are intellectually challenged and thus cannot simply scroll over an opinion they disagree doing that you can keep the narrow mindedness ……. .but I only tell you that those children you raise will grow their opinion will be shaped by the world and htey will come home and realise howw you retarded in your growth and completely stupid you sound…

    A smart woman is a credit to society because she will raise smart children..a dumb one, well..just give us more narrow minded people unwilling to explore and open up their beats me why narrow minded people want to be on opinion blogs..OPINIONS ARE SUBJECTIVE AND EACH AND EVERYONE WILL DIFFER..GET IT?!!!

  165. Miapocca says are the one that used my name to issue apologies on tkc, you used other peoples email addresses to set up lonely ads online…As long as I am concerned you lost credibility a long time ago.

    Frankly intially I look up this site to see the affleck family…I had liitle interest in Cruise till I started reading about scn..I read the scn wenbsite,,it sounded extremel;y stupid to me, then I started reading testimonies and I realised how dangerous this cult is and how they infiltrated the IRS and blackmial and threat people opposed to their belief like criminals…they are more harmful thna you think..tha this if you can analyze enough to think beyound just one point..

    it goe byond an action today….its simple and same as this, when you see the driver of a porshe getting drunk, you simply say to yourself he is having fun, you cannot think beyond that moment and realise that he will get in that powerful car and possibly with a car load of other humans and the ensuing accident will not be pretty..Aall actions lead to consequences and interelated with other probems.dont just think about a point in time, connect the dots..


  166. Miapocca says

    Oriana TOM is OT 7…He rose to the ranks faster than anybody else…Cruise is not my cup of tea..however the key to his control is passion..when he believes in something he goes way beyond and he can afford to do so..Unfortunately by proselytizing , he is causing more harm than he realizes…some of these people go through hell…
    Once you join you have to alienate your family because they are known as suppressive persons if they speak against the cult.(there is scn dictionary online for all their mumbo jumbo)…If his mother and sisters did not joint, they stood the chance of being isolated from him, and being the one supporting them, they simply jumped ship and joined him in that cult mansion….now his cousin is trooping around with them…

    I think he may have even progressed by now, there is an ex scientology site lemanet that updates their satus….I am not sure but I think the owner has been harrased by scn , had him tied up in court for years basically harass him on an on…its part of their fair game theory

    Nicki thanks for pointing out that everyone can express their opinion…anytime one says a word different from that of the BIATCH we basically get harrased and accused of all kinds of evil…she practices fair game theory by voilating the privacy of posters….I dont think she like TOMKAT she simply is here to stirr up trouble for those she percieve as a threat to her CULT

    If you dont like what you hear about the CULT, remember that we are just the reportes, our opinions may be subjective, so go look for yourselves, gooogle it up and stop fighting and accusing us of evil..
    A respected opinion is backed by evidence, sometime a majority here come across as really ignorant and not fully comphrending of the far reached of the cult or toms preaching …when the bline leads the blins, they may just walk into a building on fire

    this is the pent house interview


    Evidence 1: Once LIB and myself leave TCK she goes looking for us ..if sheis a tomkat fan why isnt she just content to say all the ahppy koolaid comments but has to attack myself and LIB…frankly I speak more against scientology them Cruise himself…when I mention Cruise its only to rile the narrow minded folks who attack me/!!

    BIATCH GET OFF THE KOOLAID, go try to rebuild your lost relationships…

  167. Jen says

    And about amy, Lib, and Mia what they want to do is turn Tom Cruise fans against him!!! Why else would they be at every fan site and blog going on about his belief, how Suri is not his…she is older than they say and the way she looks…katie is this and that….if they actually were trying to inform people about the cult they are going the wrong way about it because the fans already know they they are bias when it come to the couple. Have you even realised that they are only at this thread on this site?? They are not interested in the babies…

  168. Jen says

    But doesn’t Scientology conflict with her Catholicism? Not at all, she says: “I think Jesus wants me to be here right now. My church may not agree, but I personally know that.”

    The link wouldn’t post for me you can check this out on rolling stone interview she did with Tom and at the

  169. Jen says

    Nicki , where did you get you information? Tom’s mum is still practising her catholic faith and she is separated from her husband NOT divorced!

    His mother, a Catholic, was the lone hold out in the family until she turned to it in 2003 after going through “some things.” She still practices her Catholic faith,

    But doesn’t Scientology conflict with her Catholicism? Not at all, she says: “I think Jesus wants me to be here right now. My church may not agree, but I personally

  170. amy says

    YES i am miapocca, shadow girl, libraesque, santa claus, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and a gremlin…DAMN you all for catching me out..
    oriana – i applaud you for actually educating yourself to get a valid and real opinion on scientology – shame others don’t follow suite…

  171. oriana says

    I don’t know how anyone could sit in a hot sauna for hours at a time and forget about drinking tons of oil, no way in H would that ever happen with me! If you want to detox, drink some prune juice, that’ll do it every time!

    Give me 20 min. in a nice clean hot tub and a tall glass of iced tea, or better yet, a choc milkshake! HA!

  172. oriana says

    His kids look so nice and well cared for in their pictures. I don’t think we will ever see pictures of them, like Paris Hilton, dancing and drinking on tables in clubs with their parents at age 15, 16, and I doubt very seriously if we see pictures of Suri and Isabella with their legs spread and no underwear on! It is just disturbing to me to think that these seemingly well adjusted kids will be taught the Scientology beliefs. Suri is just the cutest thing to me, I see Katie rebelling as Suri gets older, a mother is a mother, and Katie’s family are strong Catholics, I see them talking to her and keeping a close watch.

    I myself am not Catholic, but I cried like a baby for a week and was glued to the TV when the beloved Pope died, I think there is a lot of goodness in Tom and I wish he was strong enough to get out of this organization he is so involved with.

  173. oriana says

    I think that he was very conniving the way (the timing) when he divorced Nicole. I have never thought he was handsome, that snout alone would turn me off, but he has been in the Hollywood scene for years and probably knows a lot of dirt the gossip columists would love! To me, even with something hanging over his head that he would be scared of from the Scientology organization, and I say it is more of an organization than a religion, surely he knows enough about them to be vice versa, let me go or I will spill the beans on you! He is not a fish in a little pond in this deal, but with his whole family in there, and again, living in the same house with Katie and Tom, let them be a family and have their own space for God’s sakes! He has enough money to provide a fabulous place for them.

    I was reading about the list of famous people that were in and got out, and those that are still highly involved. Tom is OTIII, John Travolta OTV and his wife OTIV, so they are on a higher plane than poor Tom is. It is hard to imagine that Tom would that Suri’s little body is just a shell for a group of alien parasites to occupy as they believe, it is frightening to me!

  174. Nicki says

    don’t anyones religion either but a cult is a cult, JMO.

    I’m sorry that should say……..I don’t knock anyones religion…..etc.

  175. Nicki says

    259. oriana – That is what I read, but they are divorced now and his major beef was because she converted to COS. They were together for quite a while and was even Tom’s stepdad, and Tom has considered him in that way, actually more of a Dad than his bio Dad. (from Tom’s own interviews) Personally, I can not stand Tom Cruise, Never could. My best friend loves him, or did until he dumped Nicole and heard the crap he was spewing about it. She still thinks he is cute(??? I don’t see it, never did, he reminded of a furry little chimpmunk back then) But we still love each other and don’t get into much about it, except for ones opinion and leave it at that. (She also thinks the COS is a creepy weird cult and wishes he never joined it). She doesn’t adore him as much, because of the way he treated his wife of 10 years, but still thinks (my opinion, YUCK) he is still cute.

    I don’t anyones religion either but a cult is a cult, JMO.

  176. oriana says

    Thank you Nicki, I have always wondered why she is constantly with them practically all the time and found out she lives with them as his sisters. I don’t see why she couldn’t still be close to Tom and not live in the same house with him? A lot of mothers are devoted to their sons and aren’t with them practically 24/7.

    I myself like Tom, I think he is terribly misguided and is a good person, I think he is sincere in wanting to help the firefighters, I also think he can’t blink without one of the Scientology members there to say Ah Choo when he sneezes! Sad, I don’t know that much about Katie at all, never saw her on her TV show but I do think she is a beautiful young girl and I think they love one another, I hope so at least.

    I am not one to knock any religion, I have doubts about some of them, but I don’t consider Scientology a religion, it is based on science fiction and aliens, spaceships, and it gives me the creeps, I read up on it and couldn’t believe the origion of some of the stories.

    Hubbard was a brilliant man, a genius, and I think it is a powerful organization, Tom doesn’t stand a chance unless a divine act from God and there are miracles every day so let’s hope and wish for the best for him and his family.

  177. Nicki says

    oriana- I do believe Tom’s Mom was Catholic, but converted to Scientolgy (sp) and that is why her second husband, of many years is now divorced from her. He thought it wasn’t right and cultish. Not sure if it is true, but they aren’t together after she started to convert to it.

  178. Nicki says

    Dori-Yes the article did state the late L. Ron Hubbard.

    ” L. Ron Hubbard Day in honor of the late science-fiction writer who invented Scientology.”

    Everyone has thier own opinions. I myself think it is a freakish cult. You all can believe what you want about it. I don’t think Libra and Mia, or Amy or anyone else are trying to change your minds, just pointing out some facts that are conventinaly left out of the cults opinions here.
    Everyone has a right to speak thier views. I like how the “group” shows up at the same time and tries to demonize one persons view, which by the way is always supported by links and such. (Not directed to the COS links, like someone said earlier, sorry to that person for not remembering, you don’t go to the KKK.clan site for an objective opinion about the klan. Why would anyone go to the COS site to form an objective opinion?

  179. oriana says

    Dori, he died in Jan, 1986 at his ranch in Ca. where he had been in seclusion for five years, when they did the autopsy there were numerous drugs found in his body, drugs that he himself wrote against taking. Also, several members of his family tried to commit suicide, two of his ex-wives, a daughter, and a son that did kill himself that was homosexual. The Scientology church tried to have his body cremated immediately but the coroner said No Way Jose! Hence the discovery of the drugs he had been taking.

    Just the facts that have been published, it was amazing reading to me. Also, there was an article in Playboy magazine written by one of his sons, saying he had walked in on Hubbard trying to perform an abortion on his mother, this man was a Weirdo from the word GO, is it normal that so many members of one family try to kill themselves? Don’t think so!

  180. T says

    I agree Dori. This is my second time on this blog and I’m very surprised that it has come to all this.

  181. dori says

    wow whats going on in here?
    Did the article state it’s” the late l. Ron Hubbard” ? Is he dead?
    Whenever Libraesque gets on a blog people start swearing and fighting …now why do you suppose that is? When toxic people come into your path try to ignore them their hatred and anger stimulate your anger.It’s contagious.
    try not engage in conversations with these people, their toxicicity rubs off on you.

  182. T says

    WOW!!! What is going on here???
    Some people are taking this personally. I like Tom the actor and if Scientology makes him happy then who am I to argue with that?? I hate the fact that some people think you have to be a Scientology to like Tom Cruise!
    Its like saying if you like Britney or the likes of her you are a druggie…if you like Mel Gibson you are Anti-Semantic and so on…

    I don’t think Tom has done anything bad to deserve you hateful stalking? Aren’t there a lot more famous people that have done worst thing than believing in ideology? After all this is the free world and if he wants he can believe in a dog for all I care.
    Amy, SG, Mia and Lib haven’t you heard about the message Alec Baldwin left for his daughter? or other celebs who have gone off the rail? Tom doesn’t owe us anything he can live his life as he see fit. If you don’t like him that is fine…no one here is asking you to like him but there are people like myself who like the guy and that is fine too but it sounds like what some of you are trying to do is get his fans against him…WHY? I mean if his fans have stayed loyal to him in his worst PR couple of years then its most likely they will remain his fans now that he has been a lot more low key than he was at the start of Tomkat.

  183. oriana says

    #227, No, I did not know his mom was Catholic! Very interesting, thank you. I kind of feel sorry for him in a way for I do believe he has been brainwashed! I think if he tried to break away and almost had a breakdown, it is sad that he couldn’t do it! God knows what info they have on him that he is fearful of! Surely his mom is aware of it also.

    I think Suri is the most beautiful baby and I do think she is Tom’s child, to me she looks like him. I think Katie is beautiful and I don’t believe for a minute she is 100% involved in this Cult, I think Tom is a wonderful actor and have a lot of concerns for him.

    I have read up on Scientology and Libra is the one that opened my eyes to it, she didn’t lie about anything she said, it is very scarey and is definately Science Fiction. What is so sad to me, there are so many good decent people caught up in this mess!

  184. Shadow Girl says

    Go fuck yourselves, biatches. SG is my ONLY name on these silly boards. If you want to think I’m Miap/amy, go on ahead. We three know we’re not the same person and that’s all that matters. Go on and obsess about that fact.

    Tom’s an assgrabbing piece of pussy, he has a microdick. Katie must get out.

    Tom Cruise is GAY and such a faggot!

  185. Nina says

    Love seeing Katie smile, she has a pretty smile and her whole face lights up. She is really beautiful.

  186. Miapocca says


    Wwhy do you think BIATCH is so ashamed of admitting she is a scientologist????

    She is trying to get the TOMKAT fans here into groupthink mode, to trust her and then use themm to do her dirty work

    Totally scn thinking……..I dont think she even likes TOMKAT, her assigne job is probaly to tag me and LIB aroudn and create gangs to attack us….hahahah pathetic….keep at it BIATCH..maybe you shoudl try relating to the people you left behind when you joined the fucking cult.

  187. Miapocca says

    It never even occured to me to use different names to post..only those who are familair with that ploy accuse others of doing the same

    I am too proud of my name..and you will realise that sentence construction, spelling etc are all so differnt that even a 10yr old can tell the difference

    I really dont have the extra time to devote to keep track of all the personalites I am accused of being…some of you need to get out an dlook around other places and realise that there are ppl with a different opinions… the world is not full of imbeciles like you who hide out and band to gether in group….

