Gisele Bundchen Buys Baby Gifts For Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Gisele Bundchen has reportedly sent actress Bridget Moynahan $2,000-worth-of baby clothes from posh boutique Petit Bateau. A staff member told Life & Style magazine that the purchases included a sweater and hats.

Hmmmmm….I’m sure Bridget was thrilled. Could Gisele possibly be seeking some favorable PR?


  1. Anon says

    Tom should not be the Stetson boy. Instead he should be known as Tom “Love em, knock em up, leave em and blame em” Brady

  2. Anon says

    Melanie seems to be going from blog to blog posting her trash. Melanie – your mean posts are just making Brady fans look worse and worse. I can’t imagine Tom wanting a fan like you. Anyway, here is a good response by Kathy on another blog to Melanies post.

    #210 you are sooo funny…my sister and I are still hooting over that one. Could there possibly be a lawsuit in poor Tom’s future? I can see the headlines now:

    “Tom Breaks Down, Bridget Stole my sperm!”

    Tom Brady cries, “I feel so violated!”

    Gisele screams, “I’m supposed to have his first baby!”

    Baby Brady Banished–Was conceived using STOLEN Sperm–Penalty Called!”

    This is Whacked!

    Bridget had to have conceived in Oct. in order to be due in July. Let’s all count to 9 now, boys and girls!

    They did not break up until the end of November. This sequence has been published over and over again. No matter what some of you say, Bridget is a beautiful woman, they were in a long-term relationship. He had just purchased a new apartment in the Time-Warner building in Sept. in order to be closer to her while she filmed Six Degrees. The child was NOT a product of stolen sperm, rape or any other nefarious means…they were in a RELATIONSHIP!!!! Tom Brady may not be my idea of a dream guy, but he has NEVER denied paternity people. So why do some of you keep carping on this issue? He ADMITS paternity!!!!!!

    After listening to some of you, I no longer wonder why BM has left the East Coast even though she told Martha Stewart that her friends and family are all here. She probably fears retaliation from rabid Brady fans. Good luck Bridget, you’re going to need it!

  3. anon says

    Mealnie- I guess you wouldn’t be having any respect for Tom Brady’s sisters as well who schemed to get pregnant and have children out of wedlock!

    Tom should have worn a condom, NO excuse for a 30yr old man.

    We hope that they will both be great parents.

    I doubt Tom will the last sports figure to dump a pregnant girlfriend. So Melanie,keep watching coz they’re will be alot of women you will not have respect for in the near future.

  4. Melanie says

    It’s clear that Bridget got knocked up WITHOUT her boyfriend’s consent otherwise he wouldn’t have left her like he did.

    His sperm was STOLEN from him – of course he was pissed off. He knew he could never trust her again so he left – good on him. I have no respect for women like Bridget who scheme to get pregnant and then have children out of wedlock.

    I’m sure she told him she was on the pill and then secretly went off it because SHE felt the clock ticking and wanted a kid. Hopefully Bridget will get what she deserves one day. I just feel sorry for him.

  5. Anon says

    The pictures posted on splashnews online are absolutely adorable. Bridget looks so healthy and happy. She is a beautiful pregnant woman. I wish I looked even half that good when I was pregnant. She is absolutely glowing. I wish her all the best and can’t wait to see pictures of her and the baby.

  6. casey says

    About the ring, Gisele likes to wear a ring on that finger. She did it with all the men she had a relationships with. It looks like she is so desperate for a husband and family. Poor Tom, he keeps getting hooked up with women who wants marriage and he’s not ready. Just hope he doesn’t get this one pregnant as well.

  7. It's true says

    goodplasticsurgery dot com. look up gisele bundchen – it clearly displays pictures of before and after.

  8. patsfan says

    Isn’t that funny he has changed so much? I remember his interview where he mentioned how he can be himself with Bridget. I would not be surprised this fling will end soon, it’s difficult to keep a man like him entertained with just sex. The novelty of her will wear off and we’ll have our QB back.

