Alec Baldwin's Vitriolic Rant To His Daughter

Alec Baldwin

I find stuff like this to be so disheartening. I know Alec Baldwin as Sir Topham Hat…so to hear him disrespecting his young daughter is just awful and very surreal. Why can’t people just keep it together a little better?

I do not suggest bothering to listen to the recorded phone message that Alec left for his young daughter, but it is available here.

People magazine did a good job of summing up the madness:

The bitter custody dispute between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger took another nasty turn when a Web site posted an angry, threatening voicemail message Baldwin left for his 11-year-old daughter.

The message, contained in the sealed court record, appeared on on Thursday. Baldwin lashes out at his daughter for missing a scheduled phone call, saying she was a “rude little pig” and threatening to “straighten your ass out.”

“You have humiliated me for the last time,” he tells her.

In a statement, Baldwin’s rep says the actor “acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child” but that “everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years.”

Basinger’s rep said, “I think the voicemail speaks for itself,” and declined further comment.

Basinger and Baldwin have been fighting over custody of daughter Ireland for more than three years.

Having finalized their divorce in Dec. 2001 after eight years of marriage, the couple settled on joint legal and physical custody of their only daughter, who lives in Los Angeles with her mother to attend school, while Baldwin, 49, lives in New York.

But accusations on both sides of violating visitation rights began to surface several years ago, with Baldwin accusing Basinger, 53, of having “a pathological need” to turn their daughter against him.

Basinger’s attorney, Neal Hersh, meanwhile, has said that Baldwin suffers from “severe emotional problems” and that he had been accused of domestic violence in the past.

A court hearing is set for May 4.

There are no exuses for Alec to have spoken to his daughter that way. Yuck! I am left speechless yet again today!

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  1. Anonymous says

    You know…I’m glad that this leaked out and I’m proud of the person who allowed it do so. I seriously doubt that Alec would have apologized if this had not leaked out, and if anyone thinks that it’s okay to speak to a child like this, they ought to be exposed for doing something like this. And something like this SHOULD NOT be kept a secret! Especially if any threatening message sounds like a potential case of childabuse!
    What Alec spewed out of his mouth was exactly what he was thinking, because why else would he let it fly the way he did?
    His tirade brought up horrible memories in my own mind and this only goes to show that even celebrities are NOT perfect!

  2. stubbylove says

    Whatever problems Alec Baldwin has between him and and his daughter and his ex-wife are their own personal issues. I would be horrified if some of the arguments I’ve had with my parents in the past were displayed for everyone to hear. We all are guilty of saying some pretty terrible things when we are pushed to the limit and hurt. I don’t condone Mr. Baldwin’s words, he was clearly out of line. But I do have to say, this is NO ONE else’s business but the family. I will continue to go to his movies. No matter what, he’s a damn fine actor.

  3. Lisa says

    It is verbal and emotional abuse plain and simple. This will stay with Ireland the rest of her life! It doesn’t help that all the world heard it now too! It could be a blessing and a curse,because now he proved he’s nothing but a BULLY. He should be ashamed of himself.Curse that the MoFo is her Father. He needs help. All those Baldwin Bros. are fucked up in one way or another!!!

  4. smudgie says

    poor little girl. As if divorce doesn’t rip a childs world apart in the first place. And so many ‘parents’ use their kids as pawns, and only see their own problems, not the face of their child. Not just him, but many like him, need to grow up.

  5. Sandra says

    Yup Sarah, your right I am so naive. In fact my lovely parents were perfect little angels and kept me away from all bad, TV, internet, heck I still don’t drive a car. Um ya my parents divorced when I was 6. My dad used to say bad things in front of my brother and me about my mother. Heck I even remember being sent outside with my brother in one of their many “yelling” arguments in which my dad called her several names. Why do I still remember my dad calling my mom names? Because it was scarred inside me to know my dad actually thought that of my mother in which surely he must think that of his children, since we are a product of both of them. So I guess it is really naive of me to want that 11 year old girl to have all the protection in the world away from her threatening abusive father. Stupid naive me!

