Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Enjoy An Elegant Evening Out

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom, 44, and Katie, 28, enjoyed an elegant evening out for dinner in LA at Maestro’s Steakhouse. Little Suri celebrates her first birthday next week!



  1. Miapocca says

    Karen..ahhaha Just because we have opinion doesnt mean we are young..besides Holmes iS young vary very young and of this present generation, so her outlook will be more inline with the young folk….

    I also dont think Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford or Anne Bancroft will agree with you, Hepburn will more than likely curse you out including any man who dares to show his face..and Remember Liz Taylor.husband #8

    Those movies were fantaasies, in reality hoolywood women are tough as nails, the business demands it..they have to go through the carwash, couch casting for some..its a tough world, not the fairy tale they show you….Katie was around for while, she should know..she is not miss innocent from the farmland otherwise she wouldnt be in her current situation……

    All power to you for your romantic outlook..but these days if you indu;lge in that fantasy, you will be left with nada as your hubby goes chasing after the next baby sitter……Its a dog eat dog world in LA.Jerry Hall can attest to this. hahahhaha

  2. me says

    sorry webmistress….i personally don’t see anything ‘elegant’ about this potato sack she is wearing..

  3. amy says

    come on carleigh….are you for real?????? we all know that tom would of ensured that there was NO pulse before that sham wedding went ahead…

  4. carleigh says

    I’m sorry I just had a funny thought about the first picture…Tom looks like from the way he is holding Katies hand and her elbow that he’s trying to take her pulse..”Honey are you still alive?”…….sorry just me…wacked out sense of humor I guess.

  5. says

    You all must be young. They have some old school values and no matter the age, Katie likes it. I do too. I like it when the man leads. Watch your oldie movies. these women were not wimps or extension of their men. They just enjoyed being the woman and he the man. Tom seems to have found his lady. She seems to have found her man.

  6. Libraesque says

    OH, no doubt, I mean she must be sex starved!! My guess is that’s why he’s babysitting her while she’s away on location, so there’s no hanky panky with the hubba-hubba co-star…………..or the lesbians!!!

  7. Miapocca says

    OH MY XENU ..LIB are HILARIOUS…twinbeds huh???

    I can only imagine the sexual frustration..will only get worse when she hits 30….like a cat in heat, Mrs Cruise will bang anyting she gets her hands on…maybe she might ask to join in with midget and the gardner….

  8. Libraesque says

    I think it’s totally sad that no one wanted her autograph!!! But you know what they say, she made her twin beds, now she has to lie in one of them!!!

  9. Ruby Jackson says

    #8 Celine- I totally agree with you. She’s awkward, doesn’t know what to do, how to handle herself. She just hangs around while Tom signs autographs, smiling like it’s something special. Did you guys see the video of him trying to start the car. She’s totally lost- turns her head to watch him back up, she’s nothing but an extension of him. Gross.

  10. celine says

    well, i think what people are saying – that she likes it so good for her – is the worst problem: that she likes the whole deal 🙂 it’s freaky! uuuu, i like my golden cage. uu i like so much being taught, rather than contributing anything. god forbid, who can teach tom cruise, 44, in any case.

    the point of many stories with princesses is that they run away from their caged palaces. hahahaha. or, that they change their princes all together. well, not so for scientologist tommy.

  11. CyberKitten38 says the hell do u know? r U the nanny??
    Why does everyone just assume that because these celebrities have money that they don’t perhaps *GASP!* enjoy taking care of their own children..whether at night or during the day?

  12. Kelly says

    Robin, I too have a nanny but children can be so tiring even with a nanny, there is no subsitute for a mother, at the end of the day she is your child and you cannot leave her in the care of the nanny if she is sick or crying non stop. All stars have nannies, and many ordinary people I know, it doesn’t mean they love their children any less or that they don’t take care of them at all.

  13. Zbella says

    I think it odd how she is lead around – I love that comment about her looking like a princess at a ball. Tom’s hair is looking bad – and has he even been in anything worth watching recently?? Katie is very pretty, but she seems very immature, maybe an airhead…

  14. Kelly says

    I am always looking out for her rings, they are the most beautiful rings I have seen, hers and Aniston’s engagement ring. I wonder where she put it now that she is divorced.

