Eva Herzigova Wants To Be Pregnant For The Next 10 Years!

Eva Herzigova

The Czech supermodel is loving her pregnant figure!

Seven months pregnant with her first child (the father is her Italian entrepreneur boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj), Eva, 34, tells the UK’s The Sunday Times: “I’m just so happy. I want to be pregnant for the next 10 years.”

Pregnancy has changed her life, says the model, who is the face of Gap’s maternity line. “I feel so powerful. You have no idea. But it’s an inner power. You are so content with just being. That’s how it is. I feel so confident about my body. I feel so potent. You feel like you have your mission, and it’s empowering.”

Eva announced her pregnancy with a stunning Demi Moore inspired appearance – semi-nude – on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair!

“Many times women disappear when they become pregnant,” says Eva, 34. “They start to hide and feel like they don’t want to be seen. I think that’s wrong.”

During her pregnancy so far Eva says she has put on nearly 25 lbs., thanks to her new cravings.

“I have developed a taste for sweets,” she says. “I never liked chocolate before.”

The weight gain hasn’t made her give up miniskirts. “I haven’t gained weight in my legs, so I show them off,” she says. But she has had to ditch the heels. “Before, I could run in high heels,” she says. “I never had problems. But suddenly your balance changes. I keep falling off them.”

Eva says she’s focused on doing everything for her baby: “I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, I’m getting fat.'” Nor does she have plans to whip herself back into her skinny jeans.

“I’m not thinking about getting back into shape,” she says. “I just want to enjoy this. I’m not like one of those celebrity people who would die to get back into shape. If people want to take pictures of me being round, they will take pictures of me being round. I think it’s important to show your true self and how you are – you don’t have to be in perfect shape or skinny shape.”

Nor does she have any plans to marry Gregorio. “I told Greg I’d marry him for the children, one day. But for me, our love is written in my heart. I don’t need to have it on a piece of paper.”

Good for her! She looks fabulous, but…she wants to be pregnant for the next 10 years!? Wow! That’s impressive!



  1. Tempany says

    Thank you Nell, that’s exactly my point: “so what if she doesn’t want to get married?” I completely agree. It’s so nice to find someone else who is tolerant towards other people’s choices. She’s not hurting anyone, it’s her life, and she does not need to be told she ought to get married. I agree, it’s up to HER.

  2. kim says

    nell- another thing… that kind of thinking about “we’ll never get attacked” is the exact type of thinking that got us attacked on 9/11. Never say never, and quit thinking we’re so invincible.

  3. kim says

    nell- being married to a husband that has been in the military for 17 years- hon-I think I have just a little bit of education about the military and why we are over there. Have you ever been to Iraq? Have you heard about all the positive things that are going on over there that the military men are telling people about like childrens education, women getting out of abusive relationships? No, because you listen to the news. The news is only going to tell you what they want. They have no respect for our soldiers-according to them they have all died in vain without a cause. Like I said, get educated and quit insulting our troops who have died for your freedom.

  4. Nell says

    Kim–what is your education level? Are you one of the few people who believe that we are going to be attacked? Please. Do you ever read the news? Do you realize that most of these boys in Iraq are overworked? Do you get what is happening in the world?Do you understand that the world does not revolve around Angelina and Brad and their current pick of the month child? Do you know that there is a whole world out there? Do you know what a shite means? Do you know where Naja is? Do you know anyting of substance? Please don’t give your pathetic and trite opinion if you don’t really know what you are talking about becaue you are insulting to the rest of the world.

  5. pixiegal says

    Nell, I am not nuts, I am very serious……Just getting pregnant so you can have a baby is VERY selfish. Every baby deserves to have a mom and a dad if at all possible. There is no help for the single gals who get “knocked up” being careless. At least I give credit to the ones who don’t murder their babies just cause its not a good time for them. If you have the opportunity to plan your family (Which is the only way babies should be made anyway) you should be thinking about what would be the best for the child FIRST!!!

    The thing that screws the whole thing up is how often do you meet a guy to want to father your progeny?? NOT TOO OFTEN!! You know there are tons of gals that just give up and say, oh well, I guess he will have to do. My clock is ticking and I gotta pop out the kids before much longer. It really is a shame.
    I only wish the best for each and every family. Going it alone would not be my number one choice. Going it with some guy I picked as the least of the worst would be even worse!! Don’t you think it would be nice if REAL familys still existed for everyone????
    I now its totally not the norm now but it really should be what every new baby gets. And by the way……you SHOULD totally love your pregger body!! — Sue

  6. kim says

    Nell- yeah! that sounds like a good idea! Let’s pull all of our troops out of Iraq so we can become more vulnerable to another attack on our own soil-that way the war will be over here! Yeah- that sounds great! You might want to get educated about this war instead of just hating Bush like everyone else and being completely naive by always believing what the media tells you.

