Britney Dancing Her Way Into Top Form

Britney Spears

Britney Spears keeps dancing her way back into top form! Here she was snapped at Millennium Dance Studio on Tuesday. She sure can whip herself into shape FAST! I’m sure the nanny coverage helps! It can be pretty hard for most moms to have the time for exercise and “me-time!”

She is making me want to scoot about town in fishnets and leg warmers! It would be quite a departure from the typical “mommy-uniform!” 🙂



  1. kelly says

    even every day mom’s get right back into shape. you know the normal people, i feel so sorry for those boy’s. they will be the one’s to suffer. i thought she just said she wanted to stat at home with her babie’s???? was i the only one that got that memo?she had alot of lipo. apparently it is alot of session’s. because they cannot give her pain med’s. as we already know that story. anyway, she will alway’s be a loser. and that is being kind. instead of running all over town and to vegas to shop,tanning,dance lesson’s. i think you need to whip yourself into mommy gear. beside’s when you were running all over town. partying with stripper’s. borrowing one of the bikinni’s,no underwear. 4 relationship’s with 4 different men. she is clearly taken advantage of kevin. all is his is a babysitter. are you going to stay at home and raise your babie’s? or are you going to make this big comeback at the house of blue’s? the only thing you should be focussing on is being a mom. your carreer is flatlined. only iodiot’s would still look up to you. you are a trainwreck. and 30 day’s of rehab is nothing. 20 day’s to fix all of your bproblem’s and addiction’s. and it clearly show’s, because you should be spending all this time on your sos’s,remember them. kevin don’t give those boy’s back. she is clearly not focusing on them. even when she was just with them. it was all about her. running around at dance classes,she bring’s the boy’s and other people tend to them,she is in fish net’s (ripped) beat up boot’s and a wig and a skimpy bottom. must be nice. you need to make up alot of mommy time. you lost out with jayden as a newborn, 2 month’s old until now. it will take year’s for people ever view you as normal. you don’t have the fan’s that you did. alot of mom’s are boycotting you. and the adult’s don’t like you,from your crazy antic’s with the umbrella,you can’t run and hide. shaving the head. girl grow up.

  2. **** says

    f****** nasty stanky whore needs to dance her way back to mother hood. she is nothing but a sorry ass excuse of a mother. it’s women like her that don’t deserve kids. how the hell can she show her ugly face in public, like if she never had kids. if i had her in front of me i’d beat the living shit out of her. i pray everday that god shows her the light. and lets her know that it is alright to be with your kids.

  3. sally says

    i would hate to be in the room when she takes off those boots..they must stink to high Heaven! I wonder if she ever takes them off? ugh. what a sad story…she was chasing the ‘american dream’ and ended up a tragedy.

  4. oriana says

    Syd, I think she had her picture more than once with her “privates” showing so doubt if it was by mistake. I do think she was so messed up and stressed out, she just didn’t care! And the lousy paps hounding her day and night certainly didn’t help!

    I never thought she was a good singer, certainly no Christina Aguil, but she is a beautiful girl and I think deeply troubled, drugs played a big part if what has been said is true, and I hope she gets emotionally stable and gets herself together in every way soon.

    I believe she does love her children but is just misguided and as I said, deeply troubled.

  5. Syd says

    Wow she looks great for a mum of two! You wouldn’t have guessed if you didn’t kmow her! ^^ Nice language. I am not quite a fan of hers but her music is great and I just don’t comment on all the rude things that are being said about her. I dn’t see what she did wrong to make everyone hate her. So what if her privates showed? It was a mistake. No mum shopuld be called a ” skanky ho”. She shaved her ehad becasuse of all the media and plus the hair extensions were hurting her head and wanted to start fresh with new hair. I don’t see what the hype is all about. What ever.

  6. Loving Mother says

    I Think she is a damn JOKE. She’s not coming back she is GONE and gone for good. She doesn’t look better at all her body looks nasty. And for all these people saying she’ll have her kids back Please. If she wanted them back she would have them. She is so busy out taking classes like she lost the skills to dance. She speacializes in it why the hell does she need classes. The money she is waisting on the classes she could be spending on her kids. And day care all the time i’m sure is expensive people sit here and say she needs to get her career back to be stable for her kids. HAHA the cost that she is spending on that daycare i am sure is enough for one of us normal people to buy a house. So for all you who are making excuses for her are sad. do people make excuses for you when you screw up. No shes no one special. She was in the light until she hit rock bottom and once you hit what she has your basically screwed.

  7. oriana says

    This girl has a long, long way to go before she gets herself together, and I am talking about her mental status. I don’t think for a minute the time spent in Rehab was enough to get her on the right track, she should be seeing a therapist and a doctor, it is true to give up one addiction and then start in on another one, and I think she is still in trouble!

  8. kim--original kim says

    What a bunch of crap–I’m SO sick of her already!! She’s been visiting a lipo/fat-melting place in Vegas… the dancing surely helps, but… unlike Heidi, who we see shopping for her kids, we only see Britney shopping for herself!
    She absolutely makes me ill… GO AWAY!

  9. Zbella says

    I think it is true – but let’s remember why she only has them 3 days a week: KFed is the more responsible/stable parent.

  10. oriana says

    If the custody agreement is true, then she only has them three days a week, maybe, just maybe, she is doing all her fun things the four days she doesn’t have them. And surely it is only a temporary agreement, but who knows if that was even true to begin with?

  11. Andrea says

    I keep reading that she’s taking dance classes. But she’s rich enough to have her own private sessions, so what’s the deal with that?

  12. Xenafan96 says

    I honestly thought at one point, you know what, she is a horrid mother who never gives her kids 100% like all mothers should. After she had to rehab, I find my attitude towards her has changed, it still seems selfish that she adopts a ‘hey look y’all I’m free now’, but at the same time, her sons deserve a whole and healthy mom. I find that now I can give her the benefit of the doubt that she is in way over her head and she has to work on herself to be a good mother. Only time will tell but I wish her all the very best to good health!

  13. oriana says

    I think she looks great and wish she would take that hat and wig off, she looked good with her hair gone, she must be ashamed of it now since she is always covered up. I think she is beautiful.

  14. Malaika says

    I just she would disappear in a hole and we stop seeing her. I am just tired of her and her attention seeking antics.

  15. carleigh says

    She’s wearing that FUGLY pair of brown boots she was sporting all over the place a few months ago before she had her breakdown. Now she’s just covering the ugly things with leg warmers….I hope she get’s a clue at some point, she’s the post child for TACKY dressing. I’m sorry I do wish her well, but at the same time I can’t stand how she dresses anymore, she’s just utterly tacky, go get some nice dance wear I’m sure there are plenty of stores all over CA she could get some at.

  16. DMITZ says

    Yes pretty hard for “me time”. What with all the time she spends with her boys! How ever does she do it?

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