David Letterman & Harry

David Letterman

Three-year-old Harry enjoyed a snack while perched atop Dad’s shoulders. David, 60, seems like the sweetest father! Harry’s mother is David’s girlfriend Regina Lasko.



  1. Sherry says

    Something inside me told me David would make a wonderful Father; even at their age I wish they would have another child. Harry needs a little sister or brother plus they have so much love to give to another child.

  2. oriana says

    I heard him say this little boy was his absolute joy in life, and I do think he will marry his girlfriend, it wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t already married in secret for he is a very private person. It does my heart good to see the two of them together!

  3. kim--original kim says

    I think Mr. Letterman was always a real tough, hard guy…not a lot of positive energy floating around him—til his son was born. I, too, think it totally caught him by (pleasant) surprise, and I hope they have many happy years together! It’d be nice if he married the mother, but, oh well!

  4. oriana says

    Yes, please God let him live a much fuller and longer life to spend time with his son, definately I wish this had happened a few years ago!

  5. Julie says

    I think Dave was caught off guard when the pic was taken. He always seems so happy when he and his son are together. I think it’s wonderful.

  6. Zbella says

    I don’t think little Harry was planned – but a blessing none-the-less and totally loved, I’m sure. I do hope David can live a long life and enjoy his little man, and be there for him for many years to come.

  7. Andrea says

    It’s a nice picture. But sad that he didn’t decide to have him earlier on so that he could have a father for a longer time.

  8. carleigh says

    He’s a little mini David…but much cuter of course…Dave’s very private about his life and is probably annoyed from the presence of the photographers.

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