  15. Clare. says

    Katie always manages to look beautiful and graceful no matter what. I am happy that she has a husband who cares about her like Tom does. I can’t believe that it is now two years since they met. Time passes so quickly!

  16. Bea says

    Nina I agree with you. It is her life and her choices she is an adult, her mistakes are hers to make and am sure you would all not like it if some one who hated you or who always bashes you seemed to think they know what is best for you.

  17. Nina says

    Love is as love does. If she says she is happy, I respect that. If I was brain washed into being in love, then am sure I would have no problem with it at all. She always looks beautiful and Tom looks caring. It is good all of you complaining are not her or her relatives.

    I don’t believe for one second that any of you like Katie Holmes or even care about her. You just wait for opportunities to bash her pretending to care about her welfare.

    Why would you mind that she is being led, does she look like she minds it? Do you think for two years now she can’t see that she is being led? Get a life !

  18. lauren says

    i think katie holmes is stupid: first mistake: marrying him
    second: not running away with her baby!! she got herself into this mess

  19. oriana says

    NO Libra, it isn’t a nose, it is a SNOUT! Ha!

    I do think Katie looks tired but is very beautiful to me. And Suri is probably a hand full, Tom does appear to need a haircut but maybe that is how he likes his hair. Libra, hope you had a nice Easter and now back to the treadmill!

    Giselle, happy or sad looking, no doubt in my mind she has been brainwashed but I think she is happy with him and good for her! I am certain all the tabloid stuff gets to her, it would any normal human being. But Wait, Tom isn’t a human being! He is made up of alien parasites so guess the tabloids don’t bother him!

  20. crayola says

    first of all he leads her around like a prisoner, second she looks like shit because of him. third he is just f***** up. and it is too bad she feel into his space ship. now she needs to jump out and run.

  21. Libraesque says

    “Miki” …WHAT are you talking about???? Where did you get that quote from her father???

    TC seems to be getting fatter and uglier by the day. And that nose!!!!! He’s turned into Pinnocchio!! Every time he says he’s hetero his nose must grow!!!

  22. Miapocaa says

    Jeanie..its supposed to be for 10 we will certainly be seeing more princessy photos


    I am sure tom reveiw each planned pr event to improve on his manners and it can only get better ahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    I dont see that katie is tired however if she is, it must be from the charade, she doesnt eat anyway so why the trip to the steak house
    these tow are so good at hiding when they choose that it seem strange for them to com e out just to go to a steak house, if htey want steak they can invite any top chef to their scn fotress to cook for them….they dont need to grace us with their presence

  23. Nina says

    I have never seen Tom treat her with any thing other than absolute adoration and like a jewel. May be she is tired, so what, aren’t we all at one time or another. Can’t wait for her next movie.

  24. Jeanie says

    It is amazing that these two have lasted this long. Some how I don’t see them splitting soon. I think they will both try to make it work. Tom is not getting any younger. Besides I think she is a good wife and totally into him.

  25. CyberKitten38 says

    It looks to me that Tom is treating her like a princess (holding her hand, guiding her)..and it looks like Katie loves that. Hell, he wouldn’t love to be treated like that? It also appears that he enjoys spoiling her..good for them! i think they’re an adorable couple and I wish them only the best 🙂
    I don’t see anything wrong, other than the fact that she’s tired. Parenting IS tiring! she could have been up all night with a sick or crying baby..who knows?

  26. Winnie says

    I think all that tabloid stuff gets to her and the new movie with a baby, she will be fine in a while. I wish she would change her clothes. She is yound and has lots of money so she can buy all the hip clothes she wants. May be that is her style she was always in jeans before and I guess she never had these steal dinners. Sometimes she has great style I will give her that.

  27. Miki says

    Tom is such a caring husband and Katie’s father is right, he has shown in a hundred ways how much he loves Katie. I hope they have more success than other hollywood marriages.

  28. Miapocaa says

    Gisele in case you havent noticed this is a gossip bloG..the pictures are put up to elicit comments…..the comments are alL different and incredibly funny…Obviously you would prefer that everyone here think exactly like you and say how happy they are…we can all make guesses, some more convincing than other and all very very funny…..attacking other bloogers because they diSagree with you iS untelligent and just plain out of line…anyone who attacks you back, I will glady support

  29. Giselle says

    When she looks happy she is brain washed, when she looks tired like any other mother, she is in a bad relationship. Suri could even be sick for all we know but you bitter bloggers want any excuse to hate.

