Brad & Zahara Pick Up Some Ice Cream Cake

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was snapped with daughter Zahara, 2, picking up an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins in Hollywood on Saturday.

OMG! Baskin-Robbins cakes are soooo good! I got one that was shaped like a bunny for Easter. I had never had a Baskin-Robbins cake before and it was shockingly good! The one that I bought was devil’s food cake and cookie dough ice cream inside! Yum!



  1. says

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  2. Raul Pena says

    I think the child looks scared and I think Brad wishes he was still with Jennifer! They belong together.

  3. oriana says

    Joan, as for me, if this child was born in the U.S. I would have made the same comments, what does any country have to do with it? Angie, said on national TV that Zahara was healthy, to me that meant she was over the ricketts, maybe she isn’t, she didn’t seem to be in any pain when she was on the beach laughing and walking in her diaper? And she also wasn’t in any pain when she was standing in the Toy store in NYC a few months ago! Do ricketts come and go? To me, if she is going thru treatments and is in pain, why doesn’t Angie stay in one place and have her under a doctor’s care and get her treatments?

    Yes, many children have different dispositions, thank God most of them aren’t like this child, frowning all the time with a hateful look on her face and as Angie said, always wanting her way, I read and heard her say where Shiloh is woken up every morning with Z screaming in her face, the spoiled brat!

  4. joan says

    to oriana and jodie you two and your comments were dissapointing you know nothing and need to be educated before you pass judgment on a small child my two neices were born with ricketts until they reach a certain age before they can do the surgery now my great-neice has the same trouble she is 4 and is going through her treatments it is a painful situation and they can not walk for long many children have different dispositions leave the child a lone i wonder if these children were adopted from russia would i still hear these discusting comments

  5. C says

    I’m literally LAUGHING at some of these ridiculous comments posted.

    If your son isn’t potty trained yet and you / his pediatrician don’t think there is anything physically wrong, give him time. Don’t stress out over what other people have opinions about. Regardless if they’ve raised children or not (especially ones with GROWN children…time have changed and what was once thought was ‘standard’ then, is outdated now). I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my Mother, Grandmother and husband’s grandmother say that after they see how I parent, how they wished they could do things over with their children – one of those things was ‘potty training’.

    If your son does not notice / is not concerned / bothered by a wet and especially a dirty diaper then he’s most likely just not ready. Of course, in some children, it’s a physiological issue but for the majority of children, they’ll do it when they are ready – ESPECIALLY boys. Some don’t have the muscle control yet, others aren’t concerned about a wet diaper. Most likely, just when you start freaking out over it, he’ll be potty trained quicker than you ever imagined.

    Perhaps (if he’s not yet PT’d) you can help him get the ball rolling by reading potty training books, taking him out to pick out his own potty (we have the Baby Bjorn that goes ON the toilet and another WONDERFUL transitional potty…can’t recall the name of it…Toyco?? Totco??? Looks like a REAL white toilet w/ a silver handle that has flushing sounds (both of my boys love’d’ that one)…give him lots of praise when he TRIES, if he goes in the potty, make a big deal of it, if he keeps his pants dry, make a REALLY big deal of it. Stickers…cheers…a silly dance…trip to the park, etc.

    FYI: disposable pull ups won’t do justice for a toddler who isn’t interested in potty training since they do exactly what diapers do(except they dont’ hold as much)…they keep the moisture away from the skin area (there are new ones that make them feel wet / cold though). It’s a pain but the cloth training pants work the fastest. I used the cloth ones with an sewn on outer layer that held in the accidents but my son preferred the training pants from Hanna Andersson.

    My older son (now 5 1/2yrs old) was ALMOST potty trained BEFORE he turned 2yrs old. Then we took a vacation for 3 weeks at my sister’s and he lost all interest, it was like he had never even tried before and nothing worked. His pediatrician said don’t force it, don’t make a big deal of it…yet I tried to ‘encourage him’ and it backfired, it just prolonged everything just as she said it would. He then was almost potty trained again and I had his baby brother and he lost interest again. He had to wear pull ups because of occasional accidents until he was a few months past his 3rd birthday and his pediatrician was never the least bit concerned (as were her partners). He’s a perfectly healthy and happy 5 1/2yr old and obviously doesn’t have any memories or ‘issues’ from being in pull ups until he was over 3.

    My 2 1/2 yr old son is now showing signs of interest on occasion but DOES let me know when he wets his diaper or has a BM so that’s a really good sign that we are moving forward. He hasn’t kept his cloth training pants dry so we aren’t that far yet. 🙂 In fact, he refuses to wear pull ups, training pants, etc…he for now, prefers his diapies.

    Don’t stress over it and certainly don’t make it negative for him. Watch for signs of readiness and give lots of praise and encouragement…it has to be beneficial for him in order to see that it’s worth the effort to try.

    I found that most negative comments about raising children come from people who either don’t have children of their own OR from those that have grown children that raised them eons ago. Times have changed, some for worse, some for better but there is so much more wonderful parenting resources available now than there was before. Don’t let other people pressure you into stressing and making it a negative experience for you and your son. You are his mother, go with your gut. If you still feel the need to rush it, stay home for a few days, have him run around diaperless…have his potty he picked out and easily accesible to him and let him know where it is, give him lots of fluids and keep a close watch on him…when he starts to go, get him to his potty. If he misses, don’t make a big deal of it, just keep trying and if he sits on it, or makes an attempt to go on it, make a huge deal of it. He’ll get the jist of it and after this, may be closer to having the urge to ‘go’ register in his little mind.
    When my older son was willing, I did this and literally, he was so close to being fully trained within 2 days. But he was WILLING and I think that was a huge factor in it. (It WAS work for me though :-). ) A friend of mine bought her son Thomas the Train pants and told him not to ‘pee’ on Thomas and it worked. It didn’t work for neither of my boys, they both think the character pants are itchy. I’ve also heard wonderful things about Dr. Phil’s potty training method. If I had a girl, I would totally try it but I wasn’t willing to buy a ‘potty’ dolly just to do this. The best of luck to you. and your son! 🙂

    PS- As for anyone else who may be offended by some of my comments, don’t bother to respond. I could care less and won’t be swayed or baited into an arguement or discussion going back and forth. There are NO standard timelines to when a child is ready for specific things (ie: potty training, crawling, walking, weaning, etc). Each child is different. To expect otherwise, makes me think of parents who are more concerned with social pressure or those who have control issues vs acknowleding when your own child is ready for his / her new milestone.

    Embrace that and enjoy loving them and watching them grow. As long as your child is loved, cared for, happy, healthy, kind and considerate toward others and well adjusted…to ‘heck’ with anyone else who wants to gripe and moan about what THEY think should be expected.

  6. not a hater says

    cannot believe how much people can judge others who are doing great things in the world its not easy being a mother, angelina is a saint and god bless her always .she and brad were meant to be,my two faverate people found each other,they were put together by god.everyone needs to leave them alone and try to do something good themselves.

  7. Jill says

    To Phnxgirl: Look at the bright side. By the time he’s fifteen, he’ll be trained.

    Just kidding, luv… but I undersand your frustration. Girls are much easier to train than boys. I have a grown son. When he was a year old I started to train him and he was doing fine for a couple of weeks — and then he just lost interest, as if he realized he wasn’t ready for this yet.

    I started again when he was around two, and it took a while, but he was fully toilet trained before he was three.

    Some children take longer than others. As long as your little guy is developing well in all other areas and doesn’t have any genitourinary infections or abnormalities, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    (If he’s still not trained by the time he starts kindergarten, then you’ve got a problem, but I’m willing to bet he’ll be out of Pampers for good before he’s four.)

