An Expectant Katie Price Sporting Some Very Pretty Maternity Frocks!

An expectant Jordan (Katie Price) and Peter Andre continue to be snapped out and about.

Katie Price

Katie Price

“We’re basically a celebrity couple but we’re open to the public,” Katie, who does glamour modeling under the name Jordan, told Access Hollywood.

The pair met on of all things, a UK reality show, “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.” Now they’re coming to America in a ‘Nick and Jessica’ style reality show on E! Katie says of the program, “It’s so raw, in the way I say raw I mean so real.”

Katie is expecting her third child. Peter would like to find out if they are expecting a boy or a girl, but Katie would rather be surprised.

“Do you guys think its fair – I want to know what the baby is, she doesn’t,” Peter sighs.

“I’m the one that has to carry it for nine months,” Katie replies.

“We plan to have three more kids so hopefully one of those will be a girl,” Katie says.

In extra silly news, a battle is brewing between Katie and Peter and another notorious British couple!

Both couples have been trying to make it big in the states.
Posh and Katie have a lot in common – massive fortunes, famous husbands, forthcoming TV shows … and a mutual dislike of each other.

When asked about Posh and Becks, Jordan replied: “Who?”

That’s when her hubby Peter Andre quickly added: “I might as well say it, Jordan is better looking than Victoria, but I’m not better looking than David.”

Then Katie quipped: “It’s not hard to be better looking than her, is it really?

I have to admit that I love Katie’s fresh, feminine and fun maternity dresses!



  1. marie says

    so what if her son got scolded . you can tell she would not let any of her chidren get hurt give her bloody credit she has a blind child for christ sake i have a child with adhd and bloody hell it is HARD think how she feels being left with a baby to care for with that .i give her full credit if any body tells me that there child has never had a bad accident like that YOUR LIEING my son got scolded but lucky never scared i wish i could meet katie and peter to tell them to fxxk everybody off ignore the bloody papers and let them get on with there life shes looking after peter and the kids shes the greatest mother i know YOU GO GIRL 110%

  2. Ktxxxxx says

    I used to hate jordan,that was until i read her autobiography . I really respect how strong she is considering all the crap shes been through. I think that people shouldnt judge her by want the media says because they will say anything as long as it sells.

    To number 33 34 /Miapocca
    You keep mouthing off about how jordan slags off Victoria but you are just as bad!!!! Your comments are so negetive and disrespectful and offend everyone.

  3. nicola says

    No worroes Phnxgirl.
    I feel strongly about this as I buried my best friend in September after he was shot whilst patrolin a school in Basra.

    Your comments didn’t offend, I just thought that there was no need to bring it up. I’m not the only one who’s lost someone because of this usless war !!!

  4. N says

    I have never seen a “MAN” wear colored flip flops as fashion. She looks terrible to me.

    Oh, I forgot …. AHHHH that baby is cute!

  5. Tia says

    Holy! Ladies, this site isn’t about who hates who (although, i can say us canadians DO NOT hate the US 🙂 )

    I think Katie looks plastic to me.

  6. phnxgirl says

    Nicola, I was not referring to people from the UK, I was referring to ANYONE who has that mentality against anyone else. Remember, the reason it happened is because they felt the same way as the person who made that comment. Sorry if it offended you.

  7. Jenna says

    #34, “Me”, you said you weren’t English, are you SCottish? I am, I live in the Highlands.

    How did this turn into a debate over who’s country is worse? Its a forum about celebrity kids.

    Oh, and I personally happen to find the phrase white trailer trash as offensive as calling someone the n-word. Saying trailer trash is ok, but distinguishing trailer trash people as being white only is racist, whichever way you look at it.

  8. nicola says

    I’m from the UK and judgin by some of ur remarks on here, I’m quite ashamed.
    As for the 9/11 comment, that was low.
    Don’t forget that OUR troops are out there too tryin to combat the twat who started it.

