Baby Joy For Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Rafaeli?

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Rafaeli
Not only are Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli planning to marry, but they may also be expecting a baby! The rumor is circulating that the couple, who have been dating for just 15 months, are expecting their first child.

Friends claim that Bar – who is the first Israeli model to appear in Sports Illustrated magazine – is due in late autumn. They add that she and Leo are “delighted”.

An excited Leo has said he can’t wait to be a dad, especially since his good friend, Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire, became a father last November.

The Mirror shares: “He dotes on Tobey’s little girl Ruby and has been asking him all about what it’s like being a dad.”

There was speculation last month that 21-year-old Bar might be pregnant when she wore a loose-fitting top to a bash at Jet Nightclub at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She also stuck to mineral water all night. Leonardo, 32, is thought to have proposed very recently, and when he and Bar holidayed in Israel she is said to have officially introduced him to her family – and held a secret engagement party there.
Reports suggest they will have a private wedding ceremony in Israel, followed by a bigger bash in the US toward the end of the year.

The Mirror reports that Leo’s people have already been in contact with several exclusive venues in Tel Aviv about catering for various aspects of the wedding. The five-star Dan Accadia Herzliya Hotel has been contacted about staging the wedding party, while sources at the lavish King David Hotel in the Old City say Leo’s people have asked about holding the ceremony there.

Leo started dating Bar after splitting from Gisele Bundchen.

Though they are very private about their relationship, friends reveal that they are very much in love and busy planning a future together.



  1. celine says

    and just for a qucik and enjoyable read, i advise you Amitav Ghosh’s book, In An Antique Land. It’s just talk about the close link between the jewish and arab community in a past that he recovers from accounts kept by jewish and arab traders, etc.

  2. celine says

    what is it to you dori? don’t read no, the solution you’ve got for everyone. won’t be annoyed also in that case

  3. dori says

    dewey this is a blog and people debate things and if you don’t like it don’t read it
    celine you rambling on about unrelated nonsense now thats annoying!

  4. celine says

    two-three days ago i saw that Halle Berry revealed that she goes online in search of anonymity and an attempt to leave celebrity out of it and just have a normal chat,” the actress told the BBC.

    “I just never disclosed that I was Halle Berry.” But people she chatted with did not believe her when she revealed her true identity. Her online friends thought she was “just some kook”, the actress said. “I was just trying to chat anonymously and just be another person in the chatroom having a conversation,” Berry said. “When I decided to say: ‘Oh by the way, the person you’ve been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry,’ they thought I was just some kook. “They were like: ‘Right, sure, get out of here.’ They didn’t really believe me at that point. So chatting hasn’t gone that well for me.”

    so now i was thinking, even though it’s impossible not to “just wonder”, some things are just like people claim them to be


  5. celine says

    no, babySugs’s not me (or Suggs). sometimes it’s fun to drag and have people you hang out a lot with. Sugs finds celebrity bloggings cheap, can’t get over me, and refuses to check it other than when i bug her too much. we got at this through a mama friend.

    in any case, i don’t think it’s hurted anyone. you may continue to believe they’re one. it’s not like sugs comes here to boast the other 🙂 do we think alike, damn yeah. reading the same stuff makes one so! so it seems is with mia. i wonder what her subject is 😉

  6. Melissa says

    I think Leo & Giselle would make cuter kids together. I didn’t know who Bar (what kid of name is was until I read this article. Anyways, I am more interested in Suri & Shiloh.

  7. Miapocca says

    hhhahahahhahahhahah we are having fun nonetheless….defintely agree with you except blindly of course..never really saw bar but on this site and Leo Finally grew up..never seen titanic either..but then he was such a wimpy little kid….

  8. Dewey says

    dori and miapocaa stop this isnt a chat room. I think that Bar is pretty and Leo is HOT!!!! Does any one agree with me?

  9. Miapocaa says

    Same person..dont spell check, different computers, sple my name wrong on one computer…usually blog in between working to help my concentration…I was on one ocmputer most of the day, then went out and changed locations and so spelling of MIapoca changed..I am nto ne ot hide behind different names, I very confortbale in my opinions and can defend them if I need or choose to

    SOrry to dissapoint you..

