Denise Richards & Her Girls Go Shopping

Denise Richards

Denise Richards was snapped shopping with Sam, 3, and Lola, 22 months, on Saturday at The Commons in Calabasas, CA. They are all so cute!


  1. says

    I thinkl its really good that she doesnt carry her kids if they can walk like the other mums.i no lola can walk but if shes just turned 2 she isnt going to be very stable!LOLz

  2. Kate says

    Zbella is right. There are 12 months in a year.
    12 x 2 =24. Since Sam is only 22 months, she is not yet two. In other words, you do not turn 2 years old until you are 24 months of age, which Sam is not yet. She is almost two, but not quite.

  3. Zbella says

    My mom’s mom made it to 1000+. She was 95 when she passed away. She outlived 3 of her sons (she had 7 sons and 5 daughters). I think having/raising babies makes you STRONG! Certainly was true in her case.

  4. Xenafan96 says

    You are welcome Zbella and thnx for the wishes…tell your Mom happy birthday and you expect her to reach the 1000th milestone. Yes everyone, I realize that is an insanely high objective to reach, but you never know what can happen 🙂

  5. N says

    L, Dont get mad at me because your crazy. If anyone is stinking up this site its you. What dont you understand…. I got your dumb ass “mock conversation”….. I replied with a “mock answer”.

  6. Libraesque says

    N, it’s not my fault you’re a dumbass and can’t comprehend a simple sentence, or figure out how words are used in a sentence…………you don’t have to bite everyones head off and stink up this site

  7. oriana says

    N, Please, PLEASE go take your Meds, or take a nap, you need something to calm you down! Don’t stress out, I will be waiting on you, don’t worry!

  8. N says

    Libra, Why dont you just have fake conversations with your imaginary friends then. You are the supid one. I knew that was a “what if” type of question…. and I answered your supposedly mock conversation … You just didnt like my answer.

    O, Poor has more than one meaning. It could have been left out so that you werent misunderstood. Since you’re a smart a** you had to add it. Since I think you’re an ahole I thought you were using it that way.
    Especially when your sentence says you hope I can “Afford” a tutor for your poor kids. Why wouldnt I think that. Youre the idiot….

  9. Xenafan96 says

    Whoa-the amount of hissing and growling going on in here is whew-a bunch.

    As a way to lighten this up, I have a bday coming up and this thread has inspired me to adopt a new way of announcing my age.
    “Hey hold are you going to be?”
    “Let’ see…..12 months times 34 years=i am going to be 408 months old. I feel like a big girl now!

    Next objective- Gotta get rid of my binky, I sound like The Godfather when I talk ;P

  10. oriana says

    I saw where the interview with Jimmy Kimmel and the photographer, he even said she got kickbacks with money from them for selling the pictures! Amazing!

  11. Isabella says

    Denise reportedly calls the paparazzi to snap pics of her and her cuties (i will say cuties, though) and is moving out of her gated community. I bet any other celebs would die to not have the paps bothering them.

  12. oriana says

    N, obviously with You words can be misconstrued, you don’t have any common sense? Does everything have to be spelled out to you?

    And when I said your poor kids, you really are ignorant if you thought I referred to “money” in any way, pitiful indeed! If I see a homeless dog trotting down the street, and say, oh that poor dog, I certainly am not referring to the animal being broke! You really don’t have any common sense do you? Or perhaps you are just trying to argue for the sake of arguments? I have my opinions, you have yours, and most definately we are in complete agreement on one issues, you certainly would not be someone I would ever want to associate with or be friends with, you poor thing you! And NO, I am not referring to your financial status. Idiot!

    I didn’t even write some of the posts you are referring too, what’s wrong with you?

    And when I asked Zbella how stupid she was, it was in reference to someone saying a 22 month old child is only ONE year old, and I would have said that to my own sister if she made that statement. Again, I don’t think she is a stupid person, but that didn’t make sense to me then and it still doesn’t now.

  13. Libraesque says

    hey dumbass, I was talking about #47
    you’re seriously too stupid to even comment back to so next time I won’t waste my time

  14. N says

    Or was #47 supposed to be one of your mock conversation….. You tell me… You post so much BS……

  15. N says

    If you’re talking about #63…. I ignored that post….. It was dumb. I saw no need for you to even post it. What did I need to comprehend from that? Feel sorry for yourself…
    You obviously didnt understand what i was trying to say about her son being perceived to be a certain age due to his size. re-read your post #47.

