Britney & Her Cousin Enjoy A Girls-Only Weekend!

Britney had a busy weekend. Britney and her cousin Ali went out to tan at the tanning salon and then enjoyed a sushi dinner in Beverly Glen Bel Aire on April 13th.

Britney Spears

And on this same day Britney made her notorious valley-girl tirade…I dare you to watch it here! It’s nuts! She invited one of the male photographers to come into the tanning salon for her to record some sort of message. As much as I typically try to cast a positive light on Britney and her actions, this was downright WEIRD!
The following is the transcript:

Britney: “Hi. Yes first I want to say hey to all of my fans and I can’t wait for all my stuff to come out I’m really really excited.

[Sarcasm]And also I just want to say that I’m just really really shocked how nice our world is because it is just so nice like omg the other day I was sitting there and I saw these magazines and they said I was pregnant and it is so true like Ameria believe everything you read because you’re smart and I’m stupid like for real come on ya’ll and then after that I totally saw also on the USA Today, because always believe everything you read, it said I am drinking all the time and it was like so right it was so true like omg. It was so true and like my management totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab so right you know like I’m going to cry right now because the world is so nice like this lady told me she said “Britney go to the light and see Jesus” and I said omg I’m going to do it and I did and it happened! [End sarcasm]

Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to have to hire you man. Alright thank you.”

Then Britney did a retake!

“And, like, I saw these magazines, and they said I was pregnant, and like it’s so true. Like, America, believe everything you read because like you’re smart and I’m stupid. Like for real. C’mon y’all,” she said.

“Like this lady told me, she said, ‘Britney, go to the light. Go to the light and see Jesus, OK?’ And I was like, ‘Ohmigod, I’m going to do it.’ And I did it. And it happened, and it’s just so weird because our world is so nice.”

That same night Britney and Ali went out to Club Parc in Hollywood. Cute dress!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

And Brit was spotted back at Beverly Glen Bel Aire on April 14th.

Britney Spears



  1. abarnes says

    It is so obvious that Britney is being silly. I guess she figures the majority of us thinks that she is this way so this is her way of helping us feel like we’ve got her pegged! I get it Britney, however with all the things you have just been through, you need to exercise caution in what image you present. It’s really not any one’s business, but you should acted a little more mature.

  2. N says

    Also…. the pictures arent spanning a 24 hour period… None of you ladies know how much time she or K-fed spends with these kids.

  3. says

    Cousin Ali looks WAY better than Brit. Way more put together with her outfits, skinnier, prettier, just looks better all the way around. Maybe she could give Britney some style tips. Somebody sure needs to.

  4. Lauren says

    It’s nice to see Britney covered up but seriously, she has a lot to learn about being a parent. Her life should be focused on her boys and work not partying and tanning. That’s what you do when you have no responsibilites. What was the point of having babies so young if you’re not even home with them?

  5. kim--original kim says

    pleeeease…every fk’g day is a “girls only day” for this LOSER! Maybe she will have a hit on any forthcoming record…but she will NEVER get back this time with her little boys… and she’s too STUPID to understand this now… she only cares about the cameras, not her babies. It’s not hating, it’s the truth, it’s OBVIOUS!!!
    What a fool… I CHERISH every minute with my 2 little ones… but I waited to have them until I was ready to give them every minute of my time!!! Thank God, at least the boys will have each other… I hope they never learn how to use a computer…

  6. Miranda says

    Brintey, Britney, Britney..I will be soooo happy the day I see her with both her boys out instead.. Tell me again, are we sure Jaden James excists?

  7. british mum says

    Sorry gals, i watched the clip and really think she was taking the piss, (sarcasm, you get it or you dont) not sure what about, paris maybe? . dont get me wrong im certainly no fan but i feel she was just being silly. !!

  8. Tia says

    Maybe you’re right #9 i think i read that somewhere too..i don’t know how she does it…i can’t be away from my little one for more than 25 mins! lol Crazy…and #10, i couldnt agree with you more..its a sad day when you realize that KFed is the better parent.

  9. Karri says

    I never thought I would say this, but Kevin is starting to look like the better parent. Why pay all that money for rehab if you are just going to act like the same tard you were before the rehab!!! Those poor boys This girl needs more than just rehab.

  10. Lurker says

    She’s a mess.

    And #7–I read that she only has custody of the boys 3 days out of the week..maybe the pics are from Kevin’s four days a week..?

  11. Tia says

    …uhh…what just happened? I don’t even know what to say right now..those videos scared me. I think she needs more help….

    i said once, and i’ll say it again…where are her babies??

  12. phnxgirl says

    I watched that video, and that is really not the way she talks is it? I guess I have never really watched anything where she is actually talking. Probably because I can’t stand her.

  13. Zbella says

    WOW – That’s BIZARRE. She really has lost her mind…

    Is that her real hair growing back under the hats?

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