Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Her Son's Autism

Jenny McCarthy

Actress/model Jenny McCarthy has opened up about her four-year-old son Evan’s autism after revealing she’s planning to release a new book all about dealing with the developmental disability.

The former Playboy model has revealed her son is “hypersensitive to air and water” on her website, and she’s determined to help educate parents and teachers about autism.

She says, “I want our children to start each day in silent meditation. I want organic cafeterias, outdoor class sessions… I want it all.”

McCarthy, 34, will reveal all about her own struggles with her son’s autism in new book Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey In Healing Autism.

She tells In Touch magazine, “It’s a heartbreaking story about a serious health issue.”

It is so admirable and courageous of her to write this. It will probably help so many people.



  1. Nella says

    Oh my goodness, I just couldn’t resist writing after reading all of this! My son is 4 years old and is autistic. I am totally in agreement with AEM here.
    Did you all know ADHD, ADD and Autism have scientifically linked to eachother? So why the sudden “outbreak”? It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to have an outbreak of genetics. That is why the disease is so puzzling! The only thing that has consistently risen with the number of cases of autism diangosed is the amount of vaccines our children are required to take.
    For anyone who says they have done their research and there is no deaths from vaccinations…well, they haven’t done their research all that well. Check out for one. Deaths occur all the time with vaccinations. If you don’t believe me, just type in ‘deaths related to vaccinations’ in your search engine.
    Hep B. is a blood born illness, and yes, if your child comes in contact with it, they will get it (if not vaccinated). However, it is TREATABLE! The only strain that is untreatable is the HEP C virus which there is no immunization for anyway. Also, you cannot vaccinate against Viral Meningitis because it is a virus. So, no cure and no vaccination. Only Bacterial Meningitis is treatable.
    Now, I am pregnant with my second child and I will not be vaccinating her. I know a lot of people are reading this in horror right now, but anyone who doesn’t go through what parents of autistic children go through, has no idea how important this subject is in our community. I will probably vaccinate against Polio only once my daughter reaches the age of 5 because that is when all children have completed all developmental milestones. As for the other vaccinations, well, ask your grandparents. They have probably had most of the illnesses we vaccinate against. I’m willing to take that risk. I would much rather have that 1% case of a dangerous case of Rubella for my children and hospitalize them, than take the risk of autism.
    One last thing to ponder, In January 2005 a bill was passed that protected all pharmacuetical companies from being sued for any ill effects the vaccinations may have on children, not to mention the parents would also be unable to sue the government if any cases of death or other side effects occurred from vaccinations. In December of 2006, 3 lawyers for George W. Bush requested the Senate to seal ALL documents of research dome linking Autsim, ADHD and ADD with vaccinations. They specifically requested the public to be unable to view these documents.
    Why shouldn’t we be able to see all of the research on the synthetic foreign substances they request us to inject into our newborn babies?
    BTW a persons immune system isn’t even developed completely until the age of 2, so why would we compromise an undeveloped immune system by injecting live viruses into their bodies???
    A good book to read is “How to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor”. And people, doing research is more than just asking your pediatricians….which whom, by the way, get financial kick-backs for administering vaccines. (i.e. for every vaccination you administer we the pharmaceutical company (Merkc & Co.) will give you $100). Really search it out. Really look into it.
    Every person is different and has their own beliefs and bottom line is, do what you feel is best for your child, I just pray you TRULY do research about this.
    P.S. I used to be Pro-immunizations until I saw my son have seizures, spiked temps, and develop autism from his 13 month vaccinations….

  2. shannon strayhorn says

    I cannot believe someone as ignorant as Patty Cake knows how to use a computer. What a disgusting post. She is the reason that our kids with autism should be in normal settings, so that future generations don’t grow up as mean and hateful as her and maybe can learn from each other to be kind and inspiring. Which is what my Autistic daughter is.