    Your thinking processes is so wack are right abou the FAIR GAME policy, thats excatly what BIATCH nad her CRABS so..

    I for one dont see how people can follow a failed science fiction writer, a polygmamist, couldnt hold down a job, kicked out of college, wife stealing ugly red headed con man from nowhere…into this foolishness…I bet he is laugingly like the maniac that he was..apparently he was a drug addict as well adn died with quite a pharmacy in his bedroom…


    O.K Miapocca/Amy/Shadow girl

    We get it! Could you please stop multiple posting in different names, you are creeping the shit out of all of us. Some of the things you are posting in these different identities you already posted them as a different identity earlier in the thread. Do you think any one is dumb enough to believe that all three of your alter egos appear at the site at the same time? If it was the peak of posting it would be remotely believable but no one is posting. Hell no one buys your multiple personalities, the veil is too thin, at least change the style of writing but you even you capitals in the same way and most of the typos are even the same.

    It is scary even to some of us who are not particularly enamoured by Cruise and his lady love. You are turning this into an unhealthy obsession.

  189. amy says

    i am off out now…so please do not take my abscence as anything other than that…
    helen, i hope your fingers drop off are pure evil,

  190. Shadow Girl says

    Oh, because I come here and speak the voice of reason, I’m instantly proclaimed as Miapocca or Lib being somebody else.

    GROW UP!

    Can’t stand the fact that more people hate Tom and trash him, eh? Well, that’s just the way the world works.

    PS-I do NOT post under any other name. I don’t need to.

    Helen and all the pro Tom pussies-BIATCH! Wake up and realize you will never gain the upper hand here. We haters have the real truth and benefit from a real religon other than you, cocksuckers. >:)

  191. amy says


    i think its simple (and scary at the same time)
    BIATCH & HER CRABS are obviously targetting yourself and libraesque under the scientology ‘FAIR GAME’ policy…

    even a blind person can see that THEY have the hidden agenda ie- grab any fool who professes undying loyalty to mr cruise and recruit this fresh blood into their money leeching cult…

    and those who DARE to question their beloved cult must be defamed and destroyed AT ALL COSTS as per dictated by hubbard himself many years ago – begs the question as to what the hell kind of ‘religion’ even has that kind of terminology in its teachings doesn’t it..

    tom cruise might very well believe he is sincerley helping, i have no idea though i doubt he is doing this to help merely the firefighters, moreso help his public image and help his own tax breaks,

    but he is merely a puppet on their strings..


  192. Miapocca says


    frankly these people are not supporting tom cruise, what they are doing is supporting scientology and claim to be supporting tom cruise…just like the foolish cult members that they are… they use cruise over and over again to do their dirty job…anyone who proffeses to love cruise will not wish him with a group of quack psychos koresh-like fools

    If they are actually intrested in Cruise they will stick to talking about Cruise , yet they mention scientology in every breath..there are those who actually leave great comments about tomkat purely for the sake of admiring tomkat, then there are those whose job is to push scientology muddied with tomkat so they can sway thosE who love tomkat to join their cult

    Amy you are right, ever since we left sceintology the BIATCH and her CRABS have nto posted there..for some reason they are attracted to LIB nad MYSELF and have to cohabit whereever we go

    So really are they interested in tomkat are are they just moving around supporting and spreading the works of an evil cult.becaue they know I dont mine my words regarding the cult.and like that cult they are more than happy to use Cruise in their nasty work

    If you are a tomkat fan wake up and see the BIATCH and her CRABs for they are. IF you arent still see them for their scn advocacy.

    They are using tomkat to puch their evil the way tell miscaviage to get a job and stop living off victims of the cults especially hsi lover and his beard

  193. Gina says

    Thanks for the video. I know scientology is controversial but seeing those men talk about the difference the program has made in their lives makes me appreciate Tom’s efforts. I think it is important to understand that there is no ill will on Tom’s part in trying to help thse people.

    Congs to Katie for being the style star of the week.

  194. Helen says

    Thanks ????? for the video. It is refreshing from all the nonsensical tirades from these nutheads.

    I like the fact that Katie was the style star of the week. Thanks a bunch.

  195. ?????? says

    It does not seem to open but it shows Tom being honoured and the fire men thanking him for what he has done for them and how he has changed their lives.

    What a great guy.

  196. amy says

    helen, your comments about shootings at university were in extremely poor taste with very bad timing…
    you are a nasty piece of work and if you are an example of a typical tom fan then by your actions on this thread, time and again, you are showing others why I can’t stand tom..
    you are a very nasty piece of work and again, you have stooped even lower than i previously thought possible

  197. Miapocca says

    “I hope you are not at any Uni because we will hear some shootings”

    You dare to mock such a tragedy…what a sick bitch…

    I can change my mind anytime I wish..I made an apology to gaelle, I was here to check on her respone..not on a psycho bitch like you

    Frankly I hope you dont have chidlren , you are one sick bitch

    from here on I christen Helen ..”BIATCH” in caps..feel free to use that name

  198. amy says

    For the record, I only EVER post as ‘amy’ , not – Amy, Shadow Girl or Miapocca…
    the webmistress would easily be able to confirm that we all have separate IP adresses, i doubt that i am even on the same CONTINENT as the others…i post at different times as the others, and there are only ever a few hours a day where i am online at the same time as the others..which is unfortunate as i missed all the horrible homophobic taunting, childish rants and so on aimed at these people yesterday,
    i find it incredible that not many people corrected helen on her disgusting ‘song’ and Malayka on her constant quest to bring sexuality into the ‘debate’..

    (oh and for the record are right..there aren’t 1,320 000 people who hate tom cruise…THERE ARE FAR FAR FAR MORE…i mean he WAS voted the MOST UNPOPULAR STAR 2006 wasn’t he.
    and back to gina’s comment that me, miapocca and shadow girl are the same person…check out come the spelling of her name changed throughout her comments on this thread…that proves that SHE is a multi poster – ‘even the most unintelligent person can see that’
    enjoy your weekend ladies…

  199. Helen says

    Ha ha ha ha. Miapocca, it did not take you even a day to return and obsess about Mr Cruise. I hope you are not at any Uni because we will hear some shootings there soon. You and Libraesque are obsessed and sick. How can someone post in three different names and start agreeing with herself? If that is not sick, I don’t know what is. Now you want to convince yourself that Tom is stuck in scientology Boo hoo, whatever he wants to do in his life is his business and as a fan of his movies, I don’t care. If you have listened to any of his interviews you would know that he is as passionate about his beliefs as ever and I respect him for that.

    What happened to your leaving? Let me guess ‘you were checking up the site and you could not resist coming back as shadow girl, then Malayka outed you! What a jocker!

    What happened to your empty threats to harm me? Let me guess, they were just that……..empty!

  200. Gina says

    Guys, can we drop this? Even the most unintelligent person can see that shadow girl, amy and Miapocca are the same person. I do not condone what Tom Kat fans did but you people are very responsible for the insults too. Read your posts and you will see that you do not come off as decent people either. I agree with Malayka that your hatred for Tom Cruise is like a sick obsession and you have to check it people. Can we now go on. Some of us just come to this baby site because we do not expect such sick tirades and it is disappointing what we find.

    I am a Katie fan and I love little Suri. Tom is not exactly my cup of tea but I do not make it my personal mission to attack him. Grow up people.

  201. amy says

    and helen, could you please explain how you can condone, endorse and particupate in extremely HOMOPHOBIC AND CHILDISH behaviour, yet shudder at racism??
    you have no consistancy in your morals or beliefs…
    miapocca is right…you should cut down on the amount of time you obviously spend on woshipping tom cruise and put that time towards raising decent, tolerant, well balanced children…where the hell ARE they while you are spending your HOURS UPON HOURS on the internet, jumping from site to site starting your mis informed arguments?
    you are a disgrace to motherhood if you truly do have children
    again, i stand by all that miapocca, libraesque and shadow girl say, i am not ‘evil’, a ‘hater’ unintelligent or a follower, and its BECAUSE i am not all those things that i agree with their comments
    you, on the other hand, are the kind of deranged fan who causes more damage than good to a ‘stars’ career, think about your behaviour from their point of view next time

  202. amy says

    WOW!! i go away for a while and look at what happens…
    firstly – i for one am PROUD to say that both Libraesque and Miapocca CONVERTED me through this very website, they forced me to open my eyes and QUESTION whether what tomkat were doing was real or a PR stunt…and do you know what?? from what i have researched they are 100% right on EVERY fact they offer…
    secondly – as for googling ‘i hate tom cruise’ YEP – i did that too…and found a great site with fellow minded people…
    ‘Jen’ – what you did on tomkat was DISGUSTING BEYOND BELIEF
    ‘Helen’ – YOU have followed libraesque & Miapocca here – NOT the other way around…
    NONE OF US have been ‘thrown out of ‘ tomkat – there are at least a dozen of us supporting Libraesque in the boycott..would YOU have that many people supporting you??
    your disgusting childish homophobic rants show both the true evilness and small mindedness that you posess
    I can assure you that Shadow Girl is NOT Miapocca…and on that matter i can also assure you that unlike helen & Jen – neither miapocca, libraesque post under any other name, they don’t need to…
    as for Miapocca or Libraesque leaving this site…NO WAY… i promise i will do all i can to entice them back onto ANY tomkat thread
    i find their contributions interesting and educating as opposed to the DRIBBLE that some posters write..ooh she’s so pretty…ooh isn’t tom like god..
    the problem is, a lot of you just have no respect for others or their opinions…if any of you are mothers, i truly feel not only sorry for your children, but also worried for the world at the hands of a generation reared this way
    and Malayka…you are just too funny, i didn’t realise people could develop as naive and arrogant as you

  203. Miapocca says

    Oriana , they will not let him leave easily, however he can use the media to his advantage shoul he decide to do those….he will increase his fanbase 10 fold if he walks outs

    Unfortunatley sceintoloy collects a lot of personal informtion on people in thier emeter seesions that can be used for blackmail. Tom adn Travolta have both treid to leave,but were notsuccessful. Apparently Tom had a breakdown at OTIII when they started showing him all the crazy stuff….

    I cant understand why people who profess to love cruise that much don t s ee that he is in a money draining cult and will be better off without that cult. they should divert their energies into supporting him enough to walk out and let him know that they will still love him even if he was gay…

    Frankly the scns have found a man passionate about his beliefs and they are effectively tutning that passion into getting him to do thier dirty work…however they also launched operation clambake with a mission to entice as many celebs as possible,the reaosn being their fanbase will follow them to the fold…….
    Apparently its working based on some of the peopel who are here and unbale to dissect cruises actions where scientology is concerned….

  204. Miapocca says

    Frankly I had to come in here to to see what the follw-up was

    1: I dont think that LIB is a dangerious, I know her from different posts and if you can dig up a sense of humor you will actually find her post funny

    2: You take your worship of a common celebrity a little too far and should be able to seperate your life from that of someone you dont know…Irrespective of love you shoud be able to present an objective view in an argument.

    3: It unbeleievable how Helen and the other TKC use other pro tomkat people form Groupthink coalitions and gang up against people on a site

    4: In your groupthink mode, you elicit a lo tof ocmments fomr people like me who can only wonder, what you were fed to beleive in tom cruise…an image fabricated to the public..

    5: Helen , Anne and Jennifer are very disgusting people.. you take a simple arguments over the actions of celebrity into the real life context. Form posting in other people names, spreading their emial online and using thier email to post
    These are the people I find offensive, if you cannot use words to win an argument you should not stoop to voilating other people privacy nor should you been on an opinion blog

    6: By doing the above they creat an unsafe space for everyone to vent their opinion. I am suprised that people exist who cannot deal with opposing views in life, I cannot imagine how your interpersonal relationships will work if your husband or best friend decided to go against your ideas or love life with cruise

    7: In conlcusion I do not find anyone dangerous who is simply mkaing a comment, when one steps out of making comments and attacks th e privacy of others and with language that foul I can only wonder why you are allowed to guide any young children in this life. Even tom cruise will not stoop to the level that you foul mouthed Helens and Annes do…Disgusting people.

    8: Learn to argue your point and take away the extreme subjectivity that colors your argument..its simply make you sound dumb and and ruins the quality fo the site

    Helen is still an ASS…and will always and she is simply looking for folllowers to help her attack others…a weak person who cannot hold an argumen tbut will use others against thsoe she percieves as a “threat”
    You are the mother in teh playground that other mothers shy away fomr due to your disgusting behaviours …If you ahve children you should be ou tthere spending time with them not on the internet defeinding tom cruise..take all the cruise “love” and give it to yourself …you need it

  205. Helen says

    Lib, I’ve news for you…No I’ve never used the word “nigger ” before and I’m a mixed race (BLACK in another words).

  206. Gina says

    Oriana, I have read all the comments and am still in amazement.

    I have also wondered the same thing but lets face it, Tom is the head of scientology. Did you know that his mother is still catholic? Devout at that but she also reads scientology texts and works at the centre but she is a praticing catholic.

  207. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder what the leaders of the Church of Scientology would do if Tom decided to leave the church?

  208. Malayka says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miapocca are for real, even I can see you are shadow girl. It is O.K you can come back. Of course we will laugh at you but it is better than masquerading as a new poster. You are like a kid who says they are hiding and they go under a glass table. Bless you!!!

    Just don’t make promises/ threats of leaving. LOL

  209. Shadow Girl says

    OMG, can it get any more LAME for these pro Tom and pro $cientology freakazoids?

    Thanx to amy, Miapocca, LIB, and the other haters who directed me here, first of all.

    Of course the $cientology members are going to resort to being petty bigots. Just because the docs are Jewish absolutely has NOTHING to do with this!

    Helen, I think you should shut your big faggoty yapper. How would you like to be called a faggot or dyke, hmm? In your case, I would call you a FAGYKE.

