Britney Looks Great!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney looked cute shopping yesterday at the Sydney Michelle boutique in LA. I don’t love that Country Girl hat that she is proudly sporting, but she looks great!

And below she was snapped at the dance studio a few days ago.

Britney Spears



  1. Sweet says

    I don’t understand why Britney is always on this site either. This space could be much better used for Holly Robinson Peete, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Angela Bassett-Vance or any other mother that’s always photo with their children?

  2. Loving Mother says

    I just think she is worn out.. She used to be beautiful with alot of class. And over the years she has stooped to a level none of us wnat to be on.. And yeah i used to love her. And at one point we all had some type of respect for her in some way but its gone. Your all right she doesn’t look great she looks completey fake a worn out.. Just go Home Brittany and lock yourself in your room until your REALLY better

  3. Natalie says

    I want to wish Britney the best she looks great and deserves nothing but the best.Best wishes to her and her children.

  4. Miapocca says

    you it interesting that even TMZ zlaid of Britney for a while…teh girl is sick..let her be…hopefully she can get her mental issues in order and get on with her life..and franklY i did see an episode of teh tori and dean show and Tori handles the pas like a pro, she ex[ects them everyone and so jut goes about her business.I suspect briney doesnt let them keep her form going to wlagreens etc…hey they are goign to follow you anyway, unless she moves to the bayou and starts feeding tresspassers to the gators ahahhahahha

    Leaving LA is always the best route to go, but I dont think britney wants to dissapear she has to make more money to feed the babies and that boy leech

  5. Zbella says

    Were those 2 pix of her pulling up her skirt and feeling herself up there before? What is she doing????

    I’m not a Brit hater, but she is not looking good. I noticed the bra right away – so tacky. And her dresses are so short, they are not attractive. I do like the long hippie dress she is wearing on the bottom pic.

    She’s not just taking a break from her kids… I am taking a break from my kids (my husband took them shopping and the baby is sleeping)… It’s not right to leave your kids (BABIES) for days and days. The pap take pictures of her whenever they can, so if she was hanging with her kids, they’d have some…

    I feel terrible for little baby Jayden. Does she ever hold him? And Sean must be missing his mommy right now.

  6. Nadia says

    The bar is set so low for her. If anyone else went out of the house in a black dress with her white granny bra showing, or a Hee Haw apron dress and cowboy hat paired with black patent leather pumps she’d be called anything but “looking great”.

  7. celine says

    there’s a vidoe clip on x17 of her. OMG i really think poor child has gone mad. the way she talks, she has lost it. her behavior is that of a teenager with all her like like like’s… and what she’s got to say… “everything you read is so right, america you’re smart i’m stupid.” my god, u have to see it. on one hand i’m thinking maybe it’s not britney spears. damn man.

  8. Lauren says

    Britney looks a lot better now. But, it’d be nice to see her taking her kids to the beach or the park instead of going on shopping sprees. She needs to learn how to be a mother.

  9. lauren says

    i think shes starting to look better and maybe feel better after that whole depression thing. maybe she wants to just have alone time for now and then get back to her boys when she is completely out of this stage because she does not want to bring it on them. only my opinion so dont hate because everyone has different opinions!

  10. dori says

    She does look a bit overly happy. But maybe after where she’s been this is a good thing. The poor girl can’t seem to do anything right.

  11. maggie says

    OMG I think shes too happy, before she was like too depressed, now I think shes faking. I want to see the babies, sean must be so big and precious

  12. carleigh says

    Looks like she’s getting her dancing legs back in picture number three..her legs do look great in that picture. It’s time the pap’s leave her alone until she’s out making her record and touring. Maybe if they just left her alone this girl could get over her fixation with the press. I do hope that she arranages a nice photo opportunity with the boys for People magazine soon, I’d love to see Jayden and Sean P now that they are both getting so big. Nice to see she’s wearing undergarments and her dresses aren’t cut to the cat so to speak. She needs help with her clothing choices, but this girl is coming along OK, so I think she just needs people to give her a break. You know what they say about people, “when you hear nothing but negativity and are surrounded by it..that’s what you know and will gravitate towards” and water seeks it’s own level. I hope she has peace and is getting back to being Mommy again, those babies need her.

  13. Sandra says

    If your sick of seeing Brit then don’t comment about it, why waste your typing skills if you hate her so much! She is looking great! Rehab did her wonders for her, looks like she finally kicked that PPD!!!

  14. fifi trooper says

    I do think that all of you lonely, depressed people need to…leave Britney alone! she’s young, and maybe she need a break from her kids every now, and then!! You’ll don’t know what she’s doing when the pap is taking pictures!! Like: DENISE RICHARDSON, she’s always ready for for a photo oppurtunity!! I do admit she needs a stylist bad!!!! Her clothes choices are horrendous!!

  15. star says

    the reason she has a fucked-up smile is she does’nt have to be trotting around her children. She just comes and goes like she never had children . Bitch i hate her….

  16. Miranda says

    And what’s the point with shaving the hair if she wants to have wigs and hair anyway. UH! Sometimes I actually feel that they made the hair-thing up.. Where’s the cute girl in Crossroads?

  17. Rachel says

    She’s alright! I think she just wants to be young again, but she needed to realized that before she had those precious little boys!

  18. celine says

    seriously: what’s with the fake smile?

    it’s really bad PR also, cause it’s so robotic and so wide that it really comes accross as completely not genuine – which it is – but don’t she have someone tell her these things?

    the funniest is that that cousin Alli now smiles and talks exactly like Brit, there’s a video of this same trip on some other site.

  19. Essie says

    I wish the owner of this site would stop with the “Britney looks great” stuff. Britney looks like the trailer trash she is and she never looks great. A fake smile does not make her looks great, especially when she’s wearing a straw cowboy hate and a dress that shows her bra!! All that money and she’s still trailer!!! (A white bra under a black sundress????? I can only laugh everytime I see her.)

  20. Just me says

    I mean, Good Grief, there’s a picture on here of a paparazzi taking a picture of a paparazzi taking a picture of Britney! Look at the top picture, he’s taking a photo of her back!!

  21. Just me says

    #3: Yes, I’m getting sick of seeing Britney on this site, especially since she is never with her babies on a site that is supposed to be about kids. But it’s not her fault that she’s followed by the paparazzi everywhere she goes.

  22. Bethany says

    Man, it’d be nice if she could look “great” taking care of her children, instead of gallavanting about all the time like she doesn’t even have kids!

  23. Nicki says

    Britney please go away!!!! We are not interested in you anymore. You have no talent and you are a crazy person.

  24. Elena says

    does she really even have a choice? If she does not look “GREAT” everyone rags on her. The paparazzi always sit in wait…….I don’t know how she can stand it. I do not particularly care for her, but I sure feel sorry for her. No wonder she freaks out sometimes and belts them with an umbrella or whatever. She handles it better than I would.I would not mind having her money….but not everything else that goes with it……

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