    I met celine first time on this blog, so I didnt realise she was a regular..dont usually pay attention to peoples names unless they attack me adn say something worthwhile ..otherwise I am basically quite confortable for all to say whatever they feel


  10. Just wondering.... says

    Mia…just wondering why the spelling of your name changes as Celine’s comments fall closely behind yours in time? We already know that Celine is Babysugs. Could she possibly to Miapocaa (Miapocca) also? Interesting!

  11. Miapocaa says

    Dori..I dont belive you mena any harm by yoru statements, however some of your expression come across pretty badly

    You are basically saying Arabs are lazy, dont want to work and that they dont value life…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmthat a little diffcult to believe..Note?; there are Palestinian who practice judaism, I have a friend like that , you wouldnt neccesary put the two together and yes there are mixed marriages as well…so what category do you place these people ,.is their Jewish blood making them more accomplished or what ?? explain??

    I know a proverb that goes like this: In every tribe there is a sam…menaign I can find lazy and smart in very singl egroup of people..Making sweeping characerization like that about a group of people based on their culture or race is what society calls racism

    Howard Stern is a Jew, he he getting bad media flack..I am in no hurry to say that Jews are lazy and live off women..that will be sooooooooooooo wrong. However I also believe Harvey Levin is a sorry piece of shit..I am not labellin Jews yet, …why? Because I dont believe in sterrotyping people based on race and I work wiht others who are very well accomplished


    I think my initial foolish statements have provoked quite a lot of interesting discussion on Babbyrazzi..sometimes the cooing gets a little too sacharine sweet for me..
    thanks for the discussion and Celine , see ya around

  12. Miapocaa says

    Celine…I was in a very pretigious french school..wont mention the name ..the lecture was european politics and the professor started off with the last french republic and how the war in Algerain was such a terrible thing that it pushed France into a very difficult period..the funny thing is France was colonising ALgeria and when the Algerians wanted indpendence the french retaliated by burning down everything…I was left to wonder who had a more difficult time..teh coloniser or the colonised…

    Ah politics, opinions vary and you repeated long enough yo start believing your own lies and pass it on to your children

    Every morning I listen to fox news, just to sharpen my side of the story…its is hilarious..very entertaining station…but yeah I have to listen just to know what the others are thinking…I guess the next stop will be CNN, but no, I look over the net to find the reports from Europe and they are also subjective, in short these days you have to read and come to your won conlcusions.

  13. celine says

    oh man, true, EU, the club that knows best how to continue to stigmatize others by emphasizing its whiteness and christinaty. Others are “strange” flavors, just as you say Miapocca. Have you realized that the brutalities that they committed in Africa, India, etcare never articulated so much. But they have really trouble with what they did towards the Jewish people, i guess because they even got to slaughter who could be counted as pretty much what they are: white. And because it happened right there: in the heart of Europe rather than in some corner of Africa or Asia driven to poverty so that a bunch of Europeans can be but to consumme (water, energy, food, clothes). And, finally because as people are so vocal about it (and thankfully so) it happend only a couple of decades ago (just like it is only a couple of decades ago that some colonies got their independence, i.e. Algeria). Not too bright of a recent past for good ol Europe. But tryin it, tryin it…

  14. celine says

    they hate life??? dori how do you know? seriously from some skewed media comments?

    what would you do if your needs resonated with no state support, if you were constantly discriminated, pushed out, wanted to be erased?

    you would too maybe be choose to blow yourself rather than live in subjecthood…. in an environemnt where you are dested just for being “arab,” in an environment where you are put down due to some intrinsic bad quality of your arab nature?

    where instead of being allowed to express your potentiality as a human being, be it arab or not, you were constantly stigmatized, marked, detested?

    this is racism: it’s simple, it’s believeing that certain groups of people have certain abnormal tendencies. it’s plain wrong!

    let’s read history and see where so much inequality has been instilled into people’s lives that they have no other venue but to blow themselves. do you think it’s easy to leave this life? do you think it’s easy to abandon one’s desires, images of future, a cup of tea for a muslim, or a mohito for you and me?

    i don’t think so. and it’s plain stereotyping to say well some ppl like dying.