    And why would people’s sexualities have anything to do with this page at all? Stick to relevance and stop fingering off. You’ll go blind.

    Why on earth would you believe anything that ANNE told you, hmm? That girl’s a bigger liar than you, if it’s actually possible.

    Lastly, I join the fellow haters and boycott this silly site. Don’t you all have anything better to do?

  210. Malayka says

    I forgot about the prognosis on other posters. Sincerely, I think Helen crossed the line attacking you like that and I told her in one of my posts. Most of the posts are reactionary to either your posts or Miapocca’s posts. I don’t find Miapocca as dangerous as you but I think she has also got some issues and demons she is fighting. Any one who hates a person they have never met with such a passion has personal demons they are dealing with.

    Those fans who love the ‘princess Suri’ I presume are young impressionable people and are mainly harmless. Postive obsessions are not worrisome unless they are in the danger of turning negative. That is why stalkers though may have positive obsession are deemed dangerous because the moment they discover that these stars don’t love them back, they are bound to turn into a negative obsession.

    Other than that, there is nothing wrong with loving a star with a passion since it abates when these people realise that stars are only mortal and are people like them.

  211. Malayka says

    Thanks Libraesque. #217. I am serious, it is no joke, am worried about you and what you have posted on this thread.

    I like Tom Cruise. I think his heart is in the right place. Some times his enthusiasm gets the better of him, but I don’t think he would knowingly hurt another human being. Granted he has his issues but over all for a person who has lived in Hollywood since his late teens he has been remarkably sane for most part of it.

    Power corrupts and Tom Cruise is not different. I have met a couple of people who dislike him to bits and those who love him to death but mainly, I meet those who love his movies or are enthralled by this whole Tomkat thing. He is one of those people who inspire deep emotions especially in the last two years. But for some one to hate him as much as you do is a pretty new experience to me.

    You know even Miapocca here has some extreme dislike for Mr Cruise but she seems more obsessed with his actions than with the Man himself. You on the other hand seem obsessed with Mr Cruise the person who might I add is a total stranger to you or at least I assume, you could be Nicole Kidman or her sister. LOL.

    Mental illness is a disease eating away at our society and manifests in so may different ways. The VT shooter showed many signs of illness in his literature which were ignored.

    I don’t know much about you but if it is true that you go from site to site posting what you are posting here, (again you alone can know this since it is entirely possible for you to used different identities, that is the beauty of the cyber world), then my dear there is a problem. I know you may not see it because mental ilness is something we cannot self diagonise but be true to yourself and assess your feelings towards Tom Cruise. I would say the same for any fan who flew from state to state to see Cruise but postive obsession is not as dangerous as negative obsession. It is only dangerous when it turns negative which sometmes it does after sometime.

    Have a nice evening where you are going. But pleaseeee while you are lying in your bed, think about the way you feel towards Tom Cruise and be honest with yourself if you find unhealthy elements in it please try to get help or talk to someone. From your posts on this thread, I find your feelings unhealthy and deeply disturbing.

  212. Gaelle says

    Je suis desole aussi , je ne n’ai pas compris pourquoi tu m’as attaquer comme ca. J’espere sincerement que tu n’est pas Libra.

  213. Miapocca says

    hahahhahahha ROFLMAO..where are those drinks…I gues I dindt order niacin or it will be here to go..

    ciaO bellisima mia ..LIB

    A plus tard cherie gaelle, meme que on n’est pas d’accord sur cruise, c’etait un plasir de fair conaissance de une francophone…a plus tard

  214. Miapocca says

    Gaelle cherie.,

    Excuse ne pas bein lire et j’avais pensez que vous m’appelle folle
    Desole…bein desole

    Je suis sur que vous etes tres gentil..mais le gens sont tous folle , moi aussi…ce juste pour les plasir mais le gens deveins tros serieux

    Je suis bein desole!!!

    A tous les autres aussi mais il m’enerve par fois que je ne pas envie d’etre gentil avec les..

    Bien desolee cheris

    Bis et calin


    C’est Helen qui est bein le couchon de paris..ahhahahha

  215. Libraesque says

    Malayka , I’d like to know your prognosis and the advice you have to give for those people that I have described above, lets not single me out here, o.k.????

    your concern is very cute by the way

  216. Helen says

    I told you she wouldn’t leave. It is not the first time she has threatened to leave and come back and will not be the last. I will be around to tell you ‘I told you so!!!!’

  217. Malayka says

    I meant ‘ you called Tom a fag in you earlier post.’

    Miapocca, I don’t understand you. You complain about abusive people and yet you are one of the most abusive people on the site. You seem to be procrastinating, if you are leaving, what is stopping you?

  218. Miapocca says

    The funny thing is I never ead all th ecomments I just roll off jsut hilariou sto see how far people will go to defend a clebrity…ahahhah ROFLMAS…..H,…tme for those drinks..enjoy your friday night and dont take life too seriously… will kill youself if you are ogint to get angry on the part of tom

    Ciao couchon…vous etes bien stupid que les moutons en bretange……allez mangez..a gauche, c’est votre cheri cruise qui vien avec les espece des salte qui s’appelle gaelle …………..ahhahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ROFLMAO

  219. Malayka says

    Libraesque, I don’t know whether you are lying about googling Ihate Tom Cruise as Helen is saying but when you called Tom a fan in your earlier post, to me it did not seem like a common endearment to a person of a similar minoiry group. I know some black do use ngger to refer to fellow blacks but am sure you meant it as a derogatory remark when you refred to Cruise.

    If it is true that you hop from site to site obsessing with your hatred for Tom Cruise and you alone can know this for a fact, then you need help.

    There are many people with mental problems in America today and they manifest themselves in diffrent ways. Hating a celebrity as much as you seem to detest Cruise is by no means healthy. Please, please, do not dein to lie to yourself. You alone know that you need help. At least think about it. Please.

  220. Miapocca says

    Vous etes bein une sale couchon

    gaelle…couchon couchon couchon et aussi folle que cruise…

    Quelle imbecile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Miapocca says

    LIB…i think you shoudl leave thes efool sto theri groupthink…I rea;;ly dontthink they have a sense of human, any mental capacity to seperate their lives form that of Cruise …niether the inteligence to read a post and repsond accordingly…
    Helen is just disgusting and a disgrace to herself and if she has family she is equally disgusting..leave them be…I can tell you that there are 3 comments per blog at TCK….they neither have the ability to even praise their idol well enough nor write any indepth knowledge about their lifes….

    I wil not be on a tomkat babyrazii thread because I simply thin they are beneath any form of intellgence there is…especailly when there are scientologist..who want to have a conversation with a fool who has to live bby the orders of an equally demented ass..

    I am sure some of you r chidlren can read your so called defense and if they do go through college to get PhD hopefully they willook around a realise how stupid mummy was all this time….ahhaha

    they cant even laugh at a funny comment…
    Helens stupidity amazes me day in day out
    what a disgusting excuse for a mother…

  222. Libraesque says

    Keep using that word Helen. I’ve got news for you, unless, as explained in my post above, you IDENTIFY as a homosexual, by using the word faggot OVER and OVER again you are proving yourself to be a very deranged UGLY person.
    I have a feeling you use the word nigger too. I know you do, you’re the type. You’re extremely ignorant and hateful, and I can’t even feel sorry for you anymore.

    You are an awful, awful person and should be ASHAMED of yourself

  223. Helen says

    Libra for some one who hates liars, you lie like shit. It is not the first time you googled ‘i hate tom Cruise’ you googled it on Tomkatcrazy and Anne told you to google I hate Bill gates and I told you to google I hate Oprah’. Jeez what a sicko you are!

  224. Libraesque says

    btw, since y’all have NO experience with urban culture, and I’m guessing you don’t know any homos let me break it down for ya
    Dyke or Fag were originally meant to be a slur, it has been “reclaimed” by many homosexuals who might use it to identify themselves of other homosexuals. It is considered rude to use the words unless you self-identify as one.

    got it??? Tom Cruise is a fag.

  225. Helen says

    Wow, Miapocca, I can’t wait for you to exact revenge. Comeon, what are you waiting for? I am glad Tom has tight security because you and Libraesque are some sick crazies who need help. Malayka is new here and doesn’t know the half about you. If she read you other posts she would appreciate how sick the two of you are. You both go from site to site hating Tom Cruise. My bet is that you are two miserable pathetic slags who need mental help.

    I would never insult any body who I thought was intelligent, but you two are such degerates that my insults do not even begin to describe you. You always say you are not coming back but go to any site and you will find that on all Tomkat threads, you are the first to comment.

    Who wants to bet $1000 you will be back here on the next Tom story? Just a sick liar. I wouldn’t put it past you to be a faggot like libraesque.

  226. Libraesque says

    Malayka, you’re going off the deep end again. I was making a point, a pretty damn hilarious one at that, and it went right over your head.
    Sad, you and the other fans here have NO sense of humor. You’re saying I’m a stalker, to prove my point I simply googled I hate Tom Cruise and looked to the right of the screen to see how many posts there were.
    Why are you so SERIOUS.

    Malayka, you may want to direct all of your concerns and energy to a poster at TKC and I’ll tell you why.

    The system over there was experiencing a glitch. If I posted something the very next person to hit refresh to post again, no matter where they were, MY name and e-mail address showed up on their computer!!! And so on, with everyone posting there.
    Do you know what one of TK’s “fans” did ???? They took MY e-mail address and went all over the internet posting “I’m lonely! e-mail me” and included my e-mail address
    Do you know the reason this person gave when confronted with this SICK behavior? That I annoyed them.

    Do yourself a favor, re-think who to be worried about, the person who did this to me, and the person above with their fag/dyke “song”, or me.

    You may also want to consider the posters there that claim to have boyfriends/husbands and children (some of them claim to have 3 kids each) and they are clickety clacking NON-STOP all day until 3-4 in the morning!!!!

    Personally, THAT disturbs me.

    my co-worker just told me someone broke into NASA, took a hostage and killed them. We’re gonna go drown our sorrows at happy hour over what’s gone on this week in the world

    Have a lovely weekend ladies

  227. Gaelle says

    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi elle me corrige. Si elle parle le Francais tres bien. Mais entre nous je crois qu’elle est folle.

  228. Miapocca says

    the stupidity make smy skin crawl..neither one of you can hold a conmversation anywher eoutside you homes or secure circles…you really dont have a clue how to disagree and still have fun…..

  229. Jackie says

    I am sorry Miapocca to inform you that on both babyrazzi and Tomkatcrazy, Helen started posting before you. Your threats to retaliate are rather funny if you ask me.

  230. Miapocca says


    I am not interested in getting into a discussion with you..its firday night buzz off …go do something interesting…my evening is about to start

    this is my last day on this site

    too sick and unintelligent as on every psycho tomkat blog

  231. Miapocca says

    Ans a person who cannot sperate their live form that of a celebrity is equally psychjo and pathetic..I am quite familair with the group she hang sout with and they are vile

    Also I do not defend celebrities.;…they have a life wher they play and mani;pulate people s perception of them to get you to pay to watch thier movies…I dont see why we one shoudl only ars ekiss those made up images ..I am free to take the opposite view…tom cruise does not feed or clothe me and I find no need to defend him…however attacking other people on a blog i snot accpetable unless they are attcking you directly…..

    Okay…this is my last post…with unintelligent sites like this you always run the danger of psychos who cannot engage in any sort of intelligent sparign but sheer nonsense and insult
    I will sya it agian…Helen is a psycho who follow myself around different site so she can defenf her idol..the last I heard one my comments direct a cruise was making she and her 3 stooges cry…now that kind of madness is beyond,..,I am going of to the hufffington post and I do not psycho unintelligent bigots like helen are welcome

    What a disgrace you are helen..go back to TKC and hide ar ento intelligent enough even to have a simple conversation about a very simple issue…



  232. Malayka says

    No Miapocca, disrespect is disrepect. It is O.K to dislike a celebrity or their way of life but it is another thing if it is your pass time to hop from site to site insulting a stranger who you don’t know and doesn’t know and even has no opportunity to answer back your allegations. It would but absurd if it wasn’t so sick.

  233. Malayka says

    Miapocca, being gay does not change one’s views but you have to admit that a gay person who calls another gay person a fag has serious mental issues.

  234. Miapocca says

    Disrescting a celebrity is totally different form disrespting another blogger…If fucking amazing that you cannot seperate you life from that of a celeb..

    give me a break
    what arses…wven cruse would come a block of your nasty ass…

  235. Malayka says

    Miapocca, you have nothing to say about Libraesque calling Tom a fag when she is allegedly gay herself and yet what Helen wrote offends you to great proportions?????

    Libraesque, people who usually need help do not realise they do. A lover stalker and a hater stalker are both dangerous because they are both unhealthy obsessions if you ask me. Obsessive hate like yours is very dangerous and youdo not need to look further than this weeks events in Virginia Tech.

  236. Miapocca says

    Does being gay suddenly change one view about that person;;;;it shouldnt.;only closet freaks are overly concerned about how the a person sexuality affect theri actions.;frankly most gay people dont go digging into teh closet of straight people to figure out is they are truly straight

    A celeb is not a blogger they have a lifestyle that allows people to hate or like them..I dont se ehwo a comment directed as a celeb is the same as attacking another blogger….seperate your lives from this idol worship

    If you spend money going to cruise movies, dont you expect that there will be others who iell spend their money doint the exact opposite….

  237. Gaelle says

    You do not know Tom either but keep going on and on about him. And Helen is right , usually you disrespect people, why can’t she do the same about you.

  238. Miapocca says


    c’est bien etonnant que vous pensez qu’elle ne parle pas francias…desole mias ce n’est pas une langue difficile a comprendre..

    Il ya de gens tres intelligent que parle plus de 2 langues et ecrit tres bien en tous les langues


  239. Libraesque says

    #182, I am SO flattered that SO MANY of you people are so obssessed with me that you all talk amongst yourselves about me!!!!
    Now, I really must know, what is the fascination with my sexuality???
    It’s relevant how?????