  3. Proud Mommy says

    Patty Cake,
    You are offensive and ignorant in your comments. I am an educator and know first hand how horrible the public schools are and how much they need to be changed-for ALL children! The majority of childern are not “normal” (probably due to the poison being injected through vaccines) and all children deserve and have the right to an education. Perhaps YOU should remove your children and find a “better” alternative. I also believe in KARMA!

  4. Elm Mom says

    I too have heard that John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s son Jett is autistic. I found it odd the last time he appeared on Oprah he went on & on about the daughter but not much was said about his son. I think Jett must be middle school age. Kudos to Jenny for going public about her son – I hope she can be a good advocate for all special needs parents.

  5. patty cake says

    Oh and that indigo and crystal crap is SCIENTOLOGY which is a CULT . John Travolta has an autistic child that he has left untreated which is child negelct and ABUSE….scientology doesnt believe in medication, psychology..etc. These people are mentally ill.

  6. patty cake says

    Maybe she should stop humping her boyfriend..the ultimate retard Jim Carrey and stop getting plastica work and spend time with her kid. I am so sick of this diagnosis and all the parents who want to change the schools to accomodate their problem children. There are special schools for these kids. She is rich. She can take her son to the school in Culver City. For low income families it is a tough break…but regular kids should not have to suffer in order to mainstream these sick ones. Its ridiculous. Put these kids in special needs classes period. Why should normal kids have to suffer through the day with an autistic child who cant sit still? Sorry. I know its a horrible brain disorder/disease..but the public school system is not set up to deal with special needs..and that needs to be changed. BUT ..not at the expense of the rest of the children

  7. Niki N says

    I was sad to here about your son, everyone wonders about Autisum and don’t know why the numbers continue to rise. I wish someone would look into the link between immunizations and Autisum. There has been some research and I have talked to more than a few pepole who state there child was alert and normal till they went in for one of their checkups and rec’d shots. They state it was like a light switch being turned on of the differences noticed. I don’t have the means to make everyone aware of this but am working on how. Anyway something to look into.

  8. says

    Well, I suppose whatever works for Evan. I guess you should try it and see!!! But, I have two boys one is 13yrs old and has ADHD and has been on meds. for at least 7 years and then my other little boy who is 2 1/2 yrs. has autism. It is really really hard work to deal with 2 kids that have speical needs. I do agree that early intervention does work. My son is doing really well with it!!! But, I am gonna get her book and read it. To see what its like!!!

  9. Zbella says

    Vax are a big deal for me. I support them very much. I have done my research as well and there is no indication that vax cause or lead to Autism. They have not it doesn’t though – so of I understand your fear. But please respect those of us that DO immunize our kids. I do it for my kids AND YOURS. Since my kids are immunized, yours are better protected as well. However, only 90% of vax are actually protected against most diseases (if they are exposed to them – which they would not be if everyone was vax) so my children ARE at risk even if they have been vax and are around kids who are not…

    And the Amish had a case of POLIO!!!!!!!!! in their community last year. The first one in decades. Very, very scary. Kids don’t always die from diseases, but they can be very ill and miserable and suffer horrible pain. Whooping Cough is one of the worst – very easy to spread and being passed around all over. People can have it for months and coughing is so powerful it breaks ribs.

    The biggest thing for me is that UNBORN babies are at risk if exposed to diseases that barely affect older children and adults. Many people don’t vax their kids where I live, and I could have been exposed to anything while pregnant and a teacher to boot. Thank heavens all my babies were OK. I had a bad scare with my first – I taught a child who had to be treated for TB.!!! 🙁 Being exposed to chicken pox can cause a miscarriage or birth defects.

  10. carleigh says

    N that’s a nice story….inspiring and nice to hear that some children are able to thrive w/o the medications. I however must admit my ex and I agreed to “flush” our daughters system from the med’s she was taking over the course of the last school year. She went from being an A/B student to C’s, D’s and OMG even F’s. This wasn’t acceptable so we had to go back and get her put back on the med’s again, I am hoping at some point she will grow out of her condition and that my ex would agree to alternative methods like diet modification and positive reinforcement, but sadly he makes excuse after excuse. I am glad some children don’t have to take the med’s,I don’t particularly like them but in the face of what my daughter goes through and how I’ve seen her both off/on the med’s it’s sadly the best solution for the time being.