  8. Jill says

    Okay everybody, did any of you see the photo of Zahara and Pax playing together in People magazine?

    I’m a clinical social worker with over 20 years experience working with children, and this is what I’ve observed from that picture:

    Most two year olds will play alongside other children, but not with them. They don’t readily share toys with other children until they are around three. If they have a toy and another child comes up to them, their first reaction at that age (2 years) is to hold the toy away from the other child. They aren’t ready to share it with another youngster.

    But in that photo, Zahara is holding the toys toward Pax, indicating that she doesnt’ mind sharing them with him.

    That tells me a couple of things:

    1) For a two-year-old, she’s socially ahead of her age. She’s learned to share with her parents with Maddox and Shiloh and she’s comfortable with them.

    2) She seems confident in sharing and being around another child her own age. She’s not fearful of other children.

    From seeing the above, I would guess this child is being very well loved and taken care of.

    (And for those who commented that Zahara never seems happy — if you had papparazzi shoving a camera in your face every time you went outside, you might not look very happy about that either.)

  9. jamie says

    brad is a good daddy. he is to good for angelina jolie with his sexy self. he loves his kids and probably treats them better than angelina.

  10. Jodie says


    who are you, the principle?

    I find it funny when people try and talk down to others. It doesn’t work, ok?

  11. smudgie says

    well,well, what can I say. We do get involved in business that we know very little of, don’t we. I have to admit, reading the warring comments was amusing, though. If we applied all of our ‘shoulds’ to ourselves rather than everybody else, the world would be a better place.

  12. smudgie says

    well,well, what can I say. We do get involved in business that we know very little of, don’t we. I have to admit, reading the warring comments was amusing, though. If we applied all of our ‘shoulds’ to ourselves rather than everybody else, the world would be a better place.

  13. says

    I sure hope that Angelina and Brad make it in this world today. I am glad they found each other, I was upset at first and felt sad for Jenifer, But Vince is is good guy for her, very carrie, I just want for Brad and Anglelina to stay together and raise there beautiful family they are building.

  14. Nicki says

    Andrea – That is a cute picture, but it was taken in Noverber 2006 while they were in Cambodia.

  15. Xenafan96 says

    Well Erin, let me tell you this- I think you are a classy person to post the above and I am impressed that not only did you stick to your guns, you made me understand your first post a heck of alot better. Thank you!

  16. Erin says

    When I started this whole internet war with my 1st comment it wasn’t made to bash Angelina & Brad and their parenting ability, nor was it made to make Zahara look like a ‘sour puss’ like some of you have claimed. I regretfully made the comment because I read a lot about RAD and how common it is for infants, toddlers, and children who were adopted…basically anyone who has not had the ability to attach to anyone, and I was wondering if anyone who has adopted from Ethiopia had noticed any of the typical resemblances between Z and a child with RAD. It wasn’t made to be nosy, I just thought the more power to Angelina to take on all these children and the different personalities and obstacles to overcome with each one. I also found it horribly sad how this little comment was turned into this big battle of the moms. Every mom parents their child differently, and every mom believes their way is the right way. However it would be a pretty boring world if we all did everything the same. These children are not being abused, they are not being neglected, so what does it matter how long someone keeps their child in diapers, or carries them around. They are children…..not tiny adults. I go onto this site to browse through the pictures once in a blue moon, never comenting…not a big celebrity stalker. But when I saw that picture my heart just leapt out of the page. Maybe it was from reading so many online blogs of moms who have adopted from the country but my heart went out to her and her children. Just because there aren’t a million and one pictures of her toting Shiloh around doesn’t mean that the child is not loved just as much as the other 3 children. It doesnt matter what remarks are made about my comment…anybody can be a tough guy behind a computer screen hah

    “Practically anything you do will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it”

  17. oriana says

    The doctors books say that a child over the age of 2 is a toddler, she is definately NOT a baby! Shiloh is a Baby.

    Do agree, when they get older, it is their friends, girlfriends, boyfriends that count, sad but oh so true!

  18. dori says

    wow I feel like anything I say is so after the fact somehow I missed it all. It’s great that Brad got an icecream cake my kids loved them ..what fun As for Z sh’e still a baby and they are babies for such a short time … enjoy it all you can carry them all you want!!
    Dont let your mothers or friends tell you to set rules about when to do this and that. My kids are grown and now I’m a grandma so my attitude is very different about about setting limits on kids. Enjoy them as much as you can while they still want to be around you because it doesn’t last that long and before you know it their friends are what they care about and their lives are their own. and you’re at the bottom of their list. So as long as they want you … take it all in!!

  19. oriana says

    I wish she lived closer, she is in Bowling Green, Ky. I like Cinci, they have a good German restaurant there!

    Well, Hats Off All the Way to your Dad!!! And Lucky You to have had him!

  20. Xenafan96 says

    Actually she is here in Cincinnati, OH. so if your niece is in Northern KY she could be seen. Dr. Denise Richardson-Something(argh she just got married and I am ALWAYS forgetting the hyphen!!)

    Ok brain is back, hyphen is Lochsmann(low-shman)

    BTW- I could have never been anywhere near the parent I am without the awesome father I had. He raised me alone from 9 on and taught me everything I know. HE gets the props on common sense parenting and total unconditional love. And witty sarcasm to boot. I miss him lots, but he gave me a lifetime of love to run on.

  21. Xenafan96 says

    LOL-good for you! Makes you feel like you’re 5 again doesn’t it? Trying to eat an ice cream cone on a hot day and not have it drip down to your elbow. Now that is a difficult reach right there!!! 🙂

  22. oriana says

    #110, Is it too inquisitive to ask what State this wonderful doctor is in? I worked in Kansas and live in Ca., my niece is in Ky and believe me, she needs a Pedritician like this one!!!! Praises and Praises to her!!!!!! I feel sorry for the little kids that are having not only books yanked out of their hands, but their own toys! And the parents seem to be oblivious to it, the kids are telling to Shut Up, I don’t have too, NO, and you would they would be embarassed! I can tell you are a loving, devoted mother and again, very thankful and happy for you!

  23. oriana says

    My Dear, You are very welcome! I am eating ice cream right now and licking it off my fingers, not too bad after all! Ha!

  24. Granny says

    Maybe Z was in a pullup? Anyway, my youngest granddaughter was 3 1/2 before she finally cooperated with potty training. Thought she would have to take a diaper bag to first grade : P And since we had all trained children including her sister at around two we knew how to do it. But she resisted and finally she was bribed with a trip to a water park.

    And one of my daughters was so serious I doubt that you could find a picture of her before the age of six with a smile. But that eventually changed too.

    But don’t get me started on pacifiers!!! I really hated the sight of those things. At least the thumb doesn’t get dropped or lost or forgotten. And I’ve never seen a graduation picture with a thumb being sucked or a pacifier either.

    Somehow it all just works out.

  25. Xenafan96 says

    Thank you for all the kindness, it is appreciated because it is there and exists! Yay!
    I spent many years being negative about things. Now I have a life to enjoy and wish the same for you all.