  9. Why says

    I have read recently (now take this with a grain of salt because it comes off various sites on the internet, but I have a feeling there is some truth behind it), that Gisele once had breast implants and plastic surgery on her fanny and nose. Now I know lots of celebs have plastic surgery so I am not questioning that, I just can’t fathom why Tom wants to be with someone who is so fake and plastic. Maybe it’s not for me to understand and maybe it is just a temporary lust thing for him. I keep reading what a down to earth guy he is and how he likes to keep his personal life out of the media. I guess that description of him and the life that Gisele leads just don’t mix in my mind. Who knows. Just hard to get my mind around.

  10. Notso says

    It looks like a triple banded gold/platinum friendship ring. Tom is not stupid enough to shatter his own image especially not at this time. He needs to wait for the arrival of his baby, show his support and rebuild his wonderboy image. Maybe in a couple years when all this dies down.

  11. NOT says

    It looks more like gold/platinum triple band friendship ring. Tom is not stupid enough to be engaged, that would totally shatter his image. Not yet, give it a couple more years. He still has to prove his excitement of the baby, be seen with the baby, improve his image a bit and when all of that dies down, he’ll marry. Not sure if Gisele can wait that long tho.

  12. anon says

    Baby gift should come from the father, not the father’s girlfriend. (if it actually happened, Life & style have been having inside info on Gisele lately, which is doubtful). (Story may not be true)
    As for them going to church Gisele was in Europe that weekend why come come back to go to church on Sunday, then fly back to Europe. She has said several times that she is NOT religious, but she believes there is a God.(Story may not be true) Not unless she is taking catholicism classes.

    I’ve read comments against Bridget thay say ,Tom cannot stand Bridget and does not even want to hear a name mentioned. If this is true, what bothers me is, how can he want to be part of this childs life, his resentment will eventually be directed to the child. If he feels this way toward his childs mother its best he stays away altogether. Most of the comments made were heard from a friend of friend who has in’s with Patriots. So again (story may not be true).

    Truthfully, until Tom & Bridget make statements as to why they broke up, which I doubt they will – they kept their relationship very private, we won’t know what happened between them.I believe though, they had a committment he bought an apartment worth millions to be near her in September, then broke off in November/December.

    Question- Why is it in our society making money and careers become more important than family?

    Hopefully, they are civil enough to make the best decision in regards to their child. Grandparents already are in-love with the baby!

    Gisele should wait until she is married to Tom, then send the child gifts.

  13. Anon says

    I am sure that Bridget really appreciates Gisele’s nice gesture. NOT! I am sure that if this is really true, Bridget would love the opportunity to shove those gifts where Gisele’s thong usually resides.

  14. Esther says

    whatever the reasoning behind the gifts, it was a nice gesture. Gisele did not have to buy anything for Bridgets baby.

  15. KAT says

    Gisele is top notch??? That’s a stretch. She maybe every mans fantasy as far a a roll in the hay, but when it comes to brains and morals, she is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  16. Lainie says

    I am sorry to say this but I doubt Gisele is going to dump Tom. For years now she’s been mentioning she wants to settle down and have a family. She has had a lousy track record in love and now that there’s a good American poster boy, she’s gonna want to hold on to him. As for Tom, he may not have wanted to have a family so soon, but he may want to now. After all, Gisele is top-notch and not a groupie after his money.

    Whatever the deal, a baby is on the way. Let’s hope they all have a round table to discuss the child’s future and not dwell too much on who’s at fault. Bridget will just have to face the fact that Tom will have another woman at his side and Tom will just have to shelf his pride and anger, forgive her for her actions and move on for the sake of the child. I already feel sorry for the unborn child….

  17. Essie says

    What stupid people you all are!! And I mean that sincerely.

    STOP BELIEVING THOSE TABLOIDS!!! How in the world could any sane person believe Life & Style?? Or any of those other rags. So ridiculous!!

    I don’t believe for a moment that Giselle bothered to buy baby clothes for Brigette. When did she find the time? She’s busy modeling (and not just lingerie). Giselle is the highest paid model in the world. She earns $30 million a year. She doesn’t need to pull stupid publicity stunts to get attention. The papparazzi follow her everywhere she goes, with or without Tom Brady (who is only known in the States, by the way).

    And, believe me, if anybody gets dumped in this relationship it will be Tom getting dumped by Giselle because she’s tired of him not because he dumps her. Then, Mr. Brady will move on to another famous woman because that’s the kind of guy he is. Perhaps, eventually, he will see the light and marry a nice hometown girl, but I doubt it.