  15. dori says

    Yes I agree there were things going on the on the borders from both sides no one was totally innocent. Racist? I don’t know angry? yes. Because we love life they hate life we are very opposite and not to be comapred to one another one of us is civiized the others are not. You don’t see jewish people blowing themselves up do you?

  16. Miapocca says

    I am not making fun of the situation if I were you will get a glib comment….I am making a reference to earlier posts about my lack of intelligence..and yes I do like to laugh a lot to balance my more serious side

  17. Miapocca says

    The world stood with Jewish people to acknowledge atrocites during the second world war, funnily enough the America that came to your aid, still treated balck people as non citizen..we all heard loud and clear when you cried, why would you want us not to hear the cries of others.
    I dont deal in selective crying…a group of people are being hurt and I think that is wriong…nobody DESERVES that kind od treatment and JEWS did not DESSERVE what the Nazis did.

    SO many holocausts against so many people..form antivev americans to present peoples….

  18. Miapocca says

    Dori ,

    I am afraid that your comment souds very verys racist..I knwo its hard to look at a group of people and turn back all mental models to see something positive…and once again your argument is basically the same as telling all balck africans to shar the same you realise teh diversity among those groups..there are 200 languages in one country alone…all Aras are not the same, even islam has division, jus like the hasidic, othordox, european , north african jews……

    the gaza strip is a ghetto of tents..I remember a while back they managed to partition space…guess what, the Israeli decided that irrespective of who owns the land, they were going to tap into the aquifers on the Palestinian side//….It great to be patriotic but I would liek to think that there are many people out there who will se beyond patriotic glasses and simply see rights and wri=ongs..I applaud both Jews and Palestians who put aside all their negativity and work towards peace…with a mindset like that you will get far

    Goebbels went out of way to potray Jews as mice infesting everything in germany, he made a documentary that was shown on German Tv…Disgust for jews spread and guess what, neighbours who claimed to be neutral gladly handed away their Jewish neighbour to be exterminated or degraded in camps.

    Do you really think that any human being deserves the treatment metted out by the Germans to the Jews, why do a people who have gone through so much want to perpetuate the same thing on another group of people….

    WHY..wasnt what they went through in Europe bad enough for them never to want to repeat it..even Germany takes great precaution as does the rest of Europe to walk the good road..they try!! of the reasons for the formation of the european union was to keep germany in check should they decide to go that route again.

    WHY would anyone want to take away the dignity of another human when they know what it was like only too well.

    The rest of the world stopped viewing Israel as a victim as a result of actions carreid out against Palestinians, I beleive Israel was flabbergasted at accustaion on teh world conference on racism in south africa…they thought they were always right..right or wrong you dont treat other human beings like MICE!!!!!!!!!!

    Lest you forget, the holocaust musem will remind you !!!!!!!

  19. dori says

    You are laughing and joking about a subject that is very personal and I find you insensitive, with a real lack of compassion. Are you proud of yourself ?

  20. dori says

    Also I would like you to consider this …. the arabs have huge territory in the region Syria Saudi Arabia Jordan whheras the jew have one tiny state of Israel which is a flourishing democratic state while the arabs live in dessert wasteland undeveloped and live to hate and take away the small piece of the land the jews turned from a desert to a garden. If they weren’t so busy having wars and spreading hate and working hard as the Israelis have maybe their desert waste land would have been developed to a beautiful state as well.

  21. Miapocca says

    oops forgot

    Yasmeen Arafat of QuaI Dong…

    ps…are we dumb enough yet for kimmy girl???

  22. Miapocca says

    Celine said:

    “i agree. it’s just that one’s view sometimes silences certain aspects of certain people’s existence. so, i just see it as my businness to say when i know it.”

    Nicely put celine!!