    Oriana, I couldn’t agree more. My daughters’ pediatrcian told me that she is constantly asked by parents for meds to ‘calm them down’. She only gives them out IF the child doesn’t respond to traditional methods, like rules and limits and she tells every parent flat out that no meds are given until she sees that child react to the discipline. Obviously, she never witholds medicine for illness, but she refuse to simply medicate a kid. Her actual rates of prescribing are very low, she posts the number of RX she gives out on ADHD right on the wall. She will give the parent a journal to describe all behavior and discipline used and ask for you to return the next week. She does NOT charge you to return and if she checks over the journal and observes the child is not responding, she will then issue the meds needed. BUT-here is the catch. To get the meds, you have to also attend a parenting class offered at the clinic she owns(at no charge). If you don’t show, she refuses refills and asks you to find another doctor. She has quite a rep too as being tough as nails and other docs will see that you were ‘booted’ from the practice and know that they need to observe the childs’ behavior as well. My sister in law thinks it is barbaric and discriminating, but truthfully, my nieces and nephews run all over her and she doesn’t set any limits. She is an excellent doctor and I have high praise for her. She is truly commited to getting kids on the right track behavior wise and to help any parent acheive that.

  26. oriana says

    Nice post but sorry about eating ice cream with your fingers, just too messy for me!

    I can well understand how you feel with what you have endured and persevered, and God Bless you for it!

    Being physically disabled and handicapped is one thing, but that is different to me than having a hateful disposition and personality.

    I do agree that parents should love their children and be patient with them, I also think they should set some limits and show proper guidance as well as provide as good an education as entirely possible.

    I used to work in a Pediatrics Clinic for five years. I saw more children say NO to the parents than vice versa, the parents were either blind and ignored the kids kicking, hitting and screaming at not only other children but adults. Instead they would plead and bribe the kids, please give the book back to the little girl that had it first and don’t kick her, and I will take you to get ice cream or McDonald’s later. To me, that was the wrong message to give to these spoiled kids, parents can use some proper control and set some limits and still love their kids. I saw children with Lukemia, numerous health problems other than just in for a cold or a flu shot, parents are not in control, the kids are and yet they wonder why when they become teenagers, why are they called in to the counselor’s office at school or worse, juvenile detention. So I agree, yes, travel and let your children explore and experience the world, but they also need a stable home environment.

    I am very glad you are doing well and have a lovely daughter, a nice post indeed!

  27. carleigh says

    Xena…your post was extremely beautiful and you said more than anyone here ever could…….I wish you the absolutely best in life and thank you for posting your story. Maybe everyone may lighten up a bit and just realize that all children are beautiful and that a healthier child is blessed and beautiful. Thank you again for posting your story, maybe someone will take away the message I clearly saw. Bless you!

  28. Xenafan96 says

    Why do we so often criticize the clothing on a child or that the child is ugly? I have yet to meet any child that I did not find to be lovely is some way, even if they would never ‘qualify’ for a mag cover. I’ll tell this, and have whatever comments are made my way.

    I am well qualified to speak on deformities in children. I was blessed with not one but two unique birth ‘defects’. The first was described in 1974 when I was diagnosed as an “Antryl Webbing” and basically it meant that my small intestine had overgrown onto my large intestine and then sealed itself off. As a baby I no nutritional issues, as formula and breast milk are largely absorbed well before reaching the colon, but as I was weaned onto solids I could not eat without vomiting and having very loose, and what my parents described as very painfully produced stools. I was operated on at 2 years of age and coded not once but 3 times on the operating table. Apparently I was quite enthralled with the colostomy bag I had and often had to have my arms ‘boarded'(taped to small boards that prevent the arms bending and rendering the child basically motionless) until I healed almost six months later. I have a heck of a scar, looks like a huge smile all across my tummy, but now, I have no issues with eating, no colostomy, and actually prefer hot and spicy foods. I also had no probelms carrying a natural and quite happily unexpected pregnancy(I was told that the effects of the malnutrition and digestion problems had basically rendered me infertile), with only one time that my now 6 year old stretched herself out at about 24 weeks and we could quite clearly see her foot pushing into my scar(ouch! but totally worth it). I’m done with babies, biologically at least. I simply cannot do it again without intervention, and I believe what is meant to be happens.
    The other half of my childhood was spent in a lovely ‘Milwakuee Brace’ that enclosed me from my chin to my hips to correct scoliosis. I chose to end that torture at 14 and now I have a ton of back pain but oh well, I’m alive. I married the man of my dreams and ended up with my gorgeous and lovely daughter who has NO health issues at all except for a peanut allergy(big in of itself but we just stay on our toes). My daughter is beautiful, extremely bright, and oh yeah, she was a preemie too, decided to come out and say hi at 34 weeks. I never saw the inside of the NICU, she was perfect, just a little bitty. Oh, and did I mention that I was also blessed in my marriage with two boys and a girl my husband brought from his first marriage who are now pretty well grown up and well on to having their own families.

    Here is the point to the post everyone: No one knows what anyone goes through except the person that is right there experiencing it. I could be a very miserable, foul person and I think I could be rightly expected and excused as such, but I don’t think that way. I actually smile at any child that I see because I see beauty in all children because they are here and alive, with a whole life ahead of them and how exciting it is to think of the potential each person has!! I think all humans can fail at things and we do, so I am a realistic person as well. So in all the Jolie-Pitt children I see the potential that can be realized, just as any child does. I have long been a fan of Mia Farrow and her adoptions, and had actually planned my life that way before my daughter was born. I don’t know Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt any better than I know Mia Farrow, but I know that ultimately they have four children who are blessed not as children of the duo, but as the person they are meant to be.

    Want to carry your kid on your hip past two? GO FOR IT-try it when they are twenty, the time will have gone fast and you may ache to even hug them.

    Want to let your little boys hair grow to his bum(in reference to Ryder Robinson)?-GO FOR IT-I know the kids I have met and worked with that have cancer and no hair love seeing a child with hair because it can give them hope.

    Want to travel the globe showing your children the world?-GO FOR IT, esp if you can afford it. How much longer will we be here anyway? In a blink of an eye you can be gone and your child will need and love the memories of you.

    Life is too short people. Eat ice cream cake with your hands if you want to-there is not one rule written in stone against it.

  29. Jodie says

    Piloh Shitt (before anyone has a go at me) is a name I picked up from another site which made me laugh!

  30. Jodie says

    I read that Brad has moved out of one of their homes and into another because he’s had enough of it all.
    Also, that he does almost everything for Piloh Shitt and that Jolie no longer holds her or gives her affection since getting her new toy (Pax)

    Why is this? What is wrong with the woman? It’s common knowledge she didn’t want to be pregnant and had the baby only to snare Pitt. Is this because of her own self loathing that she can not bear something created by her?

    I find this whole set up extremely strange. The children do not strike me as happy and she does not strike me as a maternal person (if she feels as she appears to about her own flesh and blood)

    Pitt was against Pax’s adoption, wasn’t he? but she went right ahead and did it anyway.

    If these people didn’t have fame and money I wonder if they would be considered fit to adopt?

  31. says

    hey I love Angie and Brad.. Angie didnt hate her daughter.. Brad wanted all of everyone leave her alone… That means he do love her and their children…. I love my fan of Angie smile

  32. oriana says

    Stardust, Congrats to your sister and to you!

    With Zahara having some reasons to be serious, and this is just my thoughts on this,

    1. Adopted, no way, she has more going for her in her life than millions of children that have biologicial parents raising them.

    2. Medical issues, maybe so but again, she has parents that have more money to take care of them than millions of people will ever have that luxury and blessing.

    3. malnourished as a baby, up until 7 months old, don’t fret, she isn’t now and hasn’t been for months, and never will be again. I don’t know about a child’s (baby) memory, but how many of us can remember what it was like when we 7 months old and younger?

    Again, Congrats to your sister and your family with the new addition!!