    You people really need to stop reading those taboids.

  18. KAT says

    As much as I would like to see more Anti-Tom support on the above site, I just want to warn you that it is a pretty nasty blog. The Pro-Tom people posting there seem to be long time fans of his. There loyalty is completely blind to any wrong doing by him. They get pretty nasty in his defense. It gets frustrating reading that blog because you can’t change ignorance.

  19. Miapocca says

    I am so with carliegh..Brigette needs to focus on herself adn does not need a noteh child draining her emotional energy

    If it wasnt becuase of the media circus, this baby doesnt even need to kno whis father is this TOm Brady

    I think Brady and his team have it in thier heads that Bridgette is so desperate to trap him, She had 3 yrs to do that..besides money doesnt make you the best person around..I am of the opinion he spliut when she told him she was pregnant….too bad for him, she can get on with her life..Why lock yourself up with the wrong perosn, an amazing man may be waiting for her

  20. KAT says

    My heart goes out to Bridget so much. I would really like to see them get back together. But I guess you are right Carleigh, not if she doesn’t want him. I know I am horrible to think this but I hope that she meets and marries someone wonderful and that the baby ends up calling that man Dad. Tom does not deserve to be called “Dad”. He hasn’t earned that right.

  21. carleigh says

    I still am of the firm belief that Bridget doesn’t need to take Tom like him never change and he’s acting like a little boy. A responsible man would do the things he’s been doing in public. Him and Giselle shouldn’t be cavorting and flaunting their relationship in the view of the public, this to me signify’s a lack of respect for Bridget. If he can’t even respect her enough to be discreet then what makes anyone think he has any remorse or feels badly for how he has been treating her. Personally if I were her, I wouldn’t nor would I allow him to be present during my pregnancy. This is Bridget’s time and she’s growing a new little life and she needs to focus on herself and be kind to herself, once the baby is here then unfortunately it’s time to deal with Mr. Happy Pants Brady!

  22. carleigh says

    Uh Remy…David Bowie and Iman have been married for 15 years….that’s pretty long term don’t ya think? LOL…they got married in 1992 and their daughter Alexandria is GORGEOUS! Wish the WM would put some of their pic’s up here…their daughter is DDG!

  23. Remy says

    If I am not mistaken he got 2 rings with Bridget. Their relationship was pretty low profile, so not too many people knew they were dating. Not like his current fling and that’s because the current girl likes publicity.

    Not too many top supermodels end up in long term relationship. Christie Brinkley was married like 5 times and have kids from 3 or 4 different men. Only supermodel that had any class at all was paulina.

  24. Miapocca says

    Why would you even involve yourself in that mess…its not like you are MARRIED to the person. And you started datign him not long since there was a pregnant ex…hopefully you havent actually done this, but with some psycho pregnant ex, you leave the door open to start a relationship you might probably not want with a woman you dont need to be involved with

    Beside I know circumstance vary but it doesnt speak well of any man, eg Federline..hmmm

    No Drama is good drama, besides I prefer my drama online

  25. Nat says

    Hey, just maybe having dinner with Peyton put some sense back into that boy!

    I remember an interview of Tom where he said he looked forward to family. Eventually when it’s time to settle down, it will be some good old girl next door. Look at Peyton, he really ended up with a girl next door…his college coach’s next door neighbor. That’s what Tom needs if he wants more rings. Bridget hasn’t been good for him nor will Gisele. Since he went the tinseltown route, he hasn’t won anything. Come on Tom, get us another championship and leave those glamourous girls behind!!

  26. KAT says

    We can only hope that the man has gotten his brain out of his pants. Just when we get our hopes up though, I am sure that there will be another sighting of the two of them together. So don’t get too hopeful yet people. Time will tell. I am sure that all of Tom’s football buddies are urging him to boink Gisele as long as he can.

  27. Jenny says

    Gisele is spotted WITHOUT Tom! Think Tom may have finally gotten his brain out between his legs?

    Hope so. Not sure if Tom should marry Bridget, but he should at least be involved in this pregnancy even if he didn’t want it. It’s a deed that cannot be undone so he should just shuck his pride aside and face the music. No matter that he didn’t want the baby, I have a feeling he will fall in love with it when he sets his eyes on the baby. If the baby is a girl, she’ll melt his heart! If boy, Tom will be full of pride. Good luck to the two parents to be and hope the odd one out slips away quietly…

  28. KAT says

    I think that the only thing that Bridget would want from Gisele is HER FRIGGIN BOYFRIEND back. And then only if he begs.