  6. Nicki says

    fifi trooper – How do you know that? How do you know, he might yell and her and call her names all the time! Maybe she doesn’t want to see him, or talk to him if he talks to her like that. I’d be afraid of him.
    He has outbursts of anger alot, but what he said to his daughter was just wrong, and I don’t care if it was once, twice or even every week. And his “apology” was just as stupid as his words to his daughter. He blamed everyone but himself. What a guy.

  7. Granny says

    My son’s exwife used to bad-mouth him to my granddaughters up until two years ago. It was really upsetting to the kids, but my son kept his cook.

    What made her stop? Funny, but she married a man with his own difficult exwife. We think she finally got a taste of her own medicine.

    Parents need to really pay attention to the actions and words when the children are involved. I do think it was a really private matter that shouldn’t have mad the media.

  8. fifi trooper says

    who should get custody? Kim is messed up! I know that he just lost his temper, and just because he lost jis temper doesn’t make him a bad father!!

  9. Whoa... says

    Holy shit. My dad had visitation of me when I was a kid, and yeah, he’d call my mom names and guilt-trip me for not calling him enough or visiting enough when I was old enough to drive…

    But screaming at a young kid just because she doesn’t pick up a phone call, then put her through the psychological torment of threats of future visits where he’s going to “straighten her little ass out” is just horrible. Be pissed at your ex, but don’t take it out on a preteen girl who’s going to probably have stress disorders from being threatened or eating disorders later from being called a “pig” so much. You just don’t say something like that to a young girl. I felt freaked out for her just listening to that call, do you think that little girl would actually want to LIVE with that kind of SHIT? God I hate divorces and what they do to families, but I think we all KNOW who should get custody here!

  10. fifi trooper says

    kim B is stupid!! Just face it! Making that tape publkic like that!! now that is stupid, and that just goes to show you how selfish she really is. She didn’t care about hurting her daughter’s feelings. Yes, he yelled at her, but that’s what happen when, I guess you get ignored by your 11 year old. I bet you he’s hurt, and just was expressing his feelings the wrong way!! LIsten, to it, you can actually hear his voice cracking!!

  11. Sarah says

    First of all, Kim chose to have a baby with Alec when she loved him. When she didn’t love him anymore, she wanted the girl to herself. If she thought him capable of tremendous violence, in the years before they made that baby she would have run for the hills. Certainly he seems like a difficult person to deal with. But she seems like a subtle opportunistic manipulator. The good thing about this debate is, the only person who matters is Ireland and she will figure this out eventually. Kids are not stupid.

    Also likening even this type of tantrum to someone being capable of a mass killing is really ignorant. Alec Baldwin clearly has no problems expressing his anger with his loud mouth. The only reason any of us care is because he is a celebrity. Being a celebrity doesn’t make things easier, it makes a domestic dispute into something that the world gets to put their 2 cents in about. If this were any other family court, it would be just another routine case of a couple who is too selfish and childish to put their kid first. It’s nothing new. Maybe you had a very sheltered life where you parents said all the right things at all the right times. But yes you (Sandra) are certainly naive and I will add paranoid to that because of the statement likening Alec Baldwin’s hot-head to someone capable of committing a massacre.

  12. Xenafan96 says

    Fifi- it is not a matter of ‘toughen up b*tches”. Alec can be sorry all he wants and Kim can be as bitter and nasty as she may be, but the bottom line is Ireland is right in the middle of the storm. I would be devasted if my dad ever had spoken to me that way. My parents had a VERY bitter divorce but to their credit, I was never put in the middle of any disputes they had because I was only a child 9 years old and both had enough common sense to leave me out of it. Both parents need to get it together and leave the poor child out of it. Surely as much money as Baldwin has, why not buy a cell phone for Ireland and communicate with her that way. That would elimate the hate message he gave, and he could call his daughter whenever he wanted to. Everything he said was disguting and all directed at his ‘frustration’ over the last 6 years and his daughter heard it. The mom may be making it difficult on him with visitation, but I stand by my point that NO ONE has any business talking to a child that way for any reason.

    I really saddens me that he lost it like that. I used to admire his ingenious way to preventing pics of Ierland as a newborn by spraying shaiving cream all a reporters car that got too close.

