Britney Dances Her Way Back Into Top Form

Britney was snapped leaving Millennium Dance Studios on Sunday. Wow! I haven’t seen leg warmers in awhile!

Britney Spears

Then Brit was back at the Beverly Glen Center in Bel Aire Sunday night. What a surprisingly perfect outfit! Her dress and matching white espadrilles are GORGEOUS!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

I wish that there were some pics of Britney with Sean and Jayden James….she used to be photographed always with little Sean.



  1. Renee says

    Britney Spears is right, she’s smart and the rest of us are stupid, HELLO BRITNEY We are not the ones shaving our heads in public places, or walking barefoot in to public dirty restrooms, come on honey, get it together!

  2. oriana says

    N, Thank you but sorry, I am not in his class, he has $17 million dollars, I don’t even have $17 thousand! Too bad!

  3. Tia says

    I totally agree with you # 15!! thats was i was trying to say. Apparently work comes first and THEN your children, right? ya right…

  4. Loving Mother says

    Its sad to think you guys are making excuses like “she needs her career back in order to provide for her kids”. Thats a joke she has been a pop star for how many years?.. She has money coming out her A$$. Her children are growing this is the time to spend with them not worriyng abt herself.. I have a son, and every spare minute i have away from work i am with him.. Not out taking dance lessons. She already knows how to dance. You think from all the shit she did she lost her memory on how to function please. Her sons need her this is the time where they learn and take from it.. What memories are they going to have with her NONE..

  5. N says

    O, I thought he would be with you. Since your a loser like he is. Like they say… Birds of a feather, Flock together. Now you and your little friend can fly away now, crow.

  6. oriana says

    N, Kevin is with me, so Buzz Off! I am going to help him spend his money from Brittany and it won’t be on wigs and hats either!!!!!

  7. N says

    I think she looks good….. she just popped out two babies back to back. Also, I find it hilarious that people cant tell a fake smile from a real smile. If she wants to give the paps a fake smile to get them off her back whats wrong with that? Plus, Where are the pictures of K-fed with the kids since so many of you are jumping on his “meat” now! Why is he not being ridiculed for all the pictures of him lately being in the clubs again.

  8. Zbella says

    I think those are BOOT warmers. 🙂 She is not looking good – her expressions (can’t call is a smile) are terrible and her outfits make her look wierd. And the hats, the hats have got to go.

  9. says

    Wow Britney looks great compared to be4 when she was bigger from having her 2 boys but yes I do agree that there’s not pictures with her boys and her anymore. I noticed that when she was with K-Fed there were always pictures with her and her boys but now that they’re not together anymore I don’t see any pictures of her with her 2 boys anymore. It really is kinda sad. I think Britney will adventually regret not being with her 2 boys as much.

  10. Jillyblum says

    Britney deserves applause and support for the efforts that she is making to heal herself. It is not an easy task to overcome addictions. Making the attempt to change is the first thing. You can not love anyone else if you don’t love yourself first. Hopefully her babies are being greatly loved
    by lots of others and not being made a spectacle of!

  11. carleigh says

    I her defense which I don’t DO much of…to start off with! LOL But she’s been working out and maybe even finishing up that record that was set to be released this spring before she went into rehab. What sense would it make to drag the kids out, expose them to the pap’s that you KNOW are following her trail like bloodhounds? Why do that to the kids? I wouldn’t do that to mine. I do like her white shoes, she is looking much healthier, she’s overworking her piano teeth just a bit much though. Leave her alone (she’s doing the public a favor)at least all she’s flashing these days are her teeth and not her “private dancing” parts.

  12. oriana says

    I am sick of her and her fakey smiles. And what’s the deal with the hats all the time? She cut off her hair now don’t worry about the public, I thought she looked cute with it bald, better than I would look and a lot of celebrities we read about too.

    She has her cousin working for her, where are the children? Where is Sean? She used to take him out during the day to various places, that seems to have stopped, and since she only has her kids three days a week, she has plenty of free time to go out and be without them.

  13. anon says

    The girl can’t win…maybe since her rehab she isn’t allowed to have full custody and that is where she is able to go for dinner (I hope they are in bed at that time) and she needs her career back in order to provide for her kids…some of us have to work and make use of nannies and daycares!!!

  14. Lauren says

    I remember opening up a magazine and there was always a picture of her toting Sean around even when she was pregnant with Jayden. It’s sad how her priorites are.

  15. says

    Why? So you can talk about the way she’s carrying them!! God, the girl can’t even go out, and grab something to eat without everyone talking about her!! Maybe, she trying to get her career back on tract to take care of her kids. You’ll don’t know what she does when the pap isn’t taking pictures

  16. Tia says

    Ya i totally dont understand how you couldnt want to be with your children!! I mean, i know we all dont know her situation, but come on! Every simgle picture we see of her shes going tanning, or dancing or out for lunch or dinner.. Im sorry…but i could never, ever be away from my baby for as long as she way in hell

  17. kim--original kim says

    Exactly, there are no photos with her kids because she’s never WITH her kids!!! So sad. And those teeth are frighteningly white and fake-looking…and the ridiculous faces she makes to emphasize them is extra scary! Oh, those poor boys… I hope K-Fed-Ex can be a strong, loving father for them, ‘cuz their mother is a SCREWBALL! I can’t imagine not being there for my little babies when they reach for me.
    She’s going to regret this all one day…

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