  29. oriana says

    For God’s sakes, keep the clothes and hope she sends more! Maybe she will buy the crib too, heck, let her furnish the whole nursery if she wants too! She can afford it and think of the baby, no need to be prideful or stubborn, let her have Tom, reap all the benefits she can and just focus on being a happy loving mother!

  30. fee says

    This may very well be a PR stunt, but maybe Gisele is trying to be civil with Bridget? Tom and Bridget are always going to have a bond now, and if Gisele is as serious about Tom as she seems to be, the ladies are going to have to be civil for that child’s sake.

  31. Miapocca says

    At 26, he is mature enough to hold down a job and f**k a woman..EFFING CAN LEAD TO stds and babies,if you dont get that you shouldnt be in the sack with anyone…….if you cant take the heat dont go in the kitchen and I am sure the family priest can reccommend abstinence to Brady…and he is certianly not playing chess with GB…no contraceptive is a 100% safe…

  32. KAT says

    Kelly #29. Just FYI – Tom is 29 and Bridget is 36. According to my math, this is only 7 years. And what does the fact that she is just A LITTLE older than him have to do with it anyway. If this bothered Tom, he would not have been with her for three years.

  33. KAT says

    Totally agree with you Jan #38. I also believe that it is Tom pulling away and not Bridget. She may have to swallow her pride in order to take him back, but I very firmly believe that if they both decide (and currently Tom has clearly not) to make it work, then it would. As a society, we need to keep this new role of “parenting” from expanding. You can read all kinds of studies and sociology about the effect of the demise of the family on our country. I know that may seem extreme to say in this situation, but this is just another example of people (Tom) chucking away their responsibility to do whats right in favor of what feels good at the moment.

  34. jan says

    KAT #31…I agree with your post, except it is clear that Tom is not trying (hanging with Gisele, always out of the country, etc). It does not appear that Bridget has been given the option. I’m sure she would not have willingly chosen to leave the father of her baby and a man she apparently loved if he had offered to marry her.

    Even with no specific details, It’s obviuos that it’s about Tom’s behavior here, not Bridget’s. That’s why this is such an emotional issue for so many people…because Tom’s behavior is so clearly wrong.

  35. neil says

    A Pats and Brady fan. I’m a little suspicious of Bridget but I hope the three of them (however long Gisele is in the picture) can be there for the child. Its a new world and ‘parenting’ has taken on expanded definition lately.

  36. kim says

    You can’t really judge Giseles intentions- but heck! Even if I didn’t like her, I would take the clothes! If somebody I didn’t like was willing to give me $2000 I’d take it. It doesn’t mean I have to be best friends with them.

  37. Miapocca says

    #33..I know a few who threw away several marriage and are now lonley as hell itself…they only have regrets to keep them warm at the time the relationship were going bad, they cut their ties simply because it was too difficult or teh woman or wam di dnot meet a certian criteria…Its not funny,but it cracks me up to see them this way

    I think with time brigette might ocme across someone willing to make that commitment ot her and her child..I wish her luck and I also wish Giseele mugh luck in finding the right man to father her chidlren and remain with her for eternity, however she has a lot to learn to improve on herself for someone to want to stick around for that eterntity…what goes around comes around and I hope she will not give the media the oppotunity to repeat her statements on Brigettes pregnancy at some future date..I hear crow dont tast oo good even with tabasco sauce

  38. Anon says

    I agree with you Miapocca, that both parties have to be committed to make a relationship work. As you said, if the couple is forcing themselves to be together, it won’t work. The problem is that two many couples go into it not being committed. That is where the problem lies. You have to put aside what you are feeling at the moment and make that commitment. A committed relationship isn’t about the warm and fuzzy feelings that are always present at the beginning of a relationship. Those feelings die away and are replaced by a mature and deep love and committment. Two many people throw a marriage away when those warm and fuzzy feelings go away. Sure there are many single parents doing awesome things out there. But I bet the majority of them would not choose to have it that way. They do it because they have no other choice.