    As for the blog at hand, Jordan looks fab. She deserves this after her last very sad pregnancy.

  9. me says

    miapocca…who said i was english??? i certainly never did!! i simply stated that i LIVE in the UK where i said the MAJORITY of people here can actually use the language…now you have jumped the gun to have a go at me completely half assed!! very funny!! i was simply responding to a comment earlier where someone who actually said THEY were english stated that this whole country – along with the rest of the world – hates america and that america was a shit hole along with everyone in…as for the media feeding the uk what they ask for..tell me…is that how a closet homo cult follower like tom cruise has been propelled to superstardom in the usa?? is that what americans ask for?? just curious… if you condone such comments as #28…then thats your business…you obviously do else you wouldn’t have tried to come down so ‘hard’ on my simple effort to diffuse such a pointless comment on a celebrity baby blog… for the record…yes jordan is trash..along with her bloated orange himbo hubby…have a look around..EVERY country in the world has their jordan equivalent…

  10. Miapocca says


    just because you are english doesnt mean you have a patent on the language..the language has evolved in the different places where your sorry arse was kicked out ….this is a gossip site , if you are so interested in correcting spelling, why not take a job in brixton to help out the teenagers popping out endless rows of children..apparently they could not read what was written on the contraceptive labels.

    Besides you should realise that the ENglish are more and more undereducated nad the graduates in Texas alone are more than the total number in your pitiful grey backyard

    Have you looked at your tv programming., its one of the trashiest in the world..the media is certianly feeding y’all what you ask for..that can only account for the trash like Jordan thinking she is some ghetto superstar..

    Shouldnt you know by now that all your former colonies are kicking your arse in everything inlcuding education and language..cant even get anywhere the world cup , apparently neither are you faring any better at Cricket….ahhh the poor enlgish…I guess y’all sit around in your gawdy paperwalled teeny living rooms and reminesce about oldtimes which only look better with a lot of vodka in that tea…

    Bloody Arse!!

    Apologies to other English on here..

  11. Emma says

    Its all getting a bit to personal now isnt it . Dont forget this is a site to discuss motherhood and celebs.

  12. me says

    so ‘dose’ the world?????? sorry, i live in the uk and the majority of us can actually USE english…apologies to all offended…the whole sentence is an laughable…is that you osama??

  13. lauren says

    Nicki i agree with you! though they are white they put soo much fake tan on that theyre actually orange! (in the sec pic and on other pictures)!

  14. Jenna says

    Her real name is Katie Price but she uses the moniker “Jordan” as her celebrity image. I don’t really know why. I think she looks ridiculous in those pictures. I’m not a fan of Jordan at all, but I do think that she is a really great mum and I respect her for that.

  15. Miapocca says

    #20..who the heck will wants their son with this trash my opinion Dwight Yorke had a lucky escape…

    Yeah I heard they went way back but I simply think Jordan is JEALOUS..and you can tell jordan to help herself by finding a ne w publicist and a stylist..might help her suceed…and I dont plan on watching an bitch ass show she is going to have on E..that channel gets worse and worse…I will rather watch family jewels or something stupid………

    Xenu in planet X..this couple are just crass and FUGLY as hell……….Even Midget Cruise is not bothering to recruit fomr their camp..ouch..poor jordan, no matter how much she works she will not make what the beckhams make in a day…ahhahahahhahahha..she needs to reture her fugly ass to planet Xenu

  16. Zbella says

    I have never heard of these people, but she is not pretty in my opinion. She looks very fake, especially the skin.

  17. English rose says

    oih FFS Miapocaa you so need tolearn to read nad research of you know shit all about the topic to start with.

    Victoria and Jordan first started out when Jordan was seeing Dane Bowers an ex boy band loser who recored a song woth Vic and the truesteppers – NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN UTD AT ALL!

