Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry seems like such a sincere, loving father and little Dannielynn is adorable! Anna must be smiling down from heaven.

Thank you so much to the reader who sent me these precious photos!

OK Magazine


  1. Laurel says

    I am so glad that Larry is this beautiful little girls father. I always thought he was her dad. They look so much alike. Those beautiful eyes. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO BOTH LARRY AND DANNIELYNN

  2. Yvette Robinson says

    I have always believed that larry was dannie lynn’s dad and i’m just so happy that they have each other now. They look so much alike. BEST WISHES!

  3. says

    I knew Larry was the father. He seemed so sincere. I couldnt wait until April 10th when the paternity test was announced. This story interested me because my 6 year old grandsons father denied him for all his young life, He denied his own son because my grandson is part native American. The mans own father had to pay the 800 dollar DNA test to find out the truth about Keanus paternity. So I am glad that everything turned out in Larrys favor. I also have been raising my grandson since he was 1 years old. His mother became a cocaine addict. He is so smart and loving and a joy to have around. I wouldnt trade him for the world. I love him so much and he loves me unconditionaly.

  4. kimberly taylor says

    Larry good luck, your so hot. im happy for you ,I hope you let Howard see the baby hes been there sence she was born and he was only do as Anna would have wanted she had him to do what ever she wanted him to do and good for her i love Anna and miss her very much everthing was so sad. Anna would not have wanted her mom to see Dannielynn I hope you just do whats in your heart. Dont forget to let Howard see the baby dannielynn i have 3 boys and one of them i did not give birth to Iv had him sence he was dannielynns age 7 mos. he is 7 now and he dont know i love all 3 of my kid the same. Larry so your from Lousville ky. im about 2 hours from there give me a call 270 276 3105 Im in Fordsville ky. I lived in Lousville ky for 3 years Im Anna age and would love to meet you i love anna i know your going to be a great dad i see it in you eyes

  5. LesKas says

    Larry is gorgeous! And Dannielynn is a doll. A father should be with his daughter, I’m very happy for them both. I know he will spoil her rotten.

  6. Kins says

    I really wish Howard K. Stern was the dad. It was kinda annoying when Larry Birkhead was saying, “I know she’s mine, I have her nursery all set up.” sheesh.

  7. carleigh says

    She’s gettting prettier every time I see a new picture of her..she’s a truly stunning little girl…just truly beautiful.

  8. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is a gorgeous little girl. You can tell she’s gonna be daddy’s little girl. Larry looks like a proud papa.

  9. says

    you go Larry I’m so proud of you, this should be a lesson for all fathers if you believe in your heart and you have the connection with the mother then by all means please fight for you child,Dannielynn has agreat whose going to insure the best life for her ever. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lisa says

    The money has been put in a trust fund for the baby, but even so, he deserves a little cash after all the S&*(& he went through.

  11. Essie says

    Well, this “wonderful” daddy received $1.7 million from OK for these pictures. And this won’t be the last time this baby will be pimped for cash!!! But, what the heck. Why not?

  12. Alicia says

    omg shes so beautiful!!!! looks like her mom and dad. Im sure Anna Nicole and her half brother Daniel are looking down and smiling with tears of joy. Im glad Larry is the father, not Howard. Cuz Howard is 53 years old. Yikes. Dannielynn is a God’s send.

  13. Libraesque says

    OH MY GOD, what a GORGEOUS kid!!!!!!! Wow, Suri better move over, there’s a prettier girl in town!!!!

  14. jan says

    I agree with Zbella…Anna died of a broken heart. Drugs are just an ‘escape’ – Best of Luck to Larry and Danielynne (?spelling?)…

  15. oriana says

    I don’t think she looks anything like Anna, she is beautiful and I know Howard’s heart is broken over losing her, I hope Larry lets him visit her and see her as she grows older.

  16. Lucia says

    awww, she looks so much like him. she’s going to be beautiful when she grows up. i’m so happy that he’s finally with his little baby girl and i do hope that Anna is smiling from up above. I hope that when she passed away, she realized how wrong she was for keeping this baby and her father apart. And i hope that she regrets all the crap that she did. I’m sure the drugs she was doing clouded her judgement (no excuse and a mother shouldn’t be doing drugs like that!) i just hope Dannielynn is happy and healthy with her daddy. Wish them both all the happiness in the world.

