1. Mildred Wogbash says

    Its far from disgusting you hate filled whaco.Every white woman owes it to herself to try a Nubian man just once in her life, the world would be a better place for us all.

  2. Emilie's Nubian says

    No, Marvin, the brainwashed women on this site who gush about the joys of miscegenation are more disgusting.

  3. Marvin Marvelous says

    Nothing is more disgusting than seeing a White woman carrying around in her arms the disgusting evidence that she has been experimenting in bestiality.

  4. sharon says

    Jealous of the negroid’s IQ of 70, apelike features, and insatiable lust for crime, mating and illicit drugs.

  5. Xenafan96 says

    #’s 76-81
    Are all of you so lonely and jealous of a happy couple that you post such queer comments about an innocent child? Must be.

  6. desiree says

    I think she should just ship him back to Africa. Its a win-win situation for everyone! Americans would be happy because it’s one less homie to do their robbin’ n’ rapin’, and he would be happy to be in Africa with all the other animals they have there.

  7. ITradedDown says

    Don’t worry, Viky, his toilet scrubbing days will come soon enough.

    Then again, she is showing him shoes. Maybe his career path is in shing those shoes.

  8. Viktoria says

    Yuck, that thing looks like a full-term abortion. Does she turn it upside down to scrub her toilets? 😀

  9. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    No, she doesn’t. She has already installed Velcro on the ceiling, so she just tosses it up there.

  10. Xenafan96 says

    Geeeeeeepers, I pity you too dear. Reading a long post and then assuming that I am lonely is what makes assume such a perfect word. Better a windbag than a silent lurker 🙂

  11. Kitty says

    to all the ones with the racists comments. You’re just wicked people. Thank goodness God doesn’t have a mind like yours, and i’m sure he isn’t please with the hatred you have in your hearts towards blacks. I’m black and i am so proud to be black. Some of you run to tanning salons to add colour, yet you’re racists, you turn blue, red,green while blacks remain the same colour if the’re dead, envious or angry, yet you call us coloured people. Wow…………………you’re smart too! lol

  12. GEEEEpers says

    Could we be having any more fun ladies???? # 66 you are quite the windbag.. a whole lotta saying nothing.. You must be very lonely.. I pity you.

  13. curious says

    What is that nappy headed black boy doing in Heidi Klum’s shopping cart? Is she babysitting him? Anyway, the other child must be Heidi’s. She has those attractive Germanic features and looks like her mother.

  14. oriana says

    Oh I LOVE that story, thank you for sharing!!!

    Mervyn’s has good towels too and good sales, and I think Target and Mervyn’s is owned by the same corporation.

  15. Xenafan96 says

    So What-No. Scroll past them if you are annoyed with them.
    BTW-Heidi and Henry went to Target! I love the towels there. The Target brand items are really as good as brand name too. Ok-now scroll because I am going off topic.

    Oriana-That is too funny! I remember my dad telling me when he worked for a popular auto dealership that there was this one older Southern lady that was financed through the dealership and always called every month to make sure her payment was posted. Apparently this went on for years, and she always talked to the same girl in accounting. She paid off her car, but the dealer had a policy you had to come in and show ID for the title to be given to you, so she came down one day and chatted awhile with everyone while her title was typed up. Then she asked if she could finally meet Melanie, her ‘special’ accountant. My dad went and got Melanie, told her who was here and Melanie raced down to meet her. Our little old lady gasped and said ‘Good Lord, you are black Melanie!’
    Melanie just smiled and said ‘Yeah, I get that alot.’ Then she handed her the title, saying ‘I hate to give this to you, I love talking to you every month’.
    They talked every month on her old payment date for about two years after that and then the lady died. Melanie paid her respects to the family at the funeral home, and the lady’s son said ‘Good Lord, you’re black! Momma never mentioned that.’ They ended up keeping in touch and Melanie faithfully visited her grave every year. About 7 years ago Melanie suddenly died in her sleep, and it was devastating. My dad and I went to the funeral and it was packed with family and friends. We got to the cemetary, and Melanie was laid to rest one plot away from her buddy. Both families maintain each grave for each other ever since.
    I followed the links some of the KKK posters put on their names and wow-I read stuff that was astounding in its inaccuracy and redundancy. Interesting fact-they go to all kinds of websites to try and recruit. I guess we were the pick of the week.

    Target has a great sale this week-check out the website!
    I’m sure Heidi and her crew will head out there for the great kids sale they have going on.

  16. oriana says

    Maggie,, I really do think some of the numbers are changing as comments are being deleted so no problem on my part, you have a nice evening.