    #49,,response in reference to comment #49

    The Eueopean Union is a prime example..Romanian joined this year, where is Turkey still ?????
    The almighty White Christian Federation of the European..I think Israel will be accepted before Turkey..ahhaha after all Israeli competes in European events like the eurovision song contest..still dont get it …live in the middle east, proud to be from the middle east , but only when it suits them, then compete and trade as europeans???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Lots of reasons for that boiling pot to explode..

  23. celine says

    and, the British and the Americans helped in the creation of and to this date sustain the state of Israel so that they had a stronghold of a non-muslim power in the muslim middle east. because you see this region just happens to be rich in things that they want to control to this day. aren’t the british just used to having such resources – remember the inhumanity of colonies for years and years. so, for may decades now we know of the close links between US as a political and economic superpower and Israel as a state.

    unfortunately, there’s no white, christian power to help native indians on such issues no. matter of fact they’re mostly part of history, in a quite different sense now: drawn to exctintion or the humiliation of reservations or discrimination and exclusion and what not.

  24. dori says

    You have a valid point but some of us believe what we believe and that show we feel .Not to say one is right and the other wrong. We each have our thoughts on the subject.
    The violence being committed in the middle east is very often started by arabs blowing them selves up and killing as many jews as possible While jews treasure life arabs believe in death. We are very different in that respect.

  25. celine says

    america is not the homeland of so many ppl, so what they should have no rights? or, they should leave? where are they goin back?????

    i’m not a believer dori, so i don’t take Bible to be a historical reference point. in any case, the point is not to determine which land is whose land. we can’t in any case establish so easily who belongs where, just pack em and send em away. who’s gonna pack us: the native indians???? and as i said, nazis were then just right to pack Jews, and pack them badly?

    I don’t think such thinking takes one far.

    It’s fine ppl know where whom they believe to be their grandfathers lived and came from and all. but that does not justify state violence.

    i see what you are saying miapocca. i agree. it’s just that one’s view sometimes silences certain aspects of certain people’s existence. so, i just see it as my businness to say when i know it.

  26. Miapocca says

    Dori I get your point, A lot of people are very much aware of the history noted above…however how would it feel like if the native americans suddenly decided that they were tired of their reservations and would like their land back…..this means the whole of America……I really dont see a lot of people moving back to great granpa land were they would be considered foriegners

    As I said depending on where you take back the clock you will find some is right and roll it forward a little that same person may be wrong.

    History is documented by the powerful at the time it was documented, ..cultures that believed in oral tradition pretty much had their history buried with them when they became extinct and the only thing left to decipher are old pottery and other atecrafts from archeological digs.
    Even the Bible as we know was a compilation of book to support the catholic idea of christianity.

    So I do understand your point , however I believe that its a difficult thing for a lot of people to claim land that was abandoned duirng age old wars etc.,.I believe the British historians who helped create israel only meant well, but I cant help wondering why they didnt give up a part of ENgland or America to build the new homeland. …It was pretty much like stiring up a beehive in that region… , that way we could have avoided a lot of wars and heartache to date. I read a document written around the end of the was where a Jewish scholar was basically writing to plead his case for the creation of a homeland in that region..and the chilling thing about it is that all you had to do today was exchange Jew for Palestinian in that document and the argument is very effective

    I believe its also brave of both Jews and Palestinians who protest the wrongs that go on in that region….I dont think jsut because you are a Jew or Arab you shoudl automatically cast your lot in with your group even though a lot of harm is being caused to both one and nobody gaines from this nonsense but the people making and selling the ammunition.

    People are tired, even America was on the verge of tired with the last Lebanese bombimg..I was of the opinion that the world will be a better place if that whole region dissapeared to another planet..wishful thinking….

    Finally I think that the only way to move forward is not to dwell on old wrongs–see example of south africa—but to accept that they will be cohabiting adn work form there onwards…but with a continues insistence that Israel has no right to exist and constant zionist allegations..and with Israeli working hard to exterminate Palestinians, nothing will be gained…

    All peoples deserve the dignity of their basic human rights being aknowledged…wihtout that we have wars…look at the continent of Africa..wars wars wars…when people are oppressed enough they prefer to die than have to live in that opression suicide bombs…..SOuth Africa gave hope to a lot of people..they all decided not to repeat past atrocities, when it would have been so easy to murder as many white people as possible..they didnt, they all chose for the good of mankind to get along…the greatest example ever with a strong leader who exemplified PEACE…God bless Mandela!!!!!!!!!!