  11. N says

    I read a story about Nick Cannon (a celebrity if you dont know) a while back. In it he says that as a child he was diagnosed with adhd/add …. His cousin was also diagosed. His cousin was treated with meds he was not. His mom fought it …had his IQ tested and he scored extremely high. He was upped a grade which made the school work more challenging. He said he has not taken any meds for it and he wont.

  12. carleigh says

    Yes Libra unfortunately it is…I have two daughters, two totally different personalities. Older one has it, younger one doesn’t have it and I can tell from the distinct differences in personalities that I am fairly certain my younger one has escaped the disorder, thank you GOD!
    AEM, my point was that the specific “cause” of Autism has not yet been discovered and more extensive research is likely required before Dr’s and scientists will isolate a gene, bacteria, virus, or ‘unknown” cause for Autism. In regards to the vaccinations questions you were referencing above three specific things. Hep B is a blood born disease so if your child ever comes into contact with tainted blood and has no antibodies, the child could develope Hep B. Meningitis can be either viral or bacterial, there are different ways of treating this. You first have to isolate what specific type of meningitis the child would have. It is something that I have have had my children vaccinated against because as much as we can protect our children, when they are exposed to an airborne virus..all bets are off and Meningitis kills. I do know that the meningitis vaccination isn’t as highly effective in babies as it is in adults, but I am not going to risk my daughters’ health. You never hear about a child dying from a vaccination but you sure do hear about it if a child dies and is UNvaccinated…it’s preventative measures for protection. Each parent is different and has the sole right to make all health decisions for their child/children, but as they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  13. Jenna says

    #26, Keni, yes autism and ADHD do appear to be on the rise It may be that it actually is on the rise (the MMR vaccination is often blamed for causing autism in Britain) but it may just be that it is diagnosed more. Don’t forget that not so long ago, people with autism would often, sadly, have just been called “insane” and locked away in an institution. Either that or they would have been hidden from the world by their families.

  14. AEM says

    Carleigh – you have made a point that many mothers fear…and that doctors also use as a scare-tactic…they told me that if I did not vaccinate my son, I was putting him at risk of “death”…um, no, I disagree completely with them! :)…According to records, out of all of the vaccinations that we give to our children and that are avoided by the Amish, they have not had to deal with any outbreak of such…I.E – just because their children don’t have the HEP B vaccination doesn’t mean they have wide HEP B outbreaks…does that make sense? I couldnt figure out how to write that clearly sorry! Yes, you are right, some children might die from not having the vaccine, however this is very rare…possibly more rare than autism…I asked the doctor how many children in over 20 years of his practice had he seen die of meningitis because they weren’t vaccinated…he could only think of 1 – a little premature twin that was extremely small with other health issues…thats pretty low considering the hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands?) of kids he had seen over 20 years working in hospitals and offices!…So, yes, essentially you are taking that risk and that is a choice the parents have to make – however I chose and choose to take it for the better of my son…Many mothers say their children are constantly sick with immune problems after receiving so many vaccinations – my son has yet to be “seriously” sick and he is going to be 8 months old…another example would be the chicken pox shot – I’ve had the chicken pox, my mother, my brother, my sisters, etc. etc. etc….and we’re all still alive 🙂 Now there may be that one case where a child had the chicken pox and got extremely sick and died…however, how many kids have you heard of, out of all the kids that have had chicken pox, that that has happened to? Very unlikely…so tell me, why is it so bad for a kid to get the chicken pox? Because you don’t want them to be itchy? 🙂