  16. N says

    My point dumbass….is how can you and your little friend O… complain about me calling you two dumb. When you guys are doing the exact same thing to others on this site….

    Read before you try to post a come back!

  17. N says

    Also, Oriana…. you have the nerve to call anyone rude…

    I think your “poor kids” comment was just as rude. You dont know me or my financial status. So that comment was actually dumb. And if you say that you have 2 grown sons I seriously doubt it…… The way you talk and express yourself …… seems like you are a 16 year old.

  18. Libraesque says

    who gives a shit if I called someone a dumbass, what’s your point, you make NO sense.
    You are such a total crackhead you can’t even comprehend that mock conversation I wrote!!!!!
    I feel sorry for you

  19. N says

    And I asked all the Men I work with and they say it the way I say it. I also asked some female members in another unit at my job and they said that it can be used either way. If my child is 22 months and you dont know me…..If I say that he is 1 years old….than who are you to say hes not.
    Also, You called Zbella stupid…. So why cant i call you dumb. Whats the difference? Can you use your Psych degree and help me out with this one?

    Libra’s argument was that he would be “BIG”…read post 47 again. SO, Why would I think the reference to big meant his age and not his size?

    And Libra, Dont talk…. Look at your #12 post where your calling someone a dumbass….. Pot calling the Kettle black hugh!

  20. N says

    Oriana, who cares what you have a degree in… Honey this is the internet if you didnt realize… i can say the same thing. My problem with you is that you talk to much and you need to shut up. You should feel sorry for yourself because you are missing a few screws. Libra is as educated as my dog. I am glad I am nothing to you. I dont know you..and personally from all your judgemental comments I wouldnt want too. And as far as you saying “big” meant how “old” she is….. Thats BS …. Say what you mean. I thought you were intelligent. If you meant old…then say old. Words can be misconstrued. Big normally refers to a size not an age.

    As for Libra, I will call you what I please. Especially If the shoe fits.

  21. oriana says

    I was typing too fast and left out the word NOT when I said Libra and I have not always agreed and we haven’t, but I like her anyway so why don’t you take a leaf from our page and realize you don’t have to agree and take it personal with everyone on this site?

    Carleigh will be the first one to step up and say she doesn’t agree and probably doesn’t like me either, but I have to say that girl is level headed, intelligent and look at both sides of the coin, she has manners and I have admiration for her. I am sure we will disagree more again but you are just plain snotty and dumb acting.

    My next door neigbhor has a set of twins, 20 months old, I asked her if she told people they were ONE, she looked at me like I didn’t get it, she said, of course not, when they were ONE I had a lot more to deal with, now they are almost TWO and only take their bottle at bedtime, so I say good for her!

  22. oriana says

    “N”, I have a degree in Psych and got a scholarship for your info. I admit I hated Chemistry but I did just fine in Math, my oldest son graduated with a degree in International Business, so Yes, he knows that 12 months is ONE year, if he had put down on his test papers 22 months is ONE year he would have looked like a fool to his instructors.

    I feel sorry for your kids if you are teaching them that!

    You are nasty, you have gotten on here and not only been rude, but using curse words, I have not done that, you are ignorant to me, you don’t have to like me, I am not on here to win a popularity contest, I am just voicing my opinions, and I never said said they were one of the Ten Commandents.

    As for Libra, we have always agreed and she has even cussed me out before, but she is much more intelligent than you have appeared to be and is very educated on several subjects.

    Who said how big a child is has something to do with age? I never did. I said that Apple Martin was too big to be sucking her thumb and Zahara too big to be in diapers, I meant too old and didn’t realize I had to spell it out, do you have any common sense, apparently not!

    Call me whatever names you want too, rave on and on, you are still ignorant acting to me, and you may have a very high I.Q., but your attitude and ways of expressing yourself are ignorant to me.

    I can tell that phnxgirl and Zbella are good people, eventhough I have difference of opinions from them, and Stardust is a very decent sweet person to me, but you, are “N” for nothing to me! Sorry!