    It wasnt until some time later that Jordan stated seeing Man U payer Dwight Yorke the shittyest father ever of her darling first born Harvey who has a num,ber of medical problems

  18. Gaelle says

    Fresh feminine and fun, yes webmistress you are hilarious. The only word to describe this woman is ”clown”.

  19. Miapocca says

    Emma this wek on E new..Jordan said she left england because YOU ALL were soo judgemental about her boobs and surgery..

    Its nto neccesarily about the big sbaou ttast in surgery..she and victoria both have bad surgery it the doc on your island or just overconsumption/…

    The thing is there are enough skin models here who are VERY VERY GOERGOUS..and Jordan is simply a no talent uneducated bad sounding trashy thing who has followed on the british invasion started by American Idol, can you dance, Osbournes etc…these people are very much liked, but Jordan will soon understand that she needs a new PR firm to win public opinion and her comments only incite hate towards her …there are litte kids over her waiting anxiously to watch their hero Becks play(debateable talent but very marketable)..whereas jordan..who the fuck is she ???

    Americans dont know or care to know what her beef with the Beckhams are, she could have started off being the nice one and allowed Posh to be the villian..bad move..hire new PR now!!

    Now depedning on the gossip rags, they might do a hatchet job on her…I was okay with her before, but frankly cant stand the woman and cant understand why she was famous in england but can only guess its because of her day job. After al a dollar will get you pics of her free boobs…horrfying!! but yes some ppl still buy it….page 3 i still running strong after DECADES….

    She still looks ridiculous wether its British or American tv………..

  20. Miapocca says

    I dont like them both but Jordan is being potrayed worse than Victoria,because all we herad was that she bad mouthed the beckhams and to the Americans they havent heard a word from posh..cant even get her to smile…and frankly side by side..JORDAN IS JUST PLAIN TRASHY..she might want to hire a stylist…
    Well Posh is posh and always looks her best even though we migh not agree with her fashion trends ahahahhahahhah

    Frnakly if Jordan wants any respect from the US public her trashy ways that the English love so much shoudl have to GO…and exactly what does peter andre do these days??? rerelease decade old one hit wonders…jordan should find someone in her own strata to pick a fight with…what about one of Svens Erickssons Hos..they might indulge her , no….??

    If the coat fits wear it, no wherE did I say Jordan is a bad mother…accidents do happen, but if Spears is being trashed for her bad mothering..what about someone who actually has this kind of serious accident happen on her watch……..DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED JUST SAYING IS ALL!!

    I do feel sorry for genuine mothers blamed after incident on top of their major guilt..but hey..Jordan leaves the door wide open with her TRASHY BEHAVIOUR…We all know how Daniel Smith died..hmm by ingesting something that ANS has in large quantity..its seems the carelessness caught up with that family eventually//…//

  21. Sam says

    I think she looks ridiculous!, She is a very beautiful woman, but she just looks so plastic and over done to me and also very orange (what’s up with that?) and she dresses about 10 years too young, her name should not be Katie, it should be Malibu Barbie!

  22. amy says

    you should all do a bit of research before you jump to conclusions…NO – before you start, i don’t like jordan, BUT it was victoria who started this bitch fight…jordan was once going out with a guy who was producing a record for victoria ( a single which BOMBED in the charts and vic got laughed at for)….the two women didn’t get on…then, not much later, and on television..victoria was seen singing ‘who let the dogs out’ when jordan entered a room…jordan has never forgiven her…so her snipey comments were probably tit for tat..childish i know..but thats the background story for you in the u.s…..they are BOTH attention seeking publicity dresses a bit better than the other, though BOTH are orange skinned, fake titted, perma pouting, media whores…in my humble opinion…i just think its amazing posh gets away with looking all innocent in this cat fight thats all!!!

  23. brit says

    Don’t know much about them, but they seem a bit trashy.