  7. Nell says

    Wow, are all of you 100% nuts. So what if she doesn’t want to get married, and good for her for loving her pregnant figure. What’s wrong with you people. you should all invest such time and energy writing to your president about something…here’s an idea: get out of iraqi!!!!

  8. pixiegal says

    Wow- you guys are all over each other! I can tell you why you should be married before having kids.
    Children need a secure and nurturing environment that is secure in its permanance. Yeah, we all know about the world divorce rate but that’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about the beginning of a persons life. The optimum experience is having Mum and Dad who love each other and are committed to loving, supporting and working thru the bad stuff with each other and their forth coming family no matter what. Our society still expresses that situation with a legal act of marriage. It is a legal, social, committment that is sometimes (probably more often than one would think) spiritual too, as in a committment to also do what is pleasing to your God or religion. This gives the forth coming children a optimum basis for reaching adulthood with a secure sense of self, family and community. Of course we all know the stories of disfunctional familys etc…. but the basic idea of marriage is to Love someone so much you want to spend the rest of your life with them and have them create new life with you. I think couples contemplating parenthood should really study what a real marriage is and how it would benefit them and their possible family. Is your idea of marriage what mom and dad had or grama and grandpa or the people next-door? What can YOU have?? Discuss with your partner the meaning of a marriage committment. How can WE make this life process a success for both of us? How can our love and security benefit our children? How will we be stronger members of the community by taking this leap of faith in ourselves and each other? It is still a cornerstone of our society. Most reluctancy to marry involves some kind of preconceived experience. Parents were disfunctional, peer pressure to follow a fad (yeah, baby- free love!) But it all comes back to ….if you REALLY love each other and you are REALLY a good match, you REALLY have meshing values and core beliefs that are going to help you make it thru life and to bring new life into this world. Then……Whats the problem?? If you don’t already have all this going on then P-L-E-A-S-E don’t bring another human being into this world on purpose!! Just enjoy hanging out. Don’t put a tiny new human trying to figure out life in the middle of your relationship unless it is going to have a committed Mom and Dad as our society recognizes it. yeah, new babies just know they are loved but your four, six, ten year old more than likely will not truly understand why, if Daddy really loves Mommy how come your not married. It is also harder for them socially to explain to their peers and to fit their family style into society. It may work out fine but it is just not optimum. It is not the BEST start you can give to your baby. There are enough kids that are not PLANNED and the mom just has to get on with life the best she can. I so admire these women who don’t abort their babies but choose to do their best. I so hate it for all the kids who end up in a big mess with nothing but neglect and disfunction. I love being a mom and have worked thru the bad times and laughed thru lots of good times and am enjoying seeing my now early teeners thrive. Yeah, my husband and I don’t always see things the same way, but we do agree that….We REALLY are a family and are committed to it- Legally-Socially-and for me, Spiritually. I hate divorce but realize there are times when two people make a committment, there is a time to GET out of it. (I remember my mom’s second husband dragging her around by the hair) But we all want to HOPE that this is REALLY the true thing and it will all be worth it. New babies deserve it and so do new moms and dads!

  9. Andrea says

    Kim did not say no one had freedome of choice. Actually, no one can make anyone do anything in this country, except when you break a law and enforcement comes into play. There is freedom of conscience and so, freedom to do what you want.
    Kim stating her opinion does not mean she will make you do what she stated. That is just ridiculous. Again, no one said you don’t have freedom to make personal choices.
    But your sensitivity to the whole issue, Tempany, makes it clear you have opposition against the “message” of a particular religion, namely Bible believing. But let’s not make someone’s statements into something they’re not, just because you are opposed to the message. And really when you look honestly at your posts, you made judgments about Kim —-when you accused her of the very thing!!

  10. kim says

    tempany- you are unbelievably getting on my last nerve. Ok- let’s try this again- I stated my opinion- you can believe it and agree with it, or you can not believe it and choose not to agree with it. I consider my opinion fact for me- that doesn’t mean you have to. In my religion, the Bible says that fornication is wrong-I’m just going by what my God says.So, it’s not really my opinion-it’s my God’s, so if you have a problem with my God- then that’s a personal issue. The fact that you’re still harping on this and getting so defensive about it -my only guess is that you’re living in that lifestyle- which is fine for you- I’m not judging! Also, you say “live and let live.” The fact that you’re keeping this going shows that you don’t practice what you preach. I never said my opinion was written in concrete.