  27. dori says

    Read it and weep so how long ago did the jews live in Israel??
    The Jewish Kingdoms of Ancient Judah and Israel

    The archeological record indicates that the Jewish people evolved out of native Cana’anite peoples and invading tribes. Some time between about 1800 and 1500 B.C., it is thought that a Semitic people called Hebrews (hapiru) left Mesopotamia and settled in Canaan. Canaan was settled by different tribes including Semitic peoples, Hittites, and later Philistines, peoples of the sea who are thought to have arrived from Mycenae, or to be part of the ancient Greek peoples that also settled Mycenae.

    According to the Bible, Moses led the Israelites, or a portion of them, out of Egypt. Under Joshua, they conquered the tribes and city states of Canaan. Based on biblical traditions, it is estimated that king David conquered Jerusalem about 1000 B.C. and established an Israelite kingdom over much of Canaan including parts of Transjordan. The kingdom was divided into Judea in the south and Israel in the north following the death of David’s son, Solomon. Jerusalem remained the center of Jewish sovereignty and of Jewish worship whenever the Jews exercised sovereignty over the country in the subsequent period, up to the Jewish revolt in 133 AD.

    The Assyrians conquered Israel in 722 or 721 B.C. The Babylonians conquered Judah around 586 B.C. They destroyed Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, and exiled a large number of Jews. About 50 years later, the Persian king Cyrus conquered Babylonia. Cyrus allowed a group of Jews from Babylonia to rebuild Jerusalem and settle in it. However, a large number of Jews remained in Babylonia, forming the first Jewish Diaspora. After the reestablishment of a Jewish state or protectorate, the Babylonian exiles maintained contact with authorities there. The Persians ruled the land from about 530 to 331 B.C. Alexander the Great then conquered the Persian Empire. After Alexander’s death in 323 B.C., his generals divided the empire. One of these generals, Seleucus, founded a dynasty that gained control of much of Palestine about 200 B.C. At first, the new rulers, called Seleucids, allowed the practice of Judaism. But later, one of the kings, Antiochus IV, tried to prohibit it. In 167 B.C., the Jews revolted under the leadership of the Maccabeans and either drove the Seleucids out of Palestine or at least established a large degree of autonomy, forming a kingdom with its capital in Jerusalem. The kingdom received Roman “protection” when Judah Maccabee was made a “friend of the Roman senate and people” in 164 B.C. according to the records of Roman historians.

  28. dori says

    Palestine is not the homeland of the arabs I think someone needs to brush up on thier history and not just believe what they hear from the arabs.

  29. Miapocca says

    Celine ..I am in agreement with you there..however with this issue one can only express their opinion, trying to convince others are futile and thats why the bombs are still going off in that place….

    In any case the woman on here named kim has her point and says so loud and clear, she just goes beyond the boundaries of thinking one is stupid simply because you are not in agreement with her

    I worked with a group of both Jewish and Palestinian women who were politically active in trying to influence some kind of peacee…the issue is not clear cut, not all Jews are supportive of the stance israel takes, and not all palestinians are supportive of the actions of Hamas etc..I met a palestinian professor who was of the opinion that change will not happen in his lifetime, so he took a job in London to escape the incesstant hatred that is stirred up every now and then

    In a way Israel had always had to have top security to protect themselves against all the other countries in that region. However like a Danish diplomat siad, the more powerful and larger state should take precaution and not react so brutally, just like a more powerful older brother and a infant fighting..if the older brother uses too much force, they run the risk of killing the infant. However the infant also does not understand the meaning of stop and will aggravate the older brother endlessly especially when the self procliamed parents always give so much to the older brother and ignore the painful cries of the infant… But in this case the older brother does not mind the force because they are looking to hurt the infant as badly as possible to aviod any future aggravation.

    ..The bombs and missiles are coming from the G8 countries for both sides…so of course profit is to be had by encouraging hatred in that region.

