Anthony Field & Wife Welcome Their First Son!

Here Anthony and Mikki are pictured with Lucia.

Anthony Field

Anthony Field, the Blue Wiggle in the fantastic Australian preschool band The Wiggles, and his wife Miki welcomed their third child, Antonio Carlos, last Friday night, the musician’s publicist confirms.

Antonio, who is the couple’s first son, was born in Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Women and Babies Hospital after three hours of labor. He was one week overdue and weighed 7.7 lbs.

Anthony, 44, and Miki also have two daughters: Lucia Angela, 3, and Maria Claire, 18 months.

Anthony and Mikki were unsure as to whether or not they would be able to have children at all. Mikki suffered from the painful condition endometriosis, which is estimated to affect up to 10 per cent of women and causes up to half of female infertility.

“We didn’t even think we’d be able to have one baby, so to have a second one on the way is such a blessing,” Anthony shared a few years ago.
My thoughts: I too suffered from Endometriosis. It seems that many women delay having children until they are older. I was so scared that I would be infertile that having children became my foremost concern. I did not want to take any chances, and miss my opportunity to be a mother. I was very fortunate to find my soulmate at a very young age and have two beautiful children. I think what made such a huge impact on me was when I was 19 I woke from a laparoscopy surgery at Children’s Hospital in Boston hearing a 15-year-old girl crying out that her ovaries had just been removed at her parent’s consent. Stage 4 endo had been discovered during surgery. Her cries still haunt me. This surreal experience made it impossible for me to be casual about what would prove to be the defining moments of my life. Oddly enough, as terrible and painful as my endometriosis was when I was younger, I do not suffer from it anymore. I think that the surgery, having two children and birth control pills to have kept it away. Sorry for the long rant!
I love the Wiggles! I’ve never taken my children to a live performance but we have plenty of their videos!

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  1. Caro says

    What a bless!!!… Congrats on the new baby… I just wanna say that Anthony is my favorite wiggle… I watch the show everyday with my 1 year old daughter… She loves him too…

  2. Zbella says

    I love the names they have chosen – for all their kids. Antonio is one of my favorite names, however my husband’s last name (and now mine and our kids) is this huge long German name, not at all compatable with Antonio. And, each of his girls has one name in common with each of MY girls, as well as my middle name… We seem to be on the same name wave length. 🙂 I’d love to see a picture of the new addition.

  3. Caylynne says

    The wiggles do rock!!! Congrats for them on their new addition. I am actually went to see the wiggles 2 years ago with my triplet cousins who absolutely love them. Surprisingly it was a blast. It is really sad about the yellow wiggle but awesome that the show still goes on. 🙂

  4. amy says

    the wiggles ROCK!!
    i remember when they first started in Australia…they genuinely performed from the beginning because they all loved children – kind of a rare thing these days…
    congrats to them both

  5. Xenafan96 says

    So many congratulations for this family!! I have the HIGHEST respect for Anthony Field, he was such an integral part of the Steve Irwin Memorial and did Steve-O such justice and brought a smile even through the tears that I will always have the highest respect for him. He really impressed me as a person, and as a mommy I am well aware of the Wiggles, but his enthusiasm and sense of honor for the Irwins was and is a much deserved praise to him. May he and his wife continue to be blessed as a family!

  6. KLou says

    Thanks for your comment. I too have endometriosis, and decided to have children fairly young, so that I could have them at all. What a haunting experience. Carrying and birthing your own child is such a blessing. I hope for healing and peace for the woman who was in the hospital with you. I hope she found her blessings elsewhere.

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