  15. carleigh says

    kelly, there are some ignorant people here who start things with anyone over any little thing, so I can’t blame you for thinking you would get ripped and shredded. But, I think this thread is different than others because we are talking about our own children and seeking information. I hope you are having a great day btw.
    As to the question of autism…my thought is this, has anyone thought about how much the environment has changed in the past 30 years? I am not totally convinced that the rise is childhood autism is not related to something “environmental”. Environmental hazards have the ability to kill animals, cause cancer, disease, etc., etc. so why not look at the “environmental” angle. I am going to do another paper for my anatomy class and I am strongly leaning towards autism because this thing has piqued my interest and I am itching to find out. I know there is no known “cause” or a certain genome (not to say it’s not genetic because I haven’t read anything about that yet) that specifically predestins a child to be more prone to be autistic, but I am just wondering exactly where this comes from and what information is actually out there about it. What I do know from the little bit I have seen and read regarding autism is that there are different levels of autism and some are severe and some children exhibit autism with savant capabilities, I will read more and find out more.
    AEM, I find your post very interesting…but have you thought about the fact that NOT having your child immunized can put his health in overall jeprody? I don’t know about the Amish and autism rates, more of an area that I will explore…you have made an interesting post and have piqued my curiosity…I will check out that information, thank you for making me think.
    Ladies, I know you all are just like me and thankful for the beautiful little one’s we have, you all take care and hug your babies.

  16. Blng says

    i find that these days school accommodate alot of learning styles. My son is ADHD and he is alloud to work standing up. AS long as he is doing the work if it works better for him to stand then why fight it.

  17. kellymay says

    That is me girls but after writing out two huge posts they are not getting accepted when my myspace is attached, weird!

  18. Dianna says

    I caqn appreciate all the comments, as I am the parent of an autistic child…but HAVE ANY OF YOU really read about the Indigo moms and referring to the children as Indigos, or as Jenny call her son, I think, a Crystal?? This sounds no better than a few other celebrity couples refusing to accept their childs autism. It sounds a little scary. The FUNNY thing is, is that NEVER on any talk show, have she EVER referred to her son as a Crystal when promoting her books or movie!!!!! Wonder why that is……????????

  19. Dianna says

    I caqn appreciate all the comments, as I am the parent of an autistic child…but HAVE ANY OF YOU really read about the Indigo moms and referring to the children as Indigos, or as Jenny call her son, I think, a Crystal?? This sounds no better than a few other celebrity couples refusing to accept their childs autism. It sounds a little scary. The FUNNY thing is, is that NEVER on any talk show, have she EVER referred to her son as a Crystal when promoting her books or movie!!!!! Wonder why that is……????????

  20. anonymous says

    society has unfortunately been led astray for years, evil bastards!

    wheres evelina these days?

  21. AEM says

    UGH! i just wrote this once and it erased it all! :(…ok, here goes again…

    Keni, yes, autism is on the rise in the past twenty years…it is now up to 1 out of every 120 kids according to some reports whereas twenty years ago it was at 1 out of every 10,000…thats a HUGE difference!…so whats changed? for starters, like many of the moms have mentioned on here are our diets…today we eat more and more food with chemicals which are put into our bodies (i.e fast food, microwaves, etc.)….IMO the biggest thing is the vaccines…it is amazing how many vaccines are given to babies under 18 months…would anyone tell me why a one-day old baby needs a HEP B shot if there is no evidence of it in the parents? anyone? anyone at all?….My 7-month old son has only received his polio vaccination (since we live in Cancun the majority of the time) and the DTAP – which includes tetanus etc…the other ones (HEP B, prevnar, influenzae B etc.) he will not get anytime soon – if ever! much to his doctors protests…however, they are not the ones who will be dealing with an autistic child in the future…now, of course I’m not saying that EVERY child who gets fully vaccinated is going to be autistic – of course not! But, the chances rise tremendously….if you ask your doctor (as I did) to provide you with literature that refutes the vaccination-autism link, they will provide you with tons and tons of research done on the topic supporting the vaccines…what they don’t include is who funds the research – coincidentally the pharmaceutical companies!! coincidence? I think not….

    Another thing to look at is other communities within our country who disagree with modern medicine – the one in my area being the Amish…they do not follow any modern medicine ideas/theories including vaccinations and autism is unheard of in their children…once again, coincidence? I think not!