    I dont hate people for being a particular race..I avoid those who oppress others based on race or nationality…if you keep the lid on a boiling pot for too long, its bound to explode….and it will explode right in your face, because you are standing too near pressing down on that lid

    My apologies to the offended from the first initial statement.

    to kim I say catch up on your reading. Enough propaganda will slow down your critical thininking processes.

  30. celine says

    and, Kim, for the record: contrast turkey and israel reaction to the immoral, illegal, and outright stupid US war in iraq. then think twice before you figure a democracy.

  31. celine says

    Wow, it doesn’t make all of us criminals, but it’s nice to state once in a while that our grandparents, of those of us who claim themselves to be “natives” I mean, became so only because they were sent off as criminals.
    Or, that some of those criminals, or good men, at the time, got really rich, much more so than the rest by stealing and plundering other “natives” or other continents.

    I have a sense Leo and Bar would enjoy where their pic has taken the discussion, given Leo’s concern and awareness with political issues, including environment.

  32. celine says

    And, I’m glad that you mention how Christians are discriminated against in many Muslim countries. That doesn’t give the right to any country to discriminate against anyone. No Jews, no Muslims, no whoever is superior or inferior and deserves to be slaughtered, their houses demolished, their children left uneducated and caged in ghettos. Yeah, ghettos just like the ones the Jews have experienced throughout history in Europe, just like the ones Palestinian Arabs have been experiencing for long now in Israel.

    Israel that should have known well by now what it means to have a group’s memmbers cleansed just because they are “different”.

    And there are many Jews that don’t support at all the policies of the state of Israel. So don’t equate being a Jew with belong to the glorious state of Israel.

    Gimme me a break.

  33. celine says

    hey kim, you are an idiot! yeah, i’ve heard of a country called Turkey, which counts as Middle East and it’s been a democracy (except for very short periods of military coups) since 1923. Just one example, not to bore you further.

    Now, if you say, oh yeah but those are problematic democracies, so is America’s with Bush at its head. And i can keep going.

    As to Palestine, just like you’ve been there, others have too. So shut up and stop claiming some sort of distinct knowledge captial. People with a language and a culture call themselves Palestinians. If they migrated so what?

    So, by the same logic it was fin to slaughter Jews, because, oh my they had only migrated to Europe?

    I hope it helps!

  34. Miapocaa says

    ITSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Babyrazzi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

    I never really saw a picture of Bar…I like her name though…well I hope Giselles isnt foaming at the mouth…if only she were pregnant…hahhahahha

  35. Miapocaa says

    Kim, you are not worth arguing with and is nothing in your tirade that can provoke an argument from me…You are entitled to your opinion and I to mine..You are coming from a very one sided place and I dont beleive I will gain anymore knowledge in having any kind of conversation with you..Besides I dont normally engage in back and forth dialogue with people like you

    Enjoy yoour thoughts on the middle east and what not….

    It suprises me that you think autmatically of others who disagree with you as uneducated…I know a proverb and it goes like this…literacy is not wisdom, if you cann manage to have both you will achieve great things.I have quite a good balance, I am still working on wisdom as that can only improive with age.

    You obviously formed your rmental models from birth and the model was gradually built with your life expereince I acknowledge that your opinion will differ fomr mine.

    I do not see anythign to argue about in your last comment, all I read is some stupid tirade from someone who seems to think that no one else has an opinion and hers is supremes..unless you are running for public office or you are celeb you are simply not important enough to take up on your issues…

    Now enough with you …

    Sincerely Fatima,

    ps..I just converted to islam thanks to your ranting, what better way to support my people and their rights to thier homeland; Palestine….!!!!!!!

    When you are ready , let me know, I will send you a doctoral dissertation on the topic so dear to your heart. It takes a studied critque and indepth analsyis to form respected opinions not fox news, or a college professor indoctrinating undergrads with his views of the world , neiher are some short visits among ONE gorup of people. It takse a 360 degree exploration of a subject……….I like well informed republicans and we informed democrats and fanrkly I cannto stand those who claim to be something but hav eno argument to back thier position. When does that then irrepsective of thier position, you admire them. If you are familiar wih academia at all, you will realize that there is no wring or right, it s bunch of learned peopel each arguing well researched points…you dont ocme across as educated, you come across as a foolish bully.