  23. Libraesque says

    WOW , N you better check yourself before calling other people dumb sweetheart
    It was YOU and you only who said so snottily

    My cousin’s son looked like he was 3 at 1….. so was she supposed to say he was 3 because he was so “BIG”. You sound dumb

    so really , shut yer pie hole

  24. N says

    You say what you want and i say what i want. Until he reaches his second birthday he is 1 years old. Saying that he is “almost 2” is also correct. I called them dumb because how “big” a child is has nothing to do with its age.

    I dont like Oriana or Libraesque which I have stated before… So they will not get any respect from me. I will call them whatever I please.

    Also, mind your business when it comes to my child, its not for you to worry about .

  25. anon says

    why is everone so nasty on this site???

    My daughter is 14 months and I say she is 1or the months (depending if I want to chat to the person), when she hits 18 months i will say 18 months, then above that I will say either the months or almost 2. I agree with #47, if you were asked in a store you wouldn’t say your 22 month old is 1. At this stage in life they change so quickly that it is easier to say the months or “almost 2”.

    N it is not necessary to call people “dumb” I certainly hope you don’t talk to your children like that.

  26. oriana says

    If you have ever seen a picture of Denise’s mom, you will see Lola looks just like her and even Denise has stated that before also.

  27. Libraesque says

    o.k., ONE person out of about 47 said they’d call a 23 month old “one”
    The majority said they’d use the months up until a certain age (usually three) OR they would say “a year” if they just turned, then “a year and a half” etc as they get older

    I love Craigslist Forums!!!

  28. Libraesque says

    exactly, I find her comments on every thread to be the most bizarre and full of absolute nonsense!!
    Who the HELL calls a 22 month old “One”
    You know, I think I will conduct a poll and post the results here!!!!

  29. oriana says

    Libra, let “N” rave on and on so she will get thru her day without sucking her thumb and sitting on the potty! She is very ignorant to me and I have known that for a long time. Hopefully she will be able to afford a tutor for her poor kids when they get older and fail Math in school.

  30. Libraesque says

    I’m not, and neither is ANYONE else here, saying that I would call a 22 month old TWO. I wouldn’t EVER call a 22 month old ONE
    I would say 99% of mothers say the month of the child when asked by people who are curious, etc..until they reach a certain age.
    I would think that NO ONE except you would call a 22-23 month old child “one year old” if asked….only to have to go back and say “well actually she’s 22 months”
    And your comment about calling a 1 year old 3 just because of their size is just assinine, but then I find most of your comments across the board to be uneducated and ridiculous

  31. N says

    Youre the freak…I say 1…. I dont care if they say he is big or not. My cousin’s son looked like he was 3 at 1….. so was she supposed to say he was 3 because he was so “BIG”. You sound dumb. Youre the one arguing to argue. If someone makes that comment then I can say well he will be 2 in a month and that clears it up. Also, most men dont have the concept of calling babies 18 months 22 months etc..this is only a woman thing. His dad says 1….. My 51 year old mother says 1. Different strokes for different folks. You and weirdo are the only ones that say 2.

  32. SherBear says

    My oldest daughter will always push her pants, skirts anything with a waistband low on her hips. And it has nothing to do with imitating or me pushing the preference. Low on her hips is the only way things feel comfortable to her.

    And my youngest attached herself to a blankie when she was a baby. We would have to sneak it from her to wash it and even then she would sit in the laundry room and wait for it. Sometimes wailing. So they got pretty dirty. And it did nothing bad for her health. We’ve never had a single sick visit. And the thumb always went in with the blankie. it was a ahbit developed in infancy. I tried every pacifier known to man. She wanted her thumb. the child isn’t even 2 years old. Give her a break. We finally made a deal with our youngest at 3 1/2. After Santa came the blankie had to stay in her room.

    Little kids are individuals right from the moment they are born and sometimes fighting their natural instincts does more harm than good. Especially when the supposed harm is subjective.

  33. Libraesque says

    N, you can honestly say that if someone were to ask you how old your 23 month old kid is you’d say 1 year????? And if your answer is yes, how many people have responded with “My my, she’s BIG!!” to which you’d have to then say “well actually she’s 23 months”
    To which that person would look at you like you ARE CRAZY and walk away!!!!
    FREAK, you’re arguing just to argue

  34. N says

    Also….closer to 2 does not mean 2. It means 1. Once she gets to that day……then she is 2. That is not hard to understand!