  240. Malayka says

    Libraesque, you are worrying me even more, when you use google, you have to know that not all sites that come up have all the words you googled, Tom is a common name so many sites are bound to come even if you google ‘I love tom Cruise’, some just have the name Tom or hate or cruises like that on a ship. So I hate to bust your bubble, 1 320,000 people do not hate Cruise.

    But It scares me shitless that you even google I hate Tom Cruise to try and find other sick people like you. Man you are gone. You are even more dangerous than I thought.

    Hating Tom Cruise is not the issue here, the issue is that to you it has become a dangerous obsession.

    Please please pleaseeeeeee, get HELP ASAP.

  241. Libraesque says

    Jackie you crazy f^cking loon
    ONCE AGAIN here is Leoras e-mail to me

    If you still feel a need to leave my site, I’ll be sorry to see you go, but I am not banning anyone or their messages. If you see a comment that is inappropriate please send it my way and I’ll delete it if I see fit. That’s all I can do.

    Please continue to comment about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    NO ONE GOT THROWN OFF you jackass

  242. Libraesque says

    Jackie, you’ve truly LOST your mind. When did I write “I visit on a regular basis”

    you freak!!!
    A bunch of former posters from TKC went to the site on Suri’s b-day to amuse ourselves with true stalkers. People telling a kid they’ll never meet how much they LOVE her. Who the fuck in their right mind calls a celeb baby “MY little princess”
    Don’t be hypocrites ladies. The people who get arrested outside these stars homes are the lovers, NOT the haters, believe me.

  243. Miapocca says

    Helen..that is the most disgusting derogatory language used to describe another blogger

    You are a disgrace to be using those words…if cruise has fans like you then I am glad I will never be associated with someone like you

    How dare you insult a gay community with those derogatory statements. You insult your idol who is banging his church elder as well

    This is an oipinion blog/ should not use it to spute out hate words that are not only ofensive to the person you target but to the community whose derogatory words you so carelessly fling

    I hope you do not have gay chidlren, you willbe an abusive parent…you are sick demented woman who cannot seperate her pathetic life from that of a celebrity who does not even know you exist

    For the record let me say that as soon as we left TKC you also left and followed us here to set up a are stalking people and I doubt you get paid that much to spend you pathetic life defending someone peddling such harmful quack medicine

    I alway thought you were a minute step about the psycho anne and jennifer, but apparently you were the worst


    do not give ppl excuses to threaten you and carry threats into reality


  244. Libraesque says

    Malayka, yes please , notify them right away.
    Then you may want to google “I Hate Tom Cruise”, and your next mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to alert his “people” about the 1,320,000 other people who hate Tom Cruise

    good luck!!!

  245. Jackie says

    Malayka, She is gay, she said that on another thread and on I agree that Tom’s peeps should check her out. Her obsession is dangerous. For someone who hates liars, she has just confessed she visits on a regular basis and if that is not cyber stalking I don’t know what is.

    Frankly, I don’t care what Helen posted about her, she is disrespectiful most of the time but I agree she is going to end up hurting someone if she does not get help as soon as possible. One thing is for sure, home gal has issues.

    Kalista Brat, long time, nice to have you back. Tthe haters left so you can go back there and enjoy the site. It also has a new lay out.

  246. Gaelle says

    Malayka she is gay she said it in TomKatcrazy , my friend told me it is true, and before that somebody here told me. I come here because i do not like Tomkatcrazy it is a hater site even my friend left the site. Leora is a nut.

  247. Libraesque says

    Malayka, jesus christ , don’t go off the deep end!!!
    Listen hon, I appreciate your kind words, but I assure you, the Helens of the world are incapable of evoking any emotion in me…except laughter. She’s too silly and pathetic for words.

    Now I’m guessing from your post you don’t actual know any gay folks, am I right?????

  248. Malayka says

    Gaelle, I think too that Tm Cruise and his security need to know about Libraesque. Her obsession with hating Tom Cruise is dangerous and scary. I have not visited many sites but according to many posters, she visits all Tomkat threads spewing hate. In some posts, she sounds so irrational that it is scary. I definitely think that Tom’s people should know about her existance.

  249. Libraesque says

    My sexuality is irrelevant on this board, you don’t see me asking you if you have anal sex with your boyfriend/husband.
    I’m not homophobic I’m liaraphobic, which is why I speak out about Cruise.

    By mentioning the Isiah Washington thing I can tell that you’re VERY uncultured and naive.
    He is a celebrity, he was on set. He had a responsibility to be professional. Not so for people like me on these boards.

    Stalker!!! Oh honey, why don’t you go to and see what a TRUE stalker is all about. One posters screen name is Denise Mapother and her birthday wish to Suri was “I Love You my little princess”


  250. Kalista Brat says

    Atleast the program is free to them and if they get something out of it at all then that is decent and especially if they aren’t taking prescription drugs and stuff but natural stuff.

  251. Malayka says

    And people, Helen, I know you are a Tomkat fan but that post #169 was incredibly unfair and hurt ful to libraesque.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right and these are the precise reasons why people are shooting every one in this country today. A gay person who calls another person a fag has serious issues that need medical attention as soon as possible. It is a sign of a deep seated self loathing that can manifest itself in many ways including murder. She is hurting and she may resort to hurting others.

    When I look back, her posts are filled with so much negativety am worried. Have you sought any help Libraesque? Do you live with your family? How old you? Are you in high school?

    Please do not think am patronising you but I think you have some serious demons that you are dealing with. I wish you well and I hope you think about my suggestion that you seek help.

    Sincerely am feeling so helpless!

  252. Gaelle says

    You are a crazy , and there is an urgent need for TC to know about you. You are definitely in the category of a stalker.

  253. Malayka says

    Correcting posts is a diversion because everyone’s posts have typos at one time. Libraesque, only homophobic people refer to gay people as fags and you did that when you referred to Tom. If am not mistaken, that is the exact word that got Isaiah Washington in trouble with his gay cast mate.

    Answer my question, are you gay?

  254. Gaelle says

    Sorry but iam French it is PURSUE. If you can write in French half i do in English, then Libra you are good. Since i do not think it is the case , there is no need to correct me.

  255. Libraesque says

    Ah, yet another shining example of the mentality of a tomkat fan

    Helen sweetie, I hate to break this to you, and since you can’t read I’ll spell it out in all caps

    no one got “thrown off” you unbelievable idiot.
    I’d like to quote Leora if I may

    If you still feel a need to leave my site, I’ll be sorry to see you go, but I am not banning anyone or their messages. If you see a comment that is inappropriate please send it my way and I’ll delete it if I see fit. That’s all I can do.

    Please continue to comment about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    Also, I’d like to inform you that one person cannot be a fag and a dyke.

  256. Malayka says

    Wow Helen, are serious she is gay? I have never met a gay homophbic person. Isn’t it ironic!!!!! I am still in shock? May be you are mistaken since not only is she homophobic, she is also a bigot. What a strange character.

    No Libraesque, am not the one on dlisting but I wanna know, is it true that you are gay?

  257. Helen says

    I am so glad Libraesque was thrown of Tomkatcrazy, who cares if there are 3 posts per page, at least they are decent and where former posters come, they will realise that the sits is cleaner.. I can’t stand 132 posters from one individual spewing no sense.

    HA HA HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA, I should go over there and thank Leora, she is such a sweetheart.

    Malayka, Libraesque confessed she is gay.

    Here is a song for her.

    Libraesque is a loser,
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    La la lalala

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  258. Libraesque says

    persue you for slender

    hahahahahahahahah once again the intelligence level of a cruise fan shines bright

  259. Malayka says

    Libraesque, I am starting to get the impression that you are a shallow person if you say that. I would rather have my daughter married to a fag anyday than a self mutilating satanist pornstar who draws pictures using blood and has an obsession with death. Your problem Libraesque is that you are so blinded with prejudice, hatred and jealous that it affects your capacity to reason, at least am hoping because the alternative is that you are a sicko which is sad.

    You confirm what someone said earlier, your blind prejudice against Tom Cruise cannot even let you see that he is helping these fire fighters and your oppositon to this detox program is not legitmate but because you hate Tom. I don’t think you care one bit whether the fire fighters are dead or alive.

    Well, I certainly don’t want to be you because you seem to have a serious problem that you are very much in need of a detox.

  260. Libraesque says

    we’re trying to brainwash you? How….by having a discussion on an internet site.

    Mia, do you know what I find HILARIOUS. That the people from TomKatCrazy are flocking here now, seeking us out, posting under other names.
    Know why? The crickets over there are making them deaf.
    When I wrote Leora and told her I was going to encourage people to boycott the site because of censorship, and that I predicted the site would turn to shit, I don’t think she believed me. But low and behold, there are literally 3 posts per thread, just like I told her there would be
    I wonder if shes jealous that the new site we’re boosting the comment numbers past 100 is babyrazzi

    too bad for her.

    this isn’t brainwashing sweethearts. it’s a free forum to get the word out there on as many sites possible that we’re not naive dumbasses that believe what TC is perportrating

  261. Gaelle says

    A lot of people in hollywood do worst than that and do not get crucified . What is going on , he said he is not gay and you need to accept that.And Suri is his , nobody would have a child and not claim their own . and i mean nobody. You need to reach Suri’s father and let him know since you think TC is not. I would love somebody to pursue you for slender , you are a rat.

  262. Gaelle says

    People does not want to see decency no more, anybody remotely decent is disturbing now. She does not go around half naked showind her panties, so she is boring. They go out their way been nice people they are bizarre. I do not understand this world sometimes.

  263. Libraesque says

    “Malayka” so am I to assume you’re “katiesupporter” from dlisted???? Or is there actually more than one of you idiots out there with this Marilyn Manson crap. I’ll tell you the same thing I told the douche at dlisted.
    Marilyn Manson isn’t some fag, pretending he’s straight, involving various woman with his sham persona, passing himself off as the father to someone elses baby, going on national television bashing a collegue, bashing the entire medical community with no training but simply spewing the psychotic ramblings of a deranged sci-fi writer

  264. Miapocca says

    Personally i think the moment Heklen and Jen form that Idol worshipping sit joined this thread…the quality even dipped further….

    Stupidity really follow you acorss the internet..I cannot imagine what a sad disgrace you will be in live

    This someone who strats fights and then pretends to play victime…takes other people addresses and plasters it all over the internet…writes comments in MY NAME

    you are a disgrace to any blog you visit and to human beings, I dont even think your idol will approve fo your disgusting tatics and untruthfulness……

    You take a discussion about celebrites above and beyond personal by voilating the privacy of users…you should be ashamed of being yourself

    I am more than happy to discuss any subject and roll with it, but I do nOT go beyond voilating privacy …Even the people I disagree with will nto cross that line=

    You play stupid ignorant games with internet security and are simply too foolish to realise that peole disagree but you dont take it out perosnally…imagine if people here start threatening each others kids like you have been threatening to beat people up;



  265. Malayka says

    That is the problem Gaelle. The very people saying that Katie is brainwashed are the very ones brainwashed and manipulated by tabloids and they seek to brainwash and manipulate us. What a mess! At least she is following her heart and I hope their realtionship survives the hollywood curse.

  266. Gaelle says

    Malayka somehow everything they do is wrong, but for others it is right. when you hate you are not seeing clearly and it is a fact with the haters,and they do not have a mind of their own either, they keep saying Katie is brainwash, but who brainwash them with false informations that they believe.

  267. Jackie says

    Trading childish insults as a diversion will no work. No diversion will for that matter. The truth is that the discussion on this thread is a triumph against BIGOTRY and I thank everyone who has done all they can to achieve this.
    Iam outta here.

  268. Miapocca says

    OKAY..the prb with shallow htinker who cannto connect the dots is that eventually we all get scammed…

    If you go around life with your head stuck under the sand , you really will be cheated and walked over even by kids.

    Wake and learn about social systems some more and find out your arguments at totally crapola….disagree all you want but with studies intelligence nto stupidity and idol worship….

  269. Malayka says

    ITA Gaelle. Look at Marylyn Manson and his new girl friend, she is barely 18. Every one knows that he is going to do nothing but ruin her life but no one is screaming murder. I can’t stand it when people pretend that they are looking out for Katie’s welfare adn Tom is cast as the bad guy. I know Katie looks vulnerable and Tom looks like he is corrupting her but to me, they look genuinely in love to me that is what matters. She says she is happy, her family are 100% behind her and Tom treats her like a queen.

    Besides, no relationship can be that wrong and have a beautiful offspring like Suri.

  270. Libraesque says

    why are you cutting and pasting only portions of the article then??? you’re PATHETIC

    oh really jackie, so tell me is your given name jackie or your alias name amelia?

    you’re so full of shit it’s hilarious

  271. Gaelle says

    Alot of couple in hollywood have an age gap and some even wider than Tom and Katie. Zeta-jones and Douglas ,Flockart and H Ford , Ashton and Moore, Pitt and Jolie and nobody find them weird.

  272. rebecca says

    what’s with the long blogs, nobody reads them! I used to love TC when I was like 12 but being Katie’s age myself could never imagine being married to him now, weird!

  273. Jen says

    Thank you for the link guys. I love this….

    “Councilman Addabbo also took the opportunity to express his anger at the programme’s critics.

    He says, “I cannot stand idly by and see something that is working be ignored. The project seems to work. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

  274. Jackie says

    Personally, they are both my names and I can use them where and whenever I want. I am not a dog to have one name, Some dogs even have two names these days. I did not see any requirement to stick to a particlular on this site that I use on other sites.

    Unlike some people who use aliases, atleast some of us stick to our given names. We could start making an issue of why people come up with phoney names but I can see a red herring and it will not distruct me. The point here is the detox program.

    Here is another link for yesterday’s.

    Bless Tom for trying to help people.

  275. Jen says

    Hello, Lib what you posted is nothing new! I thought this whole thread was about that? Are you trying to start the discussion again? This is what Jackie meant about you diverting the topic.

