• fee

    in the second pic, it kinda looks like he is grabbing for something in her bag. Cute!

  • Zbella

    First off, I didn’t know Mira had kids. Second, she looks much younger than 39 and lastly, good for her, snaggin’ a young guy!

  • clara

    yay, babywearing rules!!

  • Lacy

    she should buy one of those cute baby slings that rest on your hip. I JUST LOVE THEM!!!!! :)

  • Syd

    Aww he looks so cute. My baby always cries when he’s hungry but that might not be the case for this lil guy because all lil babies are different. He has such a cute mohawk! Love it.

  • Lisa

    oh he’s cute…I think he looks like Mira

  • Alyssa

    i think hes hungryy thats why he looks unhappy. hes fine to be facing her in that.

  • Sandra

    The kid is a bit too old to be in that carrier facing her, maybe if she flipped him the other way he wouldn’t look so unhappy.

  • oriana

    Like her bag.

  • yenners

    wasn’t this picture already posted a while ago?