  22. Keni says

    Hi, not sure if it is because Im getting older or because I have no children, but…
    Is it just me or is ADHD and Autism on the rise. The media has been talking about it more and more lately, if Im not wrong the View even did a show on it.
    Im goin to assume that this is not a preventative thing. Im glad that celebretries are sharing and bringin light to what appears to be a challengind thing for children and their parents.

  23. kim says

    Thank you for that insight Carleigh- and thank you for being so respectful. I was sure I would get my head ripped off.

  24. Kelly says

    Thanks Zbella, am trying to find out more about it but it seems like its causes are unknown so I guess prevention is impossible, atleast if the child is born already. I have 2 kids, 7 and 41/2 are they sometimes behave oddly especially the younger one. He can too mature for his age even mature than his brother. He likes to read and that that age I wonder what he is reading but he is too mcuh into serious things I have to force him to play or do childish things.

  25. Jenna says

    I think its a great idea, hopefully a high-profile person like Jenny McCarthy will be able to bring some attention to autism. I used to do voluntary work with autistic children and the parents I spoke to generally found that specific diets were generally the most helpful “solution”.

  26. Zbella says

    Kelly, talk to your doctor if your worried… but there is a spectrum of Autism – some are more severe than others.

    Here are some of the main signs: doesn’t make eye contact, doesn’t point to objects, doesn’t react to name, gets very involved with one object (spinning top for example) to the exclusion of everything else.

    I was given 20 questions to answer regarding my son. He only had a couple of markers, but none of the big ones. He isn’t very involved with kids his age (2) and he doesn’t like to be swung or rocked. So we don’t think he is Autistic, but I know several children who are. They are totally functional – I think it must take more patience on the parent’s part though.

  27. carleigh says

    Kim, for me personally where I drew the line was after observing my daughter for about 2-3 YEARS, extensive medical interventions, various methods of discipline which didn’t work, just knowing in my gut that my daughter wasn’t acting this way because it was some kind of behavior exhibited in average children…it wasn’t typical for any child that I’ve ever been around to act the way my daughter did. Before putting her on medications we tried therapy, positive reinforcement and many other things…never dietary changes because my ex wasn’t convinced and still isn’t. I am NOT one of those mothers who asserts that their child not be disciplined and doesn’t do anything wrong, in fact I am quite the opposite. My daughter’s condition varies and depending on what has occured in her day, what she has eaten and the amount of sleep she has had, all these things factor into how her attitude, conduct and behavior are going to play out that day. So, I have found that what works for me are the things I can control in her immediate environment like diet, exercise (wearing her out helps out tremendously), stressors and getting a good nights sleep can make or break her on any given day. I treat her condition like I would treat any liveable, managable health condition because it’s not something she can control, but with the right amount of knowledge we can and do live with the effects of ADHD and some days are good and some days are NOT so good. I do think Dr’s and teachers want to just write out a script and force the med’s because they are ill equipped or don’t desire to make any changes or accomodations for these kids, so until that attitude changes, ADHD will still be treated as it is now.

  28. kim says

    I used to work for a Pediatrician that worked with ADD and ADHD children, but what I would like to know is where you draw the line between disciplining your child and automatically diagnosing him with these sicknesses. Half of the moms that brought their children in would not even tell their children no! They would throw tantrums, touch things they weren’t supposed to, and run threw the halls, while their mothers sat there and did nothing. I do believe that ADD and ADHD exist, but I also think that teachers, parents, as well as Doctors are way too quick to whip those pills out.

  29. amy says

    if by one celeb bringing this in the spotlight helps take away even the slightest bit of the ‘stigma’ of having an autistic child…then HOORAY..what a wonderful way to trade in on your celeb status I say!! my closest friend in the whole world has the most beautiful little girl who has been diagnosed as autistic, and yes, she can be challenging, especially as her mother is a single parent…but my god!! she is the most precious gift in the world and i (or her mother) wouldn’t swap her for anything…its other peoples preconceptions that will hold her back, not her condition!!