  276. Libraesque says

    “????” not as happy as I was to school the bitch who posted it, by posting the second half of the article that she LEFT OUT

    I love the smell of humiliation in the afternoon!!!!

  277. ??? says

    So are you happy the proof was provided to you that Tom was at the event last year?

    That is me using a different name just because I felt like it!

  278. Libraesque says

    aaahhh T even when you cut and paste I STILL have to check up on your ass!!

    Here is the second portion of that article which “T” convieniantly LEFT OUT

    The Mission Impossible 3 actor has been criticized for suggesting the firefighters suffering the effects of smoke inhalation from the World Trade Center terrorist attacks to give up their medication as part of a ‘purification rundown’ no-expense-spared by his Church of Scientology elders.
    In fact, all the people exposed to potentially dangerous materials circulating in the air after the collapse of the World Trade Center, were advised to choose the Scientologist cure based on saunas and other natural treatments, like cooking oil, for example.

    The treatments promoted by Cruise and the Church of Scientology were dismissed by the doctors.

    ‘If our doctors are prescribing medication, and they (Scientologists) are saying, ‘don’t take it’, that’s a problem for us’, Deputy Fire Commissioner Frank Gribbon told Even the department’s deputy chief medical officer Dr David Prezant seems to be against the treatment.
    ‘He (Prezant) is not pleased when patients are advised to disobey doctors’ orders. That’s where he drew the line’, Gribbon added.

    Meanwhile, Cruise continues defending the healing process by saying: ‘More than 500 individuals have recovered health and job fitness through this project.’

  279. Libraesque says

    WHAT DIVERSION? jesus christ, I personally have to have more proof of a statement than some random picture from some unknown event. If you’re going to make a statement, be prepared to back that shit up, because I don’t blindly believe what people say here like you all do.

    No one answered my question about using various screen names
    what’s the point?

  280. T says

    Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Usher stepped out Wednesday night to host a fundraiser for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, an organization Cruise founded in the wake of September 11 to help firefighters, police officers, and EMTs who were exposed to hazardous materials circulating in the air following the collapse of the World Trade Center. “I started this project out of the great respect I have for the courage and service of the rescue workers,” Cruise told the crowd. “When I started this project, it was because I was in a position where I knew that I could help. It wasn’t just about wanting to, but knowing I could, so I knew I had to do it.” The controversial “detoxification” is based on Scientology principles, not scientific ones, and the method of flushing poisons from the rescue workers’ bodies involves an intense regimen of jogging, sauna and ingesting oils and high doses of niacin. Cruise has raised $1.6 million for the detox program, and city officials have kicked in additional funds. …

  281. Libraesque says

    “don’t be a fart”
    what the fuck, are you 12 years old??

    And can I just ask, WHY do you people use different user names on all these sites? Jackie posts as amelia, etc…what’s the point? Why do you hide behind various user names? Is it because you’re insecure about your opinions??

    And Jackie, she posted a link to some random picture of them with no caption, NO indication on that sight of where they were coming from or going to so yea NO that link was bogus
    And btw, I’m not quoting the Post that I know of

  282. T says

    OK…goodnight all. I’m gone make some dinner before my husband comes in so I’ll leave you guys to it.

  283. Gaelle says

    Shut up libraloser or maybe Marianne. I am ME and using my friend computer and her name is Sasha she used to go to Tomkatcrazy , but she stopped because of you. Only her sister was posting in Tomkatcrazy to give you a piece of her mind but the webmistress there is a hater just like you and kept removing comments. Any friend that use Sasha’s computer post under their own name, is it a crime.

  284. T says

    Lib, If you have read any of the New York Post article you guys been posting….it says he was there last year but didn’t host the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you calling us idiots????

  285. Jackie says

    Gaelle, you are right. It is possible that they are being paid. Libraesque, don’t be a fart, T gave you a link.

    Although their employers should visit these sights and realise that their money is going to waste as am yet to see a convert.

  286. Libraesque says

    uuuuhhm, that’s a link to a picture of them
    are you for real? It doesn’t even say they’re leaving the fundraiser.
    sorry, no good, and that aint no green dress

  287. Jackie says

    Those twits are every where and am glad throws them out whenever they post their vile comments. But theynever learn their lesson, they still return from time to time. What suckers!

    I used to visit Tomkatcrazy too a while back using the name Amelia but thse three just repulsed me. I still go there to see the pictures but the posters usually do not inspire any response so I rarely indulge them. I had even given a break but could not resist this time. You guys are great.

  288. Libraesque says

    why aren’t you providing a link?

    “libraloser” why don’t you GROW UP Gaelle, and quit posting under 5 different user names

  289. Andrea says

    I read that in the case of a divorce, Katie will get $3 for every year she’s married to Tom, up to $33. Then after the 11th year, “California’s community property law kicks in giving Holmes half of Cruise’s rather sizeable fortune,” according to Life & Style Weekly.
    Never did have a high opinion of Katie. The pregnancy did make Tom propose to her though. Buy, buy, buy, shop, shop, shop. Those are words she lives by.

  290. Jackie says

    I know for a fact Tom and Katie were there last year and Katie wore a green outfit. There are pictures at but am not sure hateful people are allowed on the site.

  291. Gaelle says

    Helen sorry Libraloser has to follow you everywhere.Today at they had problems some people tried to bash Tom and Katie, and the webmistess had to delete the comments. I suspect one of those three on board here.

  292. Jackie says

    Gaelle, that is how I always picture Miapocca and Libraesque. Foaming and the mouth and tearing their hair and clothes while they rage at the indomitable Mr Cruise.

    I imagine after each post, they throw glasses at the wall and break chairs in frustration at why people will not join their camp and hate Mr Cruise. It is a comical image that makes me crack all the time.

    Yes, today, I respect Tom more than I did two years ago. I think he is a strong principled persona nd it explains why he has been successful for so long. I stand up and proudly proclaim that am his fan. I love as a person and an actor and I wish him and his family the best.

    My support will not waver jsut because some Libraesque or Miapocca persons have posted some childish hateful comments about him, huh huh.

  293. Libraesque says

    is one of you going to post a link proving Tom was at the fundraiser last year????
    I’m begging you to prove me wrong here kids, someone take the bait

  294. Libraesque says

    Jackie, I have to laugh every time I see a post of yours, because you’ve admitted on other threads that you’re a $cieno

  295. Helen says

    Gaelle, yes I am. I’ve said this before and I couldn’t be bother to write it again so I copied what I said directly.

  296. T says

    Everything I quoted was from New York Post (I believe its your favourite) and So why is it questionable when you’re quoting the same source?

  297. Libraesque says

    I JUST read an article that he was not there last year, which is what I based my post on.
    SInce I personally like all the facts, could you provide a link to this “at Tom website” please????

  298. Jackie says

    Jen, turning us against TC is not working and will not work. I wonder if they haven’t noticed that their little mission is a failure since they have not recruited any one into their camp. They are still those three haters. If anything they make me even support and stand up for Tom more. I think he is a genuinely good person and I too respect the fact that he has not bowed to pressure over scientology.

    Tom has a right to spread his beliefs like the next priest, bishop or Imam. It is a free world and that freedom is precisely what sets our democratic nations apart from the rest.

    Was the killer at VT scientologist? Why don’t you concetrate on the real problems facing the world? We are still his fans no matter what you say and if you think you are going to change anyone’s opinion, you are sadly deluded.

  299. T says

    Sorry I meant the program…like I’ve stated before its a program based on his belief/Scientology, which he co founded in 2002 for the 9/11 rescuers.

  300. Gaelle says

    Oh Jackie your comment is funny. I can see them throwing a temper tantrum . The more they get crazy, the more i like Tom.

  301. Helen says

    I’m neutral about Scientology but I really admire and respect Tom even more now for staying true to what he believes and doing something that is important to him in this case his work with Scientology regardless of the media backlash.
    When he changed publicist some experts said he has to distant himself from the religion and he’ll wed in a catholic ceremony to get the public on his side again and so on…I personally thought he was going to do that too but I was wrong.

    After all the media backlash about his beliefs it looks like he is not affected by it and he does what is important to him. It just shows that he really isn’t bothered about what people say and how that affects his career, even though the media will like us to believe otherwise.

    All I can say is he is one strong minded guy and I’m glad he is not changing his way of life so that the media can love him again or to fill every seat in every theater, instead he is staying true to himself.

  302. Miapocca says

    He didnt cofound the treatment…the treament existed for years ..he cofunded the NY program

    Please people your comphrension of the reports and lack of objectivity is serious

    READ before you make an arse out of yoru selfs with stupid statments;…

    T frankly you are quotign too many questionable media sources and twisitng the facts…


  303. Jen says

    It’s great that Tom continues to do good work for other. To my mind it doesn’t matter where or who the treatments are coming from….all that matter is that individuals who are receptive continue to get treatment to improve the quality of life. The Police officers and firefighters at 9/11 deserve that!

  304. Gaelle says

    Thanks Kelly. Even people on the street think , if he is helping it is great. He does not ask them to convert or holding them at gun point.

  305. Jackie says

    You know Gaelle, that is the really interesting part. This program is not new. It has been there since 2002. Suddenly, Tom Cruise is with Katie Holmea and everyone wants a piece of him. Now they claim that the firefighters are being sucked into a cult. Hullo…… where have you been all these five years?

    Do you think they even genuinely care about the fire fighters? Do you think if Tom gave in to pressure and withdrew this program they would step in to help these victims? These are just hateful people. They do anything to attack Tom Cruise and don’t care for anyone beyond that.

    Sadly they chose the wrong person to hate because even if they pulled out their hair, threww their legs in the air and tore their clothes, they will not bring Tom down. Good will always prevail.

    Kelly thanks for the video. Those women are right. If it is helping the fire fighters, then good for him.

  306. Jen says

    I can’t believe the duo Mia and Lib are back at a baby site. They are very famous with Tom and Katie fans. lol
    I can’t believe they don’t get tired? Their aim is to brainwash Tomkat’s fans but its NOT working!

  307. Miapocca says

    Please note…crtique of scientology is not new…no one is destroying cruise..he is doing that all by himself…do not assume that just because you are new to the debate so everybody else is ,..there is a database of all celeb sceintologist, its been there for years…the big difference is that Cruise decided to go scientology control and suddenly infuse his whole life and being with something that is controversial……..

    There is a big diference between jsut being a member oif a cult and then using your celebrity status irresponsibly to entice individuals other than the fools of course into a harmful existence


  308. Miapocca says

    Would somebody please tell the imbecile who insists of having a conversation with me, when I am clearly of the opinion that her intelligence is questionable and she has nothing to contribute futher to mine…

    Buzz of kelly…you can ignore my posts, I am nto interested in your flawed logic or lack of of it

    I respond to intelligence and those who cannot resist using my name for whatever odd reason

  309. T says

    YES Tom has been involved in the program HE IS THE ONE WHO CO-FOUNDED the treatment with his own money in 2002. We just didn’t hear about it because he wasn’t as popular with the media back then. There is a pictures of him and Katie attending the event last year at Tom website. He first used his own money to open the project and for the last 3 years they had fundraising to raise money. This is the first fundraiser Tom HOSTED but he was always involved. And tell me this HOW is it Tom been involved to boost his image when in fact he is getting bashed because of it???

    I actually I have gained so much more respect for him over the last 2 years, because he hasn’t ever waivered
    never backed down and definitely doesn’t’ care about the cynical media and bad press he gets doing what he thinks is right, even if it means damaging his career.

  310. Kelly says

    You guys who think that it is such a bad program, I repeat, start your own programs, go to mayor Bloomberg and tell him about them, advertise in Newyork for affected people and ask them to come for free treatments. Which part is hard?

    For the fans, here is a video. Notice that the people asked agree with my theory. ‘If it works, it can’t be that bad. Detractors should bring their alternatives’

  311. Gaelle says

    He was there last year . People are trying very hard now to destroy him, so a lot of stuff are new to them.

  312. Libraesque says

    Kelly what you and all the other pro-TCers here don’t realize is that high doses of niacin and prolonged periods in saunas are A HEALTH RISK, that is a scientific medically based FACT. Couple that with someone who is already in a compromised health state, and you’ve got big problems
    I find it interesting, but I’m not really surprised that NONE OF YOU read anything that mia and I posted re: articles that NONE OF THE BENEFITS ARE DOCUMENTED

    someone involoved with this program talked to FIVE firefighters? Are you kidding me????

    Also, I’d like to point out that TC HAS NOT been involved in the fund raising til now when he needs to boost his image

  313. T says

    Amy, thank you for your post and actually I stopped reading what libraesque said after she insult me for the second time.

  314. amy says

    T – i am sorry if you found it insulting –
    i was just frustrated that despite libraesque posting the quote and correcting you on the fact that neither clinton nor spacey were present, another poster, kelly, went on to ‘laud the fact that they were there’ she obviously is the kind of person who took your comment as gospel without finding out the FACTS for herself…

    for a real and valid debate (or in the case of some posters – tom’s defense) it would only make sense to me that people ensured what they wrote, quoted and preached was correct and valid information…anything less puts that whole side of the debate/defense at ridicule..
    it just seems odd to me that you chose to ignore the first correction and only acknowledged the second as you felt it personally insulting

  315. Gaelle says

    My favorite couple is looking beautiful as always. Thanks Tom for helping 9/11 workers.Nice people always has the last laugh.Happy birthday Suri.

  316. Jackie says

    T, I agree but Tom didn’t jump on couches with Nicole, but after including us in his courtship, I for one cheered him ever step of the way, I think we should see Suri. She is such a doll. Hiding her is like buying a Picasso or Rembralt for private exhibition. It is criminal if you ask me. ha haha.

  317. Malayka says

    Look, each fo their own, if you like the detox program, good, if you don’t, start your own. Now can we concetrate on the babies, after all, it is babyrazzi not scientolgirazzi. We have pressing isssues like the need to see Suri.

