Katie Price To Pen A Series Of Children's Pony Books!

Katie Price

Katie Price and Jordan were snapped in LA recently sporting matching pink outfits! Cute! Could they be expecting a daughter!? Katie, better known as Jordan, wants the news to be a surprise but admits she’d love a daughter. “It would be nice to have a girl because I live in a very masculine household,” said Katie, who has a four-year-old son Harvey with footballer Dwight Yorke and Junior, 21 months, with Peter Andre.

The couple have been in the states to promote the launch of their reality series which kicks off on the E! Entertainment network on April 21st. They will be on air eight times a week, with a three-hour show each Saturday. Wow! That’s a lot of air time!

Back in the UK the couple have signed a deal with ITV, rumoured to include a chat show. Katie, who is due to give birth in June, is also said to be writing a second novel, a series of children’s pony books, and to have designed a new lingerie and swimwear range for George at Asda.

“I’m a workaholic and I love what I do,” she told The Sun recently. “Pete and I have never been happier. We do find time to relax – we’re both taking helicopter lessons. We want one so we can avoid traffic. The only time we really argue is in the car.”

I love that she is writing children’s pony books!



  1. amy says

    sorry, my initial comment above was said sarcastically…thought someone would of picked that up…

  2. carleigh says

    They both look cute in their clothes and would appear even better if they taper their mouthes for awhile.

  3. Lauren says

    She has the some of the cutest maternity wear ever. She always looks pretty and well put together.

  4. kim says

    She looks alot better in what shes wearing in this pic, those small dresses shes been snapped in lately made her look frumpy.

  5. oriana says

    She has some of the cutest maternity clothes I have ever seen! Very stylish and pretty, even when dressing as trashy as she does most of the time, the clothes are nice.

  6. amy says

    aaawww…..wouldn’t it be just sweet if tom and katie would dress in matching colours just like this??? tom could wear his pink with ‘pride’

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