  39. Miapocca says

    #24..I totally agree that relationships are not easy and people have to work thing out, however it takes committment on both sides, have you tried carrying a dead human weight not fun, you are better off letting that dead weight fall off so you can be free to take care of yourself.

    Also we are at a time where its fashionanble to run around with as many partners as possible, cheat on husbands change wives I say its better they never entered into yet another mockery of marriage in Hollywierd. A Baby deserves parents but most importantly a good emotional environment…Not an environment filled with tension from fights and parents bickering about thier immaturity to put others before themselves. IN some cases this kind of forced union creates a very terrible emotional environment and the outcome= screwed up kids like Lohan and Paris’s of this world wihtout a shred of morals or maturity.

  40. KAT says

    Sorry to say it Zbella, but that is exactly the attitude that causes so many couples/families to break apart. Yes, people should get married because of a baby. (in most cases) Whether a woman or man needs a husband or wife is not the issue. A baby needs a mom and a dad together providing a loving home. Yes, there are some special circumstances where that is not possible. But this isn’t one of them Tom and Bridget could give that to this baby if they really tried. The sad thing is these two are not even trying and that is just plain selfish.

  41. Kelly says

    I don’t think two people should stay togather or marry for the baby’s sake. I don’t like Giselle much but Bridget was cradle snatching anyways, she is over ten years older than him and may be she should have thought about it that babies don’t love walking down the isle. At 26, I uderstand Tom’s confusion and initial reaction.

  42. Miapocca says

    I am in agreement with Carliegh..why should a woman be married to a man who doesnt want to be far we have not heard the woman says she wants to be married….for all you know she is jsut as tired of Brady and just wanted a baby without the extra anchor.

    A marriage or partnership can work between two people who are committed , not two peopel who are forcing themselves to be in a sac together..these is high potential for emotional abuse in that kind of union, one perosn or both will feel they are giving too much of themselves to somethign they dont even want……there are so many single parents out there doing wonderful awesome jobs…its always nice to have support of a partner, but frankly a present partner doesnt mean supportive in anyway…”

    I trust Brigette will do quite fine and Giselle simply needs to stay away from any interaction between the baby mummy and daddy…she is not in a committed relationchip, she has no ring, her position is fagile and she jsut started dating …if I were her I will learn to shut up..also Brady should be the one telling her to keep away form his baby mama..he is just a wus and I am sure bridgette has brothers and parents who can be a better example to this kid than the arse who left the sperm….
    I will be more that happy if Bridgette treatshim like the sperm bank that he further contact…unfortunately his parents will mis sout and I think Bridgette has a relationship with them after dating him for 3 yrs.;…

    I dont see a happens yo hav eot be realistic…the guy breaks up and withon a week he is off with rio special amd sh ei sall up his arse…for now he is running scared and thats why he is clinging to Rio special, but once he comes to his senses he will buy the biggest shears ever at the garden store to get rid of the clingin vine Gisselle who is suddently making descision about his life after dating for how long???She is hollywood as they come and her crush will fade soon enough fo rbrady to move on to the next model…..

    Brigette has risen above the occasion, done her thing and is getting on with the situation..its Brady who is missing the most important part of the child life….Not all women NEED men..they may WANT but NEED, that went out when women started earning their own cash!!!

  43. Zbella says

    I don’t know 1/2 as much about this topic (or threesome) as you all, but I don’t think anyone should get married for the baby. That being said, of course Tom should be involved – a baby needs a dad, but a woman doesn’t need a husband!

  44. Anon says

    Carleigh, even though I don’t agree with your stand on Tom and Bridget getting back together, I still loved your comments about Gisele. They gave me quite a chuckle. I totally agree with you that Bridget should be commended for minding her business. I hope that she is able to find some peace in the last part of her pregnacy. I also hope that she and Tom cansomehow find a way back to each other. But he better come on his hands and knees.

  45. Dewey says

    Oh come on. Giselle did not do this as a “peace offering” she just doesnt want to look like a bad lady in front of the press. Tom might of put her up to it. I think she might of done it to show Tom she doesnt care about him and Bridget or she is showing her baby loving skills so maybe Brady will give her one. I mean the poor girl, all her boyfriends or ex boyfriends are having babies except not with her. Carleigh, I think the answer is Bridget and baby Brady. But that is just me. What do you think? I think that even though Tom and Bridget aren’t together anymore I still think they will have a adorable baby.
    I feel bad for the baby her or his parents will never be together. Sad.