  318. T says

    Jackie, I think we are lucky we’ve seen Suri that much…we didn’t see Tom’s older children till they were 1 and 3 years old. He is very private with his children when he wants to be. I hope we do see her on the set of Katie’s movie.

  319. Jackie says

    Is it possible to sign a petition that as fans we are entiltled to see Suri atleast once a week? She is the most gorgeous baby ever and we have seen her less than 10 times.

  320. T says

    Miapocca, I’m sure people haven’t forgotten about 9/11….but the guy was talking about the rescue workers who are suffering and not getting any lasting treatment other than the drugs they are prescribed to take.

  321. Kelly says

    Miapocca, sometimes you make sense, and other times I could swear you are a raving lunatic (fact not insult). Granted no one has forgotten most of those events, but the people who are most affected by them are often times forgotten and left to rot. Look at our service men from Iraq. Most of them are grapling with the most destructive trauma but still recieve no adequate treatment.

    I was watching a documentary recently that examined the increased rate of sucide among out service men. Many talked about inadequate after care by the government and having to fend for themselves once the army had no more use for them.

    What would you prefer, that these people die or they are helped albeit through controversial programs like scientology detox?

  322. T says

    Amy and Libraesque PLEASE STOP IT with your insults!!!! NO one is stupid or gullible I posted the video thinking they were at the same party but you can correct me or anyone without the insult. I understand why some of the regulars find don’t tolerate you! Next time you insult me I will do the same!!!!!

  323. T says

    Miapocca, I WASN’T talking about critique of Scientology! I was talking about the treatment! It was co-founded by Tom in 2002.

  324. faci says

    Where is baby suri? she is already one year old, happy birthday! Want to see more pictures of baby Suri Cruise please……

  325. Malayka says

    It doesn’t matter if Clinton or Spacey were there, what matters is that there are people whose lives someone wants to make better and if it wasn’t for Tom Cruise, their plight would be forgotten.

    What ever he does in his personal and professional life is his business. If he sacks his manager and decides to treat his life as a circus, it is his life and his mistake to make. I do not see how it impacts on many of you here who detest him with a passion. He doesn’t look like he lets anyhting stop him any way.

    If you can’t beat them, join them.

  326. Miapocca says

    I went to the trouble of delineating the argument goign on here into 3 groups

    Yet it amazes me how some people come back and respond to arguments from group one with notes from group 3

    Geez..people either laugh it off or ignore the comment …

  327. Miapocca says

    Please people..I assure you that no one has forgotten 9/ snot something you forget

    No one has forgotten the bombing of the us embassy in kenya

    No one is forgetting the US bombing in Nicaragua

    No one is forgetting raids and rapes and war crimes\

    its people who assume other have forgotten who bring up the issue of forgetfullness, just as its those who are unfamiliar with international aid who are overly awed by the little that some celebs do and yet end up front page news

    Never assume people forget , because you are in danger of forgetting yourself

    Do not assume that everyone has the same thought processes a good argument requires you to think like your opponent not like youself.

    Caio LIB…see you around

  328. amy says

    Clinton and Spacey WEREN’T AT THAT DINNER
    they WERE in New York that night…


    “Also spotted in New York last night: President Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey at The Old Vic, where Spacey is performing in “A Moon for the Misbegotten.”

    you are really showing how gullible and/or stupid you are…
    again….GET THE FACTS!!

  329. Miapocca says

    T…critique of scientology started before I was born!

    Tom was not so much in the news before because his publicist was one of the best, that restreicted access to him and permed over all questions before you got to her clinet, if you print what she dissaproved , you were cut off from Cruise

    The media circus started when Tom fired her and replaces her with a scientologist, his sister…he regrettes taht descion and changed back to a trained publicist, figured out that OT powers could nto help his image nor suddenly give his sister teh smarts enough to represent him

    Anyway,,,with cruise suddenly pushing his life down out throats, a serious deviation from a carefully cultivate image that made him the start that he was….teh tabliod got in on the game…and he added more gasoline to the fire ..he still does

    So in actualy fact, there has always been critics, they media just didnt hone it on it till Cruise went out of control…..

    SO you see they hire publicits to build a public image far form what they are…being an open scientologist actually lead a parody of him as a person, husband and father adn he opened the gates wider than any reporter ecxpected…it was pure tabliod heaven

    Now I gotta go , will check in later.

    AMEN TO CARLIEGH and T I appreciate our banter, unlike some fools here who simply assume that anit scientologist are anti cruise and are anti because they are stupid or have some mental deffect…time and time again , thsoe peopel have been unable to defend their opinions or engage in a worthwile conversation

    As example to those people, look how two people with opinions on different subjects can engage in dialogue and try to cultivate it, for it makes for an interesting site rather than one laced with Kool Aid …forcing people with opposing opinion into a defensive corner..its a common thing on this site for a lot of people to assume about others based on their own backgrounds and limited intelligence…………….I despair of an untelligent sparring at times………………..

  330. T says

    #73. Malayka, you are right and that exactly what the spokes person for the fire-fighters said…
    “At least Tom Cruise has not forgotten the horrific eent of 9/11 and its impact on the health of New York’s first responders.”

    At least Cruise is putting his many where his mouth is and doing something.

    It it works, great. If it doesn’t, as the old saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”
    Michael McVey
    Gardner City

  331. Jackie says

    Hey I forgot to say that I want to see Suri badly too and am hoping that we get to see her on the set of mad money reaaly soon. I still can’t believe she is already a year!!! Fancy that.

  332. amy says

    any money tom donates is a TAX BENEFIT to him…END OF…do you people not realise that when you earn the vast amounts that people like him do, you try to claw back as much as you can….
    why should we go elsewhere to start another thread when the one here is relevent to the topic at hand…??
    i’m sorry julie…but it is tom that is the new messiah and not YOU…so you have no say in who stays and who goes…
    personally, i for one, think these miapocca leaving these posts would be a great loss and i URGE her to continue…i enjoy, value and respect her contributions to these discussions, i know they have certainly help open MY eyes on the subject, and forced me to become far more educated on the topic of scientology and tom cruise…because i am the kind of person who likes to have all the FACTS in hand before i engage in a debate…i’m sorry you are not like that, some of us just aren’t followers..accept it..

  333. Jackie says

    Carleigh, am glad you pointed that out. I think we should stick to the babies and baby mamas and papas. Katie really looks gorgeous.

    Just for the record, I think the firemen have a choice to take or leave the detox program. Tom too has the freedom to preach his beliefs and seek for people to join them, it is a free world after all and hating someone because of their beliefs is bigotry.

  334. Malayka says

    The interesting part is that if these firemen had been forgotten or if they were getting no treatment, none of these people would be screaming their heads off. What hypocrites.

  335. Kelly says

    I can’t believe that totally unobjective people would want others to be objective on an issue. Lets not be gullible, Tom would like publicity ofr his cult and if he gets it from doing something good for someone, so be it.

    Amy, Libra and Mia, if you have an alternative to Tom’s detox program, this is not the fora to air it. Go to New York and talk to these firefighters about your alternatives and if they like it, good for you.

    Has Tom Cruise forced any one into this program? Were any of the fundraisers forced to come to the dinner at gun point? I laud people like Clinton and Kevin Spacey and as more facts come to light we will realise that many more influencial people attended dinner.

    If it spreads scientology, who cares, as long as it keeps the plight of the firemen alive.

  336. T says

    #Miapocca, I understand it would be much better for Tom to write a cheque for them instead but if he felt its important to him and he can improve those people’s life by using a detox program based on his belief then he can do that. Don’t forget he co-founded the program with his own money in 2002…where were all the critcs when he started this project? we only hear about it now and it bothers some people now NOT because it doesn’t work but Tom has been very open about Scientology for the last 2 years and he has been picked on and they are not about to start praising him now because I’m sure they thing if it works people will start to be interested in the cult.

  337. T says

    I think someone just edited my post number 65! Was it the web mistress? I didn’t write the last 2 lines!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Julie says

    This cult is sick and dangerous…stop blinding supporting a star who is too foolish and brainwashed to laugh himself silly while at driving at 300MPH in a trailer…did anyone see the road behind him littered with dead bodies…

    Wake up Holmes….


  339. Mary says

    carleigh , I totally agree with you. Its a free world Tom can do anything he wants and everybody has a right to refuse if they didn’t want too.

  340. Julie says

    And her garb doesn’t have hidden meaning…she probably just likes the belt!! Miapocca, you’re a little off.

  341. Julie says

    I agreee with Jean, we come here for baby pictures and to post comments on the pics. We come here for fun, and the only links I like to see are ones that take me to more good pics. Miapocca, you and your posse should go over to Hellorazzi and start your own thread there. Your huge long posts are annoying here. I think it’s great that everyone has their own opinion, it makes things interesting. But your rantings just keep going on and on and on. Haven’t you gotten the hint yet that most people here don’t want YOU here anymore? Here’s a good example of a post that someone might want to read for this photo: Wow, Katie looks fantastic! I wish Suri was with them, I’m looking forward to new pics of her!

  342. T says

    #Miapocca, I understand it would be much better for Tom to write a cheque for them instead but if he felt its important to him and he can improve those people’s life by using a detox program based on his belief then he can do that. Don’t forget he co-founded the program with his own money in 2002…where were all the critcs when he started this project? we only hear about it now and it bothers some people now NOT because it doesn’t work but Tom has been very open about Scientology for the last 2 years and he has been picked on and they are not about to start praising him now because I’m sure they thing if it works people will start to be interested in the cult.

    In short Cruise could have just written a check to the fund if his MISSION was to Help them and not peddle scientology//……..

    This gala was about scientology and enticing people to it, less about a detox program.

  343. Libraesque says

    “T” why do you ASSume I’m a guy
    on a baby blog, how idiotic are you???

    You also may want to PAY ATTENTION, Clinton and Spacey weren’t at the fundraiser :

    Also spotted in New York last night: President Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey at The Old Vic, where Spacey is performing in “A Moon for the Misbegotten.”

  344. carleigh says

    My biggest question is WHO CARES….Tom Cruise has always shaded everything he does under the guise of normalcy while it’s shrouded w/ direct undertone’s of Scientology. The more people are sucked into this cult the worse off they are going to be. It’s not a religion, it’s a mind controlling cult. Frankly, let the morons who get “sucked” into this cult kick themselves in the butt later on. It’s a free world and Tom Cruise is allowed to hold Scientology crusades if he wants too, frankly it doesn’t interest me at all.
    Katie actually looks better here than I’ve seen her in a while, I like her necklace and she looks nice. But, in all fairness it’s Suri I really want to see.

  345. Miapocca says

    There are 3 issues here

    1: Scientology
    Cult, groupthink, greedy, brainwash, con artist, quack..

    2: Detox Program
    No medical,biological or epidemiological research to support this idea stolen from alternative medicine and muddied to make it sound innovative


    3: combined Scientology and Detox
    A package guaranteed to dupe and make more money for a CULT


    Still BULLSHIT big time big time

  346. Malayka says

    Though I don’t subscribe to the all charity is good rule, I strongly believe that if one has no alternative, let them take whatever is offered. Thank you T for your efforts to educate these individuals on the virtues of kindness though I doubt whether they would know kindness if it hit them in the face. Any way, like Kelly said, no one is forcing these firefighters to take this detox program. If Tom is elevated while at it, then good for him.

  347. T says

    #55, What is this with this guy? Can’t you make your point without insulting people? That is not a smart way to get our attention…I actually didn’t even bother to read the entire post. I’ll choose reading a good link over your post any day!

  348. amy says

    T, i followed the link you supplied..

    only to find CO$ propaganda……I’m sorry, but if you want to have an INFORMED & OBJECTIVE opinion, you really should investigate BOTH sides of the story before you make your informed choice on a topic…like myself, and a few others here have chosen to do..

    tom cruise is a fake god…any ‘practising catholic’ would spot that a mile off…

    his ‘church’ only help THEMSELVES…

    the concern for these firefighters is not with the sauna, diet and exercise program they will be embarked upon

    (though i do have very serious and valid reservations about many of the harsher aspects of this program – look into it deeper yourself to see what i am talking about)
    it is the FOLLOW UP from the cult thats the killer…and that is how they work….

    lets come back and debate in five years time shall we…when many of these firefighters have been sucked in and then spat out of the CO$’s system….(once their personal funds have run dry for those that do not go ‘missing’ or are driven to suicide…)

  349. Libraesque says

    OH MY GOD “T” how gullible are you? you’re checking results from the website that supports the treatment?

    wow, that’s about as bright as saying “gee, I wonder if the KKK is good or bad…..I think I’ll go to and find out”

    you’re such a feeb!!!! hahahahahahaha

  350. Miapocca says

    In short Cruise could have just written a check to the fund if his MISSION was to Help them and not peddle scientology//……..

    This gala was about scientology and enticing people to it, less about a detox program.

  351. Miapocca says

    T ..I spend my life writing those documents ….so I also like to punch holes in those documents…the best document in mY OPINION to believe on science and health matters are those that are rigourously peer reviewed and this will be publiched in a well respected journla..most of which rejects writing from the con artist hubbard…also an a sound Epedemiological research had to to done and some of the basics to look for

    1: Sound study design
    3: A complete list of your limiations
    4: Declaring an conflict of interest as to you relationship with funders of the program or the research..

    When you can clear all that then the researc is sound

    I have not read the documents you have pointed me to. However I greater issue is with the methodology of scientology .

    As said I can go to a vodoo priest and feel better without having to document how this was achieve scientifically, simply because I believe in my cure and it amde feel better to believe i was doing something about my problem

    Alternative medicine practicioners can offer similar programs , with a better reputation and without the groupthink and courses assocaited with this group;

    I realise that we will never see eye to eye on this matter.
    I enjoyed chatting with you and see you around

  352. Libraesque says

    what these MINDLESS IDIOTS on this board don’t realize is that

    It’s a win/win money scheme for $cientology

    Let me break it down so that the simps can understand

    The center is set up in 2002 and financed with money from a crooked polititian
    Needing more financing now, TC throws a 100,000.00 a table “fundraiser”, which it’s participants can WRITE OFF.
    The treatments are “free” initially, but participants will more than likely be required to join the COS, which costs a FORTUNE.