    By the way, Emma – learn proper grammar and spelling! Don’t show us brits up

  24. Emma says

    Jordan is her name she uses when modeling. But now she is mostly called Katie Price.# 10 Harvey is a very sick child and it was upon no ones fault that he scalded himself he got into the bath by himself a turned on the hot water. And yes someone should of been watching him but like all children they do hurt themselves thats all part of growing up and learning. I dont think they are pretty interesting accicdents( as it was put) Katie not like other celeb Mums ( not to mention any names) is a very hands on Mother and is hardly ever seen out with her kids. She is in the states to promote her program and probably take some well earned rest before her third child comes along. I have been reading peoples comments about her and some a sooo judgemental just cause she has big boobs and fake hair .It by far doesnt make her a bad person OR A BAD MUM!!

  25. Miapocaa says

    Actually this woman has pretty much been victoria beckhams nemesis since they were both involved with men from Manchecter United..the difference is that Mrs Beckham found her love and got married with gazzillion od money to boot.

    Jordan became the babymama and was dropped like hot potato ending up with a difficult situation of Harvey to deal with, from what I hear Harvey had had some pretty interesting accidents in her home, incuding scalding himself etc…I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE , I HEARD…

    However the majority of her popularity comes form talking crap about Victoria Beckham, who the media love to chase around in england…and the other half from taking off her clothes….

    Frankly if you are going to show the world all that your mama gave you, it better be worth seeing and I dont see anything attractive about this this bloated pig. There are better women in the skin business..this girl needs HELP HELP…she should probably go on what not to wear.

    Unfortunately she may talk smack about the Beckhams all she wants, but I odnt se eher in the same social circles, they certinaly will not be dining with Elton JOhn or Simon Cowell..who knows Sharon Osbourne might adopt them, being that she is soo open and fun………That must really hit jordna between the eyes when she sees victoria in her gazaillion desinger outfits and just hopping around from place t place at every football game. not to mention victoria pretty much makes money off everything and probably earn 100 times more than Jordan adn combined with her husbands worth, it basicallly like someone living in the projects and teh Oprah household …..hahhahahhahahha Poor jordan..maybe if she shuts up about victoria she will get far..she even chased the Beckhams to the states…stalkerrazi jordan

  26. says

    She looks really pretty on the first picture, but I do think its time they stopped dressing alike!! I hope she does well in the states.

  27. Miapocaa says

    DOnt like the beckhams nuch but

    Victoria is here because her husbadn scored a 200million dollar contract in the last leg of his career

    These smut trash trolls are here to push thier usless life down the cable lines…..hmmmm and will they even get a million fot it ? ahhahahhahahhaha..doubt it.

  28. lauren says

    in the first picture the mans feet look like womens, i think it is because of the girly flip flops. and why do they always have to wear matching clothes??? she sounds like she would do anything to be famous in the states! thats just pathetic

  29. fifi trooper says

    it’s about time! because the last couple of pictures i saw of her, she looked so horrid! too-tight clothes, smothering the baby, that’s not cool!

  30. phnxgirl says

    Are those maternity dresses? They look just like really pretty tops that she decided to wear no pants under. Oh well, she has the legs for it.

  31. maggie says

    wow her boobs are bigger than her belly, but she said that shes going to make a reduce after she have her baby

  32. carleigh says

    It’s one thing to be a celebrity and to hawk and flaunt it, but I believe that celeb’s shouldn’t air their opinions in public. I know, we post on them about our opinions on here, so it makes me sound a bit hypocritical, it’s two very different forums. When we do it, we are posting our opinions about them they more likely than not never see them or read them on this little website. However, when Jordan makes the statement about Posh it seems catty , tacky and is meant to garner a direct reaction so these two will more than likely be on here next week followed by the headline….”Posh Spice and Jordan: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not”…Jordan can think it but shouldn’t say it. Now, we the public on the other hand it’s our blog and our opinions and they aren’t going to be privy to the comments and nitpicking and bitching we do. Jordan shouldn’t have said that, end of statement.

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