  46. Anon says

    I believe they should get back together. I hope with all my heart that they do get back together. They would really have to work at it and overcome a lot that has happened between them, but they could do it. I do not think that Bridget should just welcome him back with open arms. (Part of me hopes that she makes him grovel and beg) But I do agree that they probably still have enough between them to make a go. Part of being mature and responsible (for both parties) is being able to work through your problems and yes, what is best for any baby, is to be with both parents. It is not acceptable to just say “Oh well, both parents can support and love the baby, so that is enough”. No that is not enough. That is just a cop out so that the couple doesn’t have to work through their problems. Relationships are not easy and too many people just throw them away when the going gets tough. These two lost the right to do that when they made a baby. The family is in trouble in this country, and we need people to stand up and make their families work. I support Bridget whole heartedly, but both Tom and Bridget are going to have to sacfrice their pride and work through it.

  47. carleigh says

    Bridget doesn’t NEED Tom Brady and she never said publicly that she wanted to marry him or be with him, so far she has taken the moral high ground and it’s worked well for her. While Tom is out and about cavorting with Giselle the underwear queen, Bridget has been taking care of herself and minding her own business. They don’t need to be married or even together to do the right thing for their child, they need to be mature, civil and want to provide an environment that is healthy and stable for their child. Giselle needs to take those gifts and stick em’ up her thong if she’s just doing this for the publicity. I wish Bridget the very best for herself and that baby and in all honesty if that means staying away from Tom Brady then so be it, who is the important people here? Tom and Giselle or Bridget and Baby Brady??? Gee for me that one is quite simple to answer.

  48. Anon says

    Even if Bridget doesn’t feel like taking him back at the moment, they both need to realize that if they really work at it, they could probably make a go at it. They would both have to agree to forgive each other for the past and move on from there. I think that they have so many outside factors (like Gisele and the media) going against them right now. They need to put all that behind them and focus on the future. Tom’s recent actions may not be the most mature and stable, but I doubt Bridget would have stayed with him for three years if he wasn’t what she wanted.

  49. Karen says

    For you people that believe Tom should go back to Bridget, have you ever considered Bridget may not want anything to do with him at this point? Sure she may still love him but she probably also realizes that he is not the type to settle down. Just something to consider for all you people that automatically assume Bridget would just welcome him back with open arms.

  50. Ally says

    I am sorry to have to disagree with you Celia but I believe that Gisele is doing everything she can to make the situation worse, not better.

    1. She went after Tom with a vengence.
    2. She flaunts it in public whenever she can.
    3. She puts Bridget down in public by doing an interview where she insults Bridget.
    4. With both of them knowing Bridget is pregnant, she takes him to Europe and makes it very possible for the paparazzi to photo them everywhere they go.
    5. She takes Tom home to meet her parents right after the pregnancy is announced.
    6. She does probably the most insulting and spiteful thing she can by sending Bridget baby gifts knowing that this would be announced in the media.

    I don’t really believe these things are helping the situation.

  51. Anon says

    Sorry, I meant to say I agree with Jan #16. I do agree with you Jen on everything but the fact that he should marry her.

  52. Anon says

    Totally agree with you Jen. I posted this on another site and I’ll post it again here.

    I find it sad that our society thinks the right thing to do is whatever makes you happy at the moment. Tom and Bridget had enough feelings for each other to make this baby. I think that they had enough feelings for each other that they could have made it work if they had really tried. Just because one of them (which ever one I don’t really know) didn’t feel like being together at the moment is no excuse. I know people say “Oh, a loveless marriage is worse than two separate parents who love the child”. That is just an excuse to do what ever you feel like and not take responsibility. Taking responsibility involves more that just a support check and weekend visits. It involves putting aside your own wants and doing what is right for the child. If both parents make a conscious decision that they will put 100% effort into the family, then it usually works. (I am not talking about abusive situations). But most of the time when these situations don’t work out is because one or both of the parties isn’t willing to give it 100% and they go into it with a temporary attitude. It all depends on your personal value system. If you value your own desires more, then it will never work. This is what has become the norm in our society. To hell with the family, I just don’t want to put that much effort into it. I’d rather be with someone else. When you decide to have sex and a baby is the outcome, you forfeit your own right to do what ever you feel like. I don’t believe for a minute that Tom and Bridget didn’t have enough to try and make it work. They both should have pushed aside their current argument or whatever happened and made it work. You may say this is old fashioned or not what people need to do in today’s world. But look at the condition of our country with everyone doing what they want when they want.