  30. Kelly says

    You know even Holly-Robinson Peete’s son Rodney Jr and Toni’s Braxton son are is Autistic, do you think Autism is very common, how do I know if a child has it?

  31. Wendy Nickerson says

    My 9 year old son also has Austim, do I find it sad No, we need to really appreciate what we have, he has taught us so many things, and to really appreciate life! He did have early intervention which included, speech, OT, etc.. and he has come along so much. Lets not dwell on the Austim, but appreciate who he is truly.

    I find it funny to read that she is so brave, brave for what having a son, don’t we all. You deal with what you have, and God only gives you so much you can handle.

    Our son goes to a great school where we lived called Renfrew Educational Services, where the classess are smaller, and they blend mild, moderate & serve special needs together, they have Speech, OT, Psyic Therapists etc.. on had for all the kids, he is in the choir, plays gym, swims, etc..

    We have encourgaged him to be like everyone else, he is no different in our eyes.

    Do not dwell on what you could have had, it will only bring you down, but flourish what you have and enjoy each day.

  32. carleigh says

    Sandra, have you ever thought about starting a support group for mothers in your area for children/parents dealing with ADHD? I found a great support group and find that talking about my daughter’s situation and her specific needs has helped me, some parents have been dealing with other major symptoms whereas my daughter appears to not be one of the more “severe” cases. She has her moments but since she has had more consistency and routine here at my home, her own father admits she’s improved on her attitude at his home as well. I know it’s very hard to cope and as a parent we try to understand what our children are going through, but we can’t ultimately understand because we don’t live in their shoes. There are good days and bad days for children with ADHD and from my experience I try to avoid situations for my daughter that may provoke her more agitative side and try to maintain a consistent level of calm and she seems to respond better to predictability. This is just one of the many things I have been learning in the past 6 1/2 yrs. into this odessy that is ADHD. My best advice is from my experience is that I really understood it better when I realized that:
    A.) She can’t control it, it controls her
    B.) She depends on her medications to control her disorder just like someone with diabetis
    C.) Routine and recognizing stressors in her environment has played a crucial role in eliminating some of the things and learning to “deal” with the things that are ever present but in a different way
    I hope that at some point she can become medication free because I like you do NOT relish the fact that she is taking a class III narcotic…but it is what is working best at the moment. Although I do not like it, I accept this for what it is and try my best to help her cope and reach her full potential whatever that is going to be. I wish you all the best with your son, it’s not an easy road by any means but I can tell you this it does normally get better as the children age. BTW..for the bedtime do you have your son on a “set” routine? Do you perform rituals at night like reading a book, winding down, etc.? I found that once I enforced bedtime rituals with my daughter that she came to expect it and in time (about 9 months) her body adjusted itself to those signals and now she goes to bed w/o incident. Whereas before it was 2 am to 4 am before she even tired down enough to REST! Her sleeping schedule was atrocious and I wasn’t able to function, finally I said enough of this and just got all the books I could, read up and educated myself and while some things worked out well, honestly some were a complete flop. Finding what works for your child is unique to himself and I am sure you will, keep faith it doesn’t last forever and with some time he will get better and more managable.

  33. Sandra says

    It is great knowing there are others out there to talk to and know about ADHD. I am the first of all my friends that has a son who has it. They just don’t quite get it. I am scared to death of the side effects. So far they all suck. With my son being on it, it has caused constipation, lack of eating (mind you he is almost 6 and still hasn’t hit 40lbs) , a really bad attitude (he yells and now hits), bedtime is a screaming struggle now that he is on the meds and I have heard it stunts their growth. With all of that it makes me nauseated thinking about keeping on the meds. To know that my son is doing drugs of the likes of cocaine just doesn’t sit well with me. I have never done a drug in my life, but my son needs it everyday so he can he can concentrate. It is sad my son’s school say they are in it to help, but really they are not! They just want him doped up so they can manage. Thanks for sharing your stories!!