  17. oriana says

    62, Xenafan96, my Aunt bought a house in a nice neighborhood about 30 years ago, next door to her moved in a nice man named Sam, his wife is from the Phillipines. Now, last year, Sam was out in his front yard, talking to the neighbors across from him and down on the corner, two of the most snoopy and nosey neigbhors on the street! He was telling them that he was selling and moving because two Bosnian families had moved into the block, he was talking about how if anybody’s car got broken into, those Bosnians would be the ones to blame. Now when Sam sold and moved, my Aunt, with the two Snoops, cried the blues over how it would just not be the same with Sam gone, now Sam is black. So 30 years ago, these same people were probably crying the blues over him moving in! And who did Sam sell his house too? BOSNIANS! I laughed till I cried! Now Sam is missed, they call him all the time, and he moved because the Bosnians were taking over, but he sure didn’t mind selling to them and making a good profit! So it just goes to show, the color doesn’t matter, the integrity of the person and the character does. Every time I hear my Aunt moan and groan about how the neighborhood sure isn’t the same with Sam gone, and he was always the one she asked to watch her house when she was out of town, I can’t help but laugh and think over all of them moaning and groaning when Sam first moved in! Talk about poetic justice!

    As far as the KKK, there is no justification over their ignorance and cowardly ways, so just don’t even give any energy to thinking of them.

  18. Xenafan96 says


    I have a few questions I want to ask. I’m white, so it’s ok to respond to me.

    1. If you truly in your heart believe what you believe, why do you use a screen name to post under? My real name is Angie and I have posted here for a long time, I simply use a screen name now since there have been other Angie’s that post and people were confused.

    2. If you belong to the KKK, why do you wear hoods over your faces or otherwise cover up? If you are that adamant about what you believe, wouldn’t you not care who saw your face?

    3. What do you do if you or your wife gives birth to a child with a handicap? Statistically speaking, if your movement is as wide spread as you believe, the odds are that someone in your group has encountered this.

    4. Do you realize that if you are doing and saying what you believe in, on behalf of God,then you have a very common trait with the black population? Faith in the Lord is very strong and very dear to many people, and having read the Bible, I don’t quite remember there being a section on God having more love for whites over blacks or Chinese etc. I myself am not a Christian but I believe in the power of faith.

    See-I grew up around white supremecists. Many uncles and aunts and cousins all were proud to hate anything that was not white. I can recall my uncle going on and on about the ‘creamy’ goodness of a white woman, as if she was a pastry of some sort. I can remember my aunt, a former registered nurse, telling black children with fatal cancers and diseases that they were getting what they deserved. She was so well known in her Kentucky town that when she dropped in the middle of the street from a heart attack, not one person white or black,even her Aryan brothers and sisters(who bragged about stringing ‘Nig-rah’s’ up yet showed their cowardly fear that people would know what they really believed) would touch her or help her. I know dogs that at least were put down mercifully and painlessly. I think in the end, she got what she deserved.
    One of your members, a female I believe, commented elsewhere that perhaps we that don’t hate should go to Detroit in the middle of the night. Guess what? I have. I was treated with respect and left alone.

    Here is something all of you and all the world will have to face at some time:death. I wish I could tell you that whites decompose much more gracefully and properly than any other race,but they don’t. Rotting meat stinks no matter what. Death IS the great equalizer in the end. Everybody does it, and as you die, so does your hatred. I really am curious to see if any Aryan members answer the questions I asked honestly and to the point.

  19. Xenafan96 says

    Oriana-it stands for
    Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing My Ass Off. No n in it but I guess you could make it Nearly before the off if you want to. 🙂

    My Baby-I totally understand what you mean. I thought that I had a post thrown my way b/c I was that post number but then realized it was for someone else. Now I try to make sure I put the person I am responding to in the post so they know. BTW-please tell your husband THANK YOU for giving his time, devotion, and sacrifice to the military. To stand up and take the burden of defending millions of people is simply wonderful.

  20. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    Some comments are being deleted so the numbers are changing at the same time. I think this is why people appear to be saying things to people who actually haven’t said anything offensive.

  21. oriana says

    I have to ask, I have seen this written before, don’t have a clue to what it means? ROFLMANO? What is it?

  22. oriana says

    Maggie, I was responding to #52, and all I said was that Heidi is gorgeous and I wish I looked like her, and whomever wrote #52 apparently didn’t know what a Skank is, so I think you are confused.

  23. dori says

    #50 Tht was a very racist comment. Member of the KKK are we? Or are you a skinhead?
    I guess I’m a race traitor too because I have mixed race adopted kids and I’m a German .So crawl back in your little hole and stay there ok?

