1. Bethany says

    I did not know till today that Reese and Jake were together! I am so jealous!!!! I love him! ha ha! Congrats Reese! They make an adorable couple!

  2. S says

    Ya’ll wanna know what Ava will look like when she’s 18? Scroll to the top of the page. Reese looks amazing. For the first time in a very long time, she looks comfy in her own skin. So nice to see her all giddy. Could a young man named Jake be the cause? Let’s all hope so! I’m sooo diggin’ the tight jeans and cute sandals. You go girl!!

  3. Nicki says

    Kids smile when they are ready. Some smile very early, then stop for months, then laugh out loud. Some just crack a smile and never laugh, but the smile stays longer, you like to think they are more pleased. Others laugh at everything, even if it’s not funny, it is to them. There is no set rules to laughing from a child. Reaction is what your aiming for and if it doesn’t get a laugh at a 2 or 3 month stage, but is reconized it is OK.
    All kids are different, even the ones from the same parents. My best friends daughter, who is in college now, 18, she was potty trained at 20 months with no accidents. (she was actually trained at 18 months, but with minor mishaps here and there) Her brother, who is 10 years younger than her, wasn’t trained until he was 3 and 1/2. The Mom was beside herself ready to give up. He finally did it by then (camping helped when she told him he could pee outside behind a tree….but only when camping, and if he did that all weekend, he would have to use the toilet at home. a deal, and that was worked with him) So every child is different, even if they share the same DNA.
    Reese looks great.

  4. Syd says

    I thought babies start to smile at about 3 months. My lil guy has just started and can’t stop. All babies are different.

  5. Amy says

    nibucakes, my daughter is 14 months now… we had the roughest time getting her to smile and laugh.. we just thought she was really serious or we werent funny.. but now she laughs hysterically at everything. i guess her funny bone was slow to develop haha

  6. nibucakes says

    #5 your 4 month old started smiling TODAY? that’s odd, they usually smile by 2 months!
    Reese is cute, i love the hair in the wind!

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