  34. Anne says

    The problem with new age treatments is that with autism you have a window in which proven therapies help the child to progress. If this window (the younger the better) is used up with new age or unproven treatments that ultimately don’t work, then you cannot get back that time to have a do over……and the autistic child will never reach even the level that may have been possible otherwise…..

    That being said, he is her child, and she has every right to do what she feels best for him.

    I have 2 children with ADHD, one a grown woman that was never diagnosed and went through her school years struggling and friendless due to symptoms of a disorder that was not being diagnosed in it’s inattentive form. She struggles to this day, even medicated due to lifelong habits that she cannot change……my youngest is on meds and doing wonderfully, despite him being exactly like his sister before beginning them. The right medicine (in our case) has given him self confidence, shown him that he is indeed as smart as the rest of us always told him, helped him to cope in social situations and make friends……totally made him like himself. I don’t know if he will ever be able to go med free…..but then I don’t think my older son will ever be able to go without his glasses or asthma meds either…..all of these things are just tools for my boys to help them in their journey through life, and if the youngest needs to take the ADHD meds his whole life (or the older son the asthma meds), then so be it….

  35. dori says

    Carleigh I totally understand where you are comming from I have a 20 year daughter who was diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD and I was totally against her taking medication. We used the diet and behaviour management and It was just ok. She had a hard time focusing in school and then refused to go to college. She does want to go to beauty school. Trade schools and a different learning environment like Montessori schools are better for these kids if you don’t use medication. Until the education system changes their way of teaching these very bright ,hands on, type of the medication is a great help. . What we need is cooperation from the schools These kids don’t work well in the one size fits all institutional education system. They need more they get bored and thats why they can’t focus. Mundain activities such as English and History are unbearable for them. Caffeine helps!

  36. carleigh says

    Sandra I can totally relate to the ADHD and being on drugs, my 11 y/o daughter is right now on a regimine of Rysperdol three times per day. My ex and I don’t see eye to eye on the treatment for ADHD and he believes the medication is necessary and won’t even explore the alternatives such as behavior modification and diet, I am frustrated as hell because I think he is too lazy to try. I’ve been fighting for years to get her off the medications but if one parent is unwilling it can’t happen successfully, both of us need to agree and come to a moritorium in what is going to be in her long term best interest and I am of the VERY FIRM belief that is backed by scientific research and proof that she can learn to manage her condition just like diabetics do, only hers will be through self-awareness and control.

    It’s sad that Jenny McCarthy’s son has autism, but beings she is the parent I would think she might know in this case what’s in his best interest. I wouldn’t say that her new “age” treatments have necessarily proven to be endangering towards her son, so why question what seems to work just because some people might not agree with it. I always want to know more about the “new” things I come across because from having a daughter with ADHD I am always interested in ANY information that may explain or help me understand her better. Here is a link and information about what Jenny was talking about, I do find it interesting but maybe not necessarily the path I would want to take for my own daughter but hey, I won’t knock something someone else believes in because that’s being close minded and completely unfair..people get judged and ridiculed to quickly. Look at how everyone thought Prince Charles was a weirdo for being so involved in preservation of the environment, well, honestly think about it from what’s happeneing in the world today I don’t think he was so wrong for his ‘new age’ brand of thinking which was over 30 years ago beings now the effects we are seeing in our world today…one never knows about ‘new age’ doesn’t necessarily mean cooky or odd ball..sometimes opening your mind and exploring can be eye opening for some. Here’ s link to Jenny’s site for those interested:

  37. Sandra says

    Parents have different feelings and ideas on how to treat their children. Early intervention sounds like the kid is on drugs or is an alcoholic. Heck I didn’t even know she had a kid with Autism, but whatever works for her and her son even if it is new age b.s. then so be it! My son has ADHD and is currently on medicine. I would do ANYTHING to get him off the drugs, sadly they are what works for him right now.

  38. phnxgirl says

    Autism is so sad. It made me laugh when she said she wanted all children to start the day in “silent meditation”. My mornings are nothing but silent. I could use some meditation though!

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