Myleene Klass & Her Gorgeous Pregnant Poses!

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

An expectant Myleene Klass, 28, showed off her gorgeous figure while modeling the new Marks and Spencer’s swimwear line in a Bahamas photoshoot last week.


  1. nioami - uk says

    I read in a magazine this week that Myleene is 3 and a half months pregnant, and she’s showign cos she’s normally so slim! She looks amazing! x

  2. says

    The url is to a newspaper from the UK, Myleen says that she is now 4 months gone – Closer to 5 now as that was printed almost 2 weeks ago x

    hope that helps!

  3. Emma says

    myleene is the face of marks & spencers in the uk and on the launch night for the clothing ( april the 6th) that she is publicising she anounced that she was three months .She is just slim so it shows up early . I started showing at 5 weeks but i think mine was more water then baby. ( or the extra chocolate i had been eating.)

  4. Kerry says

    Awwww Myleene is even more cute with the preg tummy. Jealous! Hope mine will be as cute. She’s gorgeous. haha

  5. MM says

    Actually she is close to six months, her stomach just balloned so quickly. One moment she was flat stomached, the next she had balloned. She sure still looks gorgeous.

  6. Mel says

    Myleene Angela Klass is a British classical pianist, commercial model, television and radio presenter, and former member of the UK pop group Hear’Say. Her pop success achieved four top-ten singles, two of which were UK number-ones. Hear’Say also released two albums, Popstars and Everybody.

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