  30. KK says

    She looks tired, but we all do at some point. Of course apart from JLO but she is not in the media all the time.

  31. Beatrice says

    Her hair looks lovely, am not sure about her dress but hey, when she looks happy you say she is brainwashed, when she looks tired, you say she is sad, it is her life, let her live it. Why do you want to live your lives through her?

  32. Jackie says

    Web Mistress were those the best you could get? I saw many of them but it is true in these ones she looks tired, I hadn’t noticed, I just couldn’t get over the fact that the corvette had refused to start. Ha ha and the photogs offered to push it. It was hilarious.

  33. Beck says

    She looks tired but beautiful as always. I guess that is why he took her to dinner, that or because she was going to film. She looked happy in the ppictures where Suri was wearing a green plaid dress.

    Tom should dump thes suit and the hair style. The car is hot.

  34. Andrea says

    I saw these pictures on another site and it said Katie was waiting in the car after their dinner while Tom signed autographs. –I just never liked Katie Holmes. Just always shopping. Materialistic, if you ask me.

  35. Libraesque says

    hey Ori, I’ve been out of town and haven’t checked my e-mail (just in case you wrote and were wondering why I haven’t responded!!!)

  36. oriana says

    She looks tired to me, and absolutely right with the hand holding, it does always look like he is leading her around.

  37. Miapocca says

    ahahhahaha h i l a r i o u s

    The people on tomkatcrazy have some crazy explanations for all your questions…ahhahahha

  38. Jane says

    #11…I completely agree with the hand holding thing! They never hold hands like a normal couple. He’s always leading her around like some princess at a ball or something. Very annoying.

  39. Isabella says

    Tom looks chubbie, and she does look kinda nostalginc and sad….I hope she sees the light and leaves the “Cruise Control Mode” she is in….Run katie, run!…My the force be with you Katie!

  40. dori says

    Katie seems so subdued. Guess he’s got her under control again.
    She is so beautiful …..Wonder when sh’e wise up and move on.

  41. Libraesque says

    why is he always dragging her around. In every picture of them, he holds her hand like you would a grandmother who’s unsteady or something, it’s SO strange.

    I’m not diggin’ the bangs either.
    And who the fuck wears a suit and tie 24/7???? And the stringy dirty looking hair….wtf???!!!

  42. carleigh says

    I think she looks pretty but tired in the bottom picuture..Don’t like Tom so won’t say a word…would love to see more Suri pictures. It’s been about a month now and I haven’t seen anything new of her…wanna see that precious girl.

  43. Lauren says

    Tom needs to get a haircut. Katie always looks so sad and depressed when photographed. It looks like being Mrs. Tom Cruise is all it’s cracked up to be. I wanna see more pix of Suri!!!!!

  44. celine says

    i just watched her on a david letterman show on which she appeared when she had been dating tom for 6 weeks. she is so awkward on that show. i had never had a chance of listening to her, other than seeing her pics. you can see it on youtube. it’s just hillarious. she’s so lost, even though she tries hard to be a cutie but she gets you completely puzzled. you’re like wha?

    anyways, there’s nothing wrong if they struck a deal cause they were in love and they had vested interests in each other. they just get a little ridiculous with the media frenzy, which they reproduce and sustain, cuase it brings them more money. poor souls. pretty bodies 😉

  45. Miapocca says

    Besides she is smiling so hwo is a depressed person supposed to look anyway……………Dont like them but I only guess that she is happy about something, mayeb having her picture taken.,………….hahhaha….oh the Depression will last for 10 years or so …I guess

  46. kim--original kim says

    She’s been looking depressed for a while now… No longer the giddy woman she was when she first entered “Tom’s world!” Kinda makes you want to be able to go and scoop her and little Suri up and get them the hell outta there!

  47. Miapocca says

    H I L A R I O U S

    she had nice shoes..otherwise these two are creepylicious as ever and a waste of air

  48. amy says

    that is SUCH an unflattering angle of mr cruise control…i love it!!!! ha ha ha… for such a beautiful young woman, katie sure is dressing badly these’s just my opinion..but that belt just isn’t flattering..perhaps it’s just to lay to rest those rumours of a second pregnancy..who knows??!!

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