  17. Tempany says

    Zbella, i made the exact same mistake with the name, for ages I just saw it written down and thought it was pronounced like Daniel, then only a couple of weeks ago I realised when I heard it pronounced on tv. I like the name much better now! Lol i’m obsessed with names too!!!

  18. Zbella says

    Did anyone else get confused about her name? I thought it was pronounced like Daniel – Lynn but then I heard it pronouned and realized it is spelled with the double N – Dannie Lynn as one name.

    I’m obsessed with names, so don’t mind me! It is sweet how she is named after her brother. I think Anna Nicole died of a broken heart.

  19. maggie says

    dannie dosnt look anything like anna, the baby is adorable, one of the cutest celebrity babies, I mean look at those eyes, shes just like larry

  20. S says

    This baby looks soooo much like her half brother Daniel. I do agree the first pic is completely airbrushed although she favors Anna more in that picture. She is a beautiful baby. Congrats to Larry. So very thankful she doesn’t belong to Howard. Something about him gives me the creeps.

  21. Kat says

    Can someone say airbrush?!? The baby looks like a porcalain doll! Babies don’t need that, they are pretty enough as is!

  22. maggie says

    The baby is very pretty, she looks like her daddy. I hope that larry can give her a normal and happy life.

  23. Zbella says

    My best wishes to baby Dannielynn. I hope she is happy and loved by her ‘new’ dad. I have been thinking about how sad she must have been – loosing her mom (even if she was a drugged out mess) at such a young age and being left alone. How confusing for a little baby. My daughter is a few weeks older than Dannielynn and it just breaks my heart.

    Now I really have hope that she will be loved and cared for properly by her dad. Good luck to him, they are beautiful together.

  24. dori says

    I am just delighted to see Larry and his baby girl together at last. Thank god this all finally ended well for danielyn
    I wish them a long and happy life together.

  25. oriana says

    She is Beautiful!!!! I hope Larry sticks to his guns and doesn’t go along with Virgie wanting co-custody of her. Back off Virgie!!!!

  26. Lacy says

    how cute, she has his eyes!! she is a beautiful baby, and i wish him all the best while raising his little girl 😀

  27. amberlee says

    I think Anna would be happy now, now that she’s no longer doped up on drugs. She probably sees the love Larry has for his daughter and that makes her happy. I think her bad feelings for him were partly due to drugs and Howard.

  28. Bethany says

    She looks like a little porcelein doll! She is adorable. I just hope Birkhead doesn’t get all google-eyed by all the dollar signs…he seems like he’ll be a good dad, I just hope the money making potential of Dannielynn doesn’t corrupt him.

  29. Sandra says

    She is such a beautiful baby girl!! Omg I would sooooooo love on her! Congrats Larry you finally get to!

  30. carleigh says

    She is so pretty and I love the first’s very sweet. Larry seems to have taken the high road and by bring out these photo’s he can lay to rest much speculation and questions. He looks like any Daddy clearly in awe of his baby girl. Sadly Anna is not here to share this moment with them…wishing happiness and peace for Larry and Dannielynn.

  31. Xenafan96 says

    How wonderful those pictures are. I actually teared up at the first one, for it seems Dannielynn is in awe of her daddy kissing her foot. And she looks so much like her mother also, which I hope will be a blessing and never a curse to her. I hope it only makes her feel the connection she had and still has with her mom.
    And also to Larry Birkhead-I appauld you sir. You could be a very cold spirited and jealous man but you are grateful for the care given to your daughter from Howard Stern. How easy it could be to yank her away and belittle him, which I have never heard a peep from you about. Only you and Anna know how your relationship truly was and you have stepped up as a man and taken care of your daughter!

  32. sam says

    Wow, he really does look happy and seems so very sincere. I hope they have a wonderful life together. She is beautiful, as is her mom and her dad.

  33. phnxgirl says

    I doubt Anna is smiling down from the way she used to talk about Larry when she was alive. But I am happy that he finally gets to claim the baby as his own. I think it was wrong of Anna to keep the baby from him.

  34. Andrea says

    I’m so glad she has a parent to bring her up and to take care of her. I hope he turns out to be a great father to her.

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