  24. maggie says

    I really dont know what you mean to say #53, but im not a racist person. I actually think that some comments here are out of words, I really dont know how can some people think that way living in a multiracial country.
    Well but Im not judging anymore they have their reasons to make those comments

  25. Xenafan96 says

    #50 and #52-Must really burn both of your asses that Heidi and Seal enjoy the wealth you so crave. It’s sad that the KKK is so hard up for members these days. It’s probably the only time you get to socialize. And ‘race traitor’? ROFLMAO!! You guys need to update your ‘How To Be an Aryan Racist’ with new expressions if you want to insult somebody.

  26. CluelessCunts says

    @ maggie:

    Kudos for repealing racism in a really dumb, racist way. Congratulations on being another clueless white broad. lol

  27. oriana says

    Heidi a Skank! Please, you don’t know what a Skank is apparently! I think she is gorgeous and I wish I looked like her.

  28. Xenafan96 says

    #46-3 things:

    It is spelled FULL, not ful. If you are going to degrade someone, at least spell check it beforehand.

    ‘Retards’, as you call them, are living, worthy human beings. And yes, I can say that I DO consider them special and normal. That is the way they were made, so clearly the handicapped are normal. In a way, I think they are blessed that they may not be able to understand hatred or predjudice.

    Oh no, run for the hills! A biracial boy make try to get your daughter for the pleasure of raping her, as you so very eloquently stated. Hopefully, with a white mom, it will supress that rage and violence. Had you done your research, you would have found that ANY male raised with two parents have a much lower rate of violence than a single parent;

    Well, sorry to take up so much of your time with this long post. I would simply hate to think the Klu Klux Klan started a cross burning without you. And it would sadden me too if it was your turn to strike the match. What a letdown. Chin up, there’s always nexr t time!

  29. Tia says

    this is unbelievable. We sure in hell don’t talk that way where im from…you are one sick person #47

  30. maggie says

    How can you say that # 47 col sanders, you are mean, you dont even know how henrry is going to be. You just think that all black men do those things, your very wrong.
    I think that heidi, seal and their kids are an adorable family, and they are going to give their kids a good education.

  31. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    all you who are saying “oh henry is so cute” are ful of it, you are the same people who pretend retards are normal.
    you won’t think he is so cute when he is out raping your daughter in anout 15 years

  32. Tia says

    enough is enough! you are sick #44. where do you people come from?? I think the WM should do something about that comment…unbelievable

  33. Lauren says

    Aw, how cute. Henry looks stoked to be getting new shoes. He looks just like his daddy. Love Heidi!

  34. maggie says

    I think that webmistress should explain us why some comments are awaiting for moderation so that way we can know and not use some kind of words.

    And there are still some mean comments here that should be deleted

  35. Granny says

    Oh webmistress, it would be really neat if you could clean the “nasties” off of the last few Heidi sights also.

  36. Granny says

    Yeah the nasties are gone. Now that boy’s grin makes me think there is a possible Tom Sawyer in there, all onery just waiting to get out. He looks like a child you could really cuddle and have fun with.

  37. Libraesque says

    I think the hair, the fatigue pants, etc are all a funky cool kid style they obviously want their kids to have (although I’m NOT a fan of anyone not in the military wearing fatigues, considering what’s going on….)
    It’s the same as Gwen dressing Kingston the way she does

    Also, my comments from yesterday are all awaiting moderation too, I don’t think it means anything, it’s just a glitch

  38. Jamie67 says

    I am just saying ,they should do someting about the kids hair,it makes his head looks bigger than he actually is!!!!
    Thats all!!
    Oh BTW, i am from a black father and a white mother!!!!
    So,nothing against his color of skin,as I HAVE THE SAME color of skin or even darker!!!

  39. Tia says

    white kids, black kids, brown kids, bi-racial kids- WHO CARES?!? All babies are beautiful in their own way. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!! you call your self grown women?? Geeze!!

  40. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    mine are all under moderation too. It must mean the Webmistress is finally getting her act together. Maybe Seal and Heidi have contacted the site? I did tell Seal he should do that and think about taking legal action.

    I do not take back anything I have said on this site at all. I will not tolerate racism and I will not tolerate downright ignorance.

  41. Xenafan96 says

    Little Henry looks like he could be a real prankster. Such a happy baby!! It’s so nice that Heidi likes Target and doesn’t feel it is ‘beneath’ her to buy from there. As fast as kids grow, I always shop for clothes and shoes at places like Target since my daughter is growing like a weed.

    On the subject of his hair, Heidi may not know how to do cornrows, or maybe she just likes his hair. Honestly, he looks alot like kids I see in stores with moms, they are there to shop, not model!

  42. Bethany says

    I’m glad to see that the webmistress got all that crap off of here. I cannot believe that people get on here just to start racial fighting. Some of my comments are awaiting moderation and I didn’t say anything bad. Guess it’s just to be on the safe side.