    Do you see why this is a win/win for the COS and TC????

    And DON’T tell me about how charitable TC is when he had a 4 MILLION dollar wedding, THEN another million dollar post wedding party here in the states, and his wife squanders away at least a million or more a year at Barney’s

    And it’s completely IGNORANT to say “I don’t care who does the charity as long as someone does” because this money is not only funneled back into a CULT, but it sends TC up the “ladder” which means higher power to a cult leader.

    WAKE UP!!!!
    EDUCATE YOURSELF before blindly believing in something

  353. Miapocca says

    Mean Kelly you take the crown for judgmental

    “It is easy to sit in your fancy house on your fancy laptop”

    I think you seriously believe we have the same mental thought processes…we dont…..I actually research before coming to conclusions …………..try it it mihg buzz off…I am having a discussion with someone who is not you

  354. T says

    Well, I check out the website today and they have good result.

    The project’s first priority is helping rescue workers recover their health and job fitness. This is accompanied by research and evaluation projects to document recoveries and contribute to understanding of the exposures and their effects.

    Recoveries are being achieved on a routine basis, bringing hope to rescue workers, their families and their communities. In the words of NY State Senator Michael Balboni, the results achieved through detoxification are “the ultimate victory over the effects the terrorists hoped to achieve.”

    You can read the result for yourself at

    PLEASE DO NOT accuse me of being a Scientology. I’m NOT!! I’m non practising catholic.

  355. Kelly says

    Good on youMiapocca if you help them.

    The alternative of scientific medical solutions is still open to these men. It is easy to sit in your fancy house on your fancy laptop and criticise Tom Cruise’s effort. Look at our returning service men from Iraq, many are forgotten on their return and still suffer the trauma of the war. These firemen would have ended up like that, forgotten six years later. But Tom is doing his best to help and if it is not working, time for other people to step and offer working solutions.

    Many of these men have said that the program helps them. I am sure if it was that counterproductive, it would have been stopped by now.

    If you genuinely felt for the plight of these men, you would not be here taking a swipe at TC on a blogsite you know he will never visit. I doubt the genuineness of your concern for these firemen. To you, it is another chance to have a go at Tom and Katie.

    I am sure there are sites dedicated t these firemen. Visit them and talk to these men and offer them solutions to detox. None of us here is a firefighter so am sure your efforts are misdirected on these blog sites, of course unless they are to make people hate Tom Cruise which I doubt is working. By now after the last two years, those who are still his fans are not about to leave.

    I repeat, none of these men are held at ransom to use this detox program and only if there is evidence that they are, will I criticise Tom’s efforts.

  356. Miapocca says

    Proof as is someone reporting that 700 firemen claim to have bennefitted??

    Its easy to get a sense of wellbeing …have you heard mind over matter

    What is missing is a survey that accurately supports the “report” that 700 people claim to have felt something..what did they feel..better in spirit, biologically better..

    I will wait on the survey results preferablly done by an objective evaluator…fact is.. it does not exist..its a “report” substantiated and perpetuated by those who stand to gain money from it….its like reading the tabloid and not asking all the pertinent questions.. the heck did that paprazii know about holmes calling a “pastor” to enroll suri in “kiddie catholic” classes…..

    sorry dont believe the hype!!

    And scientologist at Cruises level dont seperate their work from their indoctrinated belief system, the fans are teh ones fighting to seperate him fomr something he does not want to be seperated from…………

  357. Miapocca says

    Proof as is some reporting that 700 firemen claim to have bennefitted??

    Its easy to get a sense of wellbeing …have you heard mid over matter

    What is missing is a survey that accurately supports the “report” that 700 people claim to have felt something..what did they feel..better in spirit, biologically better..

    I will wait on the survey results preferablly done by an objective evaluator…fact is it does not exist..its a “report” substantiated and perpetuated by those who stand to gain money form it….its like reading the tabliod and nto asking the heck did that paprazii know about holmes calling a “pastor” to enroll suri in “kiddie catholic” classes…..

    sorry dont believe the hype!!

  358. T says

    Sorry I meant to write…”Lets NOT forget contrary to what some critics say according to people who used it it has WORKED for them.”

  359. T says

    Lets now forget contrary to what some critics say according to people who used it it has WORKED for them.

  360. Miapocca says


    Frankly its funny to read other posts..I rad other psots, I may disagree , laugh move on , respond whatever…it is not your place to force people to agree with you

    what you are basically goign on about is that we are expressing an opinion that annoys you..the world is full of peopel who disagree on one topic or other, learn to cope with the world, becaause or everyone agreeing with you is 0..if your kids or husband will nto agree with you 100% of the time

    People like you are the ones you ruin an opinion site,you are nto happy to have all opinion expressed jsut those that favour your…

    Get a grip, you get a life and I suggest you READ and think and come back with more educated argument other than that ” we express an opionion” opposed to yours

    LET FREEDOM REIGN or else try moving to China

  361. T says

    I’m sure they will find a scientific fact that approves this treatment once its widely recognized but for now there is a prove it works from the 700 plus fire-fighters who used the treatment and so far the number of people who were affected by the treatment stands at ZERO!

  362. Miapocca says do not know me so you cannot know what I do or not do to help firemen……maybe you shoudl stick to the topic at hand and nto take it into a personal vendetta…as you will note I am interested in commenting about the issues at hand and not what you do or what you eat in your personal life


  363. Miapocca says

    Did the money go to firemen or to some program established by Scientology???? If you have an idea what scientoloy is about , you will know that they dont let money off that lightly…READ

  364. Miapocca says

    Okay people…Wellbeing and general good health has a lot to with your mental state. Just like speaking to a close friend about an issue can lift your spirits a doctor a vodoo priest or scientologist can make you feel good by engaging in some amateur psychology, however medical science and examination of alterations in biologica pathways takes a more educated person…try curing cancer with a Detoc progam???

    There is no scientific fact out there that approves this treatment. This methodology had been used before by integrative medical practitioners and some less well known cultural groups. What scientology has done is adapted the the process coupled with their brainwashing tecniques and churned it out as Narcon and Detox

    Those who seek, find, the needy and vulnerable are attracted to various programs, some visit vodoo priests and some gain help..some leave happy

    There is no epidemiological evidence , nor is their biological evidence of system changes during this treatment. The 700 people, if they all reported better wellbeing , have not actually been studied, not did we hear form each and everyone their testimony on going through the detox program

    There is a reason why medical and health professional have to go through rigorous training..they deal with very special subjects..US..when you go to your providers office, that white coat can reassure a lot of people,..Your trust in that person hinges on the fact that he is a DOCTOR .

    Of course some of these docs are questoinable in their pratices……
    However I am more inclined to go to a DOCTOR , research my provider in detail before walking through the door…the chances of me going to a vodoo priest is much higher than going to Quack with no medical training or background like MIdget adn MIscaviage here…

    Having said that , I care little of foolish adults want to engage in scientology but I care about the children dragged into this cult..Any parent who denies their chidl adequate medical treatment as a result of membership in this cult should be imprisoned for chidl endangerment.

    Frankly when did a college drop out bad sci fi write become the “god” of alternative medicine…all he did, like most con artist do , is take an existing program , muddy it a little , add a name and peddle it to those who SEEK!!!!!!!!!!

    Scientology programs are quackery at the most extreme and the federal angencies will do well to lauch investigations into these “treatment” programs.

  365. Kelly says

    T, I post here from time to time and I just can’t stand people like those thre who are so obsessed with hating Tom and Katie. They go froms ite to site spreading but stories and insulting him. I don’t thinking it is working anyway judging from the crowd in New York that welcomed Tom. I have my reservations about scientology but I don’t have to trash the members of the cult for a kick.

    Ask these detractors what they have done to help these fire men. Nothing . My guess is that these people would have been put on anti- depressants and their plight forgotten. Besides, no one is forcing them and many have said it has helped them and they are still not scientologist.

    Tom raised over 2 million dollars for the firemen. He could have chosen to sell pictures of Suri for 3 times that sum and banked the rest but he did it in a more respectiful diginified way.

  366. T says

    Kelly, thanks for you post. this is my first time commenting on this site. I heard about it in another blog and I don’t know the people who are regular and your post makes it a bit clear for me.

  367. Kelly says

    Until I see concrete evidence that some firefighters did not want to use the detox but were forced to do it to their detriment, I will commend Mr Cruise for his efforts. No one is stopping Lib, or Mia or Amy from doing their two piece to help these firemen. Set up an alternative program and stop criticising those who are trying to help.

    You three have never had any thing positive to say about Tom and Katie so I don’t think you are about to start now. Anything you post I take with a grain of salt. In any case, it is nothing new or interesting and makes for boring reading.

  368. T says

    Besides according to the one and only “New York Post” you guys seem to believe…it says “There is no Scineology “Brainwashing” that goes on just a strict supervised regimen of supplements, exercise and Sauna treatments.”

  369. Joxe Arkaitz says

    I have done the detox program and it works great! I used to have sinusitis and it went away with the program – so thorough was the cleaning. I also could think much clearer. My memory improved a lot and my spirits are much higher now. I can only tell good things about it and all the people I know who have gone through the program too can tell you only good things. It’s remarkable that only people who have never done the program will put it’s efficiency in doubt… Well, you can think what you want about Scientology but definitely the program works and that’s what counts for people who need true help.

  370. T says

    #31, just show me an article or claim by someone who has been affected by the treatment. As far as I know Tom has been doing this since 2002 and they are over 700 fire fighters that have taken part!

    AND please refer from calling me names! You don’t know me!

  371. amy says

    oh poor tom…he is just trying to help!!


    sorry, but he might be the new messiah of scientology, but to me he is just an aging actor with a child bride and a toddler of dubious parentage….who is deeply entwined with a cult that has been banned in some countries…and is at the centre of many many deaths..
    what QUALIFIES him to take on this…and by the way…he doesn’t actually DO much for it at all, other than being the poster face/cash cow…

  372. T says

    As that Spiderman credo goes “with great powers comes great responsibilities”. Bravo to Tom for using that for the good of all mankind.
    I could care less if its Oprah,American idol,Red Cross,Tom Cruise,U2,Republicans,Democrats,The Methodists,The Catholics,The Baptists,Buddhists you name it as long its to help others.

  373. Libraesque says

    T, if you are so uneducated that you can’t comprehend that the human body, delicate skin and vital organs ARE NOT designed for extreme heat for long periods of time, than that’s your own damn problem.
    Go to a gym and you’ll notice a little sign warning you NOT to stay in the sauna for more than a certain amount of MINUTES. Do you know why? Because the medical community deems prolonged exposure to heat DANGEROUS you idiot

  374. T says

    April 7, 2007 — A legislator hosting a gala fund-raising dinner for a controversial detoxification program for 9/11 rescue workers co-founded by Tom Cruise revealed yesterday he’s undergone the procedure himself.

    “I will tell you I felt 100 times better after the program than I’ve felt in the last 15 years,” said City Councilman Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens).

    The Post reported yesterday that Monserrate is one of the hosts of an April 19 fund-raiser for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, where Cruise is appearing, and where tickets are going for as much as $100,000 for a table of eight.

    Officials said they hope to surpass last year’s event – which didn’t include Cruise – that raised $1.5 million.

    Critics say the regimen of high doses of niacin, long saunas and ingestion of cold-pressed oils, based on the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, is medically suspect.

    But Monserrate said it has worked wonders for him and dozens of Ground Zero rescue workers who were exposed to high levels of toxins.

    “I did not meet one person in this program who said to me, ‘Hiram, I did not feel better.’ I don’t have a science degree, but if it made them feel better, it should be made available to any rescue worker,” he said.

    Intrigued and suffering from sleepless nights and a recurring upper respiratory ailment, Monserrate put himself through 30 days of exercise, dietary changes and 2 1/2-to-4 hour stints in a sauna.

    “Literally, you’re flushing out for 30 days in every way conceivable all the toxins and other things that build up in a lifetime,” he said.

    Jim Woodworth, president of the downtown clinic where the procedures are done, said that while he’s a Scientologist, the program is entirely secular.

    “Our doctors are Jewish,” he pointed out. “We need to get past the bigotry and the hate speech. The simple truth is, it works.”

    He said 780 rescue workers have undergone the free treatments.

    Steve Kent of Canada’s University of Alberta, a sociologist who has studied Scientology for two decades, urged skepticism.

    “Cruise’s support of this program would not be the first time he has waded in on important medical issues without having a medical background,” said Kent.

    But Pat Bahnken, president of the EMTs and paramedics union, said the clinic treats his members the same as any other medical facility.

    “I had concerns like everybody else. What is this whole thing with Scientology? But I would say to people if you get treated at Long Island Jewish Hospital they don’t hand you a Talmud. If you’re treated at St. Vincent’s they don’t hand you a bible,” Bahnken said.

  375. T says

    Look I’m not going start to defend COS or the treatment but lets not jump to conclusion based on what NEW YORK POST or blogs say and start attacking Tom Cruise when we don’t know the facts. It might work for some people and it might not but at least like you said they come out of it with soft skin.

  376. Malaika says

    No one is forcing these fire fighters, if they don’t want the treatment, let them leave! I think Tom is trying to help and it is disappointing that he is attacked for his efforts by people who are making no efforts at all. I hope he also helps the Iraq soldiers returing from war, there are many suicides among them it is shocking and no one is even trying to help them. They are just pumping them with anti depressants which are making the situation even worse.

    Not a fan of the leggings or Tom’s hair but Katie looks beautiful as usual.