  13. Gina says

    Kim Basinger is one crazy manipulative bitch with no friends. She persued and married Alec and went on to make his life hell claiming she had a mental disorder (agrophobia and panic attacks).

    No one likes working with her and she filed for bankruptcy some years back when her ass went broke. I think she cannot stand Alec moving on while her life is in a mess and uses her daughter to mess his life. Her leaking this tape is cheap and disgusting. In their last court appearance.

    I think she is a sad bitter jaded woman who is trying to wreck Baldwin’s like. I am not excusing what Baldwin did, it was despicable but I think Bassinger is even worse for doing this to her daughte just to win. Another father would have decided to let the kid go and he moves on but the fact that Alec is willing to go through this shit for his daughter to means that he really loves her.

  14. evelyn says

    Kim has been trying to protect her daughter all along and people keep thinking it’s cause she want’s to keep her daughter from him well now you only heard a bit of what kind of father he has been all along.
    he has a terrible temper i heard him on some show if his own daughter doesn’t want to be with him what does that say he sure said alot…….

  15. fifi trooper says

    ok, he did say straighten her ass out! that can mean numerous of things!! It’s apparent that her mother is up to this. What a little girl do you know, that don’t want to spend time with her father? He sounds angry that Kim has put a bunch of junk in this little girls head to make her not honor him as her father. I do think that he loves her! I think that he was/is hurt, and that’s him ranting his feelings. NO, I DON’T THINK THAT THEY SHOULD ABOLISH HIS PARENTAL RIGHTS. I DON’T THINK THAT THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE PUBLIC!! I think that he just misses his daughter, and by whatever Kim B is doing is is truly frustrating him. His daughter will forgive him in due time!! It’s stupid parents like (kim B.) that make it hard out here for good fathers to do what they need to do!!

  16. oriana says

    I think that Alec has some a very bad temper and he needs some Anger Mgt. classes. That being said, Kim is sick also and should go to therapy, she obviously leaked this tape hoping to gain points with the Judge when they go back to court in May. I don’t think Alec would ever physically lay hands on his daughter or harm her in that way, but emotionally, she has been harmed, by both parents.

  17. Sandra says

    fifi- It helps if you turn the volume up on your speakers when listening to something…the threat is defiantly there to “come out there and straighten her up” I guess for you that means iron her clothes.

  18. fifi trooper says

    OK, he didn’t threaten her!! He didn’t say that he was going to whip her ass! I know that alot of parents say stuff to their kids that they wish that they didn’t mean!! I think that he was/is frustrated because of the mom is probably putting ill-advised toughts into her mind, and that is making him feel neglected as a parent. Yes, he shoudn’t of call her vile, but I tell you it’s people out here calling their kids much, much worse, and saying bad shit to them that is way worse. The reason, why the nation is so up the crack with this, is because he is famous!! I don’t think his parent rights should be taken away just because he lost his temper!! ONCE AGAIN: TOUGHEN UP BITCHES!!!!

  19. name not important says

    poor kid to have to be in the middle of a divorce like this and have probably heard a lot of bad things in the past with her parents arguing. It’s one thing to hate eachother but to play this crap on their dughter of turning her against the other or threatening her on the phone is ridiculous. Honestly the both of them need to get their act together and Alec needs to start being a better parent and to not swear at his 11 year old daughter and threaten her on the phone. why would she meet him on friday. For instance some friend invites her over oh no sorry I can’t I made an arrangement for my dad to staighten my ass up. Honestly he punished her enough on the phone give it up and be a better parent.

  20. Sandra says

    Not naive at all. No so called parent should call and threaten their child period. No parent should call their child names period. He should not be allowed in her life if that is how his anger truly is. That type of anger causes things like massacres for crying out loud. So before you call me naive take a look around the country at all the angry, mentally ill folks killing people and they often make threats before hand! There is a point of fighting for your children and then there is a point where you are doing too much damage fighting for your children, by calling a defenseless 11 year old girl names and threatening her!

  21. fifi trooper says

    I agree with #36. It’s alot of parents that are really abusing their kids!! I think that he does care about her, and just because he is controlling doesn’t mean that he is going to kick his daughter’s ass!! Kim had something to do with this whole ordeal!!

