Ryan Phillippe & Deacon

Reese Witherspoon

Ryan Phillippe was snapped with Deacon, 3, at the studio for a day of shooting on his latest flick.



  1. nicola says

    Ryan, is such a babe.
    Antone know what exactly happened with him and Reece?
    They always seemed so much in love and inseperable

  2. Zbella says

    I heard Ryan had a cheating heart, even if he wasn’t unfaithful (but I suspect he was).

    I admire Reese a lot, she seems like a wonderful mother – and drop dead gorgeous as well! Good for her to demand a little respect from her husband. If he wants to make out with 20 year olds, I guess that’s his choice, but Rees is classier than that. Heard she’s with Jake for now…

    Deacon is just adorable in every way.

  3. S says

    Deacon and his big sister Ava favor a whole lot in this picture. I’m sure Ryan and Reese have an amicable relationship for the sake of their beautiful children. I don’t believe I’ve seen one picture of the kids with nannies. That is really admirable. I too wished Ryan and Reese could have worked things out but honestly, none of us knows what went on behind closed doors. We only speculate or go by what we read in the sleazy tabloids. Anywho, love seeing pics of the kids with their mommy or daddy.

  4. Sandra says

    Nicki I am just curious how do you know he cheated? I love Reese and so I do read news about her when I see it, but I never saw where he cheated, well other than the rumor comments.

  5. says

    To Michele #21

    Some people on this blog are very bitchy so I rarely even comment, I mostly just look at the babies and celebs. If your husband and son look like them then they must be cute cute cute! Don’t let the bitchin do ya in.

  6. rebecca says

    You go #21, resemblance is no crime. F#@& #17. I think I look like Pamela Anderson (joke) but who on this site would know. We are here to talk about the cute pics!!

  7. Michele says

    I am responding to Kathy post #17

    No. I don’t look anything like Reese Witherspoon. And No, I haven’t won an oscar.

    Why so Bitchy? I was just making an innocent comment on how similar Ryan and his son, look like my husband and son.
    I didn’t think that my comment deserved such a rude remark.

  8. rebecca says

    I love Deacon, little mini Ryan. It is so sad this family broke up. They look so perfect, and like the ones who would make it in Hollywood.

  9. oriana says

    He definately made a mistake of losing his family, just married too young. At least they remain devoted to their children and have remained civil to one another.

  10. fifi trooper says

    i don’t think that he has to hold his hand!! I mean, for heaven’s sake, he’s a boy!! rough, and tough, and tearing up stuff!

  11. Michele says

    Deacon is the cutest thing ever. He looks so much like my son.
    Then again, my hubby and Ryan look like they could be brothers.

  12. Nicki says

    9. Sandra – Ryan cheated on Reese w/ another woman that he was making a movie with. He is a sleaze bag!!

  13. dori says

    Why can’t this couple work it out. They just look like they belong together don’t they?
    Their kids are mini versions of them. So gorgeous. Boo hoo I wish they hadn’t split up.
    That was shocking news wasn’t it? I almost felt like I had lost someone myself when I heard they split up.

  14. Aimee says

    Personally, I was hoping to see a little daddy-son
    connection, so a smile or hand-holding would
    have been nice. I think Ryan looks like guilty-
    -thing with Reese.
    I hope his son doesn’t follow in his footsteps, literally!

  15. boo says

    Why does he have to hold his hand???? They are at the studio, where I’m sure everyone there Ryan knows and/or associates with…and they are walking side by side, Maybe Deacon is independant and likes to walk on his own??.
    I agree Ryan is a stud… but he’s a cheater to…And that is a BAD Quality in a man..lol.~*

  16. lauren says

    he doesnt have to! he might have been and then let go or something .. i mean thats only one picture

  17. onatear says

    The guy is a hunk, and the kid is adorable, but why isn’t Daddy holding the little boy’s hand?

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