  11. Tempany says

    “You get married first and then you get pregnant” – why, because Kim says so???!! Why should it be marriage first and then kids? This is fine if the couple wants it, and it’s equally fine if they don’t. This may be Kim’s opinion, but it’s not a RULE!!! Whatever happened to freedom of choice? Who is anyone to say to anyone else that as a blanket rule, having babies out of marriage is immoral? it may be your OPINION that it’s immoral, but who are you to say ‘it IS immoral’? It’s a matter of personal choice. I have no problem with either of the ways round. Kim, however, is actually presuming to DICTATE to people that they ARE immoral if they happen to disagree with her opinion. So Kim did not simply state her opinion, but made accusational judgements about the way other people may quietly decide to live their lives, while causing her no harm whatsoever. As a person who’s always believed in ‘live and let live’, i find this desperate need to impose one’s personal views on the rest of the world very disturbing. As long as a person is hurting no one else with their decisions, it’s ridiculous to accuse them of being immoral. It’s nothing to do with morality – morality suggests issues of right and wrong, of hurting other people or not. A couple’s own decision to marry or not is exactly that – their personal decision and not a matter of universal morality at all. Live and let live, please.

  12. kim says

    Thank you Andrea! I guess the computer can be kind of deceiving because you can’t hear the tone in someones voice.

  13. Andrea says

    Tempany – I read Kim’s post and she didn’t sound angry. She only stated her opinion. To harp on her for that is what you called “arrogant”. It isn’t very fair to make personal attacks just because you have issues against religion and God yourself.

  14. kim says

    Tempany- I was one of those people-I got pregnant outside of marriage but unfortunately had a miscarriage. I made the wrong choice, so with that being said I’m allowed to voice my opinion about this topic- it is immoral. I was immoral. I’m not saying that if one of my friends did that that I wouldn’t be there for her or support her, but you know as well as I do whether it’s the 21st century or not, it should be the other way around-marriage, then kids. You are also completely arrogant with the fact that you tell me how to express my views.

  15. princess says

    Who cares!!!!!!

    Babyrazzi get up to speed with the photos b/c I see tons of new baby photos on other sites that have not made it on this site and I have noticed that this sit is the last to put up new photos.

  16. Tempany says

    Kim, to be angry at other people because they don’t happen to believe in God as you do is incredibly arrogant. Getting pregnant before getting married is a personal decision, people respect you for getting married first and I’m sure they would expect the same respect in return for the personal decisions they have made. To suggest someone is immoral because they don’t happen to hold the same religious views that lead to marriage as you do, is incredibly arrogant.

  17. Zbella says

    Kim, maybe she has vericous (sp?) veins. heehee… I gained 30 with each pregnancy – but in different ways. I agree the body adjusts to many influences, including age.

    Andrea, yeah, marriage is way more than a piece of paper to ME! In fact, Ididn’t even have the piece of paper for several years – just the ring, ceremony and celebration. When I went to change my name 4/5 years later I had to get the official paper.

  18. phnxgirl says

    I loved being pregnant. Gained 17 pounds with my first and 20 with my second. It is the only time I actually had breasts.

  19. kim says

    OK- first of all what’s with the stockings? Second of all a marriage is not just a piece of paper and I’m so sick of people thinking this. That seems to be the “in” thing to think right now. She got it backwards-you get married first and then you get pregnant. It’s called having morals. Marriage is saying (and meaning) your vows before God and witnesses and people take it way too lightly.

  20. Andrea says

    Well, if you don’t need to have it (your love – official marriage) a piece of paper, hey, why not pick any house you want to live in and say it’s yours? Afterall, you don’t need any papers saying you’re the owner of the house, right? Why not go in for a job interview in your sweats, because you don’t want to abide by “society’s rules”, right?

    It’s a poor excuse for lack of commitment. You may say you don’t need it, but society and the law recognizes the commitment.

  21. carleigh says

    Aimee that makes complete sense to me…plus one can never compare one pregnancy to another. My first one was textbook pregnancy, little weight gain, hell on me during delivery…27 1/2 hours total. Second one fastforward 8 1/2 yrs. later, little weight gain again, back pain, tired all the time, went to deliver and had to have an emergency c-section. Everyone is different and so are our bodies.
    I think Eva looks gorgeous…she’s got a really pretty glow about her, but then she’s always been beautiful whenever I’ve seen her. I am sure her baby will be beautiful too!

  22. Aimee says

    Okay. So she kind of went overboard on how wonderful pregnancy is. However, I agree. I’ve never felt better in my life than when I was pregnant.
    Maybe because I was finally taking care of myself.
    Zbella, I’m sorry you have been sick during pregnancy!
    KT: I agree, 25 pounds? With my first son I gained 60
    and with my second I only gained 25.
    It was so sad!
    My first pregnancy I was counting calories and gaining
    like a hog, and with my second, my doctor was so concerned that I wasn’t gaining enough weight.
    I think it’s all about what your weight is when you become pregnant. Your body wants to make up for it.
    Does that make any sense, whatsoever?!

  23. Zbella says

    Sounds like she has a wonderful pregnancy experience. I have the opposite – sick all the time. I wanted to be pregnant or nursing for 13 years (until 40) but it only lasted 6 years and counting (still nursing my baby).

    I like her attitude – and she looks amazing, of course!

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