  22. Sarah says

    abolish the parental rights? that is almost laughable. come on. people do terrible things to their children, and they don’t even lose their rights. chances are kim basinger screens all his messages and chances are he knew that; certainly she probably chose to make sure the kid heard the message, as she has made sure america has heard it, because it’s perfect for her. she’d like the girl all to herself. but taking away his rights is just ridiculous. lots of dads would get the heck away from a mother like that. in fact my dad did that, because my mom was so difficult to deal with & he couldn’t stand it or to put his kids through the psychological torment. i resent him for that and wish he had fought for us, and someday ireland will grow up and she will understand what is really going on. both her parents love her, but not enough to set aside their childish anger at each other, and hence this situation. but to say he should lose his rights. please. you must be naive to think a phone message from across the country would be grounds for a parent to lose his child forever. very very naive.

  23. fifi trooper says

    Ok, yes, he shouldn’t of yell, and talk to his kid like that, but it happens every day, and some kids really get treated badly, EVERYBODY just know one side to this situation. You, don’t know what’s up Kim’s sleeve. I’m sure that he really loves his daughter, and just lost his temper, as some parents do. I don’t think that he threaten her, at all. Maybe kim is a pain in his ass, and maybe she does keep her away from him, and when she didn’t answer her phone, he took it as her mother controlling her, as far as not being able to be there for as her parent. You, don’t know if he tried alot of times to reach out, and call her, just to talk to her!! He just lost it, and i’m pretty sure he feels bad, especially, since all of you sugar coating, kids running over you, pulling out your hair, getting your ass kicked by your kids women are gossiping about right now!! , and making a big deal out of it!! TOUGHEN UP B*&*^%$!

  24. Alexis says

    I have to say I disagree with Joelle. Sorry. But the ONLY person to blame for what Alec Balwin said is Alec Baldwin. HE is one hundred percent responsible for his actions. And I think it’s important to show his true colors to the public. His daughter is being abused whether the public is aware of it or not. At least if we talk about this issue it will make her less ashamed of it, and might help her realize her father is mentally ill.

    People need to address and deal with mental ilness more. It is a very serious disease and it affects everyone involved.

  25. Joelle says

    You should be ashamed for posting this on your site. To continue this poor child’s humiliation in front of the world is just as dispicable as his words. Children should be protected indeed. This is a private family matter and I urge you to take the links and the posting down…

  26. Sandra says

    I would take the tape right to the judge and have his parental rights abolished. Just sickening to treat his daughter this way.

  27. anon says

    regardless of Kim not turning the phone on or egging him on…he shoudl NEVER speak to his daughter that way and NEVER call her names and threaten her. DISGUSTING!!!

  28. Essie says

    That’s the problem, Josiek, Alec calls at the allotted time but the phone isn’t on. Kim has a lot to do with that, for sure. She know it will make him mad.

  29. carleigh says

    Alec Baldwin is a controlling, narcassitic pig himself and for him to berate his daughter, his own flesh and blood in this manner is just sickening. Kim Basinger should go to court again have his parental rights restricted severely. While I surely don’t promote keeping a child away from a parent, I reserve the right to say that when reading something like this. Poor Ireland she’s stuck in the middle and it’s going to end up all hurting her in the end…I hope she is better protected in the future and her father is forced to take some anger management classes. He’s just disgusting and a washed up has been.

  30. Lauren says

    This is disgusting. What gives him the right to speak to his 11-year-old daughter like that? Any issues between him and Basinger should be between them. He doesn’t need to involve her. The judge was right to suspend his visitation rights.

  31. maggie says

    well I think kim has something to do with that, that the message get public, so everybody can see how is alec and so hed be ashamed.

    And he should be ashamed, any father cant treat his kids like that, even if they are mad, they should control themself

  32. Carole Danielle says

    How can a conversation so private between a little girl and her father can be put out
    in the open for anyone to hear.
    How did this happened ?
    This is such a private matter between Mr. Baldwin and
    his daughter.
    The media are getting way out of control, people have
    no more privacy .

  33. Carole Danielle says

    I think this is what a nasty divorce can do to people.
    I agree with you #12, he seems to put a lot of effort in
    these phone calls and it’s like he’s not getting any
    respect f rom his daughter, and he seem so
    sad and angry.
    But she is just 11 years old, and I know for a fact, my
    daughter is 10, kids at this age are not that responsible and they don’t know anything about time management , so there is no need for so much anger.

