Madonna & Family In Malawi


Madonna was snapped with daughter Lourdes, 10, and son David, 1, as she continues her charity work in Malawi on Tuesday. Madonna and her children stopped by the Home of Hope orphanage in Mchinji for a visit.

David is so cute waving!



  1. Vida says

    i love Madonna so much since i was very young and i think her little girl just look like her,and im sure one day she also going to be a big star just like her mommy and yes Madona look like a very good mother too,anyway just wanted to drop by and say that im one of the bigest fan of Madona,love you and god bless Madona….

  2. comingfromwhereImfrom says

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  3. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    these racists are devoting all their time to making revolting comments about Heidi Klum and her family (have a look under Heidi Klum for some examples) and have now decided to spill over here looking for some poor other innocent child’s picture to destroy.

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  4. Kitty says

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  5. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    yawn – you are like a stuck record #18, so boring!

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  6. Col. Sanders, ret. says

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  7. Lauren says

    Lourdes is gorgeous. She looks like Madonna but has her father’s skin tone. David is a handsome little boy.

  8. Amba says

    I am surprised no one commented on the fact that one of Madonna’s children is absent from the photo…

    Where’s Rocco?

  9. Tempany says

    Lourdes is really beautiful, I think she looks exactly like Madonna but with her dad’s colouring. She’s beautiful.

  10. Malaika says

    I admit I so a couple of other pictures where Lourdes and David seemed to be getting it on. He is such a beautiful child and lucky to have a better life. At least Z should adopt his happy disposition. Infact the Brangelina family should go have happy classes. I can’t believe evn the new addition Pax has adopted a sour dispostion. Since India, none of them has been happy.

  11. oriana says

    Look how chubby his little cheeks are, so cute! Love his shoes too, and Lourdes in some of the other pictures taken with this one, looks at him so lovingly, I think he is a very lucky little boy! Doesn’t seem to hate the photographers and I am sure he has gotten used to the flash bulbs by now. Good luck to this family!!! I hope the stories about Guy not being so happy aren’t true.

  12. carleigh says

    Little David is completely adorable and Lourdes is gorgeous, I am sure she will be modeling or acting or something in the entertainment facet with her looks and naturally beauty.

  13. kim--original kim says

    It seems to me that Madonna enjoys being a Mom, and that shows in her children. Conversely, Angelina seems to enjoy publicity… hence, the children look as they do—unhappy.

  14. Reeny says

    Its hard to believe that someone with no morals or self decency can adopt a child. Hopefully her children will not follow in their mothers footsteps.

  15. MM says

    I agree I would rather Maddona adopted than Angelina. Though they both have wild pasts, at least Madona is in a less controversial relationship than the latter. She also seems to have adopted David because she fell in love with him on video and not as a pre meditated effort to seek publicity which I think is a worse reason for adoption.

    I applauded Angelina’s adoption of Maddox but am not a fan of her subesequent adoptions since she is bringing children into a crazy relationship and the fact that the children seem to detest the media has not deterred her from exposing it to them which I find selfish.

    David looks happy and content whereas Angelina’s kids looks like they are not adjusting well at all. Even Maddox no longer looks happy as he used to and Z practicall has never smiled in her life.

  16. DMITZ says

    See with Madonna, we always see pics of her on tv or mags (or this website) with her biological children and with David (unlike Brangelina). Madonna seems like a good mother.

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