Will Ferrell & Magnus

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell, 39, and his son Magnus, 3, were snapped enjoying an early morning walk together on Melrose Avenue in L.A. Will and wife, Viveca, also have a three-month-old son named Mattias.



  1. Tia says

    What is wrong with the people on this site?? that was rude #8!!

    I think will Ferrell is awesome. His son is verrry cute!

  2. says

    fifi trooper, you don’t have to be so racist . Anyways what if the baby has brown skin,big lips, and a wide nose. Lots of American people look like that and they live a normal life.Some are actually models! so if u wanna say something racist agian i think u will need to think about it again.

  3. fifi trooper says

    no 5# your baby is going to come out, Brown skinned, with big lips, and a wide nose!i THINK WILL, NEED TO PUT ON SOME PANTS!! I think that it’s adorable that he’s holding his baby’s hand. That’s hot!!

  4. Maria says

    i think his pants a kool! and his son is so cute.Just like my son.Blonde hair and blue eyes. right now i pregnant with my 2 child!

  5. Zbella says

    Mangus looks great – and yeah, Will looks like Bozo the Clown, but at least he’s holding his son’s hand and is an involved dad. Plus he’s so funny! Love his latest movies…

    When you’re that rich & successful, you can wear whatever you want! Or, like me, if you just don’t care!!

  6. kim--original kim says

    I LOVE Daddies who spend time with their kids…especially when they look like they’re actually enjoying it! The kids benefit so much from this…

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