  34. Sayen says

    I feel bad about the daughter she’s sandwiched between these two bittering people. They really need to resolve their confilicts for their daughter. Or else she will end up really hurt and will have a lasting impact on her life. Hopefully Mr. Baldwin can get his act together, how can he talk to his own like that. This is so sad.

  35. DMITZ says

    I agree w/everyone – but I definetely think both parents are to blame. Both have anger/control issues and are dragging Ireland in the middle of it. Kim used the recording to make herself look good but shame on her for allowing people to hear that and make a mockery of her daughter’s life. How could she let people her Alec talk to their daughter tha way. I heard that she doesn’t go to rehearsals for movies until the end. She studies and studies the scripts until the last possible moment and then shows up. That was said during her 8 mile role – that Eminem said she was a great actress despite not having been at every rehearsal. This woman thinks she runs things. Alec too is very tempermental. I’ve seen some outtakes of him on Celebrities most shocking moments.

  36. Malaika says

    I am sorry but am not going to fall on th ebandwagon of blaming Alec. I listened to that rant and like all of you I was shocked that he could speak like that to a child. But you have to know that all that was 6 years in the making and Kim is as much to blame as Alec is since she ochestrated this whole situation.

    She is a bitter jaded manipulative woman who has manipluted both Alec and Ireland for years. His life seems to be in a mess and the fact that she leaked this audio to TMZ to make Alec even look worse makes me think of her as the most evil woman that ever walked the planet. Een her co-workers complained that she was the worst person to work with in ‘I dreamed of Africa’.

    That is why I insist, no child should ever grow up in hollywood the people and relationships there are crazy.

  37. Shae says

    Alec is a nut.Both him and Kim need to grow up. I think she eggs him on sometimes, knowing he is a hothead. I feel so sorry for Ireland being stuck in the middle of their war. His tirade was totally unacceptable!

  38. Jenna says

    #5, yeah my story is pretty much the same as that. That man is an ass. I listened to the call and it made me feel sick. What a waste of space, I hope they only only allow him limited SUPERVISED contact with Ireland and let the little girl know that her daddy has a serious problem.

  39. Essie says

    What we heard is really awful but Baldwin was really angry and he has been angry for the past 5 years because of this divorce. What he said to poor Ireland is inexcusable. However, he does love his daughter and I’m sure she knows that. I totally disagree that he should not have contact with her again. That doesn’t only hurt him it hurts Ireland also.

    I think the solution is for somebody to get Alec and Kim into a room somewhere, lock the doors, and make them listen to each other and make them realize how they are both hurting their child.

  40. Winter says

    I agree that it doesn’t even sound like he is talking to a child at all. Its shocking! I cannot imagine my husband ever speaking to our daughter like that no matter how mad he got. If my Father ever spoke to me like that I would be terrified! Shame on you Mr Baldwin : (

  41. Lisa says

    I agree with you Reeny, he should not be aloud contact at all with her, he is a total jerk and always has been.

  42. Reeny says

    That is just disgusting. This guy should not be allowed to have anything to do with his daughter.

  43. KT says

    FOR SHAME ALEC!!! When i listened to the message I was so sad to think that he was talkiing to a little girl. To be angry is one thing but to use that kind of language is unforgivable. I feel sorry for their daughter too be trapped in the middle of a nasty divorce then a nasty custody battle. I hope they get her counseling so she can talk about her feelings to someone neutral.

  44. Speculator says

    that’s terrible of him, but he sounds so sad – like he’s putting a lot of effort in, and not getting anything back at all. Must be hard to have a nearly teenage, angry daughter in the middle of a divorce.

  45. says

    No, I don’t think it is acceptable. She’s 11 years old! Imagine being that age (or any age for that matter!) and having your father rant on you like that. I understand that situations get tricky with children of divorce but my goodness… sounds like he needs some anger management help and a reality-check! Poor kid:

  46. /// says

    side bangs so you decided to come back. why don’t you just use your name as it. what are you so ashamed of?