  43. Granny says

    I’m “under moderation” too but mine shows up exactly as I posted it – #14. But look at what follows later and has no notification for it.

    Again, I think we shouldn’t allow the cretins to get any type of response at all. They don’t deserve it and we shouldn’t waste our time.

  44. To Julie... says

    that message “waiting for moderation”, I think is just a gliche in the system! The fact that it is happening to this thread is just a coincidence, I think! It has happened to me a couple of times when I was just saying “cute baby”…and I know it has happened to someone else too (for no apparent reason) Don’t take it personally, okay! 🙂

  45. oriana says

    Wouldn’t bother me one bit if I deserved it but didn’t say anything nasty about Henry or her other kids!

  46. oriana says

    I said the new baby is cuter than Henry and I hoped Heidi had a little girl the next time, that her children didn’t favor her but their fathers, what was so bad about that to be “awaiting moderation”? I don’t get it!!!

  47. dori says

    you know sometimes I think posts get dropped randomly. It’s happened to me. I post and then go back and see my post isn’t there. What do you mean in your comments? Are you getting notes about your post… or are they just not there? It could just be aan accidentally dropped note?? Too many people posting at once??? What do you think ?

  48. oriana says

    What’s the deal with me? Mine should definately not be modified! Webmistress!!!! You need to doublecheck some of the posts awaiting moderation!

  49. maggie says

    yeah I think your right julie, some people here are very offensive, I know I havent said anything wrong, so I dont have to change my commentary. But I agreed that any racist or mean comment should be modificated or delete.

  50. Julie says

    Maybe #59 under Heidi Klum and Henry at the Park should be awaiting moderation, too. Unbelieveable. I only know to refer to you as “Webmistress”, and forgive me if that offends you, but I’m not trying to start any trouble. I LOVE to look at celeb babies and if you look at my history of comments, you’ll see that I’ve always been respectful unless I think somebody needs to be held accountable for something nasty they have posted. Even then, I don’t use foul language, or write anything that would be considered offensive to any race, culture, or religion. I know that there have been some people who have been banned from this site for their comments, but I hope I’m not one of them. I just don’t understand why my comments are being reviewed. Maybe you’re just picking up on key words and I happened to use some of them. But I assure you, I’ve not meant to use any words in a duragatory manner.

  51. Sandra says

    Julie & Maggie I am not sure what your comments said, but mine is being moderated in another post too. I can only assume because my post was telling the folks who were being racist to knock it off. So the mod probably decided to do something about posts that could be offensive in case of a lawsuit.

  52. maggie says

    heyy julie me too, I dont know whats wrong with my comment #14, I really dont undertand what I have to do, I think is because is used the word black, but I didnt ofended the baby, come on

  53. Julie says

    Why are MY comments awaiting moderation??? Have you seen what these people are writing? I’ve really enjoyed this website, but I can’t help but feel a little attacked when I see that my comments are “awaiting moderation” and you’ve got people posting horrible things under names that include “KKK”. You’ve got to be kidding me!!! I guess I just don’t understand.

  54. dori says

    She looks great but the little boys hair sure could be fix up a bit. a little braiding wouldn’t hurt. And a trim either!

  55. Cindy says

    I think anyone of us could make it look easy with three kids under three if we had nannies . Heid has a minimum of three nannies and two always are working at the same time.

  56. Syd says

    Aww that’s so cute. ^^ Courtney I agree with you. I think one or two pairs are fine. I bought new little booties for my four month old when he was born but now he just outgrew them. I literally bought them in every colour. I went bazooka!

  57. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    I love this beautiful boy. He is gorgeous! Makes me smile just looking at his happy little face.

  58. Zbella says

    Yeah, I don’t know how she does it with 3 kids 2 and under. She has more energy than I do! Just being pregnant about killed me. I’m ‘recovering’ now. I think my soon-to-be 8 month old is our last. I had 3 in 4.5 years and thought that was close enough. 😉

  59. Malaika says

    Katie holmes was in Target in Shreveport according to reports and if Katie Holmes can hit target with all Tom’s money and paps following her, then I guess Heidi too can.

    I love the way she makes having three kids under two look so easy. She is definitely a great mum but should do something about Henry’s hair.

  60. Zbella says

    Cool – even celebrities buy their kids shoes at Target!

    Henry is adorable, and Heidi is so casual. I have recently met a local newscasters and it took me a while to figure out why the woman looked familiar, since it was out of context (at a birthday party). It wasn’t until after the party I figured it out. 🙂

  61. phnxgirl says

    She looks like a normal every day mom. I wonder what Victoria’s Secret could make me look like! A little make up and a hair stylist can do wonders.

  62. Andrea says

    Wow. I would never recognize her or a lot of other celebrities if I saw them in person, especially if they’re dressed so casually.

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