  33. Manon says

    Poor baby, Shiloh that I didn’t see her mommy Angie show to carry or hug to love her own daughter and I notice that Brad show more often love to her . He is best daddy than Angie poor mommy cause I suspect her stunned Shiloh for her adopted children . Angie better wake her mind up for Shiloh. They are very important children.

  34. StarDust says

    Hi – My comments are not medically based! Some kids are just serious, that’s their personality. With Zahara she has additional reasons since she 1) is adopted 2) has medical issues 3) was malnourished. Once a child is malnourished, it affects them forever. But I’m sure she’s getting the best treatment possible.

    Sometimes corrective surgery can’t be done until a certain age. My husband was 3 when he had eye surgery although he had eye problems from a young age. A friend of mine, her son has CP and he couldn’t walk. He had hip surgery at 3 and now he can walk with a cane.

    My sister’s going to adopt soon, from China. I can’t wait to have a little neice (probably)! I also want to adopt 2 children, from anywhere, just someone who needs a home and love. I hope no one sees me as a baby collector, but if they do, oh well.

  35. oriana says

    #85 and #92 was to Fee.

    #88 was to Stardust.

    #93 was in response to your post #55. So your detecting as you stated, some confrontation in my response and asking questions did seem to be a little paranoid to me. It isn’t like I have Only addressed anything to you.

    And yes, she was medically diagnosed younger with having rickets, so don’t you think if she needed corrective surgery or braces, with as much money as Brad and Angie have, why would they have not sought that type of treatment for her by now before she gets any older if that is the case, and especially if in pain and needs treatement? I am certain they have provided Vitamin D and plenty of milk, calcium so why would they prolong other treatment if she needs it?

  36. carleigh says

    Oriana please don’t call me paranoid, I simply made a statment and observation. I won’t argue my views and I won’t dismiss or disrespect your either. I’ve known that Z had ricketts for quite awhile and she has had it since birth. I will find the link and post it here, will that work OK? I made my comments based upon the fact that ricketts has been medically diagnosed in this child, she appears in most of the few pictures I’ve seen that she is very bowlegged and she may be in need of corrective surgery at some point, but my point was that maybe because she has ricketts that’s why she’s being carried now and not standing so much because as she’s gotten older putting weight on her legs may cause her pain. I’ve said enough about this topic and I just hope that she doesn’t have a life of misery because no kid deserves that.

  37. oriana says

    I did read the info from the Univ of Maryland Medical Assoc. It also said if a child is treated while still young they have a good chance of eventually outgrowing it and being okay.

    And yes, I have two grown sons as I have previously written more than once.

  38. oriana says

    Carleigh, please do not get paranoid! When I said she was undernourished but not starved, I meant that she did get fed in the orphanage not deliberately not given enough food on purpose and starved, and she obviously has plenty to eat ever since Angie brought her home at 7 months.

    I have been reading about rickets on google and it said babies aren’t usually afflicted, usually children from age 6 24 months, and that sometimes it does require corrective surgery if the bones are deformed, with proper vitamins and medical treatement, they usually grow out of it, and when it said babies, it said newborns.

    I am not trying to start up with you, I am just responding to what you wrote and you did make it sound that she was in pain, do you really think that is true? I am thinking about her standing on the beach in her diaper with her Nanny laughing at the splashing water and also holding a toy in the Toy Store in NYC, she didn’t appear to be in pain in those pictures.

  39. carleigh says

    BTW..yes Z does still have ricketts, it’s not something that can be cured. Once a child contracts ricketts the child will continue to have secondary health related issues related directly to the ricketts.

  40. carleigh says

    Oriana, I tried to write a post to you but it got lost somehow my computer crashed so I will make another one quickly. I didn’t comment about Z having Salmonella, I posted about her being malnourished/dehydrated when she arrived in the United States and having ricketts. Can’t answer that question about the Salmonella. In regards to ricketts, do you know anything about this condition? I do know it’s degenerative and worsens as a child get’s older, which may explain why Z is having to be carried around now. I never said it was a fact, I was making an observation. Since when is starving/malnourished any different? It means to be w/o nutrients and nutrients we all know comes from what?? FOOD. She didn’t receive the proper diet when she was born and chances are very good that since she is an AIDS ORPHAN her mother wasn’t eating to well during the pregnancy either. Are you familiar with the fact that children need proper nutrition to grow and develop while in utero and also while growing? The fact that Z likely didn’t have these things has predisposed her to lifelong health/bone related issues. I don’t know why you are coming off so half cocked at me, I didn’t disagree with what you said, I did however make my own views known. I recall we had similar issues on the Jordan thread awhile back and I truly apologized to you for snarking and making the unkind comments to you then, so I have to ask myself why am I detecting a note of conflict or confrontation in your posts towards me???? I think we do well to agree to disagree because we KNOW that we have differing views and I can respect yours and will kindly answer your questions, but I just don’t know why I get the impression from your posts you are a bit vehement in your posts towards me. So with that being said Oriana, I do have one question to ask you…if you please…do you have any children of your own? Just wondering you dont’ have to answer that if you don’t want to. Thanks and have a nice evening.

  41. oriana says

    Carleigh, does she still have ricketts right now? Is she severely malnourished and in bad health now? I thought she had sal poisoning when she was first adopted and was treated for that in the hospital. Does she still have it? So if you are saying she is in severe pain from ricketts and has serious medical conditions, why would Angelina state on national television that she is doing just fine and is a healthy little girl? Why would she take her thousands of miles across the world if she still had all these problems and not seek medical treatment for her? Why?

    I heard her say that Z was the funniest person she has ever met, being very dramatic, screaming and wanting her way, and obviously getting it, so I would like to know how you can explain how ill and in pain she is still be so funny and never smiles, not even at her own parents?

  42. oriana says

    Fee, when was she all smiles after she was adopted? I only saw one picture of her smiling after she was adopted, the rest of them looked downright creepy, she looked like an Alien baby in some of them! And Angie constantly was holding her, rocking her, talking to her, kissing her, WHEN have you seen any pictures of Shiloh with her doing that at the same age as Zahara was? When and Where are the pictures? Even when they were in Africa, and no PAPS around other than the personal pictures Angie agreed to pose for, she wasn’t even smiling then in any of those either!

  43. oriana says

    Is it negative to notice that a child NEVER smiles and is always carried when there is a younger baby in the family that is not seen that much? I would think it should be commented on why would a mother allow a baby to be awakenend every morning by an older sibling screaming in her face and that considered negative behavior.

  44. fee says

    85. oriana

    i actually don’t have kids-just a younger sibling and i have three toddlers who are like family to me ok? So Angelina dress her kids in black, grey, and white? so what? A LOT of people like to dress their kids in neutrals. Maybe Zahara is a shy child around people she doesn’t know-hence the not smiling. I was like that at that age-if there were too many people around me, i would clam up-even if my parents were around. I remember watching showbiz tonight while Angelina was in Namibia and she was giving a phone interview. You could hear Zahara giggling in the background. zahara was all smiles as well after she was adopted as well-maybe she is just a serious child now?

  45. oriana says

    Stardust, Zahara was in an Orphanage till she was 7 months old, Pax was in one till he was 3 years old, so shouldn’t he be more of a Serious child than her if you are figuring age? I have seen him looking much more happy and friendly looking than I have ever seen her! And yes, I know she was ill, but does a child retain a memory from 7 months old all their lives? I never read where she was beaten or physically abused in any kind of way, I read where she was malnourished, not starved, so I was just wondering what the doctors say about the reasons for a Serious Child will effect someone? She was rescued and adopted at 7 months old, her feet have barely touched the ground since then, she has Nannies, bodyguards, throws her screaming tantrums till she gets her way, and certainly isn’t going hungry under any circumstances, has been spoiled and catered too for almost two years now, so how long can the excuse that she was in an Orphanage going to be used by people?