  47. Kelsey says

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with this topic, but oh well. Webmistress, please remove comment #11 on the latest Heidi Klum post. It is THE most offensive comment I have ever seen on this site and it made me physically ill. People so hateful as that should not be able to be on this site. I am truly horrified.

  48. Julie says

    OMG, I just listened to this and I’m shocked. He is so full of hate. But it’s hate for his ex that he is taking out on his daughter. I wonder how this message became public. So sad. This represents the pitfalls of divorce. I have no place to judge, I’ve never been thru a divorce, but this seems so bitter, and it CAN’T be just about his daughter. This is a perfect representation of how “human” celebrities are. He doesn’t sound like the Alec Baldwin we know from the movies. They are just as vulnerable and wounded as the rest of us. I can only hope that this message was intercepted before his daaughter had a chance to hear it.

  49. Sarah says

    Unfortunately a lot of people speak like that and worse to their children behind closed doors. Both Baldwin and Basinger are lousy, lousy parents for putting their child through this. They both seem to have psychological problems and they both should have to get them dealt with. Basinger’s might be more subtle but they’re just as harmful to the child. Leaking the tape, for one thing, is totally crappy. Because just as Baldwin shouldn’t have talked to the kid that way, she does love him, and putting her in that position to feel pressured to not forgive him or trust him since the world knows what he said, that is just as abusive as what he did say. It should be dealt with PRIVATELY, it’s not OUR business, but this is 1 case where it’s too bad social services wouldn’t get the kid out of the middle. The parents have too much money for that of course. So she is stuck.

  50. Andrea says

    If he’s mad at his wife, Kim, he shouldn’t take it out on his daughter who’s just caught in the middle.

  51. H says

    What a rotten excuse for a man. My father spoke to me like this (and worse) when I was a kid, and as soon as I was old enough to move out, I did, and I haven’t spoken to him in 7 years now. My dad was obsessed with my mother leaving him when I was 2, and since I look a lot like her, I’m sure that had a lot to do with him treating me like garbage, and I’m sure that’s the case here, too. He hates his ex so much, and he sees her in his daughter, and it is too much for him to handle. Yeah, Alec, you had a messy divorce, BOO HOO. Get over it and stop taking it out on your daughter. She is going through this, too, and she is much more fragile than you. If he keeps this up, his daughter will hate him forever. And I speak from experience.

  52. Bethany says

    That poor little girl….to have to hear things like that! I can’t believe he considers himself a man, or a father, after talking like that to his child!!!! Any judge in his right mind should listen to that and refuse to allow visitation for him. Not only was the verbal abuse horrible, but then he sounds like he is making serious threats of physical abuse when he gets to see her. I really cannot believe what I just heard! Disgusting!

  53. Xenafan96 says

    I have heard the tape on and it made me sick to my stomach. She’s only 11!!! You CAN discipline your child if you see bad behavior going on, but you DO NOT ever talk to your child as he did. He was speaking as he would to his ex-wfie, hateful and polluted. I have no idea what goes on in his life for real, but to hear the verbal abuse he slung was horrid. Esp. since she is a girl who will model her ideal man partly on her father, and if she continues to be exposed to such anger, she will expect any man to treat her that way and accept it. Parents have a DUTY to teach their child right and wrong, but not by calling a young girl who has been locked in a nasty, messy divorce for years now and telling her she is a pig.
    Time to hit the celebs where it hurts. Alec Baldwin will never receive another penny from me from residuals or movies he makes. Disgusting. I am glad the courts decided no contact until the hearing. Abuse is done in many ways, and I feel that a child should’t ever hear being talked to the way she was. To me, it is a VERY clear indication that Ireland is being abused verbally by her own father. And while I feel sorry for Ireland that she may not have two parents to raise her, I firmly believe that Alec B. is only doing this to hurt his ex. No real man talks to their only child, an innocent girl the way he did. I wish he would have kept his word years ago and said if we had another Republican as Prez, he was out of this country. To Ireland- =not all men are created equal, and your father is terribly wrong in this. Stay strong sweeheart, there is a ton of love in the world that will find you. Alec, I think you are much better off taping your mouth shut and walking away before you totally destroy your daughters self esteem.

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