  36. Inna says

    Is just me or Bar really looks like a fifteen year old highschool girl..she looks a bit too young for Leo..
    hahahahah Miapocaa you’re f*****n hilarious!!…….

  37. Kim says

    Typical uneducated idiot who name-calls because they can’t argue with facts. I don’t blame you because you can’t debate the truth. All you can do is throw in Hilter which is a joke since the people you support are facist terrorists. Debating you is a waste oft iem becaue you know anything.

  38. lauren says

    zbella- i agree that leo is hot but bar does not look like julia stiles there because julia stiles has a fucked up face

  39. Zbella says

    Yeah, he’s yummy. I just saw The Departed and he was AMAZING, don’t you think? Bar looks a lot like Julia Stiles in that pic.

  40. Wow says

    Not sure if everyone heard but there’s a city in China that they are going to revert rules so that women are in power. Can you imagine having women like the above posters running the show?

    Gisele is Brazilian of German descent. True there were a lot of Nazi that escaped to South America but that doesn’t make their grand/great children Nazis. Think about this… back in the pilgrimage days, criminals were sent to the new continent. Does that make you all criminals?

    This site was supposed to be for Leo and Bar. How did it get so political? Let’s talk about Leo and Bar instead!

    Aren’t they just so cute together?

  41. Miapocaa says

    Hilarious…I guess I changed my name from fatima to miapocaa

    hahahhahahhahahhahahlol roflmao

    did you hear fomr goebbels yet , I hear his grandon is having lunch at giselles home..maybe they can hook you up

  42. Miapocaa says

    Is anyone reading the nonsesne above…intolerant people are the death of this world..maybe you should join hitler in his grave…also I am sure goebbels will be proud to have a propaganda assistant like you

  43. Kim says

    First of all Giselle is Brazilian by birth but both of her parents are 100% German. Miapocaa, I don’t respect your views because they are lies! I’m not Jewish but I’ve been to Israel and other countries in the Middle East and there is no comparision.
    You obvioulsy have never been there so shut up! I’m not Jewish so you can’t accuse me of being biased. It’s sad that the Arabs, Palestinians don’t exist, have it tough but it’s because there leadership have robbed them and made them poor. Don’t blame the Israelis. There has to be checkpoints in Israel because the Arabs are blowing Jews up! Many of those stories you claim of Arab hardship are bogus. You are obviously an Arab or Muslim so why aren’t you living over in the Middle East? Because these countries treat women like dirt.
    Celine; There is no Palestine! Israel was re-named that by the Romans. Ever heard of there being a Palestinian language, culture? I thought so. Their Arabs who immigrated to Israel and now claim to be indigenous to the land which is bullshit! Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Can you name another one? What an idiot.
    Of course Mia and Celine neglect to respond to how horribly Arab Muslim countries treat Christians and that Jews can’t live in any of these places or they get killed. Get an education idiots!

  44. laine says

    This young man has finally matured. He has gone from a mediocre actor to one of the top in the past 10 years!

    This relationship seems to be the one for him. At 21 this young lady is also quite mature, not the striving for limelight kind of girl. She’s quite well bred from what I have read, and he is besotted with her. I can see them married, she would be perfect for him. I see a Ronald Reagan in the making.

  45. Sandra says

    Personally I don’t think she is late pretty. She has a really flat face. I will have to see her without sunglasses on to better analyze.

  46. Miapocaa says

    its a rumor..they only wish…Giselle tried hard enoug to net leo, so I doubt this one will get any futher than he wants her to…if he wants to get married I am sure he will be already..Appareanlty giselle is seriously intolerant of this girl at model meets…she had siad she will drop out of victoria secrets if they hire this one….with Giselle still hanging out with leos mom and dogs..I doubt this relationship between these two will work comfortably…..lets hope that brady keeps her occupied but I think he is a passin g fancy especially when that baby arrives…between baby and football, he will have no giselle time……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  47. Miapocaa says

    Dori..I have a very good friend who is a holocuar survivor..he is goign on 100 now…his name is saul and he I have heard alot about the camp..also shoed me his tatoo…horrible time..glad your parents survived to have you..I know there were lots of resulting pyschological prbm that some families still have and pass on to children, sad that the actions of one person has caused so much problems

    It was a horrible thing to happen.