  35. N says

    No you cant add or subtract…. And I doubt that you have grown sons…. If you dont know what Zbella means…. go to and read. That is if you know how to read… Math obviously is not your strong subject.

  36. N says

    Zbella you are correct…. Oriana does not have kids… but she has a lot of advice for those that do. If she does I cant tell from the comments she makes.

  37. Libraesque says

    #36, put the crack pipe down.
    NO ONE in their right mind would say a 22 month old kid is a year….no one.
    If you had a 22 month old and someone said “how old is she” and you said “a year” you would get a VERY strange look. Almost ALL mothers go by months, until a certain age, then it’s 4 1/2, etc…
    That changes when you get older, like 20, for obvious reasons

  38. minkysmom says

    if the kids wanna suck their thumbs and carry blankies than that is fine, they need some comfort with people taking pictures of them everytime they leave the house. and maybe the other one’s jeans really aren’t that low. my daughter is 4 and no matter what belt or whatever I put on her when she gets to running around her jeans ride low.

  39. oriana says

    Homegirl, good explanation, and yes, I was being sarcastic which was not necessary, getting too old and too tired tonight, Oh Dear, maybe there is something to that saying, you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks!

  40. phnxgirl says

    Oriana I am going to let that comment slide since I think we have made nice on other chats. 😉 And homegirl, I liked your explanation.

  41. homegirl says

    33. oriana – how old are you? If you are 20, that means you have completed 20 years – up until your 21st birthday – you are still 20 and you can’t buy beer – see? So at 22 months Lola is one – she is not two yet, right? She turns 2 in a couple of months when she celebrates her 2nd birthday.

    Usually moms say how old their kid is in months until the second birthday – maybe because it confuses people – and they change so fast. 22 months is more accurate – since you’re right she is CLOSER to 2 than 1. I think zbell is right though. When you’re a mom you learn all these details.

  42. Tia says

    awww the kids are so cute!

    My brother carried around a blankie until he was three…he carried that thing EVERYWHERE..and then it suddenly got “lost” one day. I dunno…i don’t see a problem with it.

  43. oriana says

    I have to ask, maybe you were joking and I didn’t get it? Now, are you really saying that a child over 12 months, close to 24 months, is One year Old? And that Lola being 22 months old is actually One? Is that what you are really saying?

    I feel sorry for kids in school taking Arithmetic if you are serious about these figures adding up!

    And #30, being realistic is not being hateful, how old are your children? Maybe they aren’t potty trained, maybe YOU aren’t? Now, that, is hateful!

  44. StarDust says

    Lola is so adorable with her little lamb and thumb. Aww – nothing cuter than a little one all cuddled up with mommy. Sam has beautiful hair and her face is striking.

  45. oriana says

    I guess I am not only annoying but stupid too for I absolutely don’t get that 24 to 36 months is TWO! Nope, don’t get it at all! And yes, two months shy of TWO years old makes her a lot closer to TWO than ONE, didn’t know they were both the same as you say. Things have sure changed since I was in school, I wonder if my Math teacher is aware of this?

  46. phnxgirl says

    Zbella, I just gone done defending you over Gwyneth Paltrow and the potty training issue. Oriana quit being so hateful! Let these poor kids just be kids. If they want to carry a blanket, who cares!!!

  47. Zbella says

    Oriana, So you don’t have kids… 12-24 months is ONE… 24-36 months is TWO… Lola is 22 months, that is 1 year old. You yourself wrote “2 months shy of 2” which means she is not 2 yet!!!

    God, you’re annoying. I’m just going to go on my merry way now and leave you in peace and maybe you will stop calling me names. Right back at ya, by the way!

  48. maggie says

    Agreed with the blankie and the thumb thing, they are too old to do that, even babies should not suck theit thumbs.

    But they are cute girls and I think their cloth i ok, I dont see any problem with that, they wear normal cloth for their age.