  377. Miapocca says

    Amen..I want my tax dollars to go towards helping raise Angelina Jolies children ahahahhahhahah

    No more scn bashing….got to go ciao bellisima mia

  378. Miapocca says

    Oh I watched the mayor talking about it…the post reported it somehow..cant find the official PR

    April 19, 2007 — Mayor Bloomberg yesterday blasted official proclamations drafted by a city councilman honoring Tom Cruise and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for their roles in promoting a detoxification program for 9/11 rescue workers.

    “I don’t think it’s appropriate to do that,” said the mayor, reacting to a report in yesterday’s Post.

    “I think that reputable scientists do not think Scientology has any basis in science. It may be a cult, it may be a religion, it may be beliefs. It’s other things, but it’s not science, and we should only fund those programs that reputable scientists believe will stand the light of day and the scientific method.”

  379. T says

    From what I read the treatment has work for most of the people who took part in it and that is prove enough and N.Y. Emergency Workers and Councilman Addabbo are supporting this

    “Councilman Addabbo also took the opportunity to express his anger at the program’s critics.”

    He said, “I cannot stand idly by and see something that is working be ignored. The project seems to work. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

  380. Miapocca says

    Here T…This is also an opinion piece written by someon form the huffington post…

    Full Disclosure Warning!
    Well, it’s not really THAT big of a deal.
    I went through this scientology “de-tox” many years ago. I came out of it with the loveliest, most baby soft skin. Unfortunately,it did not wipe out all the effects of nearly two decades of drug use–AS WAS PROMISED!

    Anyway, at the time I did it a physical exam and release from an MD was required. My warning is this, there is no way anyone can JUST give the “de-tox” regimen a try. In order to do it at all you will have to be indoctrinated into the Scientology methodology. And they tend to use the hard sell to get you to sign up for more “processing/auditing” which will cost you exhorbitant amounts of hard earned cash (or credit. Imagine a “church” that accepts Master Card and Visa for “donations” LOL). They are not known for letting any potential donor prospects go easily. They call all the time, send literature to your home for years afteward.

    My advice–DON’T DO IT! A membership at a health club is MUCH cheaper (in so many ways).
    By: angrywitwoman on April 09, 2007 at 08:09pm
    Flag: [abusive]

    There is also a scientologist on that post who defends the program,.,,isnt it intresting that when we have an opinion we all go out and seek similar opinions ahhahahha

    I am of a very stron science and health background and I am happy to stick to those proven and also happy to conduct the clinical trails on this program if they wish

  381. T says

    I haven’t come across any article that suggests the treatment has caused death to anyone but what I have read is its medically suspect but no prove yet!

  382. Miapocca says

    T, I am not trying to convince you to believe anything,….I am writing opinion in response to can take it or leave it…

    Besides there are tons more who took the detox and more and you can find them in the cemetary or the sites dedicated to them..I am sure you all already heard about them “Where are they now””

    You are choosing to belive a select few of those who took the program adn not those who took it , got enticed further and had to run for their lives with ongoing psychological trauma….

    I am glad you ahve an opinion and can defend it..I am not interested in chnaging your mind ….have fun researching to back you opinion …as humans thre are those of us who naturally will seek to punch holes in your arguments, so you got to be prepared to back your view intelligently..


  383. amy says

    tom looks like katies aging pimp in this picture..totally happy to show the world that he OWNS her..she looks like she is dressed in black bin bags…
    as for $cientology – when are you people going to finally accept the facts that tom HIMSELF is ‘proud’ to tell the world..that TOM CRUISE = $CIENTOLOGY…its obvious all you so called cruise fans who tell us to separate tom from religion are in denial as you know that its merely a CULT which SUCKS PEOPLE DRY – emotionally and financially..
    and jean…as for trying to choose who comes to comment on this site and who doesn’t…????
    YES this is a baby site…and YES the above pic does show a couple with the IQ of babies…so anyone may be free to comment however they personally decide…
    i would much rather read comments which educate people on the reality of scientology than comments on how you think tom needs a tan…he needs more than that sweetheart…a conscience would be a good start…

  384. Jean says

    OK what is going on in here has this place been taken over by perez Hilton?

    And why is that people are copying and pasting stuff? What happened with just posting links?

    Miapocca and co…get a life!!!!

  385. Miapocca says

    Oh my Xenu/
    this is what you want to talk about

    “Sorry about that and NOW back to topics…Katie looks very cute but I think Tom needs a tan.”

    How tottally un witty and unintelligents…you put me to sleep seriously are there any thinkers out there…and I I dont mean people who agree with me…I mean those who have a great opinion and can support it…..any thinking person PRETTY PLEASE…what sheer fluff….

    that must be a lot of KOOL AID in the clear water residence

  386. Hana says

    There are more pictures of the event at they both look great. I can’t wait for Katie’s movie.

  387. Miapocca says

    Jean….you can skip over and read something else..I cam entitled to write what I like..i am sorry you cannot appeciate all comments…if you disagree do so..if you find it funny laugh….enjoy it or dont read at all…its a public forum..I dont these any laid out guidelines about jsut sticking to a specific script..


  388. Libraesque says

    Jean you should probably shut your pie hole since Mia’s comments are directly ON TOPIC for this thread

  389. T says

    Yes I’ve read the statements and for now I’ll take the words of the people who have received the treatment over someone who hasn’t!!!

  390. Libraesque says

    The Manhattan borough president campaign of Margarita Lopez was knocked off stride this week by a one-two punch — from the right and the left as it were — about ties between the Lower East Side city councilmember and the Church of Scientology.

    In a series of three stories and an editorial that began Monday, the New York Post reported that Lopez was the key City Council player in securing $630,000 in city funds for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a center on Fulton St. that offers September 11 first responders treatments based on large amounts of Vitamin B-3, sauna baths and exercise, in lieu of traditional medical therapies. The treatment is based on theories developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s late founder. Scientology’s most famous exponent, Tom Cruise, was on hand with Lopez for the center’s groundbreaking.

    The Post reported that the treatment is widely dismissed by medical professionals and noted that the adverse public reaction led the firefighters’ union to pull its support for the project.

    Lopez’s campaign has collected nearly $115,000 in contributions—more than one quarter of the total amount of money raised—from sources that the Post said were linked to Scientology, including $38,000 garnered at a Florida fundraiser in January hosted by a Church of Scientology affiliate, just one month after the first half of the city’s appropriation was secured by the detoxification center.

    Though the Lopez campaign provided a written statement to Downtown Express on the matter, she and her aides did not respond when asked if they disputed any of the factual assertions made by the Post.

    Even as the Post charged in a Wednesday editorial that the relationship between Lopez and the Scientologists represented a “quid pro cult”— citing an email it uncovered from a church member who urged other members to contribute to a campaign that “will definitely pay big dividends” — one of Lopez’s opponents, Brian Ellner, an attorney, was demanding that she clarify the issues raised by her support for the treatment center.

    “It is a question of transparency. It is a question of a clear public good. Most importantly, I should point out that we are not jumping to conclusions,” said David Meadvin, Ellner’s campaign manager. “What Councilmember Lopez owes voters and the public is a clear explanation of why she supported this project. From the Post’s reporting, there is a suggestion of a connection between the campaign collections and the disbursement of public monies.”

    For her part, Lopez hotly denies any wrongdoing, while standing behind her support for the treatment.

    “Every penny donated to my campaign has been legal and ethical, and has been sanctioned by the Campaign Finance Board,” Lopez said in her written statement. “In the aftermath of September 11th, I made every effort I could to support the needs of first responders and the people of Downtown. Many of my constituents as well as officers of the New York City Fire Department came to me urging my support of the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. They believed then and continue to believe, that it has improved their quality of life.”

    Noting that on the Council she has supported many “faith-based institutions” providing social services, Lopez wrote, “The religious beliefs of individuals who donate to my campaign are not my concern, and are protected by the Constitution of this country. I am not a member of any church or religion.”

  391. Jean says

    Miapocca, STOP with your nonsense. I’ve been reading comments by you and you seem to have your own agenda! This is a baby site if you haven’t notice go and find another approperiate site for what you are doing. I’m sorry but I’m tired of scrolling down this website with all this nonsense stuff you post. NO one here is interested in marrying Tom Cruise or Katie or their life style…we just come here to see pictures and post on the topics. Please I beg you stop it. I’ve seen your comments on other celeb mum’s here (example Brooke shields and Heidi Klum thread) even there you seem to be obsessed about mentioning Tom and Katie. That is not good get a life or something that is interesting and positive to your life.

  392. Miapocca says

    Did you also hear Major Bloombergs Statement and the Fire chief..these are people who are withitn the system and they oppose this stupidity…T its seriously time to put done the Koolaid and THINK for yourself

  393. T says

    No it doesn’t sound strange webmistress you just happen to post a story written by NEW YORK POST !!! Couldn’t you get a reliable source for once??

    is an article about it.

    Cruise Wins Support of N.Y. Emergency Workers with Fundraiser
    HOLLYWOOD – Movie star Tom Cruise has won the support of hundreds of emergency workers in New York, after hosting a $6,250-a-ticket benefit in the city last night to raise funds for his controversial 9/11 detoxification program.

    The New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, which was co-founded by Cruise, is based on principles developed by Scientology leader L. Ron Hubbard. The free treatment involves large doses of vitamins, dietary adjustments and stints in a sauna.

    Among attendees at the high profile event in Chelsea was World Trade Center actor Michael Pena, local councilors Joseph Addabbo and Hiram Monserrate, and members of the emergency medical technicians (EMT) union.

    Monserrate had given his endorsement to the project last week, when he underwent the treatment for himself.

    And despite Mayor Bloomberg’s denouncement of the program as “not science” on Wednesday, those present at the fundraiser were clearly happy to give their approval to the project, which saw Cruise personally thank guests for their attendance.

    Pat Bahnken, president of the city’s paramedics and EMT union, tells PageSix, “He said how grateful he was to everyone for supporting the project. He took time out to speak to every person. It took him an hour to get through the hallway. He was talking to everyone. It was genuine, nothing phony about it.”

    Councilman Addabbo also took the opportunity to express his anger at the program’s critics.

    He said, “I cannot stand idly by and see something that is working be ignored. The project seems to work. I’ve seen it firsthand.”

  394. Miapocca says

    they have to hold hand to show the world they are in love..but frankly even teh most love crazy couple get over that trash after a while…there are people who have been married for ages and you can tell by a glance even if they are not holding hands…these people have been instructed by PR and scientologists to look happy and sell scientology to the crowd……

    Tom is the cash cow and holmes was an attempt t o revamp his image and sell scientology to her generation ….because tom was goign over the edge lie Richard Gere did before him where he was nto goign to be remembered by people Katie age, so they found Holmes to sign on..Scientology attempted to control his PR and thats why his sister took over teh job..they were shocked at the backlash they recieved that the world were not ready to accept a famous movie star and readily adopt his beliefs….who is Tom Cruise, an unedcated boy with issues of insecurities, he is still hat little boy when he looks in the mirror..scn brainwashed him to think otherswise, yet he is too stupid to realise he is practicing pyschology which the church opposes

    Scientology had to get rid of Nicole because she was starting to question having her chidlren raised on that environment and at OTVII cruise had to start livign and breathing scn and to MIscaviage , Nicole was a threat to his gready she had to go..they even bugged her house to listen on her conversations after teh divorce…these people are sick and if they are not hiding something why the elaborate ruse and why do they need PR to entice people to the cult….

    Money money money…and tom is the cash cow , he is totally swayed over, and Holmes is no better, becasue I think they did somethign to her on her first meeting with Tom, what they had planned for Scarlet JOhannson, who run away…because it is very strange to hold productin meeting with your church elders in the church premises…..who does that anyway??

    For the fans who clian Cruise is not scn ..I have news for you, he does not seperate himself from his religion so I dont see why you do it for him.. He lives breathes eats, shits and squats scientology..he used his financial hold on his family to convert them and they have all left friends and family behind to squat with him

    I sincerely hope Holmes can break off teh cult once she ison her own in LA..Her parents need to get a deprogrammer on hand and somewhere next to her home….these thinds require kidnapping at times…..

    This cult is sick and dangerous…stop blinding supporting a star who is too foolish and brainwashed to laugh himself silly while at driving at 300MPH in a trailer…did anyone see the road behind him littered with dead bodies…

    Wake up Holmes….

  395. kim says

    Why does it seem that Katie is always holding Tom’s hand the way a child would hold their parents hand? Children always hold their parents hands by the fingers-like one finger or two.

  396. Libraesque says

    I agree mia, he looks like some euro trash drug smuggler. And is she wearing….LEGGINGS?????
    this is truly disgusting, in typical $cieno form, they prey on the weak. They couldn’t get state funding anymore from that shady politician, so now they resort to this.

    I heard they swooped in on the Virg. Tech victims already

    revolting, absolutely revolting, they are vultures

  397. Miapocca says

    Dressing is so nouveau rich california its sickening to watch the baffoon make a fool out of himself at the east coast with the garb they have on….

  398. Miapocca says

    Okay the stupid holmes was trying to tell us something last night..her garb had hidden do I know, because I am very familiar with the design on her belt and I have some jewelry with these symbols..not to mention those symbols are desperately are being over used and the particular country where it comes from is trying to stop its reproduction ..I am glad they will want to know about this one and will email the consulate as well.

    Tom and his people were trying to get one over us, but whats the point if the majority do not understand:
    See the Belt:

    See the meaning

    By the way those are the airbrushed pictures released by their the Pap pictures to this one..can you tell the difference in lighting and the touch ups to her forehead etc

    So I think Cruise thinks he is a Priest and untouchbale…waht a load of competing with supremene being on his unintelligent ass….

    I am glad the major came out against him in his statement yesterday….foolish ruise, when will he learn that there are actuall intelligent people in this world and not the fools who jumps at his words in that cult mansion of his…fo rthose of you that are in love with better start campiagning to get her away from these freaks…she will enduring some psycho training

  399. DMITZ says

    I still want to see Suri. I was disappointed that we didn’t get any pics on her 1 yr old bday (4/18).

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