  46. oriana says

    Just saw pictures on Perez Hilton of Angie carrying Pax, Brad with Zahara, with yet another brilliant sunny smile on her beautiful face! And sad to say, no sign of Shiloh anywhere. I am sure Angelina’s arms are probably tired from holding her sooo much!

  47. oriana says

    Absolutely right about Heidi and Seal’s kids being called much worse than Angelina’s adopted kids. I don’t think their kids are cute and I also don’t think Heidi’s little girl cute either. They do seem to be very devoted parents to all of them.

    Angelina has had issues for years, proven fact, Brad is becoming more of a Wimp as the days go by, he always looks like he could use a bath or his clothes need washing.

    You will see more and more pictures (ten times more) of them carrying the adopted older kids around more than you will the smaller, younger, baby, it has always been that way, even in busy airports, Shiloh was pushed in a stroller where the others were carried. It is their choice, not just Angie’s but Brad has done the same thing so he is going along with it.

    Zahara 99.9% of the time, has a frown on her face, she doesn’t even smile at Brad or Angie! At least Heidi and Seal’s kids smile and LAUGH sometimes.

  48. oriana says

    fee, if you wear black 99% of the time, and you dress your kids mostly in black or gray colors, just because it is easier to keep clean, then guess that is as good an excuse as any. Did you use black diapers also when they were babies?

  49. fee says

    54. oriana
    not everyone who wears black is gothic ok? i am not-it is just a preference-easier to keep clean.

  50. Jodie says

    Actually #76, if you look at what some people are saying about Heidi and Seal and their kids, it’s far far worse than anything being said about Jolie and Pitt.

    Heidi and Seal are a regular couple. These two aren’t. She has issues and he is just plain dumb.

  51. oriana says

    #76, there was a picture of Heidi and her son just a week or so ago at a park with him smiling and looking at her, with a very happy look.

  52. Loving Mother says

    Its really sad to read all the DRAMA that has been caused on this sight. Its not for the purpose of all you immature ppl arguing abt what you feel. IF it was your life would you want to hear the gossip. People need to grow up. You want to comment, then comment but don’t get on here to argue and diss on the beauty of there family.. There happy so can’t you be happy for them

  53. StarDust says

    Zahara is a serious child – makes sense with all she has endured. I would like to see more of Angelina & Shiloh though. I think they are a beautiful family.

    Yeah, having more than 1 or 2 kids is a life style choice that some people aren’t comfortable with. I want 5 kids myself. I have 3 now, so I understand wanting a big family. I might take a little time/attention away from one child, but I also think my kids are lucky to have each other. I’m lucky enough to have 2 bros and a sis and I never felt unloved or neglected at all. It does take dedication!

    So far so good for the Pitt/Jolie family. These kids look very well cared for and very loved.

  54. Diva says

    Ummm….. do some of you seriously not know that the people who take and sell those pictures and the people who print those pictures pick the ones that will get people buying their publications, hitting their websites, and get people talking. They’re not stupid people, they know which pictures will get the hens cackling and googling. And loving pictures, as much as you may try to convince yourself otherwise, DON’T accomplish publicity for this couple.
    So, you may have seen every picture ever PUBLISHED, either in print or online and think you know exactly what goes on in this family, but all you know is what the people who own the information sell you.

  55. DMITZ says

    Whew. That was alot to read. I agree w/a little what everyone said. I do think Angie needs to spend more time with Shiloh. Don’t tell me that I don’t know what happens behind closed doors b/c if she were really w/Shiloh all the time we would see more pics of her and not only Zahara, Pax, and Maddox. I do think it’s wonderful that she wants to make a better life for these kids, but they were born to underprivledged familied; not necessarily old/experienced enough to be “survivors”. Even though Shiloh never and probably ever will be without, doesn’t mean she doesn’t need love/attention. I have 2 kids and I know that when my 11mo old daughter was born, it took away some time from our 4 yr old son. So the fact that they have 4 kids takes away some of the Shiloh’s time. I would say the same if Angie/Brad adopted a newborn baby and their biological children were always with them rather than the baby. It’s not age either. I’ve been taking my daughter everywhere with me and she’s just fine. I don’t believe it’s to keep photogs away either b/c isn’t that what she feared for her other children? In fact, I think Shiloh’s needs are much more demanding than the other children as there is more of a language barrier being that babies can only communicate so much. How is Shiloh going to feel when she gets older? Whatever resentment Angie feels for her dad may end up happening between her and Shiloh. I don’t think Angie is all hyped up to what people make her out to be. She has been thru too many “stages’ that I just hope she sticks w/this motherhood/humanitarian one that she is in. I wouldn’t be so harsh if she were more involved w/Shiloh – just the way I criticize Britney about not being w/her boys. I have NO sympathy for any celebs being hounded by the razzi or criticized by fans for not doing more for the children. I don’t come from money but I would rather spend time with my children during these moments that I will never get again rather than spend time traveling from country to country to save the world.

  56. traveller says

    I wonder why so many people here are so critical of the Jolie-Pitts? I’ve not once, ever, seen a picture of Seal and Heidi Klum’s son, Henry, smiling. And yet, no one is ridiculing their parenting skills. What is it about Brad and Angelina that makes you people so upset? They’re no different than any other Hollywood couple. Perhaps it’s jealousy.

    As for the comment that both Maddox and Zahara, having been adopted as infants, have also had a life of luxury like Shiloh, give me a break. Shiloh wasn’t abandonned by her parents. She wasn’t forced into an orphanage with no chance to bond with an adult. Zahara almost died from samonella poisoning as an infant for god’s sake. She has rickets. She was malnourished. Anyone who thinks that poor kid didn’t suffer a horrendous life before being adopted is ignorant. Being adopted saved her life. After what she’s been through, I’m glad there’s someone like Angelina in this world that can love her and give her what she needs.

    Anyone who picks on a kid (and especially a kid who’s been through more than any of us could survive) is a louse.

  57. Joelly says

    As far as I’m concerned she’s a kid collector, not a mother. Again, only my opinion.

    Also funny how they try to shield Shiloh from the media but put her in a movie with daddy.

  58. Zbella says

    Jodie, I don’t think it’s sad to enjoy a few pictures of celebrities. Obviously you enjoy looking at them as well. For me it’s a way to take my mind off the everyday.

  59. Jodie says

    some of you people are sad. You talk about these kids and their parents like you know them!

    Do you think Jolie and Pitt would care about any of you?

    You need to get real lives and stop living through celebritys!

    Whoever called me a racist, get your facts straight, my kids are black. Where the hell did the racism comment come from? Weird people.

  60. oriana says

    Jesus, well suddenly my comments about potty training, breast feeding, etc. sound sweeter and sweeter! Where in the world did that come from?

  61. oriana says

    Well my Dear, hope you get a squeeze mop! If not, stick with the pull ups, you will spend a fortune on rubber gloves, lotion for your hands and your poor aching back! No, ignore me, stick with the pull ups for a little longer! Ha!

  62. Nisrine says

    BRAD PITT IS A BIG ACTOR!!!! in life like in movies too,,,he accept angelina jolie’s adopted kids and i feel he’s fake..he’s like a dog who follow his master,,i hate him and Angelina jolie the big bitch too ,men stealer,,mental psycho too!!!