  49. oriana says

    Zbella, she is 22 months old so she is ONE? How stupid are you? Apparently you cannot count. When I went to school, 12 months was ONE year old, so 22 months would make her two months shy of being TWO years old.

    Sucking a thumb can damage teeth, that is a proven fact. As for the blankie for comfort, is it more comforting than a loving mother? Taking it in the car would be understandable, but I think after a certain age, wagging it in public everywhere, it seems to be not healthy to me, maybe I am wrong but it doesn’t seem healthy as far as growth for a child to do so after a certain age, 22 months old is almost two years old, she isn’t a baby. If a child wants to carry it around the house that is different than everywhere in the community.

  50. fifi trooper says

    I swear that sam is probably going to be a slut just like her mother!! I mean, STOP Denise!! putting on your child these too small shirts, with low rider jeans!! I mean for heavens sake she’s only 3!! First, yoiu have little lola bare chesting in some dirty ass water for a publicity stunt, now this! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Sandra says

    Not judgmental just using freedom of speech. Children can suck on their thumbs or fingers if they want to, however it does do teeth damage. Just like bottles after too long of usage. I allowed my son to have his blankies (actually he called them babies) he had 3 of them, only until about 6 months ago he gave them up. Yes I did let him take one out of the house, but we always left it in the car. And for why can we not discuss that in an open forum? Maybe you’re a little too judgmental!

  52. Zbella says

    Some of you are so judgemental. This is a great picture. Sam looks cute, not the clothes I would choose, but you would probably find something wrong with the clothes my kids wear too!

    Who cares that Lola has a blankie? It’s not for warmth! It’s a comfort – just like thumb sucking. And by the way, Lola is 22 months – so she IS ONE!

    Denise is one hot mama – her girls are so sweet; love their hair.

  53. kim--original kim says

    I think those low-rise jeans are a bit TOO low for a 3-year-old… Not bothered by the blankies or the thumb, though… I sucked my thumb for years as a kid (longer than I care to mention here!), and it has everything to do with what’s going on at home, and insecurities, big time.
    That said, I do love that Denise (skank, coke-head though she may be) does seem to enjoy spending time with her girls. And thank goodness she lets the paps know when she’ll be out so we all can see them!! ha ha!

  54. oriana says

    And I do once again agree with Libra on the issue of getting with her friend’s husband! Pretty low class to me! And it wasn’t like she tried to play it off, oh, we weren’t that close of friends! Liar!

  55. oriana says

    How old is Lola? I can see a child being attached to a blankie at home but why the need to take everywhere they go? Seems insecure to me. When with their mother, at the park, out to eat, etc. why the need to carry a blankie all the time? This child isn’t one year old!

  56. Sandra says

    I don’t have a problem with the blankets. In some cases, if y’all have kids you will know they attach themselves to particular things, some of which you can’t find duplicates for. They are not too old for them, they will let go of them when they are good and ready. I haven’t seen a 25 year old carrying around their blankie lately.

  57. anon says

    wow…don’t be nasty ladies!!! Maybe the girls need the “blankies” but leave them at home. I have issue wiht Sam’s low rise jeans. I don’t believe in dressing your kids like dolls (ir Barron Trump) but I think 3 is a little too young for low rise jeans. Go with a little flair or skinny jean and you can get the same trendy cute look without the “too grown up” outfit.

  58. Libraesque says

    and the last person I’d be jealous of is this whore who got with her friends husband.

  59. Libraesque says

    I did say something nice you dumbass, I said the kids are cute. And if you think DR is attractive in anyway you need glasses, she is fug, inside and out

  60. oriana says

    Why does she need a blankie when it is warm in L.A.? I used to think she was beautiful but some of her recent pictures don’t do her justice.

  61. Libraesque says

    eh gads, she is so scary and un-attractive. Her face looks like a candle that’s melting. WOW, she is NOT going to age well.
    cute kids though

  62. oriana says

    Yes, even with Richie as a boyfriend, she spends time with her children and not off in Vegas or club hopping nightly like others are, I do think she is a devoted Mom.

  63. oriana says

    Sam looks so cute in her little outfit! I love that she walks and is not being carried around, Lola is definately a cutie but I wish Denise would encourage her to stop sucking her thumb so much. Noticed that Apple does that too, and she is definately too old to be doing that.

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