    And frnakly I do apologize to you for the initial statment.

    Also yes there were a lot of Nazis that flocked to south america…and most of the immigrations records were made to dissapear to protect those families….I am suspicious of brazilians with german names:)

    All in good faith…


  48. dori says

    Am I crazy or does Leo look like Nick Lachey in this pic or are all these young guys starting to look alike to me? baseball hats and sunglasses ????

  49. dori says

    Thank you Miapocca
    Let me explain that all jews find their roots in Israel
    it is the homeland many of us have family there. and although we don’t visit we feel very protective of our homeland After world war 2 it was the only place jews could call home. My parents were holocaust survivors You hit a nerve and I had a knee jerk reaction.

  50. oriana says

    I think she is pretty and they make a good couple. I love Leo and he is a really good actor, and a caring person to his mother and family, I hope this is true, he will make a good father, very attentive to his mother and they will make a nice set of parents hopefully to a baby, don’t know too much about her but love Leo!

  51. Miapocca says

    Opps I forgot..I am on BABYRAZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Didnt realies all Jews were israelis?????

    I know a jewish professor who is not israeli adn has no intentions of visiting the country ever….so hmmm I am nto saying anything negative about JEWS…I have heard that argument dozens of times, ..if you dont love israel you hate jews…right…..??


    kisses to Dori

  52. Miapocca says

    Kim been there done that

    Every =one has a different perspective on an issue….even if I go back there again my perspective will not change…not when I have to try and get a palestinian woman to a hospital and begging to get across some roadblock so she doesnt birth in the car…or not when her cousin has to walk across from Egypt because he is not permitted to use the israeli airport and not when even an israeli friend has to beg to goi to her place of work among palestinian

    So I understand where you are coming from and we are in opposing camps, I just ask you to realise that people may be well educated on an issue but diasagree with your perspective

    I have heard all the arguments even sitting in some seriuos meetings, I understand that if we take the clock back , one minute someone might be right and push to another point someone might be wrong,

    So before you make assumptions on people intelligence or lack of information, THINK….

    I respect your perspective but do you respect mine?

  53. dori says

    I am happy for Leo.. he probably would love to have a family at this point in his life. Hope the rumors are true. They are a great couple .

  54. carleigh says

    Giselle is BRAZILIAN NOT GERMAN…OMG here we go trying to get the political rants and raves agoin’. Who cares!!!!!!!! This isn’t about Giselle and TB it’s about Leo and Bar. I think Bar is very pretty and if the rumor is true, what a cute little baby they would make.

  55. celine says

    I kinda like Leo. he turned out to be a solid actor. And, i like his personality.

    Kim have you heard of Palestine? And the state that its people are? And the causes to that?

    Also, Israel is far from being the only democracy in the Middle East, if the israeli one counts as one at all.

    You’re way off.

  56. Lauren says

    If you guys wanna fight, then go to another board. If this rumor is true, congrats to Leo and Bar. They seem happy together.

  57. Kim says

    Why don’t you get educated before making such an ass of yourself. Just because Giselle is German doesn’t mean she’s a Nazi. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East where Arabs can vote and serve in the government and most important they are excluded from Israel’s military draft.
    The rest of the countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia actually have apartheid systems where non-Muslims and women are oppressed and segragrated. You should go to the Middle East and see how it is before writing such idiotic opinions.

  58. Miapocca says

    Yikes,,,this guy really knows how to choose em,,first the Nazi Brazilian now the aparthied Israeli…………..

    oh well…Giselle is happy frolicking around with Brady, seems like all the men around her are having babies with everyone but her..hope its nothing to do with her anatomy…so does that mean its really true G had a Rio special..ahhahahah

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