  63. phnxgirl says

    Oriana I do have to thank you in a way, at first I wanted to strangle you, but you have made me want to make this happen. I have bought my last pull up! I will now go out and buy a super absorbent mop till my little guy has seen the light.

  64. oriana says

    I know it would be much cheaper not to be buying diapers and a lot of kids are stubborn, I too have also heard it is easier for girls than boys. Yes, and it isn’t to my credit, I would probably think that you were just another parent not wanting to take the time and trouble to start potty training, and that would definately be wrong on my part. There are so many parents out there that just don’t want to upset the applecart by setting some limits for their children!

    It does seem to be a power struggle, and the kids are winning! I think the parents should take back some control, and be parents, not lovey dovey best friends, set some structure and it can be in a loving way.

    So I apologize to you and good luck with your son. Talk to your peditrician and see if he/she can give you some extra pointers and suggestions.

  65. phnxgirl says

    You would be “proud” of me on other issues though. He does not suck his thumb, nor does he have a pacifier, and I make the little stinker walk because he weighs 30 pounds.

  66. phnxgirl says

    Oriana, see this is the thing, I am not happy with him in diapers. I want him out, out, out of them. What I hear is, he is a boy, they take longer……… start worrying when he turns three……. everything is fine. So do I have a stubborn child, or am I a horrible mom who can not potty train. So I guess what gets me is if you were to see me out in public and my son had a pull up on, you would judge me. That irritates me because you wouldn’t know the whole situation. I’m guessing you are going to say, don’t put him in pull ups, let him pee his pants and learn from it. Problem is I have been there done that. Ugh.

  67. oriana says

    I was at the YMCA the other day, they have a Daycare there for parents who bring their kids sometimes, I overheard, and it wasn’t hard to do for the attendants didn’t care to lower their voices, there was a little girl, three years old, still in diapers, her mother had a baby bottle sent in with her, and they were talking about how pitiful they thought that was for the “poor” little girl not to have had any training. So obviously I am not the only one that thinks it is ridiculous on the parent’s part to be content with it. One of the males that work there joined in on the conversation, he said he would be so ashamed that he wouldn’t even bring his niece over there if that was the case.

    Again, I can only advise, talk to your doctor and see what he suggests.

  68. oriana says

    Better yet, call your child’s doctor and see what he/she says about him being three soon and not being potty trained by then?

    You are the one that says I am an Expert, not me, all I said was I think it is ridiculous for a child to still be in diapers and still sucking a bottle at three years old and I stand by my thoughts, sorry if that doesn’t sit well with you.

    I don’t understand why any Mother with a child over two years that doesn’t have a medical condition would be happy with the child still in diapers, again, that is my opinion and my thinking.

  69. phnxgirl says

    Oriana will you please come over and help me potty train my son who will be three in July! Obviously I don’t know what the hell I am doing and you are the EXPERT! So now that you have made most moms who have children that are above the age of two in diapers feel worthless and lazy, I throw my hands up.

  70. oriana says

    Yes, that’s right, that’s the ticket! She has poor bowel/bladder control!!! Of course her muscles aren’t strengthened! Didn’t even consider that since she is still clearly so poorly undernourished and in poor medical health! She will be a kid allright for a long time to come, they will still be toting her around when she is 7 and people like you will make excuses for it.

  71. Zbella says

    GRRR – do some research on bladder/bowel control. It’s not how BIG or even how old the child is. There are muscles that must be streghtened before a child can be fully potty trained. Wouldn’t you love to see a picture of Z with her pants all wet? Let the kid be a kid.

    Carleigh – yes, they are ALL BEAUTIFUL – the entire Jolie-Pitt clan.

  72. oriana says

    #57, Maggie, on another site, Just Jared for one, there are more pictures of them in Bask Robb, and you can clearly see the diaper sticking up out of the back of her pants. Look how big she is, way too big to be in diapers!

  73. Andrea says

    To #37 Elle:

    You’re in the minority to think that “Elle” magazine is “trash” mag, as you put it. Just because you don’t like what you read isn’t good enough reason to put yourself as a critic of what is tabloid and what is not.

    You clearly like Jolie. Fine. But discrediting everything anyone says about her that you perceive as negative automatically discredits you.

  74. maggie says



  75. oriana says

    All of them are beautiful? Well, again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you think Zahara is beautiful then how can you describe Brooke Shields two little girls, who truely are adorable!

    Angie said herself, on national TV, that Zahara was healthy and doing fine, now if she is in pain and has a bad health condition due to ricketts almost two years ago, why would she drag her all over the world instead of staying in one place and seeking medical care for her? Since she is always eating practically, she isn’t malnourished now.

    She also didn’t seem to be in pain when she was walking and laughing on the beach, as that was one of the only two pictures I have ever seen of her smiling.

    So it can’t be both ways, I saw her standing up just fine when in the Toy store in NYC several months ago, she didn’t appear to be in any pain then either.

  76. carleigh says

    Zahara has ricketts which is a metabolic bone disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin D…….doesn’t anyone realize this? When she was adopted from Ethiopia she was extremely malnourished and developed rickets as a result. Hence the reason she is carried mostly everywhere she goes. Ricketts can cause severe bone pain, skeletal and skull deformities, bowed legs or knock knees, spinal curvature, pigeon chest, imparied growth in adolescence, delayed tooth formation, dental problems, loss of appetite, sleep difficulties, poor muscle tone and development, and delay of walking in growing children. This child arrived dehydrated and severly malnourished she’s had a tough time, maybe she doesn’t feel like smiling. If Brad did set her down to walk don’t you realize she would be trampled by a heard of paparazzi vying for these picture’s we LOVE to comment about! There have been several sweet pictures of Z, she’s got health issues and struggles to overcome, maybe it’s effected her personality from being in constant pain from trying to walk because as well mothers well know, at her age little one’s hardly want to sit still much less be constantly toted around on a parent’s hip. Brad is a good father, this is what he wants to do and he wouldn’t be w/ AJ if he didn’t. The man is happy and their children are beautiful! ALL OF THEM!

  77. oriana says

    fee, do you not see anything abnormal with dressing a CHILD in black most of the time? If she wants to be goth like she was for years, fine, she is an adult, get ten thousand tattoes and piercings, but not for a small child! Of course Marilyn Manson was her idol so it is understandable but dress a child like a child, especially with one that has a personality like Zahara, she needs something to brighten up her disposition!

  78. oriana says

    Yaya, yes, the first picture you saw of her was smiling, a posed for photo op that she got paid for! How many have you seen since then? How many in the past six months? Three months? Please, I would love to see them!

    And for Zahara smiling on the beach, yes, that was one of the two, that I stated, other than only about two pictures of her ever smiling, how many since then? And sourpuss was putting it lightly about her always having a frown and a scowl on her face. Look at ten of the last pictures of her taken, this kid can be downright fierce looking! As for carrying her all the time, and the Paps in her face, I have seen pictures of them on a playground, Maddox the only one down playing, Zahara being held and photographers far away with the pictures, not up in their face, and still, looking as mad and hateful that is her usual demeanor.

    And I do agree, Violet is still young and diapers for her is understandable, I would say that she will be potty trained before Zahara, wouldn’t surprise me one bit when she turns three she will still be wearing diapers.

  79. Zbella says

    yaya – I just found this site about a week ago, and was too busy having my own babies when Shiloh was born. I’m still trying to catch up!

