Kate Hudson & Ryder In SoHo

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson was snapped taking her son Ryder shopping at the Halloween Adventures – Masters of Masquerade in Soho.



  1. Lizzie says

    This is too funny. Do any of you remember Clint Eastwood’s girlfriend Sondra Locke in “Any Which Way But Loose”? Well, he just reminds me soooo much of her in this picture. Perhaps they’re related? Anywho, can’t help but laugh my butt off on this one. Too funny!

  2. Wolfgang says

    Sorry, I don’t agree, I think Ryder is NOT ugly, and I also like his hair growing long! I hope Kate will not give him a second haircut for a while.

  3. Greens says

    “#15, what kind of conversation do you think you’re going to have with a three year old?”

    LOL 🙂

    “Every child is precious and a gift.”


  4. maggie says

    I agreed that ryder is not a good looking kid, hes just like his father, but sure that kate is a great mom

  5. dori says

    I love the way she has him dressed. He looks great. I think he looks more like his dad all the time. Always a pleasure to see Kate Hudson and her son..

  6. Aimee says

    That’s funny, I’ve always thought Ryder was darling,
    sorta an old soul type with a lot of character. I’d love
    to have a conversation with him!

  7. carleigh says

    Ryder is Ryder and he is a cute little boy…….he does look more like his father but he does have the “Hawn” genes. His uncle Oliver wasn’t the best looking in his youth but now….HUBBA HUBBA, he’s a hottie!

  8. oriana says

    he prob is/was sad about it for he was close to both his parents, but Chris was away for long periods of time with his band so probably not that much different. I do think he is a cherished child by her whole family and by his father. As far as thinking he is cute, to each his own and that is a good thing!

  9. kim--original kim says

    I think he’s cute! Maybe he’s sad about not having his mom and dad together anymore??

  10. oriana says

    Kim, telling the truth about a child not being cute is not being nasty, sorry. And he does look pale and sickly, maybe because of being in cold New York.

  11. Lauren says

    Kate is pretty. She has that whole earthy vibe going on. Ryder looks like his dad. Hopefully, as he grows older, he’ll come into his own.

  12. Miapocca says

    He looks a lot more like his father..but hey children change as they grow

    I thought she cur off his hair..that kid must have a lot of hair then…

  13. oriana says

    He looks like his dad, who definately was not a handsome man, never understood what Kate saw in him, and have to agree, he is not a cute looking little boy, and always has a serious look on his face a lot too.

  14. Bethany says

    She is so pretty! It’s sad that he is not-so-cute…maybe he’ll get cuter as he gets older.

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