    Sorry for being on my soapbox. I guess I am just so disheartened at the state of the family in our society and how people just disregard it and do what ever they happen to feel like. I am sure that Tom and Bridget are very nice people and seem to be respectable people. But their situation is brought to light because they are famous. I have nothing against either of them personally, but this kind of situation gives young kids a false sense about family and what it is really like to have a baby out of wedlock. These two people are very rich and will have no problem providing for their baby. But the rest of the world is not so lucky. the rest of the world doesn’t have the choices that they do. This is just another example that glamorizes the whole situation of having a baby out of wedlock. As a parent, you feel like you are constantly battling everything that goes on in the media and with celebraties. Kids don’t want to listen anymore because they see their role models doing the opposite. Again, nothing against them personally, but I am just so weary of people putting aside responsibility and the family because they just don’t feel like it.

  53. Anon says

    Get real Celia,

    There is no way that Tom and Gisele got together after the breakup. The timing is way too short for anyone to believe. She announced publically serveral months before and basically said, if you get rid of the little woman, you can have me. The fact that Tom and Gisele just happen to meet and start dating one week after the breakup announcement is more than a little circumstantial. Especially with Tom getting close to the playoffs. Its not like he had a lot of extra time to be out and about where they could meet. Please. They obviously had things in the works before the breakup. With as busy as they both are, there is no way this was a coincidence.

  54. jan says

    Jen#11…Actually, I don’t think that no one is saying that they should get married. I think they should. I think Tom should step up to the plate and do the right thing. Everyone I know agrees with me on this, whether they are young or old, married or single, man or woman. Tom does not get to move on just because it feels good.

    Bridget and Tom were together a long time, and I have every confidence that they could work things out and have a wonderful marriage and family. A child is a potent reason to make the effort. As I have said before, people break up and get back together all the time, often stronger and wiser and happier with the benefit of perspective.

    Already so much time has been lost. It is unforgiveable that Tom has not been there for Bridget during her pregnancy, and his cavorting with Gisele (the “enabler”) has added insult to injury. I do not view him as good father material – he has failed so miserably on this first important test.

    Tom won’t get a chance to do this over. I hope for his sake – as well as Bridget and the baby’s – that he gets his act together very soon.

  55. Celia says

    You guys are being awful to Gisele; I mean, she didn’t do anything bad, Tom and Bridget were already broken up when she started dating him, and no one knew Bridget was going t be pregnant. Now Gisele is just trying to d the best she can to deal with this situation, i’m sure it’s difficult for her to. She always said it was her dream to become a mother, and now her boyfriend’s ex is pregnant.

  56. Miapocaa says

    Verey rude and disrepectfullhmmm.I hope the ift get sent to a charity with a note form Brigette to G thanking her for sending htose wonderful gifts for the young girls at the st patrick maternity home

    Who the fuck does g think she is….she is acking herself into a horid position especially when tom tries to seek visitation rights…

    I say, brigette shoudl just forget this brady kid, have he rbaby and find a man to be the role model..because wuss brady sure isn’t ans he and his new gf are basically being insulting towards the baby mama…

    doe she expect Brigette to ooh and ahh over her gist..waht an arse..she is truly stupid..I hope Bar is pregnant afterall, that wil make G look like some hack.passed over by all hemen who want to have children……

  57. Marianne says

    Send the gifts back. It was a ploy on Gisele’s part to try to turn back the flow of bad publicity this incredibly selfish couple have generated. You’re right Kelly, they certainly do deserve each other. Bridget will continue to take the high road and be the better person for it.