  80. Zbella says

    PS Violet is 16 months old – far too young to potty train. However, I would love to see a celebrity try cloth diapers. They are much better for the environment AND the child!

  81. Zbella says

    Wow, Oriana, YOU seem to be the sour puss! I love Angelina & Brad’s beautiful family.

    Z is TWO!!! Perfectly natural to be in diapers. I would much rather see a child in diapers than being forched to be potty trained. People who are obsessed with potty training have power issues.

    My kids have always walked around in public as soon as they could; that is my husband’s thing – but I have no problem holding my kids when they can walk. I remember both my older kids wanted to be held 24/7 when I was pregnant – go figure – so they were 2. If I was surrounded by paps and/or in a very crowded place, I would prefer to have my kids in my arms. There is not just one right way to do things.

    Regarding Z and RAD – could be, but I don’t think we can base it on a few photots. She looks perfectly fine to me, but you are right that I have not seen her smile.

    AND – yes I noticed there aren’t any pictures of Angelina holding Shiloh. I don’t think the blob comment is any big deal. Some newborns are blobs. Mine weren’t! Anyway, I call my kids stinker and fatty and other names that might not be considered positive. Angelina was being honest about her feelings, she didn’t say she didn’t have feelngs for Shiloh, but that she was not a survivor, and that feeling helped her bond with her older children. I do wish she would hold her in some pictures so we could see them together bonding.

    I love babies and children and I love seeing pictures of parents with their kids, especially the beautiful Jolie-Pitt clan. I can’t get enough!

  82. My kids are human says

    It looks like the boy toy is getting ready to become an organ grinder. He already has the monkey.

  83. fee says

    what, may i ask, is wrong with wearing mostly black? i have seen pics of Zahara smiling on this website i believe. She is on the beach. As far as no ever smiling and never walking, well would you smile if paps were constantly buzzing around you? That may be why we never see her walking either: it isn’t safe with all those people around. As far as the “blob” quote goes, NO magazine is above twisting words around. and even if they didn’t what is wrong about saying that a newborn is a blob? Angie adopted her other kids after they were six months old and she had never had experience with a newborn. I am sure compared to when she first met her other children, Shiloh was very blob like. Lets just give Angie a break ok? Her mom just died not too long ago and angie could have a delayed case of PPD. I have no source on that, but i was just thinking that she has suffered from depression her whole life, so her chances of PPD are much,much higher.

    Here is a link about Angie’s work schedule and how Brad supposedly feels:

  84. oriana says

    That’s right Essie!!!! If it was the way I see fit, Zahara would be walking more, out of a diaper, not screaming in Shiloh’s face every morning, and wearing clothes that weren’t mostly black. Maddox would be in a stable school, not dragged around thousands of miles away for weeks at a time and have a normal childhood with friends, involved in sports, etc. Shiloh would be treated like a baby should be, carried and loved and there could be plenty of pictures taken to prove it, I would be happy to stay at home and bond and take care of my four children, as she stated she would be, but that lasted for how long? About a week? You are absolutely right, it is their children, so I am sure we will see many, many more pictures of sourpuss being wagged and carried, with her diaper on, for months to come!

  85. Jodie says

    I agree, MM, they are going down hill fast!

    How old is Zahara? Looks too big to be wearing diapers.
    Everything about this child is telling me that all is not well.

  86. oriana says

    I think it is time they got Zahara out of her diapers and start potty training her, still has a diaper on in these recent pictures.

  87. MM says

    Why is Brad’s shirt look like it was picked from a dustbin? Is that a vest inside? Looks like a rag.

    If only these two would disappear.

    I like Z but am tired of looking at her sour face. Since the year begun, it has been down hill for these two and frankly, I don’t think it is going to get any better.

  88. Essie says

    “Other celebrity mothers” aren’t Angelina Jolie!!! And she and Brad can raise their children the way they want, not the way you see fit.

  89. oriana says

    I personally don’t base my opinions on her regarding the Blob comment, that is over and overdone with, walking in an airport I can see carrying her, but can she get trampled on her own patio, in an ice cream store? This kid is carried around like she is three months old instead of going on three years old. Madd is still being carried more than Shiloh is so that I do find strange.

    The other celebrity mothers don’t seem to have a problem with holding their child’s hand while they are walking.

  90. Essie says

    I always love to read blogs that have Angie, Brad and their children because I know there will be dozens of stupid people commenting, saying the same thing over and over again. Nobody seems to be able to get over the “blob” comment and the fact that Z is still being carried rather than walking. Angie carried Mad well past the age of 3, so I don’t find that strange at all. Maybe they are afraid the child might be trampled by those crazed papparazzis or maybe it’s just easier to carry her than to hold her hand. What’s the problem?

    And since you are all quoting trash mags, I was reading one the other day that said Angie laughs with Brad and calls Shiloh “my sweet little blob” when she plays with her. Of course, I have no idea how that trash mag knows that but it’s just as believable as the trash mags saying Angie doesn’t change diapers.

    Don’t believe the Brad with Pamela movie . . . Pam is lower “D” list and Brad wouldn’t be caught dead in a movie with her (unless, maybe, if she’s playing his mother)!!! Besides, Brad won’t be making another movie until some time in 2008, according to what he said in an interview recently.

  91. Jodie says

    that is just a nasty thing for a mother to say about her own baby – that she feels more about her adopted kids than the child she carried and gave birth to. That in itself is enough for me to make my mind up that she is odd and self centred. She must have known her daughter would read that quoute one day.

    I wouldn’t say the first two kids have been through ‘so much’ they were adopted as infants and have had a life of luxury every since. I do hope she doesn’t punish Shiloh as she is growing up for being ‘privileged from the moment she was born’

    If anyone’s been through a lot, it’s her latest addition, and she seems to added to his trauma through the way she removed him.

  92. oriana says

    I noticed in one of the other pictures that Zahara’s legs seem extremely bowed. Maybe that is why they don’t let her walk very often, but a lot of bowed legged people walk without any difficulty, I know she had ricketts as a baby, quoted from Angelina on a TV show with her speaking, nothing reporters made up, but I thought that maybe children with ricketts improve as they get older? Don’t know for sure. And of course she was walking on the beach in her diaper and probably walks around the house where we don’t see.

    Also, isn’t it time that Violet and Zahara both stop wearing diapers, especially Zahara.

  93. Andrea says

    To clear up misconceptions, here is where the “blob” quote came from:

    (the February issue of Elle UK about her adoptive and biological children)

    “The world has this opinion about the difference, then you wonder if there is a difference. In fact I found the opposite,” she notes. “I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. In some way they’re strangers because they had this life before me. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born, I have LESS INCLINATION to feel for her. I have to do the opposite from what I expected!” (caps added)

    Angelina continues, “I met my other kids when they were six months, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this …” The interview throws out the word “blob,” and Angelina says, “Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality.”

    It’s not a tabloid mag like many of you have said. Even though the interviewer threw out the word, Angelina didn’t have to agree with it. And her other comments speak more volumes anyway.

  94. Jodie says

    wow 28, do you always go round calling strangers stupid cow? I’m sure it is awful for them but other celebs are occasionally caught smiling – just an observation.

  95. oriana says

    These trash magazines, all of them, how many times have they been sued? Not as many as they should have been in my opinion. They don’t just misquote, they out and out lie! Anything to get more sales! But pictures don’t lie, and eventhough we read our our spin on them, they are there for the world to see.

