Adam Sandler & Daughter At The Beach

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler was snapped with Sadie Madison and their dog Matzoball on the beach. Awww! Sadie Madison will celebrate her first birthday on May 6th!
Source via JJB


  1. says

    i really admire adam sandler for being a very loving daddy to his daughter sadie…. i’ve watched all his films and i can’t really wait to meet him… you know what? thats my dream greatest dream to somewhere down the road i can meet him and i have many things to discuss with him…i love this guy with all of my heart…. i am happy because what is his attitude in the movie is what he really is…. i hope he give me some email and i hope i can talk to him also..

  2. Maxine says

    Sadie is adorable and it looks like daddy is in love!..I think it is sweet…what’s with all the she looks heavy crap? She is a baby for god sakes, they are suppose to be chubby, cuddley and round…no wonder stars have an eating disorder you people start ragging at them when they are only 11 months old!!..geesh all my children were round little cherubs and are normal size and weight today….give it a rest! oh yeah I love the dog too!

  3. Loving Mother says

    How PRICELESS the sweetest thing is to see a father with there child.. And i also think that she is perfect size.. I have a Son who is her size and i love it.. Who wants a skinny baby!

  4. Zbella says

    Sadie does look big, but it might be her clothes. So nice to see her daddy playing and spending quality time with her. He seems devoted.

  5. amberlee says

    She doesn’t look huge to me. My daughter is about the same size and age and the doctor has never told me there was a problem with her size. I’d much rather have a healthy baby than a skinny or malnourished baby.

  6. maruca says

    that’s a huge baby (she seems to be heavy)… mine is 14 months and is a lot smaller than her… i guess she’s cute, but the dog is gorgeous!!!!!!

  7. carleigh says

    How cute are these pictures!!!!!!!! Adam is so obviously in love w/ his little girl, that’s so sweet.

  8. maggie says

    sadie is cute but she looks alittle to big, she not even one yet. And the dog is adorableeee I want one like that

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