  58. Miapocaa says

    hahhaha hilariuous..probaly not true

    First G is nto involved in this pregnancy, she is not married to Brady and will not be playing stepmother

    Brady shoudl get a backbone and tell her to keep out of his situation..I dont see why G will want to be involved with the mess

    I think its a rather insultign gesture, first you talk smack about ht eperosn , then you send gift to someone you dont even know…interesting girl giselle
    I wouldnt be suprised if Bridgette sends the stuff back to the store or to some charity…Giselle is justt adding salt to the injury..she needs to back off adn Brady shoudl be keeping in her place

    Mary liouse Parker did not even want her kid in her exs house wiht his new lady…he left her 7-8 month pregnant for some woman who also left her husband ahahahh

  59. Jen says

    Bridget is radiant in her pregnancy, she will be a wonderful yummy mummy. Tom Brady is an a**h*** who has shown himself to be not a “hero”, but a deadbeat jerk. Noone is saying they have to marry, but he should be offering her emotional support through this pregnancy instead of squiring models around. He’s like a spoiled little boy who is being told NO for the first time in his life. Gisele is a nonentity in this drama and doesn’t deserve mention. She’s brazenly butting in for good PR for her and Tom. I say send the gifts back. They should have come from Tom.

  60. Erin says

    Send the gifts back with a note on where Gisele should store them…and NEVER let her near that precious baby!! Bridget Moynahan has more brains and class in her pinky than Gisele has in her whole body. Have you all ever seen one of her interviews? There’s no light on in the inn if you get my meaning. She’s a space cadet and it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out what Tom is after, and it ain’t her sparkling intellect! SEND THE GIFTS BACK!!!!!

  61. Tammy says

    Hey Kelly…what goes around, comes around. I hope for your sake you never have to go through what Tom Brady has put her through. Geez–what happened to solidarity? You seem to forget the fact that Tom is not denying paternity, so lighten up on the woman. And people AREN’T going to forget this, and it’s NOT a popularity contest. It’s about a little baby, plain and simple. Keep holding your head up Bridget! You’ve shown true class. PS Fed ex the gifts back pronto!!!!!

  62. Cindy says

    First of all, Gisele is a tactless airhead. She’s insinuating herself into a situation that has NOTHING to do with her. The gifts should be coming from “Saint” Tom, not Gisele. And it is Bridget who has taken the high road in this drama. She will ultimately be the winner cos she will have a beautiful baby to love. Note to Bridget: Send the gifts back!!

  63. Karen says

    In response to Ali and the most hated couple. The truth is most people really don’t care. Even the ones they “hate this couple” will cease to care once the baby is born if Tom makes it a part of his life. Remember how people hated Angelina for taking Brad from Jennifer? Where is that hatred now? Jennifer is a hell of a lot more famous then Bridget. The truth is, people have short memories and won’t give a shit by the end of the year. I’m not on either side, I’m just stating a fact.

  64. kelly says

    This is Awesome! Way to go Gisele. Take the high road over Bridget (not hard to do). Bridget is disgracful in the way she tried to trap Tom Brady into marrying her, but he didn’t want her – he obviously knows her evil and ran. I love Tom and Gisele and hope they get married. If Tom was smart he would just ignore Bridget and this baby all together. It is probably not even is. Everyone knows Bridget is a floosy!

  65. Lauren says

    Why is Gisele sending Bridget gifts? She’s the one who shacked up with Brady right after they broke up. She’s just a whore. Bridget is sooo much better being alone with her baby.

  66. Me says

    Not sure what to make of this. Shouldn’t the gift have come from Tom??? Maybe it’s Gisele way of doing a “peace offering”? Who knows. Bizarre.

  67. Ali says

    I wish someone would do a “most hated couple” contest. I am sure that Tom and Gisele would win.

  68. KAT says

    I can’t imagine Gisele doing anything gracefully. This was a very tacky and unthoughtful thing to do. Like you said, the baby is none of her business and this is just a way for her to gain more media attention. What is Tom thinking?

  69. carleigh says

    Giselle is just trying to “buy” her way into Bridget’s situation and I’m sure Bridget will accept the gifts because they are for the baby, but I’m also sure that Bridget is no dummy! A woman can spot on another woman’s insincerity and if there’s even a little bit then Giselle will be sent packing. Bridget’s been very graceful and composed in public and I just hope this is an honest gesture towards the baby and not Giselle trying to engraciate herself into an area where she best tread lightly, the baby is NONE of her business.

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