  96. Libraesque says

    Jodie, maybe it’s straight up hell having to deal with cameras in your face 24/7 when you’re trying to raise a family….ever think of that you stupid cow

  97. oriana says

    Pamela, hope she wears plenty of makeup, not aging too well either in the face, she is a good mother, but too trashy otherwise. Poor wimpy Brad, and he looks like he is in need of a bath half the time in his pictures, did read when he was with J. Lewis, years ago, he would go for days without bathing or shaving, and his pictures certainly looked like it was true.

  98. Paige says

    Hey Brad, I might be in a movie with you and Pamala Anderson. I hope i make it that would be awsome!

  99. Jodie says

    that child is so miserable! I am starting to wonder if she has some special needs or something because she seriously doesn’t look quite right.
    In fact, none of the kids from this family (or Brad for that matter) ever seem to look happy. Maybe living with that freak Jolie isn’t that great, hey?

  100. Granny says

    Most magazines such as the genre of US should be taken with a grain of salt. They are probably not the most ethical since scandal sells better than reality. They usually are supposedly quoting some obscure ex-employee or unknown past acquaintance. Not really very reliable. Kind of reminds me of local gossip in small towns like mine.

  101. oriana says

    RE: the Blob comment, yes, the reporter said it first, and Angie, just like GWEN STEFANI, agreed, now I have never read about any negativity about her saying the same thing, maybe because there have been soooooo many pictures of Gwen with her baby and she is definately a proud, loving mother, but yet again, she has only one child, not as many as Angelina, not making excuses for Angie, for she has definately appeared to show more happiness and devotion to Maddox and Zahara than she has in her pictures to the little one, but right is right, if the magazines are going to make an issue on one celebrity then at least be honest when it comes to two making the same statment or comment.

  102. Libraesque says

    shit, if I have to post this one more time my head is going to explode

    christ almighty.

    Ori, I did notice that she’s always always in a stroller, etc…but re: the Denise R thing what blows my mind is all the pictures of her carrying BOTH those kids all the time, that woman must have hips and arms of STEEL!!!!! But yea, they walk on their own also

  103. oriana says

    I wonder how US magazine knows that she doesn’t change her diapers? Does their reporter work in their house? We really don’t know what goes on inside, we only see when in the public eye, and yes, I do admit, there has been a photographed difference in her demeanor when carrying Shiloh from the other kids, but I don’t think very many people have been privy to her changing diapers, giving baths or fixing Shiloh’s bottles.

    However, I do think Brad is a proud dad to Shiloh but I think he is also one to spoiled Zahara too.

  104. Andrea says

    I agree with #2 and #14.
    I also read that Angelina doesn’t show much affection for Shiloh. The same article said she doesn’t change her diapers either and that Brad’s not happy about her not showing much love to Shiloh. It’s so sad she can make herself think she’s a great humanitarian by adopting a lot of kids, but already has been quoted as saying Shiloh was born into privilege and that she felt like shiloh was a “blob” when she was born.

  105. oriana says

    Lib, I think that Angie and Brad both love Zahara and it is obvious she gets lots of attention from them, I think she is very happy other than her jealousy over the other kids, but you have to have seen that she doesn’t walk and is always carried. Just look at Denise Richards, and am not a fan of hers at all, but she is a devoted mother I think, her daughter walks, and does smile sometimes, and the paps are always in her face, granted she may have invited them, but they seem pretty close up sometimes to me. I saw some more pictures of Brad with Z and Angie was waiting in the car, smiling away at her in her car seat, yes, it is and has been obvious that she is a much loved and catered to child. And there is nothing wrong with that, parents may say they don’t have favorites, but that is not always true, they may not admit it, but a lot of parents do for whatever reason.

    I just think that in three years, there should be at least a few pictures of her smiling with as many vultures as there has been around taking pictures, I know it is how they make a living but a lot of them seem like real bastards to me!

  106. amy says

    essie, i think you are either incredibly ignorant or arrogant to say presume the first comment from erin regarding R,A.D was a ‘haters’ comment…i suggest you google RAD…its possible that ANY adopted child might develop this…looks to me like you were sitting there just waiting for the chance to pick an argument…get over it…no one wants to play….

  107. oriana says

    Essie, how many pictures in all the time you have seen her, has she been smiling? Maybe two at the most. She never is walking, Brad or Angie usually is always carrying her, why is that? Why is she always most of the time wearing black? Of course Angie wears it constantly so that is how she is probably dressing her. Look at Violet’s pictures, Brooke Shields daughters, Apple’s pictures, don’t they walk, don’t they smile, don’t they have photographers taking their pictures a lot also?

    Zahara is older than some of the other children, why does she not walk? Why does she never smile? Even at her parents? She never smiles!

    Why do people have to be labeled “haters” to pick up on these facts and comment on them?

    I am sure she is not all that happy as a child should be that age with all the attention she gets, and Angie herself said she was jealous of Shiloh, that Shiloh woke up every morning with Zahara screaming in her face, her words, not mine, so now with Pax there, maybe she has to have even more attention. I just don’t understand why they have to carry her ALL the time when she is not a little baby any more.

  108. Steph says

    i dont hate her, that would never cross my mind(unlike some ppl mentioning it). i just agreed that i have never seen her smile.Big Deal!

  109. Libraesque says

    OH GOD people give it UP. The media manipulates everything you see in print. If AJ had said in an interview that she cared more for SHiloh because she was her own, the ONLY pictures you’d see was of her holding S, to re-inforce that so they could sell sell sell more rags.

    The only celeb babies I ever see smiling are those pics taken from far away, like Violet at the park, where the kids are not being bombarded with these rabid paps

  110. Sassy says

    Hi All, I just read in US Mag. that Angie does not show Shiloh any attention, and Brad is getting tried of it all..I have noticed, I only see Shiloh being carried by Brad and not Angie…say this is not so…..

  111. maggie says

    I think that Z is a happy girl, she has everything she needs, maybe shes just a serious or shy girl, I understand that we never seen her smile beacuse all the babies are always smiling, Im sure she dosnt have any problem.

    And i like how is she dressed, I dont know if is angie or brad who picks up the clothes, they are very original.

  112. Essie says

    Oh, I don’t know Amy. Maybe because this baby is being called a “RAD” child or perhaps it’s people saying she “never smiles” when they’ve only seen pics of her surrounded by strangers snapping and yelling. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds like hate to me. Brad has said that it sound more like racism to him but I won’t go there.

  113. Just me says

    Fifi: Brad DOESN’T have to do anything! Granted, she has said a lot of hypocritical things to make me not really care for her, but he’s with her for some reason. Maybe he actually loves her!

  114. amy says

    essie…don’t start…i don’t take any of the comments so far as coming from ‘haters’…so how do you?????

  115. Essie says

    P.S.: There is no Baskin-Robbins in my city anymore. The Health Department closed them all because they were dirty. But we have other places to get great ice cream cakes.

  116. Essie says

    The child is happily holding onto her Daddy. She’s not crying or trying to pull away. She is obviously a happy little girl. However, it’s nice to see you haters can still find something wrong with the picture!! Good going, Y’all!!

  117. Bethany says

    Has anyone seen pictures of Zahara smiling? I haven’t seen any…..I think Brad looks like a good Dad, too.

  118. says

    I think that brad is a good father, it’s a shame that he has to live with angelina. I don’t think she care for her baby as much as she cares for the adopted ones!! In the long run that is going to cause problems in their relationship!!

  119. Erin says

    is it just me or does Zahara remind anyone, who has adopted or is in the process of adopting, of a child with reactive attachment disorder? not trying to start any rumors but from what the media shows of the little girl she really reminds me of a typical RAD child….anyone else think the same?

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